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Published by Hoinser Group, 2021-10-24 16:24:33

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Hoinser Group October 2021 Hoinser News HOINSER NEWS Hoinser Group Ceo&Founder: Denisa Gokovi Editor-in-Chief: Hermes Gokovi [email protected] +355695473048 Christina Collura Dr. Olubogu Ifeanyi Founder of Creative Beginning LMA Mission To be an influencer is to make Dr. Olubogu Ifeanyi (Petwise) is a change! My name is Christina Nigerian International Multiple Collura… LeTysha Montgomery George “Chip” Green International Best Author A Creative Missionary My name is LeTysha Montgomery. I was born and raised in the Midwest. If anyone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have said a protector. HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group October 2021 Hoinser News WELCOME HOINSER NEWS “Hoinser Magazine Supplement” is dedicated to promoting and advertising outstanding individuals at various levels o business throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, USA, UAE. Circulation and Distribution: The seasoned management team at Hoinser Magazine Supplement is targeting a total combined circulation of 50K online publications. The Magazine Supplement is published to fortnightly service approximately 30K readers.

Hoinser Group October 2021 Hoinser News LeTysha Montgomery International Best Author My name is LeTysha Montgomery. I was born and raised in the Midwest. I have always loved music, sports, traveling and reading. I am entrepreneur, jewelry designer, podcast host, international empowerment speaker, international best selling author and endometriosis/health advocate. I started making jewelry in 2005 after graduating with my Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. I had free time and wanted to try something new. I was also nominated for Top At first, I wasn’t going to make my I love making jewelry and Accessory Designer of the Year! podcast public. started by making bracelets. Initially I sold to my family, My creative process depends on the But I realized that I was given this friends and coworkers. In 2006, style and color of the beads. At times journey to share my experience. The I started selling at a store and at I am able to envision my jewelry podcast is about my personal craft shows. designs in the store. journey with endometriosis over the last 16 years. I talk about anything My jewelry accomplishments I can also just put colors together and everything related include being interviewed by a based on intuition. I have been endometriosis. Lawrence, KS news station and complimented about my wide variety providing jewelry for Johnson of color combinations. My creative My goal is to be real about the County Community College's process is inspired by color variety disease as well as bring awareness fashion show in 2009. and being unique. and educate about endometriosis. My podcast has grown to over 4,400 I had a unique experience in My mission for making all my jewelry views and is listened to in 64 October 2009 in Los Angeles, CA unique and one of a kind is because countries including the United when I had my jewelry we are all-of-a-kind! States. reviewed by a jewelry buyer for a national retail store. I started my podcast Endometriosis: Which is impressive considering that Journey to Butterfly in September I hardly ever promote my podcast. The jewelry buyer said I had 2019 a month after I officially was talent and she couldn’t believe diagnosed with endometriosis. It was that everything was a way for me to document my handcrafted. She loved all the journey and share my thoughts. designs I showed her. I have received several blue Maker of Merit ribbons. HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group October 2021 Hoinser News In October 2019, I officially became a speaker and my first event was a women’s event in New York City! It was then that I decided that I needed to speak not only about the importance of endometriosis but advocating for yourself and your health as well. Since then I have become international speaker who motivates and dares the audience to advocate for themselves and their health. I have spoken both in person and virtually at various events, was a featured speaker at SpeakerCon2020 and have done numerous podcast interviews. Becoming an author was a vision given to me in the Spring of 2020. I wasn’t sure how it would all come together but it did. I have had all three of my books and audiobook release this year in 2021. With two out of the three books becoming Amazon #1 Best Sellers. Being an author is another avenue to reach more people to accomplish my mission of educating and bringing awareness to endometriosis. Being an author has opened the door for amazing accomplishments as well as awards. Amazon #1 Best Selling Co-Author of Women Inspiring Nations Volume 3: I’m Still Standing. Co-Author of She is Well: Stories of Power Strength Wellness. Amazon #1 Best Selling Co-Author of Finding Joy In The Journey Volume 2: 90 Day Devotional. Co-Author of The Single, Saved Struggle-The Struggle Continues audiobook… HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group October 2021 Hoinser News Peggy Sefolosha Sillage Association Mission Peggy Sefolosha reinvents the exceptional woman in herself, for others.She holds a Master's degree in Social Science and a diploma in Human Resources Management. Péggy Sefolosha did not fulfill her father's dream of becoming an international lawyer, but she has kept the protocol mindset she acquired during her time at the Paris XI law school. She is Vice Ambassador to the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Director of Humanitarian Aid Charity, at the Global Union and it’s permanent mission, an intergovernmental and supranational organization. Peggy Sefolosha is distinguished as an \"Outstanding Woman\" by the podium of the distinguished and a participant in the conference ‘The woman who builds ‘ in the Democratic Republic of Congo\". In the sense of renewing and rethinking the axes of cooperation with civil Ms. Sefolosha has represented her society and governments, Peggy Sefolosha had the chance to surround activities at the Chamber of herself with sports personalities and artists to spread her messages Commerce of Geneva, at the through social networks.