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Published by Hoinser Group, 2021-11-02 00:16:20

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By: Hoinser Group Message from our Founder of “Hoinser Media Group”: H.E DENISA GOKOVI Thank you for choosing to read the Hoinser Queens Book 2021; Record book that strengthens women's identity. Our team, members, business partners, and global ambassadors are always researching and celebrating our mission in the world. Our goal is to help people to discover potential and create revolution through dedication, ambition and humanistic goals. Thank you for taking time to read about these great people. We hope their stories will inspire you to walk into your power so that you increase your influence. This is your time to join the Hoinser mission globally. HOINSER

WWW.HOINSERGROUP.COM Copyright @ 2021 Hoinser Group Publishers All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or any other electronics or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission, write to the publisher at the address below: Hoinser Group Publishers Albania,Tirana Email: [email protected], [email protected] Phone: +355 69 361 7684

Lady Elizabeth Kally Sara Abbas A Creator Women Forbes Counsilor Paula Goodman Hazel Herrington Social Media Influencer Branding Expert Dr. Navana Kundu Laura Akano Best Selling Author Etiquette Coach & Social Skills Noleen Mariappen LeTysha Montgomery Impact Entrepreneur A Successful Author Beverly Brown Beverly K. Johnson Social Personality Health & Wellness Coach Tracey K. George Kamille Thomas A Accomplished Trainer Founder at “Aspire Grow Higher” Conswella Smith Shawnte McKinnon Scincare Specialist A Creative Leader Kim Brown Ashawna Lane Amazon Bestselling Author World Traveler Olga Mroz Nadene Joy A Powerful Personality Global Ambassador H.R.H Princess Maja Hohenzollern Beverly Clay Media Personality Mental Health Coach Princess Karen Cantrell Lady M McIntosh A Successful Woman Radio Show Host DeYonne Parker Olivia Hepburn A Social Entrepreneur Life Coach Angela Tunner Beata Bikowska A Creative Businesswoman Personal Brand Creator

Stacy Wellington Gill Elnora Rose Celis A Successful Entrepreneur Arts & Fashion Enthusiast June Chambliss Dr. Chameka L. Robinson International Speaker Purpose Driven Raven J Williams Pegah Gol International Speaker A Creative Author Charmaine KM Yan Rania Lampou Founder of “BIO-GENAGE” A Successful Educator Jamie Rae Wright Ditte Jorgensen Encourogement Speaker President at JCI Herning Dr. Randi D. Ward Majelica Caberte Life Coach Real Estate Broker Baroness Irina von Behr Maggie Webber Clean Energy Company Best-Selling Author Vennessa Anderson-Abram Peggy Sefolosha Mental Health Advocate Founder of “Sillage Association” Sylvia Chaves Y. Rena Cooper America’s Love Queen A Woman with Vision Sarmistha Mitra Vera Thomas Wellness Advisor A Professional Author Cynthya Pagan-Hale Hillary Gooden Founder of “Domestic Violence Rally” Social Entrepreneur Dr. Sonya Robinson Apostle Desiree Andrews A Creative Speaker A Passionate Woman Sibel Terhaar Seetha Sagaran Social Media Personality Motivational Keynote Speaker

Silvia Fejesova Sandra A Smith Motivational Entrepreneur Award Winning Filmmaker Corina Zanner – Entwisle Dr. Sharmee Prat Ledership Coach Professional Speaker Charul C Jaitly Yvette C. Owens A Social Creator Social Entrepreneur Eves Sangster Wendy Pizarro Coach at ee-abc consultancy sangster A Powerful Woman Ekaterine Maisuradze Princess Hester A Successful Businesswoman Mintest Life Coach Dr. Liz Isenring Edna Joyce Santos Best Selling Author Extraordinary Personality Josephine Harris Anna Koriakovskaia A Creator of Success A Powerful Women Ana Maria Tolomei Sandra Stella A Spiritual Woman A Successful Woman Lumbie Mlambo Barbara Stella UN Global Leader A Unique Woman Cpoetic Stew Dr. Subrina Jesmin International Speaker Marketing Influencer Toni Howard Dame Sheila B. Driscoll Her Inspirational Story Global Entrepreneur Kimberley Linert H.E Laila Rahhal El Atfani A Creative Influencer Founder at “Business Gate” Lorevie Rexie Lianko Mireille Toulekima Artist & Fashion Model Global Leadership

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 Lady Elizabeth Kelly A Creator Woman “It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. His Excellency Adnan Al Noorani, She also works with relevant They went out and happened to The Chairman Of the Board & CEO institutions and helps things.” When one adapts to choices of The Private Office And Group Of develop a more structural that show what he/she truly is, then Companies, himself gave the award approach to running orphanages. it is easy to achieve far more than to Ms. Kelly for her extraordinary abilities. “ contribution in the field of business Her success list is so long to management. describe as she has done a lot for These are the words that tell us women and youth about Her Excellency Elizabeth Kelly. Her Excellency has delved into empowerment. Her Excellency is a Dubai-based agencies, programs, staff, and businesswoman, founder of Ethos policies that focus on providing She emphasizes that the Global Solutions, and an social services to individuals, acquiescence of empowering any ambassador for Commonwealth groups, and communities. She was aspect of society can be seen as Entrepreneurs Club and also active in numerous NGOs in India, means of creating an environment President of Global United Leaders Thailand and the Philippines. in which one can make decisions League (GULL) in United Kingdom. and choices either individually or She was the laudator of numerous collectively for social Her Excellency carries a vivacious projects, which are particularly transformation. aura comprising of an empathetic dedicated to supporting attitude towards those in need of disadvantaged children in their She states that empowerment help. She highlights that ‘For a education, as well as advising strengthens the ability by salutary lifestyle full of fruition one children from difficult family acquiring knowledge and power must abstain from parochialism in backgrounds. along with experience… terms of goals and should be cognizant about the things which HOINSER makes one enthused.’’ From starting her career in the fashion industry to being a successful businesswoman, her life is a testament to breakthroughs and accomplishments, never allowing societal norms and limitations to prevent her from achieving phenomenal and long-lasting successes. Her Excellency Elizabeth Kelly received an award of leadership and excellence in Business management.

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 In more simple terms it helps to gain control over the Consistent with its mission to establish world peace circumstances of one’s lives and destiny. the Universal Peace Council acknowledges as Ambassador for peace those individuals whose “Everyday wake up with determination to do lives exemplify the ideal of living for the sake of something that creates an opportunity for others; others, and who dedicate themselves to practices focus on that idea, which is ultimate for you, that that promote Universal moral values, strong family would be your first step towards destiny.” life, interreligious cooperation, international harmony, renewal of the United Nations, a Being the founder of Ethos Global Solutions, she says responsible public media, and the establishment of a that it focuses on sustainable development thinking Culture Peace. through advanced business model and how critical thinking towards contemporary world helps to The universal Peace Council U.P.C. has the honour to keep a balance between reputation management that appoint MMS. H.E. Elizabeth Kelly as Universal plays a crucial part in providing custom-built Peace Ambassador strategic resolution strives to help businesses maintain their buoyant web presence and achieve success visibly in a short period of time. Now, moving further, we know that by accelerating capabilities as a learning organization through sustainable development learning and most importantly enhancing brand image and protecting the license to operate and grow through attention to the social dimension, she elaborates that Ethos Global provides security to brands against all forms of reputation damage including covert attack, silent slashes, concern troll, brand jacking, identity assault, and much more. HOINSER

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 PAULA GOODMAN Social Media Influencer Known as PaulaG, the “Word Jedi Poetess” on the LinkedIn platform, Paula Goodman is a prolific writer, publisher, and rising star in the field of motivational and inspirational writing. Her work is her calling - fulfilling the very basic human need for connection and engagement spanning themes of hope, mental health, embracing diversity, dignity, and love. Paula is the Founder and President of Omathome - a vibrant global community promoting connection and healing through soulful poetry and inspirational writing. Without a clear path as to “how -may struggle with personal loss, Her writing has attracted an expanding and when”, she knew from abusive/narcissistic relationships, network (160,000+ at the time of childhood that one day her dream toxic work environments, single publication) who look to Paula for her would be fulfilled – she would parenthood and mental health thought provoking, motivational publish and share her writing with challenges. content. the world. Paula describes her life story not She has garnered an active following Fast forward several decades as one of loss, but one of lessons. and is widely known for her unique later and there is no doubt that She is a firm believer that success writing style and dedication to she is a pioneer in the social is rooted in how you approach authentic engagement with her media inspirational writing space and overcome the challenges that readers. and that her childhood vision has life and business inevitably throws been realized beyond your way. In October 2021, Paula was once again expectations. recognized by Meller Marketing as a Paula gained extensive experience “LinkedIn Rockstar” - a list of the Top Paula’s poetic journey, however, in the corporate world in 100 influencers out of approx. 750 was not a linear path and not management positions with one million LinkedIn members. without its share of life of Canada’s largest banks and a adversities. She is very open, large regional government entity. A lifelong writer, Paula’s literary talents genuine and authentic in her emerged from as young as 6 years old writing style – provoking thought She experienced first hand what when she started writing poetry to without judgment. Her writing worked and what did not in terms express her young but “beyond her draws on her own life story and of team dynamics, fostering years” view of the world around her. seeks to provide inspiration and performance and promoting a hope to those who – just as she culture of dignity, respect, and Forever with a pen and a scrapbook to has experienced in the past… inclusiveness. record thoughts on a moments notice, she began amassing an impressive library of her own creative works. HOINSER

