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High Performance Polo Catalog

Published by Unitex Direct, 2017-11-06 14:00:39

Description: High Performance Polo Catalog 11.6


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High Performance Polo Shirts with Color Block and ContrastQuality Uniform & Equipment Solutions Guaranteed! 800.682.1606 ext 236

Solving Uniform Problems Dan Mendelson PresidentWhen I established Unitex Direct in 1992, I didn’t know how prevalent certainproblems were for uniform buyers. Since then, I now focus my company’s efforts onsolving those problems. While we have anything a security company, event servicesor public safety department needs in the way of apparel, equipment and accessories,I pride myself in delivering a level of service that I believe our clients should expectfrom their uniform company.Just over the last year, companies using competitors have come to us and we’vesolved their problems including: lack of on-time delivery, incorrect items/quantitiesshipped and poor quality and lack of communication.The Unitex Direct GuaranteeSince one of the most prevalent issues facing uniform decision-makers is poor quality,I established the UNITEX DIRECT GUARANTEE. If anything a client buys from usdoesn’t meet their standards, we’ll replace it. And that’s a promise from me personally.As President, my hands and eyes are involved in every step of our operation. Ifthere’s a problem, our customers get solutions fast.We offer a wide array of professional uniform components, including: trousers,shirts, jackets, outerwear, blazers, ties, shoes, boots & hats.In addition to manufacturing our own security officer uniforms, our stock alsoincludes these quality brands: 5.11 Tactical, Elbeco, Port Authority, Edwards,Boston Leather & many others.I’m committed to supporting the industries that we serve, both through time andresources, including ASIS International -- I serve as the membership chair of theASIS Security Services Council. I also am involved in the ASIS NYC and DetroitChapters. We are a Corporate Member of NCS4. We also contribute to funds forfallen police officers & their families.If you’re having any issues with your uniform program, I’d be happy to have a con-versation. Please contact me at [email protected]. Or you can speak with meby calling 800-682-1606 x 236.

• snag protection plus fabric provides protection against snagging wit heavier weight and added structure• color blocking and contrast piping help you stand out and look ready foPolo Features• moisture wicking and antimicrobial performance keeps you feeling comfortable and fresh all day long• UV performance keeps you protected from the sun• available in 6 crossover colorssizes available•• 7STAGMLrLLe:XaLLXtXLCXXoLXl3LoX3r4XXB45XlXo5cXk Polos to choose from.GOOD POINTSPRODUCT SELL SHEETSnagProtection Side Seamed Moisture Wicking Color BlockedPARALLEL Antimicrobial Contrasting Details85110 EXTREME UV Protection 4XL-5XL Availability 468MEN’S SNEAa4sGy3PC8RaOreTECTION POLO WITH 4PI6PI4NGKEY FEATURES• Men’s snag protection polo features contrast inserts and piping• Solid matching flat knit collar• Three-button placket, clean finished with topstitching detail• Heat seal label for added comfort• Hemmed sleeves• Contrast side inserts, coverstitch and piping• Straight bottom hem• Ladies' companion style #75110• Matchable with SIRIUS jacket style #88168BENEFITS AND VALUES• ESPnEaRgFpOroRtMecAtNioCnE™fabfarbicriics with multiple performance features• specially engineered to provide protection against snagging• Moisture wicking properties keep you dry and comfortable in all conditions• Antimicrobial properties are built into the fabric to control bacterial growth, pgreovelndt odors, and mbainltaaincgkar/moenrtafrnesghneess• bl• true royal black/campusUV protection provides added sun protection with ratings of 15-39 UPF w/blackEasy care machine washable• Available in 5 crossover colorsPRODUCT POSITIONING• Suitable for uniform, service wear and team building events• Companion styling and wide range of sizes allow for comprehensive program positioning• Imported productFABRIC• 100% polyester snag protection tricot, 4 oz./yd2/135 gsm with moisture wicking, antimicrobial and UV protection performanceSSIIZZEESSAAVVAAILIALBALBELE•• SMMenL’sXRLeXgXsLiz3eXs:4SXm5aXll-5XL• Women’s Sizes: XS-3XL• (women’s availability is noted on each style) 3

