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Hall of Fame - 2021 (AMERICAS Edition)

Published by The Enterprise World, 2022-02-11 06:03:55

Description: In our special issue of The Enterprise World’s Hall of Fame, we bring to you the stories of companies that have shown everyone how to run organizations in the hardest of times. They have shown us that it is when challenges weigh you down, that is the best way ever to spring back up, stronger than ever!

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From Editor’s Desk “Good buildings come from good people, and all problems are solved by good design.” — Stephen Gardiner Looking Ahead to a Year of Success and Growth! With pandemic that brought the whole world to a standstill, 2021 has been a year of hope and new opportunities for many people. With their unending zeal, they showed us how strong is humanity, how we can rise up together and start running the machine again. Our special issue of The Enterprise World’s Hall of Fame, we bring to you the stories of companies that have shown everyone how to run organizations in the hardest of the times. They have shown us that it is when challenges weigh you down, that is the best way ever to spring back up, strongly than ever! It is something like it with the challenges we face. It is very easy to put our heads down and look at all the negatives that could happen. At times such, it gets hard to focus on the positive aspects of life, it becomes hard to believe the fact that good things are happening, if only we remain patient. These companies have shown us what hope looks like. Even when times got hard, when it became hard to focus on what was good, the leaders suited up for the day, each day and presented to us with their amazing stories of success. To put it in different words, success sounds nothing like hard work, but hard work does have a ring of success to it! So here we are, appreciating all those people who never gave up and gave our millennials to look up to something. Cheers to a new year of success and growth! Shalmali Shalmali W.

The Enterprise World, 420, Pride Purple Square, Above SBI, Wakad, Pune. 411057 9552931801 Follow Us On: For Editorial Concerns: [email protected] For Sales & Branding Enquiries: [email protected] For Subscription: [email protected] Publisher The Enterprise World Creative Content Editor Shalmali | Adeeb Marketing Coordinator(USA) Peter J. PR & Marketing Coordinator James H. Business Development Executive S. Yadav Creative Design Head: Sushant k. Social Media Manager Narendra S. Digital Circulation Manager Amanda V. This list is NOT a ranking. The companies on listed in magazine serve different aspects of the market, making ranking them in any order except revenue impossible and unfair. We try to bring a perfect platform for business organization to showcase their valued products/ services. Copyrights © The Enterprise World | 2019. All Rights Reserved. The images and content included in this magazine should not be copied, transferred or reproduced in any form or by any means, electronics, mechanical, photocopying, recording, otherwise, without proper permission from The Enterprise World. The Enterprise World solely owns all the reprint rights.

08 FEBRUARY 2021 9

This post-pandemic period might be the best time for directly contact the client to assist them and improve your a medical spa to attract customers. Why? Because service. everyone is stressed, tense, and bored of staying home. But as a med-spa owner, you can't just rely on By doing this, you provide a sense of importance to the traditional marketing methods to get new clients. client by considering their suggestions. And either way, you will have genuine clients speaking for you online – You have to move a step beyond and towards digital something that will always attract new leads. marketing. This extremely popular and fast-growing marketing method has become one of the best ways to reach 3. An effective and creative website new clients and interact with existing ones. But even though digital marketing is nothing new, many spa owners continue If you are new to online advertising, one of the first steps to struggle with it. They don't know where to start or how it is creating a smoothly functioning website. It's also works. And if the same is true for you, read the top 5 hacks crucial that your website's backend and frontend are well below to understand how you can excel at digital marketing taken care of. Your website should be compatible as well for medical spas. with mobile devices as it is with desktops. Since 2017, mobile web traffic has been responsible for half of all 5 Tips to Excel at Digital Marketing for Med Spas global web traffic. So don't ignore tablet/mobile competency of your website. 1. Define your target audience People are more likely to stay on an easily navigable To increase your client base and ensure that people show website with eye-catching graphics and images. Use more interest exclusively in your medical spa, you must know pictures and videos and less text for the website. As a spa, your audience first. Blindly advertising might do the job, but you won't have trouble clicking original, aesthetic images careful targeting of the audience will lead to a better for your website. You can jazz them up by adding quirky response. taglines. For example, let's say that according to your stats, your client Along with a creative website, ensure that the ads that will base has a majority of people lying in the age group of 30- lead to the website are equally innovative and catchy for 40. Then, you must tailor your campaigns to people of that people to click on. Engagement of ads is also critical. particular age group. PracticeBloom specialises in medical spa marketing and can help you design perfect and original ads leading to Similarly, focus on your audience's demographic too. Careful your landing page. So contacting them is a good idea if advertising to draw the interest of your target client base is you're just starting. extremely important, regardless of the services you offer. 4. Provide gift cards and incentives on referring 2. Engage with your community friends An average person looking for a service online almost As much as people like a rejuvenating experience, they're always goes through the reviews that google provides. In constantly looking for some profit along the way. Giving fact, in 2016, 90% of people read at least one review before them some incentives and concessions is an excellent idea n choosing a vendor or service. to increase your spa's popularity. Handing out online gift vouchers or discount coupons is sure to tempt them to So, you must have positive customer feedback with good visit your med spa more often. Moreover, it's a great way reviews. One of the best ways to do this is by the screening of advertising. process. After a client visit, take feedback from them immediately. If the feedback is positive, give them an option Another fantastic way to increase your client base is by to post a review. If the feedback is negative, you may providing incentives for referring friends. This would also 10 FEBRUARY 2021

lead to free-of-cost advertising along with more customers. You may provide complimentary services to clients who advertise you on their social media pages. Providing cool merchandise to your clients as a bonus is also a good option. 5. Choose the right social media platforms for marketing While social media, in general, can mean a lot of things, most of the audience is concentrated on famous platforms like Instagram (500 million active users), Facebook (1.84 billion daily users), and Twitter (330 million users monthly). All these platforms are excellent for med spa marketing because they let you post pictures and videos too. And for a spa, these speak more than words. But to ensure success on them, you must be active and aware. Social media marketing is very dynamic. So you have to be trendy and unique to be noticeable. If you aren't good at it yourself, hiring an expert social media marketer might be a good idea. Wrapping Up These were the top 5 digital marketing hacks for medical spas that will be most effective for lifting your client count to new heights. Do remember, along with seeking new clients, you must also focus on retaining the old ones. Thus, along with good advertising, excellent services are mandatory for a business to reap maximum benefits. 11

Denise Sangster Helping And Inspiring To Build Cutting Edge Technology President & CE Global Touc For 25+ years, Denise Sangster When Global Touch launched the first “Our sweet spot is helping technology has advised the world's most pan-European IT conference focused companies grow predictable revenue by innovative technology on partner ecosystems. At the time, it unleashing the power of partners” companies, helping and inspiring them was unusual for a female to work at a to build cutting-edge disruption through management level in the IT industry, Many technology companies continue next-generation partner ecosystems that particularly outside the US market. to use strategies, programs, and generate predictable and sustainable Initially, Denise had male colleagues investments that worked fifteen years revenue, growth, and profitability, and tell her they did not need an “American ago. These obsolete partner models are aligned with required customer girl to help Europeans with their limiting the potential for success and business outcomes. She currently business”. She viewed this statement opening the door to emerging and serves as the President and CEO of and others as opportunities to turn them established competitors. Global Touch, a tech consulting firm. into supportive peers and ultimately At Global Touch, they look over the some into clients, both of which she horizon to lead their customers through Like any company, growing industry accomplished. conventional and creative partnerships, reputation is a journey. She was known while navigating unparalleled market within the partners and customers she “Skate to where the puck is going, not dynamics and changes. was working with but had to find an where it has been.” - Walter Gretzky opportunity to scale her reputation. Products/Services This certainly wasn't the easiest thing to Global Touch is a partner ecosystem- do and required patience and focused strategy and go-to-market The IT industry, customers, and perseverance. Denise got through this transformation consulting firm for the partners are re-imagining how to adapt by writing columns for a collection of hybrid and digital computing world. or embrace what's next in the digital IT publications around the world, Since 1990, Global Touch has created economy. Learning how to transform which gave her the visibility she game-changer opportunities for its business processes around the potential needed in the early years of her clients who are investing at the moment of hybrid computing and multi-cloud is business. to leverage the future. Their data-led critical while realizing promised management consulting services help business benefits to customers and “I am a woman, but I never considered technology companies create partner sustainable profitability to partners. this a barrier to success” success. 12 FEBRUARY 2021

