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Hoinser Powerful Men 2022

Published by Hoinser Group, 2022-11-15 20:49:38

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HOINSER POWERFUL MEN Vol.02 2022 TOP 50 HOINSER GROUP 2022 Leadership Power Vision Integrity Mission WWW.HOINSERGROUP.COM

HOINSER POWERFUL MEN 2022 ABOUT US “HOINSER POWERFUL MEN 2022” The Book of Men is a international book that promotes the stories of male personalities around the world. This book is especially dedicated to men to evaluate and discover their success, as an invincible status in the balance of the world market. The book targets record sales and comes as the first volume to follow in many more volumes, produced by Hoinser Media Group. We invite you to follow us in our global mission, to promote values and empower individuals by offering the unity of cultures, through social responsibility! Copyright @ 2022 Hoinser Group Publishers All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or any other electronics or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission, write to the publisher at the address below: Hoinser Group Publishers Albania,Tirana Email: [email protected], [email protected] Phone: +355 69 242 5803

CONTENT // NOVEMBER 2022 Santarvis Brown Ed.D J.D Dr. Vivek Lall Leadership and Education Strategist Chief Executive at General Atomics Global Corporation Austin Okolo Paul L Gunn. Jr Successful Entrepreneur KUOG Corporation Trevon Gross Jr. John Andrew Blakemore CYD – Craft Your Dream, INC. Visionary Leader Zsolt Kubecska Brett D. Scott Keynote Speaker Success Alchemist Victor Okenwa Phillip Jones Successful Men Managing Director of AuSum Enterprises, LLC Alieu Bah Satyapal Singh Successful Personality Director & CEO Global Energy and Environmental Engineering C. Eric Collier Services Limited (GE3S) Co-Founder of Tabono Consulting Group Mohammad Rashid Khoshnaw Attiogbé Komlan VOSSAH Successful Market Leader Successful Coach Gary Wilkerson Heath Cummings World Ambassador CEO of LIVE THIS LIFE Darryl K. Horton Chad D. Malone Walking Miracle Author, Empowerment Speaker & Podcast Host Frank Beckmann Bruce ‘Zen’ Benefiel Investment Advisor World Leader Sir Simon Oehler Jonathan Shroyer 7 Star Simon, Visionary of a Golden Kingdom Forbes Council Jeremiah Cummings H.E Dr. Tomasz Zaleski Film / TV Actor & Author A Influential Personality HOINSER MEDIA 2022

CONTENT // NOVEMBER 2022 Santarvis Brown Ed.D J.D Ricardo Uriegas Leadership and Education Strategist International Affairs Expert Mike Motrici Andres Parra Creator of Success Andres Parra President & Founder of Imagio Enterprises Prof. Dr. Hossam El- Shazly Chip Green President of Cambridge Corporate University Creator of Success George Naugle Kevin Wilson His Inspirational Story Successful Businessman Guvenc Donmez Ahmed Becha A Extraordinary Personality Owner & Founder of Multiple Digital Charbel Zreiby Moustafa H. Moustafa Founder at LITT FZCo Medical Doctor Antwaun Thompson Rami Kaibni Coach & Author Creator of Success Coach Mario Gryka Frank Sventek Exceptional Personality Creator of Success Dr. Milan Krajnc Kiumars Rezvanifar A Perspicacious Man Influential Personality Victory Isaac Jay Ashton Founder of Victory Isaac Leadership Academy Creative Personality Prynce Michael Dennis Wakabayashi Best-selling Author Global Voice of CX Dr Fene Osakwe Dr. Raphael Eluemuno Ajalie Africa’s most sought-after Cybersecurity & Technology Successful Personality Governance Advisor Dr. John Francis Entrepreneur | Mentor | Investor HOINSER MEDIA 2022

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Santarvis Brown Ed.D J.D Leadership and Education Strategist Dr. Santarvis Brown is a Scholar and He serves as the pastor of Greater Mt. Pleasant AME Church in Changemaker who brings 20 years of Hollywood, FL, where he continues the intersection of faith and experience in the education space. The education. Dr. Brown has accumulated a wealth of degrees and intersectionality of faith, service, certifications, cementing his status as a subject expert in an array of education, and vision-driven leadership fields. Namely, he possesses a bachelor’s degree, three master’s has been the hallmark of Dr. Brown's degrees, and two doctorate degrees. entire professional career and ultimately his life. A noted speaker and researcher, He shares his life with his wife Maria, and sons, he has lent his speaking talent to many Dorrien and Santarvis Jr. community and educational forums, serving as keynote speaker. He has also penned several articles tackling issues in civic service, faith, and education. He has served in the K-12 and higher education spaces well. He began his career as an executive director for an educational non-profit that provided academic enrichment in low-income areas in the Overtown community. He served as a middle school classroom teacher, and K-12 principal. In addition to serving as a full professor, he has served in administration as a Department Chair, and Associate Provost/Chief Academic Officer. He leads the Leadership, Healthcare, and Operations Management area at eCornell at Cornell University in addition to serving on the faculty at the University of Virginia. He has earned numerous awards and recognition, including being noted as one of the Top 100 Global Leaders in Education, A Lifetime Achievement Award from President Biden, an Innovator and Change Maker in Education Award. He holds a doctorate in educational administration, and a Juris Doctorate. He serves on numerous boards and is a member of numerous organizations including Minority Freedom Community Fund Board of Trustees, where he serves as Chair and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Austin Okolo Successful Entrepreneur Austin Okolo is an award winning serial entrepreneur Owner of a GQ featured fashion brand Born To Stand Out London, Reading With Austin and Co founder of The Gen Z Club a company that has been named as the finalist of the British business excellence awards of 2022. Austin’s entrepreneurial journey began when he was just 18 years old when he launched his first business. He went on to win his first award as an entrepreneur at just 19 years old for showing emerging entrepreneurial talent. Born To Stand Out London was progressing steadily since the award until disaster stroke in 2020 during covid 19. The passing of his uncle on his birthday and the closing down of his manufacturer made 2020 a incredibly difficult year. However Austin showed great resilience to not only keep his head up but invest into his mindset where he read 30-40 books in just a couple of months during the first lockdown. Austin managed to sort out his manufacturing This lead to Austin getting recognition for a second award. problems and rebranded his brand in October of The British business excellence awards where ‘The Gen Z 2020. This led to him generating his most Club’ has been named finalists after only being in operation profitable month as a business owner. The for a year. rebrand also led to Born To Stand Out London being featured in the British GQ magazine in Finally despite being dyslexic Austin found his passion for June 2021.Aside from Austin’s fashion brand he reading in the during the first lockdown and has used this was also hosting weekly club house rooms passion to host his own book club ‘reading with Austin’ where attracting a strong audience in the early half of he has aided almost 100 people get into reading and has sent 2021. hundreds of books to paying members. Austin along with his two business partners Austin is now excited to see the progression of his three David Poku and Denzil Jones launched their first businesses and himself as an individual. in person networking event which sold out in under two hours due to the audience they had built on clubhouse. This was the birth of Austin’s second business ‘The Gen Z Club’ which provides a growth based environment through monthly events as well as helping businesses target Gen z. Since launching in august they have hosted 9 networking events in 5 different cities attracting over 1000 Gen Z. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Trevon Gross Jr. CYD – Craft Your Dream, INC. Trevon Gross Jr. is a man of God originally from New Jersey. Both parents are pastors and started Hope Cathedral located in Jackson NJ. He operates on 3 principles; operate with faith, operate with Integrity, and operate with Excellence. These principles revealed themselves through life experiences with basketball and business. Operating in faith allows for Trevon to go for the unthinkable and unimaginable. When operating by faith, what seems impossible becomes possible. Operating by integrity allows for Trevon to stay grounded. No matter the situation, there is a standard that Trevon lives by, which keeps him on the path to greatness. Operating by Excellence allows for Trevon to keep improving and never get comfortable. In a world where it is easy to get comfortable, Trevon wants excellence from everything that has his name attached. Basketball is a true personal passion that Trevon still learns from. Starting from the age of 6; Trevon has played basketball at the highest of levels on multiple levels. Playing High school basketball at St. Benedict’s Prep, College basketball at The University of Virginia, Professionally in Mexico, and continuing to navigate professional sports world. These unbelievable experiences have truly molded Trevon into the Dream chaser that he is today. Overcoming and having success in the basketball world, aided in Trevon’s belief that “Anything is Possible, but you have to be willing to work for it.” The mentality that Trevon was able to gain and apply to every area of life, has allowed him to persevere and thrive in life. While pursuing his professional basketball career, Trevon started a coaching non-profit Craft Your Dream, Inc. with the purpose of helping people figure out the HOW to their Dream. The non-profits mission is to fund Dreams, and the 2023 goal is to fund 100 Dreams. Through many conversations Trevon Identified 3 types of Dreamers. The Dreamer that knows exactly what they want, but don’t know how. The Dreamer that has no clue what they want to do, but do everything and anything. Then there are Dreamers that don’t have either. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Trevon created Craft Your Dream to be the bridge between The Dreamer and their Dream. Along side, Trevon runs Ten Media. A Media Company that works to capture moments and experiences for churches and businesses. Media is something that really allows Trevon to be creative. There are so many details that can make or break a photo or video. That challenge excites Trevon to be his best every time behind the camera. Also, seeing the reaction of the finished product is extremely gratifying. With all of these things, Trevon lives a life of fulfillment and success. He works so other people get to live the same way. Connect with Trevon, Craft Your Dream, and Ten Media. C D Y Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Zsolt Kubecska Keynote Speaker Zsolt is a rule breaking and result oriented Coach, Keynote Speaker and CEO of 10X Leaders. 