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 These valuable lessons of the corporate world – both While Paula’s original goal was simple - deliver as good and bad – have helped shape the life lessons and much good to as many people as possible – her perspectives that drives her writing to this day. execution on this goal was fresh and innovative as one of the pioneers of poetry on LinkedIn. After leaving the corporate world, Paula launched her own business venture in 2019 initially as a vehicle for At the time she started writing and sharing, LinkedIn her to deliver value to others promoting physical well- was viewed primarily as a resume/job sharing site being leveraging her yoga teaching certification. with some valuable learning resources. While teaching yoga, Paula began to incorporate her Paula recognized that what was also true and largely own brand of meditational and motivational unaddressed was that there was a human being messages. behind each of the carefully crafted resumes – each with a unique story and their own set of challenges These inspirational messages, each known as an and needs beyond employment. “Opism” (a combination of her nick name “Op” and a doctrine/belief system referred to as “ism”), soon LinkedIn represented a massive untapped market. became as much a part of her business brand as the With frequent posting (almost daily) and a yoga techniques she was teaching. commitment to engage as fully as possible with all those who interact with her writing, she has It quickly became apparent that beyond physical transformed her passion for helping others into a fitness, people were looking for healing for the mind, vibrant and rapidly growing digital media presence. and inspiration for the soul. Paula’s has expanded her media reach as a In response, Paula shifted her business to combine her contributing editor to Bizcatalyst360 – a global digital lifelong passion for writing to meet a growing need for and social media empire that brings together writers exercising the mind. and creatives dedicated to doing good and to “reimagine and rediscover humanity at its very best”. This market need was brought further into stark focus with the onset of the global pandemic hitting home in She is also a tireless contributor to numerous social early 2020. Fear, uncertainty, lockdowns and media forums (as cohost of “Ladies Go Live” and mandated social distancing measures undermined a regular contributor to the 360Nation’s “Friendship fundamental human need to connect. Bench”). In 2021, Paula further expanded her horizons taking on the role of Casting Director of the successful Combining a renewed purpose and passion, Omat BucketFest – a global event promoting creativity and home switched gears and focused on becoming the motivation designed to spark hope and soothe a vehicle for Paula to deliver hope and motivation to a pandemic-weary world. world in need. While known for her powerful and unique poetry and creative writing style, Paula has also garnered significant interest from the business community- including a recent feature in the Business Anecdote magazine highlighting the approach and best practices that underpin her impressive social media presence and status as a rising influencer. She is also an enthusiastic contributor and guest speaker sought after to participate in a wide range of media, events and podcasts. Her writing is described as transcending social constructs such as nationality, race, gender, religion and politics in a way that provides inspiration while providing voice to the voiceless. HOINSER

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 Dr Navana Kundu Best Selling Author She has been a fast learner from the How successful you are in life, Dr Navana Kundu, Doctorate in lessons that life has taught her through depends on how emotionally fit you ‘Effects of Meditation on tragedy, death, failed relationships, loss are. Human Mind and Happiness,’ is and pain. a highly regarded award Dr Navana, a globe trotter and winning Master coach, The turns in life made her to explore spiritualist extraordinaire, uses her therapist, and consultant. deeper the energetics of human mind many natural gifts and expertise to and the spiritual aspects of human life. throw light on situations and As an International #1 She spends considerable time in the experiences that fox even the most Bestselling Author and Speaker Himalayas in her spiritual exploration. intelligent of us. of Emotional Mastery, she is also a Master practitioner in 20 Inspired by her family’s strong spiritual She has been featured in The different therapy and coaching connection, she herself dedicated her Entrepreneur Magazine, Business modalities to accelerate life to study the ancient scriptures of Standard, Thrive Global, Khaleej positive change and paradigm Vedanta and holds a Master’s degree in Times, International Business Times, shift in people’s lives. Jnana Yoga. MedLife UAE, Yogalife and other major publications. Early life: In her early 20s Dr Her empathy and warmth draw people Navana formed a highly to her and she unabashedly shares her Small illustration of Navana’s work successful career in fashion stories and experiential knowledge. A path: industry in Milan. natural born leader and communicator she is always ready to teach, help and • Doctorate in Metaphysical Science She reached the heights of shift people from where they are “Effects of Meditation on Human career success with Elite Model ‘stuck’. Mind and Happiness” Management in Italy, working • #1 International Best Selling with the topmost professionals She has been awarded “Excellence in Author/Speaker/ Coach Emotional of the industry and finally, Meditation” by the World Health Mastery: Toolkit for Success in started her own corporate Awards and the ’Top 30 Life Coaches to categories mental health, self-help, events company IBB Look Out For 2021’ by NYC Journal. Her psychology. International in Barcelona, personal message is that everyone has • Award Winner “Excellence in Spain. unlimited potential to create the life Meditation” by World Health Awards they desire. In the following years, she HOINSER brought together leading decision makers of FT500 companies ranging from Nike, Microsoft, Coca Cola to many more in her premier conferences and summits in Europe, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore and Hong Kong. She currently runs her international events company from Dubai.

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 • Awarded Among “Top 30 Life Coaches to Look Out For 2021” by NYC Journal • Honorary Advisor Board Member Child Chapter • Head of Growth & Academics, Imperia Group, USA • Senior Therapist & Coach Illuminations Wellness Centre, Dubai • Certified Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy • Certified Therapist in Regression Therapy • Certified (ABNLP) NLP Practitioner NLP Coach • Certified Associate Leadership & Executive Coaching • Certified Practitioner in Emotional Intelligence • Certified in Professional Sound Frequency Healing (IASH) • Certified Therapist in Inner Child Work • Certified Therapist in Breathwork • Practitioner & Trainer Meditation • Master in Religion (Master in Jnana Yoga) • Master in Counselling Management • Master of Business Administration • Reiki Practitioner • Crystal Healing • Certified Practitioner Kundalini Energy • Practitioner 72 Angel Kabbalah and Dream Interpretation (UCM Canada) • Intuitive adviser and catalyst to change to several New Age therapists, trainers • Renowned speaker in the field of EQ, EI, Emotional Mastery, women empowerment, self-development, energetics of mind. HOINSER

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 Noleen Mariappen Impact Entrepreneur My story began in South Africa during a time where I was legally a lesser person, within a context of poverty, I always aspired to get beyond my circumstances, to do more, and to help more. Reading and learning was my initial escape, I would read for hours on end as a child. As I got older, I discovered that applying what I had learned could get me further, and that I was more than my circumstances. This has stuck with me through the years. My first break came in the form of a scholarship to university just as apartheid drew to a close. I worked three jobs through university where my studies focused on Organisational Psychology, and set my sights on doing more in the world. My most momentous move was one made to the UK when I left South Africa with just £20 to my name. Following a brief stint as a waitress my career began as one of a management and business development professional. I decided to put the years of skills Some of those businesses For years I utilised my understanding of and experience that I had gained failed, but from each that did, I the complexities of human psychology, helping others personally and learned… and these lessons, business & organisational development, professionally, and launched my along with a desire to keep behaviour, culture and context whilst first business which I took, (with a growing and to continue to help working in the areas of programme, dash of luck too!), from startup to others, allowed me to project and operations management, exit in 6 months. persevere and achieve. more specifically managing and coordinating complex, cross-functional, Through the years I worked hard, I now have an extensive multi-million pound projects, and rose to new heights, hit all-time portfolio ranging from brands supporting business growth. lows, accomplished much, made endorsed by Versace, Nicole money, lost money, trusted, had Ritchie, Kate Moss, Paris Hilton, I am passionate about enabling personal my trust broken and went on to and Halle Berry and featured and professional success, and quickly expand my business portfolio. on TMZ, Young Hot Hollywood, discovered that I could do more, in the Vogue, In Style and more. way that I wanted, if I took that leap into the entrepreneurial world. HOINSER

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 For me, business is a means to an end, and my core focus is on strategy, sustainability and positive social and environmental impact. With more, we can do more, and I endeavour to improve circumstances wherever I can to facilitate economic empowerment, sustainable development and real impact for a world that’s better for people and the planet. To this end I consult to support the embedding of sustainability practices and measurable impact, and have founded and co-founded a number of impact initiatives. I am also currently working on what will be the largest global impact ecosystem set to level the playing field for meritocratic and transparent impact funding. In addition to this, and in the spirit of doing more together, I lead as Global Director on the Global Women for Good Initiative, which has commitment from 14 First and Former First Ladies, working toward collaboration for strategic interventions that transform leadership, industries and economies for the good of society locally and globally. HOINSER

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 who completed the nine week to be independent and strong. Her Beverly Brown course of discovery and uncovering mother later married a wonderful the vision they were purposed to do. man who became the stepfather to A Social Personality her nine children and father to She then decided to have the another son. The family was Beverly Brown is The graduates tell their stories of certainly rich in love. Dreamsteerer, an Inspirational triumph over tragedy in another self- Speaker, Best-selling Author, Event published book entitled, “The As the first of the ten to graduate Host, Actor, a two-time breast Graduates of Dreamsteerer college with a four year degree, it cancer survivor and a believer that Academe’, From Dreamers to was a major milestone for the through God ALL things are Visionaries” of which twelve of the family as she has always wanted to possible. graduates collaborated to intimately make her family proud. tell their stories. Her company is called Creative Her mother died at an early age of Consulting & Consumer Services. Truly a very powerful and impactful only sixty years due to Parkinson’s LLC dba Creative Consulting book that everyone ensuing or disease with her older sister Dreams, Dreamsteerer Academe’ pursuing to become a better version passing just several months later and Creative Consulting Dreams of themselves and discover what and then the stepfather and Inspirational Talk Show. God’s purpose is for their lives would eventually her four year old certainly enjoy reading. grandson to a drowning, all within She is originally from the New one year and a half. Orleans, LA area and now resides Through the many years it has taken in the Phoenix, AZ area after her to achieve her Dreams, starting It was a transitory time for her as spending eight years in Cleveland, from the fact that she was number the party streets of New Orleans Oh following the Katrina storm seven of ten children to a powerful caused her to see life in a whole devastation. and proud single mother who raised different perspective. all of her children… She is a graduate of Southern HOINSER University in New Orleans with a degree in Business and Marketing even after becoming a single teenage mother at the age of fifteen. She is a #1 Best Selling Author of Empowering Women to Succeed, Turning Tragedy into Triumph which she co-authored with seventeen other courageous women bearing their struggles in life and how they overcame them. She later released her own self- published book entitled You Can Do It! Whatever It Is to give “Dreamers” hope that they can accomplish anything that God has placed in their heart to do. She completed her Dream of re-starting her Dreamsteerer Academe’ in Arizona and successfully graduated over thirty “Dreamers”…

