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The Best Performing Microsoft Solution Providers to watch in 2021

Published by The Enterprise World, 2021-12-16 12:03:42

Description: The Enterprise World special issue, The Best Performing Microsoft Solution Providers To Watch in 2021, features the stories and journey of the companies that have used this platform to provide products and services, reigning the software industry, providing unmatched solutions, and leading the innovation curve and providing solutions to complex and trivial problems with such finesse that not only makes them a leader in the domain but also one of the best Microsoft solution providers.

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WWW.THEENTERPRISEWORLD.COM | AMERICA EDITION | FEBRUARY 2021 Cynthia Farren | President The Best Performing Cynthia Farren Microsoft Consulting Solution Providers Designed to Meet Your Business Needs Today and Into the Future to watch in 2021

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“That’s 200 terabytes in a single relational database back to hyperscale in Azure.” -Rohan Kumar, Corporate Vice President, Azure Data, Microsoft Microsoft Solutions has revolutionized the functioning of many industries, mostly the software realm with its unique platform and to top it off, the venture of companies in the domain, using the platform to provide their products and services, changing the functioning and process of many tech companies. Microsoft solutions have not only provided a way for companies and businesses to deploy and manage their applications but also has paved the way for companies to step in and take the platform into their expert hands, and project the future as they innovate the global business world with their breakthrough products and services. The Enterprise World special issue, The Best Performing Microsoft Solution Providers To Watch in 2021, features the stories and journey of the companies that have used this platform to provide products and services, reigning the software industry, providing unmatched solutions, and leading the innovation curve and providing solutions to complex and trivial problems with such finesse that not only makes them a leader in the domain but also one of the best Microsoft solution providers. Cynthia Farren Consulting is a national independent Software Asset Management and software license procurement firm. With over 20 years of experience guiding customers in optimizing their software and subscription environments, they know how to save you money while avoiding risk through properly managing software licenses, subscriptions, and software publishers. Their deepest expertise is in Microsoft licensing where they regularly help Fortune 500 companies negotiate effective Microsoft agreements and provide guidance to avoid the risk of non-compliance with licensing terms. Being in business for over 21 years it is easy to see how cyclical the world of software licensing and compliance is. In 1999 the industry was in mid-cycle of no software audits and relaxed controls, within 5 years that cycle changed. Eight years later they saw themselves exiting the recession and the focus had once again shifted away from controls and audits towards enablement. With another 8 years down the road and with a fresh recession looming, the demands for audits are rising slowly again. Business Automation Experts (BAE) focuses on the strategic use of technology to improve operational efficiencies so their clients reach their goals. They specialize in finding ways to leverage robust solutions to create new revenue streams or enhance existing streams. As SharePoint and better experiences were delivered over web browsers, they were able to see more rapid development. They are starting to see the next wave as cloud-delivered options are replacing on-premise systems. They are combining security event and remediation systems (aiSEIM) with content management services to deliver a more automated compliance framework for clients. There is a lot more to read inside! Adeeb Malik Happy Reading Adeeb Malik


The Enterprise World, 1985, Henderson Rd, PMB 18262, Columbus, OH, 43220 +1 614 385 1709 Follow Us On: For Editorial Concerns: [email protected] For Sales & Branding Enquiries: [email protected] For Subscription: [email protected] Publisher The Enterprise World Creative Content Editor Susanne J. Asst. Editor Rushikesh, Adeeb Marketing Coordinator(USA) Peter J. PR & Marketing Coordinator James H. Business Development Executive Ben Clarke Creative Design Head: V. Mittal Social Media Manager Avinash G. Digital Circulation Manager Amanda V. This list is NOT a ranking. The companies on listed in magazine serve different aspects of the market, making ranking them in any order except revenue impossible and unfair. We try to bring a perfect platform for business organization to showcase their valued products/ services. Copyrights © The Enterprise World | 2019. All Rights Reserved. The images and content included in this magazine should not be copied, transferred or reproduced in any form or by any means, electronics, mechanical, photocopying, recording, otherwise, without proper permission from The Enterprise World. The Enterprise World solely owns all the reprint rights.

Leaders in Spotlight This issue of The Enterprise specialize in finding ways to The File Fabric provides a ‘single World, The Best Performing leverage robust solutions to create pane of glass’ that presents and Microsoft Solution Providers to new revenue streams or enhance secures data from over 60 files and Watch in 2021 features, existing streams. object storage solutions, including CIFS/NAS/SAN, Amazon S3, Cynthia Farren Consulting is a TimeXtender is a leading and Google Storage, and Microsoft national independent Software world-class solution provider Azure. Asset Management and software offering best-in-class technology to license procurement firm. With companies and their business with BeCloud LLC. is an IT over 20 years of experience guiding its automated software platform, Consultancy founded in 2011 as customers in optimizing their helping to make sure that its their cooperate name implies they software and subscription customers run their business more had their heads in the clouds from environments, they know how to efficiently and smoothly without the start. In the beginning, cloud save you money while avoiding wasting quality work time. meant hosting services in risk through properly managing TimeXtender provides an BeCloud’s collocated and private software licenses, subscriptions, automated way to build a modern data centers. Around 2017 they and software publishers. Their data estate for analytics and AI at started to shift, it became evident deepest expertise is in Microsoft incredible speeds for automating that they could not compete with licensing where they regularly help data modelling, integration, Amazon and\\or Microsoft Public Fortune 500 companies negotiate extraction, cleansing, loading, and Cloud Solutions, so they started to effective Microsoft agreements and documentation. shut down their servers and move provide guidance to avoid the risk to public cloud options. They have of non-compliance with licensing Storage Made Easy is a software progressed into a leading next-gen terms. company providing an enterprise Managed Service Provider. They software solution for files and are focused on strategic consulting Business Automation Experts objects called The Enterprise File to help their customers become (BAE) focuses on the strategic use Fabric. It solves the enterprise data more agile with a better return on of technology to improve sprawl problem in which company business technology investments. operational efficiencies so their data is located on-premises, a data clients reach their goals. They center, and increasingly, the Cloud.


