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Published by Hoinser Group, 2021-06-01 19:35:05

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Hoinser Group June 2021 Hoinser News HOINSER NEWS Hoinser Group Ceo&Founder: Denisa Gokovi Editor-in-Chief: Hermes Gokovi [email protected] +355695473048 June Chambliss Katherine Workman A LEADER WHO MAKES LEADERS A Successful Businesswoman This is that person who started with a simple thought which turned into a passion and now Katherine Workman is a mother, businesswoman, philanthropist has become a reality. and Spiritual Practitioner for law Leah Mills-Chapman enforcement LMSW Beverly K. Johnson Leah D. Mills- Health Wellness & Coach Chapman is a Licensed Clinical Beverly K. Johnson is a Therapist with health and wellness Youth and Family advocate and Systems. She is a motivational life coach two-time who partners with her graduate of the clients to develop University of strategies to demolish Michigan… old habits and embrace HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT a healthy, whole lifestyle. Ms. Johnson is an elite trainer and nutrition coach with over a decade of experience in the fitness industry.

Hoinser Group June 2021 Hoinser News WELCOME HOINSER NEWS “Hoinser Magazine Supplement” is dedicated to promoting and advertising outstanding individuals at various levels o business throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, USA, UAE. Circulation and Distribution: The seasoned management team at Hoinser Magazine Supplement is targeting a total combined circulation of 30K online publications. The Magazine Supplement is published to fortnightly service approximately 15K readers.

