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2019 Annual Report

Published by Building Dept, 2020-02-18 08:43:35

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The City of ROCHESTER HILLS BUILDING DEPARTMENT 2019 YEAR END -REPORT- Customer Building Service Inspectors/ Plan Reviewers Building Department Facilities Ordinance 1

2019 Awards & Recognition Tony Tomasin was appointed President and educational committee chairperson for the Reciprocal Electrical Counsel Inc (RECI) and board member of the Michigan Association of Electrical Inspectors. He was also appointed to the National Electric Code (NEC) Code Making Panel 13 NFPA 70 that reviews the next cycle of code changes. 2

2019 Awards & Recognition Tim Hollis was appointed President of the Oakland County Building Officials Association. 3

2019 Awards & Recognition Mark Artinian was appointed Vice President of the South East Michigan Building Officials Association. 4

2019 Awards & Recognition Gary Nauts was appointed Chairman of the MMRMA Facilities Management Risk Control Advisory Council. 5

2019 Innovations Mario Iafrate suggested each facilities maintenance technician have business cards with their City cell number and all City building addresses to give to contractors. This was implemented and has saved time for staff and contractors. Our Building Department Mission Team came up with an innovative game day theme to involve our staff in the presentation of our 2018 accomplishments and 2019 goals at our annual meeting on January 22nd, 2019. Sarah Olson developed a new google form for key requests that is easy, fillable, and available on the intranet. In April the Mission Team developed a survey for the Building Department staff to get the feel for moral and satisfaction of our team members. The survey was completed by 22 of 28 team members. Lisa Knudsen came up with the idea to make each of our permit applications a different color to help our customers and staff locate them easier. Steve Springstube came up with the idea to install an auxiliary backup air duct from the main building AC unit to provide a backup cooling system for the MIS computer room. Steve Springstube also came up with a new way to distribute facilities work orders that allow staff to choose the projects they do. Beth Bartos came up with the idea to put a note under the property in BS&A if you are not able to find FOIA information to help save time with future requests. Tim Hollis came up with the idea to do something a little different and have Oakland County come to City Hall and teach a communication class to the Building Department staff instead of us going to them. It worked out great and allowed each member of our staff to attend the morning or afternoon class. Our new online permitting system was implemented on March 29th, 2019 6

2019 Innovations continued… The Building Department set up a group of BS&A cash receipting and PZE power users from Engineering, Parks, Planning, and Fire that meet on a monthly base to discuss opportunities and challenges with the system with a goal to expand everyone’s knowledge and use of BS&A. Members of our team worked with the Oakland Building Officials for a third year to create a partnership with 30 communities to enable all to have access to the state required reference standards for just $700.00, when the cost for individual communities would have been $7,000.00. Building inspectors provided free existing deck inspections to residents during Building Safety Month. I have talked with many communities that will not do this because of liability concerns. We contacted our City Attorney and drafted an inspection document that addresses these concerns and allows us to help our residents make sure their decks are safe. We are one of very few Building Departments that will allow construction and inspections without permits to get projects started and help customers meet their deadlines. The Building Division continues to exercise the shared service agreement between Shelby Township and the City of Sterling Heights. Partnered with the Detroit AIA Building Codes and Regulations Committee to put on a class for students & architects at Lawrence Tech on January 23rd. Alex Drummer developed detailed facilities inspection checklists with pictures and drawings showing the locations to be inspected. These have been very helpful and saved time for the maintenance staff as they perform this tasks. Steve Springtube came up with the idea of using the exhaust air from re heating system to provide heat for the masonry contractor working on the screen wall at City Hall. 7

The City of ROCHESTER HILLS BUILDING DIVISION PERMIT ACTIVITY YEAR END COMPARISON 82 80 211 82 New House Permits 118 Decreased by 36 or 31% from Year End 2018 151 94 0 50 100 150 200 250 $523,326 $523,326 $445,914 $351,000 New House Avg $361,803 Construction Cost $374,000 $0 $150,000 $300,000 $450,000 Value increased 77,412 or 17% from Year End 2018 669 EST 2019 497 2019 669 Grand Total 2018 709 Building Permits 2017 1,027 Decreased by 40 or 6% from 2016 709 2015 Year End 2018 565 0 500 1000 1500 8

