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W Women’s Magazine Right Hon. Yvonne E. Gamble Annie Gibbins Constance Woulard SanPete Financial Group Best Selling Author Motivational Speaker Dr. Edna Joyce Santos Ms. Joyce Williams Teresa Cundiff Global Goodwill Ambassador Armooh - Williams PLLC Wordy Nerds Media

Lumbie Mlambo CONTENT President & CEO / JB Dondolo, Inc CONTENT . Dr. Josephine Harris Calming Minds Mission Ana Maria Tolomei A Inspirational Personality Right Hon. Yvonne E. Gamble SanPete Financial Group Bekhta Otmane Chérif A Creative Personality Dr. Edna Joyce Santos Global Goodwill Ambassador Constance Woulard Motivational Speaker Teresa Cundiff Wordy Nerds Media Nompumelelo Real Kunene #1 Bestselling Author Annie Gibbins Best Selling Author Ms. Joyce Williams Armooh - Williams PLLC

WOMEN’S MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2021 Lumbie Mlambo President & CEO / JB Dondolo, Inc. Lumbie Mlambo has made significant and life-changing impact across the globe, focusing mainly in Africa and in the United States where resides. Her worldwide efforts include providing clean water systems for women and girls in Matobo Hills so they don’t have to walk 18 miles a day to collect water, installing a water filtration system that served over 20,000 people in Igusi community in Zimbabwe, thus reducing infant mortality to zero, restoring dignity and increasing the attendance of girls in school who did not have water for their sanitary needs to 100%. Inspired by her orphaned father who never went to school Lumbie is a mother, wife, but served as a revered humanitarian in his local and graduate from Indiana community, Lumbie took the leap to continue her father’s University South Bend and legacy. Texas Woman’s University. A Global Goals Ambassador, As a result of her dedicated actions in serving the Igusi, UNA Women’s member, Zimbabwe, community, she started the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Global Goodwill JB Dondolo, Inc., after her father’s namesake. Ambassador, and a United Nations Global Water JB Dondolo, Inc.’s mission is to remove barriers of access to Partner, she is an active clean water, sanitation, and hygiene in underserved and advocate for clean water impoverished communities to help reduce poverty and and empowering women promote gender equity. and girls to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. As a UN advocate and Global Goals Ambassador, Lumbie makes her voice heard about the issues impacting women Lumbie was born in and girls globally, sharing her insights and knowledge on Zimbabwe but moved to the how such issues can be addressed. United States in 1985. She resides in Dallas, Texas, with her husband of 32 years and has 2 handsome sons and a beautiful daughter-in-law. WOMEN IS A SUPER POWER

WOMEN’S MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2021 She is extremely passionate about improving people’s lives and restoring dignity, which starts when women and girls have a seat at the table. In 2019, the United Nations Association of Dallas Chapter nominated and selected Lumbie for the UN Global Leadership Award for her work with JB Dondolo, Inc. on Clean Water and Sanitation (SDG 6). In 2021, she was awarded the Mavericks Community Shining Star Award by the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA). Also, she became a member of ForbesWomen and Global Citizen Forums. Lumbie also serves as the advisor for The Global Futurist Initiative which accelerates youth action through the power of expression. In addition to her most recent FUSION Magazine, Texas Woman’s University Women opportunity to speak for the Who Lead, Your Mark on the World, Formidable Woman University of Arizona Forbes School Magazine, The State of Women, Hollywood Times, of Business and Technology Center Influential People Magazine, Women Quarterly, for Women’s Leadership, Lumbie has Frontrunners Innovate, NBC 5 Tell Me Something Good, been asked to speak on major No Strings Attached e-news, Good Morning Texas, platforms including the United Purdue University Krannert Magazine, The Global Nations Association – USA Dallas Business Podcast, Global Health Pursuit, The Stream, International Women’s Day, World Valder Beebe Show, My Digital Self, We are ND, Voyage Digital Weeks, 90 Minutes in Africa Dallas, and Southern Dallas Magazine. TV segment, SHE-UNLEASHED, The State of Women “Amplifying Her LUMBIE MLAMBO Voice”, Women in Tech, Women Dialogues, WiZE Network, Girl Scouts of America, Innovators Box, X Genesis, European Technology Chamber, The Tann Mann Foundation, and HerStory Circle. Lumbie has also been featured in numerous media outlets including the following: Global Goodwill Ambassadors “The Ambassador”, The Globe and Mail, Voice of America (VOA), United Nations Association USA… WOMEN IS A SUPER POWER

