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The Most Trusted Identity and Access Management Service Companies

Published by The Enterprise World, 2022-03-17 06:14:12

Description: This issue of The Enterprise World, The Most Trusted Identity and Access Management Service Companies features some of the leading names in the Identity and Access Management industry. These companies have withered through every challenge, and have established themselves as the best and most trusted brands in the space. They are leading the innovation curve, and offer sought-after services which are reliable and foolproof.

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WWW.THEENTERPRISEWORLD.COM | AMERICA EDITION | DECEMBER 2021 The Future of Enterprise Security Keeping The American Dream Alive With Flexible Rent The Most TRUSTED IDENTITY AND ACCESS MANAGEMENT SERVICE Companies Defining Identity Management and System Security!

From Editor’s Desk “If you spend more time on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked. What’s more, you deserve to be hacked.” — Richard Clarke, White House Cybersecurity Advisor, 1992-2003 Identity and Access Management constitutes a major part of a company’s security. As data and information are the currency of this digital era, thus, keeping it safe and secure has to be the top priority. As companies move towards a new era, where remote working has exponentially increased, raising the concerns for data security and precise identity management. This issue of The Enterprise World, The Most Trusted Identity and Access Management Service Companies features some of the leading names in the Identity and Access Management industry. These companies have withered through every challenge, and have established themselves as the best and most trusted brands in the space. They are leading the innovation curve, and offer sought-after services which are reliable and foolproof. Featured on the cover story is Identity Management Institute (IMI). IMI is a globally recognized identity risk management training and certification organization that serves IT security, identity, and data protection professionals worldwide. IMI (Identity Management Institute) has established itself as a pioneer and foremost name in the Identity and Access Management (IdM) industry. The organization was founded in 2007 by Henry Bagdasarian, a leading expert in technology risk management, audit, and security who recognized the growing IAM risks as companies moved their infrastructure, platforms, and data to the cloud allowed BYOD and subscribed to various SaaS applications. In an insightful and engrossing conversation with Kris Poria, Co-founder, and CEO of EarlyBirds. Let’s get to know more about the company, their journey, and what innovative services they offer. Also, grab exclusive articles such as The Future of Enterprise Security, The Ultimate Business Guide, and more. There is a lot more to read inside. Happy Reading! Adeeb Malik Adeeb Malik

The Enterprise World, 1985, Henderson Rd, Columbus, Ohio, 43220 Follow Us On: For Editorial Concerns: [email protected] For Sales & Branding Enquiries: [email protected] For Subscription: [email protected] Publisher The Enterprise World Creative Content Editor Shalmali | Adeeb Marketing Coordinator(USA) Peter J. PR & Marketing Coordinator James H. Business Development Executive Ginny Creative Design Head: Sushant K. Social Media Manager Narendra S. Digital Circulation Manager Amanda V. This list is NOT a ranking. The companies on listed in magazine serve different aspects of the market, making ranking them in any order except revenue impossible and unfair. We try to bring a perfect platform for business organization to showcase their valued products/ services. Copyrights © The Enterprise World | 2019. All Rights Reserved. The images and content included in this magazine should not be copied, transferred or reproduced in any form or by any means, electronics, mechanical, photocopying, recording, otherwise, without proper permission from The Enterprise World. The Enterprise World solely owns all the reprint rights.

Leaders in Spotlight This issue of The Enterprise World, The globally recognized identity risk management Most Trusted Identity and Access training and certification organization that Management Service Companies features, serves IT security, identity, and data protection professionals worldwide. IMI Identity and Access Management is one of (Identity Management Institute) has the most sought-after services in today’s established itself as a pioneer and foremost times. As the working and functioning of name in the Identity and Access Management companies have taken drastic changes, from (IdM) industry. The organization was founded office to remote, etc. This change has called in 2007 by Henry Bagdasarian, a leading for beer security and safety solutions for the expert in technology risk management, audit, employees and the company’s valuable data and security who recognized the growing and information. IAM risks as companies moved their infrastructure, platforms, and data to the Featured in this edition are some of the cloud allowed BYOD and subscribed to leading and most trusted names in the various SaaS applications. Identity and Access Management space. These companies are leading the industry and In an insightful and engrossing conversation offer cutting-edge services, integrated with with Kris Poria, Co-founder, and CEO of the latest technology and innovations. They EarlyBirds. Let’s get to know more about the are changing the face of security and company, their journey, and what innovative ensuring companies that their employees and services they offer. data are always safe and highly secured at all times. Also, grab exclusive articles such as The Future of Enterprise Security, The Ultimate Featured on the cover story is Identity Business Guide, and more. Management Institute (IMI). IMI is a

