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Annual Report 2018

Published by nchesser, 2019-04-30 07:50:12

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GREATER NAPLES FIRE RESCUE DISTRICT 2018 annual report 'Professionalism, Integrity, Compassion'

Table of Contents Table of Contents Introduction ····················································· 3 Chairman’s Message ··········································· 4 Board of Commissioners ······································ 5 Fire Chief’s Message··········································· 6 Command Staff ················································· 7 Mission, Vision, & Values ····································· 8 Srategic Highlights ············································· 9 Command ························································ 10 Greater Naples Fire Foundation ······························ 11 Finance Section ················································· 12 Logistics Section················································ 16 Operations Section ············································· 18 International Fellowship ······································· 25 Planning Section ················································ 26 Investigative Section ··········································· 28 Training/Special Ops Section ································· 30 2018 At A Glance ··············································· 34 Fleet ······························································ 36 Facilities ························································· 37 Awards & Recognition ········································· 38 Community Engagement ······································ 42 Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 2

The Greater Naples Fire Rescue District is Introduction responsible for providing fire, rescue, emergency medical, and life safety services to residents, businesses, and visitors within an area of one-thousand, five-hundred twelve (1,512) square miles within Collier County, Florida. The purpose of this report is to provide a concise summary of the Greater Naples Fire Rescue District’s accomplishments in 2018. This Annual Report contains information about the emergency preparedness, responses, training, personnel, and community involvement by the Greater Naples Fire Rescue District beginning January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018. Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 3

Chairman’s Message Chairman’s Message As current Chairman of the Board of Fire Commissioners of the Greater Naples Fire Rescue District, it is my honor to serve along-side my fellow Board members and provide the necessary oversite to ensure your Fire District remains good stewards of the community’s tax dollars while providing the highest level of fire-rescue, emergency medical, and life safety services possible. The Greater Naples Fire Rescue District continues to be the largest independent fire district in Florida and is funded primarily through ad valorem taxes. During 2018 the Board of Fire Commissioners was legislatively reduced from eight (8) to five (5) seats as part of the final merger process between East Naples and Golden Gate Fire Districts in 2014. Fire Commissioners are elected to designated seats from throughout the geographical boundaries of the Fire District. The Board of Fire Commissioners is authorized to levy up to one and a half (1.5) mill in taxes. The Board remains vigilant in its responsibility to monitor expenses and examines the District’s financial and operational reports each month during regularly scheduled public meetings. The Board is very proud of our professional Firefighters/Paramedics and EMT’s, life safety professionals, administrative, and technical support professionals. Under the guidance of the District’s Management Team everyone strives to provide professional and compassionate service to our citizens, business partners, and visitors. Significant growth continues throughout Collier County, and the Greater Naples Fire Rescue District endeavors to keep pace through the effective delivery of services and detailed planning for the future needs of the community. Providing the citizens with excellent stewardship of its assets and professional delivery of emergency and prevention services is paramount to our mission. Rest assured, tomorrow’s growth and challenges are being addressed with great enthusiasm as we remain committed to serve the community with the most professional services possible. Sincerely, Tom Henning Tom Henning, Chairman Board of Fire Commissioners Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 4

Board of Commissioners Brian Cross David Stedman Rob Boyer Commissioners Commissioner Secretary Commissioner 2012-2018 2006-2018 Tom Henning Kevin Gerrity Jeff Page Chairman Commissioner Treasurer Charlie Cottiers Steve Hemping Vice Chairman Commissioner 2012-2018 Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 5

Fire Chief’s Message Fire Chief’s Message It is my distinct pleasure to present to you the Greater Naples Fire District’s 2018 Annual Report. This report will provide you pertinent information to summarize the District’s successes during 2018. The report provides statistical data as well as descriptive accounts of the District’s activities and will clearly depict the functions and responsibilities of each of the functional Sections within the District. The District’s 225 members strive each day to fulfill our Mission, achieve our Vision, and demonstrate our Values during the delivery of services. The organization’s employees are the cornerstone to any successes realized; a group of incredibly dedicated, educated, and skilled professionals who consistently demonstrate their ability to effectively provide exemplary and compassionate services to our community. I remain humbled to serve as Fire Chief of this great organization, along-side the men and women who so proudly serve. On behalf of the members of Greater Naples Fire Rescue, I thank the community for the outstanding support during 2018. None of which would be possible without the Board of Fire Commissioners who provide continual guidance, governance, and leadership that has enabled us to offer the extraordinary level of life safety and emergency services. It will remain our commitment to enhance services, exceed customer expectations, and be effective stewards of the taxpayers’ money. Please enjoy this report as we showcase our dedication and commitment to the citizens and community of the Greater Naples and Collier County community. Sincerely, Kingman D. Schuldt | CFO Fire Chief Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 6

Kingman Schuldt, Fire Chief J. Nolan Sapp, Assistant Chief Rob Low, Deputy Chief Alan McLaughlin, Deputy Chief Shawn Hanson, Deputy Chief Wayne Martin, Deputy Chief Command Staff Tara Bishop, Director Chris Tobin, Battalion Chief Forrest Campbell, Battalion Chief Corey Nelson, Battalion Chief Jeff Davenport, Battalion Chief Andy Krajewski, Battalion Chief Matthew Trent, Battalion Chief Caleb Morris, Battalion Chief Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 7