The City of ROCHESTER HILLS BUILDING DIVISION PERMIT ACTIVITY YEAR END COMPARISON continued… 200000000 $104,140,209 150000000 $72,000,000 100000000 $164,631,974 Total Construction Value 50000000 $181,448,139 $108,692,609 Decreased by $4,552,400, or $104,140,209 4% from 2018 0 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 5000 5,429 4000 3,361 3,784 3,347 3,784 3000 3,459 3,811 Total Permits Issued 2000 Increased by 423 or 13% from 2018 1000 0 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Est 2019 9

The City of ROCHESTER HILLS BUILDING DIVISION REVENUES YEAR END COMPARISON Est 2019 $1,784,500 2019 $4,443,000 $4,443,000 2018 $4,421,000 2017 $4,477,000 Revenues Year End 2016 $3,182,000 2015 $2,179,000 Increased by 22,000 or 0.5% from 2018 * Based on December month end report EST 2019 $2,187,000 $1,913,000 2019 $1,913,000 2018 $1,753,000 Expenses Year End 2017 $1,778,000 2016 $1,681,000 Increased $160,000 by or 2015 $1,489,000 9% from 2018 $0 $750,000 $1,500,000 $2,250,000 * Based on December month end report 10

The City of ROCHESTER HILLS BUILDING DIVISION A Sampling of 2019 – Year End Commercial & Retail Building Projects Sprint (3242 Walton Blvd) Fanuc Robotics Corporation (3900 W Hamlin Rd) Aldi (1106 S Rochester Rd) Michigan Resonance Imaging (355 Barclay Cir) Torsion Control Products Inc (1900 Northfield Dr) Sephora (220 N Adams Rd) Legacy Rochester Hills Apts (2940 W Hamlin Rd) Solid Core (256 N Adams Rd) Lake Michigan Credit Union (310 W Tienken Rd) McDonald's (2590 Crooks Rd) Embrace Life Chiropractic (2100 W Auburn Rd) Pine Trace Golf Course (3600 Pine Trace Blvd) Wendy’s (3140 S Rochester Rd) God’s Healing Hands (2190 Avon Industrial Dr) Infusystem (3851 W Hamlin Rd) Crittenton Cancer Center (1901 Star Batt Dr) At&t Mobility (6818 Old Orion Ct) The Robot Garage Inc (1659 W Hamlin Rd F) Friendship Factory (1659 W Hamlin Rd D) Rochester College (800 W Avon Rd) Brookfield Academy (1263 S Adams Rd) Js Creative (2213 Avon Industrial Dr) Pipeline Packaging (1150 W Hamlin Rd) Level One Bank (1880 S Rochester Rd) Plymouth Technology (2700 Bond St) Huntington Ford (2890 S Rochester Rd) Oakland Fieldhouse (2139 Austin Ave) GST Auto Leather (2920 Waterview Dr) Team Rehabilitation (1394 Walton Blvd) Crittenton Hospital (1101 W University) Weight Watchers (321 S Livernois Rd) Starbucks Coffee (6950 N Rochester Rd) Extend Barre (6814 N Rochester Rd) Whole Foods Market (2918 Walton Blvd) Innovation Hills (2800 W Hamlin Rd) Audi Training Center (3903 W Hamlin Rd) Dataspeed Inc (2736 Research Dr) BMW Detroit (1301 S Rochester Rd) Bath & Body Works (2693 S Rochester Rd) Panera Bread (2508 S Adams Rd) Health Quest North (1469 N Rochester Rd) Beyond Juice (3080 Walton Blvd) Klm Bike And Fitness (2680 S Rochester Rd) Smoothie Bar (151 W Auburn Rd) Best Buy (2651 S Rochester Rd) McDonald's Corporation (2985 Walton Blvd) Petsmart (1116 S Rochester Rd The Robot Garage Inc (1659 W Hamlin Rd F) Medilodge (1480 Walton Blvd) Capital Surgery Center (2700 S Rochester Rd) Von Maur (400 N Adams Rd) Meijer (3175 S Rochester Rd) Chief Financial Credit Union (200 Diversion St) Shogun (173 S Livernois Rd) Leader Dogs For The Blind (1039 S Rochester Rd) Dynfly (3086 Walton Blvd) Boulevard Hills Health Center (3500 South Blvd W) Kroger (65 S Livernois Rd) Catl (2114 Austin Ave United Fitness Group LLC DBA F45 (878 S Rochester Rd) Bloomfield Hand Specialists (1349 S Rochester Rd #225) Otto Bock Polyurethane Technologies (2923 Technology Rd) Comprehensive Hand & Rehabilitation (1910 S Rochester Rd) Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital (1101 W University Dr) 11