WOMEN’S MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2021 Dr. Josephine Harris Calming Minds Mission Modern day superheroes are not the ones we behavior analyst, serial entrepreneur, and familiarize in motion pictures, but rather the CEO/Founder of Calming Minds LLC, a quintessential professionals; gifted with a multidimensional coaching practice, helping sharp sense of servant leadership, willing to clients to connect with the mind, body, and soul, show up greatly; in the lives of those who by way of inspiration, facilitation, coaching, and need it most. Yielded to this profound ethic; is other dynamic mechanisms. the multifaceted advocate, Dr. Josephine Harris. Bringing a vast portfolio of uncompromising skillsets and certifications to her practice, within Dr. Josephine Harris is an International the realms of: Addiction counseling, Bestselling author, 2X Times #1 Amazon Intervention programing, Domestic Violence, bestselling author, philanthropist… individual and group psychotherapy… WOMEN IS A SUPER POWER

WOMEN’S MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2021 and many more; Dr. Josephine Harris proves herself to be an ideal collaborator; and one of the many reasons ,she has earned an outstanding respect, from those she serves. Dr. Harris’ mantra is simple: She is inherently committed to the emboldening of women, particularly military spouses; facilitating for them all, an opportunity of hope. Whether it be through transformational messages of professional and/or personal growth, Dr. Harris was born, to encourage, motivate, and empower women of all cultures. Dr. Josephine Harris backs Naturally, Dr. Josephine Harris and the Applied Behavior Dr. Harris also an amazing portfolio, with has served as a staple in both, Association. managed to an incredible regard for the professional vernacular of develop and higher learning. She has mental health advocacy, as Though recognized on various present the attained a Ph.D. in well as several other platforms for her outstanding Adverse Psychology, Post-Master philanthropic driven abilities, Dr. Harris considers Childhood Online Teaching platforms. her greatest accomplishment Experiences Psychology Certificate, a to have been her contributions (ACEs) program Master of Philosophy in She is a Member of the Board as the International related Psychology, M.S. in of Directors at SafePlace Coordinator for Seoul, South trauma/stress Psychology, and a B.S. in Olympia, which advocates for Korea, where she developed within the Criminal Justice survivors of both sexual and implemented the Applied military Administration. assault and domestic Behavioral Analysis services community. violence, Delta Sigma Theta (ABA) program; receiving more She is certified in both, Sorority, Psi Chi Member; the than 90% positive post- Teaching English to NAMI Association, CHADD program evaluations, while Speakers of Other Association, CHADD having also developed Languages (TESOL) and International, American instructional coaching Teaching English as a Psychology Association, materials and facilitated Foreign Language (TEFL) American Counseling clients, with mental health and is an Internationally Association, Addiction illness. Licensed Psychotherapist, Counseling Association, Phi proudly serving the Seoul Sigma Theta National Society; Counseling Center in South Korea, since 2018. WOMEN IS A SUPER POWER

WOMEN’S MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2021 Ana Maria Tolomei A Inspirational Personality Ana Maria Tolomei is an artist and a creative thinker. She has a Masters Degree in Art Conservation and Restoration and has completed her studies at the University of Art and Design, Romania, and she specialises in mural paintings conservation and restoration. Ana has worked in several Art Galleries and Art institutions in a few countries in Europe where she achieved a great deal of experience as a gallery manager, art consultant and art objects restorer. Her great passions are the studies of human nature, philosophy, painting Also, she has been and a great explorer of Mundus Imaginalis/Malakut/Hurqalya in which involved in the she aims to transcend the mundane and translate captured information organisational into painted images. process of the Art and Architecture She is also a beginner creative writer, and her main focus as main themes Biennial in Venice, are \"The World Of The Celestial\", human nature, morality and Italy. consciousness. She is now residing Also, but not limited to, she masters most of the artistic techniques and in London, applying she hopes to apply them more in her future paintings. her knowledge and skills in the medical aesthetic industry, helping people in need of medical aesthetic treatment. WOMEN IS A SUPER POWER