10. Identity Management Institute

28. CONTENTS EarlyBirds 22. The Future of Enterprise Security 34. Keeping The American Dream Alive With Flexible Rent ARTICLE

01 10 | December 2021

COVER STORY Defining Identity Management and System Security! | 11

COVER STORY professional certification to its management challenges in the most as well as how companies and their global members who are interested creative, effective, and efficient professionals can mitigate the risks. in identity and access management ways. IMI was established to: (IAM) topics such as governance, Alongside, they provide regular access controls, identity theft, fraud ● Redefine and promote the content that is published on their prevention, compliance, data identity management website blog as well as a newsletter protection, and technology. profession and address all called Identity Management identity risks inside or Journal. One of the main success Why IAM systems are important outside of an information factors is that they make and how IMI changes the game system, complicated topics simple, crisp, in the industry and easy to grasp for the learners. ● Foster a community and As traditional corporate systems governing body for all When Identity Management morphed into cloud computing and identity management Institute began its journey in 2007, distributed systems serving a large professionals, the team faced several challenges. number of dispersed users, IAM The initial challenges consisted of processes and systems became ● Establish an independent finding the right resources to help extremely important to address the accreditation process of the grow the organization, support its new threats and risks. The IdM highest standard of daily operations, maintain the sector emerged in the spotlight excellence for the identity website, develop content for the owing to the increased vigilance management professionals, blog, and manage certification and growing need for enhancing study guides and exams. cybersecurity. ● Serve the members and the public through advocacy As IMI leverages multiple As passwords became more for the profession, platforms to support its online predictable and easily accessible awareness regarding the operations, ensuring system while systems lack layered security identity risks, education, availability is critical. Thus, finding and multi-factor authentication, we and collaboration for the right mix of systems, and witnessed rising incidents of solving the challenges, ensuring a seamless and insightful system breaches, identity theft, and educational environment always fraud. Also, with the evolution of ● Contribute to the field took paramount importance for IoT and increasing number of through Critical Risk them. connected devices, identity and Domains™ (CRD), access management is paramount standards and education IMI initially started with 2 for addressing cyber security tools, certifications for identity theft threats around the world. management and compliance ● Educate its members and professionals. With the wide And to add to the impending issue, the public through events adoption of cloud computing and the Covid-19 pandemic changed and tools that promote best storage, BYOD, and SaaS the workforce landscape, as the identity management applications, the organization majority of employees started practices, and introduced 6 more certifications in working remotely, thus changing digital identity management, system security and data protection ● Promote the highest system access administration, and dynamics. professional ethics and data protection which resulted in standards for the identity increased demand for their Identity Management Institute® is management profession. certifications. a forward-thinking organization that strives to provide solutions for The journey of IMI the ever-evolving identity IMI is a leading brand in the IAM thought leadership space first and foremost, and their main aim is to foresee the evolving risks. They provide timely content about industry changes and related risks 12 | December 2021 | 13

COVER STORY IAM (Identity and Access professional and personal life, IAM global certification organization Management) systems are technologies protect the systems dedicated to identity and access attracting a wider response and and data of organizations. management. IMI and its services becoming more important. In address all identity risks and today's era where the digital world Identity Management Institute support the professionals in the has a dominant presence in our (IMI)® is the first and leading field to effectively tackle risks 14 | December 2021

The organization also offers other services such as auditing identity and access management programs, compliance programs, product designs, and much more. Over the years, IMI has established itself as one of the most sought- after and one of the Most Trusted Identity and Access Management Service Companies. The IMI Foundation Identity Management Institute is a globally recognized identity risk management training and certification organization that serves IT security, identity, and data protection professionals worldwide. IMI has established itself as a pioneer and foremost name in the Identity and Access Management (IdM) industry. The organization was founded in 2007 by Henry Bagdasarian, a leading expert in technology risk management, audit, and security who recognized the growing IAM risks as companies moved their infrastructure, platforms, and data to the cloud allowed BYOD and subscribed to various SaaS applications. around identity management, system programs, an active online IMI has redefined the term “identity access, data security and integrity, community with some of the largest management” to offer compliance, and other related areas. discussion groups with thousands comprehensive solutions and of global experts, as well as a services which include professional To meet the industry needs, IMI has leading identity management blog collaboration, risk awareness, created 8 training and certification on the Internet. education and training, risk management, and certification for career advancement, skill validation, and knowledge verification. IMI is an eminent international organization that provides thought leadership, training, and | 15