“ targeted conferences on gender equality at UNESCO. This has allowed us to be known worldwide. I am still amazed when I talk to people invested in the association life ,who tell me they know Sillage She is also the President and Association, while they live in the Philippines. Founder of the Sillage Association which is based in Switzerland and in Our motivation is genuine and we want to create a synergy in our image, the Democratic Republic of Congo young conscious and committed with a large community of adherents. but has been active in Europe and Africa. My philosophy inherited from my father is that we must take our place and make our own plans. The organization has the vision to extend beyond the borders to improve the quality of life of the needy people. Its objectives to promote education, to empower women and foster international relations. HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group October 2021 Hoinser News Our life paths as women push us to be interested in others and for that my maternity path has acted as a revelator. While I was in bed for 6 months, I thought about other women in the third world who did not have the same follow-up or security coverage to give birth, and I thought about an associative project that could help women, young girls and boys to be educated, to be cared for and followed during my pregnancy while I could not move. Then Sillage Association was born” HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group October 2021 Hoinser News George “Chip” Green A Creative Missionary If anyone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have said a protector. Being a protector means never letting life defeat you, or those important to you. But to empower myself and others to overcome life and its challenges, by solving problems, and never quitting. It also means to be a leader and take care of my people and their families, virtues, values and culture. My name is George “Chip” Green and I am a protector. I grew up in Payson, Utah, United States of America. I grew up with the influences of real and mythical leaders like Theodore Roosevelt, King Arthur, Alexandre Dumas, and our Lord Jesus Christ that inspired me to seek constant improvement. My journey to be that protector, especially for my wife and children, led me After high school, I served as a through many different paths. I have experienced a variety of industries that missionary for my religion in Rio have taught me something as a leader. de Janeiro, Brazil where I learned to appreciate the I worked as a residential engineer (maintenance worker), construction laborer, glorious culture of Brazil, leaving call-center team lead, delivery driver, insurance salesman and a Soldier. with me an indelible knowledge of the value of different people. Upon returning, I attended Utah State University where I studied History and met the love of my life, Kristi. I joined the United States Army as a Field Artillery Officer. Here I served as a During our journey of 19 years leader and earned the Army Achievement Medal for being the program of marriage, we became parents director of the Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Prevention of four girls and twin boys. This (SHARP) program. is where my protector mentality started to mean something, due Within this program, I trained Soldiers with inspired methods how to respect to my family. each other, and protect one another from these types of attacks. HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group October 2021 Hoinser News The military taught me most about I worked for a company called the Anasazi Foundation that helped being a leader. A leader needs to be children affected by drugs. This marvelous organization also taught the engaged with his people, knowing parents how to communicate with their children in order to create about problems at work, or at home. I better relationships. visited my Soldiers when they were in the hospital and made sure their I also support Operation Underground Railroad, and organization that family was taken care of in their rescues children from sexual slavery, and help provide a better future absence. for them. I ensured they had the right training It is my mission and vision to help families, and people of the world to surpass their peers in the company. recognize the value and virtue of each other, as individuals, people or I provided they had the best resources a culture. In order to accomplish this, the written word is a means to to achieve their goals. I earned their convey important messages. loyalty by caring about them and talking with them, letting them feel I am developing stories that illustrates the unique talents of different valued. cultures, personalities and how these can create some of the most remarkable feats to benefit mankind. But to protect means to develop After I transitioned back into civilian a network of entrepreneurs and leaders that desire to improve global life, I did not know what I wanted to relationships for all humankind. do. But I wanted to help keep children from suffering horrible experiences at A means to collaborate and inspire people and programs to provide the hands of drugs and sex traffickers. kindness, healthcare and food through goodwill and God. HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group October 2021 Hoinser News Dr. Olubogu Ifeanyi LMA Mission Dr. Olubogu Ifeanyi (Petwise) is a Nigerian International Multiple Award Winning Leadership speaker, Self- Taught Author, and Community Leader. He’s among the Nigerian expertise on coaching the young people on Branding, Startup, Capacity Building, and Human Resource Management. Dr. Olubogu founded International LMA Awards in February 2012; LMA started on Whatsapp group chat and later was taken to the Facebook group page. In April 2013 LMA was a mentoring Academy Aimed at In 2017, Dr. Olubogu founded LMA officially launched and shaping the lives of young black International Magazine. One unique branded to operate in all males and females around the world, quality about the LMA Magazine is that is Social media. In 2015 LMA Which Advocates On Africanism And being published both online and offline. was recognized as the first Youth Empowerment In Nigeria, International Online Africa & Europe. The magazine has featured international Leadership Awards, because personalities on the cover and attracted of its recognition that has In 2014 he was awarded as the First lots of Leadership attention. attracted numerous attention Africa4U Role Model UK, with two from famous and known Outstanding Achievement awards Late in 2019, Dr. Olubogu launched a personalities around the founded by Tony Tokunbo brand known as “LMA Brand world. Fernandez. Ambassador” where an individual is selected and promoted for one year. In Between the years 2013 and In 2017, he became the Media 2020, he was nominated and was given 2016, LMA has interviewed Partner of the Black History Month an Honorary Doctorate title/award PhD and awarded over 157 Celebration in the UK (BHMC) and from Philosophical Institute India (IPI persons and between 2017 to also the present Vice President of the Ph.D.), founded by Grand Dr. (Prof) 2020 to over 189 persons. Gathering of Mentors (GOM). Niranjan C. Bhat for his Humanitarian… Dr. Olubogu was one-time formal Director of Research and Development At Global African Council Of Youth Leaders, (DRDGACY) and a member of Africa Awakening International, U.K (AA1)… HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group October 2021 Hoinser News Cynthya Pagan-Hale Her Inspirational Story Cynthya Pagan-Hale was born in a small town in Santurce, Puerto Rico. She moved to the United States when she was 12 years old and was happy to fulfill the American dream with her mother and older brother. Although moving to the United States was no picnic as a Latino from Puerto Rico, she seemed to find many obstacles of bullying as a child. Many of them involved different views of color and race that she had never faced before; many were never significant issues in her hometown of Puerto Rico. She got married at the with their unborn child, causing her mental, psychological and physical harm to her and age of 20 for two years her unborn child. When Cynthya finally got a chance to get away from her abuser, she to a man in the US promised to change the system that affected her life. Marines, and while they married, they were stationed in Cherrypoint, North Carolina. While there, she In response, Cynthya chose not to sit in her pain but instead changed other individual experienced systematic perspectives about the military, domestic violence, and all types of violence in our and physical abuse society. from her spouse. The abuse escalated She became the CEO of FFT Helping Others, a non-profit organization dedicated to over time, with him helping families, military families, and survivors of domestic violence. She was so eventually striking her affected by the military, domestic violence that she chose not to sit in her pain but to while she was change other people's perspectives about this issue through education and advocacy pregnant… work. HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group October 2021 Hoinser News As a result, Cynthya passion lies in working with victims/survivors from diverse backgrounds who have experienced trauma due to various types of abuse, including sexual assault, physical assault, harassment, teen dating violence, even sex trafficking, and human trafficking. In 2019, she founded the National Domestic Violence Rally, which has been attended by advocates and supporters from all over the country in Washington DC, both virtually and in-person, advocating for better services and legal protections for survivors. Throughout these experiences, Cynthya has received extensive training as a cognitive-behavioral therapist coach, psychodynamic psychotherapist, training through MCASA, Department of Justice, CDC, Department of Homeland Security (Blue Campaign Project), and Global Goodwill Ambassador “My body is My body” in trauma recovery. Cynthya has helped numerous survivors find healing and hope through trauma-informed recovery tools. Her ex- husband's abuse was so severe during their two years together that she developed chronic PTSD from his threats to take away everything she loved. He would tell her he could kill her and their child while they slept because it would be that easy for him to get away with it since he was a military soldier. This taught her to be resilient and teach others what to do and the knowledge to get out safely. Despite all this pain and suffering, Cynthya got away and renewed her life and many countless others. She inspires other survivors to speak their truth and gain their worth. She has writen five books , one mental health healing journal and four of which are bilingual children books that teach families to have fun learning the Spanish language. HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group October 2021 Hoinser News Christina Collura Founder of Creative Beginning To be an influencer is to make change! My name is Autism is not a barrier, it is simply a new way of learning, Christina Collura, and I am from Stouffville, Ontario which ultimately, is true with all students of all needs Canada! When my son Luca was diagnosed with Autism (diagnosed or not). at the age of 3, I knew this wasn’t going to be an obstacle, but a means to learn and help. As educators and as parents, it is vital to understand that although a child may be diagnosed, it doesn’t exclude Learning for him and myself and ultimately others. As a them from a learning environment that is inclusive and full-time educator of 17 years (Kindergarten) and the adaptative. mom of two (one with Autism Spectrum Disorder), I knew that this was a new way of learning! A child without a diagnosis learns in different ways, as do children on the spectrum. I make it my mission, I created a name puzzle for him with a chalkboard base everyday, to ensure that children of all ages and abilities to assist with his basic learning needs as well as his fine are given the tools and skills to succeed no matter their motor difficulties, and this transcended into printing on learning level. paper in 4 weeks! Our chalkboard-based puzzles are reaching children of all I brought the concept into my kindergarten classroom needs and abilities! They combine the concept of and many of my “mainstream” students benefitted from identification of both letter and number concepts as well concept as well! Right then I