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| Business Story CYNTHIA FARREN CONSULTING Designed to Meet Your Business Needs Today and Into the Future CYNTHIA FARREN PRESIDENT 08 Feb 2021

Software Asset Management to their potential copyright geared towards managing risks of (SAM), brings about the infringement. Getting the noncompliance. effective management and conversation started in this optimization of software environment was an uphill battle. Having gone through various applications. The software systems cycles of business, one thing that are a necessity to all the What triggered the growth of the was, is and will remain true for organizations to run the daily company was the focus shift in Cynthia Farren Consulting is their operations. As the organization business to governance and customer centric service model. grows, the systems become controls through Sarbanes-Oxley complex, overlapping and being combined with a resurgence of “Whatever solution we are highly dependent on each other. It software audits by the popular providing our focus is always on thus becomes increasingly software publishers (Adobe, what is in the best interest of our important to have an effective plan Microsoft, Oracle, etc). customer.” to gain control over the IT inventory. The next point that triggered The company believes in truly significant revenue growth was the building a relationship with their The Company- recession. During the recession customers, where they don’t simply more Fortune 100 and 500 started educate them but contribute to the Cynthia Farren Consulting is a looking outside the big consulting solution and often become the “go national independent Software firms for expertise – in niche to” resource whether it is a referral Asset Management and software industries such as this, they started to an expert in another field or a license procurement firm. With finding that smaller speciality firms donation for the annual charity over 20 years of experience guiding could produce outstanding results auction. Additionally, their customers in optimizing their for a considerably lower price tag. relationship does not end just software and subscription because a contract ends – their environments they know how to The Growth Quotient- customers know they can always save you money while avoiding reach out to them and have a risk through properly managing Being in business for over 21 years conversation. software licenses, subscriptions and it is easy to see how cyclical the software publishers. world of software licensing and “If that’s all it takes to give them a compliance are. In 1999 the path forward or answer to their Their deepest expertise is in industry was in mid-cycle of no needs, then we were happy to catch Microsoft licensing where they software audits and relaxed up with them as a relationship is regularly help Fortune 500 controls, within 5 years that cycle about people not money.” companies negotiate effective changed. Eight years later they saw Microsoft agreements and provide themselves exiting the recession The Products and Services- guidance to avoid risk of non- and the focus had once again compliance with licensing terms. shifted away from controls and a. Software Asset Management (ad audits towards enablement. With hoc or managed service) Cutting through the another 8 years down the road and Complexities- with a fresh recession looming, the b. Software Audit Response demands for audits are rising Management In 1999, when Cynthia Farren slowly again. started the business, software audits c. Merger, Acquisition and were not commonplace, and CIO's Each business cycle tends to retain Divestiture License Allocation were not focused on the risk they some of the controls from the prior were running by not having access cycle but the licensing rules and d. Cloud and Subscription Spend to experts in licensing. Most mechanisms also get trickier so Optimization licensing advisors worked for the without an expert in your back reseller’s, so their focus was on the pocket it’s hard to get a cost e. Software Procurement shiny new toys – not alerting CIO’s optimized agreement that is also Negotiations (ad hoc or managed service) ♦ Microsoft Agreements ♦ Adobe Agreements ♦ Autodesk Agreements 09

| Business Story “We believe that independence is critical to providing you with the unbiased expertise you deserve. “ f. Microsoft licensing assessments to listen and that someone has to generated through cost avoidance (ad hoc or managed service) sweep the floors, lock the doors and but negotiated savings on occasionally tell the boss that she’s agreements is now over well over Cynthia Farren Consulting does not wrong – in a way in which the $500 million! That’s a fun ROI! resell software and does not have message will get heard. partnering relationships with tool The Enterprise World is always publishers eliminating any potential In the early 90’s she transitioned been keen on finding that one thing conflict of interest in meeting your into IT and had the opportunity to that pushes the entrepreneurs to business needs. implement and run multiple their limits, some quote they might Software Asset Management have heard or read somewhere Cynthia Farren- Leading the programs within multi-national which keeps them motivated! Not Way firms. Working with her first just the budding entrepreneurs, but Microsoft agreements back during something like this gives everyone “I often credit the longevity and the Microsoft Select 2.0 program – a fresh perspective at what they are success of my business to my start Cynthia soon realized that she had doing. Because a little motivation as a bank teller, customer service found the type of work she would sure does go a long way! phone representative and a love to do. secretary – three roles completely “All my challenges are unrelated to Software Asset In the 21 years since founding opportunities to be creative, and I Management but they taught me Cynthia Farren Consulting she has am infinitely creative!” – was given critical business skills.” had the joy of working with over a to me as an affirmation by a former hundred different companies mostly boss and it has become one of the Through these roles, she learned large international firms but a few most impactful affirmations in my about dual entry accounting, how to very small entities as well. It’s life.” work with any software tool, how impossible to calculate the savings 10 Feb 2021

