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The Most Trusted HubSpot Partners in 2021

Published by The Enterprise World, 2021-11-09 11:06:24

Description: This issue of The Enterprise World, The Most Trusted HubSpot Partners in 2021 features leading companies and most reliable HubSpot partners in 2021. Their services, support, and standards set them apart, making them one of the most sought-after and reliable HubSpot service providers.

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WWW.THEENTERPRISEWORLD.COM | USA EDITION | OCTOBER 2021 The Most Trusted HubSpot Partners in 2021 Elyse Flynn Meyer President & Founder Prism Global Marketing Solutions Marketing that Matters!

FROM EDITOR’S DESK “Just don’t give up what you’re trying to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.” — Ella Fitzgerald HubSpot is a unique platform that offers the best CRM and sales automation solutions. HubSpot allows integrations with dozens of popular business software, enhancing client's functions and enabling them to achieve their goals. HubSpot and its partners offer some of the most innovative and advanced solutions. These solutions bring affordable, scalable, and unmatched results. This issue of The Enterprise World, The Most Trusted HubSpot Partners in 2021 features leading companies and most reliable HubSpot partners in 2021. Their services, support, and standards set them apart, making them one of the most sought-after and reliable HubSpot service providers. On the cover story is the unrivaled services and story of Prism Global Marketing Solutions. Prism Global Marketing Solutions is an award-winning inbound marketing agency. They are also a HubSpot Diamond Partner, providing strategic online and inbound marketing implementation, consulting, and support. Prism Global Marketing Solutions understands the constraints of marketing resources, time, and budgets. They collaborate with their clients to identify the most unique and effective solutions and help them achieve the greatest return on investment from their marketing, sales, and customer service strategy. The solutions offered by Prism Global Marketing Solutions are custom to the needs of their clients, offering creativity and flexibility to create an effective strategy that enables actual business growth. Read how Mojo Media Labs has truly evolved from a digital marketing agency to a revenue growth agency. Over the past several years, they have revamped their technology stack expertise, enhanced skills on the team, increase the knowledge and overall performance of the team, and also improved their client’s communications from marketing and sales measurables to growing their client’s businesses. Mojo Media Labs is unique with their approach and how they offer their services. Not only this but their services are carefully synced together and not stand-alone services, so, Mojo’s team can build and provide a customized growth plan for their clients, which not only makes their presence unique in the market but also sets them apart from the competition in the market. There is a lot more to read inside. Happy reading! Adeeb Malik Adeeb Malik

The Enterprise World, 1985, Henderson Rd, Columbus, Ohio, 43220 Follow Us On: For Editorial Concerns: [email protected] For Sales & Branding Enquiries: [email protected] For Subscription: [email protected] Publisher The Enterprise World Creative Content Editor Sanyukta | Adeeb Marketing Coordinator(USA) Peter J. PR & Marketing Coordinator James H. Business Development Executive Emily Creative Design Head: Sushant K. Social Media Manager Narendra S. Digital Circulation Manager Amanda V. This list is NOT a ranking. The companies on listed in magazine serve different aspects of the market, making ranking them in any order except revenue impossible and unfair. We try to bring a perfect platform for business organization to showcase their valued products/ services. Copyrights © The Enterprise World | 2019. All Rights Reserved. The images and content included in this magazine should not be copied, transferred or reproduced in any form or by any means, electronics, mechanical, photocopying, recording, otherwise, without proper permission from The Enterprise World. The Enterprise World solely owns all the reprint rights.

Leaders in Spotlight This issue of The Enterprise World, The Read how Mojo Media Labs has truly Most Trusted HubSpot Partners in 2021 evolved from a digital marketing agency to a features, revenue growth agency. Over the past several years, they have revamped their technology HubSpot is a powerful platform offering the stack expertise, enhanced skills on the team, best CRM and sales automation services. The to increase the knowledge and overall platform has a plethora of offerings such as performance of the team, and also improved inbound marketing and sales, enabling their client’s communications from marketing companies to attract potential customers, and sales measurables to growing their generate leads, and close down clients. The client’s businesses. Mojo Media Labs is selling point of HubSpot is the integration it unique with their approach and how they offer allows with dozens of popular business their services. Not only this but their services software, that enhances client's functions and are carefully synced together and not stand- helps them achieve their goals. alone services, so, Mojo’s team can build and provide a customized growth plan for their Featured in this edition are some of the leading clients, which not only makes their presence HubSpot partners that offer exemplary and unique in the market but also sets them apart interactive services. These companies are from the competition in the market. leading the innovation curve, providing comprehensive, efficient, and flexible solutions In conversation with the CEO of Kiwi that offer clients maximum results and growth. Creative, Jen Lombardi. Kiwi Creative is the Their exhaustive list of loyal clients, go-to marketing agency for B2B software and unmatched brand name in the industry makes technology companies looking to grow better. them the most trusted HubSpot partners in They’re a HubSpot Platinum Solutions 2021. Partner based out of Cleveland, Ohio, but have clients across the USA. Our clients On the cover story is the unrivaled services range from start-ups going through Series A and story of Prism Global Marketing funding up to enterprise technology Solutions. Prism Global Marketing Solutions is companies with locations around the globe. an award-winning inbound marketing agency. They are celebrating our 10th anniversary this They are also a HubSpot Diamond Partner, summer. providing strategic online and inbound marketing implementation, consulting, and In conversation with the CEO & Founder of support. Prism Global Marketing Solutions SmithBrown Marketing now known as understands the constraints of marketing LeadCoverage, Kara Brown. SmithBrown resources, time, and budgets. They collaborate Marketing now known as LeadCoverage is a with their clients to identify the most unique lead generation firm that focuses on business- and effective solutions and help them achieve to-business conversion, outsourced the greatest return on investment from their sales/marketing operations, and enablement in marketing, sales, and customer service the heavy industrial and supply chain space. strategy. The solutions offered by Prism Global They are a full-service marketing consultancy Marketing Solutions are custom to the needs of that empowers leaders to scale with proven their clients, offering creativity and flexibility marketing strategies and measured results. to create an effective strategy that enables actual business growth.

