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28CELEBRATINGQueenscliffRIPYEARSand Point LonsdaleYour Community Voice January 2018 No. 298Ready to ride !The surf's up for Lonnie boardriders Ailish Bowers, MinnieVorath, Poppy Johnson, Alannah Ogilvie-Moore and EliseFranzose. Photo courtesy Rodney Nicholson David McDonald BuildersDavid McDonald Builders sets the standard in prestige homes. Specialising in unique design and renovations of outstanding scale and style. Building with Excellence The Rip January 2018 Page • p: 0418 599620 • e: [email protected]

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Swan-less Bay!Our Swan Bay swans are missing inaction, and the locals are worried! The Queenscliffe Community Association is is likely to be permanent or are our black swans Normally in largecalling for urgent water quality testing, amid likely to return to their traditional roosting numbers at thisconcerns large scale housing development areas in Swan Bay.” time of year,works in Point Lonsdale, may be linked to the our Swan Baymysterious lack of black swans from Swan Bay. The Moremac development group has black swans are refused to make public water quality testing, mysteriously Normally visible in large numbers at this despite it having been a condition of the 600- absent.time of year, the birds, from which the wetland home estate’s initial approval process.derives its name, have been barely sighted for tests have occurred and how works may haveseveral weeks, prompting concerns for the Attempts by the borough to obtain the impacted on Swan Bay.RAMSAR-listed wetland’s eco-system. results have been blocked by Freedom of Information restrictions. “Recently the canal development works The Association has expressed its concerns included the installation of large pipelinesin a letter to Environment Minister Lily QCA president David Connoley said under Bellarine Highway to carry water to andD’Ambrosio. clarification was needed over whether any from the development site into Lakers Cutting and ultimately Swan Bay,” he said. A Borough of Queenscliffe spokespersonsays Council has also written to “relevant “We wish to have clarified if both State andgovernment authorities,” seeking advice on Federal government regulations are beingthe population. applied to this imposing development.” “Up until recently many hundreds couldbe seen along the shoreline and sand banks ofSwan Bay. “Over the past two years their numbers havebeen significantly reduced with only a fewsighted recently along Queenscliff’s Swan Bayshoreline,” the QCA letter said. “Given the importance of Swan Bay asa marine national park and its ongoingmanagement by Parks Victoria, we wouldgreatly appreciate an expert explanation. “It would be helpful to know if this situation WE’RE NOW ONLINE 10labten You’ll nd stock not available in store at 4-6 Hesse Street Queenscliff 5258 1149Quiksilver, Rip Curl, Billabong, Rusty, Roxy, Havaianas, Vans, Bonds, Emu and more... New Summer Menu Regional Tasting Room & Cellar Door 2 Gellibrand St, Queenscliff 3225 200 WhiskiesLocal Craft Beer, Wine & Artisan Produce Tel: 5258 1717 Range of Tasting Flights Tastings Available www, Cocktails The Rip January 2018 Page 3

From seaweed to Sav Blanc! Mounds of seaweed collected from Gas Fitting & Roofing Queenscliff’s front beach as part of a plan to Seaweed collected from Queenscliff front lure back tourists, is set to end up at local farms beach will be muclhed into farming compost.NOW ACCEPTING EFTPOS & MAJOR CREDIT CARDS and vineyards. “At the end of this time the product will have For all your Plumbing needs The Borough of Queenscliffe has reached an been converted into matured stable compost,” agreement for company Resilience Farming Mr Martin said.Mob: 0408 037 686 to collect the seaweed for use as an organic compost fertilizer. “In the case of the vineyard the compost will E: [email protected] be spread in a thick band under the vines. Lic. 40157 It was destined to end up in landfill until the deal was brokered between Councillor Tony “We have seen exceptional results from this Francis and the company’s Tony Martin. with water savings over the summer of up to 50 – 70 per cent.” He said. “It is likely that it will go to one of the Bellarine Vineyards where it will be mixed “Anecdotally we have been told that over with things like wood chip, horse manure, time the quality of the grapes improve and the grape marc, vegetable oil filter cake and grass wines become softer and more elegant.” clippings,” Mr Martin said. “It’s a great outcome.” “These raw materials, many of which were destined for landfill will be mixed together in a long wind row and aerated with an industrial compost turner.” Council has budgeted $40,000 to clean the beach during peak tourism periods. The first sweep occurred one week prior to Christmas. “This initiative includes a clean up of beach material from the high water mark in front of the primary dunes at the Queenscliff front beach,” a Council spokesperson said. “These works will assist Council to improve the area for beach users to enjoy over the summer.” The process of creating the finished seaweed compost involves raw materials being mixed together, aerated and regularly turned for six to nine months. Holiday Rental Specialists PH: 5258 3763 [email protected] 80 Hesse St, Queenscliff The Rip January 2018 Page 4

THE WORLD’S LEADING GOLF SIMULATION BRAND HAS ARRIVED OPEN 7 DAYS WITH OVER 100 COURSES TO PLAY JUNIORS U/16 $15 for 1 Hour of X-Golf in the School Holidays. *Terms and conditions apply E: [email protected] ● W: ●Ask us about... our great membership offers ● Ladies nights ● X-League● Coaching & beginners clinics ● Summer series competitions & prizes● Birthdays, Christmas parties & other celebration events● JUNIOR GOLF & SCHOOL HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES 5258 1955 - 69 FELLOWS ROAD, POINT LONSDALE The Rip January 2018 Page 5

RRTTEdEdggaarrLLIISSTTEEDD LLIISSTTEEDD 1177FFrraasseerrSSttQQuueeeennsscclliiff||CCoonnttaacctt AAggeenntt 1166 QQuueeeenn SSttrreeeett QQuueeeennsscclliiff || CCoonnttaacctt AAggeennttLLIISSTTEEDD LLIISSTTEEDD1166 RRaayylleeiigghh AAvv QQuueeeennsscclliiff || $$442200,,000000--$$446600,,000000 1133 QQuueeeennssppooiinntt CCrreess QQuueeeennsscclliiff || CCoonnttaacctt AAggeenntt LLIISSTTEEDDLLIISSTTEEDD1188FFrraasseerrSSttrreeeettQQuueeeennsscclliiff ||$$11,,110000,,000000 11770011--11773399 BBaarrCwCwoooonnnnttHaHacceettaaAAddggsseeRRnnddtt CCoonnnneewwaarrrree ||RFFRoToTrrEEtthdhdegegaSaSrruuRmRmiimpmp teteoorrRoRofifivv22ee00rr11CC77ll-a-as2s2ss00iic1c188RRRuRunTnTSSEEaaddttguguaarrrddr aBaByyeell66llatathhrriinJnJaaeennaauurraaeerrpypyrr22oo00uu11dd88ss||ppPPoorrnnoossuuooddrrssssppooooff nntthhsseoeorrffoooollffllootthhwweeiinnOOggcceeeevvaaeennnnttss..........RRTTEEddggaarrBBeellllaarriinnee 11//8833 PPooiinntt LLoonnssddaallee RRooaadd PPooiinntt LLoonnssddaallee 55225588 11881111|| FFeelliixx HHaakkiinnss 00440000 003355 000000 The Rip January 2018 Page 6

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Borough opens its arms to marriage equality The Borough of Queenscliffe Council is rolling important part in history, it’s a great way for One Queenscliffe Councillor’s call to paint theout the red carpet for weddings, weddings and the borough to make a small difference and Queenscliff lighthouse in rainbow colours maymore weddings in a bid to capitalise on the maybe one of the ways we could celebrate is to be tongue in cheek, but the Council itself isrecent gay marriage plebiscite. paint the lighthouse in rainbow colours for a serious about capitalising on the outcome of couple of months.” Australia’s historic gay marriage plebiscite. Councillors have voted to waive permitfees for all weddings – gay and heterosexual Couples last year forked out more than $1600- in public open spaces such as our parks and to say “I do” in our parks and on our beaches.beachfronts, in a bid to lure more engagedcouples to seal their nuptials here. “There were 15 weddings, each with a permit cost of $112, therefore totaling $1680 so far this A new Wedding Guide is also being prepared year. Most popular locations were Shortland’sto showcase the best of local businesses for Bluff and Point Lonsdale Beach near thecouples looking for the perfect place to say ‘I lighthouse,” said Phil Carruthers, Boroughdo’. General Manager Organisational Performance and Community Service. “Queenscliff was probably the number onedestination for weddings in the state, and for “There are so many gorgeous locations insomeone who’s been in hospitality here for most Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale that deliver aof my working life, I’ve seen that disappear for stunning backdrop for wedding ceremonies,late and I think here’s a really good opportunity receptions and photography,” said Mayor,for us, as part of our economic development Susan Salter. “If you’re planning to marry instrategy as well, to bring weddings back to 2018, we want to hear from you.”the borough of Queenscliffe and I think this isa great starting point to do that,” said Cr Ross Local venues, caterers, wedding celebrants,Ebbels. florists, invitation and stationery suppliers, photographers and other wedding-related “It’s a historic moment and it’s a small way service providers are invited to register toCouncil can acknowledge it,“ added Cr Tony be included in the Borough of QueenscliffeFrancis. “As we’ve seen we generate very little Wedding Guide. Registrations can be lodged atrevenue in that space so it is a tokenistic effort [email protected] until Wednesdaybut …lets let’s celebrate this occasion, this 31 January 2018. LBMUIICMHILADBELERS SPECIALIDSETSSIGINNE&COC-OCNOSNTSRIUDECRTIAOTNE W: WWW.MICHAELLIMBBUILDERS.COM.AU E: [email protected] M: 0410650019THURS - SUN I 10AM-4PM OPEN 7 DAYS from December 18 The Rip January 2018 Page 8

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Living etc JAN 18 2.pdf 1 15/12/2017 3:41 pmCMY M Y YMYK Summer living...The New Weber Genesis GII & GII LXare available at Geelong’s only WeberSTpheeciNaeliwst.WCelabsesricGeBnaersbiesquGeIIs.& GII LXare available at Geelong’s only WeberSpecialist. Classic Barbeques. The Rip January 2018 Page 10

What next for Lonnie front beach Localas have vowed to continue the fight toprotect Point Lonsdale's front beach, despite and historic photographs. Locals say they willbeing told there is no funding available for the \"The project has improved the agencies' and continue to lobby forproject. action to fight erosion community's understanding of the complexities of Point Lonsdale The Save Point Lonsdale Front Beach group of engineered and natural shorelines in a high front beachhas described as \"disappointing,\" a long wave energy environment,\" said DELWP Seniorawaited report into erosion along the popular Environment Planner Frances Northeast. Although not all residents are convincedcoastline. they are needed. \"[It] has highlighted a variety of community The study, conducted by the Department preferences for how sand is managed. \"The beach does change a lot, but at theof Environment, Land, Water and Planning moment I'd say it's pretty good,\" said local surf(DELWP) concluded more \"consistent, long \"As there is no immediate risk to public teacher Mark Phipps. \"There are rocks there butterm data\" is needed to better understand sand safety, DELWP will not be investing in new there's also a sand cover.movements in the Bight. However it ruled out infrasructure for the Bight at this time,\" Msany immediate investment in further research Northeast said. \"The problem we've got now is there's oneor remedies, prompting accusations by group ideal spot to surf [between the two middlespokesman James Cotton, that the Department Construction of new groynes and groynes] and so it gets very busy and thathad wasted residents' time. modification of existing stone structures makes it dangerous. emerged as being high on the communitys' list \"It is disappointing it took 18 months to be of potential remedies. \"It would be better if we removed everything,completed from when we first requested it, the promenade, the rock walls, but that won'tdisappointing that it didn't make a sepcific happen.recommendation in line with what thoseeducated on the matter were purshing [and} \"There's only a problem because we messeddisappointing that they have said there's no with it in the first place,\" Mr Phipps said.funding immediately available to construct andnew groynes and, instead, have handballed theresponsibility to other stakeholders,\" \"If they were going to waste our time likethis, they should have told us up front so wecould have approached other parties on dayone to get a solution,\" Mr Cotton said. The final report was based on a review of 20years of previous investigations,communityfeedback given at two consultation sessions Something Something to accompany different your mealFresh quality ingredients Quality pre-made meals Point Lonsdale OPEN UNTIL 9PM THROUGH JANUARY Supermarket shopping made easy...Point Lonsdale Village P: 5258 4911 Open 7 days: 8am - 9pm Follow us on instagram: @pointlonsdaleiga The Rip January 2018 Page 11

Helpful advice alwGROOMINGNewCrOaMngEeINofFsOumR mYOeUr sRhoes7 DAYS THROUGHOUT SUMMER SUNMOMEWR EINSSSENTTOIARLES... Sim52 Hesse Street Queenscliff PH: 5258 1817 Helpful advice always available. Free delivery and pick-up in Pt Lonsdale & Q’Cliff daily Helpful advice always available. Free delivery and pick-up in Pt Lonsdale & Q’Cliff daily. Senior’s Card Welcome Helpful advice Pe52aHceesseoSftrMeSeetinnQiodure’eswnCsiactrlhdiffWyePolcHuom:re5m2s5eu8dns1icc8ar1et7ieonn, .... Webster-PakHelpfuSl aidmvicepallwe5a2y,sHcaevosasilenabSlvter.eeFSeretnenQeiiouderee’lesnivnCestracyrladiafnfWndePpdlciHcokmd:-uei5sepnh2islsn5oieuPv8ectnesL1tog8r&rne1eslad7tpdahsleeso&etlnloesgQ,n’Csytl,,ioff duaitmWrlayeb. dleict home weeklybeach bags, be tak hats & more of the• DOG GROOMING 7 Days a week throughout Summer Webster-pak is a safe and simple the w• Flea, Worming and Mosquito treatments medication pack. It sets out all the easy• Qu•aliFtyUNdoSUgMfoModERanTEdEtSreats tablets and capsules that need to It is se• ALL FLEA &• GWrOeRaMt rIaNnGgPeRoOfDhUiCgThS qAuTaClOitMy tPoEyTsITIVE PRICES,nTitsfghoetirasspecemohaacafphckaWeedrtsaicoeyiutfbolmafrsitntiemdrei-npmaekdipcailltiodnismpaennasgeermkeintst - medic • •D•eSsTBiUgRNnIGNeHIrNTcGPoNRllaEINWrsT CaROnALdNLAGleERaSOd,FsPLEfEoRArFTEaHClETlRwFCOeORaLtSLhAWeRrISMco&MnLdIENiAtGiDoSns is no easy to manage meHdeilcpafutiloand. vice always available things CCaallll 55225588 55444411 ffoorr ggrroooommiinngg aappppooiinnttmmeennttss It is securely sealed soStehneior’s Card WelcomeVisit ouSrhreotpaiOl snhlionpe aatt w10wHwo.lbaspoentteSrtiree.ceot,mQ.uaueenscliff medication is protected and thereShop Online at • 5258 5441 is no chance of spilling or mixing • 5258 5441 things up. Free deliveQueen’s Baton Queenscliff Village NewsRelay 2018 72 Hesse Street, Queenscliff 3225QUEENSCLIFF Monday 12 February 2018 Phone: 5258 1828 Fax: 5258 5128Mayor’s speech and Q&A will start at Email: [email protected] 12.00pm on the stage inLower Princess Park before the Baton Happy New Year!travels through the Borough. Let’s get those champagne corks popping• Join in the fun and support our local batonbearers with some great New Year specials and• Road closures will be in place and parking space enjoy some holiday fun... will be limited Hats & Sunnies: 50 Learmonth Street (PO Box 93) Queenscli VIC 3225 We have a terri c range of Summer hats and fashion Telephone: 03 5258 1377 | Fax: 03 5258 3315 look sunglasses, TOP VALUE and in store now. www.queenscli Books & Magazines: We have an extensive range of magazines together with discounted book titles. RELAX and enjoy your holiday reading... Kids activity packs, toys, beach gear and games: We have a great selection to keep the kids happy over the holidays The Rip January 2018 Page 12