Hoinser Group June 2021 Hoinser News Katherine Workman A Successful Businesswoman Katherine Workman is a mother, Katherine, a mother of 2, created a case study to help 50 businesswoman, philanthropist and people tap into their spiritual gifts, initiate a rebirth, raise Spiritual Practitioner for law their vibrations and heal childhood traumas. enforcement. Her case study has a success rate of 100% and since then She grew up in Detroit, Michigan in Katherine has incorporated psychic science, CBT, DBT, and America and loves kayaking, ACT into her life coaching practice and formulated. learning, listening to music, working and spending time with high The Healer’s Journey Program for clients and the Innovative vibrational individuals. Alignment Program for law enforcement. She is currently working on her 2nd book, Triple Entendre: Spiritual She wow many people when she Awakening Vol. 1, release date is Feb 14, 2022. begins to tell her story of how she was able to hit rock bottom, take a Workman often expresses the importance of having a brand leap of faith, tap into her spiritual that is known through the word-of-mouth approach. She gifts, heal herself, the generational often says, “Seek and you shall find. curse, and create a case study to gauge how to help others heal from When you work with yourself to be enlightened you then their childhood traumas and tap into achieve a higher vibration and begin to understand their divine purpose in life. everything that comes to you, you've manifested in some way or another. Katherine began a case study in February 2020 when COVID-19 Let’s manifest healing, peace and abundance.” Katherine also began to increase in numbers. adds, “It’s important that my brand is known by the word-of-mouth approach, it's more authentic, warm, “It was during the darkest of times powerful and trusted that way.” in my life when I found out vital information about myself and my ability to manifest and I used that as a catalyst for my growth.” HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group June 2021 Hoinser News We decided to ask the Spiritual Practitioner, Katherine closes by saying this to us “I always have to “what does an average day look like for you?” extend my gratitude because each moment and connection is most precious and sacred to me so thank She replies, “I love to wake up around 5:30 am, ground you for having me a part of this wonderful myself, clean my energy and make some of my opportunity. homemade herbal tea. I love you all of you and I wish you the very best As I skim through my calendar I quickly get a recap of my forever, God bless you forever!” day and I take on the smallest task first to build momentum then move on to the first urgent task of the day. When the kids wake up for school I give them a hug and kiss on their foreheads, say positive affirmations and pray with them before they get the day started. When I have clients scheduled I love to grab a hot cup of Starbucks and head to my office to prepare for my sessions.” I Love, Love, Love running errands” she adds. “It makes me feel purposeful and accomplished as I check things off on my To. Do List during the day. I enjoy the freedom of my day being what it needs to be at that moment, I’m a workaholic by choice so 9/10 I’m always busy creating a new innovative idea to aid in the Age of Aquarius and New World Order.” We also ask Coach, What motivates you to have enough resilience, bravery and strength to break generational curse after all you’ve been through? “That’s exactly why I do what I do.. I know what it’s like to be the underdog so I help the underdogs, I know what it’s like to have a poor mindset, so I enlightened others on how to drop the old ways of thinking. I know what it’s like to have spiritual gifts and be afraid to understand myself better so I help others to see themselves as an asset and not a liability, a strength and not a weakness, a purpose instead of a nobody. I help you understand Kobe Bryant’s well known quote “ You have to be a different animal in the same beast.” After I coach you, you will know exactly what that means and what to do with the information. It will not only benefit you and your legacy but others you meet along your cycle of life. The impact I provide to others is a positive experience and awakening change on a generational level. I am grateful for my gifts so I use them responsibly and give God praise for it all.” HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group June 2021 Hoinser News JUNE CHAMBLISS ENTREPRENUAR – CEO & FOUNDER – A LEADER WHO MAKES LEADERS - PASTOR This is that person who started with a simple thought which turned into a passion and now has become a reality. June Chambliss is the CEO & Founder of Women Who Matter Too a NPO dedicated to the advancement of women …women who operate in senior level leadership positions and women who are in the transitions of life. Born in Benton Harbor, MI to parents Owen and Cleo Hickman…June, at a young age recognized natural tendencies in her character and personality that she now understands were natural leadership tendencies which would provide opportunity many times over to exercise her problem-solving skills for the benefit of others…at a young age. With a natural dexterity for leadership, June has gone on to receive her education in the field…her bachelor’s in organizational leadership, her Master’s in Christian Ministry and Leadership and presently pursuing a PhD in Counseling and Human Services with a specialization in Nonprofit Management and Leadership. June is a scholarly researcher who has spent the past • Greater understandings into women-normed six years studying female leadership and many other leadership taken from women’s experiences and aspects of leadership such as conflict avoidant natural proclivities. leadership, gender and leadership, women’s • Reshape expectations about female leadership leadership and specifically women’s leadership that may reform the overall understanding of development. leadership models. • Serve as a change agent for gender equality. June’s research has led to new insights which makes her a firm believer that, when it comes to women leaders, there is a gap in the literature relevant to leadership theories for women. June has embarked upon the resolute journey to Working in the field of leadership for more than 20 conduct an empirical research study in hopes of years in the nonprofit and faith-based sectors, June has adding to the body of knowledge on women’s served as Board of Director Member and Board Chair; leadership and innovative insights about new-found has worked in Christian Education, Leadership leadership theories for women with the following Development, Senior Advisement, and Life Skills possibilities: Advancement. She currently serves as a Board of Directors member and Advisory Board member. HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group June 2021 Hoinser News June Chambliss is a speaker with global impact, life coach, thought partner, and educator in leadership development. Her signature talk “Leading Others from Your Dysfunction” has received acclaimed reviews from varied audiences. June has developed the Next Level Leadership Development Course for Women Leaders, an online learning platform which teaches women leaders how to grow as a leader and in their personal lives while they have the influence. June’s upcoming book ”Leading from Dysfunction” scheduled for release fall of 2021, is a critical piece to leadership in a time when we are experiencing a crisis in our leadership. The book explains leadership development as non-linear and expounds on the aspects of human capital and social capital as growth points to over come the state of leadership in today’s world. June Chambliss is an ordained minister of the Gospel. She received her seminary training from the Biola Talbot School of Theology in La Mirada, California. She currently serves as Executive Pastor of the Transformation Church IE in Chino, CA. MEMBERSHIPS International Society of Female Professionals International Leadership Association Network of Evangelical Women in Ministry HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group June 2021 Hoinser News Beverly K. Johnson is a health and wellness Beverly K. Johnson advocate and motivational life coach who partners with her clients to develop strategies to demolish Health Wellness & Coach old habits and embrace a healthy, whole lifestyle. Ms. Johnson is an elite trainer and nutrition coach with over a decade of experience in the fitness industry.GenFit is a community of women who recognize the need to reclaim their lives and are emotionally ready to do the work. She named her new motivational fitness business Genesys Fitness because it signified a rebirth for the often “forgotten” woman: the divorce’, caretaker and empty-nester. GenFit believes self-care takes priority over caring for others because it is in caring for ourselves that we make the best caregivers. We believe that by helping women rediscover who they are after suffering a loss, she will be empowered to become her ideal self – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Recognized as an Elite Trainer, Ms. Johnson has specialties in nutrition coaching, senior aging fitness, and dance fitness. She has become a contributor to Swagher Magazine as their resident health and wellness coach. She has also provided content to Sheen and Bronze Magazines, respectfully. Earlier this year, Ms. Johnson was recognized by Kish Magazine as one of “Top 30 Women on the Rise” in Huntsville, AL. In addition to being an Army veteran, Ms. Johnson holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Alabama A&M University and a master’s degree in Management with a concentration in Human Resource Management from Florida Institute of Technology. She currently resides in Huntsville, Alabama. HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group June 2021 Hoinser News HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group June 2021 Hoinser News Leah Mills-Chapman LMSW Biography Leah D. Mills-Chapman is a Licensed Clinical Therapist with Youth and Family Systems. She is a two-time graduate of the University of Michigan, where she received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and African American Studies and a Master of Social Work Degree, with a concentration in Mental Health and Interpersonal Communication. Leah began her practice working with the most vulnerable populations – persons addicted to substances, women with HIV, and juveniles incarcerated in high secure facilities. This work led her to study more about what was driving such harmful behaviors and identified trauma as being a major factor. Leah received certification and specializes in traumatology. Leah is currently a Clinical Therapist working in Community Mental Health with severely, emotionally disturbed youth and families. She engages her clients in Trauma- Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and also trains other professionals in trauma-informed practices. In addition to trauma trainings, Leah administers trainings, nationwide, in suicide prevention through an evidence- based model endorsed by SAMSHA, called QPR. Leah is extremely goal driven and doesn’t find many free moments, as she is a Social Work Instructor at the tertiary level, in Michigan. And most recently, Leah became the Owner and Chief Executive Officer of, Ntervene, LLC, where she offers individual and group therapy, mental health psychoeducation and trainings to human services workers, educators, first responders and other lay persons. Additionally, she provides supervision for social workers. HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group June 2021 Hoinser News On a personal note…Leah is the wife of one husband and the 1. Do you consider your career as a mother of four beautiful young adults. Leah is no stranger to fulfilled story or a timeless the dysfunction found in most all family systems and the initiative? stress and trauma that comes along with being apart of them. My career is definitely a timeless initiative. This awareness drives her work of service to humanity, in When I look back over my life, I was hopes that they find healing and discover their inner peace. predestined by God to help marginalized While helping others, Leah does find a few moments to take people, long before I ever received a care of her mind, body, and spirit. She loves to sing, shop, degree or became a licensed Clinical relax, and be pampered. Therapist. As a young girl, I would She is also very active in her church, as she understands the intervene in situations where other need of rendering hope to the hopeless. Leah works tirelessly children were being bullied or had for herself and others, as she fully understands the value of significantly distressing familial concerns and strives hard to have a healthy, holistic approach to life and were overwhelmed with life. I would and share this knowledge with others. So Leah lives each day lend my time to listen to the concerns of doing her part and encouraging others to do theirs. others, confront others that were being cruel to my peers, seek out authority HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT figures to identify help of specific concerns that were above my capabilities, advocate for a change of policies and procedures our church or school systems that were doing harm to myself and others, as well as, held positions to create change that would benefit the masses within those systems. As I emerged into adulthood, the initiatives grew to include civic issues. I found myself having an extreme interest in addressing issues of institutional and systemic racism. These humanitarian issues are near and dear to my heart, because I am an African American woman in the United States and have seen and directly experienced the adverse effects of this pandemic of racism. So, it is my desire as an agent of change, to confront, positively impact and transform the areas that I have access to that suffers from this social ill. I love my profession – Social Work – because the work that I have been doing all of my life perfectly aligns with the tenets of this profession. Advocacy is central to the work performed by Social Workers. So I rarely view my job as work; It is my lifelong mission and God-given purpose. I absolutely love supporting and helping people…from individuals suffering for substance dependence, to living with HIV, to incarcerated youth, to broken family systems…all seem to have one thing in common and that is pain.