CONTENTS 18. Kiwi Creative 24. Mojo Media Labs 34. SmithBrown Marketing

10. Mastervoice

Prism Global Elyse Flynn Meyer Marketing Solutions President & Founder Marketing that Matters! 10 October 2021

One of the most valuable and resource-consuming Factors that Make Prism Global Marketing Solutions parts of a business is undoubtedly marketing. Successful Marketing is one of the critical keys to making a business/enterprise successful. No matter how competitive Prism Global Marketing Solutions team helps their clients a product or service may be, without effective marketing, looking to adopt marketing technology and inbound the message doesn't get out to potential consumers in a way marketing to drive organic growth, brand recognition, and that will drive business growth. revenue. To do this successfully, they leverage HubSpot as the primary marketing technology solution for clients Prism Global Marketing Solutions is one of the names in looking to leverage marketing software, sales software, the inbound marketing industry that offers a complete range website hosting, and even customer service solutions. of inbound solutions and HubSpot expertise. The services they provide their clients are always up to date with the In addition, Prism Global Marketing Solutions focuses on changing trends in the marketplace and the technology that constantly upskilling the team to ensure they are continually can best support organizations. updated on the latest trends and practices in digital and inbound marketing. In addition to ensuring the team has all These factors, along with a track record of successful and of the HubSpot certifications, their team also participates in award-winning client stories, make them highly sought- regular Executive Education programs to provide a well- after and one of the most trusted HubSpot partners in 2021. rounded approach to marketing and business growth programs for themselves and their clients. The Company Also, their services' effectiveness and successful results are Prism Global Marketing Solutions is an award-winning because they listen to their clients, understand their needs inbound marketing agency. They are also a HubSpot and challenges, and build custom plans to support each Diamond Partner, providing strategic online and inbound client individually. It is not a \"one-size-fits-all\" approach, marketing implementation, consulting, and support. and that is what their clients find the most valuable. They listen to their clients, fully understand their goals and Prism Global Marketing Solutions understands the challenges, and make sure they are developing an inbound constraints of marketing resources, time, and budgets. They marketing plan leveraging HubSpot to ensure that they not collaborate with their clients to identify the most unique only meet but exceed their client's expectations. and effective solutions and help them achieve the greatest return on investment from their marketing, sales, and Services Offered by Prism Global Marketing Solutions customer service strategy. and What Sets Them Apart The solutions offered by Prism Global Marketing Solutions Prism Global Marketing Solutions is one of the leading are custom to the needs of their clients, offering creativity partners in the HubSpot ecosystem and has been a HubSpot and flexibility to create an effective strategy that enables partner since 2011, so they have a long history with the actual business growth. company and the technology. They are true experts in providing inbound marketing plans, leveraging HubSpot, They come as one of the most trusted, acclaimed, and and making sure their services bring the best results to their successful HubSpot partners, always ahead of the time and clients and enable them to grow and develop their brand trends, leading the way for the competition, and setting recognition and thought leadership. benchmarks in the industry. Their team takes the time to fully understand the HubSpot platform, ensuring their Prism Global Marketing Solutions has a wide range of clients maximize the use of the tool to see the most growth services to help their clients succeed, including: potential. - Inbound Marketing Strategy Development 11