knew, not only did I need as PRINTING those concepts. to continue reaching all students, but I needed to make a change in the way we think about approaching our This is a concept that isn’t readily seen in combination. teaching of children with Autism! Products that combine the two into one! HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group October 2021 Hoinser News Studies show that identification is simply not enough but combining the concept of printing with that identification is vital to long term early literacy development. Our puzzles have large indented spaces, which make a very common mistake of “not being able to go out of the lines” , a thing of the past! Successful…. intentional…. educational concept! Successful for Luca and now for many other students and children. If I could leave individuals with one thought…one idea….one concept. There is a quote that states that if you’ve met one child with autism, you have met one child with autism. The same, in my book, stands true for all children. The fact is that every child is an individual in itself and its up to us to teach them the way they NEED to be taught. “If they can’t learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn” (Dr. Ivar Lovaas). I hope that our puzzles literacy/numeracy skills and early learning through our youngest learners of all needs and provide, not only an abilities! Ill happily be here advocating locally, thinking globally, and collaborating avenue to teach and internationally for that as we adapt to a new way of thinking and ultimately teaching! adapt to many learning Every child learns differently and the “one size fits all” approach is obsolete. styles, but also to provide a means to Please visit our website to get your hands on our chalkboard-based puzzles and stay in the bridge the gap between loop for the development of our chalkboard based product line! learning… HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group October 2021 Hoinser News Engr. Mehtab Hussain Baloch Pakistan Businessmen Engr. Mehtab Hussain Baloch, Vice Chairman of Pakistan Businessmen Association and Founder of Smart Entrepreneur Society attributes his success in numerous performance-oriented industries. Having immense passion and in-depth knowledge of the establishment and success of entrepreneurial culture, Engr. Mehtab Hussain Baloch met the organizational and technological constraints within the industry and has takes delight in running offered innovative and practical solutions to meet the organization's internal and and exploring all facets external business processes. of business successfully. His vision As the prestigious founder of Smart Entrepreneur Society, Mr. Mehtab Hussain Baloch to share the valuable is responsible for leading the project management and project planning for the young experiences of the and energetic entrepreneurs of today’s time and for growing companies that are successful continuously seeking secure and outstanding contracts in the international market. entrepreneurs of the country with the outer By collaborating directly with the Top Management of a rising startup to devise world is not only effective measures and strategizing as per the requirements of the business, the transformational but Founder has marked a significant impact on the success and progress of various noble will also play a organizations. significant impact in manifesting a positive and reliable image of the country on an international forum. By bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the entrepreneurial domain, the Vice Chairman of Pakistan Businessmen Association, Mr.Mehtab has efficiently… HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group October 2021 Hoinser News Accomplishing in-depth industry knowledge and extensive experience in the market, the Founder of Smart Entrepreneur Society, Mr. Mehtab Hussain Baloch has guided emerging entrepreneurs to advance through the immensely challenging roles and scenarios in the business industry and project management. By successfully assuming the leadership for the youth of the society, Mr. Mehtab has mobilized vital resources to ensure a superior level of service delivery, continuous organizational process improvements, and profitable business agreements on a large spectrum. By playing key architect within the organization and fragmenting the highly layered procurement process into a centralized organizational department, Mr. Mehtab has adequately handled the leadership of the business with the key assistance of qualified and trained personnel. Mr. Mehtab Hussain Baloch, Vice Chairman of Pakistan Businessmen Association and Founder of Smart Entrepreneur Society possesses extensive business and entrepreneurial knowledge and as a visionary and strategic thinker, he ensures to achieve exceeding aggressive business and revenue goals through advanced level of market positioning and efficient operational strategies. Owning deep insights and data analytics in highly leveraged scenarios, Mr. Mehtab Hussain Baloch has gained advanced and key leadership experience in the startup and entrepreneurial industry and high-growth business environments. Being the pioneer of one of its kind business solutions, improved customer acquisition, continuous business improvement, and fueled growth, Mr. Mehtab Hussain is very comfortable in initiating and leading C-Level collaborations and accelerate the market and business growth strategies, partnerships, and professional networks and meetings. Mr. Mehtab Hussain Baloch holds Engineering Degree within the spectrum of Energy and Environmental Engineering from Dawood University of Engineering and Technology- Karachi along with various certifications in project management, entrepreneurship, leadership as well as innovation. The ultimate aim of Mr. Mehtab Hussain Baloch is to continuously accompany the business industry with a stellar leadership reputation and offer customer- oriented research technologies to elevate the growth and expansion of the entrepreneurial spectrum within the country which will result in showing an advanced and accomplished picture of Pakistan's entrepreneurial sector on various international platforms. HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

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