Hoinser Group June 2021 Hoinser News They all have a trauma story and continually live the 3. How do you manage your expectations to be an horrible reminders of their past. And it is my life’s inspiration to others? work to intervene in the spaces that they reside to be the catalyst that reframes their negative view of life to I am a very spiritual woman and I believe, as well as, one of hope and possibility. As I stated earlier, I trust in the God of Heaven. So I pray, often, before I absolutely love walking alongside those that desire a engage with others. I often ask for God to send me His better way of existing. If they are open to change, I Holy Spirit to empower me to empower others. am open to guiding them in their journey towards their goal. I ask for the words that He would want me to say that will speak to their spirit and give them what they need, 2. TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR MISSION IN in that moment. BUSINESS ? So my expectation is in God’s love for me and the work My mission in business is closely aligned to the name that He has appointed me to do will happen without my of my company – Ntervene, LLC. It was created to worry. I have faith in the fact that He has never let me perform the difficult work of addressing and down. So everything that I do and say is divinely confronting maladaptive practices in individuals, social orchestrated even before I partake in the experience. systems, and corporations. 4. Based on your experience. What is the main After identifying the problems, I follow up with viable motivation that drives you to organize success as a solutions to fix what had been broken, knowing that culmination of your global aspirations? ultimately the choice must come from the individual from an interpersonal position or an administrative My main motivation is the desire for racial equality. position for an organization of people. We all know that race is a social construct. With that knowledge, there is no reason for the mass amounts of In presenting a comprehensive, attainable plan, it is maltreatment to African Americans and other persons of also my mission to not only assist in the African descent, around the globe. transformation of one. Yet through them, many can also have an This injustice called racism opportunity to change, simply through has an adverse effect on observing the outcomes of the ones that I the total person, including helped. So if I can assist in the reconstruction the diminishment of their of mindsets, it will definitely forward the mental and physical health, overall mission of the world becoming a due to a lack of access to more humanitarian place to live. finances and opportunities that allow for upward socio- HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT economic mobility. The impending stress that is birthed out of structural racism has many African Americans experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety and trauma. So I created a subsidiary company called, Blaq Playground, as a vehicle to level the playing field. This company was designed to cushion the impact of anxiety when African Americans interface with other races, especially the White race, in spaces where they are not in the power

