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Queenscliff RIPand Point Lonsdale Your Community Voice May 2021 No. 337 rethink Rethink is the theme of this month's Queenscliffe After services were cancelled last Literary Festival. Featuring 24 live events over three year, the borough's three ANZAC Day weekends from May 14 -30, it is the first major local commemorations went ahead on April event to return since the COVID-19 pandemic. 25, with smaller than normal crowds. Page xxx David McDonald Builders David McDonald Builders sets the standard in prestige homes. Specialising in unique design and renovations of outstanding scale and style. Building with Excellence The Rip May 2021 Page 1 • p: 0418 599620 • e: [email protected]

The Rip May 2021 Page 2

Lightouse reserve huts to stay Four dilapidated former World War II huts will stay on the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve for the foreseeable future, following a new Council decision to “mothball” them. Borough of Queenscliffe CEO Martin Gill revealed Council had been unable to meet redevelopment milestones set out by Regional Development Victoria (RDV) as part of a $600,000 funding agreement, because of delays in obtaining heritage, coastal and cultural planning approvals. The redevelopment was to have included removal of all but one of the huts. Council will now seek to have project timelines re-adjusted. “The timing of that [RDV] agreement required some milestones to be met early this year. Those milestones cannot be met due primarily to the approvals processes that we were going through and some advice from the cultural heritage management plan work that there are parts of the site that should not be disturbed for sub-surface testing,” Mr Gill told the April Council meeting. “In receiving that information, Council officers realised that not only did we need to think about the milestones, but we should also have a think about how we amend the activities that are part of that grant agreement. “We’re recommending a change to the the grant agreement that would include the P1 huts as a project - to record those, remove asbestos and… for want of a better term, to mothball them until we can work out what the future of those should be,” Mr Gill said. Under the redevelopment plan approved in January 2019, all but MacDonalds Hall - the biggest of the four - was to be removed. The proposal also included paths, landscaping, a ship spotting platform, barbecue amenities. However, a subsequent Heritage Victoria decision to formally recognise the site’s heritage and cultural assets - renaming it the Point Lonsdale Maritime and Defence Precinct - committed the Council to having to undertake extensive planning investigations before any works could commence. As a result of the missed milestones, Councillors unanimously voted to amend the current plan. Cr Susan Salter, who was part of the 2019 Council that approved the huts’ removal, described the process as long and convoluted. “The Victorian Government heritage listing extends all the way up to Winterley Road, so it is a much larger space than it used to be and of course in passing this, we are rescinding the motion of 2019… we’re tidying up quite a lot of work within our own historical records I guess.” The Federal Government is still considering an application for the reserve to also be included on the National Heritage List - a move that would add even further protections from development. “I think it’s really important at this stage that we improve this precinct Continued page 18 The Rip May 2021 Page 3

New plan to connect Point Lonsdale and Ocean Grove A plan to link Point Lonsdale and Ocean Grove through walking paths and bike trails The COGG is investing a plan for bike tracks and a possible education centre between Point Lonsdale has taken a significant step forward, with and Collendina the City of Greater Geelong (CoGG) moving to appoint a project manager to oversee a An update recently shared with the forum’s owned environmentally sensitive farmland” possible merger of the Buckley Park Coastal attendees by Noel Emselle - an OGCA and to “expand opportunities for community Reserve and Lake Victoria wetlands into a project team member - included an email immersion without encroachment on the “single iconic wildlife and cultural heritage from the CoGG’s Director of City Services, highly valued Ramsar-listed wetlands or the park.” confirming a brief had been developed and a Buckley Park dune system, ” it continued. full-time project manager would be appointed. The ambitious South East Bellarine Coastal A Borough of Queenscliffe spokesperson Reserve Strategy, conceived by the Ocean “Their role will be to establish a multi- said it had not been approached regarding the Grove Community Association (OGCA), will disciplinary panel of experts and stakeholders strategy. also examine the potential for an interpretive to examine options, and report on the benefits centre, school camp or outdoor education of amalgamating the Buckley Park Coastal “We’re always happy to discuss partnership centre on acquired private farmland. Reserve and the Lake Victoria wetlands into opportunities with our neighbours, but we’d a better-protected, single iconic wildlife and need to know more about this proposal before Announcing the strategy, CoGG Mayor and cultural heritage park, “ the email said. making an assessment,” he said. Bellarine ward councillor Stephanie Asher said the project could enhance one of the most Priority issues to be addressed included A comprehensive report on the strategy is significant conservation areas in the region. the potential for amalgamating the two expected later this year. However the proposal reserves and determining the “needs and is already facing opposition form local “We are very excited by the concept and benefits [and] options for acquiring privately- community and environmental groups, think it has the potential to be a world class conservation area,” Cr Asher said. “There are Continued page 18 a lot of issues and challenges that need to be Lonsd considered, so we’re keen to progress those investigations and better understand how this some can best be delivered.” been Plans for a link between the two towns was initially put to a OGCA-hosted community forum in 2019, but according to some attendees, was rejected. The proposal was subsequently presented for consideration in the upcoming CoGG budget. e Links Gradient These role t show and us Gradi Lonsd gener Lonsd show show Kiosk Open for Drinks & Snacks Exam 7 Days from 9am. can b onwa PMS 3 Check ouLtaogourRensetawurkaindtsNpOlaWygOrPoEuNnd e Links Graphic PatteArsnntuenwniIntagliLaonninsdspailreeLdindkinsignoglfexcpoeurriseencaendovLearkleooVkicintogrtiah.e Serving Dinner on Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nights View Menu and Book Online 31 Clubhouse Drive Point Lonsdale VIC 3225 03 5258 1955 [email protected] The Rip May 2021 Page 4