WOMEN’S MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2021 Right Hon. Yvonne E. Gamble SanPete Financial Group Right Honourable Yvonne E. Gamble is a Financier, Infrastructure Builder, and Space Tech Developer. She is the CEO of SanPete Financial Group providing venture capital of $25M+ for global infrastructure projects in over 65 countries. As the Co-Founder of Women Leading Change Now, a political advocacy organization she provides political training, campaign management at national levels and micro-credit financing for campaigns and women’s entrepreneurial initiatives. She is an Ambassador USA Country Director for Lifesavers Ambassadors International, organizing country-wide efforts integrating future innovation into societies. She serves as Advisory Board Member of MindFlix Media, a 30,000-member organization, covering 50 countries in Africa including diaspora investors from every continent. MindFlix Media is one of the largest 2019 she launched \"Doing Business in Africa\" (DBA), entrepreneur’s intelligence and funding training. 2021 she debuted FYNB Talks with the community focused on Africa and is interviewing of 15 Women Business Founders, from expanding daily. around the world, for the United Nations Conference on the Status of Women65 Goal 8 She is a member of space exploration Parallel Event “Aligning Your Financial Goals organizations: Planetary Society Off- Women's Voices on Entrepreneurship, Work & World Policy Committee, which assists Economic Growth”. NASA in gaining budgetary approvals through its 50,000-member advocacy, FYNB Talks is an online TV Talk Show dissecting the member Gateway Foundation Space complexities of venture capital into digestible bits Station Builder and member Mars and bytes showcasing how everyone can and should Exploration Program Analysis Group participate in economic development. (MEPAG). She actively works on global collaborations that will effectively manage transformative change during our 4th Industrial Revolution for the next 100 years. WOMEN IS A SUPER POWER

WOMEN’S MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2021 Right Honorable Yvonne E. Gamble’s Right Honorable Yvonne E. Gamble’s global vision authoring include: “Financing Your Next has become universally focused as we advance Billion$$$”, “Why Do We rapidly into our galaxy and beyond in exploration, it Communicate”, “64 BIG Proverbial is her charge and expectation that the alignment of Reasons Why We Communicate”, and humanity, diplomacy and environment be at the Growing Your Business During heart and forefront of the colonization of our new Recession, these guides help determine frontiers. your business and communications’ net effectiveness on world societies. She became interested in space exploration and travel at the age of 4, watching the speech that Her upcoming book “4th Industrial President John F. Kennedy gave as an address at Rice Revolution: Change Management for University on the USA's Space Effort on September the NEXT 100 Years” is a discussion on 12, 1962 “We choose to go to the moon in this how to manage life, business and world decade and do the other things, not because they changes amidst the supernova are easy, but because they are hard, because that paradigm world shifts that will goal will serve to organize and measure the best of transform societies during the 4th our energies and skills, because that challenge is one Industrial Revolution. that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win.” After studying journalism and public relations at Columbia University in It was the fact that her father had given her the Chicago, she went on to receiveher nickname “Sputnik” after the first satellite to be Certificate of Computer Programming successfully launched into space in 1957 and and A+ Hardware Certification from President John F. Kennedy’s words that resonate in New Horizons Computer Learning her mind always, that her vision begin to take shape Center. and her mission was set in motion. WOMEN IS A SUPER POWER

WOMEN’S MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2021 Exclusive Interview 1. What is the impact you are hoping for with the T-Minus Group of Companies? Exponentially increasing productivity as each company grows and expands. The model of the T-Minus brand is aligned with the count-down to lift off of a ship into space. T-Minus brand currently has 6companies: T-Minus Space Development; T-Minus Real Estate Development; T-Minus Engineering; TMinusMining & Metals; T-Minus Solar & Wind; T-Minus STEM & Arts. Each of the T-Minus Companies forms partnerships, joint ventures and collaborations with universities, technical schools, vocational schools, NGO’s, non-profit organizations and for-profit corporations, governments and communities to execute its goals and plans. The primary publications 3. As a futurist how do In this manner our services and that my staff work on are you see the future products are allied with goals and anthologies. This gives us unfolding? desires of the people and communities the opportunity to work we serve. This guarantees the impact with many writers who Kinetically, you cannot of our vision and mission will in all ways have varying desires for stop an object that is in meet or exceed our defined aim. their inclusion in a motion. Artificial publication. Intelligences’ integration 2. You launched a Bespoke Publishing into our society will Haus recently, how do you see that Not only is the creation either uplift us or flourishing in the coming years? and development an become a thorn in our experience, but the side. Yes, EliVonn Publishing Haus has been marketing takes on a life on my vision board for some time now, of its own. One of the While AI takes away about 3 years. It has taken me quite a many marketing models mundane tasks, it few years to determine just how I we conveneare Virtual learnswhat we do best wanted it to show up in the world of Roundtables which bring and what do worst. publishing. I am not a conformist, in subject matter thought therefore a traditional publishing haus leaders, writers and the model was not for me. public to discuss the published work. It leaves When an intelligent The Bespoke modelgives myself and the writer with a real-life machine, being or entity the clientele that I serve a small perspective of the work. is created it will become personable intimate experience in the greater than the sum of creating,development and its part. characterization of the marketing of the author’s work. WOMEN IS A SUPER POWER