Make a statement this Summer...COLLECTIONS BLOG STORE LOCATOR CONTACT ways available. Free delivery and pick-up in Pt Lonsdale & Q’Cliff daily. e always available. Free delivery and pick-up in Pt Lonsdale & Q’Cliff daily.myp. le, convenient cation pack. It sets out all the Watch behind the scenes ts and capsules that need to Spring 2018 ken at each particular timee da Stylish beaded dressweek. to manage medication. Want to make a statement? This body contouring beaded dress is perfect for a night on the town. ecurely sealed so the Dress #181004 cation is protected and there chance of spilling or mixing fashion & accessories s up.ery and pick up in Point Lonsdale and Queenscliff daily 42 Hesse St, Queenscliff - 5258 2912 Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 10am- 5pm The Rip January 2018 Page 13

A surfing journey to opposite ends of the globeSurfboard maker Mark Phipps splits his time between his home town of Point Lonsdale and France. Mark Phipps remembers, as a teen, visiting a I meet with a person and find of the boards I make are custom built.Torquay factory, in which a school friend’s dad out about their surfing and “I meet with a person and find out about theirmade surfboards. their surf spots and make a board just for them. surfing and their surf spots and make a board “The boards were just glowing to me, I was Mark Phipps just for them,” he says.just attracted to them and I just couldn’t believehow good they looked and I just wanted to do been working there six months a year for close And that’s how technical surfboardthat too,” he says. to two decades. making can be. To be good at it requires an understanding of surf and movement. It was a sight that set him on a path few When they’re not back in Lonnie, Hosega, onyoung surfers could dream of, travelling the the border with Spain, is also where he, wife “I could build someone a board for surfingworld as a master surfboard shaper. Christine and their four tri-lingual-speaking here at the front beach and I’d make them a children live. completely different one for surfing the back Phippsy has just arrived back in Point beach.”Lonsdale, where he’ll spend the next few “The first few years I was just spending amonths running the Australian side of a few weeks over there but it’s gradually grown Creating boards keeps Phippsy in touchbusiness that keeps one foot in opposite ends and now I’m pretty much in France for half of with the best performers on the world tour. Heof the world. the year. The boards we make get shipped all is himself regarded as a talented surfer with around Europe. a competitive spirit – something he’s keen to His trademark white van will be parked teach to beginners coming through his classes.up against the front beach for much of these “When I’m back in Australia, at differentcoming weeks, from which he’ll be running his times I’ve made boards for Quiksilver but most “Lessons are really important in terms ofsurf school and teaching a whole new crop the getting good habits right from the start,” hebasics of riding a wave. says, “There are so many tips on how to break it down and go step by step, getting to your feet Up until recently, he was also operating the and riding a wave with a good’s only surf shop. “If you can get taught correctly from the start, But it’s as a talented board maker that you can progress really quickly in the sport.”Phippsy is best known. He learned the craft in the early 1990’s,working alongside highly regarded Torquayshapers Greg Brown and Wayne Lynch andcreating boards under the iconic Gash label. Surfing with the Australian team in Francehe hooked up with Melbourne’s Stephen Bell,landing a job making boards for Quiksilveramongst others. Bell’s factory in Hosega is something of ahub for the world’s top surfers, looking for newdesigns or running repairs, and Phippsy hasNew Homes Ian Warren Builder Pty LtdExtensionsRenovations Point Lonsdale 5258 2758 Decks 0418 525452 [email protected] Registration no DB - U2446 HIA no 516372 The Rip January 2018 Page 14

A Queenscliff of FOOD TRUCKS & GREAT BEER presented byTHE TAVERN & BRICK LANE BREWING where: the tavern - 18 hesse street when: daily from noon - starting December 28 GREAT BEER AND FOOD TRUCK EXP [email protected] r5es2e5n8t4e5d90by The Rip January 2018 Page 15

O’D O W Ddesign + construction imagine innovate create BUILDER OF THE YEAR Regional Victoria 2012 Franchises Point Lons Now Available 43 Kirk 43 Kir HTAhiOsurteLonIomDvaAtoedYticvhHearIaSGcteeHrrhvoLimcIeeFiEnCthIeNenhetTarreHt THoEfhH4OiOsHOl3dreLLLKEnoIIDiAnorD Renova○t○eMLdObEyCGloHBcAaOlNpOrIeCKmASiLuEmRRbEVuPIiClAdIeINRrDGSavidMcRbDeeiTRoHTsnhaehnyinicsooOsaourhrvvelerLdanneagto,IoeatsDvvdteha,ea For MORE than just Mowing! HOLIDAY HIGH LIFEPINoiTnHtELHoEnAll work guaranteedGardening, Mulching, Rubbish Removal GuHtteeLdraJsgoneCbdTlsserBcaiFmaoorrpedmMidynOi,RngCEIg,ntoh,EsraRnupxjproiudasertenarm-ttcoeoePwn/iWrnWugM!onoorirFFFnkrrrwkaaannngAAAcccciNNNvvvhhhnaaaooooiiisssiiiwwwllleeegaaavsssbbbllleeeer PoFolricMeOPRoCElicthheaeCnhcjeukcskteemddowing! 131 546OInHsu&rSedCompliantFor MwOwIIPOPOInnnRoowHHsssElluuuii.&&jcctrrriSSheemeeeadddCCCCsnmoohhjmmeeuoccswppkktlleeiimnaaddnngott.wneintg! EEExxxpppIeeenrrrstttuGGGPPPrarrraaauuunrrrdddnnnceeeiiiennnnnn/gggiiinnnW,,, gggHHHo,,,eeerMMMkcTdFaddd○cgggohsuuuueoeeelllvLscccercaTTTehhhytkOrrriiihiiinnnsfwmmmj.oogggteCTbmmmuicrsnhiiidAannnTftrgggleh○ieeLopairesTetooF○rubYveriRnreEenRtentodoENsEvior,EnsoaGgSftgtooaetPIsmNhr&ds,eIaeCaEcsnyBhnhaKodaTdAonurcUamUdTslreclNTciPtaevmeaEeIsrirN&rsmsRhloi,GnoapIaDbmEerseoEtpShenacLaeitienn,caInVcgittohatioEnrureafagRsrhlvo,bYkearoTFtaFiaeanotmruchrvctFdTcaeticTdFaRahoersheoahsueoshsuoeentnsyrrrecasemvercnahftyoosyktfldkchosfnihwOsfau.woeo.oaetoevtheTmurTiucariarlcFncmhrwnrchdgdadgtafltfrrteryledaailoleeiefoeeiLodpatecpartetecrlee InsuBroadnyceC/oWrpoorrkacteovweorrjkobs gardens InsuBroadnyceC/oWrpoorrkacteovweorrjkobs RenovatedbylocalpremiumbuilderDavidhMocliDdoanyaltdr Body Corporate work cosywinterevenings,andcleveropeningofroomsviaF 131 546 5258 1841wwOwH.& 131 The focal point of the home is a spacious kitchen w deck. Three bedrooms and a smart central bathroom 131 546 56 Bellarine Highway, QueenscliffFurther features, gas and slim line heating, reverse c as a studio or to store your cars, boat, caravan and a CREATIVE PLANTING RETAINING WALLS AUTOMATED GATES DECKING PAVING OUTDOOR STRUCTURES GARDEN LIGHTING TURF MAINTENANCE Point44L4999oFFFnllliiisnnAward-winning quality HOLIDAY HIGH LIFE IN THUEUPHPMMEAAASustainable designs This renovated character home in the heart oAfAbUOebbalPrdcrihlilMilLealsoniaAttnopn5258 1634 pAabrardilliisaen. cRoesnyowviantteedrbevyeloncinalgpsr,eamndiucmlevbeurioldpeernDinagviodfMrocoDaumclosbplneeosveanvvinevraeqeaalclisredshael.u.idedDswFDees,oiro.tntwewTohcdo Downsta The Rip January 2018 Page 16

43 Kirk Road, Point Lonsdale HOLIDAY HIGH LIFE IN THE HEART OF OLD LONSD 69 Flinders Street 67 Kirk Road $Ti7sh9yiso0ur0ern0go0avt-ae$twe8ad3yc9tho0aa0ra0gcrteearP6th8OloifmFIeNesetTlylionlLeOwtihnNsevRSehDosetaAamrdLteEonft.Old Lonsdale is an easy walk to front and QUEENSCLIFF POINT LONSDALE $849 000 Contact Agent RenovatedbylocalpremiumbuilderDavidMcDonald,thehomefeaturespolishedhardwo cosywinterevenings,andcleveropeningofroomsviaFrenchdoorstonorthandsouthfacing The focal point of the home is a spacious kitchen with open plan dining and living ar deck. Three bedrooms and a smart central bathroom complete the accommodation.sdale For SaleFurther features, gas and slim line heating, reverse cycle air conditioning, private front as a studio or to store your cars, boat, caravan and all the usual holiday trappings.k Road, Point Lonsdalerk Road, Point Lonsdale F$8oF39or,0rS0S0aalleeDAnorDsAvkdRaYAaRtTleeHoYdiIsOaGcadHhHnFa,eILraOaGIsFcyLtEHwePDarINlohkLoitLTonImHOFftreEoELNniHontSIaEntNnhADsdedRbAhTTaaecLHlOakeErbFtEeoOafcHLhODeElsd,LgAOLoolNRfncSsoTdDuarAOsleeLaEiFnsdaOsnheoLpaDssyanwLdaOlk tNo fSroDntAanLdEback $InF8$o38s39rp9,,S000ea00lc0et ISna$8tIsnu39rsp,d0p0ae0yec1cstt Mar 3.00 – 3.30pmEnAsRdTalOeF OLD LONSDALE IFnosrpSeacCClteoonnttaaccttdoDeLodepahecparatete,ecarleeobodetnoboeththowolAtewdoubgeuvybapeevrynirpiconreaaedenrhladmeYlteototesoohyntoodyantodbrtrscuosdcucpiorti,ioridhti,plsnshanisaooHorooamygvfrfsgtnftalegalgooolopelaputaacrtaatresnecsnmhratmIshlraresoor,oe,gesaegotGaetcacoea.iasosfermretnmrsty,nnlpyneneeecheshnaouadodHhfgdaairddailrtontaonuuauucnactothnhrohomdmsdtmilsrtmlralnellseotlolohiuieLcnrilciefaefvaievmsmmbmibeepeaatoeedrearodIssusauirshirereressmFtmnsatssltrlaioiroaiiciyy,lh,lsynneiaianhddtiP6pnpyanEbanlblcanneepeeheerrwseseimooooOtttfdtnntrprpihighnnoAdhhaaanInaDDcrcamaameeiitgteNednvva,eelnnIi,a,aclccaamsiueeNknnphhsccggpvviisdttmoossilaeaattiieieiooshhmtnitnntrddTrrpuuTsrrpanammmoaaffiaoaggoeMMssrorovrrgliliHvvoodLt,t,ehensfbdbdkkauaccurrbooproonOniieeaDanDnglootttEadmhmflfttttavvcticteuis.o.oaOnhhhsOahnteheNhvrassennnin.rrrarHietlveslvffioaoreodssdaldadnSracninfideaepdaooallnonaLdLdEacDagknFWmFwmcwwhcoo,ale,n.lrcirdytlytldA.neinneiAhechtctacottcctriansnThhshlheloengobedreRdaiociLaceehmDhmehysoooahaahdagaEntoduoTuplpalidcpidperieurmearysmsdeneoklseolucudiecienconssvOeoseoooaotgabterlkfaer$feaelnrpienlpeuesoekesndshn,Fdhlttdal9taacaabaahorroiihooietrietndtntd8sturecknlueanlMieaOiiecgio,drohoesddri0oagsdshaeenynvanhydricaeraaicsncsLtainyitciwyecng-pwh0sngphelitroirDonttDgno,taagoeaaordr0imhromngglna,tlgdnl,alskikoipoew0psdpomcspsodmaeathLrethpwsrnoeponsnilnooemioava-eifovOdianisadfdancudfdaailcurygr$tiatohkglllttaophsolyteinlaNhsehitvnahst1uvdnati.tucliff.irogrtffiaornorautod0ngpraSdrona,lonocgsawcsngeswnn.7eitnn.t,iDnespaanotdahhdaoatd0groogaaparnoeabeeAdeebgnddhnnadiaar0aaesoadnresdicLudrscuck0vhcopkrloekkcsrlekgeEaonpse0sebooesabamuaorihateaeridodsrnlededsrmota,paeniga,hregnigachanpcaeliannhgdagilaehigrrrgltP8tsnrefdthoeoetrhtdhoiestdaOeoactsstfeor,pAcscnoe,eeniegstgnoeaigoilsaaIherondlistamaaeoNilklptsnyliaklnpnfnculaialtfrfguunuillcTrggpepauiuidctesgposnnsetno,grscfeLtuahr,ehaouaha.gapineirOepnanhresoonrralsohseri,$trhg9e500S$0a80t3u9r,d0a0y0P114OSBCOCSs9utuOISSCCaIyanNuaSSO3CCaMemFetomauemaAcusTectoeaPmPperupencpPdrpoPolpLrpbenbldat3oootObetetyp5abet.statle50tylw2t51cslsalNoPet50llc22s1totsP85scPs05tiSl–tM1ot8n14lt0ot8R0DtMs5003a14tPtt7s0ro50.a414Atm39o370r0s50a009.3L4000t70pe.90E4d00t409m90s14–n4038314–034t050835.3394514$5.4033114p950133m8p35038m4590509315035103030-93$05975 0003 1 3plus a huge garage, ideal as a studio or to store your cars, boat, caravan and all the usualdr,athpephoinmgesfe.aturespolishedhardwood oors,highceilings,anopen replacefor 3 13 ContactFrenchdoorstonorthandsouthfacingdecksidealtosoakupthesunorentertain. Campbell Potts 0418 513 309with open plan dining and living areas leading to a large private north facing Sue Potts 0400 049 435 O ce 5258 1579m complete the accommodation. 1 Hobson Streetcycle air conditioning, private front and rear gardens plus a huge garage idealall the usual holid1a2y3trOaprptoinngsS. treet 44 Mercer Street $11953000 QU1EENSCLI3FF OCEAN GROVE Contact Agent QUEENSCLIFF Contact Agent 49 Flinders Street, Queenscli 9 Wattle Grove 1/28 Harding Street Shop 3 67-69 Point Lonsdale Road PORTARLINGTON $669 000 POFIoNTrLSOaNSleDALEisnnnddddeeearrrlssseSSSttrrteerWeeeeAtt,,LtL,INQGuTQQOeNuueeeneesnncsslccillfiif $1079 000 Contact agent UPMARKET LIVIF$N8FoF$3oG69or9r,90r,S0BS0S0a00YaalelleTeHE BEACHAARRTKOEFTOLwLIVDwINLwOG.NcBSaYDmATLHpEEbBeEl lApCoHt t s . c o m . a u CamCICInnpoossbnSnpputeteeaaeclcclcttPPttoottttss 00441080 501439 340395AAnweowTohcdpoanhphRnsnRnotoetoioiihtsdpshssocsrsKthKeteinoriaoashpatptionioriniEroElrdoredeoeesuaesomnanaTTtoiao,ar,orsdirthlwsleowoohooithioLLovtvuiooniiofnarggeiegerIkseIkeonnhnrhrViVreitrlalnnhooonnqhiqhegtgoaoIIttuouounNNe,kaykqaanamamirirocslcnnlltieuiotdGreaGreytggrooyoyisnatiiossPPwsspkkhsspioonlBBioioskttioooaaiigccrtnneYYppihhlnloyeettnakeieecerrrsNNdnneevegnnTTkthueeddasioppooipp,eHHdortaiiaamppenenedfcrrueeaeakkrcEEaaahnnnnolhltiasassyrnsshnannaaeoBnnBotbtnndidfreoetonmseaddEdEuwwttdattsocoPhwPhArArocnmcioooepeponpoooiodipCiCinnndndccgmaaodttdittwiebnHunHudiLcirLdtwitrironanionkieneeuooingnsgcstnslcnqhsaqsoaksadkaduauaetntonpnaneasbneonedldldriededsSeeSdsl,lu,wlpowytpoat,cteihruhhtahtruaoceoiainnopinnsivaeshvagglgiBiitBdrinlsdeesephaoeadedeapysarysrcssoiswo,iuacuioaaoeniomgennamnnmtimarlidioimdlkqunmqtnisksunniluanrtnaf(uoge(egceeeeggcrcsupaosufoaotsdstolslaplsabltpea,peqltpuahedltnpoedoceonagoulraegilydrinoysnrntrsoettpuedptuaournonprrlenreesadeSnit)tetie)tshtsynwehepoywweienenastidnmttirostrtoheasteeaaheassrdtnstnpn.deneehthedhccdTtpcecopouoeBdeuoodhrnalpurrnearwaudatenatidtesnyddcesaeyymdoreeemeaosieuysrdopnuandwfprrwooro.bnolodinbrtoiiooarrwthoveawdhmrnnrynmiunym.nuolssnialssvpiagogvpwieeognifnencfngaicsonigaiaiotafclevaofclevlpabeevenperbaenurtardurrtlthtrbolwttboouawtooiouafywsnofyAUbplcsmeotoeapvobvraeesaerlctlteidsraihlhesl.viiiesreadDesoesnoil.stftntswfwToa.dephnontoroihssedoistmeidoratiniormoreiesunnaatao,rcdlwuohoolvioonagerktehreirelnonqbhgotueo$BSekadama6$CCSIiyrcnlnrta6tICSCSai9oraentuto9augmAaousyt9iooem9rnrupiss,Pddps0mPrkpbsni,pd0aoonta0beioepy0atotstalyiegetylc10ncsalpoPwlchs11cetato0tPecsietsritrMtotNnntt0eettntMsha4tedtaMsrp0amop,b30riaamp.en30u00rer.0ea40k4i0aal3901nnn–l4tias8n.14–s30tina835n.n330bt5n1d5.0eo33re1dp–0wot33dmptob03Ph3mrc90o.eoep3o9soii0nndcmapdttirnumieLwtironiesoingsetnhqsravduaenianecndledesSdu,lwpotibthruaeoyinnsvagaiBindsewadeayreswoulaiolamnnamlidkpmqspiunna(oeegcrisuoanotlsbtlpaeeeltpddoe The Rip January 2018 Page 17