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 The year 2005 when Katrina hit New Orleans, she found herself in the midst of a mental and spiritual storm on the day that the storm hit, devastating the city with massive flooding and destruction. As she always states - she was already in a storm when the storm arrived. Needless to say even through the impending foreclosure of her home (even before the storm) and departure of all that she owned created a ripple effect that would last for the next few years. She relocated to Cleveland, OH where she spent eight years of her life re-building her consulting business and later launching herself as The Dreamsteerer and starting Dreamsteerer Academe’, as well as her TV show “Creative Consulting Dreams”. As success seemed to be on the horizon she then encountered breast cancer after the sudden loss of another sister due to cancer. She would then face cancer not once but twice within two years. With the physical, mental and emotional strain she decided to move to Arizona to be near her only daughter and three grandchildren. It was then that she was led to re-launch all that was lost and has now relaunched her Creative Consulting Dreams consulting business, re-established Dreamsteerer Academe’ and started her YouTube channel, Creative Consulting Dreams Inspirational Talk Show. All of this to say that no matter how many obstacles you face in life, there’s ALWAYS the opportunity to overcome it and start it again, and again and again. HOINSER

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 Tracey K. George A accomplished Trainer On the surface, Tracey K. George is an accomplished Biblical Counselor and Trainer with over 30 years of experience. By the time she entered kindergarten, that will educate you as you learn In addition to that Tracey, the her teacher, Mrs. Child’s gave her the to work productively with diverse CEO/Founder of T.G.A.P opportunity to teach the class on personalities while building a clear Empowerment Center LLC., is a several occasions. It was at that and cohesive atmosphere. versatile Vocalist /Author/Speaker moment, that she knew she would and Songwriter currently living with become a teacher/trainer. In addition, Tracey brings over 30+ her family in South Carolina. years of leadership expertise that As a Trainer, Tracey utilizes both is delivered with unsurpassed Tracey was born in Elgin Air Force writing and speaking to assist the enthusiasm and motivation. Base, Florida to the proud parents student with their goals. Her core Kent and Ruby George. At the age of focus is developing leaders to soar to An interactive presenter, Tracey is three, her mother began to train her the next level of success in ministry gifted in educating and engaging in ministry. and life. the audience from start to finish. By age 16, she received the call to Through teaching, Tracey shows her Whether in person or through her preach God's word. After graduating students how to rediscover their books, Tracey, the Author of “The from high-school in 1987, Tracey passion while revitalizing their focus. Blessed Place” continues to entered the military and was Leaders shifting is a must have empower her readers to honorably discharged after 11 years concept for both now and the future. overcome personal obstacles in. In 1996, she graduated from while improving their relationships Francis Marion University. She takes leaders on a path of intense in family, business, and ministry. preparation and application. Conflict Tracey believes that Ministerial Currently, Tracey is a Biblical resolution can be challenging for Leaders can avoid burnout and Therapist, and Certified many within the workplace or in other issues while assisting their Transformational Life Coach, with a ministry; however, Tracey provides own staff to develop. Bachelor of Science in Psychology. essential information… HOINSER She also obtained certification as a Homeless Liaison and Diabetic Specialist. Tracey has worked in counseling, social services, mental health and mental retardation in varying capacities for over twenty- five years. As a young child, Tracey desired to do whatever her brother, Kenneth, was doing. She would stand beside him as her mother would help him with his schoolwork. This led to her reading and writing before school age.

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 Tracey has co-authored several anthologies including the Bestsellers Still have Joy and The Power of Perseverance . In addition to those amazing books, she has authored several Books,“The Blessed Place Workbook”, “When God Speaks: Discovering Your Power in Prayer”, and Shh! God is Speaking to name a few. T.G.A.P Empowerment Center LLC. includes the following groups: • The Core Outreach Network • The Core Training Institute • TGAP Consultants When she’s not writing, coaching or counseling, she continues to travel throughout the US and overseas ministering the gospel through word and song. HOINSER

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 Conswella Smith Scincare Specialist Conswella Smith is a Skincare Wellness Specialist, Mother, Wife, and Minister in Snellville, Georgia, where she is the Founder and CEO of A Queen’s Essentials, Organic Soaps and Natural Body Products, leaving the corporate world on faith as a Technical Support Analyst in 2015. I simply made use of all the resources We specialize in recurring skin She studied at the Dekalb County that I had at home, then hitting the additions such as eczema, acne, School of Cosmetology, where she streets in promoting my products the psoriasis, rosacea, and dermatitis. then became licensed in 1999. She old school way. To keep the bills paid A Queen’s Essentials also then went on to become a skin and food on the table I did things like encourages those who are simply consultant in formulating her own visited pantries, drove Uber, and wanting to enhance their skin the natural skincare inspired by her donated plasma. natural way. own family’s trials in recurring skin conditions such as eczema, acne, Founder, Owner, and Skincare “I have a family history of re- psoriasis, and rosacea. Wellness Specialist of A Queen’s occurring skin conditions. Nothing Essentials Natural Skincare Products. over the shelves worked. They She then also became a licensed Our soaps are certified by the USDA caused breakouts, allergic Minister at New Life Church of Agriculture. This means that there reactions, and not to mention Lithonia in 2017. are no herbicides, pesticides, frustrations and insecurities.” fertilizers, or harsh dyes. Her accreditations include Best of As a Master Cosmetologist, I was Gwinnett 2018, Among the Best All our products are made with determined through studies in our 2018, and Ones to Watch 2019, for natural ingredients. We sell our derma to go back to our roots with A Queen’s Essentials. She was also organic soaps, certified by the finding natural ingredients to heal featured in the Special Speakers USDA’s National Organic Program, our skin. Edition, Leadership T.K.O Magazine which means exceeding the in March 2019, Voyage Magazine minimum of 80% organic content As an entrepreneur and ATL 2021, and Helpful Living without counting water or salt. Our businesswoman of color, our Magazine 2021. natural skincare line also includes appearance and confidence are handmade body butters, scrubs, everything in representing the She continues to stay involved with facial care, lotions, body washes, and powerful women within our the community in her commitment more. industries that we are. to homeless shelter, Hagar’s House in her native location, Decatur, Georgia. It was definitely not a smooth road. The phrase “stepped out on faith” is what exactly happened. After quitting my corporate job, I had nothing saved, nothing created, collaborators, investors, or anything when I started my business. HOINSER

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 Commonly now, women are going through hormonal changes starting in their (Mid) thirties, producing acne not only to your forehead, nose and chin from your younger youth; but also, it is extending to your cheeks and jawline. Studies have also shown that one out of four adults with allergies reported getting their first skin allergy in adulthood. The causes can be confusing, but they include intolerances, sensitivities, and many other things. Our skin reactions are very unpredictable right? I did not develop recurring skin conditions due to allergies until after I turned 30! That is why A Queen’s Essentials Natural Skincare has come up with amazing products that you can use daily so that you can love the skin that you’re in. Success is something that you find through endurance. This means going through it mentally, physically, and emotionally by putting in everything that you got and being ok with the failures that come along with it. The ability to learn and trust the process in knowing that it’s ok to ask for help along the way. I had to realize that I could not achieve this alone, but with many influential and smart Kings and Queens behind me. Doing your best and becoming your best. Quotes “Alleviate your Obstacles in Man and Elevate you Success by Faith” - Conswella Smith A Queen’s Ensemble- “We were all created with unique gifts given by God. This means to be created in His image makes us perfect, complete, and lacking nothing. To think we can be perfection alone creates an unsound mind. To know we are perfected through community in lifting one another empowers an ensemble.”- Conswella Smith HOINSER

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 I am an Amazon bestselling And because I understand what it Kim Brown Author. Which have landed my is like to be without even though books in stores they are, The you have family that are around Amazon Bestselling Author Entrepreneur Appetite and Keys you. to Building A Kingdom Empire. If it wasn’t for purpose I wouldn’t be With every opportunity I have, I here today! Years ago, at the age of 19 I am also the Founder of Biz CEO use my gift to inspire and I tried to end my own life. I was at a Magazine where we feature motivate others. It is my life place that I know longer wanted to be Entrepreneur’s on all levels. We mission to give back what God alive. I was pregnant with my first create a platform for them and has so freely given to me. child, no job, no home, and I was the work they are doing. staying place to place. You can connect with me at I have been featured in several are I was lost and no one wanted to take magazines and on the cover of Kim Brown via Facebook and the time to help me out. So, I decided I one. I am a certified Life and brownkim on Instragram. wanted nothing to do with this world Business Coach. nor the people in it. At that time, I made a deal with the devil which was Above all I am a woman of Faith to take all the pills I could find and and I have made it my goal to walk off and die in a place that nobody push people who once stood will ever find me. Who was to know where I was, into purpose. It is that God had different plans. my desire to instill as much hope into others as much as possible. I found myself in an ambulance and No one should ever have to feel the only thing I could do was hear the they are along in this world. voices of those in the hospital as they pumped my stomach and placed tubes HOINSER down my nose. I remember hearing God saying I want you and I have so much in store for you. After being in the hospital they sent me to a Mental Institution. I remember a nurse that worked in the hospital came to me and held my hand the entire time I was in there. She talked to me and cried with me every single day until I was discharged. I was weak going in but powerful going home. Although I knew I was homeless, jobless, and with child the encounter I had with God and the lady in the mental hospital (which I call his angel) changed my life and made me who I am today. I am now a Serial Entrepreneur which I know is only by the hand and grace of God. I am the proud Owner/CEO of, A Better Future Learning Center, Divine Purpose Adult Daycare, Healing Hands Home Health Services, and Divine K Realty.