- HubSpot Implementation worked in marketing and sales for start-ups to Fortune 500 - HubSpot Management organizations. - Search Engine Optimization - Content Amplification Elyse obtained her Bachelor of Science in Marketing with - Social Media Marketing an emphasis in International Business from The University - Lead Generation of Arizona. Elyse has also received Executive Certificates - Conversion Rate Optimization from Thunderbird School of Global Management, Cornell - Email Marketing University, and Pepperdine University. - Marketing Automation - Sales Alignment Elyse is on the advisory board for the Arizona Animal - Analytics Welfare League and The University of Arizona. She is also a member of HubSpot's Partner Advisory Council and the What sets Prism Global Marketing Solutions apart is their Forbes Agency Council, contributing to She comprehensive solutions for their clients. This is different has co-authored four books, including an inbound from many firms in the same space but sometimes just marketing book, Mastering Inbound Marketing, and a offers one or two solutions (i.e., just social media or email personal branding book, Brand YOU, and Brand NEW. marketing). Prism Global Marketing Solutions has seen and proven that having a comprehensive inbound marketing Elyse has seen a lot of successes and challenges in her program all running through a single primary technology entrepreneurial journey. Still, either one did not deviate her program can drive tremendous results. from achieving her true goal, maintaining the same agility and passion when she entered into the world of business. How Prism Global Marketing Solutions Adapts to Some of her achievements are: Changes in the Industry - Featured in KNOW 2020 and 2021: Women to The Prism Global Marketing Solutions team is striving day Know and Do Business With in and out to remain one of the top HubSpot providers and pursue excellence in everything they do. They are - 4 Under 40: American Marketing Association constantly monitoring the market to learn about new Leader Award strategies and tools for their clients. - Arizona Republic's Top 35 Under 35 To do this, they are always looking for new methods, Entrepreneurs strategies, or tools that may integrate with HubSpot that would be beneficial for their clients. This is followed by - Several American Marketing Association structured beta testing with dedication and focus on Spectrum Awards marketing efforts to see if the new method or tool could be the next step in a client's marketing efforts. - Several HubSpot Impact Awards for Marketing Enablement and Innovation Leadership at Prism Global Marketing Solutions Elyse's Take on the Responsibilities of an Entrepreneur Prism Global Marketing Solutions has one of the best leaders in the field, taking the company ahead with A successful entrepreneur always needs to look at the innovation and a focus on client initiatives and team market to see what is new, what needs to be modified, and development. how you can continue expanding and aligning your service offerings with your clients and their growth goals. Elyse Flynn Meyer is the President & Founder of Prism Continued innovation and perseverance are critical for any Global Marketing Solutions. entrepreneur. Elyse has extensive experience in marketing and sales management, specifically in inbound marketing, lead generation, marketing operations, and sales alignment. Before founding Prism Global Marketing Solutions, Elyse 12 October 2021

14 October 2021 15

This post-pandemic period might be the best time for directly contact the client to assist them and improve your a medical spa to attract customers. Why? Because service. everyone is stressed, tense, and bored of staying home. But as a med-spa owner, you can't just rely on By doing this, you provide a sense of importance to the traditional marketing methods to get new clients. client by considering their suggestions. And either way, you will have genuine clients speaking for you online – You have to move a step beyond and towards digital something that will always attract new leads. marketing. This extremely popular and fast-growing marketing method has become one of the best ways to reach 3. An effective and creative website new clients and interact with existing ones. But even though digital marketing is nothing new, many spa owners continue If you are new to online advertising, one of the first steps to struggle with it. They don't know where to start or how it is creating a smoothly functioning website. It's also works. And if the same is true for you, read the top 5 hacks crucial that your website's backend and frontend are well below to understand how you can excel at digital marketing taken care of. Your website should be compatible as well for medical spas. with mobile devices as it is with desktops. Since 2017, mobile web traffic has been responsible for half of all 5 Tips to Excel at Digital Marketing for Med Spas global web traffic. So don't ignore tablet/mobile competency of your website. 1. Define your target audience People are more likely to stay on an easily navigable To increase your client base and ensure that people show website with eye-catching graphics and images. Use more interest exclusively in your medical spa, you must know pictures and videos and less text for the website. As a spa, your audience first. Blindly advertising might do the job, but you won't have trouble clicking original, aesthetic images careful targeting of the audience will lead to a better for your website. You can jazz them up by adding quirky response. taglines. For example, let's say that according to your stats, your client Along with a creative website, ensure that the ads that will base has a majority of people lying in the age group of 30- lead to the website are equally innovative and catchy for 40. Then, you must tailor your campaigns to people of that people to click on. Engagement of ads is also critical. particular age group. PracticeBloom specialises in medical spa marketing and can help you design perfect and original ads leading to Similarly, focus on your audience's demographic too. Careful your landing page. So contacting them is a good idea if advertising to draw the interest of your target client base is you're just starting. extremely important, regardless of the services you offer. 4. Provide gift cards and incentives on referring 2. Engage with your community friends An average person looking for a service online almost As much as people like a rejuvenating experience, they're always goes through the reviews that google provides. In constantly looking for some profit along the way. Giving fact, in 2016, 90% of people read at least one review before them some incentives and concessions is an excellent idea n choosing a vendor or service. to increase your spa's popularity. Handing out online gift vouchers or discount coupons is sure to tempt them to So, you must have positive customer feedback with good visit your med spa more often. Moreover, it's a great way reviews. One of the best ways to do this is by the screening of advertising. process. After a client visit, take feedback from them immediately. If the feedback is positive, give them an option Another fantastic way to increase your client base is by to post a review. If the feedback is negative, you may providing incentives for referring friends. This would also 16 October 2021