'Thanks for coming and thanks for staying at home' The Queenscliff-Point Lonsdale RSL has thanked the community for supporting ANZAC Day services, and those who stayed at home to ensure the three commemorations did not breach COVID-safe crowd numbers. After last year's cancellation of all services, upwards of 400 people attended last month's dawn service at Queenscliff, with a further 250 in attendance at the Point Lonsdale cenotaph. Security closely counted numbers at the Fort of Queenscliff mid-norning service to ensure numbers remained capped at 200. Queenscliff-Point Lonsdale RSL branch president Lieutenant Colonel Alan Hunter said ongoing social distancing requirements had presented a unique challenge to organisers. Prior to the day the branch had requested the general public mark the occasion from home, to allow veterans and their families to attend safely. \"Numbers were down and that was fine. We even had an email message from someone [on ANZAC Day morning] saying I deliberately stayed away to protect the soldiers and the marchers and I thought that was fantastic,\" Lt Col Hunter said. \"I just thank the community for thinking of us and for assembling today and, for those who stayed home, understanding.\" Pictured from top left: Marchers in Point Lonsdale, Lieutenant Colonel Alan Hunter, David Lawrence and Bill Clifton, ex servicemen at Point Lonsdale, Point Lonsdale Primary School student Lily Curtis and the Geelong Highland Band Lonsd some Kiosk Open for Drinks & Snacks been These MS632 7 Days from 9am. role t show e Links Gradient and us Gradi Check out our new kids playground Lonsd gener Lonsdale Linksonsdale Links Graphic Pattern Lonsd Mother’s Day Lunch show show KiosSkUONpDeAnY 9foTrHDMrAinYkFsR&OMSn1a1c:3k0sAM Exam 2 C7ODUaRySsEfrLoUmN 9CaHmF.O R $ 4 5 P P can b onwa CHILDREN’S 2 COURSE MENU PMS 3 Check AouV tAoIuLr AneBwL kEidFs pOlaRyg$ro2 u0nPdP e Links Graphic Pattern Book and Prepay Online LONSDALE LINKS 3311 CClluubbhhoouussee DDrriivvee PPooiinntt LLoonnssddaallee VVIICC 33222255 The Rip January 2021 Page 23 Ph: 03 5258 1955 Ea:[email protected]@[email protected]·u5258 1955 The Rip May 2021 Page 15 W:

2CG0OR2MA1N/M2T0US2N2ITY The Community Grants program is open to local community groups and organisations. Application are open from 3rd May 2021 – 18th June 2021. For further information or to lodge an application please go to The Rip May 2021 Page 16

New zebra crossings for Hesse Street Two formal zebra pedestrian crossings will \"Confusing\" be installed in central Hesse Street and the crossings in Hesse permanent speed limit on the road reduced to Street are to be 40km/h to ease public safety concerns. upgraded to Zebra crossings to improve The recommendations are contained in a pedestrian safety transport safety assessment by O’Brien Traffic, commissioned by the Borough of Queenscliffe during that consultation process about safety in Zebra crossings - both in the mid-section of the - due to be considered at the April 28 Council the main street. meeting. street - and for the permanent speed limit to be No crashes have occurred since the current A traffic count conducted in February found Hesse Street crossing points were installed reduced to 40km/h. 240 pedestrians crossed Hesse Street in the space in 2014, however the study showed not all of four hours, at one of two existing crossings pedestrians used them. \"This lower limit will help to emphasise to in the central section of the street - compared with around 60 at the second crossing, north of “Accordingly, it is expected that total crossing drivers that Hesse Street is intended to be a Hobsons Street. numbers along the street would exceed the survey totals. At a minimum, these survey highly pedestrian-friendly space, and is not However the informal nature of the crossings, results show more than one person crossing the which provide right-of-way to vehicle traffic, road in each direction, every minute during the designed for high-speed through traffic,” it said. So ju contributes to confusion between pedestrians busiest period of the weekend,” it said. The report also calls for further investigation year and drivers, the report said. The study’s key recommendations are to of Hesse Street roundabouts and Gellibrand “The crossing points sometimes appear to replace the existing crossings with two formal give the impression – to both pedestrians and Street traffic, with a view to introducing further Cou motorists – that they are formal pedestrian pedestrian safety measures. Chri crossings. This is in evidence when, at times, drivers give way to pedestrians, or pedestrians begin crossing in the apparent expectation that vehicles will stop for them.” “This confusion becomes problematic when traffic arrives from two directions simultaneously, and two drivers have different interpretations of the nature.” Council recently announced it would construct a zebra crossing to help calm ferry traffic in Gellibrand Street. It said it commissioned the O'Brien study based on community feedback it received POINT LONSDALE YOUR GROCERIES IN A CLICK! Point Lonsdale Village P: 5258 4911 Instagram:@Pointlonsdaleiga Facebook:Point Lonsdale IGA Shop Online: The Rip May 2021 Page 17