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 She clearly mentions that as Olga Mroz online learning is the future of the education system. A modern A Powerful Personality educational approach with the basis of traditional education, the “It is important to live in such a possibility of personalized way as to leave a trace in life. learning, enables the growth of a Having understood our mission, highly skilled workforce. having defined our function in In her opinion, leaders urgently this world, we can reveal our need to revise the established potential, which will lead us to model in all sectors of the economy self-realization and success. and introduce new technologies with massive digitalization and In defining my mission in apart from everything it is business, I clearly knew that I necessary to support with benefits want to contribute to improve and subsidies, first, those people's lives, make the world enterprises that introduce more open, bring art, technologies that are important for knowledge and culture to the the state that can help restore the younger generation…” economy. She was recognized with award in Based on the recommendation of Olga Mroz, Dame of Honour is category \"Women Empowerment\" the board of trustees and the Professor and Director at Open by IME and awarded for her governing council of the Asian World and Art Business Program commitment to empowering African Chamber of Commerce & in Al-Khalifa Business School, the women`s as key change makers Industry (AACCI) she had been Editor and Chief of AKBS and helping female entrepreneurs appointed to the position as an Journal. generate social impact in the world. honorary member in the Board Advisors of the Asian African Professor Olga Mroz is Board Chamber of Commerce & Industry Member delegate of Art and (AACCI). Culture of the Private Council of H.H. Prince Mahmoud Salah Al She has a great responsibility to Din Assaf. She is an ambassador work together and support the of “Love & Light for World chamber of commerce in the Asian Peace” and Global Ambassador and African regions and help them CEC – “Commonwealth achieve better economic growth Entrepreneurs Club.” and sustainable business. Prof. She is a speaker, author, artist, Olga Mroz, Dame of Honour was and collector. Professor Olga born in Russia and she has been Mroz is co-author in the living in Germany since 1992. international project – Book “Tough Roads Create Tough She graduated in Architecture and People”. She pays a lot of Art, has degree in Theatre and attention to topics that are Music by the Institute of exciting to her this includes Performing Arts of St. Petersburg. “Education” and “Women empowerment.” Al-Khalifa Business School, where Prof. Olga works, is focused on digital learning with a new approach. HOINSER

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 She also sholds a degree in Artist Psychology by Art Academy of Moscow. During more than 15 years she was the director of the Operetta Theatre in Russia. After Perestroika she had her own art gallery in the Pushkin Museum. She used to be a representative of many Russian artists in Europe for many years and now she is dedicated to managing various art projects and organizing art exhibitions of international artists in Europe. Her paintings are in private collections around the world. She has been part of many charitable activities and has greatly contributed to helping those in need. She wrote many articles about the expression of art as freedom, experiment and surprise which brings colour to life with a psychological component of happiness in the culture of art. Professor Olga Mroz has been awarded for outstanding vision, dedication, and success along with extraordinary leadership and advisory skills, excellent cooperation, and support to Global Family and the Royal office. She is certified for activities and participation in Covid-19-Program by Harvard Medical School. Professor Olga Mroz is recognized and certified as one of the 50 Outstanding and the most successful women from around the world in Powerhouse Global Stars 2021 for her contribution to the improvement of the world. CIOTIMES Magazine recognized her as \"The most successful business women to watch 2021\". “It is very important that each of us makes a small contribution to improving the life and coexistence of all people. This requires not finances, but the warmth and kindness of each of us. HOINSER

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 H.R.H. Princess Maja Hohenzollern Media Personality Designer Princess Maja von Hohenzollern is a German princess from one of the oldest noble families in Europe, the Royal Family Hohenzollern, from which the former German Emperor came. Under her brand, she designs internationally innovative lifestyle products in the areas of furniture, home decoration, bathroom furniture, bathroom fittings & accessories, home furniture, children's furniture, as well as household, pet accessories and children's toys. Her collections are free of animal Privately, she lives with many The licensed brand \"Princess Maja suffering and almost all are PETA adopted animals, all of which she von Hohenzollern\" is successfully Approved vegan certified. has rescued from the streets. represented on the international market in 80 countries with This makes her a real pioneer and various collections. gamechanger in the interior sector, as vegan furniture is still a novelty. With a feeling for zeitgeist and Her high-quality „Royal Bath trends, she designs modern Collection“ for bathroom fittings and collections with royal elegance accessories (Bravat) is also the very that are functional and appeal to first vegan-certified sanitaryware an international target group. collection on the market! For her design achievements, She is currently presenting her Princess Maja von Hohenzollern luxurious „Royal Kids“ children's was awarded the“ Designer of the furniture collection (Finori) in modern year 2020-Powerhouse Global grey, which looks particularly elegant Award\" and the \"ASIA DESIGN with velour velvet upholstered AWARD GOLD\" in Shanghai/China fronts. as best designer. Princess Maja von Hohenzollern is The ethics of her products are internationally known and has been important to her. Princess Maja honoured with the highest awards in von Hohenzollern has been a various countries for her charitable vegan and committed animal commitment to animal welfare. rights activist for many year sand attaches great importance to the protection of animals and sustainability in the development of her products. HOINSER

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 Princess Karen Cantrell A Successful Woman Ratu Muda Princess Karen Cantrell is an entrepreneur, Political, Social Justice activist, business visionary, philanthropist, humanitarian, and descends from a noble & royal background. She has a vast knowledge of Communications and Public Affairs, including a background in Community Relations, Business Ownership, Governance, and International Affairs. An advocate for over 32 years, she works tirelessly to help other families experience a better life nationally and internationally. P​ rincess Karen is well known in the world of chivalry and charitable fields. She is currently The Chairman of the United Nations Association of The United States of America Coachella Valley Founders Circle and Vice President of the United Nations Association of The United States of America Inland Empire Chapter. It is not an unusual occurrence Over the years, Karen had Her achievements have been honored when a resident of Palm Desert, contributed efforts, time, and with many accolades both nationally and California USA undertakes material contributions through internationally which include The charitable activities within the various organizations to President Call to Service Lifetime locality and overseas to be charitable and social Achievement Award from the White honored nationally. development causes in the House in Washington D.C. 2013 for United States, Africa, and volunteer work . But, it is unusual and even special Indonesia. when one is recognized by an The highest award awarded by the Imperial Family from Africa and a They range from children’s Commonwealth of Kentucky is that of Christian Dynasty from West rights, animal welfare, special Kentucky Colonel which was awarded to Timor in Indonesia. needs people, water projects her in April 2014, in the same year she and educational activities. also was commissioned as an Admiral -in Princess Karen Cantrell or Her the Kentucky Energy and Environment Excellency Princess Karen Cantrell, In early 2015, The Royal House Cabinet and made an Honorary Colonel in Ratu Muda Cantrell as she is of Kupang bestowed its highest the State of Alabama. entitled to be called due to her appreciation in terms of the being honored by both the Star of Sonbai on Ratu She currently serves as the rotating Imperial House of Ethiopia and Muda Cantrell for her Chairman of LABA - The Los Angeles and the Royal House Kupang in continuing commitment to Beverly Arts Festival and serves as the Indonesia as an exemplary. causes of global consequences Vice President of SLRF - Saint Lazarus and benefits to mankind. Relief Fund Board of Directors. HOINSER

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 The Star of Sonbai had been sparingly granted to other December 2016 she was elected the Chairman of Indonesian Dynastic Heads such as HRH Raja of Denpasar The Royal Society of St George – California and is a XI (Bali), civic leaders in Kupang, and very few member of The Royal Oak Society as well. international individuals. As President and CEO of Rancho Mirage Golf Inc. Her involvement with activities in Kupang and Ethiopia is (DBA Lady Golf), Princess Karen has made a an example of her good works across boundaries of commitment to sharing her success and culture, ethnicity, religion, and geography. In far corners philosophy with other entrepreneurs and of the world and right home in California, Karen is professionals with a common goal of empowering focused on making the best out of her abilities to make a women and giving back to the community. positive difference and for the good of all. Her extensive knowledge in apparel design, Through any benefits out of her social manufacturing, and how trends impact the fashion standing, Karen strives to bring to light the various industry has led to many collaborative works with causes that she supports whether nationally or top industry leaders such as Oscar De La Renta, internationally. Interesting enough is the fact Bob Mackie, Victor Costa, Richard Blackwell, and that Karen descends from an illustrious line of ancestry many others. She has a successful international combining both royalty and nobility background that website and a 6000 sq. ft. stretches the pages of history. store located in Palm Desert CA.USA. This fact had been verified by professional genealogical Being in Palm Desert California USA does not studies and certified by her entry into various seem to stop Princess Karen from working with a organizations and membership bodies that represents passion not only within California or the United descendants of such ancestors. Membership in some of States but internationally in far-flung corners of them requires strict genealogical proofs and records the whole world and virtually through social even to be considered for application. media. Princess Karen had been involved with projects in With her network of international connections Ethiopia for which she was granted the right to use the from royalty and nobility to academics and those title of Her Excellency by His Imperial Highness, Prince in charitable work, she has her fingers on the pulse Ermias Haile Selassie. HIH Prince Ermias is the head of of her passion’s domain. If not her actions, at least the Ethiopian Imperial Council that continues the lineage her views, opinions, and motivations tries to make that started from the union of Queen Sheeba and King a difference towards her causes. Solomon. Karen realizes the importance of social media and Over the years, for her continuing dedication to the the global attention it can gain for her causes. causes of the Imperial House of Ethiopia, they have granted her the highest rank of Dame Grand Cross in their chivalric orders of Imperial Order of the Star of Ethiopia, Order of the Ethiopian Lion and Imperial Order of Menelik. Also in 2014, for her various contributions, Karen was bestowed the customary title of Ratu Muda by Don Leopold Nisnoni, 4th Raja of Kupang, and the 21st Liurai of Sonbai Kecil (14th Nisnoni Liurai of Sonbai Kecil). Don Leopold Nisnoni is the current head of the Nisnoni Branch of the Sonbai Dynasty, head of Sonbai Kecil, and head of the Royal House of Kupang (Sonaf Kupang). Ratu Muda Princess Karen Cantrell is also a Grand Armorial Platinum Patron for Andrew Steward Jamieson –Scribe and Illuminator to The Crown Office at the House of Lords on behalf of HM Queen Elizabeth II. HOINSER