lead to free-of-cost advertising along with more customers. You may provide complimentary services to clients who advertise you on their social media pages. Providing cool merchandise to your clients as a bonus is also a good option. 5. Choose the right social media platforms for marketing While social media, in general, can mean a lot of things, most of the audience is concentrated on famous platforms like Instagram (500 million active users), Facebook (1.84 billion daily users), and Twitter (330 million users monthly). All these platforms are excellent for med spa marketing because they let you post pictures and videos too. And for a spa, these speak more than words. But to ensure success on them, you must be active and aware. Social media marketing is very dynamic. So you have to be trendy and unique to be noticeable. If you aren't good at it yourself, hiring an expert social media marketer might be a good idea. Wrapping Up These were the top 5 digital marketing hacks for medical spas that will be most effective for lifting your client count to new heights. Do remember, along with seeking new clients, you must also focus on retaining the old ones. Thus, along with good advertising, excellent services are mandatory for a business to reap maximum benefits. 17

Interview with TEW Kiwi Creative Marketeers of the future 18 October 2021

Marketing is the base and customers not only love them for Businesses and EO, I was the strongest point of a their service standards, quality and introduced to business mentors and business as it covers finesse but also how they training programs that have shifted how the products/services are implement their services taking my mindset from a creative person spread throughout the market and their client’s company to a new to a true business owner. in a way that it makes a difference level of growth and development. to the people and slingshots in their Kiwi Creative not only That said, it’s been a 10-year hearts, so not only the revolutionizes the way traditional journey to get to this point…but I products/services solve their marketing agencies work but also like to think that any initial problems, needs, and requirements takes the competition in the market challenges we faced have been but also revolutionizes one looks at by storm with their unmatched instrumental in shaping the way we certain issues and predicaments. services and unrivalled operate the agency today. For Marketing is simple to understand implementation. example, like any new company we yet very complex in practice as it initially struggled with attracting involves dealing with a lot of things In conversation with the CEO of right-fit clients and employees who right from the planning to Kiwi Creative, Jen Lombardi. would take us to the next level; implementation and right down to Let’s hear more about the today, we've developed the type of execution. Marketing is a very company, the journey, and her culture that is appealing to top- serious business department as it professional journey. notch talent, which in turn drives not only directly affects the sales client success. but also the overall growth and Please tell us about Kiwi development of the company. Creative, the initial challenges, Shifting from a “generalist” agency Marketing agencies are growing and the factors pushing the to one focused exclusively on and booming year-to-year owing to company’s success through the software and technology was huge. the same reason, businesses and roof. Being a specialist in a vertical their marketing strategies are better Kiwi Creative is the go-to allows us to expand beyond our handled and worked by marketing agency for B2B software local region and service clients professionals as a step wrong in the and technology companies looking across the country. This is also the marketing strategies could cost one to grow better. We’re a HubSpot timeframe where we signed up to their business and these specialist Platinum Solutions Partner based be in HubSpot’s agency partner agencies not only accurately plan out of Cleveland, Ohio, but have program, which gave us the street and implement these strategies but clients across the USA. Our clients cred to bring on a whole new type also make it very profitable for the range from start-ups going through of clientele who used that software. business and that too in a scalable Series A funding up to enterprise and efficient way. technology companies with More recently, we took a chance by locations around the globe. We are bidding on an RFP for a huge Kiwi Creative is a leading celebrating our 10th anniversary technology corporation that frankly marketing agency that is not only this summer! seemed a bit out of reach at the efficient but highly skilled and time. They were impressed by our experts in the field for providing Most agency founders didn’t go to skills and gave us a chance and the immaculate and unmatched business school, so while they are rest is history. We’ve been working marketing solutions for B2B good at their craft, running the with them for close to two years software and technology finances and operations of their now and they continue to send us companies. They are a platinum venture can come with a steep larger campaigns and refer us out to HubSpot solutions partner who learning curve. For a relatively different divisions within the make sure that their services are not small market, Cleveland has an company. It was the confidence only accurate but also one-of-the excellent entrepreneurial support booster that we needed to prove we best in a class suited and tailor- system that I was able to take could service enterprise-level made to their client’s needs, advantage of. Through programs clients even if our agency was demands, and requirements. Their like Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small smaller in size. 19

