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Published by Hoinser Group, 2021-11-06 21:01:56

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Hoinser Group November 2021 Hoinser News HOINSER NEWS Hoinser Group Ceo&Founder: Denisa Gokovi Editor-in-Chief: Hermes Gokovi [email protected] +355695473048 Ahmed Abdul-Aziz Shaat Yvette C. Owens His Creative Personality Founding Partner at DestinySpeak Since I was raised in a war-torn region, Yvette C. Owens, the \"Business my history has been shaped by war Ambassador,\" helps leaders… and political conflict. Mike Motrici Dr. Randi D. Ward His Mission in Business Believing Anything Is Possible Mike Motrici borne in Romania in 1973 , in a small village of North Country Dornest, Bucovina, Suceava! Life has so many twists and turns--- detours and winding roads with bumps… HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group November 2021 Hoinser News WELCOME HOINSER NEWS “Hoinser Magazine Supplement” is dedicated to promoting and advertising outstanding individuals at various levels o business throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, USA, UAE. Circulation and Distribution: The seasoned management team at Hoinser Magazine Supplement is targeting a total combined circulation of 50K online publications. The Magazine Supplement is published to fortnightly service approximately 30K readers.

Hoinser Group November 2021 Hoinser News Ahmed Abdul-Aziz Shaat His Creative Personality Since I was raised in a war-torn region, my history has been shaped by war and political conflict. In my youth, I witnessed several wars, such as the Gulf War, the Afghan-Russian conflict, the Iraqi-Iranian conflict, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict all at the same time. I remember watching UN efforts, staff, cars, and camps as a child. It fascinated me that they could possibly make a difference. I was able to observe their abilities during this time. I became more familiar with international diplomacy, international law, and the United Nations after Dr Boutros Boutros-Ghali was appointed Secretary-General of the United Nations on 1 January 1992. His story intrigued me, and I wish I had gotten a better chance to know him. Having done so, he opened our eyes It is only by understanding and In particular, the primary reason to the causes of human conflict. mitigating that one can attain the behind my study of law is that I Undoubtedly, he was the first to most distinct approach to the believe it is the best means of introduce me to the term truth. understanding the divergence conflictology. between the role played by politics The truth of today does not and international law, as well as His influence led me to study the necessarily determine the truth of the vital role international actors religions of the Middle East, including tomorrow. Cairo's truth could be a and power play in all this. the history of God in this region. I disastrous mistake for London. A learned that no one had all the multitude of factors, like time and Fortunately, I was a student of Dr answers, and no one is absolutely location, can affect the truth. Sami Abdul Hammed, who taught wrong. I have extensive experience in the international law at Alexandria defence and government University and was the previous His extravagant terms meant - I am contracting industries. I have also Egyptian ambassador to the United accurate, even though I could be participated in political decision- Nations. He outlined the UN's goals wrong, and others are wrong, even making processes and am currently as well as why it is difficult to though they may be right. pursuing a master's degree in achieve them. anticorruption and diplomacy at IACA and UNTAR. HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group November 2021 Hoinser News Further, this kind of participation provides me with the opportunity to explore the interdisciplinary and dynamic role of a political advisor. Using a structured lens for analysing my responsibilities and strengths, I have to develop the skillsets typically required for effective advising, learn from peer perspectives, as well as extend my own network within the advising field. I'm Ahmed Abdul-Aziz Shaat, and I am pleased to introduce myself. As a graduate of law and international law (ITAR regulations), an Egyptian citizen interested in conflictology and counterterrorism, I hope that the UN and international diplomacy can make the world a better place and I hope to contribute to this. HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group November 2021 Hoinser News Yvette C. Owens Founding Partner at DestinySpeak Yvette C. Owens, the \"Business Ambassador,\" helps leaders build healthy cultures through leadership and organization development. She creates strong, healthy cultures, developing both the individual and organization simultaneously. Yvette has navigated the traps of the minds, personalities, and situations stifling success in Fortune 500 companies, communities, and ministry organizations. She equips teams to broaden with solid feedback loops for the agility and flexibility to adjust when required. their perspectives of growth, As an overcomer of the kind