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 “Girl, Get Your SWAG Back!”, at: and DeYonne Parker everywhere podcasts are heard. For more information on her poignant and legendary life and work, A Social Entrepreneur visit: DeYonne Parker, PhD, CPC, a HOINSER secondary domestic violence survivor affectionately dubbed “The Courage Catalyst” by a re- energized leadership client, is the author and publisher of critically- acclaimed women’s lifestyle books, “If Her Purse Could Talk” and “Girl, Get Your S.W.A.G. Back!”; the co-owner and co-executive social preneur at Gem Makers, LLC—a worldwide, progressive, leadership development education, training, and coaching firm for women, the co-executive producer of the Beyond Brilliant TV Broadcast; and the founder and visionary coaching industry disruptor at The S.W.A.G. University. Set in Atlanta, Georgia—the crown jewel in America’s newly- diversified media, entertainment, and digital legacy—Dr. DeYonne’s Gem Makers, LLC and The S.W.A.G. University have swiftly become the optimal solution for women seeking the clarity, confidence, and courage required to brilliantly transform into effective leaders in their professional lives and communities. From Europe to South America and the Middle East—and at almost every geographical point in between—Dr. DeYonne has also been electrifying, inspiring, and activating speaking audiences with her engaging style and highly informative and innovative content. A tireless motivator, she is additionally the host of the brand new inspirational podcast….

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 Angela Tunner A Creative Bussineswoman Angela Tunner is the founder, Editor in Chief, creative director and publisher of internationally renowned EAT LOVE SAVOR® Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, a brand she developed. Established in 2010, the online platform, publisher of an online magazine plus print and digital bookazines, both ad-free, are a timeless mix of inspiration, appreciation, connoisseurship and teaching about true luxury, aimed at a laser targeted, largely European, wealthy readership and membership. As a seasoned, multi-disciplined In quality control and EAT LOVE SAVOR® is named on the professional, accomplished in a configuration management for Top 5 Luxury Magazines (Notable wide variety of fields Angela Tunner the manufacturer of an Consideration) a list that includes is a renaissance woman with vast atmospheric diving system used Bloomberg and listed in the Top 10 skills and experience that includes: by US Military in a pilot project; Best Sites for Luxury, a list that fine dining hospitality, having been Tunner was ISO9000 certified by includes Louis Vuitton and Dolce and a part of transforming an award the Quality Management Gabbana and is listed as a top luxury winning patisserie into a bistro, Institute, In writing, editing and lifestyle magazine to follow 2018, working back of house and front of publishing books and high-end 2019 and 2020. house. magazines. Tunner’s luxury media company is a In retail, as a fashion merchandiser, She has been interviewed over 60 pioneer in remote and virtual in communications / media in radio times for her award winning operations. From its start, has always and television, having been a part cookery book. As a brand operated virtually and on the cloud of the communications team during developer, rebranded a struggling with a global team of luxury industry the application and hearing for a construction company, set up expert contributors working in the new television license for a major systems and re-strategised their field. Canadian broadcaster. market focus to high-end which resulted in a turn around from a Inspiration for this renowned In fine arts, painting and exhibiting negative balance in the hundreds publication stemmed from her belief off and on during the time period of of thousands to revenues in the that luxury is a state of mind and her teens into early 30s. multiple millions… approach to living, and her experience in fine dining. HOINSER She sees fine food is an integral part of the luxury lifestyle, so she integrated this into the magazine concept. EAT LOVE SAVOR® is more than a magazine name – it is a mantra.

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 and it was recognised as one of the fastest growing companies in that sector. Angela has invested over thirty years into independent and passionate study of luxury communications and branding. She has a keen eye for luxury, understands its language, DNA, its essence and continues to study and search the world for high caliber luxury goods, services and experiences to share with the magazine’s premium members and corporate clients. Driven by a passion for luxury appreciation, connoisseurship, history and heritage, education and positivity in media, she takes pride in providing the best timeless, educational and enchanting reading experience possible and content written by luxury industry professionals and offers readers both an ad- free oasis and discreet acquisition services and memberships for individuals, corporate group and luxury industry. Tunner’s accolades include a nomination for the RBC Women’s Entrepreneurs award; winner of the Women of Excellence Award ``Woman of Vision”, winner of a Gourmand World Cookbook award for “Best Easy Recipes'' for a cookbook she wrote and published. The fine dining restaurant she co-owned and operated was the winner of two Wine Spectator Grand Awards. Tunner is a former executive of the board for CARfac, a lobby group for status of the artist in Canada and currently sits on the Advisory Board of IKAR Industries, Real Assets Group. HOINSER

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 Sara Abbas Forbes Counsilor It is with absolute pleasure that we introduce to you, Sara Abbas; a majestic global leader who seems to transcend borders, labels, and titles. Sara is the multi-faceted founder of a portfolio of brands, which encompasses her innovative designer fashion label, a diversity-focused talent agency / consultancy, and a non-profit organization, each focused on solving problems. She serves on the Forbes Council and works with several international organizations to help empower others and lead by example. In addition to supporting her businesses, she enjoys contributing to humanity as an author / writer, inventor, singer / songwriter, global ambassador, and luxury brand influencer. She encourages all to visit The company supports prestige She hosts an elite mastermind and is to sign up for and luxury brands throughout creating a hub to innovatively serve the newsletter and learn more various stages of development multiple charitable causes about each collection and its and has an intrinsic sales- internationally through her non-profit sustainable pieces, some of which minded approach, with an and other impactful avenues of change. have multiple patents pending due empowering, diversity-focused to the unique way she has company culture. Sara is the founder and designer behind imagined them. Always A Muse (, the When she is not running her luxury fashion line dedicated to solving For those of you familiar with her businesses, Sara loves living a challenges and helping to flatter women, journey, you have likely already healthy, fitness-focused so they can live a life that is effortlessly heard of Ev0lver, Inc. lifestyle, and enjoys learning, glam. Some may say “effortless” and (, a global talent reading, and listening. “glam” do not belong in the same agency, sales incubator and sentence, but Sara disagrees. consulting firm also founded by She appreciates philosophy and Sara. various avenues of personal Sara’s mindfully crafted, timeless designs development. have already caught the attention of celebrities and media across the planet. HOINSER “Gone are the days of sacrificing looking great for being comfortable. Life doesn’t need to be complicated! Each piece is thoughtfully engineered to be ultra-flattering as well as stylish, elegant and alluring.

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 She revels in finding the beauty in every situation. Her array of cultural experiences has given her a unique worldly perspective and her graceful presence embodies enigmatic charm with an element of timelessness. Visit her website ( to learn more about her unreleased projects and connect with Sara directly; some of those projects include a book on conscious leadership / conscious royalty, a book on improving mindset for optimal success, a screenplay about the 1st Gulf War, her elite global mastermind, and various global events with a focus on accelerating evolution through intuitive connecting and conscious collaboration. Follow her on social media (@HerMajestySara on all platforms) to learn more about her other projects, philanthropic endeavors, music / entertainment releases, and ways you can be involved. HOINSER

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 She has empowered, and to become catalysts for change and Hazel Herrington coached more than 100,000 bring about immediate changes and Entrepreneurs and Speakers and long-term results. Branding Expert has addressed more than 80,000 people in talks and seminars in She was invited by the Forbes Hazel Herrington is a global brand the US, Australia, Africa, and School of Business & Technology, to and CEO consultant, an other countries worldwide. speak at their International international speaker, and a Women’s day with the former strategy and project management As a Keynote speaker and President of Mauritius H.E, Madame thought leader. Speaker Branding Authority, she President Dr. Ameenah Gurib- addresses more than 20,000 Fakim. She was awarded the 2021 Top 100 people each year. She has spoken most successful women in the world on global platforms for 11 years One of the highlights of Hazel's award and the 2021 global in the fields of business, career includes meeting and Exemplary Leadership Award that leadership, marketing, and conversing with the former advisor recognizes the Top 1% of exemplary branding. to Donald Trump George Ross and and aspiring leaders across the the Co-founder of Apple Steve globe. She speaks to corporate and Wozniak. public audiences on the subjects She is also a speaker branding of Personal and Professional Hazel is also the Australian Global expert that equips and empowers Development. Goodwill Ambassador who has Professional Speakers and upcoming equipped and empowered more Speakers on how to build thriving Her exciting talks and seminars than 60,000 women, youth, and careers and get more speaking on Project Management, entrepreneurs globally to become engagements. Leadership, Speaker Branding, economically independent and self- Personal Development, Goals, sufficient. She also runs business She is the founder of a Publishing Strategy, Creativity, and Success conferences, workshops to promote company Herrington Publications Psychology have transformed gender equality. Worldwide and is the Publisher and many leaders… the Editor-In-Chief of the following HOINSER magazines: I Am Woman Global, Woman Politico, Lady Speaker Power, and Lady Global Power. She is also a Project Management Champion who runs virtual and in- person global events for women. These events focus on Entrepreneurship, Speaker Branding, Project Management, Leadership, and Personal Development. Hazel is also a sought-after Keynote Speaker and Multiple award winner who has shared the platform with Presidents, Celebrities, Millionaires, and Billionaires such as Apple's co- founder Steve Wozniak, Quincy Jones, and Africa's first billionaire Patrice Motsepe.