IntroductionMission, Vision, Values mission The mission of the Greater Naples Fire Rescue District is to protect life and property by providing emergency response services and education for the residents, businesses, and visitors of our community. vision Increase response effectiveness Enhance professionalism and operational efficiencies Use taxpayer dollars responsibly values Professionalism Compassion Integrity Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 8

Strategic Highlights highlights  Participated in online auction of surplus equipment and vehicles generating $40,000 in revenue  Awarded $4 million Staffing for Adequate Fire & Emergency Response (SAFER) grant for 14 firefighter positions  Acquired 1,000 gallon diesel and gasoline fuel trailers for emergency fuel supply during hurricanes or other unforeseen fuel shortages  Participated in Collier County Public Schools Internship Program utilizing scholarship funds provided through the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce  Initiated agreement to provide plans review, fire inspection, and fire marshal services to Everglades City  Adopted a universal District-wide key secure Knox Rapid Entry System that includes a residential option  Hosted Cohort 12 Saudi Aramco Firefighters for six months as part of the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) International Fellowhip Program  Purchased 10 operational apparatus; 6 Class A Pumpers, 1 Type One Brush Truck, 2 Supervisor Vehicles, 1 Medical Squad Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 9

Command Command The organization utilizes the National Incident Management System (NIMS) model as a cornerstone to manage the day-to-day activities of the Fire District. The NIMS model provides a standardized approach for not only emergency incidents, but business and organizational management practices. This model provides for several functional areas to work independently, yet in support of overall goals set forth by the Fire Chief. Due to the continued growth of the organization it has been necessary to expand the NIMS model to better accommodate the increased demand for service. The Fire Chief continues to serve in the Command function with six Sections under his direct oversight. Functional Sections include Finance, Logistics, Operations, Planning, Investigative, and the newly established Training & Special Operations. Each Section is managed by a Command Staff Officer serving as Section Manager providing the day-to- day supervision needed to accomplish organizational objectives. Command duties are executed by the Fire Chief who has the overall responsibility for managing the District by establishing organizational goals and objectives, planning assumption, and implementing sound financial and business strategies. The Fire Chief provides direction and oversight to the Command Staff during the development and execution of specific duties and assignments. A primary duty as head of the Command Staff, the Fire Chief is responsible to evaluate the current economic and business environment and establish a balanced budget capable of supporting District operations throughout the year. He is responsible to provide the Board of Fire Commissioners with relevant financial, business, and life safety information in order they remain abreast of all District matters. The Fire Chief must ultimately ensure all programs and operations are properly executed in order for organizational goals to be met in accordance with Board direction. Staffing Fire Chief and CEO Kingman D. Schuldt Executive Assistant to the Fire Chief Nicole Chesser District Physician Robert B. Tober, M.D., FACEP District Chaplain Pastor Jack Strom Communications and Public Affairs Intern Antony Chen/Charlee Dascani Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 10

Greater Naples f o u n dat i o n Fire Foundation The Greater Naples Fire Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3), is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and benevolent purposes, including for such purposes, the making of distributions to charitable organizations. The Foundation also provides benevolent and financial assistance to firefighters, firefighter’s families in need, and the communities they protect. 2018 was a very successful year; the Foundation collected and distributed contributions exceeding $50,000.00 to a variety of causes including employees affected by Hurricane Irma, and those experiencing hardship due to medical illness. The Foundation purchased infant car seats for residents in need, and raised funds for a number of other local charities. The Foundation was also able to sponsor two local high school students as part of the District’s Student Intern Program. The Foundation began a new fundraising program to sell commemorative t-shirts to raise funds for local charitable causes. October brought the Pink Shirt initiative to raise awareness for breast cancer; 330 shirts were sold, and a contribution in the amount of $644.88 was generated to benefit the Bosom Buddies Support Inc., a charitable organization in Naples, FL. November brought the Camo Shirt initiative to honor our Nation’s Veterans. A contribution in the amount of $1,559.53 was made to Collier County Honor Flight, whose mission is to transport local Veterans to Washington D.C. to visit those memorials dedicated to honor their service and sacrifices. To finish out the year, the Foundation sponsored the annual Toy Drive Command. The effort is a huge undertaking with hundreds of volunteer hours logged. This year the Toy Drive served 1,125 Children, ensuring a Happy Holiday for all participants. Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 11

Finance finance Section The Finance and Administration Section prepares and manages the annual budget, while supporting all Sections in the area of procurement, analysis, and research. The Finance Branch is responsible for Accounts Payable (A/P), Accounts Receivable (A/R), procurement oversight, general ledger accounting, payroll, and facilitating the annual audit. The in-house payroll technician is responsible for every aspect of payroll administration for all District employees; including payroll record management, payroll data research and analysis, the identification and reconciliation of payroll related issues, and ensuring all are paid timely and accurately. To ensure the District remains fiscally sound, the Finance Branch carefully manages the financial activity to ensure all recognized governmental standards of accounting are followed. Additionally, all grant management and reimbursement funding projects are facilitated through the Finance Section. The Human Resources Branch assists employees with every aspect of personnel administration from the beginning of employment up to and including retirement. In addition, the Human Resources Branch manages and administers benefit orientation, workers compensation reporting and processing, benefit coordination including enrollment and billing issues, employee data maintenance, personnel records management, grievance processing, educational tuition reimbursement, legislative affairs, litigation support, and public records requests. Staffing Director Tara Bishop Administrative Assistant HR Specialist Suanne Woeste Accountant Debbie Schwarz Finance Specialist Charlotte Johnson Maria Mercedes Carrillo Pat Meulenberg Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 12