| Interview with The Enterprise World Reshaping Cloud Computing The IT sector has been issues faced by businesses at any our heads in the clouds from the developing at a rapid pace, stage. Their services are unique, start. In the beginning, cloud meant and the possibilities and custom-made to the client’s needs hosting services in BeCloud’s innovations that have lately been and demands, made by one of the collocated and private datacentres. introduced has completely changed best team of skilled and expert Around 2017 we started to shift, it and revolutionized the face and personnel with thorough industry became evident that we could not functioning of the IT industry as a knowledge and decades of compete with Amazon and\\or whole. The changes in functioning experience combined. BeCloud not Microsoft Public Cloud Solutions and new ventures that are being only takes on the competition in the so we started to shut down our pooled into other sectors with the market by a mile but also outshines servers and move to public cloud use of IT services is expanding the as the leaders in providing IT options. We have progressed into a horizon and applications of the IT consulting solutions. Their respect leading next-gen Managed Service sector and its products/services. As and customer satisfaction ratings Provider. We are focused on the IT sector and its functioning is are always through the roof strategic consulting to help our everything but easy, full of establishing their name as the customers become more agile with complex mechanisms and other unmatched leaders of their domain. a better return on business complex work that needs to be put technology investments. in the products/services and the In conversation with the President most important of all being the of BeCloud, James Phipps. Let’s Our consultancy continues down a training of personnel and using hear more about BeCloud, its digital transformation path. The their skills and expertise to achieve service offerings and James’s challenges and lessons learned are maximum performance and entrepreneurial journey. applied to the solutions we development for the company and implement for our customers. The the IT sector as a whole. Please tell us about the services most challenging and rewarding BeCloud offers and any new aspect of Technology consulting is BeCloud is one of the most trusted additions to the arsenal. how it moves at such a rapid pace. and sought-after IT consultant Technology more time than ever to companies with effective, scalable BeCloud LLC. is an IT study, testing and proving solutions and efficient strategic IT solutions Consultancy founded in 2011 as to our customers. that cater to the problems and our cooperate name implies we had 12 Feb 2021

James Phipps | President | BeCloud 13

| Interview with The Enterprise World The factors pushing BeCloud Provider. Many times, this means budget and business goals. Our through the clouds cloud but not in every case. We customers trust us for strategic have customers with on-premise advice because they know our COVID-19 has awakened our and/or hybrid environments. Even recommendations are aimed at customers on how important in those types of legacy solving customer need rather than technology is to the survival of a environments, we seek to add a padding consultant profits. business. Microsoft Teams and DevOps environment or at least Amazon Workspaces are two automation. Our customer-driven I realize that I cannot work this solutions we provide that has an approach makes sure that the alone. I have been blessed with immediate and positive impact on a solutions we recommend are in employees who agree with my business ability to carry out remote alignment with business objectives. vision. They go out every day and work during the pandemic. Also, put our customers first and for that most businesses are aware that they We are constantly adding, testing I applaud them. Our team commits need to setup up security. We have and proving new solutions. We untold hours of study and practice seen a steady stream of customers challenge every member of our to implement technical solutions adding on more security. staff to constantly grow his or her for our customers that are truly skill set so that we can provide impactful to client business goals - Our Customer Driven approach to better service for our customers. and objectives. The love for IT management is most responsible The continued expansion of cloud technology, impactful solutions and for our success. We keep staff size services into the mainstream has excellent customer service keeps us down and utilize automation as exposed new security and all motivated and driven. much as possible. This allows us to compliance requirements. BeCloud keep the cost down for our with our cloud security Your take on the competition in customers while at the same time specialization and training the market offering higher quality services. positions us to take advantage of Automation allows us to spend this trend by offering much-needed I like the competition in the market. more time proactivity solving security services to cloud-enabled I believe that there is enough work customers issues with innovative customers. to go around but we are stepping and thorough solutions instead of into that Next Generation MSP constantly reacting to emergencies. We have brought on additional world. It requires more research expertise in Software and study than the legacy break-fix - Some of our competitors in this Programming, Data Science and MSP. That will continue to be industry pride themselves on Artificial Intelligence through staff challenging for us, but we have the having higher headcounts touting expansion. Also, we have had right work culture to be successful. company size. We pride ourselves success internally with RPA and we We have seen some solutions from on doing a great job as efficiently look forward to providing Robotic competing firms in AI, IoT and ML as possible. We will bring on Process Automation Consulting to that show the value that IT brings additional staff, but usually, it is our customers. to the table. It constantly makes us aimed at bringing more expertise to step up our game so that we can the table instead of available hands. Tell us about your compete and provide similar or A bigger payroll does not always entrepreneurial journey and your better solutions to our customers. translate into a better prod take on employee relations. I’m sure that our solution set has also inspired firms to approach Tell Their services and new Strategically, I decided to not fight some situations differently. offerings the cloud trend. Some MSP’s are holding out and fighting the cloud We focus on strategic IT solutions by sticking with on-premise server that solve business problems. We rooms solutions only. We instead are the next-gen Managed Services look at the workload, customer 14 Feb 2021

AsiaPay enables merchants to securely accept most popular digital payment methods from credit cards, internet banking and more on a single platform. REGIONAL SECURE ADVANCED Country operations PCI DSS Level 1 Anti-fraud tools, and payment compliant since mobile-ready, processing. 2006 and certied real-time consolidated 3-D Secure vendor. reports, big data. INTEGRATED RELIABLE SUPPORT Multi-lingual, multi-currencies, High service uptime Local account and multi-channels, of 99.9%+ and high risk operation support multi-cards, and multi-acquirers. performance. as well as 24x7 technical support in 15+ countries and regions.

| Upshot Metros

The Marveous City!

| Upshot Metros 18 Feb 2021

Rio de Janeiro is the second-largest Oil and natural gas from farms along the city in Brazil, also known as Rio. northern coast of the state of Rio de The city was founded by the Janeiro is a major asset used to develop Portuguese on 1 March 1565. Earlier there manufacturing enterprises in the used to be groups of 7 tribes that spoke 20 metropolitan area of Rio, making it different types of languages. When the possible to compete with other major Portuguese were ruled over the whole of cities for new investments in the industry. Brazil, they made Rio de Janeiro their capital from 1763 to 1822. After this, In Greater Rio, which has the highest per when Brazil became independent, this city capita income in Brazil, retail is remained the capital of Brazil until 1960. important. Many important retail stores are located in the center, but some are Even though Rio is no longer the capital scattered in commercial areas of the of Brazil, it still has a lot of importance district, where shopping malls, from the business and historical point of supermarkets, and other retail businesses view. Rio de Janeiro hosted the 2016 account for a large share of consumer Summer Olympics and Summer trade. Paralympics. This made it the first South American city to have hosted these events. Brazil produces corn, sugar, various A Music Festival celebrated in the city potatoes, some machinery. Sugar called Rock in Rio, is the world’s largest production was very high during the music festival. Portuguese period. Sugar was stored at conical angles for storage and export. The Economy Every year, products made of iron and Rio de Janeiro has a strong and highly steel other than crude oil are exported in diverse economy, with a large number of large quantities from Rio. Located on the jobs in heavy and light industries, seaside, this city is also a major port and manufacturing, commerce, finance, trade, this city plays an important role in the and other services. economy of the country. A new electronics and computer field has Rio is one of the major tourist destinations been added to the old industries of in the world. The vibrant culture of the metallurgy, engineering and printing and city and the many museums, historical publishing. Other manufacturing sectors sites, and physical features attract tourists focus on shipyard-related materials, around the globe. textiles and footwear, textiles, nonmetallic mineral products, food and beverages, Millions of people from all over the world chemicals, and pharmaceutical products. come to see the Carnival Festival in Rio in February. In the past, carnival In order to attract industries, the state processions were used to create traffic government has designated some of the jams so a wide stadium-like permanent outlying areas of the city as districts where arrangement has been made by Oscar infrastructure has been provided and the Niemeyer in 1982. land is sold under special circumstances. 19