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 Global Speaking Events She has spoken with inspirational speakers and global icons such as Tony Robbins and Gary Vee, to an audience of +8,000 entrepreneurs. She has also spoken at the following global events. ● Forbes School of Business & Technology, International Women’s day with the former President of Mauritius H.E, Madame President Dr. Ameenah Gurib- Fakim. ● The Pearls of Africa Women Leadership Conference was held by Berkeley SMiddle East Holdings hosted by the Royal Family Investment advisor Musa Shaik. ● Achieving SDG’s through entrepreneurship and innovation” Women Entrepreneurship Congress 2020 held by Female Innovators Hub with the former President of Mauritius H.E Madame President Dr. Ameenah Gurib- Fakim. ● NAC 2018 Australia with Tony Robbins. ● B Squared 2017 Australia with Gary Vee. ● Money Wealth Business Conference in South Africa with Africa's first billionaire Patrice Motsepe. Hazel Celebrity Interviews Hazel has also interviewed the following Hollywood Actors. ● Hollywood Actor and Director Mel Gibson at Mega Success. ● Hollywood Actor Charlie Sheen at Mega Success. ● Hollywood Actor and comedian Jason Alexander from the iconic sitcom “Seinfeld”. ● Grammy Award Nominee Jewel Kilcher at Mega Success. Hazel’s Awards ● Winner 2021 Top 1% Global Exemplary leader by Certify Me. ● Winner - Top 100 most successful women in the world award winner by Bahrain Women empowerment club. ● Winner - World’s Greatness Award - World Greatness University. ● Winner - Global Entrepreneurship and Community Award - Zim Achievers. ● Winner - Pan African Thrive Legend Award - Voices of Wateraward - JB Dondolo Inc. ● Nominee Mumpreneur Multicultural Award - AusMumpreneur. ● Nominee Australia Top 100 Women of Influence - Qantas / Australian Financial Review. HOINSER

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 Laura Akano Etiquette Coach & Social Skills Coach Laura Akano is the founder and principal Coach of Polished Manners, an etiquette school based in London England. Polished Manners was established in 2014 as a direct result of rude behaviour and a lack of good social skills she often observed and experienced while running her own successful play care provisions for children. It was not just the behaviour of some of the children, some of the parents were just as rude. Prior to running her own play care provision for children which she did for fourteen years, she also worked for sixteen years in the retail and corporate world holding various sales and administrative positions. Since she founded Polished Manners, Laura has successfully taught children, teenagers and adults through her etiquette classes and afternoon tea events. She believes that understanding Her company recently won the She has successfully worked with etiquette as it relates to different Southern Enterprise Award for secondary schools to help students gain cultures not only improves ‘Best Etiquette & Social Skills confidence in interpersonal skills. Laura relationships but also improves Training Service 2021. has also provided private etiquette tuition civility within our society. to some high-net-worth families, royalty, Laura gained her etiquette and expatriates, including visitors from Etiquette in its basic form is certification having completed other countries. about kindness, respect and her training with one of the consideration for others and that leading training institutions, She has appeared in BBC television is what she incorporates into her ‘The English Manner’. programmes, on Sky News and various teaching. radio programmes. Her work has been She also received international featured in ‘The Times,’ ‘The Telegraph,’ She believes that etiquette certification from ‘The Etiquette and she has contributed to various training is essential for all and Survival Group’ and multiple newspaper and magazine articles. should not be a preserve for just etiquette trainers in the United the rich and famous. States of America. Laura is passionate to empower youth and women with the life skills that HOINSER etiquette training gives.

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 In addition to her qualifications, she brings a wealth of life experiences that compliment her etiquette classes for adults and children. Laura resides in England with her husband and two daughters. Her website is and she can be found on Instagram and Facebook. Etiquette is about kindness, it is about being friendly, it is about being polite, it is about integrity, it is about good manners. Etiquette helps us know how to treat others. Etiquette helps us to know how to behave and conduct ourselves in different environments. Etiquette is not about being perfect, or being prim and proper, it’s not about your social class, profession or how rich or well educated you are. Etiquette makes people comfortable and at ease, it shows that we value and respect others. Etiquette helps us to be thoughtful about our conduct, it helps us to be aware of the feelings and rights of others. Etiquette helps us to get along with others, it promotes respect. Etiquette promotes respect for people of other cultures, etiquette is culturally bound. Having good manners is not just about saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. It is about how you present yourself, how you behave, how you speak, how you treat others and how you think. This is the power of etiquette and why it is important for everyone. HOINSER

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 I can also just put colors together The podcast is about my personal LeTysha Montgomery based on intuition. journey with endometriosis over the last 16 years. I talk about A Successful Author I have been complimented about anything and everything related my wide variety of color endometriosis. My goal is to be My name is LeTysha Montgomery. I combinations. My creative process real about the disease as well as was born and raised in the Midwest. I is inspired by color variety and bring awareness and educate have always loved music, sports, being unique. My mission for about endometriosis. traveling and reading. making all my jewelry unique and one of a kind is because we are all- My podcast has grown to over I am entrepreneur, jewelry designer, of-a-kind! 4,400 views and is listened to in podcast host, international 64 countries including the United empowerment speaker, international I started my podcast States. Which is impressive best selling author and Endometriosis: Journey to considering that I hardly ever endometriosis/health advocate. Butterfly in September 2019 a promote my podcast. month after I officially was I started making jewelry in 2005 after diagnosed with endometriosis. It In October 2019, I officially graduating with my Bachelors of was a way for me to document my became a speaker and my first Science in Business Administration. journey and share my thoughts.. event was a women’s event in I had free time and wanted to try New York City! something new. At first, I wasn’t going to make my It was then that I decided that I podcast public. But I realized that I needed to speak not only about I love making jewelry and started by was given this journey to share my the importance of endometriosis making bracelets. Initially I sold to my experience. but advocating for yourself and family, friends and coworkers. In 2006, your health as well. I started selling at a store and at craft shows. My jewelry accomplishments include being interviewed by a Lawrence, KS news station and providing jewelry for Johnson County Community College's fashion show in 2009. I had a unique experience in October 2009 in Los Angeles, CA when I had my jewelry reviewed by a jewelry buyer for a national retail store. The jewelry buyer said I had talent and she couldn’t believe that everything was handcrafted. She loved all the designs I showed her. I have received several blue Maker of Merit ribbons. I was also nominated for Top Accessory Designer of the Year! My creative process depends on the style and color of the beads. At times I am able to envision my jewelry designs in the store. HOINSER

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 Earlier this year, Ms. Johnson was recognized by Kish Magazine as one of Beverly K. Johnson “Top 30 Women on the Rise” in Huntsville, AL. In addition to being an Army veteran, Ms. Johnson holds a bachelor’s Health & Wellness Coach degree in Accounting from Alabama A&M University and a master’s degree in Management with a concentration in Human Resource Management Beverly K. Johnson is a health and from Florida Institute of Technology. She currently resides in Huntsville, wellness advocate and Alabama. motivational life coach who partners with her clients to HOINSER develop strategies to demolish old habits and embrace a healthy, whole lifestyle. Ms. Johnson is an elite trainer and nutrition coach with over a decade of experience in the fitness industry. GenFit is a community of women who recognize the need to reclaim their lives and are emotionally ready to do the work. She named her new motivational fitness business Genesys Fitness because it signified a rebirth for the often “forgotten” woman: the divorce’, caretaker and empty-nester. GenFit believes self-care takes priority over caring for others because it is in caring for ourselves that we make the best caregivers. We believe that by helping women rediscover who they are after suffering a loss, she will be empowered to become her ideal self – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Recognized as an Elite Trainer, Ms. Johnson has specialties in nutrition coaching, senior aging fitness, and dance fitness. She has become a contributor to Swagher Magazine as their resident health and wellness coach. She has also provided content to Sheen and Bronze Magazines, respectfully. Ms. Johnson is an active member in the Huntsville Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 Kamille Thomas Founder at “Aspire Grow Higher” Kamille Thomas during her 25-year career in the United States Air Force, Kamille saw leaders and Airmen who were ill-trained and burned out, as well as overworked and unfairly criticized. People were scared to do their jobs or bring up serious issues for fear of losing the respect of leaders, or worse, their careers. Kamille vowed to do her part and taught leadership principles and resilience skills over 50,000 servicemembers and civilians to help create a better environment for all in her sphere of influence. Prior to retirement, she launched Aspire2GrowHigher LLC., a speaking, training, and coaching company. Her mission is to build resilient leaders and teams to enhance morale and increase organizational effectiveness. She has served over 50,000 personnel, taught in-person and on virtual stages across the U. S., and delivered Keynote speeches on virtual stages in India, Nigeria, and Kenya. She is a writer and editor, and author of two books. HOINSER