finance Section Grant funding The District successfully applied for and was awarded several grants during 2018. The grants ranged from educational materials to firefighting gear and lifesaving medications. Hero Grant- Life Stop the Bleed Kits- saving medications 25 kits valued at valued at $1,619.70 $100 each= $2,500 PGIT TIPS – VFIS- Trailer Grants Awarded Finance Wildland gear Operations 2018 $5,000 Training grant $240 FM Global Grant- Wildfire Mitigation grant $3,000 Volunteer Florida; DCON - 27 kits valued Community at $180 each = $4,860 Emergency Response Staffing for Adequate Team (CERT) grant Fire and Emergency Response Grant for 14 $5,000 FF’s 1.4 million (3 year commitment of ~ 4 million dollars. ) There was a 6% increase 2018/19 PROPERTY VALUE in property values in the 2017/18 2016/17 $19,355,214,853 Greater Naples Fire 2015/16 $18,233,781,911 Rescue District for 2018. 2014/15 $15,783,289,537 $14,122,792,114 $13,685,293,467 Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 13

finance Section GENERAL FUND REVENUE $30,181,634 $27,277,425 $22,992,415 $20,374,542 $20,454,552 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18 Finance GENERAL FUND EXPENSE $29,927,494 $29,557,810 $31,211,069 $22,492,366 $19,347,719 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18 GENERAL FUND RESERVES $9,333,016 $9,045,382 $7,295,202 $6,788,658 1/1/2014 1/1/2015 1/1/2016 1/1/2017 Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 14

finance Section IMPACT FUND REVENUE $1,701,940 $1,344,736 $1,398,371 $1,108,705 $1,121,882 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18 IMPACT FUND EXPENSE Finance $823,670 $714,952 $664,744 $571,451 $330,812 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18 IMPACT FUND RESERVES $3,306,301 $2,318,546 $1,924,076 $1,410,674 1/1/2014 1/1/2015 1/1/2016 1/1/2017 Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 15

Logistics Section Logistics The Logistics Section supports the mission of the Fire District by providing supplies, equipment, Information Technology (IT) administration, and facility maintenance. The Supply Branch procures and issues supplies necessary to maintain all of the fire stations and apparatus. The Supply Branch consists of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) flow/fit testing and maintenance which has two lieutenants assigned, protective clothing and uniforms which is overseen by one battalion chief, and station supplies which is managed by one administrative assistant. The Supply Branch is responsible for the purchase, storing, and issuing of uniforms and protective clothing, SCBA, station supplies, firefighting equipment, hose and specialty items used by the District. The Supply Branch services 18 facilities which included 15 stations, Administrative Headquarters, Fire and Life Safety, Fleet Services, and the Logistics Warehouse. The Facilities Branch is responsible for the routine maintenance and repair of all fire rescue facilities. This includes painting, minor structural repairs, plumbing work, air-conditioning maintenance and repairs, and other work involved in keeping fire stations and other District facilities up and running. The Facilities Branch also oversees construction and special projects, annual fire alarm/sprinkler testing and maintenance, annual fire extinguisher maintenance, backflow inspections, ground well and fuel site maintenance, and water system maintenance and testing. The Facilities Branch worked extensively with the Finance Section and insurance carriers to repair sites damaged by Hurricane Irma. The Facilities Branch has one administrative captain and one facilities technician assigned. The IT Branch provides expert computer and network support to the District. This Branch is responsible for network and server administration, hardware and software installation and maintenance, development and implementation of data security and confidentiality protocols, site security, and assistance with technical questions. IT provides service to 19 facilities and support to all apparatus mobile data terminals. IT works with other agency IT systems such as Collier County for security access and Locution in shared facilities. The IT Branch has one Administrator and one Technician assigned. The Equipment Branch is responsible for the maintenance and repair of firefighting equipment. This includes the annual testing of fire hose, hydraulic tools, ground ladders, and air compressor quarterly quality testing. The Equipment Branch also services all power tools, PPV fans, power saws, hand tools, thermal imagers, and water flow appliances. The Branch is also responsible for placement and equipping of tools and equipment on apparatus and provides support to the Apparatus Committee. The Equipment Branch is overseen by the Deputy Chief of Logistics. Staffing Deputy Chief Alan McLaughlin Administrative Assistant Sarah Pike Captain Khris Klock Maintenance Technician Charlie Heweker IT Manager Brad Sprowls IT Technician Josh Williams Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 16

Logistics Section logistics Logistics 2018 Key Achievements 17  Station 23 re-roof, new flooring on second floor, first floor remodel from Hurricane Irma damage  Station 90 Re-roof and new flooring from Hurricane Irma damage  Worked with Everglades City to assist in oversight of Station 60 rebuild from Hurricane Irma damage  Replaced 1 dishwasher, 2 dryers, 1 washer, 2 refrigerators, 1 ice machine, 1 microwave, 3 water heaters, and 3 air conditioning compressors  Station 21 new flooring  Outfitted 6 new Class A engines with equipment  Station 71 air condition system replacement  Tested per National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 43,855 feet of fire hose  Tested per NFPA 926 feet of ground ladders  Tested per NFPA 15 sets of hydraulic extrication tools  Gym flooring purchased for all stations  Fit tested 191 personnel per NFPA  Flow tested 90 SCBA per NFPA Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report