COVER STORY IMI offers eight certification programs; five of them are within the digital identity and access management area, two are within the identity theft area, and another is in data protection and privacy. This ensures trained and certified professionals can tackle various system and data security challenges in the organizations they serve. How IMI goes a step beyond IMI is always a step ahead in terms of offering the best and most sought-after certifications. The team continuously analyzes the industry demand and assesses future trends. These crucial steps enable the team to drive the direction of their organization and offer exemplary services. Services offered by IMI identity management professionals IMI also offers certification for to address rising challenges, IMI identity management programs and As the business landscape is ever- offers professionals an unmatched products to ensure they meet the changing, and with the work from opportunity to educate themselves business objectives, compliance home model widely accepted, a lot and get certified in the leading requirements, and design of tasks are being assimilated and fields of identity management, specifications. completed online. Also with the access administration, and data On the product side, they review advent of cloud applications, protection. identity and access management identity and access management products based on the IMI's solves many system access and data IMI's services enable these predefined criteria and product protection challenges. professionals to improve their owner assertions to validate resumes and professional standing product design and stated IMI recognizes that identity and in the marketplace. The objectives. access management is essential for certification programs cover a wide securing systems and data. Thus, to array of aspects that enhance “When you change the way you enable the cybersecurity and identity and access management of look at things, the things you look any company. at change” - Wayne Dyer Leadership at IMI An organization like IMI has one of the most experienced and expert teams of professionals under its wing. What sets the organization apart is the visionary and unmatched leadership. IMI has one 18 | December 2021

of the best leadership, where the company is nurtured and services are constantly evolving. IMI has become a leading name under the exceptional leadership of Henry Bagdasarian who is the Founder and President of the Identity Management Institute (IMI). He also established the IdentityMate brand and consulting practice to help organizations with risk management in data protection, privacy, and compliance. Henry started his career in Ÿ Starting and growing Identity Henry's views on constant technology risk management and Management Institute to vigilance as a need or a strategy transitioned to information security, become the globally recognized privacy, and compliance certification entity for the Vigilance is important if we want to management as his career identity and access management reduce our risks whether in progressed. He is a certified field. business or personal life. One way professional in cybersecurity, IT to stay vigilant is to constantly audit, and identity management and Ÿ Developing the certification educate oneself to foresee the also the author of the \"Identity programs and creating coming dangers and prepare to Diet\" book which introduced frameworks such as Identity confront threats. identity obesity as the root cause of KAOS and Information KAGE the identity theft epidemic and which have been incorporated How Henry manages work-life offered solutions. into the certification study balance guides. Henry's proposed frameworks have It's important to periodically step been incorporated into the IMI's Ÿ Introducing various concepts for away from daily business routines certification programs and he also the identity theft industry such when it gets hectic and spend time created the largest identity theft as Identity Obesity which was on more relaxing activities to discussion forum online where described as the root cause of mentally recharge and allow the thousands of global professionals identity theft in Identity Diet emergence of new ideas to solve collaborate to solve the leading and which also introduced 8 problems or improve the business. fastest-growing crime. principles for identity theft protection. Relaxing activities may vary for He has served global companies as different people. For me, it's the Chief Information Security Officer Ÿ Proposing Digital Identity contemplation of new ideas, (CISO), Chief Privacy Officer, and Transformation to address writing, music, and movies. head of compliance and IT audit. identity risks through a “holistic assessment and improvement of Henry has achieved many business processes, people, and milestones in his daunting and technologies to achieve insightful professional journey. excellence in identity and access Some of these achievements are: management, system security, data privacy, and regulatory compliance.” | 19

THE FUTURE OF ENTERPRISE SECURITY Focus on to Protect Themselves and their Customers 22 | December 2021 | 23