of organizational stress that tests one at the very cohesiveness, and joint core, Yvette desires to let others know they too have what is necessary to rise accountability. Yvette believes above the day-to-day corporate cultures and challenges that can leave one that there is an ideal culture feeling beaten and broken. for every person based on behavioral drives and She has successfully coached leaders to identify barriers hindering accelerated cognitive abilities. growth and inviting work environments to fulfill its vision. Tremendous success results Yvette created a platform, The Diplomat Chronicles, a leadership forum, from selecting team members equipping leaders to execute strategic cultural differences. Her experience and building teams from the includes cross-cultural leadership development, organization design, perspective of core values, facilitation, leadership assessment, and coaching. key performance indicators, and individual needs and \"Company Culture with Yvette C. Owens\" is the weekly podcast where she attributes. shares ideas that challenge the status quo and highlights behaviors influencing organizational experiences. The most recent topics tackled were: 'Freedom To In every setting, Yvette gives Overthinkers' and 'Leadership and Control Are Not The Same’. the organization's greatest asset, the people, the The \"Leadership Conversations\" is a monthly broadcast hosted by Yvette where strength, knowledge, and she engages in lively, authentic conversation with a team of colleagues and skills to move beyond their guests concerning leadership issues. Broadcast topics include 'Think Your Way mindsets and reach their ideal into Better' (Importance of Critical Thinking) and 'Minority Myths & state. Microaggressions in the Workplace.' Yvette insists all plans must represent the voice of all impacted parties from transition to execution and reinforced implementation… HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group November 2021 Hoinser News Yvette serves as Vice President of the Trustees and faculty for the Donald W. T. Cary School of the Creatives. Her focus is building and supporting the leadership team and providing a leadership curriculum for students, such as the 6-week Leadership Mastermind for ages 14 to 18 called \"I Am the Answer.\" The school breaks from The author of \"Conquering Corporate Enemies: Mind. Personalities. Situations.\" (Book the traditional academic & Workbook) as well as \"No Bosses Allowed || Lead to Serve & Transform. approach in the United States, cultivating faith, Yvette highlights the importance of diplomacy and critical leadership practices that creativity, and transform individuals and organizations to maximize client/customer experiences and celebration. profitability. The school was founded An eCourse accompanying \"No' Bosses Allowed || Lead To Serve & Transform\" in honor of her father, provides practical application to each participant's unique scenarios. The eBook and Donald W. T. Cary, a eCourse is valuable reference throughout one's leadership journey. musician and educator who poured into the Yvette created The Diplomat Academy, a library of online courses and coaching lives of thousands of material addressing the more sensitive topics that stimulate and reinforce leadership students in the public emotional intelligence, confidence, sense of value, and ability to overcome the school system, the challenges leaders encounter. Courses include: 'Life After Procrastination', 'Empathy: community, and through How to Be Present Without Getting Lost In It', and 'Champion Change Communication'. private lessons. Yvette is a certified change management professional (CCMP) and certified SAFe Agile professional. She received both her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Marketing, focusing on studying people and creatively meeting the audience's needs. Building a family legacy through music, education, ministry, community development, and networking with multicultural leaders bring Yvette joy. HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group November 2021 Hoinser News FRANK SVENTEK Label Solutions Mission Profile: Internationally Acclaimed Consultant and Inventor of disruptive technologies in the printing press industry. Inventor of new technologies in the transportation industry with applicability in the defence industry. Successful entrepreneur and business leader. Father of 4 boys. Professional Outlook: In 1978, Frank Sventek joined the printing industry in Australia and through the years became CEO and owner of Label Solutions Pty Ltd: Considered one of the world’s leading experts and consultant of the printing press industry. In 2014 started his current company: system that increases the press Provided technological and SVF Systems: A research and speed and advances to new breakthrough solutions to the major development company that levels the quality of the gloss conglomerates in the printing industry introduces and promotes new finish. globally that included, among other technologies not only for various things, corporate support in their segments of the printing industry, 2007- Invented the new state research and development