Operations Section o p e r at i o n s The Operations Section is comprised of shift personnel who work a typical 24/48 hour fire service shift broken down into A, B, and C shift assignments. Due to its vastness and number of fire stations, the District is divided into three Battalions in order to maintain an adequate span of control. They respond to calls for service of structure fires, wildland fires, emergency medical response, vehicle entrapments, water rescue, urban search and rescue (USAR), and hazardous material spills or releases. They also assist many of our other public safety partners such as Collier County Sheriffs Office and Collier County Emergency Medical Service. Firefighters respond from 15 fire Stations with 11 Engines, 2 Aerials, 1 Heavy Rescue, 5 Water Tenders, 8 Brush Trucks, 1 Light Rescue, 1 Light and Air Unit, 2 Marine Units, and 3 Medical Response Squad units. Each shift is overseen by 3 Battalion Chiefs. The District response area is approximately 1,520 square miles and has both seasonal and a large number of year-round residential communities. There are 20 public schools, a hospital, county jail, governmental complex, public safety services center, expansive industrial area, 54 miles of interstate, and hundreds of miles of intercostal shoreline and canal infrastructure. Greater Naples Fire has one of the largest urban interface regions in the state of Florida. The District has a very proactive response to wildfires and works hand-in-hand with our partners in the Florida Forestry Service and the National Park Service. During the spring of 2018, Greater Naples encountered severe wildfire conditions with unseasonable drought and high winds. There were several small fires that warned that conditions were worsening as the season approached. This became evident during the months of March and April with the Flag Pond Fire, 116th Ave. and the Greenway wildfires. The three fires burned nearly 21,000 acres over several days. Firefighters were hampered by very aggressive fire conditions surrounding residential houses and other out-structures. Crews worked to protect those structures while Florida Forestry Service attempted to cut off the forward progression of the wildfires. Greenway Fire Flag Pond Fire March 22, 2018 March 22, 2018  Started as several fires including a fire on 116th  17,957 acres  2,578 acres  7 houses protected  12 houses protected   RV Travel Trailer (occupied) lost  1 large barn destroyed  Equipment used (at peak day, including US41 impact)  Some smaller out buildings lost  6 Overhead Team Chiefs  4 Overhead Team Chiefs  7 Brush Trucks  5 brush Trucks  5 Structure Engines  5 Structure Engines  4 Water Tenders  3 Water Tenders  3 Helicopters including CCSO Air Rescue 1 unit Staffing Assistant Chief J. Nolan Sapp Administrative Assistant Susan Morris Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 18

A Shift Battalion Chief Campbell, F Captains Tobin Staffing Lieutenant Bunting Driver/Engineer Heath o p e r at i o n s Firefighter Arroyo Boutilier Apprentice Brewer Firefighter Brisson Brown Diaz, C Forte Kidder McGee Melheim Nugent Rossi Shilling Szempruch Anzualda Borowski, D Bowers Buczko Cline Dilyard Douglas Easley Garner Hennessy Holden Maisano Moyer Orsolini Richard Sanchez Youngsman Borowski, A Correa Fickey Frazier Humphrey Jacobs Occhipinti Oxar Packard, Br Perez, S Quinn Saenz Sikder Soto, N Suarez-Murias Tomaselli Wilcox Alvarado Conroy Fleming Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 19

B Shift Battalion Chief Davenport Captains Nelson Staffing Lieutenant Roll o p e r at i o n s Driver/Engineer Weinbaum Wilson Firefighter Asher Apprentice Baker Firefighter Bright Fly Good Grala Jones Lara Mayberry McGowan Morgan Purcell Taylor, J Borowski, J Chapman Citak Crouse Ellis Flores Garcia, J Kilmer Krick Mading, T Palermo Perez, Da Raymond Reeve Sawyer Stirns Stoller Arbogast Brody Castaneda Crato Farley Favier Garretto Graham Keene Leal Marrero Mercier Pecora Pinchevsky Taylor, N Thigpen Gutierrez Kehoe Smith Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 20

C Shift Battalion Chief Krajewski Captains Trent Staffing Lieutenant Hogan Driver/Engineer Schoch o p e r at i o n s Sellers Firefighter Campbell, R. Firefighter Grimm Apprentice Lowe Michel Nelmes Nixon Padilla, E Padilla, J Rasmussen Santana Taylor, S Walczak Zafiris Beasley Beckman Bledsoe Cranor Edgemon Garcia, L Gill Hancock Hooks MacQuarrie McGinnis Odum Palmateer Perez, Do Pipitone Sims, T Tomei Andrews Blanco Contreras Diaz, J DiSarro Donovan Festa Hofstetter Jenks King, K Mathwich McCarthy Morales Pernak Rojas Rotkvich Soto, M Temperelli Zmejkoski Finger Pratt Yelinek Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 21

Operations Section o p e r at i o n s Fires 474 Overpressure Explosion 15 Rescue & Medical 13,575 Hazardous Condition 233 Service Calls 1,410 Good Intent 4,549 False Alarm & False Call 1,378 Severe Weather 10 Special Incident Type & Other 82 Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 22