Interview with TEW Tell us about the services the eventually full-blown inbound past several years and our efforts marketing agency offers, new marketing services. This natural are paying off: we have a team of additions, and the factors that set progression of our skillset allowed high-performing, self-motivated your company’s services apart our clients to grow along with employees who are doing amazing from the competition in the us…we have some clients who things for our clients. market. have been with us the whole 10 years our agency has been around! Some highlights include: We’ve developed a company Every month comes with the culture founded on our four core opportunity for exciting new - We offer (semi) unlimited PTO values: staying innovative, projects. Our designers have been and schedule flexibility, because communicating with clarity, taking building interactive landing pages life happens during 9-5, too. initiative, and creating raving fans. in Ceros (an experiential content When all of our employees creation platform) and taking our - We hire for cultural fit first and exemplify those qualities daily, PowerPoint templates up a notch train for technical skills as client success is practically with amazing slide animations. Our necessary. guaranteed. website developers have been playing around with using - We’ve all completed personality We’re also firm believers that our GreenSock (a robust JavaScript profiles and have cards on our agency should be a consultative toolset) for really cool site desks highlighting our strengths partner, not simply an order taker. animations. Members of our and weaknesses. There are plenty of freelancers who analytics team have been can execute on a client’s specific implementing the newly revamped - We encourage all employees to idea at a much lower price Google Analytics 4 for web grow beyond their primary role point…we want to add value by properties. Since one of our core and take on projects that will working as an extension of the values is “stay innovative,” we stretch their skills. client’s internal marketing team embrace these challenges…it's where we’re able to bring great what makes working in our - We are constantly gathering 360 ideas to the table that contribute to industry exciting! feedback and addressing any the client’s success. issues as they arise instead of Tell us about your professional waiting for them to grow out of As a full-service agency, we group journey. control. our services into four main areas: branding, inbound marketing, I graduated with a graphic design - We have dedicated channels in websites, and sales enablement. degree and spent the first six years Slack called #kiwi-kudos to give While the services themselves may of my career working as an Art compliments to deserving co- not be unique to our agency, the Director at a large agency in the workers and #help-me for when fact that we have deep expertise Cleveland area where I was the people need support from a co- working with software/tech clients lead designer on high-profile worker. and come from a design-focused accounts, like Verizon Wireless, background means that our work is Ocean Spray, Hyatt, and more. Ten - Each employee can give out a highly specific and engaging from years ago, I decided to make my “core value coaster” to a co- both a content and a design freelance gig into a full-time job worker during our monthly standpoint. and officially launched the agency meeting as a shout out for doing in the summer of 2011. an excellent job in that specific I come from a graphic design area in the previous month. background, so the agency started Tell us about the work culture at as an extension of my freelance Kiwi Creative. - Full-time employees get quarterly career. Over time, the graphic profit-sharing as a token of design grew to website Creating a positive work culture appreciation for keeping the design/development, branding, and has been our primary goal for the agency profitable. - Pre-COVID, we had a regular team “fun events,” from weekly lunches at Chipotle to quarterly outings for glass blowing, charter sailing, escape rooms, and more. Your take on the competition in 20 October 2021

the market and your way of because of our vertical different specialty (whether it be a handling it. specialization in software and specific vertical, geographic region, technology, so we rarely come up or skillset), so the odds of There are thousands of marketing against the same agencies over and overlapping with someone else agencies in the country, so over again in pitches. completely is low. There’s enough competing on price is a downward work to go around and we’d rather spiral toward the bottom. You don’t In the HubSpot ecosystem, see each other succeed than get need to be the perfect fit for agencies are more friends than pitted against one another. everyone, you just need to be the competitors. Within that group, best fit for your ideal clients. For agencies will regularly refer out For us, competition is usually just us, that’s knowing our strengths projects that aren’t a good fit and against ourselves. Can we do a and being empowered to say “no” will offer up advice or best project better or faster? Can we when a client or project isn’t right. practices when other agencies are bring on higher-value clients? Can It’s also easier for us because we struggling. We understand that we win more awards? can get clients from a national stage every agency has a slightly 21

The 5 Most Innovative HubSpot Partners in 2021 THE PIONEERS IN MARKETEERS Nikole Rose Michael Rose President & COO CEO & Founder 24 October 2021