From page 3 precinct with the allocated funding, providing Bellarine Catchment Network Program Manager Matt Crawley, Barwon Water Managing Director RDV does agree to the proposed redirection for Tracey Slatter, DELWP Barwon South West Acting Regional Manager Land and Built Environment some of the activities,” said Cr Michael Grout. Gavan Mathieson and Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation’s Chase Aghan on site “But in particular, I think we really do need to at the disused Bellarine Basin.. better secure and preserve the heritage of the P1 huts so that the unsightly temporary fencing Bellarine Basin to be transformed into can be removed.” public open space The State Government, through RDV, has committed $500,000 to the redevelopment. A Council spokesperson said discussions were underway with RDV to vary the grant agreement. Interim reserve works would include removing asbestos from the huts, ensuring they are structurally sound and re-cladding them in a material similar to the original, he said. The P1-style huts were erected as part of a Defence camp in the early 1940’s. They were later taken over by the Toc H benevolent group to provide holiday accommodation and activities for children of war veterans. Council erected fencing around the buildings in March 2017, after a fifth hut was destroyed in an arson attack and to prevent gatherings of young people. Councillor puts More than 30 hectares of Barwon Water- $650,000 to the project under its Distinctive gender equality in the owned Bellarine land will be transformed into Areas and Landscapes program.   spotlight public open space, under a $1.3 million plan to restore its natural environment. The Bellarine Basin was the main balancing The Borough of Queenscliffe will examine its storage for drinking water for customers across own record on gender equality, in the wake of The project will see the reservoir and a the Bellarine Peninsula. It was used from the recent federal government scandals. pine plantation at the disused Bellarine Basin 1930s until it was decommissioned in 2011 removed and replaced in stages over three years following supply system upgrades that meant CEO Martin Gill will prepare a report for with indigenous trees, shrubs and grasses. it was no longer required for operational Council detailing measures the borough is purposes.  taking to promote gender equality, under a Security fencing and old buildings will also be unanimously-endorsed motion put forward by removed from the site - on the corner of Grubb Barwon Water said the land was no longer recently-elected councillor Fleur Hewitt. and Swan Bay Roads, enabling the natural required with the Portarlington Water headwaters of Yarram Creek to be restored and Reclamation Plant and extensive new pipe Councillors also committed to “lead by wetlands to be established. works capable of servicing the region. example” in ensuring gender principles underpinned all decision-making. Barwon Water will work with the   Wadawurrung Traditional Owners, local “The Borough of Queenscliffe is proud of its community and key agencies to remediate the From page 4 vision of being a safe haven for its community site, said Barwon Water Managing Director and visitors. We are committed to providing Tracey Slatter. In a submission to parliament last year, a work environment for our staff, volunteers, the Geelong Environment Council (GEC) contractors and Councillors - free from sexual “We want to transform the disused basin expressed opposition to the proposal, decribing harassment and victimisation,” Cr Hewitt said. site into an area that enhances the unique and the open space between Buckley Park and natural features of the Bellarine Peninsula so The Point estate development, including Lake Cr Donnie Grigau described as “disgraceful,” that it becomes a place people, birds and native Victoria, as \"the most important area with recent allegations of rape made by former animals can enjoy for generations to come.” landscape views, natural values and protected Coalition staffer Brittany Higgins. vegetation and bird habitat on the Bellarine.” “We have already been liaising with a number “This is an issue about discrimination of of local community and environmental groups In a joint response, the Geelong Field women. This has been going on far too long,” including the Bellarine Catchment Network Naturalists Club, Ocean Grove Coastcare he said. “This standard we walk past is the and the Geelong Field Naturalists Club who Group, Friends of Ocean Grove Nature standard we accept,” he said. have welcomed the opportunity to be involved Reserve, Friends of Buckley Park, Friends in this important project,” Ms Slatter said. of Hooded Plover Bellarine and Bellarine THE RIP Catchment Network said it too would not May edition Early works are underway, including a support trails between the two towns until full deadline is biodiversity assessment, which will help inform details were know. MONDAY APRIL 19 broader plans for the site. And the Queenscliff Community Association Please email: Bellarine Catchment Network Program also expressed reservations. [email protected] Manager Matt Crawley said the project offered an amazing opportunity for the community \"The QCA is carefully watching any or phone 5258 4131 to come together and improve the local developments and hope Council is following for advertising enquiries environment. suit,\" said President David Connoley. “As an organisation focused on projects that The Rip May 2021 Page 18 protect and enhance the Bellarine environment, we couldn’t be more excited by this project and look forward to working with Barwon Water and other stakeholders in the coming years on a project that will significantly improve the environment and natural amenity of the Bellarine,” he said. The Victorian Government has contributed