Operations Section The District responded to 21,726 calls 21,726 o p e r at i o n s for service in 2018. A total of 13,575 were for Rescue and Emergency TOTAL Medical Service which represents 62% INCIDENTS of the calls for service. The District responded to 466 reports of fire; 103 of IN 2018 these were reported to be structure in nature. The District responded to 128 wildland and vegetation fires. Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 23

o p e r at i o n sOperations Section Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 24

International Fellowship fellowship The Greater Naples Fire Rescue District (GNFD) was selected as the 12th agency in the country 25 to be honored to host the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) Fellowship Program in 2018. The Planning Section served as the Point of Contact for the program. Eight firefighters from Saudi Aramco, of Saudi Arabia earned the privilege to come to work alongside firefighters in the United States of America (USA). Eight Fellows had been selected from some 1,800 Saudi Aramco firefighters. Cohort 12 was assigned to GNFD at the same time Miami Dade Fire Rescue was hosting Cohort 11. With both Cohorts on the ground at the same time, it permitted for close interaction between agencies. The Training Section coordinated the initial eight-week training and orientation. This was a collaborative effort between the two agencies with training conducted in both Greater Naples and Miami Dade. The training included air rescue operations, a mass casualty drill, marine operations, wildland firefighting, and fundamental firefighting skills. The eight-week program captured approximately 2,240 hours of classroom and hands-on activities. Each Saudi Aramco firefighter was awarded a Florida Fire College Firefighter One certificate at the conclusion of the program. A field trip with the Fellows took them to the E-One plant in Ocala, Florida. The day at the plant permitted them to view the production of fire apparatus, which Saudi Aramco utilizes. The group also spent a day and night at the Florida Fire College to observe Florida’s training and certification processes. With the conclusion of their training and orientation period, Cohort 12 spent the next four months assigned to the GNFD Operations Section busiest fire companies to augment crews and experience local firefighting tactics. The Fellows were assigned to Stations 21, 70, and 72. They spent a combined 6,720 hours embedded in District fire stations working side by side with their American counterparts. They responded with GNFD to medical calls, structure fires, vehicle fires, and many other types of emergencies within the District. The Fellows were required to complete a capstone project that reflected on lessons learned during their time working with Greater Naples. Projects were shared with GNFD Chief Officers and members of the IAFC. Projects covered a wide range of topics including fireground operations, EMS, and leadership for example. The Fellows were also required to deliver similar presentations to their chief officers once they returned to Saudi Arabia. A final graduation ceremony was held to recognize the work of everyone involved. Attended by the Fellows, GNFD Chief Officers, staff, and members of the District, there was much pomp and circumstance, along with the obvious emotions of new friends and the realization that they were soon departing for home. The IAFC participated in the graduation ceremony honoring each Fellow and thanking GNFD for hosting Cohort 12. Each Fellow returned home to Saudi Arabia with fond memories of their time with GNFD in the USA. Both the Fellows of Cohort 12 and the GNFD firefighter and Staff benefited greatly from this unique experience. Most importantly were the friendships made and confirmation that the brother and sisterhood of our fire service stretches far beyond any one agency or nation. Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report

Planning Section planning In 2018 the Planning Section was responsible to apply for, and was successfully awarded, a grant in excess of $4 million from the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to augment operational staffing of 14 new firefighters. This three-year grant required the District contribute a share of 35% funding in years one and two, and 65% share in year three. This allowed the District to add additional firefighters in the streets and enhance operations with the addition of two additional quick response squads. The Planning Section is committed to providing events internally and externally that meet or exceed the expectations of the community. To ensure that each event is met with excellence, a comprehensive plan must be developed. In 2018 the Planning section was responsible to develop and facilitate nine special events. The Planning Section continues to support management of the Ochopee Fire District and Advisory Committee responsibilities including monthly meetings, notices, and the coordination with Collier County to meet all legal requirements. In 2018 six new front-line Class A fire engines and three Command/Squad vehicles were purchased and placed in service. The Engines are E-One Typhoon class A Engines. The Command and Squads are Ford F-250 pickups with communications and medical equipment to meet the needs for events that occur every day in our community. In an agreement with Enterprise Fleet Management, the District leased eight utility vehicles, replacing an aged fleet with extensive mileage. Included in this year’s program were two command staff vehicles, two fleet service trucks, a maintenance van, and a box truck for moving equipment and supplies throughout the District. Two general purpose utility vehicles rounded out the fleet replacement program in 2018. As part of the District’s effort to upgrade the fleet, several old and outdated vehicles were decommissioned and set for sale via an on-line auction program implemented this year. Revenues from the surplus vehicles, including fire apparatus and staff vehicles, netted the District in excess of $40,000 in 2018. Staffing Deputy Chief Wayne Martin Administrative Assistant Amanda Eberl Fleet Supervisor Judy Schleiffer Lead Mechanic John Luppy Mechanic Jamie Popiol Mark Records Matthew Day Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 26

