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Vol. 06 Issue. 06 June 2022 Devin Price Cybersecurity Professional, Writer, Educator, and Speaker Dr. Vivek Lall A Distinguished Personality Eric Bailey From the Ghettos of LA to CEO of a Multi-Million Dollar Brand Tricia Fields Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach Abdel Rahman Ahmed Omer His Inspirational Story Sir Paul Craven De Longueville A Powerful Personality Dr. Milan Krajnc Exceptional Personality 1

Hoinser Magazine is dedicated to promoting and advertising outstanding individuals at various levels of business throughout Europe, Africa,Asia, UAE, USA. Circulation and Distribution: The seasoned management team at Hoinser Magazine is targeting a total combined circulation of 100K online publications. The magazine is currently published quarterly to service approximately 200K readers. Unique Format: Hoinser Magazine is a high-grade, 70 page contemporary in look and feel publication digital on large-size and delivering quality art content and entertaining, news- worthy publicity profiles resulting in a very special publication that appeals to broad-base demographics! Founder & CEO HOINSER TEAM Editor-in-Chief H.E Denisa Gokovi Mr. Ergyn Gokovi Executive Director Mr. Hermes Gokovi Advisor & Contributor Creative Director H.E Mario Gryka Mrs. Burbuqe Gokovi 2

CONTENT Nicolette DeVidar Eric Bailey A Successful Entrepreneur From the Ghettos of LA to CEO of a Dr. Vivek Lall Multi-Million Dollar Brand A Distinguished Personality Devin Price Samuele Barrili Cybersecurity Professional, Writer, A Creative Personality Educator, and Speaker Tenise Freeman Sir Paul Craven De Longueville Her Inspirational Story A Powerful Personality Álvaro Sáez His Impactful Story Paul L. Gunn Jr. Charmaine KM Yan President at KUOG Corporation Powerhouse of Innovation Prof. Dr. Hossam El- Shazly for Better Health President of Cambridge Corporate Denise Nickerson TEDx Speaker University R. Michael Cowgill Moustafa H. Moustafa President & Co - Founder of Georgian Medical Doctor American University Grand Prince Thiago Lamont Couto HOINSER de Chandos GROUP Honorable Kentucky Colonel 3 Abdel Rahman Ahmed Omer His Inspirational Story Tricia Fields Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach Dr. Milan Krajnc Exceptional Personality Gary Barnes \"Breakthrough Business Mastery Coach”

Profile Nicolette DeVidar A Successful Entrepreneur Nicolette DeVidar, TV Host of the weekly Smart Sustainability LIVE on American television; entrepreneur, seeker, finder. “Success to me is fulfilling your purpose. It comes from following your inner voice. That inner voice may take you to many different stops in life. And they all have a purpose when looking through the greater lens and everything comes to full circle. Following your heart allows you to constantly create new possibilities. It taught me the underlying essence and dynamic of change processes.” A global business transformation expert with a background at the intersection of human centered people management, marketing, operations and strategy, she champions cocreating a sustainable future on television. Her programs explore sustainability from an economic, business, cultural, social, spiritual and deeply human perspective; foster transcending where we are today towards a more sustainable, healthier way of life -- in tune with Nature and who we really are. she was exposed to a wide array of viewpoints, conflict, multicultures Through TV, consulting and writing, she and the impact of historic trauma early on. brings contradictory ideas together in organic conversations that center on a As young girl, she was fascinated by people from all the different widely diverse pool of guests from all cultures that visited her family's production business. Originally walks of life and demographics; and wanting to become a broadcast journalist, she studied international invites audiences to tap into their business at the request of her father and earned an MBA in France. pioneering spirit to co-create how we want to live in communities in the 21st C. Having been pushed into business responsibilities for the family's Sustainably, equitably, human and soul- luxury goods business with clients as the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, centered. the Mandarin Oriental group, DeBeers and Harrods in her late teens, she was set for a management career with L'Oreal, post-MBA. Nicolette's background is as diverse as the Hoinser Magazine topics she features: Having grown up near the iron curtain in central Europe in a family that experienced two world wars, annexation, ethnic expulsion and resettlement… 4

Profile Life took a different direction. Instead, she moved with Since its inception, the program covered a myriad her husband as a stay-at-home mother to America. of sustainability topics for a widely diverse Stranded in government-focused Washington DC, faced audience from all spectrums and key areas of our with issues international couples often grapple with, lives: diversity, inclusion, people-centered she re-entered the job world as Head of Marketing for economy, a healthy environment and self- international broadcasters. First with DW, and then actualization taking co-creation to a whole new MHz Networks where she launched France24 and level. Japan's NHK World in the US. 5 As many women experience at some point: changes in personal life often prompt changes in career. Barely surviving a long-drawn-out divorce, she pursued an idea she held for years: pioneer ringa first-of-its kind wellness line for travelers, launched onboard Virgin Atlantic and Lufthansa. After years of entrepreneurship and travel, having worked in different industries, multi-cultural environments and in multi-disciplinary functions, Nicolette had acquired a unique set of skills and insights to navigate change -- essential to transformation processes. While her diverse experiences and non-cookie cutter career -- a result of creative resilience and necessity to adapt and re-invent herself to a constantly changing environment were initially a hold-up – they proved to be essential pieces to understanding how living organisms and complexity works. She joined an Arlington management consulting firm to bring this knowledge to businesses and developed a first practice of digital transformation and innovation helping businesses with human-centered people management embedded in sustainable organizational structures. And lectured management transformation at Georgetown University. One of her clients brought her back to TV, this time in front of the camera. Something she wanted to do all her life. With an inborn passion for television, she worked on her TV skills while serving as in-house CPO for ICMA, the association for public city management. Bringing all pieces together – knowledge of business and entrepreneurship, human evolution, resilience – an ability to reinvent yourself over and over again which is at the heart of her passion, sustainability, Nicolette started anchoring Smart Sustainability LIVE in January 2020. Hoinser Magazine

Profile Dr. Vivek Lall A Distinguished Personality Dr. Vivek Lall is Chief Executive of General Prior to Boeing he worked for Wichita State University in Atomics Global Corporation based in San Raytheon and conducted Kansas and his MBA from City Diego, California since 2020.Lall was research with NASA Ames University in Seattle. He has appointed to the International Advisory Research Center in various also completed management Group of the US Chamber of Commerce in multidisciplinary engineering and executive courses at the Washington DC in 2021. Lall also serves on fields. Lall also was a special American Management the Board of Directors of US Japan Business advisor to the United Nations in Association in Washington DC. Council and the Board of Directors of the US New York, a role in which he India Business Council in Washington DC. steered the multi-nation body Lall was honored by the frame policy and its Governor of Kentucky as a He also serves as Senior Advisor to the Center implementation in the area of Kentucky Colonel in January for Commerce and Diplomacy at the broadband and associated 2022 which is the highest title University of California San Diego as well as cyber security issues. of honor bestowed by the on the Board of the Center for Advancing Commonwealth of Kentucky Global Business at San Diego State University. Lall earned a Bachelor of and is the most well-known Mechanical Engineering degree honorary colonelcies conferred In 2018, he was appointed by the United from Carleton University in by United States governors. US States Government in a key advisory role to Canada and a Masters of Presidents George Bush, Jimmy the US Cabinet Secretary heading Aeronautical Engineering Carter, Lynden Johnson, Ronald Department of Transportation (encompassing degree from Embry-Riddle Reagan are some others that entities like the Federal Aviation Aeronautical University in have been conferred this honor Administration) in Washington DC which Florida. He also has his Ph.D. in of Kentucky Colonel. affects US and global aviation policies and Aerospace Engineering from technologies. Lall served as Vice President of 6 Aeronautics Strategy and Business Development at Lockheed Martin based in Fort Worth, Texas. Lockheed Martin is the world’s largest defense company. Prior to that he has served as Chief Executive of U.S. and International Strategic Development at General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems. From 1996-2011, Vivek held numerous marketing and engineering leadership roles with The Boeing Company in Seattle including the Airplane Performance and Propulsion Group. He was appointed as Vice President and India Country Head, Boeing Defense Space & Security in May 2007. He also worked as an adjunct faculty member at Embry- Riddle, McConnell Air Force Base. He also served as the founding Co-Chair of the US – India Aviation Cooperation Program launched in 2005. Hoinser Magazine

Profile Lall was also granted the Grand Cross by His Highness He is in the Sigma Gamma Tau Aerospace Honor Society Mahmoud Salah Al Din Assaf from the Royal Order of as well as the Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematics Honor Society. Banu Assaf in January 2022.Lall has been given the He was President of the Mathematical Association of Lifetime Achievement Award in 2021 in thea presence America. He has authored over hundred articles in of the ruling family of the United Arab Emirates and various journals. He was also trained as a private pilot at princess Märtha Louise, daughter of King Harald and the Phoenix International Flight Training Center in Queen Sonja of Norway at the Ritossa Family Summit Florida. which is the world’s leading family office investment conference, where world leaders and elite family office investors unite together to invest and create a brighter future for the planet. Over 400 elite family offices, prominent conglomerate business owners, Sheikhs, royal families, private investment companies, sovereign wealth funds and industry professionals representing over USD4.5 trillion in investor wealth attended the event. He has also received the 2008 OCA National Asian Pacific American Corporate Achievementa Award in the US. Cambridge (UK) has listed him as one of only 2000 Outstanding Scientists of the Twentieth Century. He has also been cited in Who’s Who several times. 7 Hoinser Magazine