January Diary3 Local favourite CHRIS WILSON will Church is hosting its annual STALLS IN THE 19 Test your luck by playing 'Jag the HALL event today from 8.30am - a chance toperform at the Queenscliff Uniting Church pick up quality market goods. Joker' at the Point Lonsdale Bowls Clubtonight at 8pm with George Picha and Fenn tonight and every Friday night between 5Wilson. Tickets $25 includes refereshments. ■ The iconic Rip to River Fun Run starts from and 7pm. A fun game of chance with jackpots the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse this morning at every week. All Welcome. 8am. 5km and 1.4km Ripper Nipper events are also held. For details log onto oceangroveslsc. 24 Enjoy the finest in French gypsy jazz, when HOT CLUB SWING returns to 7 Queenscliff's annual SAND SCULPTURE the Queenscliff Uniting Church. 7pm. Tickets $40, include a three-sourse meal. Bookings CONTEST is celebrating its xxxx birthday essential today. It's on at the Pilot Beach from 10am - noon. $5 for single and $10 group entries.5-7 Beautiful knitted tea cosies and 13 The famous Cottage by the Sea 26 AUSTRALIA DAY. Our annualmuch more will feature at this weekend's ANNUAL FAIR is on today, with a giant Town Hall celebration includes a flag raising white elephant stall, plants, fresh fruit and ceremony, welcome to country and naming ofSEASIDE KNITS AND TEA COSIES vegetables, devonshire tea and giant book the Borough's Citizen of the Year. From 11am.EXHIBITION. The event runs daily from 10am stall and much more. Gold coin donation entry Frree the Queenscliff Uniting Church from 9am - 2pm. 27 The newly named QUEENSCLIFF6 Point Lonsdale's St James Anglican ■ Meet some of Queenscliff's pioneers when HISTORY COMES ALIVE at the Queenscliff 180 FAMILY SWIM is on today, with Cemetery. Theatrical tour from 1pm. Bookings, swimmers of all ages taking on two separate 5249 3939 distances around the Queenscliff Pier. To register, log onto www.queenscliff180swim. com. For bookings: 5249 3939 - Ctohmromugohnyhoouurskeehrobldsiditeembisnascecrevpicteed50 Learmonth Street (PO Box 93) Queenscliff VIC 3225Phone: 03 5258 1377 | Fax: 03 5258 3315Recycling BinGreen Waste BinWaste Bin The Rip January 2018 Page A Call council for information BAAAnAlluieummrmoaisinlnodiliurucomampnptscriaan(enygmsss/fpotiyl)(clean) M BBBoBiBesoBeacrkaerutskrytiietbpnrotugiretantpsylnae(shesptoesur sehold only) NMMMMoMiMelbMekMediaalaacieatrcagtggitprantarathrazeorzaoiiyninynbnnssseoeee(/t(&pwssftblolaruebaassotmpttt(iepect)rl)mientsupgbt(yps)lastic) NNaapppkiienss (paper) | CBBBrBrBorBeoBaokaoxnoexdtetncetsthlbsleg(eea(wltscsgaoea(scpgrxselsleiaapdsls,scba&isrdcpublaiotsastriecdt))c) ONewspapers CCCeaalrlnodspbh(oaaalnurdembionxiuems (f&latstteeneel)d) Oil (cooking) P PPaPaaiininnttttiinn((ceomntpatiynosnplayi)n

\"I got it wrong!\" - CEO Bellarine All future Borough of Queenscliffe celebrations will be staged within Community the municipality, after a plan to host the Council staff Christmas party Health centre elsewhere drew widespread anger. works have moved to CEO Lenny Jenner has issued a public apology, admitting it was the stage two. wrong decision.Health centre to go two storey The December 10 event was shifted at the last minute The Heads restaurant in Barwon Heads to Big 4 Beacon Resort in Queenscliff. Stage two of the $5.85 million project it helps give you a betterQueenscliff Community Health picture of what the end design will It was catered for by local eatery Charlie Noble and cost ratepayersCentre redevelopment is taking look like.” $4445, including $500.shape with the installation of steelframework for the new building Work is also continuing on “Council has received feedback from local businesses and membersentrance. upgraded roadworks at the Point of the community expressing their disappointment in my decision to Lonsdale Road entrance to the site. locate our staff Christmas celebration outside of the Borough this year,” The works, which will provide a Vic Roads has been working with Mr Jenner modern access to the medical engineering consultants and othercentre, are running slightly behind stakeholders to finalise the design. “On this occasion I made the wrong decision.schedule, Project Coordinator “In light of the feedback, I have determined that all future celebrationsDavid Kilpatrick has conceded. It “There will be some temporary will be conducted within the Borough.”has been revealed the works will changes to traffic once that work Business operators and residents vented their anger after the partyalso include a two-storey extension is ready to begin and we’ll let the invitation was revealed on The Rip Facebook page.on the northern side of the site. local community know what affect Only days earlier, the Council unveiled a new campaign to encourage that will have,” Mr Kilpatrick said. Christmas shopping. “There was a bit of a slow down In initially defending the Barwon Heads location, Mr Jenner saidon site due to some structural The construction of new car had applied the Borough’s procurement policy, recently introduced toissues, but those have now been carking areas will also form part of favour local business.resolved and the project is well the stage two works. “Council undertook pre-planning research at the following venues:and truly moving ahead,” Mr The Heads, Q Train, Flying Brick Cider House, Queenscliff BrewhouseKilpatrick says. The federal government ($3.04 and X-Golf, Point Lonsdale,” he said. million) and BCH ($2.85 million) I thought I would apply my own ‘procurement test,’ so I went to the “Once you start to see are jointly funding the project. local pub in the Borough and I did the ‘Pub Test.’ Guess what, it failed,”framework going up on a building said Hesse Street trader Julian Melican. “They are custodians of our rates, it’s our money! I think they forget that they didn’t earn it, it’s the contribution of the local rate payers, they work for us,” added Craig McElvaney. Police to target sand dunesNew advisory group members sought Police riding quad bikes will priorities including road policing, target illegal parties and other drink drivers, speeding,   driver Residents with suitable qualifications will be encouraged to nominate anti-social behavior in our sand distractions such as mobilefor a position on the Borough of Queenscliffe’s newly named reference dunes these holidays. phones etcetera,” said xxx Clintgroup – the Queenscliffe Economic Development Advisory Committee Cheeseman.QEDAC – when positions become available in coming weeks The force is stepping up its presence in Queensclife and Point “Members will also be Councillors voted last month to change the name from the Tourism Lonsdale, in readiness for the patrolling the dunes and beachEconomic Development Committee, to broaden the group’s focus. influx of holiday makers. car parks throughout their shifts. Initial appointments, made in 2015, will expire in March. The Queenscliff police station “All Queenscliff and Point Incoming members must demonstrate business, strategic planning and will be manned four days a week Lonsdale Caravan parks have alsomarketing skills in accommodation, arts and culture, events, hospitality, (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and been given information sheetsretail, tourism or general business. Friday) between 9am and 3pm about anti-social behaviour and Vacant positions will be publicly advertised. and a beefed up police presence the penalties that apply to certain will patrol hot spots, including offences.” shopping strips and beach carparks. Residents are also being cautioned to take appropriate “Extra police have been action to deal with heat waves and assigned to work on the Bellarine be mindful of leaving valuables in targeting intelligence driven cars, he said   The Rip January 2018 Page 19

Point Lonsdale 20C1o8taAgGneoldnbcoyuin athle Sea Bowls Club donation entry Fai ‘Open House’ & Members’ Night 9am-2pm, Saturday, January 13 Every Friday from 5.00 – 7.00 pm 29 Flinders Street, Queenscliff Enjoyment - Entertainment - Fun aDccWoe3nepraddtteniJdoaennsfrsduoaamyry Information: FruFitre&sVheg ALL WELCOME Tel: 03 5258 1663 [email protected] ‘Jag the Joker’ A fun game of chance. White Prize jackpots every week Elephant if there is no winner Stall Open to everyone! Devonshire Hot Jam PoPtSlasan&let *Member’s Draw Tea Donuts Win a cash prize plus sponsor prizes Book * A complimentary savory bar snack served B&rBeBLauQkfnacsht Stall & More! * Drinks at member prices Whether you are a member, social member, or visitor come 2018 Annual Fair.indd 1 3/11/2017 3:06 PM along for an hour or so-you won’t be disappointed. See you Friday! Our friendly Club welcomes new bowlers and o ers FREE coaching every Thursday at 9.00 am. Bowls provided.Proudly sponsored by Lix Cafe - Noble Rot Wine Bar - Hermit Crab Homewares Point Lons pharmacy JAN DRFT2.pdf 1 18/12/2017 12:52 pm&!\"#$%&'\"$()*'+ ! Pt. Lonsdale Guest House!,*-.*/0S Agent- For all of Your &Diabetic Enjoy a leisurely breakfastInsulin Needs in our cosy dining room... C Open for breakfast 7 days a weekGM oo • Monday-Friday 8-10am – A la carte Y • Saturday 8-11am - A la cartepFCMYoor uarllSocfriYpotsuor DniFaibleeitnicour Store • Sunday 8.30-11am – Full Buffet Business Breakfasts and Groups are welcome MY GLUTEN FREE CATERED FOR esCYseiodnsal SeriNvniDcsuSelSianAnngdeeenAdtds-vFicoer all of your diabetic and 31 Point Lonsdale Road • p: 5258 1142 • e: [email protected] CMY The Rip January 2018 Page 20nKt LonsdaleNaRtido, Point Lonsdale Ph: 5M25o8o1G1o1o6cripts on FileKeinepouyor uSrtosrceripts on le in our storeService andPrAodfevsiscioenal service and advicedale Rd, P5o5inPtoLionnt sLdoanslPedha:le52R5o8ad11-1P6oint Lonsdale

POINT LONSDALE QUEENSCLIFF BOWLING TENNIS & CROQUET CLUB Summer Holiday BAREFOOT BOWLS Community Market RIPVIEW BISTRO OPEN One of the region’s biggest and 7 DAYS most popular weekend markets TENNIS COURT HIREjewellery • arts • crafts • fruit and veg AVAILABLE plants • drinks • yummy treats and lots more... FANTASTIC FAMILY VALUE 2nd Sunday of every Month 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. MEMBERSHIPS FROM $11 Point Lonsdale Primary School, Bowen Road, Point Lonsdale Courtesy Bus Available Contact: 0417 037 970 MONDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY 5pm-10pm Call: 0413 407 615 to book your ride. TREATMENT COMMUNITY MENU ewards Rewarding Our Members & Our Community •dermalogica cleanstart facials TOOTUUuTTu2rroEEo2BB-ssStt-SooaUsasUDDksskttPPssAehheAYeeooYSnnS HHAAPPPPYY HHOOUURR queenscliff •cosmeceutical peels •organic facials 55ppmm -- 66ppmmExperience the difference... Tues & Thurs •microdermabrasion •pedicures & manicures15TH •shellac application + EYELASHBIRTHDAY EXTENSIONS ON TUESDAYSSPECIAL15% off all MASSAGE 5pm- 6pm Jofriornemcaesjiuavsemtg$er1me1abttoerproducts •deep tissue during •relaxJanuary •hot stone •remedial *health fund rebates 5258 4233 118 HESSE STREET QUEENSCLIFF PH 5258 1773 Level 1, Queenscliff Harbour The Rip January 2018 Page 21