Planning Section Planning The Fleet Branch enhanced operation during 2018 by adding an administrative support position and one additional technician for a total workforce of five; 1 Supervisor, 2 Lead Mechanics, 1 Mechanic, and an Administrative Assistant. Approximately 100 pieces of rolling stock are managed by the Fleet Branch. This includes fire apparatus, staff vehicles, trailers, and the Marco Island Fire Rescue Department units. Reporting from the District Dossier Fleet records management system reflected 4,829 man-hours working logged; 502 work orders were completed with $263,212 expended in parts for vehicles. The Planning Section participated in the development of a new Collier County EMS and fire station scheduled to open in late 2019. Disaster planning is of significance to the Fire District and falls under the responsibility of the Planning Section. Each year the District’s Hurricane Disaster Plan is reviewed, updated, and adjusted to meet current needs of the organization and community. As part of the 2018 review and update, it was determined a more comprehensive fuel management program was necessary. As a result, the District acquired two new 1,000-gallon mobile fuel tenders, diesel and gasoline, to enhance self- sustainability during hurricanes or other disasters. Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 27

Investigative Section i n v e s t i g at i v e As an integral component in the Greater Naples Fire Rescue District’s community risk reduction efforts, the Investigative Section (Section)/Fire & Life Safety Branch (FLS) is active in all-hazards reduction accomplished through a combination of education, code compliance enforcement, and investigations. Daily Section operations focus on reducing community risk , enhancing safety for all District personnel and citizenry. In 2018 the Section enhanced its key box program by transitioning to the Knox Box Rapid Entry System, encompassing commercial key boxes, residential key boxes (Homebox), gate access solutions, FDC locking caps, elevator boxes, and more. The Section also made enhancements to its mobile inspections platform, creating better efficiency. Section staff continue to enjoy partnerships and daily interactions with Collier County Departments, including Public Utilities staff; a shared Arc GIS software program continues to provide for the tracking of water supply lines and fire hydrant locations, providing critical information on service lines and hydrant status, backflows, and systems modifications (such as line size changes, relocations and other topics), Code Enforcement, Business Tax Licensing, Zoning, and Planning. The District and its stakeholders continue to benefit from a cohesive business relationship between Section Staff and Collier County Growth Management Staff. This has allowed the Section to provide input on improving the County’s permitting program, Cityview, to meet the growing needs of the developers, contractors, and owners on topics such as electronic plan review, electronic submittal of required compliances and extending permits, increased proficiency for the contractors, our staff and Collier County staff, and has provided for unique opportunities to work. Staffing Deputy Chief Shawn Hanson Deputy Fire Marshal/Captain Lieutenant Inspector Shar Beddow Inspector John Bigica Administrative Assistant Michael Cruz Steve Riley Michael Bays James Cody Joel Glover Brian Mading Jennifer Meredith Aaron Stewart Ian Stewart Tracey Caparrelli Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 28

Investigative section I n v e s t i g at i v e Community risk reduction Community risk reduction utilizing education is practiced on a daily basis. During formal courses, individuals are trained on the use of fire extinguishers, crowd management, and a number of other topics. Through periodic and occupational inspections, business owners, occupants, and citizens are informed on the codes and how and why they were created to reduce fire incidences and keep them safe. During new construction inspections, this same education is continued and includes the general contractors, fire contractors, and other special contractors. Working cohesively with contractors and staff to achieve code compliance efficiently by cultivating information and communicating is the ultimate goal. Origin and cause investigations Initial origin and cause investigations are completed by Operations Section personnel and turned over to Investigative Section personnel when requested. In 2018, Section personnel investigated seven (7) structure fires and one (1) boat fire. The State Fire Marshal’s office was requested to assist on the boat fire and one (1) of the structure fires. Proper investigation and reporting of fires enables the Florida State Fire Marshal’s office to provide accurate statistical data to agencies, such as the National Fire Protection Association, to meet their mission of protecting life, property, and the environment from the devastation of fire. Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 29

Training Training/Special Operations Section It is the mission of Greater Naples Fire Rescue District’s Training and Special Operations Section to enhance customer service delivery by providing safe, high quality, progressive, and effective training, education, and professional development programs. During 2018 the Training Branch conducted thousands of hours of hands-on training (HOT) involving new employees, current employees, local partners, and an international team of firefighters. In addition, the EMS Branch faced the challenge of a renewal year for all EMS personnel. Training is an important component of safety and operational proficiency at all levels within the organization. It is the goal of the training section to provide numerous training opportunities throughout the year and to support the Operations Section when deficiency or enhancement needs are identified. Company officers are a key component in the training of personnel. It is essential they recognize deficiencies and opportunities to improve knowledge and increase firefighting skills of personnel. Staffing Deputy Chief Rob Low Battalion Chief Caleb Morris Training Captain Russell Godette ALS Coordinating Officer Jarett Cotter Administrative Assistant Linda Swisher Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 30