WOMEN’S MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2021 Hence mankind has not always been as intelligent as we aretoday. Therefore, it stands to reason that AI, created by mankind, will follow the same path to increased intelligence learning as it progresses and seeks a place in humanity. We cannot allow ourselves to assume that AI will simply be pleased to stay the same for all-time. Societies will become blended, there will be less emphasis on differences between the races, casts and social standings and more importance on the quality of life that can be garnered. The sun’s corona is heating up at an expected rate, considering the age of the star. This fact is having grave impact on the earth’s atmosphere, while we are making strides to abate climate change its change is inevitable. A star, our sun, is born, lives, grows and dies. Though its cyclical life it impacts the environment around it, and the earth is just another planetoid body in the solar system that is being impacted by the sun’s life cycle. In the next 50 years we will see drinking water shortages, land mass shortages, and increased food insecurity. Several Island nations in various parts of the earth are sinking or have sunk into the ocean as glaciers melt and water rises. Once the cabin fodder of science fiction, now a reality, we have to have a plan B. What do we do when the planet we call home becomes inhabitable? This reality will exist in 200 years, hopefully not sooner. Seed banks, stem cell storage, catalogues of our lives and stories all exist so that we can continue as a species either on the earth or on some distant planet. This is the certainty the future holds for us. We are no different that the forebearers of this earth who came before us. The significance of our daily life today is to make the most of each day, each moment and to value one another and the planet as it is the sustainer of our lives. Right Honorable Yvonne E. Gamble is humble, and is forever reminded that “Failure is not an option”. WOMEN IS A SUPER POWER

WOMEN’S MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2021 Bekhta Otmane Chérif A Creative Personality Well before telling you my story and the facetiousness that feeds like farandoles the rich and marvellous daily life of my life, let me retrace in a few lines my journey. First of all, who am I?A woman from Toulouse (France) in love with life, who crunches her teeth and leaves only the seeds to feed them and give them life, behind a sober outline, I acquired my independence by training to be an accountant and a salesman. The ups and downs of life and the people I met gave me the desire to fulfil a dream, which was to become an Artistic Agent. Fashion Week, shooting, the With a sharp and discerning My passion for photography Cannes Film Festival... I also eye, I know how to take the led me to highlight my take care of the time to pose and bring out offspring, who are a faithful communication and the beauty of the heart, the mirror to the legendary promotion of the model in one that we only discover beauty of their mother magazines and commercials. with our eyes much later, the (smiles), by granting them a photos are indeed traces of frame that would see them I am proud of my protégée's the past and a window on propelled into a dream that rise to fame. It takes a lot of our memories. only they had drawn. work and motivation. You have to go forward and focus Work and constancy are the The image of positive, smiling on your goals and it is not by key factors in this romantic and enterprising people that chance that Myriam adventure where extras and characterize them and this became Miss Economic extras parade in the despite the challenge that life World some time later. background, and this is how I imposes, are the traits that was able to accompany… animate my tribe, and this is how I became Agent and Manager of the international model @myriam_adda, for 5 years. I have to represent her, advise her and protect the interests of the model. I support her in various international events: WOMEN IS A SUPER POWER

WOMEN’S MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2021 my daughter as an advisor but also as an agent for the international representations to which my daughter Myriam was invited, communication takes on a noble meaning here, as it is true that the passion for events and my daughter's motivation to win the title of Miss, convinced me in the end that this profession was for me. I'll leave you to imagine the Herculean work it took to remain on the podium. And to make sure that other young women can achieve their dreams by being a jury member in various events. A good human relationship has allowed me to relay my hopes by participating and collaborating in associative structures to contribute to the improvement of the good life together, to ensure the emancipation of these young people in a virtuous framework. In fact, my relationships with local authorities have enabled us to complete projects rich in experience, by setting up various activities and actions with the inhabitants based on mutual aid and social innovation. I also provide support to the bearers of collaborative or entrepreneurial projects. Boldness smiles on the bold, but do they know it, which is why I decided to conjugate this phrase in the feminine and give it the letters of nobility that characterize my commitment and my desire to undertake. WOMEN IS A SUPER POWER