EO ch Looking for answers? Ÿ Deliver business outcomes partner programs and investment Global Touch helps identify where and Ÿ Create continuous lifecycle profitability impact in less than 5 how products and service innovations minutes. It will help IT companies can help accelerate profitability for momentum (success) discover how your company stacks up technology companies' partners in this “Knowing and understanding with a rating from laggard (the lowest new era. “customer needs” is at the center of rating) to innovator (the highest rating). every successful business, whether it “We focus on finding the best solutions sells directly to individuals or Why is partner profitability to your most complex pain-points” businesses. We are continuously important? looking to add value to our clients, The company is anchored in a identifying disruptive innovation, and The ugly truth is partners prioritize IT longstanding foundation of helping helping them build predictable companies that create sustainable clients stay ahead of disruptive market revenues and profitable partners.” profitability opportunities for their trends by leveraging a combination of businesses. They invest in those IT their insights, in-field research, Global Touch launched the first IT companies' product roadmaps and transformational strategies, and next- industry's Partner Profitability proactively participate in their readiness generation services that only a calculator in September 2020. programs. Unfortunately, most partners seasoned channel-savvy organization suffer from profit underperformance, can deliver. “We know that driving partner which means they never fully commit to profitability should be the #1 objective selling their products or services or They help their clients stay a step ahead and foundation of every channel investing in their future, leaving IT of market trends and capitalize on investment made by an IT company. In companies with a sliver of their partners' emerging opportunities, including how essence, partner profitability is an IT revenue potential. For the majority of IT to: company's profitability.” companies, this is their #1 problem and Ÿ Accelerate growth they don't know it or they don't Ÿ Improve profit predictability The Global Touch Partner Profitability understand why it is happening and how Ÿ Meet changing consumption models Calculator™ is built from years of in- to fix it. Ÿ Drive sustainable partner the-field data across thousands of global partners and it provides IT profitability companies with a snapshot of their 13

NRPR Committed To Publicity Nicole Rodrigues Founder & CEO NRPR Group is an award- buzz and recognition. From startups to happened, she knew that the company winning, exclusive PR firm Fortune 500 companies within was on the right path and would grow and communications machine consumer tech, fintech, health tech, and be successful. that works with some of the most enterprise, mobile, digital prominent and disruptive companies entertainment, lifestyle, sports, and Nicole built her reputation and expertise around the world! Based in the heart consumer products industries, NRPR as a public relations professional over of Beverly Hills, California, its team services the best-of-the-best clients 14 years before starting the agency and is made up of skilled writers, with a very high-touch, results- had clients lined up who were ready to communicators, and thinkers who oriented approach that positively work with the agency when the agency understand the value of building impacts its clients' bottom lines even was functioning. When setting up the strong client relationships and during difficult times. agency, she turned to her sports continue to build long-lasting ties background and knowledge that most between clients, brands, the media, Cutting through the Complexities sports coaches have a playbook that and influencers. provides detailed procedures on how to Any organization thrives on the effort play the game wisely. Led by founder and CEO, Nicole and teamwork contributed by Rodrigues, NRPR team members are everyone. Without 100% effort, it gets One of the first things she did at NRPR storytellers at their core and have difficult to find the right path to Group was to create a playbook with cracked the code on using PR, digital success. It takes hard work to reach systems in place so that employees marketing, and marketing the point that triggers the growth of could be trained on efficient and communications to elevate their the company, and throughout the effective processes that would help to clients as authorities in their period, the hunger to do better bring individual and collective success. industries. Their clients and media are continues to grow as well! Once the systems were in place, she passionate about their respective knew that she would be prepared for missions and NRPR supports them by For NRPR, this trigger was when agency growth and was ready to staff creating lasting relationships with founder Nicole Rodrigues launched the agency. As she hired team members, members of each of these the company. As soon as that she looked for those with the constituencies to produce ongoing appropriate skills, energy, and mindsets 14 FEBRUARY 2021

to have a fulfilling career that would Products/Services do so, if it will help clients and the spur agency growth. Nicole's vision agency to meet objectives. Going has come to fruition and every year, NRPR services are different from forward, the agency will grow and offer the agency has experienced year-over- those of other agencies because NRPR new services to help clients meet their year growth. Group offers its clients an integrated business goals. In 2020, NRPR Group communications strategy in which PR, opened its newest division, NRPR NRPR Group has experienced growth social media marketing, digital Productions, to increase the agency's every year since the agency's marketing, and video marketing all capabilities to include branded content, formation in 2014. From year 1 to work together for brands to maximize commercials, corporate videos, and year 2, the company experienced their marketing potential. With clear YouTube series creation. almost tenfold revenue growth. From planning and cohesive messaging, In December 2020, NRPR announced year 2 to 3, revenues doubled, and NRPR deliberately leads clients, the launch of its newest division, NRPR then as the agency grew and helping them to hit identified business Business Pro. Business Pro will take stabilized, revenues have grown 30-to- goals. The team conducts ongoing due start-ups through the process of setting 50 percent each year. diligence of client differentiators and up a business, incorporating, and understands the overall markets they everything involved in a launch. It can In 2020, the pandemic will have some serve. Unlike other agencies that take be overwhelming to register a business, impact on business, but even so, shortcuts, NRPR team members are set up bank accounts, design a website NRPR Group continues to grow. experts in building media and handle all the necessary tasks as a relationships and focus on helping company moves from zero to start-up They have been adding clients and media build stories that will meet and prepares to launch. No other Public staff and are expanding their service audience needs. Relations agency does all this for portfolio. While 50 percent of small clients. businesses do not survive to reach the NRPR Group evaluates the market five-year mark, NRPR Group and trends and looks for tools and continues to remain strong having services that will help clients to reached its sixth anniversary in June achieve success. If it makes business 2020. sense to add a service, the agency will 15

Square 2 A Holistic And Futuristic Company In e Field Of Revenue Generation (Marketing And Sales) Mike Lieberman CEO Square 2 has led a revolution in tricks. They use Square 2 as a lab and their prospects' buyer journeys to the the industry with its latest advancements in techniques test, experiment, and trial almost right marketing, sales, and customer and methodologies. They have advanced revenue generation from an everything they offer before offering it service tactics. They use their AI- art to a science with the use of AI and other advanced software. Square 2 has to clients. If they can get it to generate powered recommendation engine always stood behind a set of core values that helped them position leads for the agency, it will likely software called MAXG to drive a more themself with their clients. No Fluff – they always tell their clients what they work even better for clients. scientific set of recommendations for should do, they strongly feel that giving them the right advice, even if our clients. it's an unpopular opinion, is their job. “Be Bold And Mighty Forces Will They work hard to help their clients build remarkable businesses. Always Come to Your Aid” - Basil King, Square 2 has been in the able and expert Teaching and Always Learning – generating revenue requires learning Painter & Poet hands of CEO, Mike Lieberman who new skills and trying new tools, they're constantly learning how to do is also the Chief Revenue Scientist at more for their clients, and they spend just as much time educating clients on Square 2 is a full-service revenue Square 2. He believes that an the why's and how's behind their work, so they get smarter from growth agency designed to help entrepreneur is responsible for growing working with them. Practice What You Preach – they don't want to clients build revenue generation their company, giving the people who charge their clients to learn new machines to grow their companies. work there a career trajectory that They help businesses understand the aligns with their growth expectations. changing buyer journey and how This means continuing to add new and revenue is directly related to ongoing value to clients, also marketing, sales, and customer service innovating and helping to move your execution. More specifically, they help industry forward. clients with strategy, tactics, analytics, and technology to produce month- Products/Services over-month revenue growth in a scalable, predictable and repeatable Square 2 has always had a lab. In the way, so their business grows. lab, they regularly run experiments on the agency in the hopes of uncovering They use their Cyclonic Buyer new and innovative ways to improve Journey model to help clients map performance for clients. For example, 16 FEBRUARY 2021