The City of ROCHESTER HILLS BUILDING DIVISION WORKLOAD INDICATORS YEAR END COMPARISON 30000 26,325 27,828 31,189 28,153 30,377 30,377 20000 Phone Calls Processed 10000 Increased by 2,224 or 8% from 2018 0 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 7,627 8000 7,410 6,747 8,029 7,250 7,627 7000 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Trips to the Counter 6000 5000 Increased by 377 or 5% from 2018 4000 3000 2000 1000 0 18000 17,522 16000 14000 12,752 12,428 14,930 13,173 13,173 12000 10000 Inspections Performed 8000 6000 Decreased by 1,757 or 12 from 2018 4000 2000 0 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 12

The City of ROCHESTER HILLS BUILDING DIVISION SHARED SERVICES YEAR END COMPARISON continued…  Rochester Hills Inspectors spent 36.25 hours performing 76 inspections for Shelby Twp in 2019.  Shelby Township Inspectors spent 5.5 hours performing 7 inspections in 2019.  Rochester Hills Inspectors spent 47.75 hours performing 85 inspections in Sterling Heights in 2019.  Sterling Heights Inspectors spent 17.75 hours performing 3.1 inspections in Rochester Hills in 2019. SeSrevrviicceeGGoaolsals 2018 2019 Status Year End Year End Customer Satisfaction: Goal 100% (based on counter surveys) 97% 98% Plan Review Large Commercial Projects: Goal 90% within 60% 67% 15 days# 76% 73% Plan Review New House: Goal 90% within 10 days# Plan Review Small Projects Goal: 90% within 7-10 days# 63% 67% Plan Review Revised Plans Goal 90% within 10 days 84% 91% Inspections: Goal 90% Completed within 24 hrs 99% 96% * Continue to review Plan Review Process for possible improvements = Good # We are focusing resources to this area to improve timeframe = Monitor = Need to Address 13

The City of ROCHESTER HILLS BUILDING DEPARTMENT 2019 YEAR END ACCOMPLISHMENTS Tony Tomasin and Scott Cope continue to teach classes throughout the state to our peers and customers. Member from our staff hosted Building Safety Month events in May at the OPC and Home Depot. On January 22, 2019, we held our Annual Building Department meeting were we celebrated our 2018 accomplishments and set goals for 2019. Our team assisted in the set up and clean up for the Mayor’s State of the City Address The City of Rochester Hills Building Department continues to be a leader in the Code Compliance Industry in the State of Michigan and around the nation. Over 90 communities from around Michigan and the United States have received information and requested documents to improve their operations that were created by members of our staff. The Ordinance Division helped with 5 No-Haz events throughout the year. Jack Sage was able to get the blighted historic house on Crooks removed. 14

The City of ROCHESTER HILLS BUILDING DEPARTMENT 2019 YEAR END ACCOMPLISHMENTS continued… The Building and Ordinance Divisions switched over to the new BS&A plan review module in November in preparation for electronic plan review. The Facilities Division completed a study of the condition of all City parking lots. This will enable us to plan and budget for future parking lot maintenance, repairs, and replacement. The fire suppression system was replaced in the City Hall computer server room. The HVAC system was replaced at the Van Hoosen Dairy Barn. The museum school house siding was removed, replaced, and restored to its original design. The space and use study for the Clerks was completed. The project was put in the 2020 budget. Facilities developed and implemented a Key Tracking and Security plan for all City facilities. Facilities has been working with HR to develop and implement several security measures at City Hall and other locations. We are currently working on several projects such as the Innovation Hill ranger station and restrooms, the dairy barn roof replacement, the museum equipment barn, the City Hall screen wall, compound gate, balcony removal, and emergency escape system, the Auburn road splash pad, and the fire station sign replacements. 15