Profile Samuele Barrili But as I told you, what I A Creative Personality thought I had abandoned has always been with me. How can we solve the waste problem? From water chemistry to waste chemistry through to building That’s one of the most frequently researched the sales market for the waste, questions on google. the chemistry accompanied me. If you watch there are multiple answers For that reason in 2019 I connected to that question. decided to launch my company MiM® Marketing Interim But which are their results? Managers, the first marketing company specialized in We are still facing a problem that grows every marketing for waste single day. Each solution introduced seems not to management companies. work. Everything started after a car Taxes, fines, bans. accident where I risked losing Countries are always searching for new strategies my life. even but they continue to apply the same approach that is not working. Hoinser Magazine Yet, there is a solution. But first of all, who am I to tell you about it? I remember it very I’m Samuele Barrili, and I’m the 1st Marketing well but the most Consultant for Waste Management important phrase that Companies. It’s strange, I know. Indeed in your I remember is what mind there is the question “what does it the policeman mean to do marketing for waste?” said “Samuele, someone protected I’ll explain it to you in a few lines starting from my you. It means that you story. have a second opportunity.” I was born in Sardinia, the second largest island in Italy. I am the oldest of 4 children but Starting from this above all I am the son of 2 chemistry teachers. phrase I meditated on This last aspect has influenced my growth and my it saying to myself life. I grew up in the scientific world where “Someone saved me I obtained a degree in toxicological chemistry. Yet now it’s time I hated that world. So much so that I for me to save the consciously thought I had abandoned it by the others.” time I enrolled in a master's program in marketing and business administration. Master that marked my professional growth. From market development to sales up to marketing and sales management for different international companies, everything happened thanks to the application of that master. 8

Profile This phrase changed my life’s approach. In fact I researched how to impact the largest number of people using my knowledge and my expertise. I arrived at the answer thinking about our planet and the largest problem that we are facing: the waste problem. Reflecting on it a fused together my expertise starting to talk about marketing to serve waste companies as a tool to help them in their mission to save the world by making money. Needless to say, this unusual approach has, first, charted a new course and second, begun to produce some unexpected results. And I’m only at the beginning of this amazing way to save our planet. 9 Hoinser Magazine

Profile His unit served in North Africa including Tobruk and in Europe at Sir Paul Craven the battle of Monte Cassino, he was also present at the liberation De Longueville of some of the Concentration Camps in the East . A Powerful Personality Robinson remained attached as an Army Volunteer from 1951- 2012 In September 2014 John Godfrey became the Duke of Sir Paul Craven De Longueville (born Halifax Courland (Kurland) in recognition for his outstanding contribution Yorkshire 1951) in the field of Social Landscaping and European Strategic Affairs. Duke of Courland and of Longueville St ● His Courland Ducal title is now registered with the Court of Saviour Nobility of The Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich . The first Duke of Longueville was created in 1505 by King Louis of France House of Bourbon and was a Royal Title of Nobility , which became extinct in 1694 due to lack of issue. ● The present title of Longueville with the inclusion of St Saviour (British Channel Islands) was raised from a Courtesy Title Marquis De Longueville bestowed upon John Craven Robinson 1874-1956 by the Nobility of France in recognition for his acts of valor in the field of battle during WW1 1914-1918 John Craven Robinson was also Decorated with the Sacred Order of Merit Robinson a Yorkshire Blacksmith and Livestock Farmer fought in the Somme with the Iconic Scottish regiment of the Gordon Highlanders he was the Boxing Champion for his regiment and regularly engaged in this sporting activity throughout his four year entrenchment . Upon his death in Queensbury Yorkshire in 1956 , his Son John Godfrey Robinson 1921- 2014 inherited the Courtesy Marquisate of Longueville . John Godfrey Robinson ed Bradford Grammar was a Freemason and Yorkshire Businessman within the Meat and Livestock Industry he served with British Army Intelligence, Royal Signals during WW11 1939-1945. 10 Hoinser Magazine

Profile Before his death he successfully petitioned for his fathers title of Marquis De Longueville to be raised to Duke De Longueville St Saviour (British Channel Islands ). Upon the death of John Godfrey in December 2014 his titles were inherited by his son and heir Viscount Paul Craven Robinson Kt 1951- ● Viscount Paul Craven Robinson was presented to The Queen Elizabeth at The Bath and West County Show on the occasion of Her Majesty's Silver Jubilee Tour .ed Fulneck Balmoral Southdale and Lutteral he was made a Viscount and installed into the Nobility in his own right by the Holy Catholic Church in 1966 by Courtesy Russian Title from the Ukraine petitioned by Count Nowakowski (Poland) in anticipation of exemplary deeds in the field of social landscaping and to provide help and assistance to the Polish and Eastern European Community in the UK. Robinson an Entrepreneur Businessman, his interests and expertise lay in the field of corporate infrastructure, he served as a Field Operative British Armed Forces Volunteer Royal Intelligence Corps and was Knighted in 1969 in Morocco at the beginning of his service as a Royal Knight of Nobility by The Baron Methuen Son of Field Marshal Methuen who held the Queens Power of Attorney . Robinsons task was to assist in an International program of social landscaping which eventually spanned 54 years. Paul Craven was installed as a Royal Knight and as a Knight of the Masonic Order of St Paul The Ancient Military Order of St John of Beverley the Order of Sherwood Foresters The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes The Ancient Military Order of St Michael and St George and as a Royal Knight Companion of Richard Coeur de Lion. Paul Craven De Longueville is a member of the Court of Nobility of the Holy Roman Empire and a member of the Imperial Houses of Russia , France Germany and Montenegro . He is a Count , Baron and Knight of the Holy Roman Empire petitioned by Prince Karl Friedrich of Germany . The De Longueville Ducal Title is now a member of The Court of Nobility of The Royal and Imperial House of Bourbon Habsburg . Other Titles and Honors . Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael ( British Armed Forces) ● Knight Commander of the Constantinian Order of St George Hereditary Knight of Scotland (Dalriada) Royal House of O Crowley Britannia Royals Order of St Edward the Confessor Royal House of Wessex Order of St Stanislas Great Britain , Gibraltar and Malta Order of the Golden Fleece 11 Imperial House of Bourbon Habsburg Ribenzzi Hoinser Magazine

Profile Paul L. Gunn Jr. President at KUOG Corporation Paul L Gunn, Jr. has built a career around procurement, logistics, and supply chain. His impressive track record in this domain is evidenced by the firms he has owned and their flawless delivery performance records. Some of his noteworthy capabilities include: consulting, training and project management, implementing quality management systems, and technology solutions for global organizations leadingb cross-functional teams in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and America. He is also a proven leader in lifecycle and He is also a Founder of Watertusk Corporation. His Articles can be business process management. Paul has found on Inc, Entrepreneur, Forbes and others such as Bizpreneur taken an active role in all the firms he Middle East. has owned, including KUOG Corporation, and as such, he leverages his preferred Exclusive Interview servant leadership style and SME to drive all project phases from proposal 1. Tell us something about your career! What is the main motive? generation to planning and execution. My career has been geared around logistics, procurement, and supply Notably, Mr. Gunn previously led one of chain. We a supplier of choice and assisted our warfighters and allies in his firm’s largest Quality Management the materials they need to get home safely. We are also an aviation System implementation projects for and aerospace supplier. The motive for this was rooted in my own highly visible DoD end users. Under his relationship to the military with a brother and father who served. Being leadership KUOG Corporation reached able to supply items was my way of feeling I was aiding in their success #273 on Inc’s Fastest Growing Privately despite me not being able to serve. held firms in 2021. Mr. Gunn is a USA Today and WSJ Best Selling Author and The motive that drives me daily is the ability to interact with others he consults regularly on Empathy in from all walks of life and no two days are the same. There is a deep business. love for this work and a passion for connecting with others. I see the current supply chain issues as opportunities for the future despite His new book Succeed The Right Way: current frustrations great things and businesses will be formed from What Every Compassionate this and supply chain will play a critical role in this. Businessperson Should Know is based on the concepts he consults with on 12 empathy in business. It is now available for preorder.His previous firm was listed as one Inc’s Fastest Growing Privately Held Firms at #67. Mr. Gunn holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Georgia State University and a Master of Science in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. Hoinser Magazine