WOMEN’S MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2021 Dr. Edna Joyce Santos Global Goodwill Ambassador H.E. Dr. Edna Joyce Santos has dedicated almost her entire life in the service of humanity. She is the epitome of a truly empowered woman who has found joy in unselfishly sharing her knowledge and wisdom throughout her journey. She is an accomplished medical doctor for 39 years and a dedicated ophthalmologist for 31 years. She pioneered the establishment of the Southern Tagalog Society of Ophthalmology where she received numerous citations and awards for various eye missions during her term as President. She is sought after as keynote She is international reviewer She was also the Past speaker in the field of for various journals in President of the Philippine Ophthalmology and as ophthalmology including the Medical Women’s Association, transformation and Journal of Ocular Lucena-Quezon Chapter for motivational speaker as well. Therapeutics and four years. Pharmacology. She has been recently named She is presently Chairperson one of the Top 50 Global She is official mandate and for Sirach Health and Wellness Women who Lead the World brand Ambassador for the Ministry and is Ambassador 2021 by WIM (Women in UAE, Middle East, Africa and Extraordinaire and MANAGEMENT) Asia for various international Plenipotentiary for the Organization. corporations, most of which Antiquities Imperial Kingdom you can check in her profile of the Nation of YHWH Tribe She has published a book, in LinkedIn: of YHDHYCQN who will entitled “Are You Crazy?”, and spearhead the establishment co-authored a book with Jack of 50 Cities of Refuge and Canfield entitled \"Success Safehaven all over the world Mastery\". She has 2 new for the destitute and books ready to be launched, downtrodden. entitled \"Dearly Beloved\" and \"Sohni\", a biography of She is also the Head of the Wolfgang Christoph. joyce-santos-426125a6 Department of Ophthalmology at Union Medical and Dental Center in the United Arab Emirates. WOMEN IS A SUPER POWER

WOMEN’S MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2021 ever curious, ever evolving. She is eternally grateful for all the favors She is the project that Allah has poured on her and would like to be an inspiration by fund coordinator for spreading Perfect Love and Perfect Justice so that Perfect Peace will the ICT and Coding reign throughout the world. Come and be a part of her amazing Initiatives and Adult journey. Literacy Program for Africa. She is also WOMEN IS A SUPER POWER into sustainability and is in the board of various foundations. She is the Executive Vice-president for Corax Trading Netherlands and Middle East LLC and Director for International Relations for the Rural Africa Road Fund Project and General Manager for Premium Africa Holdings. She is into research as well and is very supportive of the new teleophthalmology project in Norway, Bulbi web, the first ever disruptive technology of its kind in the world in the field of Ophthalmology. She is also in the steering committee of Watering the Fields of Humanity, a Tripartite Project Agreement with UNESCO, PAKA and Prof. Liz Greenwell's foundation in Kenya. She is a psychologist as well, and an active student of life…

WOMEN’S MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2021 Constance Woulard Motivational Speaker Professional speaker, visionary nursing leader, mindset coach, and 5x best-selling author Constance Woulard is an emerging force in the national and global community. She recently collaborated with Dr. Cheryl Wood and the legendary Les Brown in the Unlashing Your Undeniable Impact anthology and speaking tour, November 2021. She is a co-author of the Women Who Pray collaborative, igniting 90 days of prayer. Ms. Woulard is a featured author of The Heart of a Leader. She is also a co-author of the Sister Leaders Anthology, and the co-author of More Precious than Gems, She Knows Her Worth anthology. She collaborates with leaders by assisting them with clarity core values, prioritizing well-being, and effectively communicating to resolve leadership dilemmas. She is dedicated to motivating and empowering others to be their best. Constance’s speaking encompasses Her motivational speaking provides strategies on numerous podcasts, such as Mogul recognizing sabotaging behaviors and how to overcome Media, Long Term Care Heroes, and those behaviors. Becker’s Healthcare Review. Ms. Woulard is a dynamic powerhouse and strives to She was chosen to speak at the inspire, motivate and empower others to become and Shawn Fair Leadership Experience present their best self. Tour, in Troy, Michigan. She was also a speaker for the Che Brown She tells her personal struggle of lacking self-confidence Comeback Champion 2021 Summit. and low self-esteem related to issues surrounding childhood obesity. The main focus of her talks are raw Ms. Woulard is a featured speaker and personal, as she encourages others unleash the with the WYN Conferences, Women residue of their struggles and to soar and strive towards Influencers and Women’s personal excellence and accomplishment. Leadership conference, Dubai/UAE. WOMEN IS A SUPER POWER