POINT LONSDALE City of Greater Queenscliffe Historical Geelong Update Museum News CIVIC ASSOCIATION NEWS By Cr. Jim Mason By Eddie Loughnan By David Kenwood, President The Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale areas With the complete removal of the old There's plenty happening! are renowned for their stretches of beautiful Museum finalised, the large empty space coastline, rich history, charming villages and between the Post Office and Library has been As Queenscliffe citizens approach winter picturesque farmland. levelled and readied in preparation for the there’s lots coming our way starting with a pouring of concrete foundations, with those community initiated 80 page draft Climate Visitors meandering through the area enjoy facing Hesse Street already in position. Emergency Response Plan with its 8 key the fresh produce and gourmet food on offer pillars and some 54 actions to help us adapt from our hardworking farmers and hobby There is still much to be completed with the and mitigate against the impacts of a changing farmers. new Hub scheduled to open early in 2020 and climate. The ambitious plan includes welcome the Committee of Management is already well targets to reduce the Borough’s carbon As part of my work in the Rural and Coastal into the design and preparation of its exhibition emissions to zero by 2031. Issues for Council portfolio and Rural and Peri-Urban Advisory which will celebrate the official opening. might include prioritising and funding the Committee, I’ve been keen to make sure farmers proposed actions, dealing with predicted sea are supported through the challenges of living In the meantime, the Museum is still operating level rises and coastal erosion and ensuring on the land, to ensure our economy thrives. in the Tavern at 18 Hesse Street and providing there’s a long-term commitment to the plan’s a limited range of services including business success. Other challenges include minimising We’ve recently completed a feasibility study as usual in Research, sales of publications and Queenscliffe’s transport emissions despite into a multi-purpose livestock and information video and display of heritage pictures. growing traffic numbers and hosting Australia’s exchange. largest vehicular and passenger ferry service Since Maggie Stowers book 'Dwellers of and ensuring the CERP is consistent with This involved farmers and landholders Fishermans Flat’ sold out in record time, a other Council plans currently being developed. across the G21 region telling us about the key second printing has now been arranged and for Council will deliberate on the draft plan at their issues they’re facing, such as pest and weed sale. May 19 meeting. control, and what support they’d find helpful. Further good news is the popular monthly Meanwhile bookend developments are The team at the City also researched operating morning talks will resume on the fourth Friday scheduled for Swan Bay/Laker Cutting with a models from other regions and identified gaps of the month with 28th May being the first. They second bank of Moremac pipes being installed in services. will be held in the Point Lonsdale Community under the Bellarine Highway to complete the Hall next to the Primary School in Bowen Road seawater intake/outlet loop later this year. They’ve proposed some options to help and begin at 11.00 am following morning tea at Further east a major $3.4 million boat ramp manage issues, which would help farmers to 10.30 am. redevelopment and 3,000 m3 dredging and run their properties and get stock to market. deepened program is underway at J L Jordan Speakers will be author Linda Brumley and Reserve. The late inclusion of a fish cleaning Last month, we invited these farmers and researcher Clare Ribaux who will speak on facility has concerned some nearby residents landholders to have their say on the options 'China to the Goldfields to Queenscliff' and and at the time of writing overspill car/ and that data is now being considered. trace the Chinese who settled on the Flat as trailer parking and dredging approvals were fisherman or The Springs as market gardeners. still being finalised. With both developments I’m looking forward to seeing what comes hopefully there are enough safeguards to ensure out of the survey, because a healthy and Admission will be $5 for members and $10 the marine reserve’s fish nursery and birdlife sustainable rural and peri-urban community for non members. will not be affected and residents concerns means a health and sustainable G21 region. addressed. The Borough is also looking at A video log of the hub works and upcoming further options for its original Murray Road In other news, I’ll be involved in a number events can be viewed via the below QR code: and High School bike plans and implementing of ‘Listening Posts’ with my fellow Bellarine traffic management and safety improvements Ward councillors, that will be held across the Classifieds in Hesse and Gellibrand Streets. In other good Bellarine this year. news it seems that, despite a recent consultant’s HUGH GARAGE/CARPORT SALE report, Councillors want to keep their much I encourage you to keep an eye on 66 Mercer Street, Queenscliff. Saturday 15th valued aged care service. Many thanks to the for updates on when May 9am-3pm. No Early Birds Please band of local ladies who fought so hard to keep and where these will be because they’re a great this locally provided service. opportunity to raise issues. FURNITURE FOR SALE All one owner, excellent condition. Three Piece Following two recent Southern Bellarine It’s these interactions that help inform fabric lounge suite (1 X 2 Seater, 2 X Single Coastal Project reports that include the councillors’ knowledge and decision making, Seaters). Bookcase, Buffet, TV Cabinet establishment of “sensitively placed walking so please say hello. Corner Unit, Coffee Table, Desk paths and bike trails that connect Ocean Telephone 52583464 Grove and Point Lonsdale” the City of Greater Can you believe that this time last year we Geelong’s are proposing to appoint a project were in the throes of our first lockdown? manager to “establish a multi-disciplinary panel of experts and stakeholders to examine options, So, in the spirit of enjoying everything our and report on the benefits of amalgamating the region has to offer following the challenges Buckley Park Coastal Reserve and the Lake of the last 12 months, make sure to visit the Victoria wetlands into a better-protected, single Queenscliffe Community Market at Princess iconic wildlife and cultural heritage park”. Park this month, before it breaks until Other Bellarine initiatives also being considered September. at present include a $10 million 50 metre heated swimming pool for the Northern Bellarine area. It’s just another way you can support our local producers, artists and businesses, as they Special thanks to PLCA’s Lynne Furness recover from the pandemic. for organising three excellent speakers at our recent 2021 members meetings – these included Barry Lingham from Geelong Field Naturalists, Tim Adams from F2 Design and Jackie Pearce from BCH’s Community Advisory Group. Stay well and vaccinated! The Rip May 2021 Page 19

MECHANICAL REPAIRS Queenscliff's Bungalow Cottage could be buildings. heritage listed alongside the Great Pyramids The collection, incorporating 15 buildings Pt Lonsdale/Queenscliff Automotive Centre Queenscliff home in World in the Geelong and Bellarine region, includes Heritage Listing bid houses, shops, churches, schools, a lighthouse (Steve Higgins) and the Portarlington Bakery. They were all A century-old Queenscliff home is among a shipped from across the world to Australia Full Car Servicing collection of almost 100 imported 19th century from the 1840s onwards. All Mechanical Repairs buildings identified for a possible UNESCO Fully Qualified Mechanic World Heritage Listing. “The huge importation of buildings from overseas is a really exciting aspect of Australian Air Conditioning If successful, a new Royal Historical history, because there has been nothing Repairs & Services Society Victoria (RHSV) campaign, would see comparable in scale elsewhere in the world,” Pick Up Service Available Bungalow Cottage, at 78 Mercer Street, listed said campaign organiser Professor Miles Lewis. alongside the Great Pyramids, the Taj Mahal (Local area only) and the Eiffel Tower. Australia has 104 surviving 19th century prefabricated buildings - more than the rest of 46 Bellarine Highway, Launched by former federal MP Dr Barry the world combined. Queenscliff Jones on April 15, the campaign is aimed at raising awareness of what has been described as Bungalow Cottage is thought to have been PHONE: 5258 4668 the world’s most extensive and best-preserved built between 1857 and 1863 by Samuel Vaughan 0418 524 861 collection of 19th century prefabricated - a solicitor who emigrated to Australia in 1852 on the Medway. His shipboard journal records DIGBY MORAN that he brought with him the components of two portable buildings. LANDSCAPES (Assoc. Dip Hort, Burnely) The cottage is regarded as the best preserved surviving example of a prefabricated house Specialising in low-maintenance, made by Manning of London. low-water gardens “A World Heritage listing is an important Design & Construction thing for the country concerned. It gives a Quality Paving boost to national pride and identity, and it Retaining Walls generates tourism,” said campaign convenor Turf Tony Isaacson. “Two-thirds of the buildings Irrigation in this proposal are in Victoria, and it will be a bonanza for the state and for all states that get Landscape Plans for Council on board.” approval Minister remains sidelined Qualified Tree Arborist Lisa Neville has further extended her medical “I have every confidence in my medical team 0412 520 438 or leave until the end of June, after undergoing and the nursing support at the hospital that this 5258 1547 major bowel surgery. surgery will give me the chance to achieve this.” email: [email protected] The Bellarine MP and senior Cabinet Minister, Ms Neville has thanked friends and who was admitted to hospital in February after colleagues for their support and has requested revealing she had been a long-time sufferer privacy to recover. of Crohn’s Disease, was initially expected to return to work this month. “I would especially like to thank all those who suffer from Chron’s or similar illnesses In a written statement, however, she advised who have reached out. This is very much a that despite intensive drug treatment, the hidden illness and unless you have experienced condition had worsened. it firsthand it is hard to understand the toll it can take, both physically and mentally. The operation - a small bowel resection - involved up to 12 hours of surgery. “It is a small consolation that people are now learning more about Crohn’s, its triggers and “Although it is disappointing and always seriousness that the complications can cause,” concerning to have part of your bowel removed, she said. for many who have Crohns this can result in a period of remission and enable people to return Western Victoria MP, Gayle Tierney will after recovery to normal life and work,” Ms continue to perform Ms Neville’s Bellarine Neville said. electorate duties. From P14 Aborigines League and one of the nation's A recently-published report by the Australian earliest aboriginal activists. Electoral Commission’s Redistribution Cr Grigau said while she was worthy of Committee for Victoria recommended the name having an electorate named in her honour, be changed to coincide with a realignment of Corangamite was the wrong choice. the electorate’s boundaries, required as a result “It would be more appropriate to allocate her of population growth. name to another electorate which is named after someone without a sound Victorian The change will increase Victoria’s electoral connection,” he said, citing Gellibrand or divisions from 38 to 39, but result in a smaller Flinders as examples. electorate, with 16,000 fewer voters. Surf Coast communities of Anglesea, Winchelsea, Aireys “Since Federation the people living in the seat Inlet and Lorne would be transferred from have made the connection to the name knowing the current Corangamite electorate into the the meaning of Corangamite takes its name neighbouring Wannon. from the Colijon word koraiyn, meaning bitter or salty. Losing this connection to our history Sitting Corangamite MP Libby Coker would in both First Nations and current would be a be forced to move from her Airey’s Inlet home shame,” Cr Grigau said. in order to re-contest the seat. Nevertheless, the has publicly supported the name change. The Rip May 2021 Page 20 Margaret Tucker MBE was a founding member and treasurer of the Australian