Profile 2. What have been your difficulties that have shown the projecting power for the future? It is my personal experience that the power of kindness , empathy and compassion is force of quantum mechanics that may yield the greatest results. It is felt in all languages and has the ingredients to create the strongest ties for collaboration that is able to withstand multiple strongholds of attacks. I personally see it as a demanding traits that all leaders must possess in they want to excel. This is my view that it has to be genuine in its desire and trait in the leader for it to be effective. Understanding that all may not achieve the heights they are destined Many people around the globe have this form of leaderships brings out the best in others so that the overall faced harsh realities and if they will mission of the companies, non-profits, education systems, political stand with a leader it will be one that is powers etc. deliver outcomes with results that are not void of impactful best suited to stand along side them as human improvements emotional, economically, environmental and one who seeks to understand them health wise. and lead by example. Lip service without action rooted in My mission is based in whatever my current state is that though I may compassionate may be viewed as an error in judgements for improvements or reaching the desired outcome obsolete trait for the future. that others along the way may be impacted for a greater good and that their encounters with me ultimately put them in a better position to 3. Tell us about your current excel in the current and future theatres of life and business. projects? We are currently working on expanding our footprint to serve globally as a staple in supply chain. Leveraging resources, connections and opportunities for the betterment of others. Placing an emphasis on what has mattered deeply in my success 4. What is your human mission that empathy is at the core of all we do knowing that compassion in delivery you think can affect people's yields the best results. Not to be confused with weakness but leaning lives? towards being strong enough to deliver results that show compassion in the long despite what the current situations show. It is my desire that those in leadership 5. Please share your encouraging message for Hoinser Media Group would see this world is best suited readers globally ! when they impact others to succeed. One of my favorite quotes is from John Bunyan where he states, “You have not lived today, until you have done something for someone who This isn’t in the form of a niceness but can never repay you”. rather the ability to address difficult Hoinser Magazine circumstances, adapt and inspire team members to bet the best versions of themselves. 13

Profile It speaks to how I strive to live my life and that others would see the weight in this quote. We are all able to learn for others in all walks of life. Seeing another’s perspective and sharing in compassion a wise person will walk away more informed and possibly gain an ally in the process. Children can be the philosophers of the moment with truth telling information or honest questions as well as formally educated people can provide some of the most misinformation that has no weight in reason or enlightenment. The scale in balance for bringing the best in others is seeing the other side in a way that best suits collaboration. This takes good communication which is often rooted in empathy and compassion. Life is a vast canvas for learning and others have a way of creating colorful artwork if one takes time to stand back and view it as a learning process. 14 Hoinser Magazine

Profile Prof. Dr. Hossam El- Shazly President of Cambridge Corporate University Exclusive Interview 1. Tell us something about your career! What is the main motive? There is no doubt that I can call myself a futuristic freelancer, as my entire career was motivated by several interacting motives and engines, where there are no limits, no boundaries and nothing impossible. I still recall my early days when I established my first pharmaceutical distribution firm in Alexandria, Egypt, during my medical college final year, with a very small investment. This project was the ticket to my journey into the international pharmaceutical world; started at Bristol-Myers (BMS) Squibb at a very young age, moved to OrPgraonfo. nDrD.uHboasi,sam El- Shazly trComhonhaecearknikeroetmtfot,tiaanhInBngeSdofrAifelratmSsnhpwsdeeieticinzndteettaerdhltraeSntnwhaadgetiisewoosnoifptfafhiPhcl2raeto9ehrpomseyeifdearsteaapchnrteeeistuoe. todnifcooaCfflaambridewbIogrdufoeauiCrlndCcakaifmotnothrigbrpoertohniihrdraaeadgrl tdeeiPenmrtCsUeotoosinhtrciudiprevateoleepcnrryasttE.hitogteayIyfntUpErJtngeuiyaipvlpnyretse2rissb0neiet2n2y0ft0r(,sC1eIm2CewdUy&a)fsf,ru2oae0tnmlu1er8ceemt,xevcaidleinietpdaawtsriIsyotahanrmneeadglPsitmriellesisdteont I admit that this speedy, successful career supports my acts to create a better world. was always motivated by my exceptional 2. What have been your difficulties that have shown the ability to create value and left me no time to projecting power for the future? think of the past. It was always about new offers, new business, and new opportunities. I always believed in customised innovation. I am one of those who In addition to my mainstream job, I became a can envision, forecast, and create the future on exceptional levels. partner and advisor to several startups, I believe that several layers and details about human power are leading investors, royal figures and even still unrevealed and undiscovered. governments. However, when I settled as one of 13 board As we live in the new world of technology-business fit, I see that members who owned the diversified the world will witness some paradigm shifting changes in the way worldwide business of the CPI International we lead, work, and interact with each other and the world. It is group worldwide and was appointed as the one of my main objectives and projects to try to map the logic and group's CEO in 2013 after participating in the design of this new era. legendary revolution in Egypt in 2011, my motives and views of the world have changed. 15 Hoinser Magazine

Profile 4. What is your human mission that you think can affect people's 3. Tell us about your current projects? lives? I believe that our ultimate mission is to participate in creating a During my early days with the CPI better world. I also believe that the future belongs to our children; International Group and as the VP of hence, we must protect it the same way we protect our life. Higher Education of Cambridge Corporate University, I was the principal founder of Hoinser Magazine the concept of corporate education in the Pharmaceutical & Health care fields. Based on my intensive experience in the industry and related fields, and armed with a degree in medicine and a PhD in educational psychology, I developed a vision and structured a curriculum that offered the world the first graduate degree in Pharmaceutical Industry Management. Today the MBA in Pharmaceutical Industry Management (MBA-PIM) is the world leading specialised program in the industry that hosts students from more than 12 countries worldwide and top-ranked international pharmaceutical organisations. Understanding, how corporate programs influence the community and the economic development in any society, I continue to lead outstanding academic and industry teams focusing on developing corporate programs that can change the face of the industry and graduate students that are able to lead the future. In 2021, the CCU Academic Board (CAB) approved the offering of the Master of Artificial Intelligence in Health Care Management(MAI-HCM) and the MBA in Digital Transformation (MBA-DT). ‘SuperHuman’ is my current most recent project started in 2020, where we are working hard to create a new dimension into the future that I believe will reinvent the formula of human capital role and achievements. The system is one of the futuristic tools expected to dominate the next decade of human life and earth experience. 16

Profile 5. Please share your encouraging message for Hoinser Media Group readers globally ! It is my ultimate belief that the world is looking for fundamental changes in leadership. With the ongoing crisis, war, poverty, injustice, and social failure, we are left with no option only to revisit our assumptions about how we elect our leaders and the powers that control the process. Unfortunately, we are manufacturing the end of our world, and we are swamped calculating nonsense achievements. We should realise that human life on earth is very short (70-80 years on average). Hence, we should never allow those who lead with double standards, injustice, war and money to guide our future. Humans consider time as the ultimate the Former Presidential Candidate of Egypt 2012 & 2018, and the fact of life. However, I believe that time Former CEO of the CPI International Group; an International can be classified, categorised, organisation that hosts seven companies with activities in corporate energised, vaporised, conceptualised, education, renewable energy, pharmaceutical, healthcare and monumentalised, psychologised, blockchain industries and with offices and operation in 19 countries. objectivised, collectivised, contextualised, sentimentalised, Dr.El-Shazly is the chief architect of the story of success of the CPI liberalised, and communalised. international group. Growing the firm from a middle-sized Swiss pharmaceutical company with a small corporate training centre in We spend Holly time with GOD to fulfil 2000 to a global giant group with forecasted activities of two billion the purpose of existence and be ready Swiss Francs in 2016 with a broad network of leading industry and for the ultimate life afterlife. We spend business partners worldwide. time in school to learn how to think, live and tackle part of the challenges in this Professor ElShazly is the Principle Founder of the Corporate Education life. We spend time with family, Curriculum at Cambridge Corporate University with the primary focus children and friends to enjoy moments on specialised advanced industry graduate degrees such as the MBA- of connection and belonging essential PIM, the first graduate degree with a major in Pharmaceutical for this life. Our existence is validated Industry Management offered worldwide. by others, by the time we spend making the world a better place. The MBA-PIM became the hub of study and training for international pharmaceutical organisations, including the top-ranked ones. He is More about Prof. Dr. Hossam El- Shazly also one of the leading developers of Postgraduate Change Management Programs, Innovation System studies and degrees at Prof.Dr. Hossam El-Shazly is a CCU. After being elected as the CCU President in July 2020, he led an Distinguished Scholar, Serial unprecedented expansion and business transformation strategy that Entrepreneur, an Unconventional enabled CCU to reach students in more than 25 countries worldwide. Strategist, Senior Politician, and a Disruptive Innovator. 17 He is the current elected President of Cambridge Corporate University… Hoinser Magazine