| Upshot Metros Interesting Facts Must Visit This city is very famous for picnics. Every Tijuca National Park is the second-largest year around 2.5 million people come here urban forest in the world, located in Rio. to visit. It has been awarded the Best An urban forest is a forest that is located Places for Tourism by World Travel in a city or town. The Tijuca forest is Awards. The southern part of the city is spread over an area of about 32 sq km more developed and wealthy while the Rio de Janeiro’s Copa Cabana Beach, the western part covers 50% of the city area; Amazon River area, the vast Amazon the city has a population of about 6.5 rainforest, the famous jungle, Pantanal and million. And it is the second-most Tayama, are full of different birds and populous city in Brazil after São Paulo. animals. São Paulo’s population is almost double that of Rio, more than 12 million. In the eighteenth century, the clergyman Maria Boss expressed her desire to erect a You will be surprised to know that there is magnificent religious monument to Queen a large population of women in this city. Isabella. But she did not pay any attention. Yes, women constitute 53.2% of the Later, the Catholics decided to raise funds, population while males are only 46.8%. It organized various programs, and raised is the largest city outside Portugal, where funds for it. But there was not much space the Portuguese language is spoken. in the city, so instead of the city, Kakarevado became a place at an altitude Hotels in Rio have higher fares than hotels of 7210 feet above sea level. This statue of in other cities in the country. Rio’s 5 Stars Jesus Christ has a spread arm, weighing Hotels have the second-highest number of 650 tons. It is not homogeneous; it is fares after New York. Rio de Janeiro’s made by joining pieces. Maracanã Stadium is one of the largest Football Stadiums in the world. The Rio’s ‘National Library of Brazil’ is the capacity of this stadium is to seat 78,838 7th largest library in the world. There are people, but on July 16, 1950, nearly two more than 90 lakh items here. lakh people watched the football World Cup final over there. There were red trees on the coast of Brazil which were used to make a red dye. It was in great demand in Europe. The people of the tribe at that time planted it vigorously. In Portuguese, red was called Brazil. So when the Portuguese came to power, they named the area as Brazil. 20 Feb 2021 21

| Interview with The Enterprise World Ma Lepkowski PRESIDENT 22 Feb 2021

Business Automation Experts Improving People and Process through Technology Business Automation Experts but being too early impedes the is a company that focuses potential for your firm. on the strategic use of technology to improve operational Which was that point that efficiencies and ROI. In addition, triggered the growth of the they look for ways to leverage company? robust solutions to create new As Sharepoint and better revenue streams or enhance experiences were delivered over existing ones. web browsers we were able to see more rapid development. We are In this Interview with Matt starting to see the next wave as Lepkowski, let us find out how cloud delivered options are they do it! replacing on-premise systems. The Company What is the reason behind your company’s long-standing Tell us about the company. success? Business Automation Experts We are proud of the successes we (BAE) focuses on the strategic use have accomplished that are driven of technology to improve by a passion to meet client needs. operational efficiencies so our Clients trust us to improve clients reach their goals. We processes, increase security, and specialize in finding ways to eliminate System Debt. leverage robust solutions to create new revenue streams or enhance The Products/Services existing streams. What are the products/services What were the initial challenges the company focuses on? How you faced? are your services different from Many of our clients are in the those in the market? healthcare vertical and operational We can show you how an efficiency wasn’t as large a focus in Enterprise Content Management the technology departments in the Plus System can bring your early 2000’s. Sharepoint organization to the next level. This deployments didn’t accelerate in is a combination of Document healthcare until the 2010’s. Management Software (DMS) and Sometimes having the right vision Enterprise Content Management 23