they tested account-based marketing any of those are missing, you have an so they need to collect data, analyze on their agency before they started incomplete strategy. data, but most importantly use data to offering this service to clients. They uncover insights and then turn those are currently testing intent data They help them with tactics. These are insights into action plans that drive (algorithms that provide signaling data common among many agencies. additional performance. This is one of offsite for prospects that might be Website, email, video, content the most important aspects of their interested based on a profile but who marketing, account-based marketing, work with clients. They do this as part have not yet visited their website). search, paid search, social, paid social of their engagement and they do this as They're running experiments with chat ads, and almost any other digital a standalone service, where they help and ungated content. marketing tactic you could think of. clients uncover these data-driven They also help their clients close the insights and then guide their internal They are also in the process of testing leads they help them generate. They teams on execution. campaign-oriented content offers and call this closed-loop, click to close. podcasting as part of an ABM This means they help them with sales Finally, they also help with technology. campaign approach. They regularly process design, sales tools, sales They'll review and audit existing have several tests running and clients analytics, sales operations, and other systems. Recommend new technology, gain the benefit of live testing instead sales execution-related support. help with the purchase, implementation, of an agency learning at the cost of training, and ongoing optimization their clients. They help them make sure that they're ensuring that any investment in They help clients in four distinct areas turning customers into advocates and technology is producing solid results, and their services fit into each of those create referral programs, review month over month. areas. They help them with strategy, tracking programs, reference reels, whom they want to target, what and more to leverage happy customers stories they need to tell, how those in both marketing and sales execution stories differentiate them from the programs. competition, what business outcomes to expect, and how to align their They set up the company's analytics. investment with those expectations. If Revenue generation today is a science, 17

Cynthia Farren Consulting Designed To Meet Your Business Needs Today And Into e Future Cynthia Farren CEO Cynthia Farren Consulting is copyright infringement. Getting the of no software audits and relaxed a national independent conversation started in this controls, within 5 years that cycle Software Asset Management environment was an uphill battle. changed. Eight years later they saw and software license procurement firm. themselves exiting the recession and the With over 20 years of experience What triggered the growth of the focus had once again shifted away from guiding customers in optimizing their company was the focus shift in controls and audits towards enablement. software and subscription business to governance and controls With another 8 years down the road and environments, they know how to save through Sarbanes-Oxley combined with a fresh recession looming, the you money while avoiding risk through with a resurgence of software audits by demands for audits are rising slowly properly managing software licenses, the popular software publishers again. subscriptions, and software publishers. (Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, etc). Their deepest expertise is in Microsoft Each business cycle tends to retain some licensing where they regularly help The next point that triggered of the controls from the prior cycle but Fortune 500 companies negotiate significant revenue growth was the the licensing rules and mechanisms also effective Microsoft agreements and recession. During the recession more get trickier so without an expert in your provide guidance to avoid the risk of Fortune 100 and 500 started looking back pocket it's hard to get a cost- non-compliance with licensing terms. outside the big consulting firms for optimized agreement that is also geared expertise – in niche industries such as towards managing risks of Cutting Through the Complexities- this, they started finding that smaller noncompliance. specialty firms could produce Having gone through various cycles of In 1999, when Cynthia Farren started outstanding results for a considerably business, one thing that was, is, and will the business, software audits were not lower price tag. remain true for Cynthia Farren commonplace, and CIO's were not Consulting is their customer-centric focused on the risk they were running The Growth Quotient service model. by not having access to experts in licensing. Most licensing advisors Being in business for over 21 years it is Whatever solution we are providing our worked for the resellers, so their focus easy to see how cyclical the world of focus is always on what is in the best was on the shiny new toys – not software licensing and compliance is. interest of our customers. alerting CIOs to their potential In 1999 the industry was in mid-cycle 20 FEBRUARY 2021

The company believes in truly building (ad hoc or managed service) Through these roles, she learned about a relationship with their customers, Ÿ Microsoft Agreements dual entry accounting, how to work with where they don't simply educate them Ÿ Adobe Agreements any software tool, how to listen, and that but contribute to the solution and often Ÿ Autodesk Agreements someone has to sweep the floors, lock become the “go-to” resource whether it Ÿ Microsoft licensing assessments (ad the doors and occasionally tell the boss is a referral to an expert in another field that she's wrong – in a way in which the or a donation for the annual charity hoc or managed service) message will get heard. auction. Additionally, their relationship does not end just because a contract We believe that independence is In the early 90's she transitioned into IT ends – their customers know they can critical to providing you with the and had the opportunity to implement always reach out to them and have a unbiased expertise you deserve. and run multiple Software Asset conversation. Management programs within If that's all it takes to give them a path Cynthia Farren Consulting does not multinational firms. Working with her forward or answer to their needs, then resell software and does not have first Microsoft agreements back during we were happy to catch up with them partnering relationships with tool the Microsoft Select 2.0 program – as a relationship is about people, not publishers eliminating any potential Cynthia soon realized that she had found money. conflict of interest in meeting your the type of work she would love to do. business needs. Products/Services Cynthia Farren- Leading the Way In the 21 years since founding Cynthia Farren Consulting, she has had the joy of Ÿ Software Asset Management (ad I often credit the longevity and success working with over a hundred different hoc or managed service) of my business to my start as a bank companies, mostly large international teller, customer service phone firms but a few very small entities as Ÿ Software Audit Response representative, and secretary – three well. It's impossible to calculate the Management roles completely unrelated to Software savings generated through cost Asset Management but they taught me avoidance but negotiated savings on Ÿ Merger, Acquisition, and critical business skills. agreements is now well over $500 Divestiture License Allocation million! That's a fun ROI! Ÿ Cloud and Subscription Spend Optimization Ÿ Software Procurement Negotiations 21

Top Step e Modern Approach To Professional Consulting Cynthia Farren CEO Top Step caters to all the Some of the values and points Top Step is the only consultancy across challenges a professional service or business may face. differentiate Top Step from the the globe with a primary focus on PSA. Top Step was founded with one thing in mind, i.e., to provide services and competition in the market and give PSA solutions are uniquely designed for businesses with effective, efficient, and feasible solutions to help their business you an understanding of the zeal and professional services organizations to grow and lead to the overall growth and profitability of the company. Top mettle of the company. manage projects, resources, and finances, Step has been helping companies grow and achieve their goals and dreams for all in one integrated service management more than 13 years and is one of the leading and reputed companies in the Ÿ They are 100% dedicated to application. The most profitable and professional service automation industry. professional services automation – growing professional services firms The Company providing both the License and leverage PSA solutions to help them rise Top step consulting was founded in Services for a complete solution. above their competition and succeed. 2007 with the mission to enable and empower Professional Services Ÿ They have accumulated over 13 Organizations to become profitable, scalable, and efficient through change years of experience in deploying Top Step is a strategic partner with management, process enhancement, technology deployment, and skill set and optimizing professional NetSuite as both an alliance partner and training with a Customers First approach. services automation solutions. a Solution Provider partner. This has Ÿ They have delighted over 380 opened the door to a closer working customers. relationship between NetSuite and Top Ÿ They CARE about your success by Step. They are now working as a unified sharing their experience and force to enhance PSA adoption while knowledge both during the enhancing its business value. As strategic engagement and ongoing. partners, Top Step supports demos, Ÿ Their team members have “walked provides implementation best practices in your shoes” and understand the and proposals to assist with the challenges and rewards of a promotion of NetSuite OpenAir PSA. Professional Services organization. Ÿ Their services are designed to help Products/Services you at every stage of your journey with automating your professional The dedication of Top Step's team to services operations. helping their customers has been the 22 FEBRUARY 2021