Profile Moustafa H. Moustafa Medical Doctor Certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians Member of the American College of Physicians Executives Member of the Advisory Board of Tele Medicine Foundation- California-USA Associate Clinical Professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles Both trained and a graduate of the Los Angeles County and University of Southern California residency program Graduate of Alexandria School of Medicine – Master Degree in Emergency Medicine Diploma received from the Government School and French Lycee of Alexandria High School Award for “the most dedicated Junior Faculty,” Intellectual Property owner and Founder of presented by Residents of Class 1999, King/Drew WoundZipper™, a patented and innovative simple device Medical Center to close wounds in seconds without inducing pain. Accident and Emergency Rose Award. Received from Owner of five patents in medical devices in the USA and the Department of Emergency Medicine of Hamad worldwide. Medical Corporation - State of Qatar Work Experience Award from the University of Alexandria-Egypt Emergency Medicine department director at two Participant in the award winning program “TRAUMA” hospitals in California, multiple international emergency MLK Hospital, produced by New York TV medicine physician and consultants in the Alexandria Main University Hospital, Hamad Medical Corporation in Owner of 3,000 pictorial slides to teach emergency the State of Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Hochstift medicine. Arguably one of the largest educational Hospital, Lutheran Nurses Association of Hessa and collections of emergency medicine in the USA. University of Heidelberg- Germany Multiple publications in Peer Reviewed Journals in the field of emergency Moustafa MH, editor–in chief: an medicine. Educational website that emphasizes the use of visual stimuli to enforce learning. Awards First prize in the clinical photography competition - Society of Academic Emergency Medicine Annual Meeting, San Antonio, Texas 18 Hoinser Magazine

Profile Other areas of interest Spoken language and writing proficiency in English, French, Spanish, German and Arabic. Previously was the game of squash teaching professional and player in the first German first squash division Bundesliga. Owner and founder of Feather squash racket equipment and website since 1998. Since its inception, Feather has sponsored over 100 squash junior and world ranked players worldwide. 19 Hoinser Magazine

Profile Grand Prince Thiago Lamont Couto de Chandos HONORABLE KENTUCKY COLONEL Appointed in March 2022 “HONORABLE KENTUCKY The honor has been given to a broad variety of notable COLONEL” BY THE GOVERNOR OF KENTUCKY AND THE people – including various celebrities, artists, writers, SECRETARY OF STATE. Kentucky Colonel is the highest athletes, performers, business people, the US and title of honor bestowed by the Commonwealth of foreign politicians, and members of foreign royal families Kentucky. – some of whom have no obvious connection to Kentucky. It has also been bestowed upon various Commissions for Kentucky colonels are given by the people who are not generally considered especially Governor and the Secretary of State to individuals in notable – they have been people from “all walks of life”. recognition of noteworthy accomplishments, contributions to Kentucky society, remarkable deeds, In the United States since 1775 there has been no and outstanding service to a community, state, or the greater civilian title or honor recognized than that of the nation. The Governor of Kentucky bestows the honor of Colonel. Once conferred the honorable title the recipient a colonel’s commission, by the issuance of letters patent. is granted all the duties and privileges of the office of Kentucky colonelcy through letters patent. Kentucky In the Commonwealth of Kentucky, commissioned Colonel, An Internationally Respected and Privileged Kentucky Colonels are considered members of the Honorific Style. Governor’s Staff and his honorary aides-de-camp, and as such are entitled to the style of ‘Honorable’ as indicated The tradition began in 1813 during the second term of on their commission certificates. The commission and Governor Isaac Shelby after he returned from leading letters patent granted by the Governor and Secretary of the Kentucky Militia on a highly successful “War of 1812” State bestowing the title of Kentucky Colonel refers to campaign. the honoree as \"Honorable\". 20 Hoinser Magazine

Profile He named one of his officers, Charles Todd, as an Giacomo della Normandia; born 12 March 1991), is “aid-de-camp” on the Governor’s staff with the rank and the blood heir to the first English and French kings of the Angevin Empire, Carolingian dynasty, Merovingian dynasty, Royal Dynasty of Gwynedd, Royal House of Troy, Yngling Dynasty, Capetian dynasty, Plantagenet dynasty, Rurik dynasty and Munsöätten dynasty, and he bears, as a royal title, the prefix “Grand Prince” with the style of Imperial grade of Colonel. Later governors commissioned Colonels to act as their protective guards; they wore uniforms and were present at most official functions. (Today’s Colonels are not required to perform such service.) Other governors continued this practice, and by Sovereignthe 1920s the Colonels’ranks had grown considerably. Highness; as a cadet member of the branch of the The honorary title is warranted through letters patent llustrious Royal House of MacDonnell Lamont Couto d’ Chandos and Royal House of Neustria and Angevin which formerly ruled the Angevin Empire, England and France, is one of the last descendants by bloodlines and royal laws of Robert II of France and consequently inherited the title of prince of blood (in French: Prince du sang), official title of the which grants them the title \"Colonel\" recognizing them as \"Honorable\" through a commission as an officer on the governor's staff. Colonels optional duties are de facto and extra officio responsibilities of promoting tourism, economic development, participation in community Orderservice, fostering the general prosperity of the Commonwealth and projecting Kentucky's image abroad ancient French monarchy from 1527, which was attributed, by the king, to the prince of blood on behalf of the State and the Governor. situated just after the “Sons of France” (in French: Today, commissions for Kentucky Colonels are given by Fils de France) and the “Grandsons of France” (in the Governor and the Secretary of State to individuals in French: Petits-fils): Petits-fils de France), according to the fundamental laws of the kingdom, among recognition of noteworthy accomplishments and these fundamental laws, the Salic law excluded outstanding service to a community, state or nation. women from the succession, which gave particular Among the ranks of the Kentucky Colonels are importance to the princes of the blood of France, distinguished leaders such as Presidents Lyndon B. who legitimately descended from the Capetian Johnson and Ronald Reagan, English Prime Minister Dynasty, also called the House of France – only the Winston Churchill, Saint (Pope) John Paul II, Elvis Presley, agnatic descendants of Hugues Capet were called to the succession. According to the “Legitimist” faction of French royalists, all male descendants of Hugh Capet in the legitimate male line are dynasts of the Kingdom of France, a fact which legitimises the dynastic sovereignty of Thiago I of Normandy on a cultural and historical level, protected by the United Frank Sinatra, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Robert Plant, (LED ZEPPELIN), Dave Mustaine (MEGADETH), John Lennon (THE BEATLES), Tommy Thayer (KISS) and Zakk Wylde (OZZY OSBOURNE) and singer Rob Halford, volunteer firemen and teachers – people from all walks Sovereignof life who have performed in an extraordinary manner. Nations. The Governor serves as Commander-in-Chief of the Thiago I of Normandy is an awarded diplomat, journalist, businessman, shareholder in large companies around the world, global head of compliance, Governance & Risk, Master of International Law – LLM, Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. Registered at is the European Honorable Order. The foundation values of the Kentucky Colonel are goodwill, authenticity, integrity, trust and honor. HRH Thiago Lamont Couto de Chandos preserves all the Ordertradition, culture, power and secrets of his illustrious ancestors, who are the historical cultural heritage of Commission’s knowledge sharing platform for humanity. Building temples of Virtue, Courage, Justice International Cooperation and Development and at and Freedom. United Nations UNGM Number: 700418, chief compliance office of the Illustrious Royal House of More About : MacDonnell Lamont Couto d’ Chandos®, The Knights of the Lord Lamont Couto®, Sovereign Order Thiago I of Normandy (French: Jacques I de Normandie, UK®, Military Order Templar Knights of the Lord British English: James I of Normandy, German: Jakob I Lamont Couto®, The Ancient Kingdom of Neustria® der Normandie, Russian: Яков I Нормандский, Italian: and Royal House of Neustria®, Member of the IFJ International Press (IPC) – International Fede2r1ation Hoinser Magazine of Journalist

Profile Abdel Rahman Ahmed Omer His Inspirational Story My name is Abdel Rahman Ahmed Omer. I am born in Sudan and was brought up in UAE. I received my basic education in Abu Dhabi then continued to read Medicine in University of Khartoum and University College London. Upon Graduation from Medical School I started my training by joining an internship program which started in Khartoum and ended in London. I continued my clinical training as a basic surgical trainee in UCL Hospital training program and went on for higher surgical training in Oxford and Cambridge Higher Surgical Trainings Program. I covered during that time my academic activities wee I obtained a Master’s Degree in Surgical Sciences from UCL / University of London and PhD in Medical management from the USA. I also obtained the fellowship of The Royal College of Surgeons of England followed by the intercollegiate fellowship of All the Royal Colleges in UK and Ireland. I continued my Professional, Academic and Managerial Career till I became an NHS consultant surgeon with subspecialist of GI & Colorectal Surgery and clinical lead for inflammatory Bowel Disease Surgery, Pelvic Malignancies Management, Higher Surgical Trainer and Assessor and involved in multiple continuous medical and professional development projects. I progressed from a member of the surgical department to the lead of surgical emergency services to Lead Surgeon, to Head of Surgical Department to Director of Surgical Specialties and Gastrointestinal medicine and a Publicly Elected NHS Governor. I pursued the academic pathway from being a junior researcher in UCL – University of London, to Clark of Surgery in Granada University and a Professor of Surgery in Multiple institutes both as chair and visiting. I participated in a number of research publications, books and book chapters. I supervised a number of research projects and a number of postgraduate academic degrees (MSc. & PhD). 22 Hoinser Magazine