Borough aged Care services to stay The Borough of Queenscliffe will continue to and their appreciation of the service that we operate its own home-based aged care service, in currently provide, and from members of the defiance of a recommendation to move towards community,” he added. privatisation. Councillors at the April Council meeting Cr Donnie Grigau cited evidence from the 0404 163 609 unanimously voted to retain the operation, recent aged care Royal Commission in arguing which currently services around 150 aged and against a privatised model. [email protected] disability clients, following overwhelming community support. “I find it interesting that many consultants Domestic The review, by consultants Everbody’s conclude that the private sector is best-placed Commercial Business, was prompted after the Federal to deliver services,” he said. “Sure, our current Government changed its Commonwealth aged care service may not be the cheapest but a Industrial Home Support Program (CHSP) - stopping service based primarily on cost becomes a race funding going directly to Councils in favour of to the bottom. There is a big difference between Registered Electrical Contractor 23229 a model aimed at promoting more competition cheap and value for money. in the market. Specializing in One-hundred and three clients and a further “No one should dispute there is a meaningful Kitchens, Wardrobes, Vanities, 111 community members participated or made connection between Council’s aged care workers submissions, overhwelmingly in favour of the and their clients. Our aged care workers are part Wall & Entertainment Units, program's continuation. of the social glue that keeps our community Furniture, The consultant concluded the borough's together,” he said. capacity to uprnosvuisdteainaabcoBlemuaiplndedetrirtsievwceoitmhseEmrxvepinceedrieewdnaciste Flat Pack Assembly and limited and Under the commonwealth funding CHSP Installation and much more. transition to private operators. changes, the Borough cannot continue to Council’s own officers, however, opposed subsidise the delivery of the service once there the review's finding and instead recommended are other providers eligible to compete in the Council continue to provide the service “until or marketplace. unless it is no longer possible. \"Our community has been characterised by its These means Council will need to 'quote' at a commitment to support our older residents,\" said higher fee than other potential private providers General Manager Organisational Performance and .clients are likely to be able to afford less home visits by a council worker. Councillors voted to further review the servicies in 2024, following the findings of the Aged Care Royal Commission. and Community Services, Phillip Carruthers. letsgowindow0c4le1a7n1i6n8g.5c3o7m “Can I add how overwhelmed I was by the community response, both from our clients Green Smart Builders Your Point Lonsdale Builder with Experience in Quality customised & architecturally-designed new homes, LBUIMILDBERSMICHAELWindow Cleaning Specialists renovations & extensions Residential and Commercial Eric Harvey 0448721399 5258 4640 - 0418 366938 SPECIALIDSETSSIGINNE&COC-OCNOSNTSRIUDECRTIAOTNE [email protected] 2062 Bellarine Highway, Marcus Hill Registered Building Practitioner. HIA Member W: WWW.MICHAELLIMBBUILDERS.COM.AU E: [email protected] M: 0410650019 The Rip May 2021 Page 29