The pandemic has shifted a team of skilled experts with approach to their sales process but maximum working online, thorough knowledge about the they have discovered and feel that although creating hurdles industry and its changing trends, they need to continue that approach and problems but hiding new which not only makes them unique through the service process as well. possibilities and potential for but also sets them apart from the different and innovative techniques competition in the market. Mojo Media Labs and its success and methods to come up and can be credited to their impeccable revolutionize the way we The road to success services, conservative approach, understand and see things. One their respect in the industry and such field is Marketing, as the Mojo Media Labs has truly evolved among their competitors but it conventional methods of marketing from a digital marketing agency to foremost goes to these three involved physical form of approach a revenue growth agency, the road reasons, culture, culture and such as ads, newspapers, posters, to which was full of challenges and culture. Mojo’s culture has been the etc. but as digitalization stepped in, hurdles, but it was the Mojo Media root cause of their motivation and the complete face and Lab's team of highly skilled and growth. As the agency was founded methodologies of the marketing motivated experts who not only by a biochemist turned passionate field changed. Digital promotion of excel in the work and services they marketer. It defines their affinity for products/services via personalized offer but also in their respective working in the space between the emails, bulk messages, social fields, with thorough and extensive scientific and the creative. Their media marketing, etc. not only knowledge, always up to date with culture does not confine them in proved to be more cost-efficient the latest trends and changes. Over one direction and way, which also methods but expanded the reach of the past several years, they have shows in their team and the people the promotional strategies revamped their technology stack they hire, which are ranging from manifold, in turn generating more expertise, uptrain skills on the the most talented creators, footfall and words going around the team, to increase the knowledge scientists, developers, data nuts, market about the particular and overall performance of the marketers and all-around unicorns. products/services. Thus, the team and also improve their client's The result from such diversified marketing industry has transitioned communications from marketing ideology and team is that they get towards a more digitalized and and sales measurables to growing to work with amazing clients who advanced progress incorporating their client’s businesses. help them achieve their dreams, the latest technologies and being named an Inc Best innovating new strategies to reach Every successful company faces a Workplace and one of Inc 5000’s the target audience and imprint the lot of initial challenges and hurdles Fastest-Growing Companies in products/services in their minds. which not only test the mettle of America in 2019, a HubSpot the team but also the motivation Diamond-Certified Partner and the Mojo Media Labs has truly evolved and dedication of the company as a DFW American Marketing as a company and as a service whole. Mojo Media Labs did not Association (AMA) Marketer of provider in the marketing industry. back down from any challenge and the Year. Mojo has grown from They not only offer unique and emerge not only a winner but also a humble beginnings as a small custom-made solutions to their pioneer in marketing solutions. marketing shop, to one of the top clients but also provide them with a Some of their challenges revolved 1% inbound marketing agencies in plethora of solutions which can be around teaching a growth mindset. the country with offices in Dallas customized and made best suited They discovered companies have and Indianapolis. for a client’s particular needs and problems and people have pains, demands. Their service standards thus it is difficult to get to the root Services offered have not only earned them a of any problem. So, they had to position among the pioneer of the reengineer their sales process, to set Mojo Media Labs is unique with industry but also has made them the client and the Mojo team up for their approach and how they offer one of the most respectable and success by solving for the right their services, which not only is sought-after agencies when it problem, by addressing all the efficient and scalable for their comes to finding marketing pains created by the problem. They clients but also their commitment solutions. Mojo Media Labs houses have always taken a consultative towards helping their client and 25

The 5 Most Innovative HubSpot Partners in 2021 fuelling their growth is something Mojo Media is working on two new remarks if CSI wasn’t a thing back they are respected for. Not only this services, one of them is they are then he definitely would have but their services are carefully now certified in Storybrand and the gotten into the crime lab, so he synced together and not stand-alone second is they have launched the chose Alcon. He loved the research services so Mojo’s team can build award-winning CMS theme, and analytical side of working in and provide a customized growth MojoFlex to the HubSpot the lab alongside really brilliant plan for their clients, which not Marketplace. people. Four years into his career, only makes their presence unique he got the itch to try something in the market but also sets them The unique leader behind the new and enrolled in law school. He apart from the competition in the unique company kept working full time while in market. school. The first summer after law Mojo Media Labs is a truly unique school he started on a path that The services provided by Mojo company in their niche and with would lead him in a drastically Media Labs are: their exemplary team and services different direction, away from the they provide not only makes their lab and the law. • Account-based marketing mark in the marketing industry but • Sales enablement also sets them apart as leading A friend of his gave him a • Branding + messaging pioneers in the field. And the man promotional product catalogue to • Website design and development. behind setting up Mojo Media Labs review the pricing for some custom and also skilfully taking the team embroidered shirts. He noticed the Mojo Media Labs takes its services ahead to unveil their full potential profit margins right away and a ahead with the sole purpose of and also boosting the overall germ of an idea started to grow. having satisfied and happy clients growth of the company is R. Around the same time, his lab was and thus work relentlessly to make Michael Rose, the Founder & CEO switching to a more casual dress their services as feasible and of Mojo Media Labs. code, and he knew they would be beneficial for their clients. And that purchasing golf shirts with an is their plan to take their services His growing years revolved around embroidered logo, like the ones he ahead by adhering to such goals, his grandparents’ home in had seen in the product catalogue. they are not only improving their Pennsylvania, his Northern Italian services altogether backed with the grandmother's lively table, dinner latest trends and technology but parties, the restaurant, and his dad's also providing their clients with an deli. People in this small town still unparalleled experience and remember his family’s hospitality. solution when it comes to This instilled a feeling of care marketing problems. They have towards others and the always pushed for happy people as responsibility of looking after the it equals happy clients. happiness and satisfaction of others in him. Mojo Media Labs has always believed in pushing their limits and After high school, they moved back boundaries when it comes to their to Ft. Worth as it had more services offered, right from its opportunities compared to the small inception to execution, Pennsylvania town. He became the implementation, etc. They are first in the family to go to college. developing new services as they He didn’t want to pursue feel the solutions to marketing entrepreneurship or business like problems should be updated and his father. Instead, chose pre-med modified regularly. Their services and then switched to biochemistry. should always be up to date, as in After graduation, he was offered the field of marketing it does not two job opportunities to choose take much time for a from — a crime lab in Ft. Worth, or product/service to become obsolete. the chemistry lab at Alcon. Michael 26 October 2021