WOMEN’S MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2021 A native of Gulfport, Mississippi, Ms. Woulard has held numerous key leadership roles over the past 30 years, including the Veterans Healthcare System, Concorde Career Colleges, Inc., and Wellpath Recovery Solutions. Her main focus as a visionary leader is to develop nursing leaders, in preparation of the future of nursing leadership. Ms. Woulard is a subject matter expert on leadership issues, such as team building, effective communication, working with diverse generations in the workplace, and diversity and inclusion. Ms. Woulard has also consulted with various nursing programs on curriculum development and program implementation. professionals to lead in these She was nominated by Constance is a master’s ever-changing times. She is also a Becker’s Healthcare Review prepared registered childhood obesity warrior, and as Healthcare Hero of 2020, nurse, and is currently a provides coaching to parents of Wellpath’s Nursing Leader of division director of children who struggle with 2020, and 100 Successful nursing. obesity on how to effectively be Women of the Gulf Coast to a support system. know in 2020, and as 25 Top Her leadership spans Most Inspiring Women of sixteen sites covering Ms. Woulard received a bachelor 2021. twelve states. Her of science in Nursing from nursing and leadership William Carey University, and a “Dare to be fierce!” career has been Masters of Science in Nursing dedicated to creating Education from William Carey Constance Woulard high quality, reliable University. systems of care and developing the next generation of nurses and health care… WOMEN IS A SUPER POWER

WOMEN’S MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2021 Teresa Cundiff Wordy Nerds Media The Teresa Cundiff who sits before you now writing with boldness is not the same one who would have been sitting here writing to you a year and a half ago. My story is one of a little girl who always wanted to be noticed and feel special and who did sometimes, but who many times had her feelings hurt and just pretended like she was strong and courageous when she was anything but. I love when words are used I produce and direct my own I’m certain that’s why I correctly in sentences and when talk show at Wordy Nerds, and was drawn to the I read sentences that are it’s distributed through Legrity theater. As an punctuated correctly. Media. It is my dream to have elementary school child my own channel with Legrity in particular, life was I used to grab the dictionary and produce many TV shows difficult for me. from beside the TV to look up with my company. However, we are the words if one was used on a sum of our parts, are we television show and I didn’t I’ve always done musical not? know its meaning. theater beginning at the age of 12 except for the two decades Some amazing, giving, I had a deep seeded fear of or so where I took a sabbatical caring people have been being embarrassed by not to follow my Army husband in my life for decades knowing what a word meant in around the world and raise our and some for months, conversation, so I set out to children. but all have contributed make sure that never happened to me making sweeping from a young age. So, to make the leap from the changes in my life!! stage to the small screen seems very natural and easy Today, I am the CEO of for me. Wordy Nerds Media, Inc which is aptly named for how I refer to myself. I am a wordy nerd of the first order. I love words and knowing what they mean. WOMEN IS A SUPER POWER

WOMEN’S MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2021 Though there’s nothing to compare to a live audience, there is a great deal of satisfaction in what I’m doing now. My show is called Teresa Talks and I interview authors. I am also a professional proofreader, so this migration into talking to the people who write the pages I’m reading to find out what inspires them to write and create, inspires me! I will keep it real and say that I enjoy my share of the limelight, but it truly gives me joy to shine the light on others and promote them in their endeavors. I am in several collaboration books as a contributing author, and it never fails to thrill to see my name in print! NEVER do! John arrived in 1991 and Jake in 1995. John is now I was born in Ft. Campbell, married to our beautiful daughter-in-love Maddie and baby KY to Master Sergeant & Callum is due in April 2022! Mrs. John F (Ann) Landers as the third of what would I will be a Mimi! I am also a professional singer and actor be four children. because I have been paid to do both! This is my story in just a few paragraphs with so much love and friendship sprinkled My parents have both throughout! I have come a long way as I look back, but there is passed. I completed all my still so much I plan to do! schooling in my hometown of Clarksville, TN and TERESA graduated in 1986 from our local college there, Austin Peay State University, with a BS in Information Systems. I was a Charter Member of the Eta Gamma Chapter of the Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. In 1989, I married 1Lt Brian D Cundiff, an Army guy, which I said I would... WOMEN IS A SUPER POWER