| Interview with The Enterprise World (ECM).We are working on An Information Technology expert and how companies remain combining various web delivered with over 25 years of experience in resilient during market swings. solutions to further improve project management and aligning operations for our clients. information systems with corporate Whose business story do you find strategy. A detailed and highly the most inspiring? How do you decide to take the capable IT professional specializing I admire Ken Langone’s story and company a step further in terms in analyzing data for cost savings how he is translating his of your products/services? and ROI as well as custom experiences to improving medical Our clients find value in both DMS development plans. Founder of education and care. and ECM solutions separately and Business Automation Experts the combination of the two is very (BAE), a leading consulting firm What is your take on the synergistic. There are various right with unmatched expertise to focus competition in the market? How sizing and system implementation on the strategic use of technology do you cope with it? steps we go through to make sure to improve the operational Competition is always dynamic in everything is done as efficiently as efficiency of clients. the IT environment. I like to say possible. that we live in dog years in IT with What are the key achievements of all of the changes coming at us. In Is there any new addition to the your entrepreneurial journey? healthcare there are a number of list of products/services? Aside from being the owner of challenges which also keep us on Anything exciting you would like Business Automation Experts our toes with changing regulation. to share? (BAE), I played an instrumental Several years ago we didn’t spend We are combining security event role in supporting the growth of a much time thinking about and remediation systems (aiSEIM) previous firm from $2M to $25M in professional hacking groups with content management services 6 years. impacting our operations and to deliver a more automated testing system resiliency. Today compliance framework for clients. What does your work culture you have to consider more risks for As clients try to optimize their look like? How do you keep your a client and if you are helping them security posture they still need to employees motivated and driven? adapt to their own challenges you maintain the reporting for incidents Business Automation Experts don’t need to be as concerned with and simplify the tracking of a (BAE) revolves around client who says they can handle your job resolution to a system breach. satisfaction and continuous at a lower price point. improvement. We review Leadership technology trends and compare Is competition a motivating those to the vision our clients bring. factor? Does it help to bring out What do you think are the Our staff enjoys assisting clients the best? responsibilities of an take the next step to expand and I would say competition helps with entrepreneur? better serve their constituents. motivation, but it is more An entrepreneur is someone who There is a virtuous feedback loop motivating to see a client succeed remains motivated and passionate that helps us find new clients and at their mission. When a physician about delivering value to clients. To solve interesting challenges. office handles more patients do that, they launch an organization because of system improvements or with formularized policies and Personal Questions a veterinary clinic has more unique procedures to drive innovation and offerings for their clients there is a meet client needs. Ideally, they are Can you tell us which your sense of accomplishment that subject matter experts and help a favourite book is? And your encourages us to take on the next client more quickly realize their favourite part of the book (if challenge. own objectives. any)? I enjoy books written by Jim Can you please brief us about Collins like “Good to Great” where your professional experience? there are case studies of situations 24 Feb 2021

INNOVATION, BEYOND IMAGINATION We focus to provide solutions that offer a unique user experience and a unique way of using the different videoconferencing and meeting applications while maximizing interaction and collaboration.

| Technology Why DIGITAL Transformation is necessary for your Company in 2021? The onset of 2021, brought necessary to conduct any business any additional operational costs, with it many realizations, more feasibly and viably. Self- expands the spectrum of the solutions, stirred up assessment is also important to business to a more objective forum creativity and innovation which not marginalize weakness and amplify by accommodating and adapting only aided to tackle the alterations the strengths. along with the changes, this makes left for us to bear after the the whole process time-efficient, pandemic but also a scope of Plan layout: Aftermarket research cost-efficient, efficient customer revitalization. Alterations and and self-analysis comes the part relationship management, labor transformations with the changing where a suitable plan of action efficient and in turn aids the times are necessary ideals to needs to be prepared for a more business towards its growth. maintain, reinforce, reinterpret, systematic approach towards modulate, and get through the streamlining the process of any Simplifies the Management rotating currents of demands, business for profit maximization, process: From the process of idea preferences, obsoletion, and rapid easier management, and utilizing germination to its implementation change. all the resources most efficiently. and revenue collection managing a business that too successfully is a Digital transformation is a method Execution: After the preparation of tedious job with multivarious of implementing computerized or the methodology of the business uncertainties. Digital digital advances to adjust, increase comes the execution part where transformation not only streamlines value association, meet the ideas and plotting are brought into the process of business changing requirements of the reality by its implementation. management reducing investment market and stay in front of the on repetitive cycles but also copes opposition to advance and grow Here are some key factors which up with technological trends and one’s business. will be achieved through digital customer preferences by making transformation: the whole operation more versatile The implementation of Digital by expanding results. transformation encompasses and Maximizes efficiency: Digital exhibits the features: transformation helps to smoothen Easier Growth and reach: Public the interrelated cycles within the relations can be improved and more Market and self-assessment: To business by providing a quick fix to people can be reached out through tackle and defeat any competitor, all the problems, eliminating any the website, businesses will have knowledge of the environment is kind of bottlenecks, cutting down more liberty to advance their items, 26 Feb 2021

produce more deals, better understanding along with better “When digital customer relationships, and thus, equipment and technology makes transformation harvest benefits. Further, by the results better and achievable. is done right, it’s following the standards of conduct like a caterpillar and input of their current clients, a To transform or not to? turning into a business can make increase the buttery, but array of their production which In the era of advancements and when done wrong, appeals to their customers and scale rapid growth of every probable all you have is a their business appropriately. aspect of life, the key to survive is to adapt. Hence, the basic ground really fast Workforce efficiency: Investments for the step of success of any caterpillar.” in digitalization and Artificial business is to alter its setup and - George Westerman Intelligence upgrade the working methodology with time and in the style of the employees as it helps times of digitalization, digital them to be one step ahead with transformation should be the their knowledge-based priority of any entrepreneur. 27

| Interview with The Enterprise World Heine Krog Iversen A leader in the automated data world The year 2020 has brought about many changes in the working and functioning of individuals and companies alike. The fact that this has caused a heavy burden on companies cannot be neglected and this problem needs to be dealt with without affecting the performance, efficiency and profitability to a company. These problems can be dealt without any additional changes or additions but they require a tedious amount of time, depleting the overall working hours of an employee and impacting the performance and output of a company. As it is said in the world of business that time is money, thus one belonging to the business world needs to make sure that they have the best solutions to save every minute of precious work hours they can. In comes TimeXtender, a leading and world-class solution provider offering its best-in-class technology to companies and their business with its automated software platform, helping to make sure that its customers run their business more efficiently and smoothly without wasting quality work time. TimeXtender provides an automated way to build a modern data estate for analytics and AI at incredible speeds for automating data Heine Krog Iversen | Founder and CEO | TimeXtender modelling, integration, extraction, cleansing, loading and documentation. TimeXtender has revolutionized the working of a company’s business data with its software and has become one of the leading and most respected companies providing an automated way to build a modern data estate. In conversation with Founder and CEO, Heine Krog Iversen. We learned from him about his company, TimeXtender’s service offering and much more. 28 Feb 2021