number one reason for their continued Top Step is constantly evaluating customer best service possible along success. The success of their additional products/services to take with efficiency. All of this would not customers is paramount to Top Step the step further. They believe their have been possible without an equally and they are relentless in helping their success is tied to their PSA focus talented, skilled, expert, and dedicated customers achieve PSA success. especially focused on NetSuite leader, and Top Step has got the best Also, practicing what they preach and OpenAir. team and the leader in the business, using NetSuite OpenAir to run their They are looking at expanding their business has paid great dividends. services overseas in 2021. They have President and CEO, Ronn Breaux. been working closely with the This combination has earned Top Step NetSuite sales team overseas to build Ronn possesses a good and varied a ten-year recognition as one of the a funnel of prospective clients and experience behind him which he “Best of the Best” professional they believe there is an untapped learned as he worked under many services organizations by SPI opportunity for their expertise with employers and at various designations, Research, a leading independent NetSuite OpenAir PSA. They are teaching him the knowledge, technology services research firm. planning to have Top Step employees functioning and processes involved in overseas by the end of the 1st quarter various aspects of a business or a As a group of professional service of 2021. service. It is because of his experiences experts, Top Step can provide industry as VP of Sales, giving him the best practices in addition to technical “My job is to help my clients ask knowledge on building sales plans, skills with NetSuite OpenAir to drive better questions.My mentor taught me, hiring and managing a sales team, VP their clients to successful 'Ask a better question, get a better of Delivery, learning how to engage implementations of PSA. However, answer.” - Richie Norton customers successfully along with NetSuite OpenAir implementations hiring and building a delivery are just a subset of their services, they About the CEO organization ensuring consistent also help to exist NetSuite OpenAir professional service with maximum customers maximize the value they Top Step's impeccable team, who performance and standards. can achieve from their PSA. would willingly go out of their way and methodologies to provide the 23

Easyray Where Ideas Come To Life Antonio Raimondo CEO Easyray is the kind of company with those based outside Italy. To Studies, ScuolaNormale Supe- than, that focuses on the clients' bridge this gap, the company has also CNR, etc.) and in December 2012 it goals and provides them with a laid focus on employing English- separated from the CPR, becoming an strong and talented team. They take speaking IT technicians; this has independent brand. Easyray has pride in all their projects and always helped them gain a wider outlook. continued its collaboration with the look forward to achieving the best! University of Pisa and is still working The Company with CPR members on over 30 The Easyray software house was born projects and has a portfolio of over 60 with the ambitious idea of being a Easyray was born in 2001 as an private companies. strategic interlocutor for companies of independent group that develops any sector and size and can design applications in ASP, PHP, Cutting through the Complexities- software solutions in Windows, Mac JAVASCRIPT, C, and C ++ and in OSx, and UNIX environments 2006 it became part of the University A difficult journey is usually the one according to the latest standards. of Pisa as a highly qualified ICT group that leads to success. Being a company that deals with project planning and based in Italy, and wanting to expand “Our approach to work is proactive digitization. They created the UniPOS their horizon, communication became and we don't waste time” system (to digitally archive the results a problem. In many cases, it so of university exams), which has happened that there couldn't be good The quality of services makes Easyray become the official system of the interaction with the client because of a not just a supplier, but a real business University of Pisa, Milan, Brescia, and language barrier. This led to delays partner, always ready to follow the Alma Mater in Bologna. and communication difficulties. transformations and natural evolution of a company in all aspects. In 2008 Easyray was acquired by the Apart from this, their main challenge Easyray customers are based Pisa Research Consortium (CPR) and was to learn and understand what the worldwide with projects in Dubai, became the IT department for best approach to tackle a new project London, New Zealand, etc. They are a members (Tuscany Region, Province, was. But over time, they have gotten a company that outshines their and Municipality of Pisa, University of better perspective of what works, and competitors when it comes to working Pisa, Sant'Anna School of Advanced have employed new methods and 24 FEBRUARY 2021

simpler confrontation towards their intelligence, augmented reality, and big Ÿ Catering, booking, and delivery (for clients. data analysis, exploiting the best catering) technologies available and suitable for To avoid stagnancy, they dived into specific situations. They don't stop at Ÿ Social different waters, explored their developing the web application: Ÿ Products for the welfare of the potential. What gave impetus to their instead, the team will start from the growth was the fact that they decided analysis of the needs and the workflow animal world not to dedicate themselves to a at your company to create the software Ÿ Carpooling and many more. particular sector but to be able to bring more suitable to its characteristics and innovations in different fields. issues. A product is not only the object itself, but also includes services, people, Products/Services Easyray is a very dynamic company places, organization, and ideas. and is easily able to get into the minds Easyray's creativity, computer Easyray can realize any type of trend, of clients and help them clarify the knowledge, and marketing knowledge at 360 degrees. Their customers are project ideas; just as they are will know how to enhance your brand! diversified and their product portfolio particularly receptive to new Their customized and brandable includes all the trends, from those of technologies. Their team is curious and solutions according to the customer recent years to those present, with an flexible. This has helped them to enter needs can be purchased in various ways. excellent projection to those of the the New Year with great enthusiasm. future. The most developed trends of At Easyray, they have dedicated a team recent times concern e-commerce Easyray has developed and is of creative designers and developers to systems, home delivery, booking, developing many products and services help your business to focus on your blockchain technology, and all those such as- goals and achieve success. When you where processes tend to be Ÿ Cryptocurrency bank (in the work with Easyray, you will have direct dematerialized. access to your team for prompt feedback banking and financial sector) and development process. They work They apply the technology trends that Ÿ Various types of e-commerce apps with a single motto - Making your will dominate 2020, such as artificial project a great project. (for different categories of products and accessories) 25

CONTACT CENTER Call centers and contact centers have been serving as centers are generally focused on inbound and outbound the front lines for many organizations for an calls with their customers in order to gain more information improved customer experience and customer about the situation or to complete their purchase process. service, and most of the organizations of aware of that fact. These kinds of actions are revenue-driving and are usually Although, understanding the difference between a contact considered as “conversion” or “sale” by a company that center and a call center is of key importance for predominantly operates in sales or marketing niche. organizations so as to shape and enhance their customer experience and service. Call centers are traditionally seen as a contact point for brands. One of the main objectives of a call center is So how would you differentiate a call center from a contact gratification. People who phone in a call center expect a center? Let's dive into the world to know more about it. quick solution to their problems without any further hush. What is a Call Center? To ensure a good customer experience, there are a number of systems that work in unison, all focused on a single goal. A call center is generally the centralized department of a To operate smoothly and efficiently, there are a lot of company where there sits a team of dedicated staff who features working together in a call center. Some of the manage all the incoming calls. Sometimes the team also significant ones are- undertakes outgoing calls for the current or some potential customers. The nature of these calls generally revolves · Interactive voice response (IVR) around marketing, selling, and serving the customers. · Skill-based routing There are numerous differences between a call center and a contact center, but one of the major differences is that call · Call recording centers are operated and connected by B2C brands. The call · Computer telephony integration (CTI) · Call tracking and monitoring · Live call transfers · Desktop notifications · CRM integrations · Live call coaching · Call center analytics Other software or technical components that call center reps use are Computer Telephony Integration, Script and Flow Designer, CRM, Intelligent Call Back, and many more. Another interesting thing about a call center is that it is and should always be a part of a contact center. This improves the consistency and efficiency of customer experience. What is a Contact Center? A Contact Center is something that handles the current and 26 FEBRUARY 2021