WOMEN’S MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2021 Nompumelelo Real Kunene #1 Bestselling Author Nompumelelo Real Kunene is a highly sought after energetic certified Les Brown International speaker. Real is also a PhD candidate, coach, mentor and an eMCee, well known for encouraging many to rise from mediocrity into greatness. She is an Amazon #1 4x bestselling Ms. Kunene’s mission is to meet the needs and author of Rise to Greater Heights transform lives of her clients and her audience. Her book and Human Rights-God Given “Rise to Greater Heights” has inspired and empowered Fundamental Freedoms Books, as many… well as a compiler for Resilience to Greatness and Cultivate Your to pursue their personal and professional passion to Mindset for Success books, to turn become go-getters. Ms. Kunene’s goal is to: study your your fears into greater success while current situation, identify limiting beliefs, then design a seizing new opportunities. plan of inspired action to empower you to achieve specific outcomes in your life. Her vision is not only to motivate but also to empower audiences with a fresh perspective inspiration they require to pursue success and drive sustainable outcomes, in a seriously funny way. Real Kunene wears many hats, as a CEO, Bestselling Author, Strategist, Trainer, Philanthropist, Diplomacy Protocol Officer, International Human Rights Analyst and a Commissioner for Oaths, following her dreams gave her purpose to see her goals through and understand that she does have everything she needs to reach her full potential. Hebrews 11, Psalms 27 and 40, keeps her to rise to greater heights. NOMPUMELELO REAL KUNENE - CTC, SAM, TCPMotivational Speaker * #1 Bestselling Author * Serial Entrepreneur *Trainer * Mentor * Life and Business Coach * Human Rights | WOMEN IS A SUPER POWER

WOMEN’S MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2021 Annie Gibbins Best Selling Author Annie Gibbins is a passionate and purpose driven ‘Fempreneur’ – a CEO, Global Women’s Empowerment Coach, Podcast Host, Speaker and #1 Best Selling Author. As Founder of The Women's Business Incubator, Life by Design and Women Collaborating Globally, Annie is a digital powerhouse helping to push the limits of what is truly possible. Annie is positioned as one of Australia’s leading voices for women in business, and her passion for gender equality is unwavering when it comes to excelling the potential of the female workforce. As the host of ‘Memoirs of a shared the importance of Annie is driven by dismantling the glass ceiling and removing Successful Woman’ podcast, engagement with political, the invisible barriers to success that many women come up Annie has interviewed over business, cultural and against in their business and life journey. 100 inspirational women other leaders of society to With three university degrees worldwide. shape global, regional and under her belt, Annie is now a go-to inspirational speaker industry agendas. globally, for women leaders in business. Her portfolio of guests ranges As a keynote speaker at the from business leaders, Global brand Hoinser ‘Lady America Power Conference: Barriers and Bias, entrepreneurs, Group, dedicated to The Status of Women in Leadership’ in 2021, Annie humanitarians, athletes, and promoting and advertising shared the power behind unlocking the visibility of female the creators of start-ups on a outstanding individuals entrepreneurs around the globe. This prestigious event celebrated mission. in business throughout women internationally, heralding the importance of Europe, Africa, Asia, UAE, women in leadership. As an industry leader, Annie and USA, recently invited landed the distinguished title Annie to their in 2020, as one of ’50 Unsung collective as an honorable Business Heroes’ in member, elevating her recognition of her formidable influence tenfold. courage, compassion, Starting her career as a perseverance, conviction, and registered nurse, Annie selflessness when coaching went on to become a women to thrive. Health Educationalist, Speaking at the World Change Management CEO Economic Forum, Annie… and Entrepreneur…. WOMEN IS A SUPER POWER