The Rip DirectoryEMERGENCY David McDonald 0418599620 DENTISTBorough of Queenscliffe 5258 1377 Ian Warren 0418 525 452 Queenscliff DentalCoast Guard 5258 2222Point Lonsdale S.L.S.C. 5258 4123 Ocean Grove Building Service 0417891122 5258 2388State Emergency Service 132 500 Phil Vallance [email protected] 0417139636 DOG GROOMING/WALKING Michael Limb Builders 0410 650019. La Petterie 5258 5441 O’Dowd Builders 5258 1634ACCOMMODATION Paul Riley 0408 520 981 EDUCATIONBeach Breaks Bellarine 0424 172050 Ray Threadwell 0418 525 095 Point Lonsdale Primary School 5258 1501 Queenscliff Kindergarten 5258 1342Number 35 Bed & Breakfast 5258 1798 BUILDING DESIGNERS Queenscliff Primary School 5258 1696Lonsdale Views 5258 2990 Pty Ltd Queenscliff & Costal Holiday 0413 202300Bookings 5258 3763 BUILDING SERVICES/MAINTENANCE ELECTRICIANSQueenscliff & Pt Lonsdale Acomm Paul Farmer Col Ferrier 52581553, 52581640/0407866568 Steve's Handyman Service 0497 331788 LMAC Electrical Services 0438 545500Holidays on The Bellarine 5255 1222 Home Maintenance 0431 488706 Peter Coyte 0414 520 248Ruby’s Queenscliff 0407879096 John Gleeson Demolition 0419 347708 I & S Ransom Electrical 0418 336 670Roseneath Villa B&B 5258 3394 Tomcat Truck & Bobcat Hire 0411 231678 Warren Jankowski Electrical 0404 163609ACCOUNTING/FINANCIAL Mini Bobcat Hire 0418 147 174 Patrick McCarthy Maintenance 0408 075 330 ENGINEERINGBrian Dalton Accountant 0414 804 152 Coastal Property Maintenance 0404 088 500 Laker Engineering 0418 521 199James Rush Accounting 5258 5100 Seagull Home Maintenance 0438 261 954LBW Accounting 5221 6111 Home Works 0422 370 145 FENCINGAIRCONDITIONING DCM Services 0439 355115 Point Lonsdale Fencing 0408 581 439 5257 3776I & S Ransom Heating/Cooling Dave's Handyman & JMD Fencing 0418 336 670 Carpentry Services 0423 874854ANTENNAS - AUDIO CABINET MAKERS FITNESS - SPORT INSTRUCTORSPt Lonsdale Television 0411490430/52582068 Jake Masterman 0417168537 Bellarine Pilates 0418 519655Kendall Antennas The Yoga Bud 0431 110085& Communications 0404019781 CARPENTRY Julie Golightly Tennis Coach 5258 4104 Steve's Carpentry Service 0497 331788 Kerry Pettigrove Fitness 5258 1670 0418 147 174ARCHITECTS/PERMITS/INSPECTIONS Carpenter Fully licensed FUNERALSThomas Andrews Designs 0423 298 666 CIVIL CELEBRANTS Bellarine Memories 5255 5500 Kings Australia Funerals 5222 3688J3 Design & Warren Hobbs Architects Tuckers Funeral Service 5221 4788 0417543786/52413334 Sue Warner Civil Celebrant 0488 053099Tony Baenziger Architect 0412 823 488 Sally Cordner 52583325/0417522851Binder-Peart Design Pty Ltd 0437 463125 Val Lawrence Marr. Celebrant 5258 1616 GARDENERS/MOWING 0413 202300 COMMUNITY GROUPS Bellarine Black Diamond Garden Service Jim's Building Inspections 131546 Rotary Club Mel's Gardening 0429 990 850 Lions Club DCM Services 04005 68629Stuart Miller Permits/Design 0412841434 Masonic Centre Queenscliff 5258 4723. Lawn Order 0439 355115 Neighbourhood House 5258 4648 Mia Cooke Gardens 0488 885 296ART - GALLERIES Probus Q’cliff/Pt Lonsdale 0400 553939 (Ken Adam 0408 357 116) 0417 506 611 Probus Queenscliffe - mixed 5258 3367 Jim’s Mowing Salt Contemporary Art 5258 3988 Point Lonsdale Civic Assoc. 5258 4308 Andrew Stephenson Mowing 131 546 5258 3645 Queenscliffe Community Assoc. 5258 4428 0403863360Seaview Gallery Queenscliffe Historical Museum 0400 083719 4202 0942. Queenscliff Library 5258 3381Queenscliff Gallery Queenscliff Music Festival 5258 2511 Queenscliff Reconciliation Mob 5258 2017& Workshop Red Cross 5258 4816 Senior Citizens 5258 1722AUTO 52581841 Swan Bay Environment Assoc. 5258 1616 GARDEN/LANDSCAPING 0412 520 438 5258 4668 Swan Bay Ladies Probus 5255 2856 0411 571 482Queenscliff Junction Motors 5258 2559 Digby Moran Landscaping 0419 890 082 5258 1871 Nathan Hovey Landscaping Steve Higgins Auto Elec. Rip View Landscapes BLINDS, CURTAINS & SHUTTERSBarwon Blinds & Shutters 52541338 GLASS/GLAZIERBOAT REPAIRS/MARINE Kev's Window, Door & Glazing 0418519078Queenscliff Marine Services 52581305, COMPUTER SERVICES/REPAIRS GRAPHIC & WEB DESIGN0412 460 987 Ben Pell - Studio Paradiso Design 0406 636201BRICKLAYERS Discount IT 0439 024870 Laurie’s Computers 0418 302178 HAIRDRESSERS/SALONSChris Pennant's Brick Laying 0417 543 628 DJ’s Computer Help 0466 564 921 Donna's Mobile Hairdressing 0408 565733 Sophie Johnston 5258 2261GJB Professional Bricklaying Contractors - Brick & OG Technology and i-device screen Ivy Creations Hair on Harbour 5258 4764 Seagalls and Buoys 5258 4854Blockwork inc. repairs - Gary 0418 522928 replacements – 0457 363 261 Take Two Design in Hair 5258 3451BSC Bricklaying 0438 839129 Computer Solutions 0406 264191BUILDERS 52584640 CONCRETING 0488 088 258 HEATING 5222 1688 0419 392 537 0403 722649Clark Homes 0438 258 324 Breisch Concrete Floors Classic Fireplaces & Barbecues Craig Fenby (polished)David Wilkinson Ross Fewtrell The Rip January 2018 Page 22

HOME CLEANING - IRONING Queenscliff Sorrento Ferry Service 5258 3244Bizzy Barker 0414 583 708 / 5258 3708 PRINTING - GRAPHIC DESIGN VET - ANIMAL HEALTHLadybirds Cleaning & Maintenance 0434 838 833 Press Here Printing 5255 2663 Bellarine Animal Hospital 5258 4862Home & Garden Maintenance and WINDOW CLEANINGDomestic Cleaning 0412 107 558 REAL ESTATEHOTELS - RESTAURANTS - CATERING Whitford Property 5254 2444 Peter Macmillan 5258 4248/0415 493302 Bellarine Property 5255 3100 Wayne’s Windows & ExteriorBenitos Meals & Catering 5258 1131 Brian Capp – Property Advocate 0418 500 483 House Care 0408 059 616La salle a manger Restaurant 5258 5244 Fletchers 5258 2833 WATER PRESSURE CLEANINGSaltbush 5258 4829 Kerleys 5258 4100Lix Ice Creamery and Juice Bar 5258 4564 Campbell Potts Real Estate 5258 1579 Gary's Gerni Service 0405630076Mint Catering 0400 611 966 Rob Hendrey FAPI CPV WATER PUMPS & IRRIGATIONPikNik 5258 5155 Independent Property Valuer 0418 314 760Let's Torque Food 0423 844806 Jeanette Ernst Licensed/Conveyancing Just Water Solutions 5258 5193 LEGAL - SOLICITORS 0407726260 0438763462 RT Edgar 5258 1811 WEB DEVELOPMENTPeter Boyle /Lawyer 5258 1084, 0402 282190 Kylie Crane 0466 545539Bruce Arthur/Lawyer 52584847, 0402 133455 RETAIL - BUSINESS OUTLETS Advertise your business in the Rip Trade Directopry for just $70 for 12McManus Lawyers 93184188 Basil's Farm 5258 4280 months - FREE with any 12 monthMEDICAL - HEALTH - MASSAGE Farmfoods 52584744 advert listing Phone 5258 4131 or email [email protected] Spa Queenscliff 5258 4233 Foodworks - Queenscliff 5258 1857 Low Feldenkrais/Physiotherapy 0405170090 IGA - Pt Lonsdale 5258 4911Point Lonsdale Medical Group 5258 0888 Lonsdale Tomato Farm 5258 2665Greg Sly Optometrist 5256 1295 Labten 5258 1149Ocean Eyes Optometry 5255 5655 Point Lonsdale Newsagency 5258 1159Pardeys Pharmacy 5258 1817 Queenscliff Village News 5258 1828 OPEN THE DOOR TOPoint Lonsdale Pharmacy 5258 1116 Watermark 5258 1008 MORE THANPoint Lonsdale Physiotherapy 5258 4633 Hermit Crab Homewares 5258 4888 JUST A VALUATIONPetrina Tierney Massage Therapist 0429 380 317 Saltbush 5258 4829PAINTERS 52555667/0411 126291 ROOFING 0421962111 0417 389627Steven Flynn 0408 596 241 J.R Chapman Roofing D&B Scarff 0418 524 228Daryl Nicol 0438 717 552 SECURITY DOORS/FLYSCREENSTrevor Pigdon Ricky Moore Screens Direct 0419 507 484 Independent valuations Highly experienced teamPLUMBERS SIGN WRITING 0417 345 110 Personalised service All Signs Signwriting Pre-purchase & Pre-saleAnnandale Plumbing 0408 037 686 SPORTING CLUBS Family LawBellarine Peninsula Plumbing 0458521352 Lonsdale Golf Club 5258 1523 Estate & Probate Point Lonsdale S.L.S.C. 5258 1257 Mortgage ValuationsGeoff Ray 5258 4989/0418 373 026 Point Lonsdale Bowls Club 5258 1150 Q’Cliff Football/Netball Club 5258 4588 We value homes.Golightly & Sons Plumbing 0418 524 268 Q”Cliff/Lonsdale Yacht Club 0409 562 976 Not just houses. Queenscliff Croquet Club 5258 1773Grant Priddle 0455 363603 Queenscliff Sporting Club 5258 4588 Point Lonsdale Tennis Club 5258 3272AJM Plumbing Service 0418386916 Queenscliff Bowling Club 5258 1773 Queenscliff Golf Club 5258 4344Mark Riley Plumbing 0418 100 689PICTURE FRAMING 0439 563355On the Point Picture Framing PLASTERING - RENDERING HENDREY CONSULTINGPlaster - Bryant 0405 252103 STORAGE - BOATS - CARAVANS QUEENSCLIFFE 03 5258 1112 MELBOURNE 03 9242 0116Patrick McCarthy 0408 075330 Bodea Shed & boat storage 0490 081066 [email protected] OFFICE 5258 1159 TRAVEL - TOURISM - FERRY HENDREY.COM.AUPt Lonsdale Post Office Queenscliff Visitor Info centre 5258 4843 5258 1579 . [email protected] The Rip January 2018 Page 23

Local coastal specialists, marketing globally…228 Fellows Road, Point Lonsdale 14 The Esplanade Queenscliff 1/38 Fellows Road, Point Lonsdale $620,000 $4,500,000 $785,00034 Golightly Street Point Lonsdale 189 Fellows Road, Point Lonsdale 1 Girvan Grove Point Lonsdale $1,650,000 $849,000 Price on application10 Pardalote Close, Queenscliff 1 Golightly Street Point Lonsdale 1/153 Fellows Road Point Lonsdale $1,100,000 $885,000 $685,000Damian Cayzer 0416 035 000 • Neil Laws 0419 583 633 • Nelson Ferrier 0488 584 100 • Hugh Martin 0488 584 141 The Rip January 2018 Page 24

…and selling throughout the holiday season.10 Albert Street Point Lonsdale 3/206 Point Lonsdale Rd, Point Lonsdale 32 Bellarine Highway, Point Lonsdale $1,695,000 $615,000 $665,00041 Cockle Crescent, Point Lonsdale 16 Kirk Road Point Lonsdale 21 Cheshunt Street, Point Lonsdale $725,000 Price on application Price on Application91 Hesse Street Queenscliff 20 Beacon Boulevard, Queenscliff 672 – 680 Shell Road Point Lonsdale $1,225,000 $735,000 $1,550,000Damian Cayzer 0416 035 000 • Neil Laws 0419 583 633 • Nelson Ferrier 0488 584 100 • Hugh Martin 0488 584 141 The Rip January 2018 Page 25

Local coastal specialists, marketing globally…28 Mercer Street, Queenscliff 6 Elliot Court, Point Lonsdale 9 Pardalote Close, Queenscliff $1,125,000 $895,000 $850,000 LAND LAND32 Anderson St, Point Lonsdale 18 Cheshunt Rd, Point Lonsdale 35a Grimes Rd, Pt Lonsdale $935,000 $1,350,000 $325,000 LAND1/33-35 Learmonth St, Queenscliff Unit 1 & 2/84 Hesse St, Queenscliff 7 Mahala St, Point Lonsdale $595,000 $525,000 each $550,000Damian Cayzer 0416 035 000 • Neil Laws 0419 583 633 • Nelson Ferrier 0488 584 100 • Hugh Martin 0488 584 141 The Rip January 2018 Page 26

…and selling throughout the holiday season. LAND24 Golightly Street, Point Lonsdale 82 Glaneuse Road Point Lonsdale 9 Williams Road Point Lonsdale $935,000 $880,000 $1,950,000LAND 16.85m FORTHCOMING AUCTIONSBEACON BOULEVARD 3 Rhondella Court, Point Lonsdale 35m 35m LOT 29 KAMAROOKA – THE DUNE Only a few properties actually have 590m2 Direct Beach Access. This is one. Direct beach access with no road or footpath 16.85m between the property and the beach.22 Beacon Boulevard Queenscliff AUCTION $420,000 Saturday 27th January at 12:30pm 4 22 INSPECT Contact agent 3 Winterley Road, Point Lonsdale1 Patching Street, Point Lonsdale 3 11 SOMERSEA Price on application Beautifully positioned just 2 streets from the front beach & shopping village, this 1950’s weatherboard classic is a quintessential “Lonsdale beach house”. AUCTION Saturday 27th January at 11am INSPECT Contact agentDamian Cayzer 0416 035 000 • Neil Laws 0419 583 633 • Nelson Ferrier 0488 584 100 • Hugh Martin 0488 584 141 The Rip January 2018 Page 27