It's no secret that not only are you valuable tips on how to stay expanding list of threats. the threats to your company ahead of hackers by using advanced The number of high-profile more numerous than ever protection technology that can data breaches has grown before, but they are also becoming detect known and unknown significantly over the past more sophisticated. You may have vulnerabilities. We'll discuss risks, few years. In 2016, the invested in expensive enterprise prevention methods, and show you largest breach of data in security solutions in the past only how to protect your customers with history took place when to see them rendered useless in a the best practices for today's hackers stole the records of matter of weeks. The industry is at market. almost 150 million Verizon a crossroads. What do you need to customers. Earlier that be doing today to protect your The Evolution of Threats to same year, Equifax customers and your business? Enterprise Networks suffered a massive data breach affecting over 140 This blog post will explore what Company networks have faced an million people. enterprises should focus on when it evolving threat landscape in recent comes to security. It will also give years, alongside a rapidly- Many other companies have suffered cyberattacks and security breaches as well. Even in the face of these breaches, there has only been a nominal increase in cybersecurity awareness. Worse, many companies don't have effective systems or processes in place, such as a small and medium business password manager. A core issue is how rapidly the cybersecurity landscape changes, and how difficult it is for businesses to keep pace. Every new trend, from the rise of the cloud to the decline of physical devices, prompts various security upgrades for organizations. The reality is that any enterprise should both be 24 | December 2021

aware of the myriad threats that detect all the software on a 3. Machine Learning in exist and also understand the device to determine if they have Pentesting mindset that is necessary to address been infected or if they have them. been attacked. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have some incredibly With that in mind, here are three 2. Data is the New Oil compelling applications in the major trends that have influenced cybersecurity sector, and the way we think about Success now hinges on data; penetration testing is arguably at cybersecurity and the things that availability, governance, the top of that list. Pentesting businesses should consider when it orchestration, and analysis, for typically requires an immense comes to safeguarding their both the public and private amount of manual labor. Through customers and their businesses. sectors. This is especially true machine learning, security for the Fortune 1000. professionals can augment their 1. IoT Goes Mainstream own expertise with tools that The Internet of Things Moreover, many organizations automatically probe for now rely on their ability to weaknesses, becoming essentially a catch-all term for any generate and manage data — it progressively better at doing so Internet-connected device or is the key to understanding through trial and error. appliance that wouldn't ordinarily customer behavior, predicting connect to a network — has seen what to sell, and determining Unfortunately, pentesting isn't the explosive growth in recent years. how to market against only application of this IoT devices have become more competitors. technology—it can just as easily be commonplace than ever as we weaponized in the hands of increasingly embed connectivity in It is impossible for any human cybercriminals. everything from traffic lights to being to effectively organize and fridges and microwaves. This also evaluate the vast quantity of Technologies that Will Shape the means that devices in the business data generated by even a small Future of Cybersecurity in 2022 and consumer sectors are becoming or mid-sized business. Instead, increasingly sophisticated at the role of human actors in this Over the next few years, there will collecting and sharing data. new ecosystem is to ensure the be several new technologies that data is available and accessible will impact cybersecurity in ways On the one hand, this means that, for analytics tools. With that neither seen nor predicted. From armed with effective analytics, accomplished, they can unlock artificial intelligence to blockchain organizations can learn more about insights about everything from to IoT, the entire face of the both themselves and their clientele product intelligence to flaws in security landscape is changing. And than ever before. On the other their security posture. it will continue to change well into hand, this means that even a small the future, evolving in ways we business may have to contend with Orchestration alone isn't neither expected nor predicted. an overwhelming threat surface, enough, either. Criminals are one in which anything could be an well aware of the value access point for a hacker. And yes, contained in corporate data. As that includes the kitchen sink. such, in addition to availability, modern businesses must ensure For example, AI-powered all data is encrypted both at rest intelligent security systems can and in motion. detect threats like malware and illegal software. They can also | 25

Innovators Solving Challenges “Success is not a destination but a journey at personal, professional and spiritual level.” Stepping into new arena with a zeal to emerge as the best? It is but inevitable to have complete industry knowledge, of the things that go around, of the changes that you can bring about, and of everything you can do as an innovator, disrupting challenges. Wouldn't it be easier if you had a helping hand, more like a guiding light to that lit your pathway towards better-ness? Featuring for The Enterprise World's this issue of Enterprising Companies of the Year is EarlyBirds, a company that guides you with the right tools. Before this Interview with Kris Poria, Co-Founder and CEO, here is a short glimpse of the company. Company Overview The Early Birds Marketplace is a Business to Business (B2B) marketplace for Innovators (Startups, Scaleups and mature) and Early Adopters to exchange value early on. Innovators are able to list their innovations with Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or product/solution and configure offer starting from US$ 500 up to US$ 25,000 for each sale. 28 | December 2021