Training/Special Training Operations Section 31 Training opportunities provided  Wildland Fire Education  Chain Saw and Fire Shelter (HOT)  Brush Truck Operations  S330- Task Force/Strike Team Leader Certification  S130- Wildland Firefighter Training, Saudi Aramco International Team  S190- Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior, Saudi Aramco International Team  Brush Fire Operations Refresher  Apparatus  E73 Orientation  Emergency Vehicle Driver Training Instructor Certification  Emergency Services Trailer Operations and Safety  EMS Training  Quarterly In-service with Collier County EMS  District Physician Monthly In-Service  Medical Skill Review (Self Study, HOT)  Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Incidents and Safety, Physicians Regional  ALS Engine Program Re-credentialing  New Employee Orientation  Class 18-01  Class 18-02  Acquired Structure  Honda Facility  Engine Company Operations  Multi-Agency Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) Operations  Mass Causality Multi-Agency Night Drill  Multi-Agency Fire Ground Operations, Quail Creek  Live Fire, County Barn Road  The Commons, City of Naples  Multi-company Fire Ground Operations, Commercial Structure (2 Story)  Multi-company Search and Rescue Operations  International Program Training  This was a six-week intensive firefighter training program for our Saudi Aramco International Team in partnership with Miami-Dade Fire Rescue  Specialty Training  Marine Emergency Response (MERT)-  Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) camera training to assist with victim location  County Wide Marine Disaster Drill Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report

Training Training/Special Operations Section  Urban Search and Rescue  Trench Rescue Operations Certification  Structural Collapse Operations Certification  Confined Space Operations Certification  Dive Rescue  Public Safety Diver Association (PSDA) Instructor Certification  Public Safety Dive Association (PSDA) Dive Certification  Watermanship Skills Evaluation  Open Water Dive Certification  Shore Operations, Engine Company Support  First Response Active Shooter with Collier County Sheriff  Med Flight Helicopter Operations  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Overview  Post Fire Incident Decontamination Operations  Stop the Bleed Program Overview  First Response to Radiological Accidents and Weapons of Mass Destruction, State of Florida Department of Radiation Control  Civilian “Fire Academy” for Collier County 911 Dispatchers  Leadership Training  Lt Promotional Exam Orientation  Lt Promotional Exam “Pulse Check”  L180- Human Factors in the Wildland Fire Service  L280- Followership to Leadership  L380- Fireline Leadership  L381- Incident Leadership Online training courses are assigned to target groups and topics vary throughout the year. Most courses are one hour in length with a few reaching two hours. The following reflects training courses assigned to “groups”; personnel may belong to multiple “groups”, thus having additional requirements.  All Employees- (9) courses  Operations and CBA Employees- (9) courses  Firefighters- (12) Courses, (4) NFPA 1410 Practical Drills  Driver Engineer- (12) Courses, (4) NFPA 1410 Practical Drills  Lieutenant- (12) Courses, (4) NFPA 1410 Practical Drills  Captain- (12) Courses, (4) NFPA 1410 Practical Drills  Battalion Chief- (12) Course, (4) NFPA Practical 1410 Drills  Deputy Chief/Director- (12) Courses  Administrative Support Personnel- (12) Courses  EMT- (34) Courses  Paramedics- (32) Courses Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 32

Training/Special Operations Section Training Summary (Total Hours per group) Special operations Training During 2018 the Special Operations Branch initiated new strategies for recruiting members. The Dive Team conducted several in-house training sessions; certifying both new instructors and new divers. The addition of new instructors adds value to the team by providing a path for certifying team members in-house; first as open water divers, then as more advanced public safety divers. The Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Team continued an aggressive training plan offering both awareness and operations level training for new members throughout the year. Our Marine Emergency Response Team (MERT) continues with training members throughout the year and will be re-evaluating the task book program in the upcoming year. For the majority of 2018 our Hazardous Materials Team has been reevaluating their mission and focus on a path forward, and several new members were added to the team. 2018 saw several events in the realm of Special Operations with activations and deployments. County-wide, the Hazardous Materials District Response Team (DRT) incidents were limited to a handful however, team members continued to train and gain valuable experience with team members from other agencies. The Dive team had several activations and thankfully, no incidents of fatality. On September 10, the District’s Urban Search and Rescue team, LTRT #635 responded as part of a Regional Strike Team to Bay County in response to Hurricane Michael. Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 33

2018 at a glance 2018 at a glance Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 34

2018 at a glance 2018 at a glance Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 35

Fleet Fleet GNFD Fleet Two Aerial Ladder Trucks One Heavy Rescue 11 Front Line Fire Engines Six Reserve Fire Engines Five Brush Trucks Four Attack Trucks Three Medical Squads One Air & Light Truck Five 2,500 to 3,000 Gallon Water Tenders Two All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV) Two Special Response Units for Urban Search and Rescue Three Battalion Chief Vehicles Two Command Vehicles 14 Fire & Life Safety Vehicles Six Planning Section/Fleet Branch Vehicles Five Logistics Support Vehicles Four Training Branch Support Vehicles Two Finance Section Vehicles Four Staff Utility Vehicles Two Fire Rescue Marine Units 12 Trailers for Hazmat, USAR, Public Education, Training, etc. Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 36

Facilities GNFD Facilities Administrative Headquarters 14575 Collier Blvd. Naples, FL 34119 Fac i l i t i e s Fire and Life Safety 2700 North Horseshoe Dr. Naples, FL 34104 Fleet Maintenance 5665 Warren St. Naples, FL 34113 Logistics, Training, EMS 4741 Golden Gate Pkwy. Naples, FL 34116 East Trail Fleet 40808 Tamiami Trail E. Ochopee, FL 34141 Station 20 4798 Davis Blvd. Naples, FL 34104 Station 21 11121 Tamiami Trail E. Naples, FL 34113 Station 22 4375 Bayshore Dr. Naples, FL 34112 Station 23 6055 Collier Blvd. Naples, FL 34114 Station 24 2795 Airport Pulling Rd. Naples, FL 34105 Station 60 201 Buckner Ave. N. Everglades City, FL 34139 Station 61 525 Newport Dr. Naples, FL 34114 Station 63 63 MM I-75 Ochopee, FL 34141 Station 70 4741 Golden Gate Pkwy. Naples, FL 34116 Station 71 100 13th St. SW. Naples, FL 34117 Station 72 3820 Beck Blvd. Naples, FL 34114 Station 73 14565 Collier Blvd. Naples, FL 34119 Station 75 4590 Santa Barbara Blvd. Naples, FL 34104 Station 76 790 Logan Blvd. N. Naples, FL 34119 Station 90 175 Capri Blvd. Naples, FL 34113 Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 37