The City of ROCHESTER HILLS BUILDING DEPARTMENT 2019 YEAR END ACCOMPLISHMENTS continued… Completed an assessment with the condition of all of the roofs on City Buildings and estimated cost for future repairs. This will be put in as a 2021 – 2026 CIP for future budgeting. Worked with the contractor to restore power to the City Hall after the contractor took out the chiller and generator lines. Ordinance staff hosted the Spring and Fall HOA Leadership Forum. 30 Days of Giving 16 members of our staff helped with the Meals on Wheels program. Sponsored 2 families for Christmas one family from the Rochester School District and another from the Avondale School District. Donated $600 in Meijer gift cards and purchased over $600 of presents for both families Donated to the Rochester School District (Brooklands Elementary) and Avondale School District (Auburn Elementary) Lunch Program outstanding balances. Raised $360 which gave each school $180. 16

The City of ROCHESTER HILLS BUILDING DIVISION 2020 GOALS BUILDING DIVISION GOALS Update our Building Department emergency plan. Field inspectors to attend emergency operations and damage assessment training. Complete the tablet program (printers). Develop a five year technology plan for the department. CUSTOMER SERVICE GOALS Implement an electronic plan review process for development projects for planning, engineering, and building. Update our Building Department website. Improve, simplify, and streamline the permit intake process using BS&A systems. Develop an automated expired permit process for the Building Permits. 17

BUILDING DIVISION Projections for 2020 There are a number of commercial projects currently under construction that will be completed in 2020 Genisys Credit Union Medilodge City Walk Apartments First State Bank Cedar Valley Apartments KLM Bike & Fitness Premier Academy Day Care RH House Restaurant Fairview Inn & Suites 108 Rooms Islamic Association of Greater Detroit There are a number of commercial and residential projects in the works for this coming year, they include the following: South Blvd Office Speedway Berkshire 13 Site Condo’s Legacy Apartments Redwood at Rochester Hills Tienken Trail Lofts Rochester College Townhouses Rochester Hills Trio Rochester Hills Research Park Hillside Rochester Hills Cumberland Village 57 Detached Condos Lake Michigan Credit Union 18

The City of ROCHESTER HILLS ORDINANCE DIVISION Workload Indicators Year End Comparisons 1000 2500 2000 800 833 834 891 850 1500 2,279 2,560 600 1000 794 500 2,168 1,774 400 0 1,520 200 0 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 850 1774 Complaints Year End Code Compliance Notices Sent Year End Decreased by 41 or 5% from 2018 Increased by 254 or 17%from 2018 4000 250 3500 3000 3,199 3,534 200 204 2500 2,059 2000 963 1,023 150 170 162 138 149 1500 100 1000 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 500 50 0 0 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 1,023 149 Confiscated Signs Year End Weed Cutting Increased by 60 or 6% from 2018 Increased by 11 or 8% from 2018 19

The City of ROCHESTER HILLS ORDINANCE DIVISION SERVICE GOALS Service Goals 2017 2018 2019 Status 75% 61% * 47%* Proactive Patrol: Goal 85% of Complaints 99% 99% 98% From Proactive Patrol Complaint Investigation Goal: Investigation Within 24 Hours * We are hopeful that moving some of the clerical duties to the new permit tech position will provide ordinance inspectors more time in the field to improve this goal. 2020 Goals Attend at least 5 HOA meetings. Mark, Jack, and Bob to call HOA president to schedule. Complete EQ process improvement. Coordinate and host a Spring and Fall Homeowners Association Leadership Forum. 20

The City of ROCHESTER HILLS FACILITIES DIVISION WORKLOAD INDICATORS YEAR END COMPARISONS Work Orders 4000 3,908 3000 3,335 3,280 3,280 2,896 Work Orders Completed 2000 2,533 Decreased by 628 or 16% from 2018 1000 0 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 21

The City of ROCHESTER HILLS FACILITIES DIVISION YEAR END ACCOMPLISHMENTS 2019 Roofing Study Parking Lot Study Museum School House siding replacement Developed and implantation a key tracking and security plan for all City Facilities and other locations. Dairy Barn HVAC replacement. Installation of new fire suppression system for the City Hall Server Room Worked with contractor to diagnose and resolve the power outing of City Hall on December 18, 2019 Helped with the Mayors state of the City. 21

The City of ROCHESTER HILLS FACILITIES DIVISION Goals for 2020 Develop 5 year strategic plan.. Develop and track measureable service goals. Maintenance Technicians to attend 2 Technical classes each on HVAC, plumbing or electrical. Develop a building assessment program and complete 4 building assessments. Customer Service Building Building Department Inspectors/ Plan Reviewers Ordinance Facilities 23

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