Kris Poria, Co-Founder & CEO | 29

Early Adopters are able to search and buy innovations Along with his co-founder and business partner, Jeff in their industry and business functions based on what Penrose, they launched EarlyBirds - a global platform business outcome these provide. Early Adopters are and business model that connects tech innovators, start- able to list Challenges in the marketplace to request ups, along with independent experts, to share expertise potential solutions from Innovators. The marketplace and knowledge, to enable businesses to upscale quicker. provides escrow capability to reduce risk for both sides as well as capability to provide feedback for EarlyBirds helps companies by providing capability both parties. solutions within a trusted networking platform to millions of businesses around the world. The platform Brief us about at the company, what inspired you allows early adopter technical issues to be solved to start the company? quickly by experts providing solution options. This is complimented by innovation programs, products, and Kris Poria, Cofounder of EarlyBirds, stumbled upon a services on offer to allow newish companies to see what gap in the market for big companies to work with the global market is doing. Finally, subject matter start-ups that had innovative solutions, he realised a experts are welcomed onto the platform to work with platform needed to be launched, to marry the two customers to deliver business-focused outcomes. This together, along with enabling start-ups and early helps improve the innovation lifecycle and enable any adopters to exchange value early on. products or services to come to life quicker. 30 | December 2021

What are the products or services the company Please brief us about your professional experience. focuses on? How are your services different from those in the market? Kris has started his own businesses and worked in sectors including ICT, Media, Real Estate, Education EarlyBirds transforming organisations into self- as well helped customers in Public Sector, Financial, learning org by: Energy, Education to name a few. Kris has done various roles from Software Engineer to leading a · Continuous learning across all business business and has worked in Asia, Europe, US and functions Australia. · Solve business and tech challenge quickly What are the key achievements of your business journey? · Explore disruptions including new technology, process and models EarlyBirds on a journey to deliver to its purpose “Engaging Society in Actionable Innovation!”. We · Solving Wicked Problems have coined a framework called Edzlity (Edge and Agility) that helps organisations to become Self- Above is delivered with help of EarlyBirds Ecosystem Learning organisations. We will continue to keep (Innovators, Subject Matter Experts (SMES) and building products and align our services to deliver Early Adopters) using its platform and innovation these outcomes with our platform, products and programs – the Challenger and the Explorer. The programs. We have been able to build a full ecosystem Challenger program is to solve one business or to identify over 3 million innovator organisations, technical challenge at a time and the Explorer over 100 Subject Matter Experts and over 600 program is to provide ongoing innovation as a service organisations using our platform so far. We are able to to the whole organisation. onboard tier-1 public and private organisations working with us in Australia and continue to expand. EarlyBirds platform scouts over 3M global Innovators, have over 100 SMEs and now over 600 Any client experience you would like to highlight? organisations registered on the platform. We are working with large public and private sector EarlyBirds offers two options to the market – Self organisations in Australia including 2 of top 10 ASX Service platform subscription that customers can listed organisations and large public sector agencies. search Innovators to identify solutions or innovations Our clients' feedback is that we are helping them to to solve their challenges or SME assisted programs to accelerate their innovation capability, speed and deliver a solution to any business or technical solving their wicked problems with our platform and challenges or ongoing innovation as a service. frameworks. Please tell us about your team. EarlyBirds founding team includes Kris Poria, Jeff Penrose and CFO James Palmers. All have worked in the global market with small to multi-national organisations. EarlyBirds also have specialist technical team and Subject Matter Experts that are well known in the industry along with 14 advisory board members. Together team has a deep experience across three key area of focus - Early Adopter, Innovators and Subject Matter Expert covering all key industry sectors. | 31