Profile Abdel Rahman I travel the world learning, being trained and training others and Ahmed providing care for those who need it around the Globe. This ranged from Khartoum / Sudan (Alumnus), Cleveland Clinic Omer Florida / USA (Alumnus), Ireland, France, Italy, Spain Portugal, Germany, India, Japan, Taiwan and Canada. 23 With all this in mind I returned to UAE (Abu Dhabi) as a mature accomplished surgeon to rejoin my extended family and work on creating a legacy in the UAE a country that gave us much and we need to give back as a token of thank you. I Burjeel Hospital as a Consultant Surgeon, then the Lead Surgeon all this time working within the formwork of VPS group That is headed by Dr Shamsheer who is an entrepreneur and a healthcare enthusiast with special vision and I worked in building this organization till I became the CEO of Burjeel Hospital bringing all our organization dreams and ambition to realty and pushing health care services forward. I am married to Dr. Tayseer Mustafa and a proud father of four Mohammed, Ahmed, Mustafa and Areena. We all share a great love to traveling, charitable and humanitarian work, music and happiness. Recognitions: Fellow and Member of the following academic and professional bodies: • The American College of Surgeons (FACS) • The American Medical Directors association. • The Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management. • The Royal College of Surgeons of England, [FRCS (Eng &Gen) - UK]. • The International College of Surgeons [FICS – Boston USA]. • The International Association of University Colorectal Surgeons,[FIAUCS – California, USA]. • The American society of Colon and Rectum Surgeons, [MASCRS –USA]. • The European Society of Colorectal Surgeon. • The Sudanese Medical Society. • Healthcare Advisory Board, (NIH, USA). • DOH Advisor 9Abu Dhabi – UAE) RECOGNITION: • WHO IS WHO IN MEDICINE 2009 – 2012 – 2016 • WHO IS WHO IN THE WORLD 2012 -2017 – 2019 • WHO IS WHO IN BUSINESS 2011 • STAR OF SUFFOLK NOMINATED 2010 Hoinser Magazine

Profile Tricia Fields Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach Exclusive Interview 1. Tell us something about your career! What is the main motive? I am a Cyber Security and Data Privacy Guru. I work in a field that is historically noted to being one dominated by males and if we were to elaborate further one dominated by Caucasian males. Climbing the ladder has not been easy but it has been worth it. My main motivation and focus is that I am opening doors for other’s that look like me. My passion for change and love for other’s is what helped me discover my purpose. 2. What have been your difficulties that have shown the projecting power for the future? I was a single mother, working two jobs and going to school. My children were my motivation, and in all honesty, they saved my life. I did not have a family support system; I did not feel loved and often time questioned my purpose in life. 3. Tell us about your current projects? Every time I looked at my babies faces the desire and need to succeed intensified. I had to be an Oh wow, where do I start, aside from building and example for my children, break a generational expanding my coaching business to help others discover curse while changing the paradigm within my own their purpose, define their five core values and to launch family. and/or grow their business. I am also working with the school system to develop a leadership and accountability I never wanted my children to feel the way I felt program for our youth. growing up. My overall goal is to continue building generational wealth and to help others find their I feel strongly that we need to develop tomorrow’s leaders purpose in hopes that it will inspire them to thrive. TODAY. I am heartbroken to see the road our children are I refused to allow where I started to define where I traveling, a road of destruction and lack of guidance. ended. 4. What is your human mission that you think can affect I am not perfect by any means necessary; I have people's lives? made some dumb mistakes and I have failed but I got up and I tried again. Everything I have My human mission is to be a part of the solution and accomplished I did so by Prayer, Perseverance, implement change. I know that I can not save everyone but Hard work and GOD’s Grace. if I can reach one or two than I know that my work will not be in vain. 24 Hoinser Magazine

Profile 5. Please share your encouraging message for Hoinser My focus is to help organizations and schools develop Media Group readers globally! leaders for the future-unleashing the full talent, passion and potential of individuals (in particular millennials Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It come and Gen Z) through tailored leadership development from overcoming the things you once thought you and coaching programs. could not. I like to think that I’m a Big, Bold and Brave breath of More about Tricia Fields; fresh air in the coaching world, empowering organizations and individuals to reach their true I have over 10 years of proven business and leadership protentional while discovering their purpose through experience in STEM (Technology), career and academia positive energy, clarity, creativity, compassion, always advisement, aspiring entrepreneur development, pushing the boundaries in a positively challenging way. strategic planning, coaching and youth leadership development. TRICIA I am a successful entrepreneur in real estate, retail, bakery/catering and legal cannabis cultivation. I am also a Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach, Speaker, Teacher and Trainer, Co-Active Coach trained, International Coach Federation (ICF) member and Certified in Positive Psychology. I’m truly passionate about nurturing talent and ideas 25 that evoke transformative change in individuals, teams and organizations. Hoinser Magazine

Profile Dr. Milan Krajnc Exceptional Personality Exclusive Interview Now I am developing products for smell and touch. Namely, 1. Tell us something about your career! What is only when people have all their senses clean will we be able the main motive? to say that we hear ourselves and feel 100%. In my work and life, I find that many people live 4. What is your human mission that you think can impact in lies, but not because they would like to, but people’s lives? because they don’t know otherwise, because they learned that way from an early age! I find My mission is to bring people back to life. that people don’t live their lives with this, that they don’t know how to live at all. And my 5. Please share your encouraging message to Hoinser mission is to give back to people the life they Media Group readers around the world! lost at birth. Rules of Success 2. What were your problems that showed the projective power for the future? 1. Never be second. 2. Always listen to yourself. People just didn’t believe me that this was 3. Always be rested when making decisions. possible, what I was saying was that the main 4. The material world is a reflection of your thoughts. problem of humanity is that they don’t feel life. So I started developing products and writing Hoinser Magazine books on the subject. Many people opposed me because they thought I was not normal. I had to fight very hard to keep a shaky mind and also survive financially. So I have written more than 400 books that have been translated into more than 15 languages. And the world began to accept me as its savior. That’s why I was also nominated for the Nobel Prize. 3. Tell us about your current projects? The solution, with the liberation of people, is not just psychotherapy; but I started to develop products to cleanse all the senses so that people will start feeling again. Thus, together with Al- Khaliva Business School, we established MILAN KRAJNC AKBS INNOVATION VENTURE LAB, where we develop; For sight, I created books (, for hearing, music (MonteCristo.Band), for taste, food that changes psychological patterns ( 26

Profile Nominations: More About Milan Krajnc: • Nominated for the Nobel Prize in Economics 2021 • Nominated for the Gusi Peace Prize 2021 I am a consultant to governments and corporations in the field of management Business functions: psychology, strategy and crisis situations. • Scientific Advisor Scientific Advisor, Love Israel Europe Current: Association • Special Advisor Special Advisor, Private Council of H.H. the Professional title: Crisis Captain, Prince Mahmoud Salah Al Din Assaf Psychotherapist • Global Academic Council Board Global Academic Council Board FAB ASSOCIATION Scientific name: Doctor of Science • Honorable Members Honor able Members, EcoShuMi Foundation • Doctorate in management • Honorary Member of our Board of Advisors Honorary Member • Doctorate in Personality Psychology of our Board of Advisors, IAMA INTERNATIONAL The Honorary Degree • Special advisor for local and regional development l • Art Mediterranean Institute for Post-graduate studies and • Personality Psychology Development Research, Podgorica, Montenegro Professor: 27 • Associate Professor for Public Management, European Center for Peace and Development University for Peace established by the United Nations • Professor of the Open World Program at Al-Khalifa Business School • Professor of Psychology at ASEAN University International • Visiting Professor of Psychology at Barcelona University • Visiting Professor of Psychology at Valencia University • Visiting Professor of Psychology at Bologna University • Visiting Professor of Psychology at Coimbra University Knight's name: Sir / Don • Knight of Malta l Federation of Autonomous Priories (10591) • Elviña Society • Commander of the Knights of the King of Blegi Military name: Captain • Vessel Captain l North Atlantic Admiralty of Sahara Naval Forces Member: Police • International Police Association l Hungary Hoinser Magazine