Awards & Recognition Awa r d s / R e c o g n i t i o n Eagle/Phoenix Service Awards Awards 25 Years Corey Nelson 5 Years Shar Beddow Gregory Arbogast 20 Years Dale Chapman 5 Years Robert Hofstetter Aaron Borowski (2) 20 Years Jeffrey Davenport 5 Years Tyler McCarthy Jason Bright 20 Years Marty Good 5 Years Bradley Packard Joey Brown (2) 20 Years Caleb Morris Brandon Bunting (2) 20 Years Efrain Padilla Mario Castaneda Acey Edgemon 15 Years Gregory Baker 1 Year Alexandra Blanco Jose Garcia 15 Years David Cranor 1 Year Brandon Brody Tim Garner 15 Years Thomas Easley 1 Year Manuel Correa Daniel Garretto 15 Years Jeremy Morgan 1 Year Matthew Donovan Robert Hofstetter 15 Years Kevin Nelmes 1 Year Justin Humphrey Scott Hogan 15 Years Anthony Palermo 1 Year John Luppy Justin Humphrey 15 Years Jesus Padilla 1 Year Ryan Mathwich Jason Michel 15 Years Daniel Sawyer 1 Year Jennifer Meredith Bradley Packard 1 Year Charles Pinchevsky David Perez 10 Years Jason Bledsoe 1 Year David Rotkvich Dolores Perez 10 Years Aaron Cline 1 Year Ingrid Saenz Jeffrey Roll 10 Years Jay Crouse 1 Year Arifa Sikder Todd Schilling 10 Years Christopher Diaz 1 Year Jesse Temperilli Arifa Sikder 10 Years Todd Schilling 1 Year Michael Tomaselli Marta Soto 10 Years Debbie Schwarz Mark Stirns Nicholas Taylor John Taylor Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 38

Awards & Recognition Fire Chiefs Values Awa r d s / R e c o g n i t i o n Lieutenant Tom Purcell Firefighter of the Year Driver Engineer Daniel Sawyer Civilian Employee of 39 the Year Administrative Assistant Susan Morris Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report

Awa r d s / R e c o g n i t i o n Awards & Recognition Military Service Albert Anzualda Charlotte Johnson Todd Nugent Emanuel Arroyo Stephen Keene Paul Pernak Gregory Baker Andy Krajewski David Ramis Blaine Brisson Ben Krick JohnTaylor Levi Conroy Brian Mading Chris Tobin Matthew Donovan Alan McLaughlin William Wilkie Ruddy Forte Daniel Wilcox Jerry Hooks Gary Yelinek Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 40

Awards & Recognition Promotions Awa r d s / R e c o g n i t i o n New Members Captain Scott Hogan Captain Jeffrey Roll Jose Alvarado Lieutenant Joey Brown Aaron Borowski Lieutenant Jose Santana Levi Conroy Driver Engineer Douglas Holden Amanda Eberl Driver Engineer Ryan McGinnis Matthew Day James Farley Separated Members Shabree Finger Damon Fleming Jarrett Jimenez Brad Frazier Thomas King Dakotah Gutierrez Brian Lujan Spenser Kehoe Nicholas Newman Nathan Pratt Christopher Ogden Daniel Rojas Aldo Trujillo Daniel Rojas Christopher Uz Raul Suarez-Murias Adam Smith Apprentice to Full Time Gary Yelinek Aaron Borowski Brad Frazier Daniel Rojas Ian Stewart Raul Suarez-Murias Professional Development Brian Heath - Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Administration Justin Humphrey - Associate in Science Emergency Medical Service Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 41

Community engagement The District provides hundreds of contact hours with the general public. These include school programs, special events such as Everglades Seafood Festival which brings thousands of visitors to Everglades City, Naples Canoe Race, and the world-famous South Florida Swamp Buggy Races. Personnel provide safety standbys to public events, and public educational courses to civic groups on topics including fire safety, CPR, and hurricane preparedness to mention a few. The District has the most diversified demographics in Collier County, which we stand ready to respond to when requested. Community PUBLIC EVENTS 2018 EVENTS CONTACTS JANUARY 13 9,853 FEBRUARY 18 55,053 MARCH 12 8,853 15 5,337 APRIL 18 13,563 MAY 16 1,300 JUNE 19 11,641 JULY 18 5,307 AUGUST 32 6,851 SEPTEMBER 48 11,133 OCTOBER 17 15,764 NOVEMBER 28 14,525 DECEMBER TOTALS 254 159,180 Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 42

Community engagement Community Greater Naples Fire Rescue District | 2018 Annual Report 43


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