Students shine on stage & Ph: 0417 543 786 Queenscliff Primary School students became children of Neverland,Warren Hobbs bringing J.M Barrie’s favourite story Peter Pan to life on stage in an end New Homes / Townhouses of year production on Friday December 8. Architect Rennovations Heritage & Planning “All students were challenged to be involved in the production and Commercial more than 200 tickets were sold, filling the Queenscliff Town Hall,” said [email protected] Energy efficient Principal Richard Buckingham. Small or large projects Izzy Honey Wilson played the lead role of Peter, the boy who never 2/33 Learmonth St. grows up, while Sol Bowtell channeled his inner villain in an outstanding Queenscliff 3225 performance as Captain Hook. 30 Victory Way Highton 3216 “Learning how to sing in tune, taking lessons with Miss (Hannah) Petrie and during school rehearsals was a skill I learnt as part of our performing arts program,” said Izzy. Pictured: Top left, QPS students in the end of year production of Peter Pan. Right, Izzy Honey Wilson in the lead role Kev’s Window, Door and Glazing Service OUR SERVICES INCLUDE: ● glass repairs ● glazing & mirrors ● sliding door rollers ● tracks & locks ● pet doors in glass ● shower screen repairs ● repairs to security doors, y doors and yscreens ● sash cord replacement ● windows re-puttied ● window winders Kevin Smith Mobile: 0418 519078 Quali ed Glazier * No job too small * FREE quotes Servicing Queenscli , Point Lonsdale & the Bellarine Peninsula The Rip January 2018 Page 28

Suzanne Wishart and Noelen Hames display their knitted creations. Sam Cameron will take on the role of Peter Pan alongside seasonedNice and cosy! performer Matthew King as Captain Hook Colourful, quirky and outright kooky designs will be on display at Classic adventure comes to lifeQueenscliff's annual Seaside Knits and Tea Cosies event. Travel to the magical world of Neverland these holidays, when the The three-day event is now into its eighth year, and according to the Queenscliffe Lighthouse Theatre Group brings J.M. Barrie's classic PeterQueenscliff Uniting Church's Kerrie Lingham continues to grow in Pan to stage in a colourful new production directed by Debbie Fraser.popularity. The cast includes Matthew King in the role of Captain Hook, Ian \"Each year people travel from near and far to enjoy the artistic tea Rooney, Edwina Royce, Bernadette Byrne and introduces Sam Cameroncosies and the themed display and the most luscious Devonshire Teas in the lead role of Peter Pan.imaginable,\" Rev Lingham said. \"Come to look, to buy, to chat. Thedisplay features the creations of chuch knitting group members, who “There is fun for the whole family with lots of audience participationmeet twice a month. and some catchy tunes,” said Theatre Group spokesman Ian Royce. The seaside theme display includes tea cosies, felted bags, slippers Shows are twice daily at 10.30am and 1.30pm from Monday Januaryand other knits. 8th  until Saturday January13th. An extra two shows are on  Friday twilight at 7.30 and Sunday 14th at 1.30pm. Tickets are available from It runs from Friday January 5 to Sunday 7 and is open from 10am the Queenscliff Info Centre on 52584843 or Booking – the beauty of Swan Bay in iday Sessions the evening & relax to the sounds of ▪ Friday 12th January - KRISTY WILSON live acoustic music in January ▪ Friday 19th January - DELLA ▪ Friday 26th (Australia Day) - KIERAN. T FOR 3 NIGHTS ONLY! Plus LIVE acoustic musicThe ‘Basil’s Burner’ will be fired up for every Sunday! an American style BBQ feast. Dinner: 5.30pm - 8.30pmOPEN 7 Days in January. Extended hours on weekends!Enjoy breakfast & lunch 7 days a week. (Full breakfast on weekends) Swan Bay T: 5258 4280 Visit for hours, bookings & menus The Rip January 2018 Page 29

A new home for Point Lonsdale Surf Club and the community. DONATE TODAY $4.5m Actors will bring local history to life in the Queenscliff Cemetery on January 13 our goal Cemetery tour to$2.25mwww.POINTLONSDALESLSC.ASN.AU bring history to life raised Queenscliff Cemetery resident James Baillieu,Thank you for helping us rebuild. Rebuilding dressed in full Victorian costume, will this our club. month lead other prominent historical figures,Point Lonsdale Surf Life saving Club in a one-off theatrical tour of local gravesites.54 Ocean Road The team behind Geelong’s highly successfulPoint Lonsdale VIC 3225 History Alive’ cemetery tours will conduct a+61 3 5258 1257 similar performance here on Saturday [email protected] 13. The event will explain how and why the Queenscliff Cemetery came to be re-located to Point Lonsdale, as well as revealing a number of the cemetery’s historic and significant graves. These include the high and low - fisherfolk and a Prime Minister’s favourite daughter; shipwreck victims and soldiers from the Fort. The tragic Miss Jones, who drowned at age 18 trying to save the life of the Governor’s daughter, pioneer suffragette Henrietta Dugdale Johnson and our first female postmistress Anna Maria Dod wll also make appearances. Phone 5249 3939 for bookings or log onto the Bay and enjoy a spectacular bay sunset whilst enjoying Food, Wine & Live Music | |Sailing from Queenscliff $90 per person 7.00 -10.00pm | Sat 11 Feb, 2018 Book online @ The Rip January 2018 Page 30

Million dollar property club growsQPLCE board members, Cr Bob Merriman, The Queenscliff property market has quietly buyers aren’t being scared off by the price;Stephen McGain, Jane Rodwell , Helene moved up a gear, with an unprecedented they’re poised to pay higher just to secure aCameron and Bendigo Bank manager Matthew number of homes joining the million-dollar foothold in the market,” Mr Hakins said.Waterson club. However the spike in sales is also causingEnterprise reaches Local agents concur 2017 proved to be a a shortage of quality properties, according to seller's market, with growth put at around Fletchers’ Charles Caldwellhalf million mark seven percent. “Across the board the stock levels are low, The Queenscliff Point Lonsdale Community The median price for homebuyers in our partly because of properties being snappedEnterprise has reached a major milestone, with twin towns is now sitting at around $700,000 to up very early in the campaigns or even sold tohalf a million dollars now donated to local $800,000, according to real estate data. database buyers before hitting the open market.projects since its inception eight years ago. Many of our recent transactions have sold For entry level buyers, The Point estate within a week or two of hitting the market with The new-look volunteer board has recently is providing opportunities in the vicinity of numerous parties making offers,” Mr Caldwellhanded out its latest round of grants, totaling $500,000 and purchasers can find an apartment said.more than $20,000. under $400,000. “The Lighthouse” on Point Lonsdale Road “This funding allows opportunity and growth “Part of the reason for the resurgence of the and an “Old Lonsdale” offering in tightly-heldto 3225 community clubs, associations, groups market during 2017 has been the reduction Albert Street are among properties likely toand organisations,” said PLCE member Helene in home availability for those looking to buy, generate strong interest in coming weeks.Cameron. which in turn has reduced the average days on market to around 90 days – a significant Latest Bureau of Statistics figures indicate “The money we distribute is obtained because improvement from 2016 which blew out to 40 percent of our municipality’s population ispeople decide to bank with the Bendigo Bank, around 140 days,” said Bellarine Property’s Lee aged 65 and over. As a result, real estate analystit is as easy as ticking a box, showing they Martin. group CoreLogic ranks Queenscliffe amongsupport the Enterprise.” Australia’s top 50 retirement destinations. \"Activity in the million dollar plus market is Any one wanting to link their existing account slightly up on 2016.,” he said. \"At this stage we’re sourcing extremelyor open a new account to contribute to the strong interest from Melbourne and rural areasQPLCE can contact the bank on 5258 4800. RT Edgar principal Felix is expecting the namely Yarra valley and Macedon region. strong sales to continue in coming weeks, as Mostly permanent residents that are either Pictured: QPLCE board members, Cr Bob attention switches from the Melbourne market selling up in Melbourne (cashing in on theirMerriman, Stephen McGain, Jane Rodwell , to the coast. principle place of residents) and buying in theHelene Cameron and Bendigo Bank manager borough plus securing a smaller place in theMatthew Waterson “Once again a very exciting summer selling CBD. Presently we also have a high demand season approaches with numerous buyers on for rental properties from all demographics ofA joy forever hand ready to pounce on all types of properties. tenants with numerous potential purchasers Correctly priced properties are creating terrific wishing to ‘try before they buy’ within the competition throughout the borough and Borough,\" Mr Hakins said. . buyers are seeing the value and opportunities that our great region has on offer. Lighthouse sounds of Summer “There are more million dollar homes andBy John Murray between Point Lonsdale and Ocean Grove. It Point Lonsdale Boardriders Club is again is a privilege to visit and enjoy their wild surf running its popular Lighthouse Sounds of “A thing of beauty is a joy forever,” the old beach homeland and a profound joy to share Summer series every Saturday evening insaying goes. their company, if only fleetingly. January. Is there a coastal sight more typically and To help monitor breeding, contact John Each evening runs from 5pm until 10pm anduniquely southeastern Australian than a pair of Murray, Birdlife Australia volunteer entry is free. This year features the strongestendangered Hooded Plovers flying on the salt 5258 4397 line-up in the history of the event with 16infused sea breeze along a surf beach shoreline, bands performing for the enjoyment of thejust beyond the shore break? community. Enjoy top shelf bands, stroll on the Pier, take a Lighthouse tour or simply And is there a sight more enchanting? Their absorb the unique surrounds of the Lighthouseelegant black/white flight feather pattern of reserve.wing/tail glimpsed against the white waterof broken waves, the sandy grey of their back Headliners this year include the ever popularplumage repeated in the ephemeral jigsaw Go Set, fresh from a tour of the USA, perennialof the surface foam between the breakers, sea favourites Midnight Woolf, local six piecegreen and sky blue beyond, all lit up by the funk outfit The Blueliners and foot stompin'Spring/Summer sunshine. blues legend Shaun Kirk. A feature of this year's series is the depth of the bill including This is a local scenario that has been repeated The Bancooras, The Freuds, Victoriana Gaye,for who knows how many millions of breeding Andrea Robertson Band and Better Ask George.seasons. May future generations of hoodies andhumans continue to share the untamed Aussie Each event has food vans and is fullysurf beaches of the Southern Ocean. But for licensed, sorry no BYO permitted. Bars open atnow, the current population of Hoodies musttry and breed successfully. 4.30pm; bands commence at 5pm. All welcome. The Hooded Plover breeding season is welland truly underway for our five resident pairs, The Rip January 2018 Page 31

Australia Day 2018 Community CelebrationsFriday 26 January 2018 | 11.00am to 1.00pmQueenscliff Town Hall | 50 Learmonth Street, Queenscliff| Australia Day Awards | Flag Raising Ceremony| Australia Day Ambassador| Children’s activities | Sausage sizzle| Free native plant for families | Local entertainment 50 Learmonth Street (PO Box 93) Queenscliff VIC 3225 Telephone: 03 5258 1377 | Fax: 03 5258 3315 The Rip January 2018 Page 32

HeadinOrganised gSunday January 7th 2018for the 10.00am to 12nooncommunity by on the Beach next toQueenscliffe Pilot’s Jetty, Tobin DriveNeighbourhood $5 Single $10 GroupHouseSecondhand Book Sale, BBQ food Contest CategoriesSea of Ukes performance for Singles or Groups: Ages 8 yrs & under Ages 9-12 Ages 13-16 Adult Group (mixed ages) The Rip January 2018 Page 33

\"Don't be afraid of investment\" - Councillor urgesgrowth Just three percent of the some 800,000 things change in life and what people are passengers who arrive to Queenscliff via looking for now is experience and to feel part Searoad ferries stop in the town because it of what we have. They don’t want to look at lacks visitor experiences and our beaches “are things, they want to experience things and they a disgrace,” according to Councillor Tony experience things in a number of ways. Francis. “We now need to compete with other towns He urged residents not to be afraid of and protect our history,” Cr Francis said. investment and economic stimulus and to work with business to help re-stimulate the economy. The strategy, prepared by consultants Deloitte, incorporates a five pillar plan to Cr Francis’ comments were made after rejuvenate the economy, including: Council last month unanimously endorsed a $65,000 new Economic Development Statement, 1. Increase sustainable yield from the aimed at future-proofing the municipality and visitor economy driving growth. 2. Connect with others local “This goes to the heart of our community and governments and large employers it goes to the heart of liveability,” Cr Francis said. 3. Better utilize built and natural assets to deliver experiential excellence for “What we’ve seen is a deterioration of our visitors economy. We lost our fishing industry, which was the heart of what we were about. We lost 4. Diversify the economy into non- our Army, our Defence, which was also a big visitor sectors, and component of what we were about. We lost our high school. We’re currently seeing the loss of 5. Present the Borough as a premier our government agencies.” location for retirees Cr Francis said visitors had stopped coming Immediate priuorities identified in the to Quenscliffe because other towns had got document include activating our foreshore, “their act together.” increasing mid-week offerings from business, “unlocking” the Fort, collaborate with Deakin The new strategy embraced our strengths University and better integrate arts and culture and would give certainty to investment,” he experiences. said. “We have… 800,000 people pass through this town each year on the ferry. Less than three percent stop. Why is that the case, becauseTHE RULES AND FORMATS HAVE CHANGED FOR POWERS OF ATTORNEY Think ahead and be proactive! If you or a loved one became mentally or physically incapable, e.g. by an accident, a stroke or dementia, who would you want to manage your affairs and look after your money? A trustee company or at total stranger appointed under the Guardianship and Administration Act or a family member and a person of your own choosing? The solution is simple – have an Enduring and a Medical Power of Attorney drawn by a professional. ITS QUICK, IT’S SIMPLE AND IT WORKS! BRUCE ARTHUR & ASSOCIATES - LAWYERS Deceased estates + conveyancing + Wills + Powers of Attorney Servicing the Bellarine and Melbourne 94311070 • 52584847 • 0402133455 CLARK HOMES▬ builders with experience ▬ ○Green Smart Builders ○ Quality Customised Homes○ Architectural Designed Homes ○Complete Building Service ○Building & Planning Permits ○ Renovations & Extensions ○ Multi Dwelling developments PH: 5258 4640 - 0418 366938 [email protected] 2062 Bellarine Highway, Marcus Hill Registered Building Practitioner Housing Industry Association Member The Rip January 2018 Page 34

Jardine Homes DIGBY MORAN LAKERENGINEERINGCustom-built homes and Renovations LANDSCAPES · Steel Fabricator (Assoc. Dip Hort, Burnely) · Turning and Fitting Will Gordon Specialising in low-maintenance, · Machining 0414 354 079 low-water gardens · Stainless Steel [email protected] & Aluminium Design & Construction Quality Paving · Welding Retaining Walls · Steel Sales Turf Irrigation Tel (03) 5258 1777 0418 521 199 Landscape Plans for Council approval Qualified Tree Arborist 0412 520 438 or 5258 1547 email: [email protected]@QUEENSCLIFF MARINA A CO-WORKING SPACE TO CONNECT,COLLABORATE & GROW YOUR BUSINESSPermanent Desks Ergonomic WorkstationsHot Desks Business Workshops 1300 643 375Local Wills and Estates Lawyer Harwood AndrewsSarah Cohen Wills & Estates We can assist you with: › Wills and succession planning › Powers of attorney › Probate › Administration of deceased estates › Disputed estates › Home visits are available 03 5225 5225 The Rip January 2018 Page 35