VS. CALL CENTER The Key Differences potential customer queries on multiple channels. Contact · App integration Centers not only handle these queries, but they also field emails, live chats, SMS, and also the inquiries that come · CRM and Business Tool integration from social media handles, like Twitter. · Customer survey Unlike Call Centers, which field only calls, a contact center receives calls from various channels like that of the Apart from these, the technologies or software that are of company website, emails, company-branded applications, utmost importance in a contact center include CRM chat apps, social media, and many more. The Integration, Workforce Management Software, etc. responsibilities of a Contact Center team include marketing, selling, and serving the customers. At the end of the day, do customers care who exactly they are calling to solve their queries. The answer is most The key differences between a contact center and a call probably no. This is a detail that the customers can choose center are that- to just ignore, or would not want to really be aware of. Contact Centers handle inquiries from multiple channels But if you were to look for a broader view of the customers while call centers handle inquiries only through calls. and growth of your brand, upgrading to a contact center would be the best choice for your brand. It will help you Contact Centers employs agents that have the ability to interact with your customer across multiple channels and multi-task and handle inquiries from a number of channels. with it, they are also able to deliver a higher quality service faster. With the kind of technologies deployed in contact Contact Centers have a structure that is more specialized. centers, you can also capture a larger pool of current and This structure is designed such that the customers are potential customers. Understand your customers' needs and directly routed to an agent that is best trained and equipped expectations better for the best customer service and to handle the kind of situation that is at hand. These include experience. situations like sales, customer service, cancellations, particular product, and business lines. To ensure maximum efficiency, contact centers also employ much better systems and technologies, that allow them to deal with multi-channel operations. Some of these technologies include- · Omnichannel friendly · Digital receptionist, chatbot integration, auto- responses · Call recording · Agent status · Contact center analytics · Seamless transferring · Internal chat CALL CENTER 27

Trujay Data Experts At e Elite-Tier Level Darren Trumeter, Founder & CEO Trujay, an industry leader in Products/Services Pipedrive, seamlessly to HubSpot. data management solutions, Trujay teaches a customer how to use embraced the year as one of Trujay's primary focus is offering HubSpot at the most personal level by tremendous growth. Their CRM services that are scalable and apt providing a handheld approach to data (customer relationship management) services for their clients, regardless of migration, onboarding, consulting, and expertise has maintained the highest their scale and demands, which has led training. As the company uses HubSpot standards, boasting a high customer them to focus solely on providing for its internal affairs, Trujay knows satisfaction rating of 93% and yielding CRM data services. Their products and how to manipulate, map, and automate exponential growth. services are aligned to ensure that data data in a way that merits recognition. remains both accurate and scalable. The company improved customer They also offer data migration services Who Put the “Tru” and “Jay” in satisfaction ratings and enhanced the for an effortless transition of data Trujay? internal benchmark. The companies' without data loss or security breach. clear focus on the customer through Trujay's team, composed of highly unparalleled service plays a critical A key differentiating factor is Trujay's skilled and expert personnel, is spread role: higher referrals, highly-rated technology product. The technology throughout the globe. Proclaimed experiences, and even award-winning allows for more data movement and CRM data experts, the team leverages recognition. manipulation and increased the the latest technology to ensure its An essential piece to any company, opportunity to filter, merge, and customers' maximum value. Yet, no CRM revolves around the customer manage it. Through a combination of team can come together without a profile, revenue, and managing elite tech and services, Trujay supports leader at its helm. interactions and promotions. With a its customers' account management commitment to providing the best skills with a team of seasoned data Darren Trumeter, Founder & CEO, solution to manage a companies' data experts, positioning the company as a and Jay Hendricks, Founder & VP efficiently, Trujay ensures its clients' premier CRM data service provider. of Services, put their heads (and their records remain secure and accurate. names) together to create one of the Put simply, Trujay moves data from most reputed and sought-after CSV, Excel, and other top CRM companies in the CRM industry. Its systems, such as Salesforce and roots are in its focus on a quality 28 FEBRUARY 2021

experience: creating repeatable Creating Key Partnerships That working with a client's strenuously processes for CRM data needs. Yield Growth: complex data. Trumeter boasts immense knowledge and expertise, backed with years of Trujay has a sure leader, one The project called for a unique system experience in the industry. Having responsible for driving sales, and a need to migrate its data to a new, spent the first part of his adult years as forecasting, and often exceeding even more robust CRM. Utilizing unique and a military pilot, Darren transitioned to his monthly expectations. Scot Pearl, custom logic built by engineers from a role with IBM in their sales program. Director of Sales, plays an instrumental practically thin air, a creative solution He has been in the tech/software/SaaS role in cultivating a strong and strategic leveraged the connection of their data to space since. relationship with HubSpot that benefits HubSpot. The customized logic and both companies. This partnership automation simplified data in HubSpot “I have been fortunate enough to have allowed Trujay to offer additional so much that the client's entire business succeeded in seeing several companies solutions while directly impacting model changed, and HubSpot harvest,” Darren says of previous roles growth. recognized the result with a particular where he has led as a founder, CEO, trophy. and as a board member. “By truly understanding a customer's needs, we're able to create a customized Gabi Theard, Trujay's Director of “It's thrilling to have experienced the solution that will exceed expectations Marketing, states that “Winning transition from business idea to vision, while maintaining the quality of the HubSpot's Impact Award for Innovation then plan, creation of the start-up team, data,” Scot says. proves how Trujay transforms the basics and then seeing it all the way through of data management into an art form. to an acquisition.” Demonstration of Technological Our system is impeccably unique, with Innovation: an ability to create custom logic from As a CEO, he has shifted companies scratch and connect anything to from what seemed an inevitable failure Trujay has many uniquely memorable HubSpot. I say this without ego because to a successful harvest. For Darren, customer experiences, each one as a marketer with a focus on creative even start-up failures have provided demonstrating its commitment to strategy, I can see quantitative processes lessons later used as a success story. curating creative solutions. One such and hard data in a completely creative example featured the challenge of light.” 29

Luxe Digital Unrivalled In Digitalisation Jacqueline Hudson, Founder & CEO Luxe Digital is one of the names and competitions in her basket technologies and AI technology in the revered companies, leading of achievements. Apart from being a industry. the Digital Marketing industry brand asset and communication and making its name as one of the executive, she also has experience Luxe Digital is a truly unique and most respected and highly sought-after with designing and implementing class apart company in its niche. They names when it comes to providing communication campaigns using provide the best and most advanced digital marketing solutions. Luxe channel success metrics. Jacqueline solutions in digital marketing and AI Digital, although a young company, has been a consultant and a technology, making them a one-stop not only holds world-class solutions communications executive across solution and best-in-class for AI for digital marketing problems with various industries including beauty, digital marketing services. their latest and technologically fashion, cosmetics, luxury, advanced software, which is closely technology, and real estate. Luxe Digital is based in the U.S. They integrated with AI, thus making them a not only aspire to be the global and unique and unparalleled company in Luxe Digital's Road to Success market leaders with their digital their niche. marketing technology and solutions Luxe Digital was founded in 2018, but also provide their clients with Jacqueline Hudson is the Founder with a mission to become one of the solutions and services that are and CEO of Luxe Digital. Apart from global leaders in the digital marketing unmatched and provide complete being a brand asset and industry. They wish to do so by satisfaction and help achieve overall communication executive, also has providing the most innovative and growth for their clients. experience with designing and unique services in the industry, implementing communication developing and restructuring the Luxe Digital deals with and in a campaigns using channel success landscape in digital marketing. They plethora of marketing strategies metrics. are not only relentless when it comes ranging from building social media to their services but also highly campaigns, e-commerce, and content Jacqueline Hudson is a highly motivated and dedicated as they are management platforms that strengthen decorated executive with various big the purveyor in digital marketing businesses, etc. They create 30 FEBRUARY 2021