Profile Gary Barnes \"Breakthrough Business Mastery Coach” Gary Barnes is “The Breakthrough Business Mastery He has personally sold over $280 million dollars in Coach”. products and services. To do this, he developed principles & tools that helped him increase his personal Barnes is also an International High-Performance production by over 1800%. Business and Sales Strategist, Popular National and International Speaker (over 1000 talks) & Award Barnes is the primary presenter and the producer of his Winning #1 International Amazon Best-Selling Author, Breakthrough Business Mastery Bootcamps. This credited with authoring ten books. International event came about when Barnes realized that there were more business owners, sales Gary’s clients have spanned the globe, including over professionals and entrepreneurs that were asking for his nine countries. He has been seen in many publications help than he had time to give. This multi-day high- including the Boston Globe, LA Daily News, Miami energy, high impact event is designed to produce fast Herald, CBS Money Watch, Morningstar and Worth results for attendees from their investment of time, Magazine. He has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, energy and money. PBS & TEDX. Barnes shares his entire process that has allowed him to Barnes is the founder and President of Gary Barnes build businesses quickly and profitably. He has come to International and as a leading authority, has created understand that 80% of success in any endeavor is several companies. emotional and psychological and 20% is tactical2.8 Hoinser Magazine

Profile Among other awards and recognitions, Gary Barnes Barnes has been married to his wife Sharon for over 40 received the Go Giver award from the Bob Burg years, with three adult married sons and 4 grandkids. He organization, for embodying the philosophy “The loves adventure and has completed a world class 40-foot more you give, the more you have. fire walk, flown a World War II P-51 fighter, flown on a trapeze, driven in a Destruction Derby (his car was the Barnes recognizes a major part of his success is Purple Passion); completed a 75-foot bungee jump; and through building high-touch relationships. He has built climbed 14,000-foot mountains. He’s a drummer and a his life and business around the words of Will Rogers Police Academy Graduate. who said – “there are no strangers, just friends that I have not met yet.” This has allowed Barnes to build He believes that your worst day is the day you meet the high-quality meaningful relationships around the man or woman you could have been. It's your choice. world. GARY Gary Barnes also understands dealing with adversity. In 1988 Gary was told by his neurologist that he would be dead or in a wheelchair within 10 years. As he shares in his first book How A Beaver Saved My Life he never owned that diagnosis or prognosis. Gary created a process to face adversity that has now changed many lives around the world. 29 Hoinser Magazine

Profile Eric Bailey With over 30 years’ experience inspiring and motivating From the Ghettos of LA to CEO of a Multi-Million Dollar Brand millions of people, Eric commands a room like no other, leaving his audiences in awe. Whether delivering his While growing up in the rough parts of South-Central message to corporate teams or student groups or Los Angeles with racism, crime, poverty and conducting personal mentoring and coaching, he is the unemployment, Eric Bailey was never given too much spark that ignites the passion in each of us. hope about his future. With all the odds against him, dreaming of a career, let alone becoming the CEO of a To his credit, he transforms the lives of people of all multi-million-dollar brand, seemed very, very far ages and varying cultures around the world. Eric holds away from reality. the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, conferred by the National Speakers Association and the Adopted at a very young age, Eric Bailey grew up as International Federation for Professional Speakers. an only child. Feeling overwhelmed and lonely for the most part, Eric was also born with a bone disease in The CSP label has strict standards and a rigorous five- his knees, which caused a lot of pain his whole life. year certification process during which time speakers The odds were against him one more time, and when must demonstrate both experience and expertise. Less he decided he wanted to play basketball, everyone than 10% of all speakers worldwide have this believed that it would never be possible. But Eric certification and it represents one of the highest never gave up. achievements possible for a speaking professional. And he had someone who believed in him. His coach Hoinser Magazine from High School made him believe in himself. It was his first win. Eric was able to overcome the odds, becoming a successful professional basketball player in Australia for over 10 years. From Basketball to Motivational Coach After a successful career as a professional basketball player, Eric Bailey decided to bring all his knowledge and experience he used to apply to self-motivation and encourage others on the basketball courts to the corporate side. His life experiences have enriched his endeavours and given him a unique perspective that he is now offering to the world. While he had a difficult start growing up in South Central Los Angeles, he has gone onto deliver powerful and inspiring keynotes that speak to every group and gender. In fact, Eric has spoken to more than 4.5million people worldwide within 13 countries and is Google ranked No. 1 Activational Speaker. In 2015, he was voted as the Top 22 Motivational Speakers in the world. 30

Profile His career was built based on trust, honest truth, and the ability to reinvent yourself, even when nobody believes in you. As a firm believer that your team is the greatest asset of your company, Eric Bailey saw an incredible opportunity when he decided to join Wolf Leadership. \"I do not believe in tedious, long-hour preachy speeches. I believe in effective communication, rapport building, fun, and motivational workshops to bring tangible, practical, and effective results. That is why I decided to join Wolf Leadership. To create better, bigger, and even more effective workshops to help our clients to uplift their teams and unlock their full potential.\" Together, Eric Bailey and Wolf Leadership are changing the approach to how conventional motivation workshops are held, transforming organizations to build a strong culture and leadership, helping them achieve their full capability, and assisting people in growing as professionals and as individuals. Eric Bailey Goals Post Covid 2020 was a really difficult year for me, with many changes in my personal and professional life. With all that, I discovered that I am more resilient than I thought and realized that starting all over is not that bad. In the end, there is always something better waiting for us. As per advice, I wish someone had told me that everything would be ok. Because in the beginning, changes were brutal, and they brought challenges to everyone. The unknown was a big challenge. 31 Hoinser Magazine

Profile In 2022 I intend to continue working to grow Wolf Leadership to bring more impactful sessions to help businesses. We are working hard to put together a series of life-changing workshops that will help leaders better understand how to identify their own unique key motivators and improve their self-leadership and personal branding. Our sessions start next month, and I believe it will be a game-changer for many organizations. I have always wanted to visit and grow our message and brand in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and The Middle East. Also, we are bringing the BEAR Marketing model to the companies, incorporating technologies allowing them to personalize their communications and marketing at a highly sophisticated level. We provide our clients with flexible and affordable access to these resources to achieve scalable connectivity and performance. We have started a division called Wolf Cub Club for teens. All about leadership and resilience for teens. I have a long history of working with teenagers, school staff, and parents. I believe that when we invest in teens, we can help them to develop a winning mindset, changing their present to a better future. We have also developed an outstanding Leadership YouTube Channel.... is no denying that the meaning of \"success\" will be different in 2022. Personally, I think health and well-being are the most successful accomplishments we can earn. In business and leadership, those who can better build connections are the ones that can earn their \"success.\" By connections, I mean organizations and leaders making meaningful connections with their employees, clients, and partners. Like no other time, I believe we want to connect, communicate, form meaningful relationships and embrace life Eric Bailey 32 Hoinser Magazine

Profile Devin Price Cybersecurity Professional, Writer, Educator, and Speaker Devin Price is a passionate cybersecurity professional, writer, educator, and speaker. He was born in the United States of America and resides less than an hour northeast of the nation’s capital city, Washington, D.C. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and holds a Master’s degree in Management Information Systems. He has seven years of experience within information technology and four years of experience within the information security field. Devin started his career in the technology space writing business & system requirements for web-based applications at a nationally recognized insurance company. After a few years, he transitioned into the cybersecurity field where he has been focused on helping organizations manage security risks through various projects and programs. Within his career so far, his mostim pactful He has also been honored as a member of the 2022 “40 under projects included building a security champions 40 in Cybersecurity”class by Top Cyber News Magazine. program for software developers from the ground up, leading the creation of his When he is not working on managing security risks for his organization’s first-ever application asset organization, Devin writes content on his personal blog inventory, and managing a year-long mobile regarding his thoughts on cybersecurity topics, his experience application security assessment evaluation for as a minority in the tech space, and tips for how people can one of Europe’s largest financial institutions. break into or advance their careers in the technology or Looking back on each of these projects, Devin is cybersecurity fields. He began to write in order to share his most fond of the people he got to know and the knowledge with those who might not yet know what he knows impact that those efforts had on the or have experienced what he has. Devin enjoys the fact that organization’s overall security risk posture. writing allows his message to travel to people that he would otherwise never have the opportunity to meet. Throughout his career, he has been published and recognized for his cybersecurity He is an avid believer in the power of building a professional opinionsboth nationally and internationally. network and making meaningful relationships with others in Nationally, he was able to publish his thoughts his industry. Devin has been able to speak on his thoughts on the futureof DevSecOps within the United regarding the technology and cybersecurity field on a few States Cybersecurity Magazine. Internationally, podcasts due to relationships he built online with like-minded he was published within Top Cyber News professionals on LinkedIn. One of the key lessons that Devin Magazine for his predictions on the 2022 has learned in his career is that relationships matter more than cybersecurity landscape. what you know. Hoinser Magazine 33