Sensing the opportunity, he accounting side of the business in pursue deeper relationships with consulted with his father, Jack, who order. His father, Jack was his best people and clients, and one way to was a successful salesman at a unpaid salesman, drumming up do that was by taking care of their printing company by that time, new business left and right. broader marketing needs as a about buying embroidery Eventually, they landed a large service agency. This was at a time equipment. “Why embroidery?” account for Michael’s craft store, when digital marketing and web was his first reaction, but after making all of the embroidered services were in their infancy. It consideration and scoping out the aprons for their employees to wear was obvious that this was the next field, his father was on board and across the country. right move. encouraged Michael to buy equipment. The business in the Dog Shed was Fast forward a decade, now Mojo booming. They did $100,000 in Media Labs is a full-service That is how Michael started an sales in the first six months. They marketing agency with offices in embroidery and promotional expanded, bought more equipment, Dallas, Indianapolis and Oklahoma products business, his first venture hired people to help his parents City. My #1 concern as a business into Marketing. He didn’t have (who spent their evenings finishing owner is for our people. Happy room to store the equipment aprons in front of the TV). And yes, People = Happy Clients. Their anywhere else, so he ran the they moved out of the Dog Shed. official vision statement for the business out of his parents’ From that very humble beginning, company is to Enrich Lives. backyard, in what they called the making custom embroidery casual Michael often reflects on his Dog Shed. Working in the lab wear and expanding into mother, his father, and his during the day, fulfilling promotional products, he got a grandparents, who taught him those embroidery orders during every passion for the business owner life. values and how to care for people. spare minute of the day and night, Years later, he changed course once It’s a better inheritance than a trust he was once again a team with his again, from a product-driven fund or business lessons could ever mother and father in the family business to a service-focused have been. business. His mother, Janett, the business, and launched Mojo brains of the family, kept the Media Labs. He felt compelled to 27

28 October 2021


The upcoming enterprises have incorporated social media in their everyday strategies, and that has helped them to up their sales and customer traffic by almost 20%, and the overall profit growth has seen a 60% rise. You need to connect your Enterprise World in the large web of social media and optimize it so as to increase the traffic on your website which will ultimately increase the customer base of your company. With digitization, the marketplace has become even more digital and even volatile. New benefits of digital marketing are unfolding daily. Digitization in your Enterprise World has become of utmost importance. And many of the enterprises are turning towards it to avoid being solo in the future because we are now looking at the world through a digital window, where the opportunities are endless. Now one might wonder why digital marketing is so important. Well, we live in a world where everyone is hooked to their mobile phones, everything is just a finger tap away, and so there is a need for the enterprises to get online, to get on social media. Even smaller businesses are engaging and applying social media or digital marketing tactics to target their customers. In this era, the digital market is evolving rapidly and has proved to be the best platform for companies to advertise and spread their brand name. Digital marketing is no wonder the most powerful tool of marketing. With just a single platform, it has the ability to reach millions of people and thereby increasing traffic on your website. Furthermore, digital marketing is also the most cost- effective way of marketing the business. When targeting a large audience, it also is possible to cut costs at some points, and still have almost the same marketing effect. The other marketing tactics come with hidden costs, while the cost of implementing 30 October 2021

digital marketing is mostly just time.The digital marketing technique is also a measurable form of marketing. With the traditional methods of marketing such as the radio or television, it is hard to track the success of the marketing campaign. But with digital marketing, it gets easier to track the success of the marketing campaign. You can use digital marketing analytics, which uses the guesswork to see whether your marketing techniques are actually working or not. Another major advantage of digital marketing is that it can be used to target the ideal buyers of your product or service. The various SEO tools allow you to reach the customers who are searching the web for content or topics which can be related to your enterprise. So with the help of digital marketing, you can also make sure that the right customers are viewing your business. With digital marketing, you can also change the strategies you are using to reach the customers unlike the traditional marketing techniques like television or radio where one had to wait for the particular campaign to get over to implement new ideas. Here, with digital marketing, you can keep changing the marketing strategies, to suit the new market demands. So what are you holding back for? Connect your Enterprise World to the web immediately and increase the traffic on your websites. With plenty of advantages of digital marketing, traditional marketing strategies are just a subsidiary now. But before you decide to jump into this, make sure that you have a proper strategy for marketing. With the right strategy, you can target the right audience and increase the revenue of your company. 31