Keepin Amer Dream Al Flexibl Rent Now Pay La Possibilities For La 34 | December 2021

ng The rican live With le Rent ater Creates Infinite andlords and Renters | 35

Homeownership: Is The American Dream Now Throughout 2019 to 2021, we have seen a steep Unattainable? deterioration of on time payments. These were only interrupted only by the months when the big stimulus Since the birth of our nation, homeownership has been checks which allowed more households to make timely rent considered as a core component of the American dream, it payments. is, after all, one of the biggest investments many people plan for in their lifetime. It symbolizes autonomy, A Common Anxiety Causes a Gap Between Landlords achievement, and upward mobility to the middle-class. A and Renters big part of that dream is to become a landlord and build wealth through real estate. Though the global pandemic affected each party in different ways, fear and uncertainty is mutual among renters and Despite the fact that a majority of Americans are working landlords. towards homeownership, they worry about the hurdles that make homeownership seem impossible– like saving up for While renters find ways to balance their paychecks, a down payment, their crippling student loan debt, and low landlords still face the pressure to sustain collections and credit scores that make it hard to access credit. maintain growth and fear they need to make increased capital investments, diminishing their cap rate over time. U.S. Home Prices Are Soaring, but Income Has Remained Relatively Flat The sad truth is that both sides are dealing with the same problem. But are there mutually beneficial solutions to ease their shared anxiety? Closing The Landlord-Tenant Gap What landlords do not realize is that renters value flexible payments and that they are willing to pay more for the convenience. For the mom and pop landlords who manage to afford In a survey done with renters and landlords, over half of investment property, things haven't been too easy either. renters in our survey said they'd pay more for flexible payment options in a rental property. Less than a quarter of During the pandemic, the massive job-loss, stay-at-home landlords thought renters would pay more. mandates and eviction moratoria affected the landlord's ability to collect rent and they saw a big drop in on-time Letus brings Flexible Rent And Financial payments. Empowerment with Rent Now, Pay Later Landlords Struggle To Pay Bills The financial uncertainty brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need to have a budget, however small it may be. Saving every penny has become more important than ever before. 36 | December 2021

Enter LetUs by RentMoola, a FinTech company easing And all this can be done without complicated logins. a common anxiety and closing the renter-landlord gap. Renters and landlords can simply sign up on their own and Their platform is the first to offer Rent Now, Pay Later transact as if making a venmo payment. at checkout. From Burden To Benefit “As renters and landlords ourselves, the LetUs team has a deep understanding of the anxieties that affect Rent and rent-related payments have long been seen as a both sides of the equation,” shares Manimozhi. “We burden and a deterrent to financial stability. “Our goal is to are the first company to combine rent with financial empower renters and give them a stepping stone to their services. It just makes perfect sense, since rent next financial goal–whether it's to save for a downpayment, payments are typically a household's largest expense.” to increase their credit score, or to simply be able to balance their paychecks,” continues Manimozhi. “And for Rent Now, Pay Later benefits both the landlords and landlords, LetUs empowers them to not only stabilize their the tenants since the service allows landlords to collect collections, but also increase the value of their holdings.” in full and on time while providing renters with the flexibility of an interest-free line of credit at checkout. LetUs is shifting the way the rental industry has operated But there is a lot more that can be done to put for decades. And during a time when renters and landlords landlords and renters in better financial standing. have felt the strain the most, the company has provided relief and hope. Because landlords and property management companies aren't considered creditors, they do not automatically report your payment history to the three major consumer credit reporting bureaus. This means renters could be missing out on the easiest way to build their credit without debt. Reporting rent to the credit bureaus can be beneficial to everyone–not just for individuals who are starting out or have had a hit in their score. Reporting rent payments to the credit bureaus is perhaps the easiest way to build credit without debt and it can be done directly on the letus platform. “We know a favorable score can give potential homebuyers an advantage in securing a mortgage” shares Manimozhi. “Instead of being a deterrent to their dream, rent can be a tool to reach their next financial goal. That's why we make it simple and accessible.” Ultimate Flexibility With Zero-Login 360° Payments At letus, payment flexibility is at the core of their business and goes beyond their Rent Now, Pay Later service. The platform makes rent payment convenient, simple, and inclusive for both renters and landlords by offering the most extensive payment options to accommodate renters across all demographics and payment habits with the LetUs Wallet. Renters have the flexibility to pay with any payment method they prefer, from cash to checks, debit and credit cards, bank transfers, Rent Now Pay Later, pay by text, digital wallet, and even crypto. | 37

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