Please tell us about the company handle on all their data, and the allowing organizations to and the reasons you feel led to its more they heard about what catalogue, model, move, transform growth. TimeXtender had to offer, the more and document their analytics data. customers we acquired. Since 2006, This enables them to move from a TimeXtender enables businesses to we have built a global partner patchwork of tools to a complete make quality business decisions network with close to 200 data management platform and faster and inspires those business companies and more than 3,000 accelerate time to insight. decisions with data, mind and customers around the world. TimeXtender also enables an heart. We do this for one simple organization to document their reason: because time matters. Please tell us about analytics data for compliance. TimeXtender’s technology TimeXtender technology is a solution and what differentiates it TimeXtender differs in many ways. single, integrated, metadata-driven, from the competition in the While some companies focus on agile and automated software market. data warehouse automation, our platform that easily merges data focus is on a more complete data from a wide variety of data sources TimeXtender is an integrated data management solution for the and uses agile data modelling to management platform that enables corporate enterprise. We’re effortlessly build a modern data building data lakes, warehouses privately held and not part of a warehouse and semantic model. and marts 10x faster by providing a larger organization and this By combining this agile platform no-code environment for translates into speed, agility and with a user’s choice of automating data modelling, market closeness. With close to 15 visualization tools, users have the integration, extraction, cleansing, years in business and hundreds of full power of business intelligence loading, and documentation. partners located around the world, in a structured, governed and we’re able to maintain close secured environment – all within a We offer one of the most contact with our customer base and self-service analytics framework comprehensive technology provide support, training and that helps meet compliance needs. offerings on the market for helping assistance in person and online. With TimeXtender, users get companies build cloud-scale actionable insights, simplify their analytics on Azure Synapse How do you decide to take the compliance journey and make Analytics by providing an company a step further in terms better decisions in less time. integrated data management of your solution? platform that produces an TimeXtender was founded in 2006 intelligent, accelerated and TimeXtender has a flexible way of and is privately owned, with documented modern data estate for thinking to maintain its roots of employees and partners located analytics and artificial intelligence. being a fast-moving, innovative around the world. TimeXtender Because TimeXtender remembers a start-up and our culture is designed serves its customers, including company's business logic, not only with modernization and innovation Fortune 500, large-sized enterprises can it intelligently deploy the right in mind. To stay current with and mid-sized companies, through code to the right platform, it changing times, our company is a global network of partners. orchestrates the entire process, devoted to developing ongoing learning from experience and technology advancements to our It was a combination of factors that improving load times with each technology solution for the helped TimeXtender become one of successive execution. Microsoft community. We have a the industry’s fastest-growing constant eye on emerging trends to private technology companies. To TimeXtender also helps companies deliver future-proof solutions for be sure, organizations got tired of looking to build a modern data our customers. TimeXtender leads paying extensive fees for coding, estate on Microsoft data platforms the way in ongoing technology consultants and technology that led by accelerating and automating the development to ensure that we to delays for getting their corporate construction and maintenance of maintain our market leadership as data. The more organizations data stores for analytics and AI. It new advancements are made by the looked for a better way to get a connects to almost any data source, data community within Microsoft. 29

| Interview with The Enterprise World As an example of our steadfast it’s truly accurate. responsibilities of technical commitment to being ready for leadership, management, planning, changing times, when Microsoft Please tell us about your work implementation and delivery announced Azure Synapse culture and your take on assurance of final solutions. They Analytics and SQL Server 2019, employee relations. cherish the opportunity to strive for our technical staff made immediate a bigger purpose while working development advancements to our Our company is purpose-driven with colleagues to try and reach technology to ensure that it was with an organizational structure new heights, greater success, and compatible with these Microsoft based on organizational purpose ambitious goals and objectives. offerings once they were ready for circles (OPCs) which run alongside general availability. our long-standing corporate What are your views on mindfulness program and our competition? Please tell us about your following of Stephen Covey’s “The professional experience and key 7 Habits of Highly Effective Competition is coming from achievements of your People” program. Purpose-driven everywhere and at much greater entrepreneurial journey. leadership has become the central speed. Or you can rephrase the theme for our company, as OPCs term ‘competition’ to development Before forming TimeXtender, I enable TimeXtender staff to be in the market because that way you co-founded another IT consultancy mostly self-managed, translating see it as though we are changing that provided business process into an organization that has the world and growing the market optimization, workflow, ERP become more innovative, creative, together. This way competitive systems, and business intelligence and sustainable. This has also led to forces are easier to cope with. services. At that time, while an environment that is adaptable helping companies implement and suitable for current times. More specifically, our market is in business intelligence capabilities on an interesting convergence from top of their existing ERP systems, I OPCs have propelled TimeXtender tools used by developers to realized that manual coding was to improve processes by leveraging integrated platforms and driven by being done for all projects. Manual freedom, strengthening trust among no-code and automation. As we are coding was very time consuming employees and achieving greater at the forefront of this movement and expensive and I came to realize success with a structured the key is to stay in front. Lots of that there was a better way by framework. Purpose circles inspire new players are coming in, but so leveraging the power of individuals to get more involved far most are focusing in on solving automation. This led us to start across different areas of interest. a single part of the 10+ areas that TimeXtender. This modern-day organizational are covered by our Data framework is helping the company Management Platform. I'm fortunate to have the advance to new levels of agility, opportunity to meet people around productivity, sustainability, and It is essential to move fast and to be the world and to be an ambassador innovation; inspiring employees driven by our innovation while for business users to be empowered towards greater personal and having an eye on the competition is by data to enable every person in organizational growth. With OPCs, important, it’s key that this doesn’t every organization with instant group synergy has come alive with side-track you. access to relevant data, at any time extensive idea sharing, mentoring from any location. This is so and learning. Blending individual Competition helps bring out our essential as it assists them to purpose with an organizational best, but I will argue that being achieve greater business success by purpose encourages each person to driven by our purpose is a 100x making strategic business decisions strive for a higher purpose in life bigger motivating factor. for their company. Data is one of and at work. the most valuable assets a company I believe self-motivation and self- possesses, but only when Team members have responded leadership are some of the most appropriate stakeholders have favourably to working in a culture important skills you can have. access to it as needed and only if that enables sharing of the 30 Feb 2021