efforts; but also for such sectors as people of the art digital image transfer technological solutions to intransigent and goods road transportation, technology – a disruptive problems; press performance home appliances, defence, and technology that promises to improvements; introduction of recreational sectors. take the printing press industry innovative new technologies; updates to a new level. on existing technologies; training on Drawing on the many decades of on- maintenance, and implementation of the-field accrued experiences and its 2010- Invented a new add-ons. principals. groundbreaking device that safeguards driving on ice and In 1996 he began Flexo Press and Specific Inventions : can potentially save billions of conversion equipment manufacturing Euro and thousands of lives in while continuing to offer technological 2005 - Invented the New Varnish the transportation of goods and training and high end consulting all Curing System – a revolutionary passengers. around the world. Thereafter he became CEO and Managing Director of a large, Cyprus based, label printing company. HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group November 2021 Hoinser News 2010-2021 continuing to invent novel technologies that This invention can also be retrofitted on airplanes help make living safer, more pleasant, and more and will provide protection to the plane, the people comfortable. and goods during landing and take-off, thus avoiding cancellation and or delays of flights and - Franks inventions regarding the press industry, thereby saving billions of Euros for the air-transport promise to make digital printing of higher quality than industry. the traditional currently available printing presses, significantly cheaper, significantly faster, and more - Finally this device can be retrofitted on versatile. current military vehicles which would allow them to travel in extreme weather, and either on ice or - The ice transportation device invented by Frank, can through heavily muddy/slurry road be retrofitted on existing transport vehicles for both people and goods. This will allow transport without Frank Sventek through his company SVF systems is interruptions and or delays regardless of the weather an Associate member of EUCED (European conditions. Economic Interest Grouping) and Cyprus Ambassador of Commonwealth Entrepreneurs It promises to save billions of Euros that are currently Club. lost during the winter as a result of icy roads. It will also save thousands of lives (some estimate puts the lives lost annually due to weather conditions to about 250,000) because road accidents during extreme weather conditions will be avoided or minimised. HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group November 2021 Hoinser News Dr. Randi D. Ward Believing Anything Is Possible Life has so many twists and turns--- detours and winding roads with bumps and cracks--- that change our life directions. Dealing with these obstacles takes perseverance, courage, and a never- ending belief you can accomplish anything. My life philosophy is “Believe. Don’t dream big; dream BIGGER. The sky is the limit so reach for the stars”. I spent 37 years as an American Language Arts/Gifted Education teacher. I was a West Virginia pioneer in the Gifted Program. My late husband Bill and I raised our son Mark; cared for our four St. Bernard dogs, our beagle, and two cats; and enjoyed a comfortable upper-middle-class lifestyle. Retiring in 2008 in Georgia, I thought it would be great to do whatever I wanted, but I became totally bored and had no purpose now. Before I left, I had transformed into I have had amazing stories I In 2011-12, I got the opportunity to a lady who could handle almost any could have told, but this was the teach young Egyptian adults English. situation. most important. Three months On November 3, 2011, I headed to after writing the first word, Cairo with my sincere desire to make Returning home in February 2012, Because I Believed in Me (My a difference in the students’ lives. American Randi had been reborn. I Egyptian Fantasy Came True) was discovered an even more born. In January 2013, I returned Little did I know Egypt’s second independent Randi. to Cairo for the launching of my revolution would begin one week book as well as for my first after my arrival, and I would be living As always, I had dreamed bigger. I English center (Rise Up). Sadly, three blocks from Tahrir Square, the had journeyed to Egypt to teach we closed in 2014 due to the violent revolution center. young adult students, create new poor Egyptian economy. Samar memories, and live the unique life Farouk and I opened 6 October I knew no Arabic and was unfamiliar in this exotic culture. It was an Nursery School in Egypt in 2014. I with Egyptian/Islamic culture; the first unforgettable life challenge. taught pre-school children few weeks were challenging. The I had always wanted to write a English via Skype. Samar became Egyptians did their best to book. very ill; this school closed in support/protect me, but I knew I must 2015. become self-sufficient. HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group November 2021 Hoinser News I do not consider either school closings as failures. I My most recent ones include 2021 Honorary learned much about becoming an entrepreneur and Humanitarian Doctorate and 2020 Female Visionary, fulfilled one dream—owning my own schools. 