Business Bits Guardian Council pledge on were put in place for the recent summer period. Advisory alfresco dining An ongoing approach will give traders certainty and provide opportunities for long-term The underutilised jewel in Queenscliffe Council has assured investment in new facilities and infrastructure. our crown business owners it is working to provide “certainty” on outdoor “We’re always happy to speak to traders about During a conversation with a former local dining, after removing temporary supporting their outdoor dining experience, government CEO who has decided to retire in alfresco infrastructure from and we’d encourage local businesses with Queenscliff I asked: 'what would be the one thing Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale questions to contact our Business Support team that you believed could enhance Queenscliff as eateries. on 5258 1377,” he said. must go destination?' His answer was to engage RSL trustees about relocating to within the Fort of The twelve modified skiplets were Tuohy plays Queensclifft. This, he said, would enable demolition removed immediately after the Easter tourism of the current King Street branch building, creating holidays, following the completion of ambassador an open vista to the fort. a three-month Victorian Government-funded trial. Irish-born Cats star Zac Tuohy has played The rationale behind this is that as make your way his part in promoting out region to visitors, through the Avenue of Honour and meander around “Council is currently reviewing our recent in a humorous new video commissioned by onto King Street, the first thing you would see would outdoor dining expansion, and we look Tourism Greater Geelong and the Bellarine. be the fort. To the best of his knowledge there is forward to speaking to traders in detail about no other place in Australia with a structure like the their experiences,” a spokesperson said. The campaign, which focuses on the Queenscliff Fort, he said. importance of ‘visiting friends and relatives’ “The review will be used to develop an had its debut on the big screen at a recent It is the town’s jewel in the crown. ongoing approach to outdoor dining in the Geelong home game. In my 23 years of living in the Borough, I have Borough, replacing the temporary settings that witnessed the fort being used as a staff college and Tuohy, who has been unable to fly back to have met some life long friends. The college ceased New Lago Restaurant visit his own family and friends, shares his to exist in November 2012. Since then it has been opens its doors favourite local places, including the Point largely left underutilised. Currently it is home to Lonsdale Lighthouse. around 50 civilians undertaking archiving activities. Point Lonsdale’s new Lago Restaurant has Not sure when they will finish up. Fort tours are the officially opened. Want to be involved with only other activity I am aware of. your local community? I believe the Queenscliff Fort is still an asset of the Boasting some of the best views on the Commonwealth Department of Defence. They have Bellarine, the restaurant - part of the new PLonQ is welcoming local residents, no need for it. Lonsdale Links clubhouse - overlooks Lake professionals and business owners, During some digging I unearthed a Draft Master Victoria and, according to the club, is set to to get involved in the future thinking Plan for the precinct, sponsored by the BOQ, become one of the most celebrated food and of the local community by joining the Victorian and Federal Governments. You can google wine restaurants in the region.” organisation. it using the keywords 'April 2015 Unlocking the Read about PLonQ Inc developments/ Fort.' Executive Chef Ivan Roianov (pictured) will apply for membership: Why has nothing happened? be using fresh locally sourced ingredients in In my previous article I commented on how sad Lago’s Italian-inspired menu, complemented [email protected] Hesse Street looked. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we by an impressive Australian and imported wine could utilise Queenscliff Fort more than what it is list. Fostering cultural leadership, currently being used for. entrepreneurial creative connection The Caulfield Horse Race Club Trust, in conjunction with Melbourne Racing Club and City Share your Business Bits and future thinking to advance the of Glen Eira, recently revealed looking to revitalise by emailing: communities of Point Lonsdale that precinct to open it up to more user groups. and Queenscliff Figures mentioned were the precinct is 43 hectares [email protected] for an investment of $570 million. by the 20th of each month We don’t need to be that grandiose, but certainly let’s move from draft stage to doing something. If we do nothing, the Queenscliff Fort will become delinquent and run down and the only option will be to knock it down. That is the fate of the Commandants building – riddled with asbestos and not worth refurbishing. Our former Liberal Corangamite Member, Sarah Henderson, who held the seat from 2013 until the last Federal Election in 2019, was not able to do anything with the Fort. Hopefully our current Federal member Libby Coker can do better. I have reached out to her office to see if Queenscliff Fort can be made more of a priority. Happy reading, James Rush, Point Lonsdale The Rip May 2021 Page 30

Light at end of Blues Train tunnel The Blues Train's Hugo T Armstrong has thanked Gas Fitting & Roofing Queenscliff’s legendary Blues Train will finally hit the tracks again in October. supporters for helping the business through the NOW ACCEPTING EFTPOS & MAJOR CREDIT CARDS Founder Hugo T Armstrong announced past year. For all your Plumbing needs tickets for the first services would go on sale this month, hopefully ending more than a year highs and the lows of the last 13 months,” said Mob: 0408 037 686 of COVID-19 pain. Mr Armstrong. E: [email protected] “The Blues train last operated on Saturday, “It will be impossible to thank everybody Lic. 40157 14 March 2020 and since then this business has individually however a massive thank you proved to be one of the hardest hit products in to all the people who have supported us. The Andrew Stephenson Victoria due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” the challenge is not over yet as we have faced attraction said. significant financial losses and with the winding MOWING&MORE up of job keeper, we will need ongoing support “In the last 13 months, The Blues Train has to get right through until October when The General & Ride-on mowing services faced many unprecedented challenges and Blues Train product starts to run again”. Whipper snipping & yard maintenance has made numerous attempts to restart the business.” Concert details and booking details can be Rubbish removal - prompt service found on the Blues Trains website. Point Lonsdale, Queenscliff The Blues Train Revival Concert Series will & Ocean Grove commence on the first Saturday in October, with tickets on sale from May 4th. 0403 863 360 A recent economic impact statement showed the award-winning venue, which features live music and meals, injected an estimated $1.73 million into the local economy annually. Since March last year, however, the business has largely relied on donations made via a Go Fund Me page. The Borough of Queenscliffe and Melbourne Arts Centre have contributed funding towards the upcoming concert series. “I have been overwhelmed by the support of the community for this product that a group of us started 26 years ago, never envisaging the Need help writing grant applications? The Borough of Queenscliffe is running two Grant writing – hints and tips workshops. The session is being run to assist Community groups in preparing grant applications for a wide range of grants and funding opportunities. Queenscliff Town Hall Tuesday 25th May 2021 | 4.00pm and 6.00pm To register please email [email protected] The Rip May 2021 Page 31