campaigns and content that move Products/Services Their core services revolve around their people, develop strategies and technology platform, AiDAS. AiDAS is experiences that elevate brands and Luxe Digital and its team have their premium and main software that engage consumers, develop branding always put their clients as their top packs the years of experience, skills, that exudes the best and create priority and their growth and expertise, and knowledge that Luxe technologies that execute data and development as their reward for Digital's team has learned and applied, elevate mobile apps. These are some of working in this field and industry. which not only is a one-stop, best-in- the factors that not only distinguish They not only provide subpar service class marketing solution but also their brand in the industry but also take standards but also hold themselves defines and epitomizes the industry them notches above the competition in accountable for their every move and standards and practices. Their arsenal the market. They specialize in the every service, thus making sure that also includes Premier Jet App, Liquid beauty, luxury, fashion, and technology their clients receive not only the best Beauty AI, and the soon to be acquired industries. services but also by the best team and Skintelligent. the best company for the job. Every successful company has a Their services are not only a decade strenuous and daunting journey, and They provide services that are not ahead when it comes to planning and Luxe Digital and its team have not only only a class apart but integrate with execution but also differentiating them shown an unwavering spirit but also the client's needs and demands in from the competition in the market by a their dedication towards becoming the such a way that they truly feel that mile. Luxe Digital and its team believe global leaders in providing digital they are handcrafted for their clients, in cultivating a working environment marketing and technology solutions, providing an unpretentious and that provides a human sustainable helping their clients achieve the best conscious experience that not only approach, for their partners, investors, and maximum growth possible and also shoots across the hearts of the clients employees, and their clients, resulting maintaining the best industry standards but also their target audience, in turn in overall growth and development of has led them on a path that is not only getting them the respect and growth their resources, knowledge, client successful but also highly respected by that their clients truly deserve. satisfaction, and loyalty towards them their clients and competition alike. and also their services. 31

Jigsaw Interactive Innovators Of e Future Of Digital Learning Josette Fleszar, CEO & President Jigsaw Interactive is one of the training, education, and learning through Every company, and educational leading companies providing its intuitively advanced platform. Their institution, strives to provide the best technology for virtual training technology optimizes the learning learning and work environment for and education. Jigsaw is the only experience by providing multiple ways their employees, students, and solution that was designed specifically through which the participants can customers. Company survival depends for teaching and learning. Their engage during learning sessions. on having employees whose technology offers a robust and easy-to- performance and productivity meet use platform focused on optimizing “Having a learning environment that identified goals while schools are learning and understanding. They are lets each of us review the information focused on test results and overall known for their interactive learning and focus on certain things without student performance. experience, the personalization for each impacting other participants during a participant, and the multiple ways a session, makes a difference in how much To help ensure goals are met, virtual class can be executed. learning and engagement is done.” - instructors need the ability to Josette Fleszar understand what's happening during They have a large customer base in all class, training, work projects, etc. sectors of business and education. Jigsaw's multi-dimensional platform Whether that's through testing, Jigsaw Interactive wants to change the allows every individual to actively look evaluations, or other means, being able face and reputation of virtual training at the information in the way they learn to collect and easily analyze data helps and education. Their innovative and work. It offers many immersive and in understanding whether their technology, unparalleled customer engaging opportunities so, as the educational programs are effective. service, and their commitment to facilitator manages the session, they can continual innovation to meet the easily engage participants on either an Josette Fleszar is the CEO and changing demands of their customers individual or group level. With unique President of Jigsaw Interactive. are what sets them apart. capabilities like customizable break-out Growing a new business to the second rooms, recordable role-play rooms, and fastest-growing woman-owned The Company multi-screen sharing, Jigsaw is truly an business and the second fastest- immersive, dynamic, powerful, and best- growing company in Georgia are some Jigsaw Interactive is a technology in-class virtual learning environment. of her biggest achievements. Her company that specializes in virtual second biggest achievement has been 32 FEBRUARY 2021

the number of young, single moms ability to get students involved is an On-demand programs, while they have whom she mentored as a result of them important factor in learning success. great content and are convenient, do not working for her at RPM. Many young Offering students a classroom that is provide the social aspects of learning. women weren't as lucky as she was so inclusive and immersive while Jigsaw offers tools that encourage social they didn't believe they could be allowing them easy access to the learning and team project work. successful. Mentoring them allowed information and learning tools changes her to instill the many values and their learning dynamics and helps Jigsaw is always innovating to ensure its lessons her parents gave her. She was improve their overall success. technology keeps up with the changing amazed at how just a little needs of its customers and the industries. encouragement and appreciation Teaching professionals need a They are always working to ensure the turned these women into a powerful platform that allows lots of various tools are super responsive. They team where their confidence and engagement and project work, where launched their new in-class assessments success grew daily. they can use all kinds of content and this year and they will begin working on resources. It's not about offering the next version which will give more Products/Services lecture-based programs, it's about options and reporting metrics. delivering information in a learning Jigsaw Interactive provides a virtual environment that gives participants the Their Learning Behavior and learning environment that meets the chance to review the information and Performance Analytics Dashboard unique needs of training, teaching, and engage in brainstorming to create provide detailed information about learning for both corporate and potential solutions. everyone's learning journey. Being able educational organizations. to quickly access this information Social learning is another important confirms learning, learning styles, Their platform bridges the gap factor in the learning equation. People teaching styles, curriculum design, and between teachers and students by need to connect with other people many other data points that help providing effective learning tools that during class to question the companies and schools improve their lets them work together in a virtual information they are learning by either overall learning programs. environment. Offering teachers a debating with the instructor and the virtual classroom that includes all class, or simply putting the questions types of media while giving them the out there for everyone to think about. 33

Unified Services Co. Ltd. Social Issues Overhauled Eiji Uda, CEO & Chairman Unified Services Co. Ltd. domains, relentlessly work and products Unified Services Co. Ltd. has been (Unisrv) is among the first that are different, and offer unique lucky to have more than one leader names excelling in providing solutions to various issues. who not only takes their products vertical cloud solutions. Their services ahead with the changing trends and are unique and standards unparalleled As electricity retailing was liberalized, the amidst the competition in the with utmost customer satisfaction major task for conventional electric power market but also leads the sphere of ratings and solutions that are companies was to reduce their costs to innovation and cloud computing. technologically advanced and equally survive in the market, resulting in a major The men leading the sphere of friendly to use makes them one of the and increased demand for a low-cost rate Vertical cloud computing are Eiji most sought-after and respected calculation system. Unified Services Co. Uda, CEO and Chairman of companies in the domain. They offer Ltd. stepped up and built a system for Unisrv, and Mitsutoshi Hirono, their unrivaled services in the Energy calculating electricity charges, including COO of Unified Services Co. Ltd. sector, Healthcare sector, etc. Their customer management functions, based on platform is not only of the best but also the platform. Eiji started his career at IBM. After easy to use interface, accounting for taking several important roles in the status and respect they command as This Electric CIS (Customer Information IBM, he moved to Softbank and the pioneers in the domain and among Services) business is currently their main joined Japan. He their competitors. business. They are looking forward to contributed to cloud market creating a product for the local expansion in Japan and did several The Company consumption type power supply system roles including board member in Unified Services Co. Ltd. (Unisrv) is a that connects sales companies and HQ and Japan Chairman in company that originated in Japan, renewable energy power generation, After retiring, he which aims to tackle the social companies. started to revitalize Unisrv in 2015. issues/challenges by Information Eiji learned a lot from Mr. Marc Technology, especially vertical cloud, “A new working style would start, and we Benioff, CEO of He called “Industry Cloud” which was have the responsibility to adapt to this new respects each people's diversified established in 2004. Their expertise movement with Industry Cloud (& ideas and opinions and takes care of and thorough knowledge vary across beyond).” - Ejji Uda the talented people and candidates 36 FEBRUARY 2021