WOMEN’S MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2021 whilst raising her family of five including 2 sets of twins born 26 months apart. After graduating with a Diploma of Health Science and working as a registered nurse, Annie’s thirst for professional development continued, leading her to complete a Master of Education. Identified as a leader in the health education sector, specifically for the Australian Orthopaedic Association, Annie was coined a leader to watch. with the Australasian Society for drives her to inspire and empower As a recognized Ultrasound in Medicine. women across the globe to businesswoman and achieve success in business and thought leader, Annie For over ten years Annie held life. was determined to senior executive positions and become a successful gained extensive C-Suite ‘Becoming Annie the Biography of CEO. experience and insight leading a Curious Woman’, inspires women Boards to organizational to set the bar high to achieve With only 17% of transformation and success. success, balance and happiness on Australian CEOs being their terms. women, Annie was Annie is now engaged a regular determined to head a keynote speaker on strategic Currently, Annie is leading both company in this growth and organizational national and international prestigious role. With excellence. organizations. her tribe of children to raise, it was an Her many professional accolades As the CEO of Glaucoma Australia, ambitious dream. gained over 30 years across an organization dedicated to After completing the Health, Education, Corporate, providing sight saving education, Australian Institute of Company Directors NFP and Charity sectors… support, and advocacy… and Lean Six Sigma qualifications, Annie landed her first CEO position… WOMEN IS A SUPER POWER

WOMEN’S MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2021 to people with glaucoma and their families, Annie is no stranger on how to maximize impact with a punch. Women from around the world are invited to access Annie’s wisdom gained through decades of applying proven life and business growth strategies. What sets Annie apart is her revolutionary tried and tested ‘Magic Transformation’ framework and methodology The power, freedom and confidence women gain quickly shifts them from where they now are to where they dream to be. WOMEN IS A SUPER POWER

WOMEN’S MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2021 Ms. Joyce Williams Armooh - Williams PLLC Ms. Joyce Williams is the founder of Armooh-Williams, PLLC; a global boutique law firm focused on Project Finance and Development, International Trade, and Immigration Law. The Co-Founder of Hazina Equity Partners, a catalyst in the major strategic shift in transforming investment from a functional focus to innovation for business and risk- adjusted returns, and Isoka, LLC, a grassroots soccer organization opening doors for the players of disadvantaged backgrounds. Joyce serves on the Board of the American Bar Association's African Law Council on Rule ofLaw Initiatives, the International Bar Foundation Rule of Law Initiative, the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Policy Network, Ghana, United Community and Asankrangwa Kroye Kuo, Alexandria Virginia and the Institute for African Women in Law, Washington, D.C. She is also a Social Ambassador for Joyce's speaking and writing engagements have Youth Advocated of Ghana and enlightened audiences on various trending legal topics, Search Your Team. Joyce has been such as regional integration, global migration, sports and recognized by the American Bar development, block-chain, international sales, Association for her work in human international project development, and finance and traffic kingadvocacy and supply mentorship in the legal profession. chain security, improving diversity and inclusion in the legal She has published papers and is often sought after to profession. speak at major international conferences on the rule of law issues. Joyce's pro bono activities include WE-Lab, an initiative of the Joyce has a Juris Doctorate in law and a Bachelor of Arts in Armooh-Williams Foundation to Economics. She is admitted topractice law in the following create a platform for women courts and jurisdiction: United States Supreme Court, entrepreneurs, an immigration United StatesCourt of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, United clinic for Asylees, Refugees, and States District Court, District of Arizona, andArizona. new arrivals to the United States. WOMEN IS A SUPER POWER

WOMEN’S MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2021 Joyce's previous employers have included the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) in Incheon, South Korea, The Kozolchyk National Law Center inTucson, Arizona, SILLAC Consulting, Annapolis, Maryland, and International Law Institute, Washington D.C. Joyce's clientele has included head of states, diplomats, royals and high-level business executives. by providing a future of choice through education, lively hood Joyce was previously training, health services, leadership mentoring, and cultural an executive board exchange. member of the African Diaspora Health Institute, an initiative of the African Union Mission in Washington, D.C, to mobilize the Diaspora in making practical contributions to the development of the continent of Africa. She oversaw and directed nnovative and strategic compliance programs to enable the African Diaspora to participate in Africa's economic growth. Joyce served as a Special Advisor to the President of the African Bar Association. She also served as a board member of Bakashana, a non- profit in Zambia inspiring Zambian youth, specifically girls. WOMEN IS A SUPER POWER

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