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 Shawnte Mckinnon A Creative Leader Shawnte Mckinnon is the CEO of Mckinnon Strategic Consulting Group, a business consulting firm that provides business solutions to corporations, nonprofits, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. She is also the founder of the Global Money Mindset Mastery. She is a veteran of the United States Air Force. Mckinnon has worked as a financial professional for over 15 years for corporations, nonprofits, and universities. She is currently the Vice President of the BNI (Business Network International) Charlotte-South End Chapter. She’s an alum of the Jack Welch Management Institute-MBA Mckinnon is also a self-published author of the book “I’ve Got to Comb my Hair” a riveting story of how God uses pain to direct the course of one’s life and how that pain is reflective in something as simple as a woman’s hair. She is the founder and executive producer of the Shawnte Mckinnon show, a show centered around bridging gaps that impact communities and families. Empowered by her roles as an author, a business executive, speaker, minister, and media personality; Mckinnon is always striving to help people pursue their best selves. HOINSER

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 Ashawna Lane World Traveler Ashawna Lane originally born and raised in Los Angeles, CA- Ashawna Lane is a thriving entrepreneur currently residing in Atlanta, GA. Through her online marketing business she has been able to assist dozens of aspiring entrepreneurs to become successful business owners. Her unique approach to marketing have earned her features in magazines, news articles, Radio stations and podcasts throughout the United States. After quitting her job and moving across the country in pursuit of a better life, she found herself working as a full time entrepreneur and building her marketing business from the ground up. Throughout her life she's held I began traveling to see the Through her business she helps several jobs that have helped her world and find out what else upcoming brands and business owners learn productivity, public relations, was out there. I enjoyed it so market their products or services to salesmanship and marketability. much that I decided to keep wider communities and audiences. going. \"Being transparent and having the Her clients include businesses who offer ability to converse with anyone I just visited my 5 continent this a range of products such as Skincare, definitely helps with being in year and I couldn't be more Healthcare and fashion accessories.Her business for yourself\" she explains. proud of my accomplishments. entrepreneurial spirit began at the age of 14 where she would invest her \"My past jobs have taught me how Life is short and I believe we allowance in candy bars. to deal with people professionally should all live it in such a way and I've carried that with me into that it inspires us to want more! She would buy the items from the local my business.“ More life, more love, more fun.“ grocery store and then resell them for a higher value to turn a profit. For as brilliant and enterprising as With such a phenomenal story she is about business, she's also an and being a source of motivation In her words \"I didn't know what an international traveler. Having been for others, what motivates you entrepreneur was at that time, I just to 24 countries over the last 6 and how did you become so knew that I liked making money and years, Ashawna is a solo world strong willed and confident? having the freedom to make as much as traveler and an inspiration to I wanted without limits.\" many. “ HOINSER

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 A: \"My motivation comes from not wanting to be a disappointment to myself and wanting to leave a legacy of who I am behind. I want my story to motivate others even after I'm gone. What are we truly worth if we have nothing of value to offer the world? I strongly believe that we are capable of accomplishing amazing things in our lives and we just need the motivation in which to do so. My goal is to be that small source of motivation for someone to believe in themselves. I want people to say [if Ashawna can do it, so can I!] My confidence comes from knowing my worth. Knowing that I can do anything I put my mind do and knowing that I can be anything I want to be is what builds my confidence on a daily basis. I feel like the more we accomplish in our lives, the more confident we become.\" HOINSER

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 Nadene Joy Global Ambassador Nadene Joy is an accomplished global Leadership and Business Coach, Mindset Strategist, top global Advisor, former petroleum exploration geologist and is the CEO of Nadene Joy Consulting Inc. For over two decades, she has successfully helped business professionals, leaders and influencers across the globe dissolve the blocks between them and their full potential, achieve their most grandiose of goals to move towards a more fulfilling prosperous life overflowing with wealth in all areas. Nadene Joy is also the author of gender/age/culture, country of Nadene Joy has proven time and time “Uncover Your Purpose: Heal and origin or educational again to make the impossible Share Your Gifts With the World,” background and whether you possible. Being recognized “Love is...A Guide to the Power of are a CEO, a President of a internationally as a top leader and Love” and author of a compilation nation, teacher, nurse, Mayor, having worked with thousands of clients book of stories of hope, inspiration mother/father, construction from every corner of the globe, the and PTSD growth stories from worker, mechanic, and/or inspiring Nadene Joy has been featured leaders and everyday citizens friend, Nadene Joy believes you on many top media outlets including around the world to be are a leader and have the ability speaking at elite conferences, summits, officially released in 2022. to untap your potential from global stages and showcased in world within to positively impact lives renowned business magazines such as Nadene Joy was also presented and bring greater hope, USA TODAY, The Los Angeles Tribune, with the 2021 Woman of purpose and meaning into our Corporate Investment Times, Lead Up Substance Award from The Mother world using your unique gifts. For Women, Womenlines, LEAD, and Theresa University in India. We are One person, one day, one Industry West Magazine, CBC, NBC, and all leaders. Regardless of determined step at a time The Globe and Mail. Nadene brings and hierarchical status… through your optimistic words influx of wisdom and experience to the spoken… table in addition to being connected personally and advising with some of the HOINSER top 1% of leaders of our time. Nadene Joy is a Certified CMHA Psychological Health and Safety Trainer, NLP Practitioner, John Maxwell Leadership Trainer, Speaker and is a member of the International Society of Female Professionals (ISFP). She is the distinguished co-author of the international best selling book “Cracking the Rich Code Vol. 4” along with Kevin Harrington of the Hit TV Show Shark Tank, and business icon, Jim Britt.

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 from the heart and positive actions aligned with truth and with compassion and grace for self and all others, we will positively change our world together. As an active leader in her community and globally, Nadene Joy sits as Director on various Boards including Maybell Developments which combats homelessness for single mothers, Canada Africa Network (CAN), Coaching Suicide Awareness (CSA), Food For the Hungry Canada, and is a Global Ambassador with The Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club (CEC). In addition, she is an avid humanitarian and a global advocate for mental health, suicide awareness, empowering women, leaders, children, and the minority and vulnerable members of our society and world. Nadene Joy is also the Chair/Founder of the Lead 2 Impact Summit and Co-Founder of Working Wellness. She is also a proud mother of 4 beautiful children and is extremely passionate about being an impactful heart-felt leader who transforms lives and makes a positive difference in the world. Through sharing her wisdom, God-given gifts, and serving others with loving kindness she brings a mission of HOPE and joy as she is aptly named Nadene Joy which literally means “Hope and joy” to all she encounters in the world as the Founder of the #globalmovementofhope. She encourages you to choose your words and actions wisely as how you show up matters more than you know as it has the power to either build up or tear down people, communities and nations as a whole. HOINSER

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 Beverly Clay Mental Health Coach Beverly Clay is a Mental Health and Narcissistic Abuse Coach and Advocate. She has dedicated her life to becoming the voice for those whose voices have been silenced from all the stigmas surrounding Mental Illness and whose voices have been silenced by their abusers. As well as working towards guiding those in the community on how to live their best lives despite their diagnosis of depression and anxiety as well as helping those who have survived the devastating onslaught of going through Narcissistic Abuse, learn how to set healthy boundaries and the steps to heal from the trauma along with the tools, resources, and knowledge to seek out healthy and non-toxic future relationships. Upon speaking on Narcissistic Abuse, Beverly realized it was many people who had a lack of knowledge or even had any idea that this type of abuse even existed. That set a lightbulb off in her head, she wanted to bring about more social awareness. Beverly then decided to create an Online Academy, Purple Wings Academy, to not only bring awareness to Narcissistic Abuse but One of her main goals is A successful author of to offer training, courses, and classes. helping the youth start their Conquering Your Fears, Such as a ten-step program on overcoming own businesses to become Adventuring Into Parts Narcissistic abuse. 1:1 Coaching and mentoring, financially independent on Unknown and What Goes and well as suicide awareness. And upon their own and to create On In My House Stays In My completion of the school curriculum, the generational wealth. House; Breaking My Silence For students will receive a certificate of completion My Sanity. as well as their Purple Wings pendant. Beverly also has her own Coaching Business, SOL Contributing Author for Scars of Beverly is in the process of launching a Business WarriHERS Coaching and Survival and Helpful Living Center for those 16 and up. This will consist mentoring as well her youth Magazines. of training and resources on starting your own Coaching business, SOL business. Classes on Financial literacy and which Crusaders Youth Coaching and Beverly also was selected for business structure to choose, funding, market Mentoring. She is also the Women's History Month, Refuse research, business plans, choosing a business Founder& CEO of S.O.L. SPEAK To Be Silent, 2021, And was name, as well as how to obtain federal and state OUT LOUD, Your Mental featured in the International tax IDs. Health Matter Too Women’s Magazine. Foundation. HOINSER

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 As well as having the honor of having a front-page cover On the July issue of the International Heidens Magazine and featured in the International Hoinser Newspaper and became A Brand Ambassador for Hoinser Magazine and News. Beverly graduated from CAO WNY Pathstone Enterprise Inc. in Business Development and received a certificate from New York State Assemblymember. Received Certificate of Merit of Recognition for Outstanding Business Achievements from The Erie County Comptroller. Common Council Certificate of Recognition for diligence, hard work, and self-efficacy for entrepreneurial success. Certificate of Completion in General Business Development. Beverly also received the New York State Senate Certificate of Recognition and was honored by the State Senator for successfully graduating from the Community Action Organization of Western New York. Also, she successfully completed the SCORE entrepreneurial training workshop from the U.S. Small Business Administration. Certificate of Achievement in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Skills from Best Self Behavioral Health and is a Consumer Advisory Board Member. Beverly is also a Mental Health First Aider and Mental Health Coach. Obtained Certificate of Completion at the Talent reneurship Academy for completing Book Writing Masterclasses training. A Graduate Of The University of Buffalo in Criminal Justice. She will be attending Hilbert College this fall, majoring in Phycology, and will complete her educational career by obtaining a Ph.D. in Business Management. HOINSER