10X Leaders exist to unlock a personal growth revolution and support change to the best. Zsolt's experience with regard to having the ability to achieve life goals and business goals are very often one of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and many times a lifelong struggle. Over the many years of working one-one with CEOs, Managing Directors, Politicians, Entrepreneurs, Sole- Traders, Freelancers and Athletes have allowed him to devise and work out methods which are designed to equip people with the necessary tools to convert you and give confidence, consistency and success. SPEAKER Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Victor Okenwa Successful Men My name is Victor. I am originally from Nigeria but I currently reside in Northern California. I am currently the youngest Solar sales consultant in California at 20 years old. I am also a video director and landscape photographer. I am currently a sales representative for the solar energy partners and a consultant for infinity energy, one of the leading residential solar providers in California. I was born on the 10th of February 2002 in Lagos, Nigeria. This was a pretty tough neighborhood to grow up in but I never let it stop me from having dreams of greatness. Ever since I was a kid I’ve always had the mindset to outwork and motivate everyone around me. The next school year, (my final year of high school) I went back to In my early years I got into acting and school but it almost felt like I was a whole year behind. I had a lot television commercials in Nigeria and of catching up to do in such a short amount of time and I was told instantly grew a love for the camera. I knew if I wasn’t able to get 6 months worth of work done in 2 months, early on that I had a love for art and that has then there would be a high chance I wouldn’t graduate with the always followed me. rest of my grade. Hearing this made me work harder than I had ever worked and the dedication made me Graduate my senior I moved to California in 2016 after years of year on top of my class even with all the adversaries. moving back and forth to finally start my high school years here and I’ve been here ever After high school, I got my first job in a warehouse. I did this for since. Moving to California was definitely an about a year, and then I got into a car accident which broke my experience I won’t ever forget because it was left femur and left me paralyzed for 3 months. This incident was a big change in my life. It almost felt like I one of the most mentally challenging incidents I had ever had to start over again. experienced. I fell into a short period of depression but I never let it keep me down. I channeled my emotions and used it to fuel my I come from a family of 5, 2 siblings and I am recovery and only a few months later I was back walking again the middle child. Growing up I wasn’t close ready to go back to work. with my siblings but as we started to grow older, we eventually became close. At 17 During my recovery, I bought a camera out of boredom, and years old, I had a big fall down the stairs of everyday I would dedicate a few hours to learning how to properly my apartment which actually fractured my use a camera and that’s where my love for photography and skull and almost left me for dead. This videography re-emerged. I instantly realized that this was what I incident left me in a coma for a few days wanted to do. before I recovered. This was definitely one of the scarier experiences of my life. The direct effect of this incident was temporary memory loss and due to this I had to take a few months off school to recover. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 A few months after my recovery, and after I had shot a good amount of videos and pictures, I started my video production company, VSD productions. The reason for this was to give young people like me in my city a chance to do something different. I knew if people my age saw what I overcame and what I was doing with my life, it would give them the motivation and fuel they needed to also do something productive. While running a production company, I was also back in the warehouse as a supervisor. I would work every morning at the warehouse and after my shift everyday, I would head straight to my production team and work on a few projects. This became my everyday routine. Eventually after about a year doing this, I got Being the youngest sales representative in the state is definitely let go from the warehouse I supervised due to a big title to carry on my back but it also gives me the push and my department closing down. After this motivation I need to succeed. happened, I started looking for a new job because I knew I couldn’t live off the video Since accepting this career, I’ve had multiple people in my city production alone, at least not yet. I knew I tell me that I have motivated them to want to be better than wanted to do something different instead of they are. going back to a warehouse and this is what made me switch careers from warehousing to The goal of my story is to motivate the younger generation and sales. to show them that you can be anything you want to be no matter what you’re going through or what you’ve been through. I got a call to get into sales and at first, I was No situation is permanent and greatness is waiting the other kind of skeptical about it. I didn’t like the fact side of risks and hard work. that I would have to go from door to door trying to find a customer. After a lot of thinking and contemplating, I accepted the job offer and became the Youngest Solar sales professional in the state of California at 20 years old. I instantly felt a welcome I had never felt before in my 3 years of warehousing. The team felt more like a family more than anything and I instantly knew I was in the right place and that this was what I wanted to do in the long term. Being a sales professional has been amazing. It does have its pros and cons but so does everything else I’ve ever done. The only difference is the pros outweigh the cons by a lot. I never understood The saying ‘when you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like a job’ till I started this new career. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Alieu Bah Successful Personality Alieu Bah grew up in Gambia and has lived in England since 2013 to 2022 move back to Gambia for four months and he came back to e new to a new home in Estonia where he current live. Originally worked in the sales departments of various companies. In order to earn a living he made various skills including barista, cook and a personal trainer which he is passionate about. He says about himself: I didn’t understand a lot of things, but I’ve learned that there are things that should’t be understood. You just have to forgive and let go. Let go! Don’t let the fact that you are a victim of something destroy your own life! Let it go! Forgive and let go! You can heal, find yourself and live! Because there is no greater satisfaction than improving and moving forward despite everything. His past made him what he is today! Alieu has been dealing with the topic of personal He wants to pass these skills on to the next generation. development since 2019. Everything happens for a reason! He has matured, grown and, as a motivational speaker, inspires people to take this path to inner Be the best version of yourself and be a role model and growth. inspiration for the people around you. Alieu accepts this challenge and asks you to do the same. He mentored by the godfather of Motivational speaking, Mr. Les Brown. Alieu’s goal is to change the perception and belief “Change is the new growth! Change is the new systems of many people around the world and help them growth!” change their lives. His platforms is “Change is New Growth”. He has spoken virtually on different platforms Today he feels better, loves himself, takes care of around the world. himself and gives himself everything he deserves. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Alieu is what his name promises: Approchable Lovely Important Eunthusiastic Unique I remember when my father pass away, he left behind 9 of us. That moment ladies and gentlemen I realized I Alieu Bah am born to make different out of my big family. That moment I knew I have to do something to make my mum and family proud. That moment I realise I have to step it up. That moment I realise when I knew what I knew ladies and gentlemen. That moment I realise my life life will never be same again. I remember that time I was raise by another family. You can imagine as a young boy at the age of 12 growing up without his parents. Despite all the hardship I been through they will offer me money to buy food as well and I pretend that I’m during that time. Walking a mile justo to not hungry, while I was staving. go fetch water and carry it on my head and sometime I will put four gallons of Ladies and Gentlemen with endurance I have to walk a mile just to go 20 litres of water in a wheelbarrow and fatch water and carry it on my head. With endurance I have to walk push it from the tap around the to school with no shoes. With endurance I rejected my friends giving neighbourhood and sometime I will do me money to buy food not because of my pride ot my ego, no no!!! five rounds up and down from the tap. I but because I was responsible for me and I don’t want to play the also wake up early morning to wash my victim or somebody feeling sotty for me Ladies and Gentlemen. nameshake car before go to school. Sometime they will sent me to sell Because of determination I have to go to school with no shoes on Nanburry door to door. I bet that’s Ladies and Gentlemen! where my love for sales came from. I remember going to school with no shoes on when I was younger. I remember going to school with no money and I have to walk miles to westfield just to catch a ride in order to go to school at our capital city Banjul when I was in Junior School (Crab Island Junior Secoundary School). I remember when me and my friends came out fro break, they will all buy food to eat and Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 C. Eric Collier Co-Founder of Tabono Consulting Group C. Eric Collier is the CEO of C E Collier Ventures Corp and co-Founder of Tabono Consulting Group. Also known as “The Mayor of Motivation,” Eric is a high-energy high-impact Motivational Keynote Speaker who authentically inspires people to take actions to overcome major setbacks so they can ultimately become more productive, improve performance, and work towards living their dreams. The middle child and oldest son of Cecil Collier and Carolyn Miles, Eric’s life story is one that has centered around adapting, adjusting, and overcoming tough times related to the mental and physical damage of domestic violence, growing up in a divorced and blended family, drug addiction and alcoholism, being cast from his parent’s homes, a dream deferred, and many other life lessons and hardships. A certified speaker trained and mentored by world-renowned Speaking Great, Les Brown, Eric skillfully taps into years of military training, coaching, an athletic past, and personal life experiences to inspire, touch, and move audiences through key steps of overcoming difficult life challenges and unexpected setbacks. He discussion topics include how to escape feeling stuck and sinking in life’s mental quicksand. Overcoming the challenges of being a husband and father while battling your own past. Creating a momentum shift to comeback after the setback and how committing to live a larger life creates a positive life shift. Eric has helped change thousands of lives in over a dozen countries, proving that his genuine and high-energy message can inspire and connect with a variety of audiences, no matter the platform (in-person, virtually, in books, interviews, social media, magazine articles, etc). Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Eric has shared national and global stages with Les Brown, High-Performance Coach Jon Talarico, Media Specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky, Speaker/Classical Pianist Jade Simmons, Federal Aviation Administrator Bradley Mims, and TEDx Expert Corey Poirier. Eric’s motivational works have appeared in global book projects, forums, and summits to include International Bestselling Business Life & the Universe, Vol.5, ONE Let’s Connect, along with upcoming books, Hunger for The Hustle and Determination Determines Destination. He is a Les Brown Power Voice Alumni, member of the Black Speakers Network and bLU Talks. He has written articles for Modern Warrior Magazine, appeared on Trinidad & Tobago’s NOW Morning Show, BSN Spotlight, and several Podcasts related to Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Personal Development. Eric’s passion is most evident when he is mentoring or coaching our future leaders. Whether in the classroom or on the field, his goal is to provide the needed social and emotional support to help them elevate their performance and uncover their greatness. Eric’s belief is that we are all put on this earth faced with a challenge and responsibility to successfully connect a life’s puzzle that represents a purpose driven life. The challenge, our puzzle comes in a box with no pretty pattern, picture, or design. Nor does it come with any instructions. Our responsibility, to uncover, create, and produce the finished product to find out what we could become. Through our work we discover our puzzle is infinite, our connections (relationships) have power, and our legacy is the gap left to be improved upon or completed by those who come after us. Eric’s message focuses on uncovering your personal power through developing a strong mindset and personal connection so that you can begin taking action to make the impossible, possible. Two key areas Eric accredits for his ability to successfully navigate and keep pushing through troubling times that could have rendered him “another one of life’s statistics.” A veteran of the U.S. Army and Navy, Eric is a recognized leader with over 25 years of Department of Defense service. He believes organizational success starts with a willingness to grow your own by improving self- confidence, improving performance, and ultimately improving production. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Attiogbé Komlan VOSSAH Successful Coach Attiogbé Komlan VOSSAH knew early on that life is a marathon race and that it will not be easy. In terms of schooling, he studied in Togo, his native country, until he obtained his Baccalaureate in natural and physical sciences. After his baccalaureate in 2004, he continued his university studies in Senegal at the Ecole Supérieur Polytechnique de I'Université de Dakar until he obtained a Master 1 in taxation and business management. He then joined the CESAG in Dakar to obtain a master's degree in banking and finance. At the end of his university studies, he returned to Togo in 2009 and after various professional internships, he got a job as Sales Manager for Treasury products in the Treasury Department of the first bank in the country at the time. After 4 years with this bank, he joined in July 2014 another banking group in its subsidiary based in Benin as Head of the Treasury Department. In 2017 he was assigned to the Chadian subsidiary He is Certified, Coach, Trainer, Teacher and Speaker of the of the banking group as Head of Treasury, he will Maxwell leadership Francophonie. The Maxwell leadership also be Group Head of Treasury Products Sales of Francophonie is a platform for French language training this banking group from March 2019 to January certification in French for people wishing to become coach, 2022. Since February 2022, Komlan has joined a speaker and trainer young banking group present in Burkina, Gambia, trainer of the John Maxwell team. John Maxwell team. Guinea and Sierra Leone as Group Treasury Director. Mr. Attiogbé Komlan VOSSAH is certified trainer and consultant in behavioral and communication style and Attiogbé Komlan VOSSAH, has more than twelve communication style analysis using the DISC METHOD. years of experience in the bank industry in West Komlan strongly believes in the development of Africa and Central Africa. Desiring to develop personally through a change of mentality and discipline. and to accompany all those who wish to do so to reach their full potential, he has created the firm He intends to impact especially the young generation and VOSS CONSULTING, specializing in training and accompany them to reach their full potential. In the years coaching in leadership and personal to come, many other projects with an impact on the development. community will come to light.He is a sports enthusiast and practices: weight training, running, biking, swimming and boxing. He strongly believes in the positive effects of sport on health, mental and professional success. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Heath Cummings CEO of LIVE THIS LIFE Elected Politician Host of the “Live This Life Podcast” “Are you living, or are you killing time” Many people throughout the world live lives of quiet desperation. I used to be one of them. On the surface, we can appear successful, confident and have everything going well for us. But under the surface there is often a voice that is crying out for us to experience our true life’s purpose. I made the decision to pivot who I was and shed all of the I found myself in this desperate place that many unhealthy habits that led me to being in a place I didn't want men find themselves in. I had an amazingly to be; and person I was not proud of. successful career that began in Law Enforcement (at age 19) and quickly transitioned into It was shortly after that time that I faced another challenge becoming a renowned expert in Cultural Property of having to stand up against illegal activity and corruption in protection and Art Crime Investigation. I made my Law Enforcement career. I had done this several times national headlines investigating stolen art cold- throughout my young career and often found myself in the cases, was a talented boxer, dedicated family place as a whistleblower. Standing up for what is right is man, someone who the world would see as what had guided me into that career path, so it was only outwardly successful. natural that I battled the dark wherever I found it. After winning yet another fight for what was morally and ethically In 2010, all of that came to a crashing halt. That right, I decided to walk away from that career. year I had begun a second battle with cancer at age 29 (first battle was age 26). I was involved in But instead of giving up or trying to make change from the four suicide events while on the job, my marriage inside, I decided to approach things from a higher level and was on the rocks and was heading toward ran for political office. I was elected as leader of my city separation. All of these hardships made me pause (Mayoral “Select” Board) and was chosen as the Chairman of and say “What is going on? This isn’t LIVING LIFE. the Board in 2021. This is torture!”. Throughout my life, I had learned that if something scared I put the brakes on everything in my life and me it was likely going to stretch my being into greater levels stepped back to take stock and evaluate of accomplishment. One of the greatest “stretches” I ever everything about my existence. I had to ask WHO challenged myself to was in 2019 when I embarked upon AM I? WHERE AM I? WHAT AM I DOING? Because one of the greatest periods of growth in my life it is in the knowing of WHO we are that we know WHO we don’t want to be and WHO we want to become. When we know WHERE we are, we can determine WHERE we don’t want to be and set a course for WHERE we want to end up. And when we know WHAT we are doing, we can decide if those things are conducive to our life goals, or if we need to pivot and change our habits. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 I began my company Live This Life and kicked off the “Live This Life Podcast”. It was a scary prospect being put out there for the world to see, but in that expansion I found greater connection, meaning and purpose to my true calling. Now, I aim to live life beyond what the world defines as success. I don’t let accomplishments, money, titles or notoriety steer my ship, and I show others how to do the same! All of the things in life that we desire come to us as a natural by-product of living a life connected to our truest selves. A life of meaning, fulfillment and genuine happiness is what gives us that connection. The new path that I now walk upon allows me to guide driven men (and women) from all walks of life to discover the amazing possibilities, potential and purpose that life has in store for you when you open yourselves up to what truly lights you up and makes you feel ALIVE. LIVE THIS LIDE PODCAST Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Chad D. Malone Author, Empowerment Speaker & Podcast Host Hello, my name is Chad Malone! I want to be part of your success journey by serving you and your organization. I want to encourage you to grow through life and not just go through it! My passion is to add value to emerging leaders by equipping them with leadership skills and strategies to bring about a life of elevated potential and next level living. Your organization's greatest asset is your people! I have dedicated my life and set my personal mission to teach leadership principles that challenge, equip and empower both personally and professionally. We know how far passion can take others and we want to help you and your team to do just that. Learning and understanding through best practices, we show others how to grow their passion for leadership and reach their potential. Knowing that passion creates a next-level oppurtunity, we use this to help create purpose for individuals, work teams and companies all over the world. We will inspire and challenge you by providing the knowledge and tools to reach your company's potential. It's what we do! It's how we support your success: by equipping you to take our teachings and empower you to apply them to your life. Transformation starts with YOU! Are you READY? My passion is your transformation. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Bruce ‘Zen’ Benefiel World Leader Mr. Benefiel’s professional career spans aerospace, team building, education delivery, event logistics, micro-lending for women and minority-owned businesses, theater management, radio and television production. Zen is a renaissance man with a new millennial mindset toward harmony in humanity. Instead of retiring, he accepted the role of Executive Director for a global peace movement called Live and Let Live. It fits his life’s mission, shared in ‘The Call.’ His books on Amazon offer practical wisdom and interviews with Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove and a presentation (IANDS 2010) example his thought leadership. Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, orphaned at birth, He entered the aerospace world as a machinist, Lieutenant of he grew up in rural Indiana with the Benefiels. an Emergency Response Team, and advanced to managing $7 His father, a 32nd Degree Mason/Tool and Die million a month in shipments. Maker and mother, an English teacher, encouraged his academic and athletic Time away from family proved too challenging for his wife and development with core ethics, morals and she divorced and moved their four children back to Indiana. values. Reconnecting with his birth mother at The divorce, separation from church and loss of job in the 61, unaware he’d met his father in Phoenix in same number of months prompted exploring his inner 1989. connection. He co-organized A Metaphysical Coming Together conference at the Biltmore Resort. A stellar athlete and student, he served as Master Councilor for the local chapter of He hosted One World, producing 120+ TV shows, where ‘Zen’ DeMolay. The International Order of DeMolay happened, exploring the nature of what keeps us afraid, angry, awarded Bruce the Representative DeMolay ignorant and immobile. Zen’s Mystic Moment was revealing. and Saving a Human Life Medal at the Indiana He worked with the Mill Avenue Merchants Association as State Conclave at Ball State University. logistics coordinator for the Tempe Arts Festivals and Tostito’s Fiesta Bowl New Year’s Eve Block Party, both with 250k+ Returning to Ball State a year later, in pre-med, patrons. he had a spiritual awakening on 11/11/1975. Trials and tribulations were noted by a ‘voice’ in Attending University of Phoenix, he earned an MBA and the Near-Death Experience; a forewarning. Secondary Teaching certification, teaching high school for Following the inner guidance provided, nearly a decade. rebranding and recreating his personal and professional life would be the norm. Dropping out of college a year later, marrying a year after, he worked as a butcher, machinist apprentice and played drums for a Christian rock band. The auto industry crash prompted a move to Phoenix, Arizona. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Finishing his tenure and earning a Master of Art in Organizational Management, he crafted a school/village concept ahead of its time. 20 years later he was invited to present at a virtual festival for regenerative community building. Zen facilitated over $200k in micro- loans for women and minority-owned businesses through teaching business plan writing classes and facilitating peer loan circles for Self-Employment Loan Fund. He trained as a life coach and construction partnering facilitation, which included the F-35 Operations and Maintenance Facility at Luke Air Force Base and later, the Centralized Processing Center in McAllen, Texas. Zen resides in Arizona with his ‘twin flame,’ Luba, a Kundalini yoga Zen played drums for Outcasts and teacher and conservatory-trained pianist originally from St. Petersburg, Social Misfits. He chaired ‘The Shift – Russia. His trials and tribulations were rewarded. They wed on the base Challenge to Change’ for ASTD’s AZ of Bell Rock in Sedona, AZ on the Fall Equinox of 2017. Chapter’s annual conference. He completed MIT’s ‘Transforming Business, Society and Self’ coursework. He co-hosted 2 Small Biz Guys talk radio; garnering over 200,000 listens, exploring business and organizational development topics. He led LinkedIn workshops for Phoenix SCORE. He now hosts One World in a New World after a 30-year hiatus, which led to the Executive Director role for Live and Let Live Foundation. Today, Zen’s businesses include Be The Dream LLC, Planck Social Media Agency LLC, Team Partnering LLC and United We Stand Productions LLC. His curiosity and passion for world servers and Ufology led to creation of Planetary Citizens and UfologyPress. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Jonathan Shroyer Forbes Council Under the prominent leadership of Jonathan Shroyer, the CEO, and founder of Officium Labs, the two-year-old startup has helped numerous companies improve their customer service exponentially. Officium Labs has literally become “The Future of Service.” Mr. Shroyer believes that serving others runs in his DNA. He has worked with reputed enterprises like Symantec, Microsoft, and Convergys. In the next phase, he further upgraded his career and collaborated with SMB and startups such as Kabam, Forte, and Postmates. This phase was more like a trial-and-error method for Shroyer as he was experimenting with his idea of “Future of Service.” The third phase saw him founding the highly innovative Officium. Jonathan, a doting father, and caring husband, dreamt of bringing to the table “the Future of Service,” and Officium was the medium that helped him convert this dream into reality. Mr. Shroyer, believes that hiring talented and capable people is one of the most impactful decisions that he makes for Officium Labs. He believes in his people and offers quality leadership. He uses his experience and knowledge to hire the smartest people and train and guide them so that they can build a vision that disrupts the market and creates the “Future of Service” Mr. Shroyer encourages everyone to be a lifetime learner. He wants people to be humble, kind, thoughtful, and smart. He believes that everyone needs to discover his/her passion and find a purpose in life. In his opinion, it is extremely important to be highly diligent and serve as an industrious steward for the world. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 H.E Dr. Tomasz Zaleski A Influential Personality His Excellency Tomasz Zaleski is the of the Royal Office of the United Arab Emirates and one of the most influential leaders in the Arab world. With his connections to various administrators ranging from politicians, humanitarian and Sheikhs, his excellency has broadened his horizons globally creating positive change and integrity in all of his endeavors. His Excellency Tomasz Zaleski is connected to the rulers of the Though who is the man you may ask behind the UAE and his humility has lead him to guide thousands of royal office inspiring so much morality and business and political leaders worldwide. He is a true mogul and rectitude. “Tomasz” is a humble personality his dignity and morality are a perfect reflection of all his known for his participation in charity successful ventures. initiatives including missions on the African continent along with his team of Royal advisors that he has personally appointed to guide him throughout this journey. His charitable work has improved countless lives and touched so many souls to strive out and replicate his honorable conduct. His excellency Tomasz Zaleski is the perfect staple member of parliament we as a society want to see represent us today. During his first months as chairman of the board, the Royal office has welcomed a number of international investors. As a result of this, business has risen significantly. His excellency has completely diversified and turned the royal office into the prestigious and receptive organization it is today. He growth of business at the Private Office of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi was a result of a very well planned strategy. That strategy being perfectly administered by non-other than his excellency. Serving through the leadership of the blessed Al Maktoum, ruling family of Dubai and His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi, Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Dr. Vivek Lall Chief Executive at General Atomics Global Corporation Dr. Vivek Lall is Chief Executive of General Atomics Global Corporation based in San Diego, California since 2020.Lall was appointed to the International Advisory Group of the US Chamber of Commerce in Washington DC in 2021. Lall also serves on the Board of Directors of US Japan Business Council and the Board of Directors of the US India Business Council in Washington DC. He also serves as Senior Advisor to the Center for Commerce and Diplomacy at the University of California San Diego as well as on the Board of the Center for Advancing Global Business at San Diego State University. In 2018, he was appointed by the United States Prior to Boeing he worked for Raytheon and conducted Government in a key advisory role to the US research with NASA Ames Research Center in various Cabinet Secretary heading Department of multidisciplinary engineering fields. Lall also was a special Transportation (encompassing entities like the advisor to the United Nations in New York, a role in which he Federal Aviation Administration) in Washington steered the multi-nation body frame policy and its DC which affects US and global aviation policies implementation in the area of broadband and associated cyber and technologies. Lall served as Vice President security issues. of Aeronautics Strategy and Business Development at Lockheed Martin based in Fort Lall earned a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from Worth, Texas. Lockheed Martin is the world’s Carleton University in Canada and a Masters of Aeronautical largest defense company. Prior to that he has Engineering degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University served as Chief Executive of U.S. and in Florida. He also has his Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from International Strategic Development at General Wichita State University in Kansas and his MBA from City Atomics Electromagnetic Systems. From 1996- University in Seattle. He has also completed management and 2011, Vivek held numerous marketing and executive courses at the American Management Association in engineering leadership roles with The Boeing Washington DC. Company in Seattle including the Airplane Performance and Propulsion Group. Lall was honored by the Governor of Kentucky as a Kentucky Colonel in January 2022 which is the highest title of honor He was appointed as Vice President and India bestowed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky and is the most Country Head, Boeing Defense Space & Security well-known honorary colonelcies conferred by United States in May 2007. He also worked as an adjunct governors. faculty member at Embry- Riddle, McConnell Air Force Base. He also served as the founding Co- Chair of the US – India Aviation Cooperation Program launched in 2005. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 US Presidents George Bush, Jimmy VIVEK Carter, Lynden Johnson, Ronald Reagan are some others that have been conferred this honor of Kentucky Colonel. Lall was also granted the Grand Cross by His Highness Mahmoud Salah Al Din Assaf from the Royal Order of Banu Assaf in January 2022.Lall has been given the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2021 in the presence of the ruling family of the United Arab Emirates and princess Märtha Louise, daughter of King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway at the Ritossa Family Summit which is the world’s leading family office investment conference, where world leaders and elite family office investors unite together to invest and create a brighter future for the planet. Over 400 elite family offices, prominent conglomerate business owners, Sheikhs, royal families, private investment companies, sovereign wealth funds and industry professionals representing over USD4.5 trillion in investor wealth attended the event. He has also received the 2008 OCA National Asian Pacific American Corporate Achievement Award in the US. Cambridge (UK) has listed him as one of only 2000 Outstanding Scientists of the Twentieth Century. He has also been cited in Who’s Who several times. He is in the Sigma Gamma Tau Aerospace Honor Society as well as the Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematics Honor Society. He was President of the Mathematical Association of America. He has authored over hundred articles in various journals. He was also trained as a private pilot at the Phoenix International Flight Training Center in Florida. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Paul L Gunn. Jr KUOG Corporation Paul L Gunn, Jr. has built a career around procurement, logistics, and supply chain. His impressive track record in this domain is evidenced by the firms he has owned and their flawless delivery performance records. Some of his noteworthy capabilities include: consulting, training and project management, implementing quality management systems, and technology solutions for global organizations leading cross-functional teams in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and America. He is also a proven leader in lifecycle and business process management. Paul has taken an active role in all the firms he has owned, including KUOG Corporation, and as such, he leverages his preferred servant leadership style and SME to drive all project phases from proposal generation to planning and execution. Notably, Mr. Gunn previously led one of his firm’s largest Quality Management System implementation projects for highly visible DoD end users. Under his leadership KUOG Corporation reached #273 on Inc’s Fastest Growing Privately held firms in 2021. Mr. Gunn is a USA Today and WSJ Best Selling Author and he consults regularly on Empathy in business. His new book Succeed The Right Way: What Every Compassionate Businessperson Should Know is based on the concepts he consults with on empathy in business. It is now available for preorder. His previous firm was listed as one Inc’s Fastest Growing Privately Held Firms at #67. Mr. Gunn holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Georgia State University and a Master of Science in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. He is also a Founder of Watertusk Corporation. His Articles can be found on Inc, Entrepreneur, Forbes and others such as Bizpreneur Middle East. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 John Andrew Blakemore Visionary Leader I am John Andrew Blakemore. In the1600’s. My family settled in the American states of Virginia and Massachusetts. They were prominent in governing the colonies as well as supporting and fighting in the American Revolution. Through family traditions, I have been involved in organizations that provide service and humanitarian help to those in need. During University, I became involved with The Easter Seal Society and supported their great humanitarian work. Later, I progressed to various Charitable Orders that reach out internationally. My most fulfilling work is that of attending to humanitarian needs and doing my part, in the endless task, of working to achieve World Peace. I am presently donating my time as Chairman His Royal Highness, Oheneba Nana Kwame Obeng II, King of and Administrator of the United Nations the Royal House of Sefwi Obeng-Mim recruited me to join his approved NGO; World Peace Mission and Royal Order to support his work in education, clean water and Human Rights Academy, and through that, work improving the quality of life for the people of his Kingdom in to provide aid, support and medical supplies to Ghana. Ukraine during their invasion by Russia. His Imperial Highness, Prince Ermias Sahle Selassie welcomed I have been honored with the Noble title of me into the Order of the Star of Honor of Ethiopia. The Order Fettor/Marquis, by Raja Don Leopold Nisnoni of is hard at work on a clean water project to benefit all Africa. Kupang, West Timor In addition to the various organizations that I have pledged my Through my genealogical research, I recently humanitarian commitment, I try to serve individual case needs became aware that I descended from the as I am able. I have been active in fundraising in support of Dynastic Lusignan Crusading family. I was various humanitarian causes, such as the Haitian and Albanian welcomed into their family and Dynastic Orders Earthquakes, and presently, Russia’s devastating war against and granted the noble titles of Count of Nicaea the Ukrainian people. and Marquis of Maraclea. I am active in recruitment of worthy candidates for their I am a staunch supporter of H.R.H. Prince, Dr. Taras Dynastic Orders. Shevchenko and his Humanitarian efforts of the World Peace Mission and Human Rights Academy. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 I am a retired Formula One Grand Prix photographer and journalist as well as writer and publisher of books and magazines. I have two children, a boy, John, and girl, Rebecca, and a Granddaughter, Penelope, living in Germany. I published my first book in 1980, an historical and photographic accounting of Postwar MG and Morgan cars. In 1992 I wrote a book on High Performance Driving that went into five editions and over 100 thousand copies, over fifteen years. The most recent book that I published in 1990 was “Freezing Speed - the Techniques of Grand Prix Photography”. For over fifteen years I followed the Formula One World Championship around the world, representing all of the photographers on the FIA press commission. All aspects of their safety working conditions were my responsibility. When I retired from International Racing coverage, I began publishing monthly newspapers and later magazines. I was the primary writer of my monthly publications as well as photography, layout and design. Presently, on a professional level, I am writing a collection of short stories of my random life experiences. I have been performing readings of my works in progress. Thanks to Will Viharo and “Noir at the Bar” for returning me to the written word and sharing my readings. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Brett D. Scott Success Alchemist Brett D. Scott is The Success Alchemist. What an on earth is that? It’s someone who helps people transform their bad habits & limitations into personal success & ultimately, freedom. Brett has created a multi award winning, metaphysical mindset coaching business, this includes a recent IBA Bronze Stevie for ‘Company of the Year’ in Consumer Services- Small for his business ‘Super-Charged Freedom’ formerly Freedom Coaching. Other accolades include being an award winning, bestselling author of two books; I Fly (True stories of overcoming adversity) and Super-Charged Freedom: Your Truth Will Set You Free. The goal from here is to have his CEO and team now grow the group coaching business, so that Brett can travel the world speaking into the power of mindset, spirituality and how to truly achieve your desired outcomes/goals in life. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Phillip Jones Managing Director of AuSum Enterprises, LLC AuSum Enterprises, LLC is a boutique limited As a person who was raised in a small farming community liability corporation based in New Braunfels, in Texas and having been raised by a teacher who served Texas. With an international focus, AuSum her community for 30 years, I hold strong values, morals, Enterprises provides global consulting services to and integrity that I exhibit when doing any form of source needs for businesses such as acquisitions, business. I pride myself in being authentic, mergers, and strategic partnerships. My foremost compassionate, and diligent in my business efforts. goal is to assist businesses in their pursuit of investors for a diverse range of industries, to My current role is at Realm Pictures International where I present unique projects seeking investment to an seek to locate debt investors, equity investors, and established international investor base, to give possible strategic alliances. Realm Pictures’ is working on insight into business situations that may create a new feature film named Steal Away which, once advantages in generating corporate revenue, and finished, will be acclaimed internationally as an inclusive to provide prospecting services for reaching high and social-impactful feature film. Steal Away is forecast profile C-level executives globally for various client by Nash Information Services to perform a median needs. revenue of $712 million with a production budget of $50 million. The synopsis given by CEO Stephen Ashley Blake To succeed in this endeavor, I have built an on the feature film titled, Steal Away resides in the link international network that provides access to Realm Pictures investors and investing entities that encompass a International’s website is diverse range of industries with a heavy focus on high net worth commercial real estate, feature films, TV films, media, clean technology, biotechnology, healthcare, life science, bio- pharma, and various types of disruptive technologies. Successful in recruited a team in Greece and Cyprus for the purpose of sourcing high-end commercial real estate properties for sale on the off-market that produced over 700 million dollars in inventory. Sourced a team in India for the purpose of sourcing five star hotel properties that may be disposed discreetly off-market with confidentiality producing close to 200 million dollars in off-market inventory. Successful in funding more than one billion dollars in humanitarian projects that once implemented, I will reside as the managing director. Some examples of the humanitarian projects are an animal sanctuary & hospital, therapy centers for addictions & mental health, an upscale hospital, housing for unsheltered homeless using clean technologies, and food pantries. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 I am in pursuit of finding investment into Singh Biotechnology or an acquisition for the purposes of completing further clinical trials for their life-saving product SBT-100 that is a Nano-sized antibody proven to be able to penetrate the cell membrane, the blood-brain barrier, and the blood-retina barrier. SBT-100 can access the central nervous system and once inside a cell the product can be utilized for two different targets at the same time. SBT-100 has a 90% suppression of pancreatic cancer within 3 days for example. SBT-100 can encompass over 50% of all cancers as a minimum, and is curative for autoimmune uveitis that is the third leading cause of human blindness. Greatly lowers toxicity of chemo-treatments to only 30%, and SBT-100 may also serve as a drug platform. Sing Biotechnology have been awarded two orphan drug designations by the FDA granting exclusive right to develop a cure for pancreatic cancer and osteosarcoma. A Pre-IND briefing packet for SBT-100 treatment of triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) also received a favorable review by the FDA. Singh Biotechnology’s web address link is The last project I would like to mention is looking to build a large streaming channel where celebrities and social media influencers would showcase grocery brands. In addition, the streaming channel would be connected to a next-gen shopping app that can bring innovative capabilities to consumers, brands and retailers that are part of the nearly $1 trillion grocery industry within the United States. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Satyapal Singh Director & CEO Global Energy and Environmental Engineering Services Limited (GE3S) After completing bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Country Experience: India, Malaysia, Netherland, Engineering, I got admitted to one of the India’s most Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, prestigious college i.e., Indian Institute of Technology, Switzerland. Bombay where I completed my master’s degree in environmental science and Engineering. Right after Satyapal Singh born in India in 1986, in a small completion of master’s degree in Year 2009, I got the first village of Rajasthan State, Nagla Karauli Born into Job in Climate Change and Sustainability Consulting Firm in a family with economic disadvantage. Now, I see India that helped me to travel across the country to provide that it was the best childhood life that I got from sustainability advisory services to renewable energy and my parents. energy efficiency projects. I got huge exposure when I traveled across almost every corner of my country. I remember, when I was five, my father used to go to querying in mines as a daily wage worker. He I put my life in the hands of others to take me to a better used to earn hardly INR 10-15 on a daily basis place and better life. Unfortunately, I was laid off in my first which too depends on whether the targeted work Job after serving almost 3.5 years. was completed or not. During my early stage of life, I used to go to supply food to my father just During the same period, I met my other half, it was time for only for the temptation of 25 Paisa ( ¼ of INR 1) me to share, to trust and build a family. She has been living in so that I can buy something out of 25 Paisa from a Mumbai since 1983 and pursued B.A. (Economics) and MBA shop in my village. in Human Resource and worked with companies like Cox & King, Aditya Birla Group, Johnson & Johnson. At age of 14, I left my village to study in the nearby city at the advice of my elder brother, it A month later got a Job in Qatar but benchmark was always was the first time when I experienced the closed home-grown organic food at my village and sleeping under room life as I had always slept under open sky in open sky. I realized this may not be fulfilled through job but my village. I was not getting convinced that city business only. life is better than rural life as in our village we used to grow organic vegetable, had our own farms, animals and large neighboring family where everyone knows each other’s. My brother asked me to concentrate on study therefore I tried my best and secured an admission in Engineering at state government college. Since I was in Hindi medium school till class XII and suddenly admitted to English medium Engineering college and eventually every report to be written in English, so it was great difficulty to cope up with new language but overcome it by translating each and every known Hindi world to English world. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 My life start changing when I arrived in the Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. I read a lot about country’s leadership thoughts about environmental conservation and sustainable development that completely suit to my short journey and experience at that point time. In year 2014, I established my own company “Global Energy and Environmental Engineering Services Limited” to cater the need of sustainable development. My Professional experience of over 14 years have been in business sourcing, strategy development, project management, and financial modeling for Renewable energy and Sustainability projects. I have worked with various Federal governments and international organizations like the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Pollution Control Boards, UNFCCC, World Bank, and Industrial Bodies. A notable contribution to environmental & sustainability management, related legal activities, technical methodologies, environmental monitoring, and analysis as per USEPA guidelines. Over the last 8 years of entrepreneurial journey, I have expanded company footprint to five different countries. During my entrepreneurial journey, I have: • Sourced, executed, and supervised the business from 200+ clients • Hired, trained, supervised, and managed over 100+ engineering staff • Managed and executed over 700+ assignments related to Low carbon project development, Tools and software development for water – Energy – Waste sector, IoT integration, LEED certification, Estidama, Environmental Studies, Sustainability/ ESG reporting, Waste management system designing, Solar energy, Industrial energy efficiency, MEP design, etc • Successfully verified and issued over 4 million Carbon credits for various renewable energy and industrial energy efficiency projects • Developed Policies, Procedures, Guidelines, and Frameworks in the domain of ESG/Sustainability. My vision is to become a though leader in the space of sustainable transition of society, business and built environment to create a sustainable future. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Mohammad Rashid Khoshnaw Successful Market Leader Mohammad is a passionate business leader and Mohammad’s successful brand and market development in was born as a brand, and to lead brands and Iraq started with JiBAL Mobile official Samsung partner in business development, while various brands have Iraq where he worked as National Manager leading, Retail been developed under his management through and B2B business lines where he achieved very successful choosing the correct strategy and right attitude, results not only at Iraq level but at the levant region, this he is also considered as is the most effective and lead JiBal Mobile handover Honor business to him where he influential market leader in the smartphone recorded another successful history of an immediate industry in Iraq. market share increase of Honor Mobile in Iraq only in less than one year, this is when he undertook iCenter an official Mohammad bears a charismatic and influential Apple distributor in Iraq as a Managing Director after three personality which makes him loved among all folding the business he was requested to re-join Android traders and business owners in the country, his platform again. honesty, truthfulness, humor, and respectful style gives a calm feeling to his business counterparts This time is realme smartphone brand in Iraq eventually while making him feel being on a mission to help narzo was also added as a sub-brand. Mohammad businesses and brands grow in his country. undertook realme as a Channel Direct and it saw the fastest growth than any other brand could have in less than a year Mohammad is a New Zealand-educated, dual citizen, and multi-lingual who started his carrier in New Zealand as a Software Engineer; after various creative and successful projects, he was a University Lecturer and also an entrepreneur at the same time, managing and leading two successful and profitable entrepreneurial projects. Mohammad felt he is in a mission to serve his country this is why after returning to country of birth (Iraq) initially he delivered lectures at both Ishik University (Now Tishk University) and University of Kurdistan Hawler, teaching and preparing students for a better tomorrow and creating more efficient business leaders in KRG – Kurdistan Regional Government. A few years of academic life put him on a bigger mission toward business and market development in both KRG and Iraq as a whole, this is when he dedicated his life toward business development while having a leg in Consultation, Mentoring, and Professional Development Programs as we as Coaching. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 where it still enjoys the same growth and brand position in the market, few years later Mohammad was also given OPPO brand from a sister company to manage, OPPO also saw an increase in the sales and brand visibility in the country and then undertook another sub-brand within the group and GM to develop and create brand visibility in the market. Mohammad has a strong and unbeatable personality that faces challenges fearlessly while he adjusts business strategy toward the market needs and demands, his rich experience and language skill allows an effective influence on the channel and market, today Mohammad’s successful fingerprints are on many smartphones’ brands in Iraq. Furthermore, his specific leadership and organizational skills make him loved by his team where he develops a team of professionals to manage sub-section of the business for him. He always listens to his team and tries to stay close to the market and adjust to market needs and demands. Currently, there is an investment eye on Mohammad where various investors want to undertake a new brand and manage the entire brand and project but care and selectivity is the main factor for him to consider while reviewing the options. Mohammad has always been confident and optimistic toward achieving his goals, he has a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering, and also a master’s in the same field where business is his main research topic along with various other diplomas in business development. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Gary Wilkerson World Ambassador Pastor Gary Wilkerson, Founder and Co-Chairman of KINGDOM BRIDGES, LLC, is a pastor and business executive with a passion for entrepreneurship. His passion to enhance the life of others is what ignites and drive the compassion within, and his heart is to utilize his education and experience to train and build leaders through opportunities of developing life application skills, implementing mentoring and entrepreneur programs that disciple the undisciplined. Gary, is also an entrepreneur and visionary with extensive experience in management, marketing, and sales on multiple levels, he is an entertainment production, development and international trade consultant. He was also a former owner and franchisee with Valvoline, Inc.. He is the founder of “Calling Down Heaven Ministries”, an outreach established to assist 3rd world ministries in the early development process, and a life mentor who emphasizes a community entrepreneur model in rural/village ministry programs . He is Vice President of “CentriCore” an Economic Development Corporation where he is a Co-Founder. He is an Author/Publisher, Founder and Manager of MN3 Productions, LLC an Entertainment Company. Missions is the foundation to everything he endeavors to do in life. He is the formerExecutive Director of Gilead Springs International, a USA NonProfit and Nigerian NGO whose primary aim is building up the lives of vulnerable children and widows, through training, education and providing resources through developing infrastructure. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Gary Wilkerson is the founder and co-chairman of KINGDOM BRIDEGES, LLC., a US based international company whose goal is to bridge an international network of business nation to nation while also offering resources of revolutionary technologies introduced through his US counterparts to merge with African nations for an enhanced infrastructure and revitalized economy. As the co-founder of AFRESMART Conferences, Global Ambassador, Pastor Wilkerson's labor is one executed from a heart of passion towards bridging the gap between nations to explore together the possibilities and potential of unifying our global efforts for a better world now. The AFRESMART platform is purposed to become a gateway to enabling 3rd World Communities to have a level playing field with the Western World in the Technologies Sector. Ambassador Pastor Gary Wilkerson is actively pursuing developments in West Africa through multiple companies and developments, as a co- founder and Managing Director of Michelsen Mining Ltd., a Nigerian mining exploration with an initiative to maximize the benefits of wealth to the indigenous people through their own natural resources. Other entities include ATERIA GLOBAL, LTD., a R & D company, True Guardian Commodities & Services, LTD an international trade and consulting company, Executive Director, Gilead Springs International, (NGO), His passion and commitment towards civility for all, has established him as an international ambassador of civility with ICN I Change Nations. I Change Nations is a Culture of Honor System; the organization is committed to bringing back the lost art of honor by building a Culture of Honor that recognizes individuals throughout the world who have exemplified extraordinary humanitarian efforts to effectively change nations. In addition he is the Team Lead for the CLIMATE ACTION Platform under Congress for Global Communication, a ICN organization. Most importantly, Ambassador Pastor Gary Wilkerson is a devoted follower of Christ, and a devoted husband, father and friend to many. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Darryl K. Horton Walking Miracle I rebuilt my Life after Life as I knew it was gone. I am the son of a Vietnam Veteran, a career Marine for 22 years. Being a teenager, my father and I, of course, had our disagreements although without a doubt, I wanted to be like him---compassionate, inspirational, an influencer, and strong. I have a very high pain threshold, but on May 11,2016 I was tested to my limit. I woke up that morning and felt a pain different from any other I had felt in 25 years. I managed to make my way to the emergency room. I was only going to get something to relieve the pain. When I arrived at the emergency room, the nurse met me at the door with a wheelchair. That was 11:30 a.m.; I never left the hospital. As the saying goes “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me”. I had to set After 2 MRI'S and a CAT scan, the on-call my daily goals and stay focused. I got up against doctors’ advice Neurosurgeon came in at 9:00 p.m. and told and stood up telling myself “Here we go”. If I can stand, I can me he could not allow me to go home. I walk; if I can walk, I can do anything I want. I thrive and strive needed emergency surgery immediately. He everyday to be and do more than the day before. cleared his schedule and performed the surgery the next morning. After a 10 1/2 hour The next 3 years I needed all the strength I had first to learn to procedure I woke up with 3 metal bars and walk again and endure all the challenges that I had to face both screws in my back from T-2 to T-10. Yes, that personally and professionally. Even with all the challenges I strength kicked in, and I needed it to endure face now, I have been blessed to have the right doctors, my journey to come. When I woke up, I had 2 nutrition, facilities, and determination available to assist in my doctors in my room, my Neurosurgeon and an recovery. Infectious Disease Specialist. Even though I'm not where I want to be yet, my journey has My Neurosurgeon told me I had no disk taught me so much about myself. After restarting my Nutrition between my 5th & 6th vertebrae and my business which was put on hold for a couple of years after spine was compressing; the Infectious Disease surgery, I have been blessed with opportunities to do more. We Specialist told me I had Coccidioidomycosis started an Appreciation & Gratitude Movement through one of (Valley Fever). my entities. Now I truly enjoy life and live my life by something my dad used to always say \" Let your works speak louder than Talk about a one two punch, I was your material possessions”. overwhelmed. The strength and DARRYL determination I had to draw on was huge, much like the same as when I became an entrepreneur. Because though people told me not to do it, you’ll never make it, and not truly understanding the journey, I realized that I would only recover and get stronger from my efforts, mindset, and determination. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 FRANK Frank Beckmann Investment Advisor Coming from a successful family business in the 3rd generation Frank worked as Executive on C- level in international companies for over 20 years in Germany and Asia. Eventually he co- founded a consulting firm in the field of digital parking & mobility for Real Estate developers and Smart Cities. Frank is nominated in Advisory boards in India and Bahrain. Besides projects for McKinsey, Roland Berger, PWC and Strategy&, he is asked as key-note-speaker on international events. Being a member of the AsiaCEO community Frank is a global networker with excellent relations to key-partners. Last year Frank has been appointed Senator and German Chair for the World Business Angel Investment Forum (G20). He is CEO of GVI Germany, an international Investment Advisory to foster innovation and startups/scalesups as well as to safeguard portfolio startups for VCs. In this role he is member of Gold Ventures Investment, an international Investment banking firm from Israel with partners and experts in over 30 countries. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Sir Simon Oehler 7 Star Simon, Visionary of a Golden Kingdom Let me tell you something about the Golden Kingdom. It’s in me and you, in all of us. It’s in our consciousness an inner process within. You have access, when you take a look inside. Deep in us, we find everything, that brings us in our real power in our glorious state. Close your eyes and see the golden door, which open up to your bright light shining room, where all of your thoughts, feelings and behave, your whole story find a certain place. It doesn’t matter what you did right or wrong, or you think you are worthy or not, or whether you feel comfortable with who you are or not, there is enough room for everything and everyone. Be ready for the unknown, your own journey, all you ever searching for, it’s already there. Not always the way you imagine, no not at all, it’s even better and surprises you, day by day. Every journey and every human being it’s kind of different, but in the center, we are all the same and going one way. We are all learning and expanding from each other and there is a deep desire to grow up, glow up and rise. So let us guide from the voice within, to do all the small things and bigger ones and to follow the signs and information, we all together find in this world. Let’s share and take care to improve and to move forward, as good as we can, each one of us, in own pace of development. Let us be a grand community of leading people and role models. I see a world in cooperation and liberation of what is not helping us anymore. And I see each and every one at the right golden place and time. We are the New, the World, we are the Golden Kingdom, by now. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Jeremiah Cummings Film / TV Actor & Author Jeremiah Cummings is a Film/TV actor, global model and international author based out of Savannah, GA. He recently appeared on TV One Fatal Attraction true crime series. Jeremiah attended Savannah Technical College where he received a Manufacturing Specialist Certification. After working 10 years in the industrial industry. He found his love for the art of acting. He pursued acting and training with coaches like Mike Pointer, Wendy Alane Wright Hollywood Circle and Landon Whitmire. A few years later, he got his starting recurring role as sheriff Crisp working with actress Patricia Arquette and Joey King in The Act (2019). Later that year, he played as a 1940s barber in the film The Glorias (2020) working with actress Julianne Moore. Throughout the years he worked-on shows such as Fatal Attraction, Black lightning and The Underground Railroad. Coming from a church family and being a preacher kid (PK), he continues to keep his faith and belief in the word of God. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Mike Motrici Creator of Success My vision its to work and become part of others company Mike Motrici born in Romania in 1973 , in a trusted to be there for other ,Country’s, people, business, to small village of North Country Dornest, protect all of as , to help young people having a future, hope Bucovina, Suceava! and to be safe on our planet! Born in to a family with disadvantage, I could All my work started great , ! I have open a Sport Club Endurro not dreaming about a better life or better Cross L.P.S in Romania where all age can enjoy the sport parents ! I have had to just imagining that in outside in fresh air and having the opportunity to meet great one day I will be able to help others family, sports people like Sports Man Graham Jarvis! children , and to do so many things ,that I have not being able to do then. I have open the project Lonely Wolf where will be lots of activity and will be offering a great place to stay and enjoying At the very young age I left Romania ,just after and many other interesting activities. Ceausescu dictator, with nothing just mai documents and a small plastic bag with me ! I New business I have opened in UK M&E Sprint transport, putt my life in the hands of others to take me offering new jobs ! to a better place and better life. It was very hard, to trust , to believe and having hope, but never lost my faith ! It was a very long journey for me not knowing what will be and where I will be ending. My life start changing when I have arrived in Germany after months of hard working to people on different Country’s. All starting to take shape, I was all ready start to learn language ,skills and understanding that if you don’t tray before you are feeling will not be good enough! Working, studying and saving it was in my mind and to go further and further . Life totally change when I meet my other half, It was time for me to share ,to trust and to build a family and to continuing to go further. I have moved where my heart belong and we have tide the knot. But never stopped going forward and forward. Its great to see what its in front of you how things are changing growing, connection , and so many other interesting things can happening. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Prof. Dr. Hossam El- Shazly President of Cambridge Corporate University Prof.Dr. Hossam El-Shazly is a Distinguished Scholar, Serial Entrepreneur, an Unconventional Strategist, Senior Politician, and a Disruptive Innovator. He is the current elected President of Cambridge Corporate University, the Former Presidential Candidate of Egypt 2012 & 2018, and the Former CEO of the CPI International Group; an International organisation that hosts seven companies with activities in corporate education, renewable energy, pharmaceutical, healthcare and blockchain industries and with offices and operation in 19 countries. Dr.El-Shazly is the chief architect of the story Prof.El-Shazly is also the leading developer of the of success of the CPI international group. SUPERHUMAN Concept & Project at CCU, where new futuristic Growing the firm from a middle-sized Swiss degrees are currently offered, including the MBA in Digital pharmaceutical company with a small Transformation and the Master of Artificial Intelligence in corporate training centre in 2000 to a global Health Care Management. giant group with forecasted activities of two billion Swiss Francs in 2016 with a broad Dr.El-Shazly is one of the known political figures & thought network of leading industry and business leaders in Egypt. Based on his superior international experience partners worldwide. as a Strategist, Change expert and Political & Economic Adviser, he played a significant role in shaping public opinion after the Professor ElShazly is the Principle Founder of 25th January revolution of 2011. the Corporate Education Curriculum at Cambridge Corporate University with the Dr. ElShazly is the Former Presidential Candidate of Egypt 2012 primary focus on specialised advanced & 2018. He regularly appears in known TV-talk-show & industry graduate degrees such as the MBA- Programs in different Languages, and his political and economic PIM, the first graduate degree with a major in articles are widely admired by field specialists. Pharmaceutical Industry Management offered worldwide. He has an outstanding record as an international negotiator with first class experience in managing global partnerships, The MBA-PIM became the hub of study and running and managing multilevel alliance negotiations with training for international pharmaceutical partners, agencies, distributors and principles in organisations, including the top-ranked ones. different cultures. He is also one of the leading developers of Postgraduate Change Management Programs, Innovation System studies and degrees at CCU. After being elected as the CCU President in July 2020, he led an unprecedented expansion and business transformation strategy that enabled CCU to reach students in more than 25 countries worldwide. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 George Naugle His Inspirational Story George Naugle started from humble beginnings, being brought up by a single mother living in subsidized housing and receiving social assistance. George always knew that he wanted to be a businessman and used to wear a suit and tie to school. The other kids would laugh at him and call him names, but George didn’t let it bother him because he had a dream. After trying to work in the workforce from the age of 17 to the age of 22, George gave up; working for someone else just didn’t resonate with him. At 23 years old, George started his own Successful Appliance repair company. He ran the company for six years but discovered that repairing appliances wasn’t what George liked to do; computers were his passion. He used to sell computer parts from home while running his Appliance Company during the day. One fateful day, George was looking for a new house to live purchase and was involved in a traffic accident that broke 3 of his ribs, rendering him helpless and unable to go onsite and repair appliances. him grow his company to Multiple seven figures over the That was when George hired his first staff next 20 years. member to perform the repair service while he stayed in the office and answered the telephone. Although George had another successful business, he still had a deep desire within him that he could serve the world George loves to keep busy and got bored, so he more, so he sold the computer business in the fall of 2017 decided to open a computer shop, not just any for multiple six figures. computer shop, but the largest in his hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. George took a year off, reflected on what he wanted to do, and decided to help other business owners learn what he The business started booming, and George began had learned over 35 years to create not 1 but 2 successful hiring employees to keep up with all the work. businesses. Adding the new employees created even more Their Vision is to create a Better, Richer World problems for George as they seemed lazy, didn’t for One and All. know what they were doing, and the business was suffering. George dove into personal development and courses on managing employees and created a solution that helped Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Guvenc Donmez A Extraordinary Personality In addition to that, Guvenc Donmez is also a Board advisor Guvenc Donmez is the disruptor CEO with and Angel Investor in Leading Bank in a CIS country, Ed- outstanding track-record. Being a high achiever, tech company in Turkey, Food-tech company in Germany, he has been listed in Top 5 Internet Company CEO Food-tech company in a CIS country, co-founder of Big according to Kommersant in 2020/21/22. Board Baker Restaurant Chain, with 15 restaurants in Turkey for advisor and Angel Investor in globally diverse his family business, as he, among other things stated, companies. names the family as the greatest value in his life. With his passion for the challenge, he transformed Member of Young Presidents' Organization Russia Chapter, 2 under-performing companies to successful exit the world's premier network of CEO's and business in the past 5 years, including IPO. leaders. He led Delivery Club from a struggling company to With the endless passion to learn and coach Guvenc also outright Food Tech Leader in Russia, in less than 3 has publications in Harvard Business Review years. Grew turnover from 200M$ to +1.5Bn$. Led Turkey and tech transformation to become the fastest delivery service (from 45 to 27 mins). Expanded business from an old-fashioned restaurant marketplace to next-generation groceries, flowers, pharmacies, take-away, tips and last mile service. Forbes nominated Delivery Club as Top 10 Tech company in Russia. Became Top 5 downloaded Food-Tech app in Europe. Reached profitability in core business, company was eventually bought by main competitor Yandex. Prior to that, Guvenc turned around Domino's in Russia from 19 stores with -30% profit to 186 stores and profit in less than 4 years and led it to IPO in London Stock Exchange under DP Eurasia NV. He introduced first 30 Mins garanteed delivery and launched E-commerce from ''0'' made it 80% of delivery sales. As a result, Domino's Russia became fastest growing country globally in 2016/17/18 and received Best Masterfranchise Award. Previously, Guvenc was an executive with international experience in world leading companies. He’d been working in Procter & Gamble for 13 years, with 1Bn$ Turnover, 20 categories, Top Talent track record (Turkey/Switzerland/Russia), has been the CMO for Samsung Electronics at 6 Bn$ company turnover. Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Charbel Zreiby Founder at LITT FZCo Extensive experience, professional expertise, and a passion for empowering others towards success underpin Charbel’s dynamic and supportive approach to the coaching experience. Client-focused and passionate about inspiring others to become their best, he is a talented coach with outstanding skills in a broad range of areas. Charbel’s vision is to enable his team or clients with the confidence they need to stride towards a bright future of their own creation, undergoing their own unique process of transformation to discover their authentic selves. As a business leader (& executive coach) with through extensive reading and ongoing professional more than fifteen years working in a diverse development. environment, Charbel knows first-hand the value that a strong leader can bring to a Using a solution focused, structured and practical approach business and to the lives of their team. It is this to coaching, Charbel guides you to develop a comprehensive realisation that has shaped Charbel’s career, set of strategies that enable you to manage stress, navigate bringing with it an understanding of just how change and thrive through periods of transition. Tailoring his powerful of a pathway leadership can be in practice to meet your individual goals, Charbel shines a light helping others to develop their capacity, gain on your blind spots by challenging limiting mindsets, momentum, and unlock their potential. Over recognizing past obstacles and building confidence in your the course of the years, Charbel has been strengths. Through a process that supports you to overcome recognized as a masterful leader on numerous challenges and break down perceived barriers, Charbel will occasions through his achievement of a variety equip you with the skills you need to level up both of industry awards within the fields of professionally and personally, as you delve deep into Information technology and business. His leadership and explore advanced patterns of result-driven experience working at a multinational level communication. enables him to bring a global perspective to his coaching work and gives him the ability to connect with clients from different parts of the world, using a unique combination of strategies that build trust and lay the foundation for maximizing success, fulfillment and productivity. Certified as an Intelligent Leadership Master Coach and active as an International Coaching Federation member, Charbel upholds meticulous standards within his coaching practice. He enjoys saturating his spare time with learning all there is to know about leadership from a diverse range of perspectives, Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Antwaun Thompson Coach & Author Antwaun Thompson or Coach T®, has coached and mentored young men and women, helping to improve their athletic skills, personal growth skills for over 35 years. Coach T®, is the founder and executive Director of JLT Fieldhouse, a 501c3 nonprofit youth coaching and mentoring organization, dedicated to “Coaching and Mentoring the Leaders of Tomorrow”. The programming consists of one-on-one private lessons, group clinics, Invitational open gym sessions, summer camps, summer league, as well as special events. All the programs are coed and well attended by both girls and boys. They cater to kindergarten through high school students. Their programs are designed to show the comparison between team sports and real life. The importance or communication, teamwork, accountability, personal responsibility, goal setting, conflict resolution, leadership and more. Antwaun’s mission statement, “I Provide Enhancements That This organization is named in honor of his late Changes Lives.” father, Sgt. Maj. Joe Lewis Thompson, USMC, who adopted Antwaun and his older brother “The biggest joy I get out of what I do is simple, seeing kids after their mom and Joe were married. “JLT” excel by putting for the effort, with a great attitude. It is the stands for Joe Lewis Thompson, the man credited foundation by which tehri futures will be determined.” for making him the man I am today. He served in the USMC for 30 years, retiring as a Sgt Major in Parents hire him to educate, support and inspire personal 1990. Unfortunately, he passed in 1996 to growth skills in their preteens and teens that will better Leukemia from his exposure to Agent Orange prepare them by taking ownership of tools for a prosperous during his time in Vietnam. For years, Antwaun future. Soft skills are not a priority of the public education searched to find a way to honor the man that systems but are crucial to the success of our next generation provided him, his mom, and his brothers a better of leaders. life. His coaching philosophy includes three important He is also the owner of Coach T’s Corner®, an components: simplicity, effort, and attitude. The first online mentoring academy that is designed to component, simplicity is important because kids inherently “Educate, Support and Inspire” our future leaders already assume that life is already difficult. By focusing on of tomorrow and to better prepare them to take the most basic aspects of their day to day lives, the needs to ownership of the tools for a prosperous future. answer questions about their lives that have not even been He assesses and implement the appropriate asked of them, reduces, or eliminates the anxiety and stress solution using his S.E.A. of Success Program®. of being a preteen and teenager. Results can be seen in as little as 60 days. His work is geared to middle and high school students, parents of teens and the educators empowered to prepare them! Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 The second component, effort, is important because you get out of life what you put into it, and effort is no different. Putting forth 100% effort in academics, athletics, relationships, etc. not only strengthens each of these areas, but also increases self-esteem and confidence. With increased self-esteem and confidence, there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome. And this leads to the third component and most important, attitude. Even if you have simplified aspects of your life and put forth maximum effort, it means absolutely nothing if you attitude is negative. A person’s attitude will determine their altitude in life, without question. When there are bad days, your attitude can empower you to overcome stress and anxiety that may be holding you back. The S.E.A. Of Success® methodology is broken down and applied to 11 keep personal growth and development skills for preteen and teen success in his book, The Ultimate Gide to Success for Preteens and Teens. Antwaun also shares real life experiences that have inspired him to continue his journey. Antwaun also hosts his own podcast, Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders with Coach T®. On this podcast, he interviews parents, educators, business owners, coaches and others that have the impact to develop the leaders of tomorrow. All of his social media information can be found at Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Coach Mario Gryka Exceptional Personality Historical power has profound progressive Democracy, Azem Hajdari and cultivated or designed all traces of its temporal change. Mario Gryka is common plans in the power of freedom. Albania, such a small the protagonist of national history as one of and transitional country, certainly needed to create a history of the main founders of democracy and freedom independence and why it was formally proclaimed in 1912. in Albania. Factors that have mediated his Mario Gryka then administered all socio-economic campaigns success in key roles in structuring political because the Albanian people had new movements that were overlap have historically established his used in various sectors to steal and plunder whatever was personality in drastic decisions following the targeted by political soldiers. In this mass consciousness, the worst events of the 1990s in Albania. The Albanian people shouted his name ( Mario Gryka) as well as the danger of moral intimidation and Hero of Democracy Mr. Azem Hajdari held to this day, a name discrimination that has given rise to which made history in Albania. Mr. Gryka The throat in every widespread injustices in the mass arena of major undertaking of their rallies, worked hard in socio-political socio-political protagonism sought to progress and the realization of national freedom at all costs. undermine the power of people's freedom and the great changes in politics. One of the Mr. Mario Gryka , This historic name organized everything for fall most popular aspects of Communism was the of communism and after the 1990s marked a new decade of massacres, discrimination, and closed great influence and entrepreneurship in the business or authorities that were defined by the masses, humanitarian field of which Mr. Gryka lead a great space for which accepted many guides of absurd rules converting national and international opportunities. He has that traded the nation's values over long-term been acclaimed and has been part of several international and vested interests. conferences and the content of high security as a major method of political development in the country. Mr. Gryka after the 1990s win , became part of and was recognized as one of the few The nature of the activity among the many pressing directions, at names that sacrificed their lives for the that time of deep institutional disorder, Mr. Gryka , After a few freedom of the country. He penetrated years, came to dominate the space of high security regulations among many individual initiatives, into in collaboration with various sectors of the economy, business groups, and personalized his views towards and politics. the crowd to increase the power of management over foreign diplomacy structures in order to cover security in the country. He created the first movement of democracy leadership in solidarity with the leader of democracy Mr. Azem Hajdari. After the 90's, Mr. Gryka selected collective rights in good faith to represent the interests of the citizens and to have high accountability, high security functions in the country, especially in 1997 where the war began and the state was crisscrossed with extraordinary difficulties regarding collective balance of political administration. At this time, Mr. Gryka organized independent movements, where it created the maximum protection capability that guided in the shadow, the Hero of Hoinser Media Group

Hoinser Powerful Men 2022 Dr. Milan Krajnc During the recent pandemic, there was an increased A Perspicacious Man demand for Dr. Milan's services and books. Many people began looking for new forms of organization, ways of Struggles lead one in two directions- total failure living, and meaning in life. When he sensed it himself, he or full-blown success. Dr. Milan Krajnc is from the started spreading his content all over the media, fetching latter category of people. A troubled childhood him clients from around the world. disrupted by alcohol and violence could break Dr. Milan is the kind of person who follows what he feels one’s spirit to fight for a normal life, leave alone a without overthinking his decisions. “I help people free successful one. But Dr. Milan fought back by themselves from the past they are trapped in and bring escaping into sports and writing. Writing songs & their potential to life. So, they can say they are finally short stories and coached track and field of 200m alive. Or else, I am a time seller. I help people live every and 400m kept burning the passion of becoming a moment for themselves,” he explains in this regard. He winner in life. The five times national champion is feels an incredible power within when he sees a problem now a successful psychotherapist, a reality arise because he enjoys and finds peace in providing therapist from the Institute of Dr. William Glasser, solutions to people. and a Transactional analyst from the Institute of transactional analysis. Dr. Milan also holds a Doctorate in Management from the European Center for Peace and Development University for Peace established by the United Nations and is an Honorary Doctor of Arts. He is also an Associate Professor for Public management, European Center for Peace and Development University for Peace established by the United Nations, and a Professor at the Open World Program at Al-Khalifa Business School. Even as a physics student in the Faculty of Education, he very quickly started teaching elementary and secondary physics, realizing that he was not going to teach that way all his life. So, he quit public service and initiated his business, optimizing work in various companies and helping to develop the information system. The comprehension that clear thinking and good communication benefit every organization, he studied psychotherapy. Thinking broadly, owing to his interest in the field of astronomy and the tendency of not letting the lines of worry ruin things are Dr. Milan's stand-out qualities. That doesn't shadow the astounding reality that he is the writer of over four hundred books, a hobby that helps him purify his soul and balance life. Of course, playing sports regularly also helps him stay on top of his game. Hoinser Media Group

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