LBW Chartered Accountants For Advice on Succession Planning Estate Taxation Small Business Individual Taxation Setup & Administration of Self Managed Super Funds Other General Contact Richard Bull - our local representative 5258 3297 (AH) or Geelong 5221 6111 (BH)Custom designed house, Inverloch Victoria Architect-designed modular homes Visit us online: Visit our display suite: 33 Garden Street, Kilsyth Victoria Book an appointment: 03 9761 5544 Learning for the future Queenscli Primary School are a family of learners where endless opportunities are present. We o er rigorous literacy, numeracy and We value our holistic approach to learning inquiry curriculum as well as extensive and pride ourselves on our generous specialist subjects including weekly: teacher to student ratios which enables genuine personalised learning within our • Visual Art 3 small classes. • Performing Arts • Science We are currently accepting enrolments • Physical Education for prep 2018 as well as across all year • Japanese levels for 2017 (where available). • Digital Technologies • Values Education After school care is available • Fortnightly Kitchen/Garden Sessions onsite at Queenscli Primary School through our partnership with Lonsdale House Childcare. Please feel free to contact the principal on 5258 1696 for a school tour Ph 5258 1696 | www.queenscli The Rip January 2018 Page 36

Borough Bulletin January 2018Mayor’s message Progress at the Queenscliff • Christmas lights and fairy lights can be Sport and Recreation Precinct dropped off at Council’s annual e-wasteAs I begin my term as the Mayor of collection event for recycling?the Borough of Queenscliffe Council, Council is pleased to confirm that a number ofI would like to thank both my fellow elements of the upgrade at the Queenscliff Sport • Real Christmas trees can be placed in yourCouncillors for their support and and Recreation Precinct have progressed ahead of green waste bin for collection?the residents of the Borough for the the summer sporting they have shown by re-electing The A–Z Waste and Recycling Guide on Council’sme in 2016 to continue my service Since the funding agreement was finalised in June website,, answersto the community. I would also like 2016 the following actions have been completed: all these questions and more. The Guide containsto acknowledge the efforts and a wealth of information to help residents andachievements of our outgoing Mayor, • Installation of solar PV system on the Monahan visitors select the most appropriate recyclingCr Tony Francis, and all my fellow Centre and oval sports lights; and disposal options for household itemsCouncillors over the past 12 months. during the Christmas and New Year period and • Extensive community consultation undertaken throughout the year.We achieved some very satisfying and concept plans finalised in late 2016;results in the first year of our four- Head over to the Recycling and Waste page onyear term, including completion of • Detailed design for civil construction works at Council’s website to access the A–Z Guide andthe Point Lonsdale Village Playground, sport precinct completed; lots of other useful information about recycling,installation of AFL-standard lighting at green and general waste, and Council’s initiativesthe Queenscliff Oval, and confirmation • All required Planning Permits and Coastal to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill inof significant funding for our ‘Point Management Act consent for civil the Borough of Queenscliffe.Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve – Stage 1’ construction confirmed;and ‘Destination Queenscliff’ projects. Fire restrictions introduced • Tender for detailed design consultant advertised in Queenscliff and PointLooking to the future, our agenda and awarded following endorsement of final Lonsdaleincludes further advocacy to secure sport precinct concept plan.funding for the Queenscliff Cultural The Fire Danger Period for the Borough ofHub, completion of the netball courts The civil construction program that commenced on Queenscliffe commenced from 1:00am on 4and civil works at the Queenscliff Tuesday 12 December 2017 will mean that the netball December 2017. The Fire Danger Period is whenSport and Recreation Precinct, and courts, car park (and associated drainage works) and the CFA restricts the use of fire in the community.development of a strategy to guide cricket nets will be completed by April 2018. This is to help prevent fires from starting.the future of the Avenue of Honour sothat our heritage and the safety of our Council has also worked with our State and Federal People can find out more online including “Can Iresidents and visitors are preserved. Members of Parliament and the local community or Can’t I?” information at or by and resolved to relocate the new eco-cabins calling the VicEmergency Hotline on 1800 226 226.I look forward to working with my from the Queenscliff Lighthouse Reserve to theCouncil colleagues and the members Queenscliff Recreation Reserve. This will not Reminder – office closureof our community to progress these impact on the delivery of the upgrade to theinitiatives in the year to come. sporting facilities. Council’s offices at 50 Learmonth Street, Queenscliff, will close for the Christmas and NewOn behalf of the Councillors and staff Council secures Winter Year holiday period on Friday 22 December 2017 atof the Borough of Queenscliffe, I wish Weekends funding 4:30pm and will re-open on Tuesday 2 January 2018you all a happy and prosperous New at 9:00am. For assistance with urgent Council-Year. Enjoy the summer! On Friday 8 December, Lisa Neville MP announced related matters during the closure period, please that the Borough of Queenscliffe has secured call 03 5258 1377.Cr Susan Salter a $30,000 grant from the State Government’sMayor – Borough of Queenscliffe Regional Events Fund to host Queenscliff Winter Meetings ahead Weekends in 2018. This complements the $59,000 allocated in Council’s 2017–18 budget to develop The first Ordinary Meeting of Council for 2018 will this great initiative. be held on Wednesday 24 January commencing at 7:00pm. All welcome. The Winter Weekends will be held from Thursday 21 June to Tuesday 17 July 2018 in Queenscliff The full schedule of Ordinary Meetings in 2018 is and will include a curated program of music, available on the Public Notices section of Council’s performance, film, food and wine combined with website, local exhibitions and community markets. Council will also hold a public meeting on Council is thrilled that Queenscliff Winter Thursday 11 January 2018 at 5:00pm to hear Weekends is coming to the Borough. We are very submissions on the draft Rating Strategy. Please proud of the vibrant local arts and culture scene note that the submission period closed on Friday and this event is designed to celebrate the best of 22 December 2017. the Borough throughout the winter season. For more information Refer to Council’s A–Z Guide for post-Christmas recycling Visit options or contact the Borough of Queenscliffe on 5258 1377. Did you know: • Jars and bottles don’t need to be rinsed before being placed in your recycling bin? 50 Learmonth Street (PO Box 93) Queenscliff VIC 3225 | Phone: 03 5258 1377 | Fax: 03 5258 3315 The Rip January 2018 Page 37

lettersClubaccommodation Members. Lead by example! You cannot recruit senior members to patrolshould be considered I was disgusted to read that the BOQ Staff and compete without accommodation. And were having their X Mass party outside of the Early in November, in an email to members accommodating members in Queenscliff in borough. Let us hope that they doby the President of the Surf Club claimed the someone else’s “ house “ is not an option.Council did not support accommodation in any not follow my heading “ LEAD BY OURredevelopment of our site. That is simply not Potential new members who don’t have their EXAMPLE’. I can imagine the menu at theirtrue . own accommodation expect to stay on site or function. In big bold letters ‘DO NOT ORDER close by, as it is with other surf clubs. Logical ANYTHING LOCAL’ to Accommodation is possible on our site and really.should be considered for the future of the club. drink or eat because it might help the local In the recent “compromise” to the current business’. I have asked the President to retract this design makes no sense at all.claim, or nominate the Council officer who What is our council thinking? It does notmade the statement. Making an allowance for accommodation in matter if they have had the last twenty parties the future, if it is needed is ridiculous. in Queenscliff – make it now 21. The reason I have taken this action is becausemy access to the membership is blocked and If you realise you need accommodation, and Let our business people earn back some ofapproaches to the Executive have been largely you don’t have it, it is already to late. We need our high rates which are one of the highest inignored. to be recruiting now,” tomorrow “ will be to late the state, or maybe have a local and the money will have been wasted. In any And now the public is being asked to event according to the President the Council Pensioner party in Queenscliff paid by thecontribute financially to a project which I fear won’t support accommodation, so what’s the Council. I bet you will not have ONE objectionwill ultimately fail, leaving the community point of making a plan for a future redesign? from any pensioner.with an ugly, white elephant at the Back Beach, What a nonsense!which will be of no value to the community, My wife and I have had 3 businesses in thebut one which it will have to maintain, as If you are a member of this Club or BOQ and I think we can be called “LOCALS”ownership reverts to Council if the Surf Club community and you care what is happening to seeing she was born in Geelongfails. Which it will, I believe, if this mistake is the Club and your streetscape, I encourage youpermitted to occur. to start asking questions. And has lived here ever since. One question – “How many counsellors do The signs are already there. As a Club we And if you are a tax payer start asking how actually live in the Bourough?have not competed at carnivals for years and $1.5 million dollars of your money is being Kon Zurawel, Point Lonsdaleare referred to as the “January Club “ by other invested in a project destined to fail, if it staysclubs on the coast. on this course. SHARE YOUR VIEWS: What love to hear what you have to say and How can you claim to be a Life Saving Club Jim McNeilage encourage your letters. Views expressedwhen you have no one training and competing General Committee Member  , Point Lonsdale are not necessarily those of the Editor andin the physical/equipment disciplines S.L.S.C. preference is given to letters that carry anassociated with the responsibility of trying to Clubhouse Supervisor author's name and lives in the surf. Back Beach Base Supervisor [email protected] Santa Casa Beach Base Supervisor And this despite the recently registeredconcerns of the many of our most successfullycompetitive, decorated and respected LifeAre you #FireReady this summer?Contributed by Bellarine Fire Brigades Group refresh of our firefighting skills, checks across to 40 km/h. Remember, this is our workCommunity Safety Committee all appliances and a group exercise was held in place and we need your help to do our mid October to run through several scenarios job safely. With the New Year upon us, caravan parks and practice our response.and holiday rental properties are already filling 5. Understand the fire danger ratings; if itup across the Bellarine as we welcome visitors The influx of tourists and visitors means is an extremely hot day – or Total Fireto this beautiful part of the world. we are extra vigilant over the holiday season. Ban day – it means you can not light While we are committed to keeping you safe any camp fires or solid fuel based bbq’s. And the weather has come good after what this summer and across all seasons, there are a Do not use any equipment that couldfelt like a very long winter here in the Central number of things you can do to ensure you are cause sparks.region of Victoria. Here on the Bellarine #FireReady too.Peninsula we’ve had a decent, wet winter and 6. Download the VicEmergency app tospring. Recent heavy rainfall has provided Here are our top tips for all people staying on your smart phone. This app providesadditional moisture and with the warm days the Bellarine Peninsula this summer. the latest fire information and warnings.we can expect the grass to grow. Set the app to notify you of incidents 1. If staying in a holiday house or at the occurring in chosen areas and use it to With most of Australia experiencing a caravan park, check to see where your stay up to date with local Fire Dangercombination of above average temperatures exits are in the event of a fire – ensure Ratings and Total Fire Bans.and below average rainfall over winter, large all guests know how to get out of theparts of the country face above normal bushfire house and where you will meet. And always remember to call 000 in the eventpotential for the fire season – according to the of a fire or emergency situation.November 2017 Southern Australia Outlook. 2. Know what your fire plan is in the event of a bush or grass fire, which may On behalf of all Brigades on the Bellarine Advice about local conditions is that we will mean leaving the area early, well before Peninsula we thank you for your continuedhave a warm to hot summer, with the real fire- there are any signs of fire support and wish you and your loved ones arisk focus being in the north and east of the happy, relaxing and safe New Year.State. There have already been grassfires in the 3. If you are on the road and hear theGippsland area, with the season starting early sirens of an emergency vehicle, ensurethere. But that is no reason to be complacent. you safely pull over and allow it to pass. The Brigades across the Bellarine are busypreparing for the summer fire season. There is 4. When driving past any parkeda range of activities we undertake including a emergency vehicle on the side of the road with their flashing lights operating, you MUST safely slow down The Rip January 2018 Page 38

public notices PPoiOnItNLTonLsOdNaSleDCAiLvEic Association Inc.Sacred edge CIVIRCepAresSenStiOngCPIoiAntTLIonOsdNale Residents since 1910Spirituality in Diversity AJoninePLwCAyear means a fresh start – to hhkaeovyepiysoseuufreuss.a.l.yloyn ! NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Wwwewb.pafeslnceIdiadnt.beobraru:egcsfk.laienuocentsinscegosuoonnnciltm’hseasntyryaetafeLrrgoeitnachtraFsantnirindnwigcdialmCusa,dopymiPlneJLmgmaCoenpAnnautra-tatiaPicrdoiopynvianop8ttcilaoL,atnon2ensd0a,snt1dfhdoa6erlpeer-rcePoo7svrniid.imo3demian0nrtigpcys mSchoSacrededge Festival, Queenscliff Emadielv:elopment strategy , planning and individual issues brought to us by GUEST SPEAKER TO BE CONFIRMED Support Worker [email protected] Volunteers, Logistics & Promotion Mwwawi.lpPl:olocdCiango.oetmdrLgmo.qanuiutsetedsetailoaennsdLiwggheitnthheooruautlsSmeneoeeRtmiecosebueerarrvnsePdaLatctnCoednnAdtrAweibdveuecnbtoeusuetinotceotifhlfemoHrweoenfotuorinkurgrtoshfRemberfooetnirhntehnftlohcyeer, matAre you someone who enjoys connecting with people and valuesinclusivity? Are you highly organised and enjoy putting ideasinto action? Would you like to be part of an enthusiastic team groups. who curate a festival of story, music and spirituality? The Shortlands Bluff campaign and ensuing cabin relocation and National Heritage Listing application for the Point Lonsdale LighthouseThe Sacrededge Festival seeks a person to assist with the Reserve ensured that the Borough and its unique environmental and planning of this growing festival held each year in May. historical assets were front and foremost at all times. 2018 is a new year with a new mayor, new opportunities and newThis position is the equivalent of 8 hours per week. challenges for all who live, work, and holiday in the Borough of Flexibility of working times is essential. Queenscliffe. Full position description at The festive season does not mean that the work stops and issues are to rest, in fact it is a great time to raise awareness and garner support for the issues that matter to us all. Email your application to Collectively we need to ask:-Mr Peter Fayers, Chairperson of Church Council • What is going to be done about the disappearing sands in Queenscliff Uniting Church Lonsdale Bight? [email protected] • What about transparency in planning matters? by January 12, 2018 • What about a resolution to the one 3225 issue? • How do CoGG and the new Bellarine Ward councillors see the relationship with BoQ? • When will the caravan park study be released? DCooynogurhaatveulaacthiioldns • How will the population growth in the Point and call onstarting sc&hGoooodlLiunck2! 014? infrastructure within the Borough of Queenscliffe be addressed? • How we as a community can work together to make the Borough of Queenscliffe the best it can be?Point Lonsdale Primary School sta and School Council congratulate all of our current and Asking is not enough, we need to become involved and attendpast students on their academic, sporting and artistic successes in 2017. meetings, provide feedback to consultations, talk to councillors andEach and every achievement makes us proud and we know that you will each continue to above all participate at every opportunity.aspire to achieve your personal best in all pursuits. Council has made a commitment to communication, each councillorWe wish to thank all those who work alongside and support us in both our classrooms and as part of their electioneering made it a high priority to both listen andcommunity activities and look forward to continuing and strengthening those relationships communicate with the community so it is up to each of us to ensure thatin 2018. the communication channels are open.Fay Agterhuis, PrincipalPLPS Sta and School Council Fay Agterhuis President PLCAST ALOYSIUS CHRISTMAS TREES Point Lonsdale Civic Association Inc.Residents who purchased a Christmas Tree from the St Aloysius Representing Point Lonsdale Residents since 1910Christmas stall are invited to return them at the end of the festiveseason for mulching.Trees can be deposited at the school, via the Bethune Street entrance,up until January 12 DOGS ON BEACHES Join PLCA ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING to have your say on Residents and visitors to Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale are 7.30pm Friday January 12th, 2018reminded that summer timeshare restrictions for dogs on beaches are key in force. Bright orange time restriction signs have been installed Guest speakers:on pathways and at the entrances to all main beach access points in Website: Borough of Queenscliffe Mayor, Cr Susan SalterQueenscliff and Point Lonsdale. PLSLSC President, Matthew Ponsford Visit Council’s Pets and Animals webpage, Email:au/community/pets-and-animals, for more information about locations of [email protected] Point Lonsdale Primary Schooldog friendly areas within the Borough of Queenscliffe. Mail: Meeting open to everyone PO BOX 28 Point Lonsdale VIC 3225 The Rip January 2018 Page 39