Profile Technical skills are necessary, but it will be DEVIN difficult to be impactful in business if you are not intentional about building relationships. He is passionate about creating more diversity in the technology and cybersecurity fields and isa current member of like- minded organizations such as Cyversity and Blacks In Cybersecurity. In order to create a safe and secure digital world, Devin believes that we will need to continue to cultivate a diverse and multifaceted viewpoint when it comes to information security and tech. This requires a talent pipeline that includes people of all types, backgrounds, and experiences. To make this effort possible, he has provided mentorship training for organizations like BlackGirlsHack and hopes to do more of these efforts in the future. Devin’s future goals moving forward are to continue to grow as an impactful technology professional, add value to organizations by managing security risks, and provide world-class educational content & guidance to those interested in a future in either the tech or information security space. 34 Hoinser Magazine

Profile Tenise Freeman Her Inspirational Story TeniseFreeman (given name Danielle Freeman) born in Cleveland, Ohio and moved to the state of Georgia. She graduated from Ashford University with a bachelor's degree in Business in 2016. The goal with this degree was to become a multi-business owner. She wanted to open a daycare center that would not only help the parents that needed the service, but the center would also be there to be able to help the children that would age out, up to the age of 18 also as employees. She also wants her own beauty shop that would be strictly for the kids and single parents. She is now a proud mother of four magnificent children who she is running her businesses with. Now Tenise and her children own an online boutique called Unapologetically Beautiful and a nonprofit youth program called Grow and Believe, Love, Yourself (G.A.B.L.Y.). She has three published books named Life of an This is the subject behind the book a Lonely Life, it talks Entrepreneur, A Lonely Life and Spending the about the relationships that I went through and nearly day with mom (which is the first of a series of being raped. six children's books). Tenise is also a certified Life Coach with a focus on parent/child relationships and Domestic Violence survivors. She is also a certified Mentor for the youth group. I believe my purpose is to help others through these rough times, she believes it's her life's work to help others. As a child, she did not feel the love of her She came out of that, then moved to another city and then parents or the rest of the family, except for her another state. She started talking to God more and started grandmother. As she grew up, she went from to get out of the depression that she was in. Her mission is one bad relationship to another for almost to help children never feel like they are alone or do not twenty years, there were at least two that went have anyone that they can come to for help. very well and is now the mother of four children. She wants to be able to help children that are aging out of She needs them to know that you can come out the foster care system and build a life of service that will of anything putting you down in life. During one of the relationships, she almost lost her life, not be the legacy for my children. We thank God every day for once, but twice. bringing me out of my hard times every day and the fact Hoinser Magazine that he keeps us safe and shows us the way to go. Her favorite quote is “There is always someone that can help you, pray to God and He will answer all your prayers at the right time.” 35

Profile Álvaro Sáez His Impactful Story Álvaro Sáez Tonda was born in Alicante, Spain, in 1996. At the age of seven he was introduced by his family to the music conservatory of Alicante, where he began training in musical language, rhythm, intonation and piano. Since he was 8 years old he began to flourish his creativity around electronics, mechanics and design, developing remote- controlled robotics projects. In parallel, at the university he achieved excellent During his higher education at the Sagrado Corazón grades in subjects of mechanics, electricity, electronics, Hermanos Maristas school in Alicante, he began his systems, physics, chemistry and materials, being one of academic specialization in subjects related to the most outstanding students of his promotion and technology, such as physics, chemistry, technical chosen for several research projects, among which drawing, computer science and industrial stands out the one that was his final degree work for technology, obtaining the highest grades before the management of the viability of home heating entering university. His career as a singer was also systems through electricity provided by a photovoltaic born in this period, called by the music teachers of station and its optimization thanks to thermodynamic the secondary institution itself for his voice control processes. and musicality to participate in various concerts and musicals. In 2018, already finishing his first degrees, he contacts for the first time with entrepreneurship in business In 2014 he accesses his higher piano studies at the promotion programs provided by his university, conservatory of music \"Óscar Esplá\" of Alicante, his presenting business ideas that are immediately awarded professional studies of lyrical singing at the in the technological dimension of many competitions, conservatory of music \"Guitarrista José Tomás\" of such as the \"New Technologies\" Prize of the XVII Alicante and simultaneously his university degree in Innova-Emprende UMH Competition, the \"New mechanical engineering at the University Miguel Technologies\" Prize of the XVIII Innova-Emprende UMH Hernández of Elche. Competition and the \"Virtual Hackovid Club 2020 Fundeun Good Decisions Club Award\". During the following years, he developed his career as a concert pianist and piano accompanist in numerous competitions, concerts and theatrical and operatic performances in the province of Alicante and has taught with renowned pianists such as Javier Negrín, Judith Jáuregui, Jesús Gómez, Mariana Gurkova and Nino Kereselidze, among others. In addition, he has also developed in piano pedagogy through his work in several music schools in the region and with the knowledge obtained from great professionals such as Guillermo González or Daniele Adornetto. 36 Hoinser Magazine

Profile In 2020 he finished his first studies and, understanding that his future lay in the business management of large innovation projects in technology, he began a stage of training in the fields of lean manufacturing, talent management, big data, artificial intelligence, data analysis, industrial automation, marketing and business strategy. As a result, he has achieved high marks in the Master of Artificial Intelligence at the International University of Valencia, the Master in Business Administration at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche and is currently completing his postgraduate studies in the Master of Robotics and Master in Accounting and Advanced Finance at the same university. In these last postgraduate studies, Sáez develops his creativity in final projects related to Brain-Machine-Interfaces for the control of rehabilitation exoskeletons for patients with spinal cord and/or psychic damage, as well as artificial intelligence expert systems for the automatic management of portfolios and investment opportunities. In parallel, he began in 2018 his higher studies in lyrical singing at the conservatory of music \"Óscar Esplá\" of Alicante, where he is currently developing his career as a performer, teaching with great professionals such as Pilar Páez, María José Martos, Eugenia Corbacho, Isabel Monar or José Antonio López, among others. In 2020 he began his path in the entrepreneurial world by founding his first startup, HechicerIA, with the promise of bringing to the audiovisual, virtual reality and video game sector a technology that would revolutionize all production standards, automatically transforming scripts into audiovisual productions. Currently, his artificial intelligence prototypee Current Anima is attracting numerous international investors due to its enormous potential. In 2021 he started his second project, Shintek, of which he is CTO, a Spanish startup that develops artificial vision solutions focused on retail, defect detection in the industrial manufacturing sector, fire detection, production control in the agri-food sector, sports intelligence, facial identification and many more and with great expectations of growth in the coming years. His versatility and command of languages, he speaks fluent English and Italian in addition to his native Spanish, have allowed him to develop cutting-edge projects around artificial intelligence and robotics in recent years in Spain and to be invited to major national and international congresses, such as MWC 2022 or \"Let Money Talk\" in Dubai in March 2022. ALVARO 37 Hoinser Magazine

Profile Charmaine KM Yan Powerhouse of Innovation for Better Health By 2020-21, the world understood the value and importance of possessing good health and protecting it. Charmaine KM Yan, the founder of Bio-Genage, observed how people went through and sacrificed a lot for their health, especially during the pandemic. She emphasizes healthy lives and maintaining wellness at all times with her business to protect our DNA with great health formula and to understand other health-related concepts like avoiding different viruses and maintaining a younger look with anti-aging solutions. Bio-Genange is a creative concept, working towards a healthy and innovative image that is potent enough to influence people with a good health system. The company believes and respects international law and regulations and therefore creates products with utmost food safety. These products vary for people of different ages to ensure maximum efficiency. “I think Bio-Genage can be a great motivator for the younger generation to understand, care, and maintain good health. Not just theirs, but it will also teach them to care for their family’s health, too,” Charmaine says. Every business faces some challenges. Charmaine An optimist by nature, this powerhouse of innovation for balances herself to face such challenges with better health also professionally struggled during the sheer patience and willingness to listen to pandemic. “We couldn’t go out to meet our clients or take different customers’ points of view. To keep business trips.” But that didn’t stop her and her strong- expanding in the competitive market, Bio-Genage willed passion for contributing towards better health. regularly keeps upgrading its products to meet Everyone at Bio-Genage kept their work going through people’s changing health needs. This task zoom calls and e-commerce websites to connect with necessitates innovative thinking, accepting new people and enable online shopping services for customers. changes in the business, and adapting to different markets & global environment changes. With confidence and faith in her abilities, Charmaine Charmaine and her hands-on team stay prepared kickstarted this start-up with a business strategy that to meet these needs of the market round the revolves around the concept of humanity. Under her year. headship, Bio-Ganage also partakes in noteworthy charity and donation activities. Charmaine swears by being productive, innovative, flexible in the innovative markets, and 38 in carrying a good & healthy image. “For me, believing in other people in the business is the greatest investment of time.” Hoinser Magazine