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 This was the launch of her journey Knowing that knowledge is power, Lady M McIntosh into the entertainment industry. Her Lady M is currently pursuing her gifts made room for her on, “The Master’s in Marriage & Family Radio Show Host Glory Network, Charlotte, NC” as Therapy. the host of ‘The Lady M Show.” Lady M McIntosh, grew up as a Using her experience, academic product of the US Armed Forces As the shows popularity burst to accomplishments and heart of military environment. Her father expand beyond the Charlotte region, ministry Lady M operates served in the Air Force and new doors opened for Lady M as she “Relationship & Dating Coaching paternal grandfather served in the became a National Radio Personality of Lady M” US Army. for iHeart Radio’s, WDRBmedia. Lady M and her family are Her mother worked and her Snagged by the power Muzic Radio residents of Atlanta, GA. This is grandmother was a nurturer to family in Hartford, CT, “The Power only the physical location of Lady her family. The attributes of her of Love Show with Lady M” currently M, Her impact is global and her family provided a well-rounded has her as a new host and broadcast thumbprint can be found on every education on life, love and the entertainer. She also shares her events she curates, facilitates, pursuit of godliness. literary capabilities as a writer for emcees’ or attends. “Purpose Magazine.” The military environment taught The seeds of her hard work, her loyalty and discipline. Her “Lady M” McIntosh is an commitment to her clients or mother and grandmother taught outstanding scholar and role model audience and demand for her virtue and self-respect. for women in all walks of life. She excellence have gleaned a harvest obtained her Associates Degree in of people that will testify to the These life lessons and Christian Ministry from Atlanta goodness of her services. guardianship cultivated the Christian College and her bachelor’s foundation that would hold the in human Relations - Counseling As she pours out to the weight of accomplishments from Point University. community she maintains work produced by who the world would life balance and enjoys outdoor know as Lady M. Melody She was certified as a Life Coach by activities, traveling and family McIntosh dubbed Lady M, is a The Life Coach Institute of Orange friendly festivals. native of Hartford, Connecticut County and obtained a Coaching with a masterful blend of Certification in Relationship & HOINSER education, professional Dating from Loveology University. development and business acumen, Lady M has produced a harvest of irrefutable accomplishments. Using her superpower of creativity, she curated events that encapsulated the thoughts and ideas of an individual in her first corporate venture as proprietor of Creative, Occasions Event Planning. Her personable and professional demeanor captured the attention of Atlanta, Georgia’s, The Wedding Television Network, where she joined their team as a producer.

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 Recently, received from a 6th I am now equipped with a Olivia Hepburn Former from a formidable mindset that is ready to tackle cohort who all achieved top financial problems that are Life Coach grades, places at chosen commonly faced by people in universities and awesome jobs my age group whenever and Olivia Patricia Hepburn born in ‘White opportunities. : Student ‘A’ said: wherever. Sand Beach, Montego Bay Jamaica. She was left behind in Jamaica for parents to ‘In my studies I have always Aside from performances and establish a better life in the United looked for an engaging and results in the Classroom, Olivia Kingdom and rejoined them around age 7. inspiring role model that always Hepburn engages volunteering captivates my attention – Olivia nationally and internationally This was not unusual during the time of Hepburn was the one to do that. cementing the need of nurture the Wind rush exodus from the and communication parents Commonwealth to full fill workforce gap Due to her, I was never stuck in and guardian need to embellish required by the UK. a box with themes that are in with their young people. every schools’ curriculum, I was She developed interest in the Education a always being exposed to new Essential to allay the ills of defacto policy of the Caribbean and challenges that affected my day derailment, know your young readily available at all levels in the UK. to day life in the present and the people, communicate, future. embellish help and life skills She also holds a series of qualification in development, teachers Education and including her Education capitulates the academia… and Advance Practices degree from Canterbury University and a Certified HOINSER Neuro Transformational Result Coach from Elite Coaching University. Today, Olivia Hepburn is an accomplished Qualified Teacher Coach and Mentor empowering young people to be the best they were born to be rather than a life lived in Jails and gangs. This is evident by the proven track record and results of her students. She is renowned for belief in Transformational education reflected by her student’s skills and professional development, confidence, self-esteem and sound financial literacy knowledge. Olivia Hepburn is inspired by the progress of some of the students who lights up when they achieve the result they get and realize they opportunity they have created ahead of themselves. Olivia enhances this with a proven collaboration with parents and guardians throughout as a ‘Must’.

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 Together ‘WE’ as greatly contributed to the bigger Olivia Hepburn has also been invited to speak at various dream. conferences such Women’s Economic Forum (WEF) Birmingham UK, Speak at Creative Performance Group She empowers the young people she works with in Colarado has been part of various national and imagination, productive ideas and thirst to excel and international interviews. embrace life. She has appeared in various magazines supporting her Her ongoing P.E.N consultancy aims to improve global initiatives as an Educator. Olivia Hepburn’s parents and Guardians psychological well-being in campaigns and initiatives have been welcomed and raising young leaders of tomorrow instead of visiting appreciated in many parts of the world including prison up and down the country on a repetitive cycle collaborations the US, Caribbean, Zimbabwe and Africa. of despair. Olivia Hepburn’s mission collaborating with an Olivia Hepburn has had amazing mentor and embolden and passionate team to facilitate empowerment to achieve her vison to date and development and financial education campaigns to knows unconditionally that is it is possible to improve the economic situation of young people. overcome the ills from Family abuse, abandonment, jealousy, occult, neglect, whatever it may be; just Her success is to be measured by the existence of have unconditional Belief , Faith and Love in the confident, high esteem heroes and sheroes with the knowledge that God has your back and ‘He always ability to communicate well and, know their greatness, finishes what he Starts. creating exemplary young leaders of tomorrow who appreciate and know opportunities which lie before Do the right thing, be courageous and know that you them. can deliver your assignment to the masses globally. She founded her Consultancy to raise standards, skills, Olivia Hepburn has been awarded various certification and the strategic ability of young people creating a and awards including Tony Robbins, Hoisner Group positive roadmap ahead to gain transformational Brand Ambassador, Best Life Coach 2020, Lisa Nichols knowledge and ability to gain employment of choice. Elevate and Ignite Programs, UK-SpeakUp and Social Media certifications. The aim is to positively embellish education academically alongside life and financial skills As an Educator and proven track record Olivia believe empowering young people with skills for life thus holistic education is the pathway to for young people to reducing the notion of schools being a pipeline to achieve positivity and excellence in their lives, be it prison. here in the UK to Gambia. Olivia first book she hopes will discuss some of the Covid 19 has demonstrated how important learning is issues curtailing education for the disadvantage young for us all in the universe to embrace change, learn, pick people here in the UK and the ills of life choices taken ourselves up gain know how and flourish = Education. to ending on the hamster wheel of prison. Olivia Hepburn is an active member of several national and international associations, mainly to around education and professional development of young people and women. An avid believer in lifelong learning She continues to collaborates with an establish renown associates to ensure and enable a first class effort to improve young people psychological and economic wellbeing. HOINSER

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 By showing your image and sharing In this way, you build a heritage, Beata Bikowska valuable content, you will give your a path that can be followed by company and team a more human, entrepreneurs starting in your Personal Brand Creator and more accessible image. business. This makes you an authority on the market......... I help clients achieve their personal It would increase your value and When I got my first profession and professional goals faster and credibility in the eyes of future almost 30 years ago, the role of more effectively by defining the most investors and partners. Thanks to a personal brand was not important areas of their personal and this, you attract more clients and something people were aware professional development and opportunities for business of. removing barriers that prevent them development. to succeed. The main goal or many of us A personal brand is the most was to finish school, get a job I highlight their internal resources, important brand in our lives. It is a and spend the rest of our lives such as personal assets, and support brand on which we base our there; no matter if you were them in turning their limitations into professional position. Its quality happy and fulfilled there or not. their strength. determines not only how our Climbing the career ladder, customers, employees and changing positions or jobs Also, I strongly believe that personal colleagues perceive us, but also evoked more anxiety than and professional wellbeing are both what we do and how much we satisfaction. important subjects around the globe earn. and they cannot exist separately. Over time, aware of my Therefore, it is worth planning its personal and professional Therefore, I assist professionals to development well and managing it experience, I decided to share create a healthy and supportive properly. my knowledge and skills outside environment which brings out the the organization where my best in people. activity was limited. I work with organizations, small and HOINSER large businesses and, above all, the You brand. Personal brand can help you find your place in the market, create a unique image and professional communication on different platforms. It is a creative and strategic process that instils trust and credibility in your knowledge and skills. Branding is an authentic way to show your personality and present you as an expert in your field. By running your own business, you not only own it, but also represent the brand you create. As a leader, you not only represent the organization, but also represent your leader brand. People like to build relationships with people (not companies).

HOINSER BOOK QUEENS 2021 However, I did not know how to communicate it and how to present myself as an expert in my field. Everything changed after recognizing the power of social media and personal branding. It was a moment of enormous personal transformation and a key point in the development of my company. So, If you are a business owner or a team leader in a larger company, it is worth to build your own strong personal brand consciously. Because” in a world where everyone is wearing masks, it is a privilege to see souls” A Richardson. HOINSER

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