fabric provides protection against snagging withFEATURES contrast color dded structure neck tape FEATURESUCT SELFLUSE SPOLHO 8E511E3 Tntrastpipinghelpyoustandoutandlookreadyforwork d antimicrobial performance keeps you feeling sh all day longEPERFORMANCE™ SNAG PROTECTION PLUS COLOR-BLOCK POLO product positioning • suitable for uniforms, service wear, technology events, tradeshows, golf • ampnruodlgtoirpaulmtedcopooolorsiartcisoetnilveiintcigteios/pcneolvaanenctnkdrteascstot minpnaenrion styles allow for comprehensive ps you protected from the sun fabricsver colors5X FUSE POLO 85113/85113T• L1a0d0i%espoCloyemsptearnsnioang:p7r5o1te13ction plus tricot, 5 oz./yd2/170 gsm withX 5X Tall Cmoomisptuarneiwoinck: i8n5g1, 1a3ntTim(LicTr-o5bXiaTl )and UV protection performance contrast color matching flat knit neck tape collar 464 468 contrast inner 703 849 850 464 456 placketblack/campus gold black/orange black w/carbon classic navy contrast two- BACK VIEW w/carbon needle decorative stitchcilnagssic red w/black MEN’S EXTREME EPERFORMANCE™ SNAG PROTECTION PLUS COLOR-BLOCK POLO selling points product positioning • snag protection plus fabric provides protection against snagging with • suitable for uniforms, service wear, technology events, heavier weight and added structure and outdoor activities/events • color blocking and contrast piping help you stand out and look ready for work c• omnutrlatisptlepicpoilnogr selection and companion styles allow fo • moisture wicking and antimicrobial performance keeps you feeling atpfrroognrtaamndpobsaitcikoning ss•f ahle1bo0eru0vilce%dsseprsolaynedster snag protection plus tricot, 5 oz./yd2/1 comfortable and fresh all day long • UV performance keeps you protected from the sun moisture wicking, antimicrobial and UV protection per • available in 6 crossover colors sizes available • S M L XL XXL 3X 4X 5X • TALL: L XL XcoXnLt3raXs4tXtw5oX- needle decorative stitchingAG PROTECTION PLUS COLOR-BLOCK POLOgainst snagging with 438 product positioning 850ut and look ready for work • suitable fo4r 6u4niforms, service w4e6a8r, technology ev7e0n3ts, tradeshows, g8o4lf9 eeps you feeling classic red and outdoor activities/events w/blackn • multiple color selection and companion styles allow for comprehensive program positioning fabrics • 100% polyester snag protection plus tricot, 5 oz./yd2/170 gsm with moisture wicking, antimicrobial and UV protection performance true royal black/campus gold black/orange black w/carbon classic navy w/black w/carbon 4 Sizes S-5XL

S PARALLEL POLO 85110 Ladies Companion: 75110 matching flat knit collar three-button placket hemmed contrast sleeves coverstitch contrast piping contrast side inserts straight bottom See style #88168 for matchable hem SIRIUS jacket. 85110 COLORS 417 light nautical blue 701 white Sizes S-5XL 849 classic navy 850 classic red 5 w/gray luster/white w/gray luster/black silk 703 black w/gray luster/white w/black silk/white w/black silk/white