C O N TA I NER F R EI GH T STA TI O NS C W C I M P E X P A R K NA V A SH EV A D RO NAGI RI NA V I M UM BA I & S U P PL Y C H AI N L O GI S T I C S CH EN NA I V A L L U R P O N NE RI For Any Inquiry Please Call / Mail Hrishikesh: [email protected] (7506166968) Antima : [email protected] (8850594261) Shilpa : [email protected] (9987775330) MSAGlobal Logistics Pvt Ltd Unit 205, Kanakia Atrium-2, Behind Courtyard Marriot, Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri East, Mumbai 400093. Contact - +91 22 6687 3535, [email protected],

| CyberBuzz 32 Feb 2021

5 steps to save your business from a cybersecurity attack Technological advancements have many far-reaching effects from aiding our lives for the betterment of advancing towards modernity but among many of its aspects, is cyber-attack which not only is a malicious act but also a hindrance towards a business’ holistic development. A Cyberattack is an illegal act of ill-well and deception launched by an individual, group of individuals, or organization. An intentional attempt is made to steal sensitive information, unsettle the business with viruses, spyware, ransomware, etc. Cybersecurity attacks mainly earmark and exploit the business activities 33

| CyberBuzz “Security used to be an inconvenience sometimes, but now it’s a necessity all the time.” -Martina Navratilova related to IT by interfering and issue then and there which not only be restricted to a selected few tampering with crucial data for make the business more ethically within a business or organization to monetary gains. Many businesses responsible but also help in the reduce the scope of any irrelevant have been victims of Cyber Attacks smooth functioning of the business. interruption. and the issue is getting worse in recent years. The company’s Security and Backup: Irrespective Dangers posed by unsecured capacity to deal with the grievance of cyber-attacks, all businesses websites: Unsecured websites can of such consequences has left them must invest in having a security be a major arbitrator of paving in a state of loss, depravity, and the system like firewalls, antivirus direct ways for cyber-attackers and total dilemma of how to tackle the software, encryption, and endpoint hackers to enter into the domain situation in an efficient manner. detection response solutions along and squeeze out sensitive with options and resorts of backing information from the databases of Here are five steps to save your up sensitive data regularly to cancel any business. Hence, unchartered business from a Cyber Attack: any kind of security breach and still and unsecured websites should not have data reserved. be accessed. Cyber Security Awareness: To solve any issue, one must be Stronger passwords: The length Is the cyber world safe or unsafe? acquainted with the problem first- and complexity of passwords hand for a put-together mindset to should be taken into account while Cybersecurity breaches and tackle and plan accordingly for a setting up passwords of important hacking is the downside of structured counter plan and information that is central to the technological advancements and implementation of a better plan of business as one word or simple digitalization which needs to be action. General awareness and passwords are easier to crack and blocked by every business for solution-oriented education should hence, the chances of cyber-attacks smooth functioning and regulation be imparted to employees for better and hacking increase. of its procedures. The network utilization, to create the aforementioned points should be expected comprehension, Access Restriction: One of the kept in mind and executed well to businesses can encompass; a unlooked factors of cyber-attacks safeguard and shield one’s business procedural framework issued and hacking is the knowledge of from outside access, tampering, and concerning the susceptible threats credentials of various data basses misuse which can compromise the like emails, social media posts, and allowance of access to potential growth and success of any viruses, etc and arrangements must individuals, groups of individuals, business. be made accordingly to combat the or ex-employees. The access should 34 Feb 2021

| Interview with The Enterprise World Storage Made Easy Data Solutions Made Easy! In the business world, one of data handling and maintaining unmatched services, and the the most important function is services. CEO’s professional journey. to maintain and regulate files and database, as it not only helps Storage Made Easy is a leading Please tell us about Storage Made evaluate the company’s software company, specializing in Easy and the initial challenges performance and growth but also the domain of handling any issue, the company faced. helps in understanding the sales need, or requirement of data base, marketing efficiency, specific handling, managing, etc. on the Storage Made Easy is a software age or population that uses the cloud. They are a leading company company providing an enterprise products, etc. which helps in a great in the domain, with unmatched and software solution for files and deal to the future planning and unparalleled services and quality, objects called The Enterprise File implementation of marketing and assurance standards that not only Fabric. It solves the enterprise data growth plans. Thus, data and files take out the competition in the sprawl problem in which company are of very high value to any market but also slingshot them data is located on-premises, a data company and the tricky part is with straight into the hearts of their long center, and increasingly, the Cloud. the world shifting online, so are the list of satisfied and loyal customer data and files. A business or a base. Storage Made Easy comprises The File Fabric provides a ‘single company has to make sure a a highly skilled team of experts, pane of glass’ that presents and smooth transition of data and files who are up to date with all the secures data from over 60 files and to the web as it not only saves the latest industry trends and practices, object storage solutions, including tedious manhours of maintaining dedicated to providing the best CIFS/NAS/SAN, Amazon S3, the data but also saves the space, possible, tailor-made solution to the Google Storage, and Microsoft but the security, accuracy, and client’s needs and demands, Azure. maintenance of the data and files on making them one of the most the online servers is of paramount sought-after and respectable No data is replicated or proprieties. concern to many companies. This companies in the domain. Its metadata is smart-indexed and issue can easily be taken over by this forms the basis of the File specific and specialized services by In conversation with the CEO of Fabric being able to provide secure companies leading in providing Storage Made Easy, Jim Liddle. sharing and collaboration, content efficient, accurate, and unmatched Let’s hear about the company, its search and PHI/PII discovery, and 36 Feb 2021