2021 Educator of the Decade, Hall of Fame/Lifetime Achievement (IAOTP). My passion as a writer, my second career, grew to include short stories, poetry, blogs, magazine articles, In August 2019 I was on the cover of Marquis Millennial motivational/entertaining YouTube videos, and novels-- Magazine with a one-page article and will be in its 2021 - positive writing with happy endings. I have been upcoming book. In August, I was awarded a 2021 All published in magazines, newspapers, anthologies, my Women Rock Global Red Blazer of Excellence Award website, and YouTube channel. from Carl Wilson. In 2020 I was in an International Best Seller book in In 2020 I was honored as a Beautiful Survivor, Inspiring Quarentena and Beyond. In December, I will publish Global Change Maker, “She Inspires Me” award, and more of my books beginning with my novel Random 2021 100 Most Successful Women in Business award. Wanderings. As a new 2020 Visionary Book Consultant Coach and This year I have appeared in Global Achievers, Volume Master Editor (Career #3) with four coaching 1; Finding Joy in the Journey, Volume 2; World Leaders certifications, including NLP, I am the chief Experts Book; Iconic World Leaders; The Red Blazers; editor/contributing author for several online magazines 100 Most Successful Women in Business. and personal books of authors. As a People Person/Adventure Seeker, I have traveled to 60 countries in four continents. My love for Africa and animals got me involved with groups saving endangered animals in Kenya and Zimbabwe as a serious advocate. I have humbly been recognized with numerous honors/awards. HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group November 2021 Hoinser News Elnora Rose Celis WHEN PASSION MEETS PROFESSION FOR A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE Elnora Rose Celis was born in Cebu, Philippines, of Spanish and Chinese heritage. She came from a large and religious family and was educated in a secular and religious environment. She attained a post graduate education and exercised her profession in areas such as clinical psychology and school management. Her other passion deeply lies in the fashion and entertainment industry. She currently works as Chief Academic Officer for Global Operations at Richmindale, an Educational Institution that offers in-person and online education in the USA, UAE and PHILIPPINES. She has been a licensed Clinical Psychologist since 2015 and a member of the Psychological Association of the Philippines which is regulated by the Professional Regulation Commission. She worked as a School Principal at a K-12 Private School prior to joining She did private practice of her Richmindale in Abu Dhabi, UAE. profession when she received the license, opened her own clinic and Although she lived a normal life but she found herself being in the group conducted counseling and of affluent people in the city. She became an honorary member of the psychotherapy to people in all walks Surprise Club an Affiliation of Rotary Club Asia and later she also became of life. a member of the Chamber of Commerce in the city where she lived, and she mostly associated with the society influencers and civic leaders in She got interested in paranormal the city. studies, and did some research in this area and then became a specialized In her younger years, she was keenly fascinated in the performing arts. speaker in different universities and Acting was one of her favorites, so it would be an easy feat for her to was engaged in educating aspiring become a resident actress in Bantawan Sugbu, one of the professional psychologists and other professionals theaters in the city… about Paranormal Phenomena. She worked as a professor in psychology for more than 12 years in several universities in Cebu, Philippines. HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group November 2021 Hoinser News she contributed to the early organization of the local TV program Pukaw Productions, also taking a role in Little Boy Productions, in short acting became a passion to her then. She engaged also in the fashion industry and pursued modeling. She completed a short course in Fashion Designing at Cebu Fashion Institute and had a chance to showcase her designs in galas and fashion shows at prominent venues in her city. She competed in beauty pageants during college days, and then became the chairperson of a beauty pageant organization called My Pretty Mama Philippines in 2014, an organization of mothers who want to pursue their dreams of becoming a Beauty Queen even after marriage and becoming a parent. That organization opened a door for her to become one of the contributing psychologists who handled the women empowerment program for the beauty queens in the country. Being a practitioner in the explanations and other trending topics within the surrounding communities. field of psychology, she She is incredibly passionate about women’s mental health in general. became a frequent commentator