• Contrast shoulder inserts, n•e cEkPtEaRpFe • Two-needle cov7e0r3sbtliatcckh finis• hMonoislte LS6at0rdw6ai/iHeWgisbhh’iistctceoubsmotptoamnwi/o0wbh0nl/a3eWcmsskhatisnytiwedllkeit#h7s5m•i 0da5Aei2nnstltiatmsin PIQUE POLO 85089602 fairway green • w/White • PRODUCT SELL SHEET • Easy c Good Points.Ladies Companion: 7b50e5n2 efits and Values • Embro 85089• EPERFORMANCETM polyeste•r bAavsaeidla 85089 F e a t u r• Moisture mana80g0elmakeebnluteproperties k men’s eperfm• aAiwnn7/tt0bia3lmaibcnkliacsgcrikloakrbmiae6l0np2trfwowfar/ip/WreWweshhahrityitteneigeepressersbnou•i ldtCiunritscopt,f heat6s0ea6l lHabiebl iscus w/White con•t rasEt sahosuyldercare machine washabl•e Multip self fabric collar ins•e rtstEaapnmed nbeckroidery friendly • Perforblock polo3-buttonplacket 85089 Fmbleeonca’skteppuoelrrofeosrma&nceB e003sand w/White • Available in 8 colors, 7 of wh• icIhmaproer 8w070w/0bl/3lWaabkchkleaitsbceikkllukeey•• 6f0MH2eefe0awwaa0ni//ttr3WW’wsssuhhaaeEyiinttPareegdpflEreaelRraesFnbbohOs•••••eelr emdleR8mv1IPMCif4e8Mmecouse09d0rui0rwwr0Acpsclflla//p%toNaoWWaidts,pkrrsChhcempdtilciieEpttlebeoeeenadTkloudlcMaanyevoepnepccyslryoesoifo6iq•••••••atm80rt sedsuf4w2tsrMHLTTSChi9u6fewyf/8eeo0o0wacthwwwp7ciaoc5elw/0loer6lpe0airbdl0///ertair3naaaon/WWWt3nqnHlewsoWsWicastitsts-esbia’hhhgecuaastburailinhihscklyosciiiunianb-anihttetiioieEse’rteeetsbngcdtsdcee.lctfeikParneeeaurtgluefgsdokebvl4sEddssaeetasyamlit.oRhtnlaat3tnZyfesouFtyoobbpldtroneelOcr••fruoeiar erzonMcmscolplRmns/d1vrgiofymMlioacoae0eaaoterdhwcsrpcrr0A ncmV²ndssheka%iiooNot/ntmrsieadirtnhlyvt 85089• Three-bugttaonrdsetmcpitocrlhaainteigvcenkett,ccblaeearnnefeinifniisthsestdrawunitcdhtt•Voi opaSsnMltiutLceh • LTCS6wato0rdwna6oi/itH-eWgrnisabhhe’iisscttetceosbudssmiohlZetoptec•fuoa roMslomndvwmiaeeoa/8hcrcrn 5Vsdehl0iatnmsrisaWinysttsiycheeceiwihllr rtrewe etiaiftsdm#iah,nb7snmish5sl•m••ei h0 decce685awEMAdekoo080i2w/Pi6n60nlwbnstoad6/EaHlltlt/Wtaii WiWsaRapitecsmbhklsktiFehhleeieniuystisiOfipetcetb.coiraeeu gllvaekCRrunsroaereMomdaarsbomdtAidaelad NneleilyerndcaCpo.d ogtDrEnborcefT oaoriMopmef tt nmeipsntveooh stra6ig0h2t bfoattoirmway green 849 classic navy • hem with wsid/eWhite w/White • slits • benefits and •V aS lMuLeXsL XXL•3 XEa4sXy 5cXare machine w • Embroidery friendly men’sceopleorrf8ob5rl0om8ca9knpcoeltmopiq•• ueEMPoEiRstFuOreRMmAaNnaCgEekTMmnpietosnltyepsrtoep•r ebAratviseaesidlakfbeaelbepriinyco8wucitdohrloytwrasno, •m aAiwnn7/tt0bia3lmaibcnkliacgscrikolakrbmiael nptrwof8r/6pbe6lesaWchrkthnisieteipelsksrsbou•i 8ldt4wC9i7u/nr00wwbci03tlsl//ca3aoWWpbcssklsthh,faaiaciisccnttikeepnbldlekaroavicynstfoiatschiooinontnraoi 606 Hibiscus 850 White w/White w/classic red • Easy care machine washable• Multiple color select6 • SEizmesbS-r5oXLidery friendly • Performance style su • Available in 8 colors, 7 of which are crossovers