for promotion. He believes in giving CIS focuses on new entrants who also trying to connect this solution with personal care and attention to the entered this market with reasonable online diagnostic/treatment. talented people in his company. pricing. But the intensifying market competition forced older players, Unified Services Co. Ltd. and its team Mitsutoshi Hirono, emphasizes the TEPCO, etc. i.e., to use this simple are always a step ahead of its diversity of employees. Employee's solution to minimize the cost. competitors with their products which background is versatile, from small to Currently, TEPCO is one of their key not only defines their talents and big companies like IBM, Hitachi, and investors and started the service to command over cloud computing also their origins. The team respects them. Unified Services Corporation horizon but also their willingness and the variety of experience and advocates “improving society with IT dedication to contribute to the social background and leverages them, services.” issues and causes are what makes them making their team unique and pooling a truly unique company and best among in experiences that range across many In 2019, Unisrv merged with 4U the competition in the market. They domains and working atmospheres, Lifecare Ltd., established in 2016, charge ahead with innovation and etc. focusing on a skill-sharing platform responsibility in mind towards the for health industry professionals to impending social issues in the domains Products/Services strengthen our industry cloud beyond of Energy, the Healthcare sector, etc. vision. Ms. Kumi Ito, CEO of 4U making them one of the best Their Industrial Cloud strategy, as a Lifecare, and CMO of Unified contributors and solution providers in vertical cloud solution, for energy, Services Co, Ltd is leading this area. the domain of Vertical cloud renewable energy, healthcare is the The main issue is to solve the computing. unique factor that outshines them in shortage of nurses. This is a common the market for their innovation and global issue, especially in this Covid- unparalleled products. In addition to 19 situation. Nadeshiko-Nurse is their it, their company's new vision is solution, which is a Salesforce-based “industry cloud & beyond”, which matching platform to connect nurses includes a new approach for a new and hospitals, clinics, and other living customer set. Conventional electric care facilities, like Uber, etc. They are 37

Home Helpers Emma Dickison, President & CEO Because of the growing need reduced abilities due to an injury, Home medical and senior care for in-home care, providers Helpers provides a compassionate, caring organizations. Through their must constantly innovate to team with one goal in mind: exceptional partnership with Veterans Care offer the best services and products to in-home care. Coordination, Home Helpers assists their clients. Since its founding in qualifying veterans and their 1997, Home Helpers Home Care has Emma Dickison is the President and spouses to apply for and obtain the been a true leader with in-home care CEO of Home Helpers. Veterans and Attendance Benefit solutions. Today, after reinventing that assists with the payment of in- itself to thrive even in a pandemic Home Helpers also provides best-in- home care services. Home Helpers environment, we recognize them as class training for its Caregivers. Each one also partners with national the 2021 Best Franchise to Buy. is vetted through an extensive screening organizations to help train their process and is provided with initial and Caregivers who care for clients The Company ongoing training before working with a with specific conditions. The client. Franchisees receive ongoing National Certification Board for While the franchise serves over 1,000 support from the National Support Center Alzheimer's Care is just one communities across the U.S., Home with recruitment, retention, and training. example. Helpers' approach is based on the fact It was a Home Helpers Caregiver who that every client is different. That's was named Caregiver of the Year by The Communications between the why its team of professional Home Care Association of America, Caregiver, the client, their family, caregivers provides a customized care which represents over 500,000 and Home Helpers staff are plan, tailored to each client's specific professional caregivers throughout the streamlined by ClearCare, a cloud- needs. Whether it's a senior citizen, a U.S. based solution with automated new mom, someone suffering from a scheduling via text, phone, GPS chronic illness, a patient recovering They've established a solid partner Check-In, and caregiver application from major surgery, or a person with network with a wide variety of national management. This software saves 38 FEBRUARY 2021

franchise members time and money phone calls can be used for We are not the only ones to recognize by automating routine processes, medication reminders, to make sure a Home Helpers as an outstanding streamlining communication, and client has eaten a full meal, or to choice for those seeking to own their reducing paperwork. simply offer a bit of companionship. own business, help others in their community, and be part of an essential Products/Services Safety and 24-Hour Monitoring industry so vital to the lives of many. includes free home safety check The International Franchise Home Helpers' latest innovation is assessments for every client, and Association has awarded Home Cared4, the most comprehensive monitoring and wearable technology Helpers President and CEO Emma program of its kind in this recession- to assist with a simple press of a Dickson their Crystal Compass Award, resilient industry. This holistic button. This support is backed by its which recognizes outstanding approach is designed to serve the exclusive Custom Response Plan that leadership in the franchising industry. client in the four basic areas of need, ensures the care team assesses each Home Helpers has consistently even when the Caregiver is not in the situation, only escalates true received numerous accolades each year home. emergencies and stays on the line for from industry and franchising experts less urgent situations until the issue is including Entrepreneur, Franchise Personal Care and Companionship resolved. Times, Best of Home Care, and are the foundation of the program, Franchise Business Review. helping with daily tasks, friendly Missing proper meals affects physical conversations, and everything in and mental well-being. The Meals and between. Nutrition Planning service offers planning and preparation, including Wellness Calls, which ensure that a shopping and cooking. They can even client is staying well—even when the provide prepared meals for days that Caregiver is not in the home. These the Caregiver is not in the home. 39

Nest Innovative Solutions Distributing Insurance In Post-COVID World Avijit Ghosh, Co-founder & Global Head of Service Delivery Nest Innovative Solutions have for insurance service providers with ten appreciated by their customers and the been providing business times agility and one-tenth of the typical competition in the market alike. solutions for selling insurance in market price. the United States and globally. Nest Some of their products are: believes in a need-based, fully- Over a period of time Nest's focus Ÿ Macaw AMS: This is an Agency automated, connected insurance gravitated towards a niche area of architecture that can deliver all that it distribution of complex personal and Management Solution for Brokers, takes to achieve a lower cost per policy. commercial insurance products for matured MGAs, and Agents. Built around a Nest's solution is fully digital, reasonably markets by brokers with underwriting customer-centric model, Macaw secure, cloud-based, and connected. Nest authority. Nest created a platform called AMS supports end-to-end is very good when it comes to providing Macaw Agency Management System for processes for Insurance agencies product-based transformation solutions the same. Over the last five years, Nest has or Managing General Agents. Pre- for brokers and managing general agents implemented this work-from-home, end-to- sales, sales, servicing, and back- who have the vision and the grit, with a end solution encompassing all workflows office operations are facilitated in tech-savvy ambition and a limited and processes of brokers and managing a web-based 24X7 environment. budget. general agents and program managers. With Macaw AMS, the traditional Some of Nest's customers do not even have problem of reconciling across Avijit Ghosh is the Co-founder and any physical offices. policies and financials can be Global Head of Service Delivery at addressed effortlessly. With a Nest Innovative Solutions. Going forward, Nest plans to enable this strong focus on campaigns and state-of-the-art solution for the lower end of opportunities, it is very difficult to “We research and apply emerging the markets in a SaaS model. lose an opportunity. Document technologies to deliver business benefits management, workflow, analytics, for our customers.” Products/Services and reporting are all available in one place and are fully automated. The Company Nest has a team of industry experts who A comprehensive customer portal have decades of combined experience and allows 24 X 7 support without any Nest Innovative Solutions was founded skills. They make sure that the company is additional effort on the part of the by the end of 2011, to apply innovative always a step ahead of the learning curve. insurance agency. technology to create business solutions The positioning offerings are highly Ÿ Macaw CRM: This is a CRM 40 FEBRUARY 2021