in a radio Her career right now plays a large part of her life and is considered both a fulfilled program called Bomboo story and a timeless initiative. Being at the top level of an organization is quite an Radio Philippines. accomplishment and it’s because she worked her way up. According to her, the career hasn’t been laid on a bed of roses, she had to earn the right degrees as She addressed various issues well as gain enough work experiences in order to qualify to be on top of an involving psychological Academic Institution. She had to endure challenges and had the right attitude explanations about violence, towards things. sexual assaults, sexual deviations, teenage pregnancies, paranormal… HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group November 2021 Hoinser News “Being a leader doesn’t mean you are the boss; leadership means servanthood,” which is her mantra. And as a clinician for mental health, she counsels and performs therapies out of passion for people who are experiencing difficulties in finding their life's purpose or having some personal struggles. She aims to help others attain healthy minds as they pursue their life goals. According to her, “The only way to be truly satisfied with work is to do what one believes as great work. The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Elnora is passionate about what she does and believes that if she does her job well and couples it with compassion, sincerity and hard work, she will tremendously succeed. She doesn't let negativity get in the way. She agrees with Steve Jobs who once said, “Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions drown out your inner voice.” The world is at its peak of innovation where Artificial Intelligence is wallowing the market. Technology as a key for maximizing knowledge permeates one to fully adopt what is going on in the industry. If an individual remains ignorant about the current applications, one will remain behind others who constantly update their skills to meet the standards and needs in the industry. Based on her experience, traditional and close-minded people are unable to cope with the standards in the industry. Prof. El, as she is fondly called, encourages everyone, as much as possible, to continue learning new skills and take advantage of the situation that COVID-19 has caused to the changes in the global market. Everything is possible with the technologies that society has right now. If there’s life, there’s hope. “Keep dreaming and enhancing your skills. Interact with people and learn from each other. Balance the time and have a life with your loved ones as well. Dream big and make it come true,” Elnora utters as her wise words for everyone. HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group November 2021 Hoinser News Mike Motrici His Mission in Business Mike Motrici borne in Romania in 1973 , in a small My life start changing when I have arrived in village of North Country Dornest, Bucovina, Germany after months of hard working to people Suceava! Borne in to a family with disadvantage, I could on different Country’s. All starting to take shape, I not dreaming about a better life or better parents ! was all ready start to learn language ,skills and understanding that if you don’t tray before you are I have had to just imagining that in one day I will be able feeling will not be good enough! to help others family, children , and to do so many things ,that I have not being able to do then. Working, studying and saving it was in my mind and to go further and further . Life totally change when I At the very young age I left Romania ,just after meet my other half, It was time for me to share ,to Ceausescu dictator, with nothing just mai documents and trust and to build a family and to continuing to go a small plastic bag with me ! I putt my life in the hands further. I have moved where my heart belong of others to take me to a better place and better life. and we have tide the knot. It was very hard, to trust , to believe and having hope, But never stopped going forward and forward.Its but never lost my faith ! It was a very long journey for great to see what its in front of you how things are me not knowing what will be and where I will be ending. changing growing, connection , and so many other interesting things can happening. HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group November 2021 Hoinser News My vision its to work and become part of others company trusted to be there for other ,Country’s, people, business, to protect all of as , to help young people having a future, hope and to be safe on our planet! All my work started great , ! I have open a Sport Club Endurro Cross L.P.S in Romania where all age can enjoy the sport outside in fresh air and having the opportunity to meet great sports people like Sports Man Graham Jarvis! I have open the project Lonely Wolf where will be lots of activity and will be offering a great place to stay and enjoying and many other interesting activities. New business I have opened in UK M&E Sprint transport, offering new jobs ! HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

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