Hoinser Group June 2021 Hoinser News position and are in the care and/or custody of another. I have created a universal symbol to represent ally-ship, in hopes of decreasing fear and anxiety, thus diminishing the negative impact of the stress hormone, Cortisol, in African American people. It is widely known that it is a health hazard to live continually under stress and it decreases the lifespan of an individual. So my hope is to extend the lives of African Americans on earth, equal to other races of people, especially White Americans. Because Black Lives DO Matter. 5. Share your message with the world. Let us all work diligently to love, selflessly, as God loves. Because love is truly the answer to racism, maltreatment of others, and any type of ongoing social ill. If you can look at another person and see them, as you desire others to see you…All will be well. So let us begin to look introspectively and challenge our own unconscious, implicit and explicit biases, as a means of harm reduction. The world will thank you, as it has the chance, FINALLY, to live amidst uninterrupted peace, love, and joy. EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group June 2021 Hoinser News Yalonda Smith Founder at The Life Coach Navigator Are you looking to become a Certified Life Coach? Or Are you already a Life Coach and need the training? The Life Coach Navigator is Now offering Life Coach Training Classes begins May 24th For more information email us at [email protected] or Call 404-913-8290 ( 9am - 5pm )Monday - Friday HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

Hoinser Group June 2021 Hoinser News Dunn Right Promotions which is a new brand built in the market for the sports management field. The Founder and Director of the Company is called Mr. James .L Dunn. Progress and its initiatives are integrated through very important alternatives in the market in terms of relationships with our young people and their strengthening. HOINSER NEWSPAPER 2021 COPYRIGHT

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