arts & culture Literary festival makes welcome return By Pip May Queenscliff Literary Festival The Queenscliffe Literary Festival launched the committee with author Pip Williams (centre) and Maria Takolander (far left) at the Literary on the 7th of April with a sold-out event and Festival launch on April 7. the unveiling of their beautiful new look. and experience to help us navigate the ever- Jenny Seedsman. QLF Committee members, Created by the design team at Skeleton changing landscapes of our societies, climate Pauline Parker, Pauline Nunan and Jill Gamblers, the new symbols and colours of the and economies. Other highlights include Judith Swanson as well as Josie Horne, the inaugural Festival signage evoke feelings of tranquillity, Lucy in conversation with Kaz Cooke and Junior Mayor of Geelong; Kitty Walker and contemplation and transformation, with Australian Ballet’s David McAllister talking Marion Lennox will bring their knowledge and imagery based on the iconic black swans for about his memoir. skills to chair several of the sessions. which our area is famous. There are also many locals on the program. This wonderful community event is made The Festival itself will run over the last three Maggie Stowers from the Queenscliff Historical possible by the support of many generous weekends of May with nearly fifty participants Society will tell previously untold stories donors, partners and friends including the in 24 sessions. Saturday events will be held of local fishing families while Pip Kainey’s Borough of Queenscliffe. in the Queenscliff Town Hall and Sunday powerful new one-act play will be dramatised events will be in the Point Lonsdale Primary in a reading by acclaimed Australian actor, It’s great to be back! School Hall. The schedule is timed to allow COVIDSafe measures to be implemented and managed and seats will be allocated. The theme for 2021 is Rethink — after the tumultuous events of 2020, it’s a good time to dwell on how we can create a better future. We are especially pleased this year to welcome a stellar line up of novelists whose recent books have all garnered accolades and awards. Watch out for:  Emma Viskic, JP Pomare, Nikki Gemmell, Meg Keneally, Kate O’Donnell, Nina Kenwood, Sofie Laguna, Chris Hammer, Alex Miller, Alice Pung, Gina Wilkinson, Favel Parrett and Steven Conte.  Non-fiction fans will also be spoiled for choice with Hugh Mackay, Ross Garnaut and Dr Jonica Newby offering their wisdom Friends come together for Melbourne-born Pavlidis is an artist Lonsdale.” festival show and printmaker who has held over 19 solo The fruits of Anderson’s wanderings during exhibitions and participated in numerous group The characters of Leigh Hobbs adorn the exhibitions, both in Australia and abroad. last year’s periods of lockdown - a selection of pages of Australia’s favourite picture books, locallyy-inspired paintings - are revealed in an and the cartoons of Jim Pavlidis have become a Both artists will be on hand for the official exhibition at Salt Contemporary this month. part of the great Australian weekend newspaper exhibition opening, from 3pm on Sunday May 16. The show will run until the end of the “When we couldn’t go far I painted the month. Barrabool hills. When we were allowed to venture out I wandered down to the Surfcoast reading ritual, but seldom are their works and the Bellarine and reacquainted myself with presented outside of these contexts. the ways of the sea,” Anderson says. For the first time, the close friends and fellow Wandering through the artists will come together at the Queenscliff pandemic... Leading textile artist Gallery to share their drawings, paintings and comes to town prints in an exhibition to coincide with this month’s Queenscliffe Literary Festival. While the A selection of stunning pieces by talented pandemic taught textile artist Michelle Mischkulnig will be on Hobbs works across a wide range of mediums. us many things, show at Queenscliff’s Seaview Gallery this His ceramics, sculptures, drawings, paintings month. and prints are in the collections of The National ‘wandering’, always brings its Well-known in textile circles, Mischjulnig’s Gallery of Victoria, State Libraries of Western on truth, according art incorporates a range of media - hand painted Australia, New South Wales and Victoria, and silks and other fabrics, yarn, threads, paper The Australian National Library, as well as The to artist Natalie and other treasures are collected and drawn Anderson. together by freehand machine embroidery to Powerhouse Museum and a number of regional “There is much create vibrant framed wall art. Galleries. He was wisdom and “Michelle’s art Michelle  hand paints her comfort to be 'Rockpools at Lonnie Beach' silks and collects threads, cords, ribbons, found Australian found in seeking objects and paper,” says Seaview’s Colleen Children’s Kenwood. “She builds up layers of colour and Laureate in out the natural world and immersing yourself texture, tearing, folding, cutting, twisting, raw in landscape and weather and reminding edges, fraying and loves the way silk absorbs 2016/17 and was ourselves that not everything was impacted by and reflects colour. She also embellishes  her honoured with work with hand stitching, beading and his own Australia COVID,” she says. collaging.” “The way the clouds move across sun Post ‘Australian bleached summer hills didn’t change. Neither Legend’ stamp in Leigh Hobbs' popular 2019. did the pull of the tide or the way the sea character 'Old Tom.' churns and falls across the rock pools at Point The Rip May 2021 Page 32