Kara Brown SmithBrown Marketing Marketing at its best 34 October 2021

The world of business is a the top leaders in the marketing spinning far too many plates for the complex place full of ideas, consultancy industry. Their long list number of hands available. capital, technology, of satisfied and loyal customers methodologies, and much more that speaks highly of their efficient, Growth was enabled by makes it a place for people to scalable, and efficient services, specializing in our services. We provide products and services that taking their company ahead of the began standardizing our processes cater to the world and resolve learning curve and innovators of and turned them into sellable problems, needs, and requirements the new world of marketing products. We started with email of other businesses and most of all strategies. marketing, social media the customers. But the most conversion, and marketing important aspect of any business is In conversation with the CEO & automation and then began to make sure that their Founder of SmithBrown branching out into PPC, SEO, and products/services reach the masses Marketing, Kara Brown. Let’s more specialized services. The and especially their targeted hear more about the leading team we’ve built is the primary audience as many businesses die marketing consultancy, the factor in our success. Our owing to their poor marketing and journey, and her entrepreneurial employees are innovative, planning strategies that fail them to journey. persistent, and hard-working reach out and spread awareness. individuals that build meaningful This not only takes their chance of Please tell us about SmithBrown relationships with our customers. showcasing the specialties and Marketing, the initial blips in the This level of dedication and telling how their products/services journey of the company, and the attention has enabled leadership to can change the face of many reasons catapulting the company scale the business and set a strategy industries, problems, provide to success. to continue our success. solutions, and become a successful business but all of that goes in vain SmithBrown Marketing is a lead Tell us about the services due to a problem or misfire in the generation firm that focuses on SmithBrown Marketing offers, marketing department. Marketing business-to-business conversion, new additions, and the factors no matter how small it appears is outsourced sales/marketing that set these services apart and the crux of any successful business operations, and enablement in the ahead of the competition in the and thus, requires specialized heavy industrial and supply chain market. solutions from industry-leading space. We are a full-service experts. marketing consultancy that SmithBrown specializes in: empowers leaders to scale with - Marketing automation. n SmithBrown Marketing is as good proven marketing strategies and - Demand generation. as a marketer comes. They are not measured results. - Inbound/outbound marketing. only specialized professionals with - SEO, SEM & Paid Social. a team of skilled and expert Initially, the company was a (very) - Project management. personnel with thorough industry small team of women working in a - Sales Alignment Strategies. knowledge, always up to date the competitive and male-dominated latest industry trends and practices, industry. We had to break down Unlike other traditional marketing their dedication, relentless work many barriers to earn our seat at the agencies, we provide marketing giving them a boost ahead of the table and prove that we were strategies that are revenue- competition in the market. They experts in our industry. Beyond generating and move the needle for offer comprehensive services that that, we were three women doing our clients. We don’t do creativity not only cover all the domains of the workload of a full-service team. or branding. marketing but also planning which There was a period where we were are unlike the traditional solutions all managing clients, executing A new product we’ve developed provided by other marketing deliverables, and closing deals all over the past year is the new agencies, truly making them one of at once, so you could say we were outsourced SDR program. 35

Interview with TEW Jenna Liz Unfortunately, many sales reps heavy industrial, and technology that culture and mentality to this were furloughed or let go due to the industries. I was one of the first day. Our team collaborates, ideates, pandemic. However, our clients employees at Echo Global and strategizes well together on top still had leads to be nurtured and Logistics, which grew quickly in of a fun and light-hearted company needed people on the phone with three years and my name is on the culture. We’re not afraid to talk prospects. We developed the SDR company’s 2009 IPO press release about social issues or potential program to put sales reps back to [NYSE: ECHO]. The company growth opportunities for ourselves work, but also provide a cost- focuses on all the pieces of the B2B as individuals and our team as a effective solution for our clients. conversion cycle: mar-tech stack whole. It only works because we’re building (CRM/Automation), honest, hard-working, and 2020 and the pandemic allowed us sales/marketing operations and continuously look out for each to test different products, like our enablement, inbound/outbound other. Sales Development Representative content, SEO/SEM, social (SDR) program and webinar conversion, PR, and measurement. Your views on the competition in strategies. It wasn’t a clear I am also dedicated to empowering the market and how do you decision, but more seeing a need to women leaders. I’m on the board of handle it. fill in operational gaps that then the Entrepreneur’s Organization were turned into products when we Atlanta chapter, LaunchPad2x, and Competition is like a rising tide - it began seeing significant results. co-founded CloseHer, a community raises all ships. I once did an for women in sales. Ironman because my high school Please tell us about your crush told me I couldn’t. Yes. professional journey. Tell us about the work culture at Competition brings out the best - if SmithBrown Marketing. you don’t have others to I am the Chief Revenue Officer at benchmark your progress against, LeadCoverage, a B2B demand gen, Culture plays a huge part in the how do you know if you’re sales, and PR consultancy success of our company. We came winning? specializing in the supply chain, from humble beginnings and keep 36 October 2021

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