General Plumbing Hot Water Water Saving Concepts Blocked Drains Roofing Repairs Gas Work - Safety Checks Now incorporating Flush Toilet Systems Your Local Tradesman Servicing the Bellarine 0418 100 689 No. 36195 Holiday Property Management Bookings Uniting Church Events Queenscliff & Pt Lonsdale Chris Wilson in Concert 8pm Wed 3 JanAre you looking for a With George Picha and Fenn Wilson!Property Manager for Ticket $25 (includes refreshments) your holiday house? Seaside Knits and Tea Cosies ExhibitionBeach Breaks Bellarine offers afresh professional and 10am - 5pm Fri 5 Jan - Sun 7 Janpersonalised approach to Tea cosies & artful knitting sensations for saleholiday property management.Our aim is to unlock the earning Luscious scones.potential of your home or Summer Art Workshopsinvestment.Talk to us today about our Collage & Colour Tues 9 Jancompetitive rates and range of 11am - 12.30pm 7-12 years & 1.30pm - 4pm Teenagers/Adultsservices... Cheryl & Philip Mosaics Thurs 18 Jan & Fri 19 Jan (two-day workshop) 0424 172 050 10am - 12 noon 8 years and over [email protected] Kids $15 Adults $25 (per session) Bookings essential Jimi Hocking Solo 8pm Wed 10 Jan Superb songwriting & performance make Jimi a 'must-see' act in blues Ticket $25 (includes supper) Film Nights 7.30pm Sun 31 Dec and Tues 16 Jan ‘Bilarni’ - Storytelling Theatre by Jan ‘Yarn’ Wositzky Two performances: 5pm Sun 21 Jan & 8pm Fri 26 Jan Ticket $25(includes refreshments) Hot Club Swing Cafe Style7pm Wed 24 Jan ..the finest in french gypsy jazz Ticket $40 includes 3 course meal. Bookings Essential. Tables of 6-8 or individual tickets Book online at www Info Jan 5258 2854 Uniting Church, cnr Hesse & Stokes Street Queenscliff The Rip January 2018 Page 40

David Wilkinson Builders 0404 163 609 New Homes Renovations Extensions Specializing in Kitchens, Wardrobes, Vanities,[email protected] Phone: 0438 258324 Email: [email protected] Wall & Entertainment Units, Domestic Furniture, Commercial Flat Pack Assembly and Industrial Installation and much more. Registered Electrical Contractor 23229 0417 168 537“You can count on my experience… when experience counts the most.” Neil Laws FREI FAPI CEA (REIV) – Branch Manager, Queenscliff Licensed Estate Agent - Accredited Auctioneer - Sworn ValuerBuying or selling a home is a major event in anyone’s life so it makes sense to Queenscliuse the most experienced professional in the field at such an important time. Neil 64 Hesse Streetis the most experienced real estate practitioner permanently located within theBorough of Queenscliffe. 5258 4567He has built an outstanding reputation over more than twenty years in the local Kerleys offices alsoarea for his professionalism and singular concern for his vendor’s interests, his at Point Lonsdalehonesty and integrity and his depth of knowledge in all things real estate. and Ocean GroveHe is a Fellow of the Real Estate Institute of Australia and the Australian Property, Past President and Director of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria andan REIV Accredited Auctioneer and Sworn Valuer.If you are in the market to buy or sell or require valuation or consultancy adviceregarding the local market or real estate generally then give Neil a call on 0419583 633 or email him at [email protected] The Rip January 2018 Page 41

HOME MAINTENANCE yoga...every summer since 2003... Including • BATHROOMS in the park • KITCHENS 8am daily Dec 27th - Jan 28th Grant Rogers - Point Lonsdale PH: 0438 261954 Ganes Reserve, Point Lonsdale (Ocean rd, near SLSC) $15 or $70 for 5 classes BYO mat and towell /blanket My A-frame yoga sign is no longer permitted to be left out after class, so if you have been walking past Ganes reserve at other times and wondering if its on, the answer is YES! Lucy: 0425 767 870 w w w. y o g a r i s i n g . c o m . a u Majella O’Connor Optometrist “Love Your Glasses!”Real people, Real service, Real vision solutions 2 Park Lane, 99 Presidents Ave, OCEAN GROVE Ph: 5255 5655 for an appointment The Rip January 2018 Page 42

CaniCular DaysExhibiting artists: Rona Green, John Kelly, Michael Leunig, Soula Mantalvanos,Adam Nudelman, Lucinda Tanner, Deborah Williams and Joel Wolter.From left:17 Years Adrift II Adam Nudelman. Pascale Rona Green. Spoon Soula Mantalvanos. The Wave of ChangeJoel Wolter. Knows Deborah Williams. Light John Kelly. The Hodler Frieze Series II (detail). Fanfare Michael Leunig.1:1 workshops run through summer – drawing, linocut, mono, mezzotint, painting, beginners & generalprintmaking and personal development. Bring a friend for half price.81 Hesse Street Queenscliff 3225 VIC | [email protected] | + 613 4202 0942 7 days 10am–5pm (closed Christmas & New Year) The Rip January 2018 Page 43

arts \"Canicular Days refers to the hot period between early July and Sep - a period of inactivity but we love that it also refers to 'dog days,\" says Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop's Soula Mantalvanos. \"Given it's our summer and everyone will be chilled we thought it a most appropriate title. Canicular Days runs throughout January features a list of top artists. Expect a visit to the gallery at some stage by iconic cartoonist Michael Leunig. \"Custom workshops will run throughout the holiday period so everyone is encouraged toA January 6 cocktail evening with popular come on in and set their own workshop noartist Emma Hack will be a highlight of matter what their experience with art mightSeaview Gallery's summer calendar of events. be... It's going to be a fun summer,\" said Soula. You know it's summer in Queenscliff whenThe award-winning body artist is back in town Craig Parnaby arrives in town with his latestto new \"Geometric\"painting collection. Her collection of beach-inspired runs until January 20. Seaview is also Parnaby’s strong sense of colour and formintroducing three new artists; :Dana Dion, capture everything we love about the beautyBrendan Mogg and Lynne Bickhoff. . of the coastline and the pleasure of being near the water. The tonal variations of umberAcclaimed singer songwriter Mark Lang beach figures in contrast to the turquoise sea(Skipping Girl Vinegar) returns home to Point and raspberry reds and oranges of bathers’Lonsdale to launch is debut solo single on beach apparel create warmth that glows on theFriday 19th of January at New Hall. canvas.The event, hosted by the Lighthouse Arts His works will feature in Salt Contemporary'sCollective, features collaborations with Summer Series exhibition, alongside thoseacclaimed Melbourne visual artist Graham of David Beaumont, Eleanor Millar, LeahAltmann and animation by Leigh Ryan. Thiessen and Kerrie Leishman until January 9.New Hall will be transformed in into animmersive cross-arts experience with new andloved songs from Lang’s extensive catalogueer – rdeirmaawgiinnedg.,Itlicnomomcuentc,esmato7n.30op,mm. ezzotint, painting, beginners & generalment. Bring a friend for half price. Queenscliffe Lighthouse Theatre GroupIC | [email protected] | + 613 4202 0942 presentshristmas & New Year) Peter PanThe Adventures of January 8th - 11th 10:30am & 1:30pm The Bookshop January 12th 10:30 am , 1:30pm & 7:30pm Queenscliff JUanniutianJrgyanC1u3hatuhrryc1h104:H3th0aal1lm:C30&nprm1H:3es0spem& Stokes Sts at Queenscliff30 Hesse St Queenscliff | 03 5258 4496• Custom Framing of Artworks, Prints, Posters, Directed by Memorabilia, Photographs, 3D Objects, Textiles Debbie Fraser• Canvas stretching and framing Booking -• Photos printed to canvas and stretched• Conservation framing and neve“rLceotm’segboatcokQuuneteilnfsocrleifvfer ends”• Framing repairs The Rip January 2018 Page 44239 Point Lonsdale RoadPoint Lonsdale0439 563 355

artsfresh funding New film fest coup Queencliff will play host to yet another filmfor Winter festival next month, in what has been described Comedian and actor Mick Molloy is among the as a major coup for the township. The borough’s new mid-year event, judging panel for the Peninsula Film FestivalQueenscliff Winter Weekends, has received The Borough of Queenscliffe is contributinga shot in the arm, with the state government $7,000 to the cost of housing the Peninsula Film By extending the Festival topledging a further $30,000 to help plan the Festival at the Town Hall on Saturday February Queenscliff, we are bringingevent. 10. our program to a new audience and providing them with the The allocation comes on top of $59,000 Traders are also being encouraged to back the opportunity to view freshpledged in the current Borough of Queenscliffe event through on-site catering, accommodation Australian and internationalbudget. packages and pre-show dining deals. content – Steve Bastoni Queenscliff Music Festival organisers have The free family-friendly event is a smaller Film Festival,” said Mayor Susan Salter. “Thisbeen tasked with coordinating the program, version of the popular three-day festival that popular event presents another drawcard forwhich will run over four weekends, from June attracts thousands of visitors to Rosebud each visitors to our region and creates increased21 to July 17. year. opportunities for our community to benefit.” It will include a curated program of music, Festival director, well-known Australianperformance, film, food and wine combined actor Steve Bastoni, said bringing it to thewith local exhibitions and community Bellarine is a long-held “to reinvigorate the senses, indulgein gastronomic delights, discover the local “By extending the Festival to Queenscliff, weenvironment and warm the most romantic of are bringing our program to a new audiencehearts,” according to Mayor Susan Salter. and providing them with the opportunity to view fresh Australian and international content “We are very proud of the vibrant local arts that they won’t see anywhere else,” said Mrand culture scene and this event is designed to Bastoni.celebrate the best of the Borough throughoutthe winter season,” Cr Salter said. The Queenscliff event will be hosted a yet to be named celebrity. The judging panel includes “It’s events like these that keep our actors Michala Banas, Isabelle Lucas andhospitality providers and retailers busy, and comedian Mick Molloy.put Queenscliff on the map for visitors,” addedBellarine MP Lisa Neville. Founded in 2011, the Peninsula Film Festival has attracted growing support from audiences and acclaimed actors and directors including Fred Schepisi, Sam Worthington, Russell Crowe and Nash Edgerton. “Council is thrilled to welcome the Peninsula Tussock Upstairs Gallery Seaview Gallery queenscliff 89 Point Lonsdale Road Point Lonsdale EMMA HACK EXHIBITION 6-28 January [email protected] Cocktail Evening with Emma 6 January 5-7pm 'Summer Expo'9th December 17 - 28th January 18 Featuring recent works by: Karen van Cuylenburg - Sue Cumming Priscilla Fenton - Janet Goldman - Anne Hastie Jane Kempe - Libbet Loughnan - Tim PescottMichael Ryan - Bevan Shepherd - Paul Waycott Tom Wells - Stephen WrightPriscilla Fenton Stephen Wright Michael Ryan Re ected Trees Geometric 4 - Emma Hack contemporary - traditional - glass - jewellery Open 10.30 - 5.00 daily - closed Wednesdays 86 Hesse St Queenscli 3225 - 5258 3645 [email protected] email: [email protected] The Rip January 2018 Page 45

sport, health & wellbeingSurfers celebrate season's endMECHANICAL REPAIRS Lucy Naylor, Shayleigh Chapman and By Shayleigh Chapman Jade Ogilvie It’s been a great year for the Point Lonsdale Pt Lonsdale/Queenscliff Automotive Centre Andrew Lynch, Chris Pennant and Dean Mitchell Boardriders! We ran a total of six aggregate contests, (Steve Higgins) along with several specialty events, such as the Full Car Servicing Davo, the Onshore Classic, Groms Day and the All Mechanical Repairs Tas Blizzard memorial. Fully Qualified Mechanic It has also been a busy year, with great Air Conditioning membership numbers – especially in the junior Repairs & Services ranks – and a real buzz around the club. Pick Up Service Available Most importantly, we managed to get some (Local area only) pretty decent waves for most events. 46 Bellarine Highway, Whether you’re a member of nor, we hope to Queenscliff see you out our Sounds of Summer series – a great opportunity to enjoy live music by the PHONE: 5258 4668 beach! 0418 524 861 Below is the list of our aggregate winners for 2017. Well done all: Photos courtesy Rodney Nicholson OPEN MENS 1. BOHDIE WILLIAMS 2. DEAN MITCHELL 3. ARKIE WILLIAMS OPEN WOMAN 1. SHAYLEIGH CHAPMAN 2. LUCY NAYLOR 3. JADE OGILVIECommencing Tuesday January 2 Rediscover joy and ease in your everyday OVER 40  activities such as walking, sitting, or your 1. DEAN MITCHELL favourite activities such as cycling or 2. CHRIS PENNANT swimming. 3. ANDREW LYNCH These gentle movement exercises can be OVER 50 done at your own pace in your own way. 1. KENT STONEHOUSE Individual sessions also available. 2. KEITH COHEN 3. MITCH WHITLEY WHERE UNDER 18 BOYS Gill Hall, St James Church 1. BOHDIE WILLIAMS 1 Albert Street Point Lonsdale 2. ARKIE WILLIAMS 3.JETT STOREY WHEN UNDER 16 BOYS Tuesday and Fridays 10am - 11am 1. TAANE MITCHELL Thursdays 7pm - 8pm 2. JETT STOREY 3. FINN ZANONI COST UNDER 16 GIRLS $25 per class 1. LUCY NAYLOR 2. MINNIE VORATH SALLY LOW & HOLLY HUON 3. ELISE FRANZOSE Sally Low and Holly Huon are two UNDER 14 BOYS contemporary practitioners, both 1. TAANE MITCHELL qualified physiotherapists and Feldenkrais 2. KAI KEENAN practitioners. Their love for the sea and 3. LUCA ZANONI beach life, particularly at Point Lonsdale, has brought them together to offer this UNDER 14 GIRLS special opportunity to discover and enjoy 1. MINNIE VORATH the Feldenkrais method® during your 2. ELISE FRANZOSE holidays. 3. POPPY JOHNSON BOOKINGS & ENQUIRIES UNDER 12 BOYS 1. MAKANI STOREY Sally Low 0405 170090 2. SOLI MITCHELL Holly Huon 0428 595 109 3. TED CONROY UNDER 12 GIRLS 1. ABBY CHAPMAN 2. ELSIE CHAPMAN 3. LINKA WITHERS The Rip January 2018 Page 46