PARALLEL POLO 85110 Ladies Companion: 75110 85103 F Good Points.PROduCTSELLSHEET M self fabric collar with stand Kethree-button color-block placket shoulder panels with contrast piping 701 White w/Grey luster/Black silk Be 703 Black w/Black silk/silver hemmed sleeves Pr 849 Classic navy w/nautical Blue/silver straight bottom 850 Classic red Fa hem with side slits w/Black/silver sidId yOu knOw? 7 This is our first EdRyTM performance style with a color-block design. knITS Sizes S-5XL 85103 Men’s eDry Color-BloCK

PIQUE POLO 85104 85104 Good Points.PRODUCTSELLSHEET 436 black Back View /Gold solid flat knit 437 Classic Navy collar /Classic Red 703 blackthree-button w/White placket color-block shoulder panel with contrast piping hemmed sleeve 849 Classic Navy w/White straight bottom hem with side slitdid you know? 874 black /Classic Redour EPERFoRMAnCEtM polos offer moisture wicking, antimicrobial, and uV protection performance properties. 85104 Sizes S-4XL CMOlEONR’S-bElPOECRFkOPRIQMUAENPCOEl™Oknits8 EPERFoRMAnCEtM PoLo

GOOD POINTSPRODUCT SELL SHEETTEMPO POLO 85112matchingflatknit contrast shoulder 85112 yoke insertscollar with partial 85112GOPROODUDCT SPELOL SHINEETTScollarstand Ladies Companion: 75112matching flat knit contrast shoulder * Secollar with partial yoke inserts sty collar stand 3-button placket pg.25 i Spring cat 3-button placket * See this style on pg.25 in our Spring 2013 catalog.contrast piping at COLORSfront and back side COLORS panel seams contrast piping at front and back side panel seams back view 413 Na4u13ticNaaluBtilcuael Bwlu/eBwla/cBklack 770033BBllaacckkww/W/Whhiteite 8498C4la9ssCiclaNsasvicy Nwa/Wvyhiwte/White850 Class8ic5R0edClwa/sBsliaccRk ed w/Blackback viebwack view Sizes S-5XL 9

S matchingTS VENTURE POLO 85109flat knit collar eshness three-button Ladies Companion: 75109 placket t freshness matching e flat knit collar oehrpvremeeerpromeforroferor-er- three-button fteuarteursesooff placket mreemKenKintists hemmed on. sleeves 10 hemmed sleeves reflective print reflective print straight bottom See style #88167 for matchable hem VENTURE jacket. straight bottom See style #88167 for matchable hem VENTURE jacket. 85109 COLORS 85109 COLORS w7/0g3rabylafrcokwst7/0g3rabylafrcokst 801 gray frost 8w01/bglaracyk8fsr4iwo9lk/scgtlraasysifcronsatvy 84w9/cg8wlra6/a6scylsbailfscarscoincksarstevildky 866 black silk w/black silk w/classic red Sizes S-5XL

3000 Shirts, Jackets, Hats and Vests.3 Colors. 3 Logos. Needed in 5 Days.Impossible?Not for the rapid response team from Unitex Direct. I’m Dan Mendelson, President of Game day will be game on. Unitex Direct. When I told the customer the delivery would be on time, Stories like this show what he said, “Dan, you don’t know the word impossible. it’s like to work with us: The reason I come to you is because when everyone else says NO, your team says YES!” It’s early on a Monday morning. If you’re looking for industry-leading response time on I get an urgent email from the the highest quality uniforms and equipment, give us a call. Event Services Manager –“Can you call me?” They’ve got a last- The Unitex Direct Guarantee minute event security contract from the Stadium Management If anything you buy from us does not meet your standard, Team for next Sunday’s NFL game. we’ll replace it. That’s a promise. Let us help you turn the impossible into the possible.But guess what: 800 682-1606 x 236 or [email protected] needed thousands of shirts, jackets, hats and vests Quality Uniform & Equipment Solutionsprinted and embroidered in 5 days. Guaranteed!Normally, this is impossible. 800.682.1606 x236We go into hyperdrive. Get shirts, jackets, hats and vests www.unitexdirect.comin the right colors, print and embroider multiple logos onthousands of garments, then ship to arrive before game day.

Quality Uniform & Equipment Solutions Guaranteed!26 800.682.1606

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