Jim Liddle | CEO | Storage Made Easy intelligent policy-based previously who were just a little Secure File Sharing is our entry- enforcement of data for compliance ‘too early’ and the challenge is level product. It is what the other legislature such as GDPR / CCPA / being able to stay the course until two variants are based upon and it HIPAA. the market matures. focuses on ultra-secure file/folder sharing for file storage and object M-Stream, a feature of the File Tell us about the services that storage. The Enterprise File Fabric Fabric, also accelerates data Storage Made easy offers, any for Compliance builds on this with to/from destinations up to 10x. new additions, and the factors content search and content FIPS-certified encryption ensures that take these services ahead of discovery modules. The content corporate file/object assets are the competition in the market. search indexes the contents of files protected in-flight and at rest. The and objects to essentially provide a File Fabric enables a company to We have essentially three variants company with a private search make an ROI return on its most of our product: engine for corporate data. The important asset, its data. - The Enterprise File Fabric for Content Discovery module provides continuous real-time The initial challenge was that the Compliance/Cybersecurity. discovery of PHI/PII data and vision was too early. When we first - The Enterprise File Fabric for Ransomware protection. started no one was talking about multi-cloud and data federation. Media. The Enterprise File Fabric for This is not unusual for start-ups. I - The Enterprise File Fabric for Media provides a unified view of have worked with start-ups media assets that can be dispersed Secure File Sharing The Enterprise File Fabric for 37

| Interview with The Enterprise World on-cloud and on-premises. Also, to formed a couple of start-ups in the and the team at Storage Made file transfer acceleration of media late ‘90s, where looking back, I Easy. assets, it provides smart indexing learned quite a lot of what worked and data classifications, with Cloud (and what did not). After this, I I think my team would argue that AI integrations, that ensures media worked for several start-ups in they look after me. I see my job as assets can be easily cataloged and various technical, sales, product essentially three things for my found. management, and managerial roles team. The first is to use my before forming Storage Made Easy. experience to provide guidance and Major data breaches in other help; the second is to try and help companies have been Being an entrepreneur, you have to them grow in what they do; the commonplace these past months, so be a bit of a chameleon, especially third is to try and handle what gets we’ve enforced features in our in the early days of forming a in the way of making them Cybersecurity product variant. company. You have to be pretty productive in their role – the Apart from updates in our product, good at a lot of different things and ‘noise’. On a day-to-day basis I we’ve also recently launched our become very broad in your achieve this with varying degrees podcast “The Enterprise Storage skillsets. I am not a lawyer but I am of success and of course like Podcast” where we feature great now very proficient in software everyone else sometimes I fail but chats with “storage masters” across contacts; I am not a DevOps guy the next day you brush yourself the industry. but I can hold my own; I am not a down and try harder. software coder but I contribute to We are focusing on technology our code, etc. These are key Your take on the competition in partnerships, channel partnerships, achievements along the journey. the market. and country distributors to help They are a double edge sword strengthen and broaden our sales because at some point as the team Sometimes it’s tough, the same for capabilities. grows you have to ‘let go’ of some me as with everyone else. A lot is of the things you have become going on in the world at the Tell us about your professional good at to make the business run moment that, if you let it, could experience and the highlights of because you become the drag you down, but there are your professional journey. bottleneck. This can be hard to let shining pockets of humanity that go but it’s necessary if the business restore your faith and perspective. Coming out of University I worked is going to scale. The sheer goodness of people on several technical projects, both during the current pandemic is a software and hardware, and then Tell us about the work culture good example of that. 38 Feb 2021

| Fact check Are Business Magazines Still Relevant? No matter where you go, if edition or niche wise, giving one Business magazines provide and you are asked to wait, the the freedom to pick any one and feed information in a much first response is to find have an edge when it comes to different way than google answers something to read while one passes collecting information and being up or other search pages, etc. they are the time, and the lookout for an to date with the ever-changing crisp, clear and precise as they attractive magazine begins, but the industry trends and practices. value and understand their reader’s question arises if a magazine is still Business magazines are published time and appreciate their loyalty to relevant or the days of good old either weekly, monthly or yearly, the magazine and strive to provide smooth and shiny magazines are on providing the reader the choice to the best and holistic information the brink of extinction. Magazines select the editions based on their about the topic, etc. making are not only a source of time and at the comfort of their business magazines a unique, entertainment but also a source of choice. Business magazines not entertaining yet good source of knowledge and mostly informing only pack important information information regarding the business about the latest trends and changes about an industry, the leading world. in the market along with eye companies of the sector or domain, catching stories, interviews, etc. leadership, success stories and also To read or to skip a beat? Business magazines are a very articles such as this that not only Business magazines do have their good source of information about lighten up your learning mood but relevance in today’s mobile era but the changing methods and industry also provide little trivial facts and nothing can beat the feel and the trends, along with new innovations, details, that can be used or just reading pleasure of a physical for stories of effervescent shown off among those of book or magazine. If you are one businessmen/entrepreneurs and conversations with friends, of the digital readers, you can find much more, which not only justifies colleagues and family. an e-book for the same magazine. the need but also brings the Thus, giving all the more reasons to existence of business magazine a Since the digital era has dawned go and read one, as business need for almost every business upon us, the availability of magazines not only provide news oriented individual. magazines has spread exponentially and information on emerging more, as everyone can access these trends, companies, products, and Business magazines, good old magazines right at the luxury of services but also gives one a read or buzzkill? their homes, offices, etc. making reading habit which is a crucial and Business magazines not only the need for business magazines important habit of all the successful provide some interesting reads but even more relevant. Although, it people in the world not only also brings the reader plethora of has been questioned that magazines pertained to businessmen or information regarding the subject write stories, articles, features on entrepreneurs. Whether business of niche of the edition. One can companies, people, etc. who have magazines are still relevant or not find many relevant regarding a paid for such but that’s how a is more a question of personal particular industry or domain as business works, even business opinion and so like a magazine it is business magazines are made to magazines are a business, giving a to the reader’s discretion to best deliver information about all the business individual a much judge the relevance of industries, which are released compelling reason to read one. entertainment or information. 40 Feb 2021

“We need to have a beginner’s mind to think about what is happening. – Marc Benioff, Founder, Salesforce preserving data ecosystems

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