sport, health & wellbeingSwim wins New course a step closerfunding support Queenscliff’s newly-named 180 Swim has Lonsdale Golf Club’s reconfigured 18-hole Bellarine Pilatesreceived a shot in the arm, with the Borough course has moved a step closer, with amendedof Queenscliffe announcing $12,000 in plans now open to community feedback. Point Lonsdale!sponsorship. The City of Greater Geelong last month Pilates Mat Classes ! The January 27 event, which replaces the moved the development to its next crucial stage, Mondays 8.30am!popular Barracouta Blue Water swim, will be approving the exhibition of a revised planning Thursdays 8.30am!privately run the first time in its 26-year history. permit incorporating the revamped course and Mat provided.! a new clubhouse overlooking Lake Victoria. Race directors Sam Sheppard and Liam !Contact for Bookings.!Petrie Albutt have rebranded the event and Under the amended proposal, the course willreconfigured the swim course to make it more be re-shaped to take in vacant farmland along Pilates Studio Classes!family friendly. its southern edge. Nine holes will be closed at Tuesday - Friday! alternating times to accommodate the works, The one-off Council allocation will help pay which could now start within weeks. by appointment only.!for swim t-shirts and water safety services. Call Lucia! The existing clubhouse will be demolished to “It’s also about activating our foreshores, make way for the next phase of the club’s multi- 0418 519 655which is something that we’ve talked about million dollar, 100-lot residential developmentin our Economic Development Strategy and it along Fellows Road.would be such a shame also for this iconic eventto be lost from the Borough of Queenscliffe An original plan to extend the course intoforever,” said Cr Ross Ebbels. highly sensitive wetlands and orange bellied parrot habitat attracted strong opposition. “I think if it didn’t ahead this summer, thechance of it ever coming back would be nil, so Environmental groups have welcomed theI’m very happy that council is supporting this revised plan.project, bringing some 600 swimmers, but alsothe 800 to 1,000 spectators… I think it’s a great “The new, more modest plans will result in aevent.” greatly improved environmental outcome and provide a positive closure to this long running Proceeds from swim entries will be shared project,” Council was told.between youth homelessness and Parkinson’sDisease charities. Swimmers can register for a 1km or 500mjunior swim at EVERY O TUESDAY C MORNING @ 10am Excellence in Health and WellbeingEExxcceelllleenn I Barb Vallance Starts Nathan Ulph - MRyooBbthaHerbruatVpcaihslitlnansocen A January 9th 2018 Sally Caldwell -RPohbyCsHilouattihrceehriPanplsaisoptnp L Paul Gilling - PhysioCthlaeirraepPisltapp Claire Plapp - Physiotherapist Sara Monaghan - PhysiotherapistTUESDAY H•S••S•igWPPSNHDNSHhE2EpeeperSlEyy5CoacCoacpkrdkr-NdtILtIyssaesaA&Ae&nekccCcIeILnhLBnheBiadiljejeaaualclurOIIisescnrcNsrNlkS••iS•iktgkdee’,iTMTssPPePPebwSHENSHEaasxEEaEipiepRieRnnpticCoaCoacnhEEerkdkrdPctItISrSmasasAA&l&iAuTceTcIIoLhnLhnBdSnSUrejejuaecu::eIIssrcNr:NeLiikteehTTss!PaEEaniRRn EESSTTSS::EN FOR AACSLOOOMCNIEGAL HIT • DRreymNeesdehiadolliMnu•galdssNDearergycepkNa&eineBdalicnkg PainN P•••HAYJFAJoohurrSttiinhnhanIcrtrtOviWitt&t&iieioccTenMMCCPHauuaoloasEsnMnr••••uccddeRuouliitlvtlARDJAiaAJRloiaoeouorrorrnernmnePttcSyiSishsmnhmnbekYttrNtrrtrnoeiaeiyat&tt&eiidiaidc•nncteiirsMsMoaaCdCCdlluluoo.iMMLns.snn.gcIcaaddNuussOiitltlssICiaiaoNoCaarrlnnggLiASSsnseeIttNLirrcaaEPaiinnlBIssLPOAilOTaKtEeISNsCCGS•lliStinnuFNidIiccTOioaNaWllNEPPAOSiiVSWllaaACttIOLeeLAPssABESSSLNSttE!uuE!ddSiioo [email protected] dCohmavee aalohnite! or NI N Everyone welcome!! lPPPOOHDDYIISAA•TTIORRPYCYTH•H••LYPPPPPCIESNOSSHHLRIYYIDOIYCYACCNITSHSHAPIH0COTOIYIOOERLALOO•YTRTLGG1CHAH•P0YYPPLE1EI••LSIYBRNRHHAYeAAIATAC•lClNNaEHPPCArDDSiOnYYLLTTeILH•HPNO•H•EEIIwLGDCRRCCyAAAYRA,LLTPPPYL•IIEYoYNNHNMSi••nAIIDEDtYCC•NLIEIOEoEAADFDTnTTLILsIILHTTTTdIIHPNIPaENAAlEIERINeNGLLRSAV••AAASBiBPcTTPOOYC3EEYWW2LSS2•EEA5DNNS••I••SEFFFFETUUIIISwTTNTNwNwE.S Call Judy on 0447 368 161 lCLPINO•IDCPIAO0TDRIYA1T•0PR1SYBYe•CllaBHriOOneWLOHEwGNyY,TP•HoHiEnAtRNLoADnPsTYdHalEeRVAicP3Y22•5DIETIwTww QT&BC or contact the club on: Ph: 5258 1773 CLINIC 0 101 Bellarine Hwy, Point Lonsda Queenscliff BowlingTennis & Croquet Club 118 Hesse Street Queenscliff 5258 4633CLINIC 0 101 Bellarine Hwy, Point Lonsd 101 Bellarine Hwy, Point Lonsdale Vic 3225 The Rip January 2018 Page 47

Our own place in Ashes folklore One hundred and fifty six years ago, almost “WE on behalf of the Members of theto the day, Queenscliff Cricket Club created Queenscliff Cricket Club beg leave to congratulateits own little piece of Ashes history, as the first you on arrival in Australian Waters.Australians to welcome the English touringteam. The high degree of excellence which you have attained in the noble game of cricket has won for At 3am on Christmas Eve in 1861, members you the admiration of everyof the Queenscliff team rowed out the SS GreatBritain to deliver the following written greeting Cricketer and we gladly hail the opportunityto the inugural touring captain Heathfield of being the first toHarman \"HH\". Stephenson: WELCOME YOU TO VICTORIA. Circumstances may not indeed permit all of The written greeting delivered by the us the pleasure Queenscliff Cricket team to the first England of witnessing your prowess in the field XI in 1861 but we beg to advise you that we shall watch Photo: Queenscliff Cricket Club your progress with that interest which every Cricketer must feel in the “ALL ENGLAND ELEVEN.” Your arrival here will stimulate the energies and heighten the enthusiasm of our Colonial Cricketers and whatever reputation they may hereafter attain will always be intimately associated with your visit to our shores. A warm and hearty reception awaits you at Melbourne but we could not allow you to pass Queenscliff without doing ourselves the pleasure of meeting and of conveying to you the sincere congratulations of every member of the QUEENSCLIFF CRICKET CLUB. With every wish of your continued happiness and prosperity…” The address, written on parchment, is now displayed behind class at Lords.CLUB QUEENSCLIFF @ the Monahan Centre Recreation ReserveNew Chef New Menu New Wine List Family Friendly Great Atmosphere Amazing ViewsOpen Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings through Summer134 Hesse Street, Queenscliff. BOOKINGS 5258 4588 - 0408 953868 The Rip January 2018 Page 48

Women's sport haters blamed for Rec Reserve pushback A Queenscliff Councillor has blamed a “hidden agenda” against women’s sport for the level of community pushback to stage two works at the Queenscliff Recreation Reserve.Nippers celebrate 50 years After weeks of delays More than 350 Nippers will hit the beach – blamed on weather andthese summer holidays, as Victoria’s firstNippers program celebrates its 50th year. the process of dealing with Point Lonsdale Surf Life Saving Club community objections - workpioneered the program in 1967, when then clubcaptain John Turner introduced a program after has finally started on theseeing a similar one in the United States. $3.15 million project, which The intensive beach safety program runsfor two weeks from December 28, culminating will include constructionin the Nipper Championships on SaturdayJanuary 6. of two new netball courts,Girls rule for a day cricket nets and car parking Point Lonsdale's back beach will be on the reserve’s western Work is finally underway to build two netball courts at thetransformed into a sea of pink on Saturday edge.January 20, when the Point Lonsdale Surf Life Tony Francis said he Queenscliff Recreation ReserveSaving Club plays host to its third annual PinkPatrol Day. was amazed at the level of spent a lot of money there and there wasn’t that opposition to the project. pushback. The event raises awareness of the significantrole females play in keeping Victorian beaches “In my time I haven’t seen much “There is a hidden agenda there somewhere insafe and will see the club's female life savers discrimination when it comes to women and our community. Let’s hope we as a communityjoin forces with colleagues from Ocean Grove women’s sport especially. But what I have been see women’s sport as just as important as maleto conduct an all-girl patrol for the day. amazed about over the last couple of months sport and I look forward to the day of those since Council has decided to spend some netball courts being built and our kids playing money on netball courts, is an amazing amount on them,” he said. of pushback being made in relation to women’s sport and money being spent,” he said. Council in November revealed redevelopment costs had blown out by 40 “Now if it was a male sport and we were percent, chiefly because of larger than expected spending that extra money would we see that drainage works. It has pledged to have the pushback that we’re getting around the current works completed by April. sports ground. I don’t think so because we’veTennis & Croquet Club MAKE FITNESS YOUR GOAL IN 2018! BAREFOOT BOWLS ENERGY FOR LIFE RIPVIEW BISTRO Kerry Pettigrove OPEN 7 DAYS Personal Trainer with more than 20 years experience COURTESY BUS One on One training • Group training Circuit Classes • Boxing Classes • Boot-camps TENNIS COURT Gym memberships available HIRE AVAILABLE 5258 1670 - 0414 581670 FANTASTIC FAMILY VALUE Massage Therapist MEMBERSHIPS Petrina Blair-Tierney FROM $11 Remedial/Sports/Relaxation/TMJ 52581773 Ph: 0429 380 317118 Hesse Street Queenscliff Ct. Neuromuscular Dip.Ther.Mass/B.Ed. (Phys Ed) Health Fund Rebates Available POINT LONSDALE The Rip January 2018 Page 49

30 years Who and what isof service Feldenkrais?celebrated When a knee injury made it difficult to walk, Israeli physicist Dr Moshe Feldenkrais lookedFor many people, spending 30 years working for a new approach to healing combiningfor the one organisation seems impossible to physics, physiology and neurology.imagine. The resultant Feldenkrais method is nowBut for Community Nurse Janine Sutton, it’s being using worldwide to improve thea reality. The end of 2017 marked 30 years of movement and lives of all ages – from smallemployment with Bellarine Community Health. children to nonagenarians.“I feel proud and privileged to have been And this month, classes are being introduced to Point Lonsdale.employed by BCH for 30 of my 43 years as a Teachers Sally Low and Holly Huon willRegistered Nurse,” says Janine. “I love my deliver their Wellness By the Sea program in three weekly and working with the community, people Kev’s WindomwoFv,eelDdmeoennkotr,aribsaeisnitadbrouuGntnllieanagzr,niinlnifggtitnogSpewerrefoivgrhmictsaenoyrallow me into their homes and I love that I am OUevRenShEaRnVgiInCgEoSuItNthCeLwUaDshEin:g, with minimumable to help them.”Janine began working with the organisation in1987 as a Caogmrmeaut ntiSetyaemNrvuairtcseiPnoingrtaPtrolhirnteagrtlBoinneg. tlWloaner. ine“We had Janine Sutton is celebrating 30 yearsŏogf lBasCsHrepairseŏffogrltaaznindgm&amxirmrourms ŏesfflidciienngcdyo. or rollersworked really closely with the doctors and theRusty’s Repairs and Home Maintenacecommunity and we had so much fun helpingpeople.” Around 2000, Janine transferred to theQueenscliff Community Health Centre site at0418 330 188Point Lonsdale as part of the District NursingAndy Russell Kevin Smithteam. “As a heaHltohmperoRfeepsasirosnal, I have learned that service this dedicated Nurse is ŏtracks & locks ŏpItetisdopoarstiicnuglalarlsys ŏbesnheofwiceiarlscfroerenolrdeepraiprseople no sign readyŏtoŏressplaoaswihrsctooradsneCrdceuhpinrilliatdrcyereedgmnoaieownnrisitn,tŏ down. beneŏfitw. indow winders “I want to keep working for as long as I can Awareness through Movement classes will because I want to keep helping the community. People often ask me, why are you still working btMoe 1co1obanmidleua:cnt0ed4do1on8nT5Thh1uu9rrs0sdd7aa8yys and Friday from 10- between 7 and 8pmit isLiamwpnoMrtoawntintgoabned rgeasrpdeecntifnugl and mindful of and I say, how difficult is it to leave something wJadmgess.cCohmur.cahuhall in Albert Street.choemaltmhuScnehPiaatrsyleloemsnnsaeuglmremesbaCeainrlne’tsdaeninnIiandne[email protected]eogsumalyaosivl.scehodem’osinggra.”teful to her incrediblQyualified GClalaIznsiedsreivs*iaNdrouejao$l2ba5tp.opoosimntamll e*nFtRsEEaqreuoatlesso thRatubwbiisllh hruenlps them make informed dedicated colleagues and managers, pSaesrtviacinndg QueenCsoclniftf,aPcotinStaLlolynsdLaolew&0th4e05B1e7ll0ar0in9e0 PoerninHsoullaly Huonhealth choices,” says Janine. present who have supported her and who are 0428595109 for more informationAlthough Janine has a busy family life and is equally committed to providing quality healthabout to welcome a fourth grandchild, there’s care on the Bellarine.Lisa Neville MP Lisa Neville MP Member for Bellarine Member for Bellarine For assistance on any issue For assistance on any issue please ring my please ring my Electorate O ce on Electorate Office on 5250 1987 5248 3462 [email protected] [email protected] Shop G066, Gateway Plaza Funded from Parliament’s Electorate Office and Communication Budget 621-659 Bellarine Highway, Leopold Funded from Parliament’s Electorate Office and Communication Budget television ‡InstallaWLRQRI79DQWHQQDVPDVWKHDG  DPSOLILHUVERRVWHUV79SRLQWVFDEOLQJ ‡6HWXSDQGWXQLQJRI79·V'9'·VDXGLR  HTXLSPHQWGLJLWDOUHFRUGHUVHWF ‡$OO79UHFHSWLRQSUREOHPVGLDJQRVHG   IL[HGXVLQJWKHODWHVWWHVWHTXLSPHQW ‡$OODUHasRI%HOODULQH3HQLQVXOD *HHORQJ .HLWK'RUPDQ M:  T:  E [email protected] The Rip January 2018 Page 50

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