Profile Bio-Genage made Charmaine believe in building up strong goals for a human’s health and creating a healthy eco-system as important. The firm, she trusts, will create a strong team, group, and global society to influence everyone to focus on their health and thereby protect our living environment. “Believe in your intuitions, and don’t give up on your products, groups, or business easily. Give it 100 times more effort and time to achieve your goals. Change the world; change the environment. Reverse the bad in the economy,” says the dynamic lady. Charmaine also believes in creating good for the world, for which she relies on her strengths of willingness to accept changes, staying innovative, and being a creative leader for others. Besides that, she is of the opinion that trusting the staff’s abilities can be very profitable for any business. But sometimes, she is a little impatient or over-optimistic, making it difficult to reflect upon the usual ups and downs of the business. Over her twenty years of professional experience, Charmaine has accomplished and experienced a lot in commercial businesses such as retails, properties, and hotels. She possessed the knack of understanding the different demands of a market. In 2021, Harvard University certified her for CRISPR Technologies for gene editing. “Gathering deep knowledge about genes and the Cas9 system to cure different viruses and cancers was very challenging but worth it!” Technology has the power to build a Charmaine stronger, upgraded living environment, which we can create by collaborating 39 with one another. “I believe climate change with zero-emission is a suitable goal that we all should focus on and achieve this goal before 2050,” she adds. Charmaine wants to promote love and humanity to help our world become more sustainable and peaceful. “Our goals will be closer if we make this our mission.” Hoinser Magazine

Profile Denise Nickerson TEDx Speaker Across the world, we are seeing a rise in authoritarian disparities, persistent racism, sexism, homophobia, rule, a willingness to promulgate war, extremism, bigotry, and misogyny – a more feminine and radically division, genocide, and for political leaders to lie, steal, inclusive leadership style that propagates love, cheat, and undermine democratic institutions to acceptance, and kindness is essential for our survival. suppress human rights, criminalize free speech, and deepen inequalities, seemingly without any care for Denise Nickerson is a peacebuilder who knows that people or planet. Scientists increasingly report on the dystopian reality of the suffering of our planet. conscious leadership includes the feminine and it begins The results display our collective unwillingness to with self-compassion, forgiveness, and an inclusive actively tackle climate change, now threatening our ecosystem and the survival of the entire human race. definition of love that encompasses all of humanity and Women, children, the elderly, indigenous communities, and other minority voices in society, all life on earth. Is it such a radical idea that self-love and continue to pay a disproportionate price for the imbalance of power. self-worth is the foundation to healing the world? No. With unequal access to rights, education, healthcare, Self-love, which includes self-respect, requires everyday resources, and the vote, with economic and political… courage to hold ourselves accountable for our words, Hoinser Magazine deeds, and actions. Self-love requires that we love, forgive, and account for all of who we are and how we show up in society for ourselves, our loved ones, and those we’re responsible to and for. Self-love honors our intimate connection to others - including those without voice, vote, or agency – like our planet’s fragile and precious ecosystems. 40

Profile Denise Nickerson is a Fulbright Scholar, Author, TEDxSpeaker, and Community Leader. She is an Education expert and Vocational Psychologist who has spoken in over 300 universities and schools in over 30 countries. She is the co- founder of Salt Consulting & Communications Ltd. and the co- author of The Integrity System, an online training program that and communities by using principles grounded in education theory and knowledge sharing. teaches self- She invites viewers to consider how their presence and participation in digital spaces can coaching and have real tangible value and lifesaving, life-affirming impact. She invites us to not remain decision-making. silent when witnessing bullying behavior but to speak up and to let those being targeted She works through know that they are not alone. coaching, training, and community Every day, we have the chance to include ourselves in important conversations, to raise our leading, to create voices, to uplift one another by speaking up, by challenging offensive ideas and providing and build efficient witness, presence, support, and safety for others. Every day we can engage to support learning systems change and create social justice. and methodologies for personal and Denise is passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion, and believes fiercely in the need professional for a sustainable economy and the practical application of feminism to benefit humankind development that and the planet. Denise’s peacebuilding work is sometimes behind the scenes as she scale, by inviting discreetly supports humanitarian and corporate leaders, scientists and writers, artists and and elevating the musicians, entrepreneurs and founders, innovators and educators, those working in participation and healthcare and healing professions, through her work in coaching and consulting, engagement of particularly the art and science of self-coaching. Through the Swiss-Olympic approved others to further Coach Within® program she designed, Denise’s work with athletes and sports coaches conversations and helps her impact and reach young people from different backgrounds. action. Her TEDx Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Denise has spent her professional life in Paris and Geneva Talk: Radical and she works with people living on several continents. Inclusion to Humanize Digital Through grassroots leadership of movements like #HerCoffee to promote active listening, Spaces offers collective projects like the Inspired Journeys anthology of 31 women’s stories, and pragmatic examples mentorship programs, Denise facilitates safe spaces for women. for how to lead and manage people, Denise Nickerson once said, “The world needs your light.” Her example of love, kindness, information inclusion, and individual support not only lights the path for others but encourages everyone to access their own inner light, to take the stage, and shine. 41 Hoinser Magazine

Profile R. Michael Cowgill President & Co - Founder of Georgian American University In his 24th year in Georgia, Michael is the President with emphases in project/construction management, and co-founder of Georgian American University, LLC environmental, regulatory and strategic analyses, (GAU) in Tbilisi, Georgia, with Schools of Business; operational risk management, corporate social Law, International Relations & Diplomacy; Informatics responsibility (CSR) and global business development. & Engineering; Humanities & Liberal Arts; and From 1999 - 2003 he was the pipeline adviser for the Medicine. He is a frequent, multi-sector, key-note Government of Georgia and its President (Eduard speaker and continues to teach Presentation Skills to Shevardnadze) providing strategic, regulatory, technical his upper-level English language students. Another assistance and technology transfer for the class he loves to teach is one that he developed for his implementation of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (Oil) and International Relations & Diplomacy students: South Caucasus (Natural Gas) Pipelines. “America’s Global Economic Influence”. GAU is also the first financial investor in the new American He is also the President& Founder of Energy & Industrial University Kyiv (Ukraine) which will start classes in the Management Consulting, LLC, providing independent Fall semester 2022. strategic energy, regulatory and financial development services for oil and gas, infrastructure and industrial Michael has over 45 years of experience in managing projects in the Caspian and Black Sea Regions. Michael is all phases of projects in 45+ countries in the energy, the Director and shareholder of Alpha Group Holding for infrastructure/transportation and education industries logistics and transportation services in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Latvia. 42 Hoinser Magazine

Profile He is the Supervisory Board Chairman of the Anaklia (Port) Development Consortium; on the Supervisory Board of ARIC (industrial farming operation in Kakheti, Georgia); and also a Board Member for Air Georgia as it develops a new project for providing nonstop flights between Georgia and the US. His first full-time job was in 1976 as Material Quantity Survey Engineer for Bechtel at the Natural Gas Production and Reinjection Field for the Mobil Arun LNG Plant in North Sumatra, Indonesia. Also in his career, he led a team of engineers and scientists at PG&E in San Francisco in research to quantify actual methane emissions from gas systems and their effect on global warming/climate change. The research established mitigation measures that were adopted globally throughout the natural gas industry. More recently, he supported block chain technology education as well as expanding block chain technology to non crypto currency applications. Michael is Vice President & Treasurer (and past President and 1st Vice President) of the American Chamber of Commerce in Georgia (AmCham); and Executive Board Member (and the first non-native Georgian member) of the Georgian Academy of Natural Sciences. He has TRACE International Certification 2014/2015 certifying compliance with international anti-corruption/bribery standards. Most recently he has worked to develop and serve as a Director for 2 new foundations providing financial humanitarian and military assistance to Ukraine and its refugees resulting from the 2022 war with Russia. Previously he was: Founding Member of the Steering Committee of UNDP Global Compact Program for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Georgia; Member of Georgian Government Anti-Corruption Council; Georgia Representative to OECD Responsible Business Conduct Initiative; Member of the Board of Directors of the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA); Advisor to the University of Texas’ Business and Environmental MBA Program; and Member of the Texas Independent Producers & Royalty Owners (TIPRO) Environmental Committee. In Georgia, especially through his NGO platforms, Michael continues to promote such socioeconomic issues as women empowerment; gender equality (breaking through the glass ceiling(s); eliminating discrimination of any kind; adherence to the rule of law and judicial reform; development of financial markets; transparent financial reporting; and elimination of misinformation/disinformation. He has coined the novel definition of CSR – “doing the right things for the right reasons: – and supports that concept - leading by example. Michael has completed Electrical Engineering studies at University of Missouri; BS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Kansas; an MBA from UC Berkeley; and is a PhD candidate at Georgian American University. He has a wife and daughter in Tbilisi and 2 sons and 5 grandchildren in America. He is an avid reader, sportsman and boating enthusiast, musician (classical trumpet and voice) and conductor/director of all types of bands, orchestras and chorales. Growing up in a newspaper family in a small rural town in north central Missouri, he was required to participate in all local and school-related activities – which he has valued all of his life – as contributing to his being a more well-rounded individual. At last count, he had had more than 15 part-time jobs before starting his professional career. Always ready with a joke or story, Michael considers himself as a person that sees potential connections and brings people together – both socially and professionally. As such, he continues to welcome all new opportunities! 43 Hoinser Magazine


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