arts & culture ($))#*+! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! QMF pushes ahead with November fest Queenscliff Music Festival organisers are The recent cancellation of the Byron Bay Blues including lineup announcements,” Mr Orvis pushing ahead with plans to stage the event Festival on the eve of that event, following a said. “A QMF is certainly achievable based on in November, despite ongoing pandemic COVID-19 scare, demonstrated the risks and our current COVID situation in Victoria, and concerns. potential costs to event organisers of pushing current government restrictions. ahead. In an update to supporters, Director “We kept ourselves busy in 2020/early 2021 Andrew Orvis said his team was “100 per cent Applications from artists to perform at the with The Pelican Bar running over summer. A committed” to delivering the festival and were 24th annual event closed on April 30, and fantastic new initiative that delivered over 60 busy working to make it a reality. while QMF Early Bird tickets would normally shows, 18 movies and 4000-plus music lovers be made available now, Mr Orvis said sales gathering in Queenscliff once again. “There are a lot of hoops we'll need to jump will not resume until organisers are confident through to get there, and we have already begun enough to “push go.” “It took us 10 weeks to achieve what we that process. We expect that there will be some would normally do in one day of QMF, but in things different about QMF 2021, exactly what Some 1,600 patrons held on to tickets the end it was all worth it to get musicians back that is, we're just not sure yet,” Mr Orvis said. purchased for last year’s cancelled festival. on stage, crew back working, and our QMF “Our aim is to deliver a festival that's as close family back enjoying live music once again,” he to 'normal' as we can, maintaining as much of “We are working through government said. what makes QMF as special as possible. For guidelines and restrictions now, and example, QMF wont be a single stage, single developing a COVIDSafe Plan for the event. day, seated outdoor concert... that's just not us.” Once we're confident in moving  forward with that plan we'll start to share some news… LEIGH HOBBS JIM PAVLIDIS EXHIBITION DATES MAY 13 — 31, 2021 Join us for the official opening Sun 16 May from 3pm – 5pm Book signing from 2pm \"-145- ! Images: Brown Tower Leigh Hobbs oil *+%%,&- on board 15.2 x 20.3 cm, Consultation 81 HESSE STREET | 03 4202 0942 | [email protected] Jim Pavlidis oil on linen 37.5 x 40 cq%mg1al2le/r.y3#.c&o%m24.a/u%562.. ! C D;,(%1E;)2 C KE%, Seaview Gallery!\"#$%\"&'(#))\"*+''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''',-'.\"//\"'!0''''12\"C\"L3O/S4ED)%5W856'E'HD6eN7sEs7eSD8SAt'YQSupee: n5s2c5lif8f 3225 3645 9:30\"co;nte<m:p*o#r*a+ry'=-'t0r*a#d>iti%o0n%:a3l -#g)[email protected])s#-/j/e'w=e'l/le4r2y)<02*\"''w'':'s<eaAv8ie7w8ga,ll6er-y.Bco8m'.a;u |CeB:7se,avDieDw,ga,[email protected]' &A/\"$%\"&@#))\"*+E4:;E#2''\"'A4:))\"\"3F/\"#$%\"&@#))\"*+E4:;E#2''9):/\">'GTh\"e>R3ip\"M/a>y #20+2/1!P!a! ge 33

Compassionate Hearts Sound practioner Charlotte Fraser will introduce Chanting and Chai meditation sessions will begin this month in Point Lonsdale ON THE BELLARINE Exploring the power of sound SUPPORT FOR LIVING, DYING AND GRIEVING Charlotte Fraser experienced chanting as a form of meditation for the Open House: A Conversation about Caring first time 10 years ago, and it “opened her heart,” she says. Caring for a sick relative at home is one of the most difficult jobs This month she will help others explore the potential health and imaginable. Yet, if properly supported it can also be one of healing benefits of the practice through Chanting and Chai - a series of the most rewarding. workshops in Point Lonsdale. Compassionate Hearts on the Bellarine (CHoB) invites you to an Open The Friday night sessions are open to all ages and are suited to anyone House conversation about the practical issues in caring for someone who likes to sing, likes music and is open to meditation in a community setting, according to Charlotte. with progressive illness at home. An experienced carer and a variety of professional people will speak “I find chanting a really easy and effective way to meditate as your mind is focussing on the chants. Chanting in a group helps lift our energy and be available to respond to comments and questions. and vibration. It’s is not about singing in tune, but rather coming from This is an opportunity for the community to learn more about CHoB your heart, and allowing your voice to be heard,” she says. and for CHoB volunteers to listen and learn about the issues involved in supporting carers at home. CHoB will value your input as it helps us Charlotte is a firm believer in the mental and physical benefits of sound. Through her business, White Swan Sound and Yoga, she also conducts to plan our future. sound baths, another form of group meditation that uses different musical All welcome! instruments. Tuesday June 15th at 5pm “Sound healing draws on the knowledge of ancient cultures and we are Uniting Church Hall, Queenscliff now finding that science is starting to support what these cultures have been practising for many years. Associated presentations are also available via Zoom on a regular basis. See details at \"The body is 75 -80 per cent water and is a great conductor for sound vibrations; and when the  vibrations move through the body they help The above events are being supported by the CASI grants received via energy to move, support circulation and enable rejuvenation. the Borough of Queenscliffe “Sound healing can help to rebalance the body, release old deep emotional blockages, grief, unhealthy patterns, lift energy, provide clarity, release pain,” she says. “It can help with anxiety, sleeplessness, stress, mood swings, and physical pain.” A Chanting and Chai workshop will be held at New Hall, on Friday May 7 staring at 6pm. The cost is $15 and bookings are essential at COME IN FOR ALL Happy as Larrie 2. Stay in the present moment. Worries YOUR WINTER NEEDSHelpful advice always available. Free delivery and pick-up in Pt Lonsdale & Q’Cliff daily. exist in the future and the past but not Hello again. I’ve really appreciated the in the present. That is where we live. Senior’s Card Welcome positive feedback to my “Happy as Larrie” column. Thank you. 3. Think of the worst case scenario. Work 52 Hesse Street Queenscliff PH: 5258 1817 that through. In almost all instances, This month, I’m sharing four proven strategies the worst doesn’t happen but even if it Helpful advice always available that reduce worry. I think most of us can does, you now have a strategy that you SENIORS CARD WELCOME benefit from reduced worrying in our can put on the back burner and forget lives. After all, when did worrying ever work? about until it’s needed. Free delivery and pick up in Point Lonsdale and Queenscliff daily I invite you to try all 4 strategies. 52 Hesse Street Queenscliff 5258 1817 4. Create a “worry box”. With a box and a 1. Make a list of everything you are pad of sticky notes, you have all you worried about. Divide the list into two need. Every time you worry about – those you can do something about and something, write it down on a sticky those you can’t. Throw away the list note and put it in the box. Your worry is that you can’t do anything about. With safe. Keep adding to the box every time the list over which you do have some you have a worry and then allocate a control, decide on two baby steps you time each week and empty out the can do for each ‘worry’ on the list. By contents of your box and.....worry! You doing this, you stop worrying and start will discover that most didn’t happen or planning. in fact you’ve forgotten that you even did worry about that particular issue. When you have done this for a couple of weeks, you will find the exercise unnecessary. Then you can change the box to a “gratitude box”. Put in it all the things you are grateful for as you think of them and then, over a glass of wine perhaps, feel that gratitude. Guaranteed to make you feel happier. Until next time, I look forward to seeing you around the Borough. Larrie Winzar, Career/Life Coach The Rip May 2021 Page 34

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