Ÿ solution for Insurance service Ÿ Macaw Operations: Macaw Apart from these Nest Innovative providers, i.e., it covers the typical Operations is a back-office solution provides a whole range of other Insurance sales flow where for general insurance to enable the components and solutions. It makes them quotations and illustrations are most strategies of insurers towards a one-stop for all the requirements of important, and renewals require a business growth, cost optimization & distributors that are selling insurance. special focus. The prospects lead ease of doing business. It supports Nest provides services for the into the opportunities, then to many insurance products across implementation of their products and quotes, and then finally with personal and commercial lines of supports after the customer's operations payment to the policies. The business viz. Fire, Motor, Marine, are running in the production underwriting and rating engines can Engineering, Miscellaneous Liability, environment using Nest's products. The be integrated if the insurer wants. and Miscellaneous Non-Liability. It services include the following: Internal, as well as external supports end-to-end processes salesforce, can be deployed, through loosely coupled components Ÿ Transformation Planning. monitored, and compensated. The viz. Customer Information Ÿ Requirement Analysis. policy servicing and claims tracking Management, Quotation, Ÿ Configuration and Customization. are built-in. The “digital” pieces are Underwriting, Policy Issuance, Policy Ÿ Functional Testing. built-in as different portals and Servicing, Claims, Accounting, and Ÿ Performance Testing. mobile apps. Document Reinsurance. A strong supporting Ÿ Penetration Testing. management and analytics are built- layer is made available by horizontal Ÿ Trainers' Training. in. With underlying workflow components like Workflow, Rules, Ÿ Production Support capabilities, the insurance service Security, and Document Manager. provider just needs to fit its Technology-wise, Macaw utilizes the Nest has been working on a component processes without worrying about innovations around new and paradigm for a few quarters now. Once the typical challenges of adopting a emerging technologies. With a released, this will allow their prospects generic CRM for the insurance lightweight platform stack, it has a and customers to pick and choose what context. Integration with legacy is deployable thin-client responsive app they want to use from their product. It is usually a must, and that's achieved in the front-end and a J2EE expected to make it easier to address by the pre-built adaptors that can be compliant, service-oriented back-end. specific business problems. used to control the data flow. The screens are responsive and mobile-enabled. 41

Crave Hot Dogs And BBQ Taste at Radiates, Taste at Stays! Samantha Rincione, Founder Crave Hot Dogs and BBQ is a not only their service and standards of and growth was paramount to them. Hot Dog and BBQ restaurant quality but also the never-ending taste The goal has always been not to franchise. Crave is rising to of pulled chicken, pulled pork, and create just another fast-casual be one of the most popular and fast- smoked brisket and fun play on BBQ franchise, but to create a family, growing franchises in its category. dishes like BBQ tacos or Mac N' serving authentic and unmatched food They are offering various mouth- Brisket sandwiches. to the nation. watering dishes as well as their most distinctive feature, a self-serve beer Also featured are many classic sides Products/Services wall, featuring anywhere from 18-42 to include favorites such as baked taps of local crafts. This truly sets beans, loaded baked potatoes and of To provide the most satisfying unique them apart as one of the best among course, fries and tots. They provide all experience, Crave has not only a the competition in the market. They of this with an interior design that not customer-centric approach but has are delivering greatness by adhering to only welcomes and embalms the also created multiple ways customers the best of industry practices, utmost aroma of the food, wrapping the can enjoy and dine with Crave. They cleanliness levels, and not to forget customer into a modern rustic design can dine in while ordering from a their unforgettable taste, making them that is warm and inviting while cashier or utilizing their self-order one of the most looked after Hot Dogs creating a sense of happiness, giving a kiosks, order through their app for and BBQ franchises in the United vibrant and authentic ambiance to the takeout, pickup, or use the curbside States today. customers. pickup option. They can also order online and pick a time to pick up. The Company Some of their initial challenges were to find the right franchise partners that Their app allows customers to view Crave Hot dogs and BBQ is a Hot Dog could help see their vision of the menu, collect loyalty points and and BBQ franchise that features a self- greatness for the future. They treat earn rewards. They also receive alerts serve beer wall as well as its delicious every Crave franchisee like family, so on their newest products, promotions, BBQ dishes and grilled dogs. The finding the right people who would and specials. All these factors not defining factors of this company are believe in the brand and its success only add to a more engaging 42 FEBRUARY 2021

experience for the customer but also competition, other fast-casual brands, efforts and not to forget their addictive allow the franchisee to better and knowing the market. Their taste, within 30 days of becoming understand the needs of their market research has allowed them to franchisable, they sold their first customers, allowing them to provide be ahead of the game. They follow franchised unit. It hasn't slowed down a more effective and efficient service. trends and move quickly and but in fact, is the opposite. Since its By doing so they are ensuring both efficiently to innovate their company inception in 2018, every year the the company and the customers gain and model as they grow. This not franchise sales numbers increase from from their experiences. only enables them to work in a calm the year before. They have a food truck and precise manner but also tracks model as well which took off this past The founders of Crave, Samantha the changing trends and tastes as the year in 2020. and Salvatore Rincione, have food and beverage industry grows recently founded a non-profit and changes. While many other concepts faced organization, “Crave Saves INC”. insurmountable obstacles in 2020, Crave Saves is a non-profit Crave is extremely well organized Crave persevered and grew with its organization that will aid the and can handle innovations in both highest year in franchise sales yet. prevention of child trafficking technology and the menu. They are Having many of the key items in place through awareness. The company not only handling this complex task was optimal to their success. plans to collect donations through the beautifully and efficiently but also restaurants as well as through its increasing the customers and sales by website, fundraisers, and events. This creating a loyal fan base among the not only shows their commitment to people and respect amongst the their customers but also their duties competition in the market. towards society, and desire to help others. The company was started with an idea and a concept along with Crave is always ahead of the curve. passion, hard work, and a vision. All They spend time watching the credit to the team's perseverance, 43

Business Automation Experts Rejuvenating Businesses With e Most E cient Technology Matt Lepkowski, Founder Business Automation Experts affordable prices. Their solutions and much room for trophies as the team is (BAE) is not only such a work showcase their rich domain primarily focused on looking around the pioneer, leading the global knowledge and a flexible & agile work corner and helping their clients to see market space when it comes to providing process. Their products provide the new possibilities. business automation and management utmost cutting-edge technology to solutions. They not only provide unique, modernize business operations. Beyond helping an original client innovative, and reliable business expand and transition to a division for a solutions but their efficient solutions get Business Automation Experts focus on large healthcare organization, BAE their customers best-in-class services, the strategic use of technology to helped grow a full-service payroll filling their demands and needs while improve operational efficiencies for its company client base to over 250 exceeding their expectations. clients. Client benefits include businesses across multiple states by improved process efficiency, cost creating a disaster recovery plan and Incepted in 2005 by Matt Lepkowski, savings, improved cybersecurity, improving processes and security across today the company has established itself improved reliability, and reduced the organization. Business Automation as a boutique providing a differentiated System Debt. BAE also collaborates Experts are striving to push their limits plethora of business automation with technology leaders to take continuously and uncover new horizons solutions, content management advantage of solutions that are well- with their research and exquisite solutions, Microsoft cloud solutions, designed and engineered for today's services, by offering technology development tools, and so on. world. solutions that will digitally transform businesses as per client requirements. The Company BAE has many achievements at different milestones in its business Empowering the Healthcare Sector Business Automation Experts dominate journey. There have been recognition the industry with its position as a global awards from partner firms and external As the effects of a global epidemic, the leader in the business automation organizations. The company has been a world is now relying more on landscape. Their solutions have part of the success of its many clients in technology and the internet which has unparalleled results and BAE continues different business verticals as they have attracted data thieves. The number of to focus on smoother workflow for its grown and persevered through many data thefts and cybercrimes has clients with innovative technologies at economic shifts. BAE doesn't leave increased with the increased digitization 44 FEBRUARY 2021

of healthcare. Healthcare organizations sophisticated, strategic business unit to Matt Lepkowski – The Anchor of BAE accumulate and pile vast amounts of drive significant value, increase personal information, making them a efficiency, optimize communication Matt Lepkowski is the Founder of major target for cybercriminals. with clients, simplify workflow, gain Business Automation Experts. He actionable insights, and deliver a founded BAE in 2005 and translated his BAE empowers and educates their superior end-client experience. MBA from NYU Stern into innovative healthcare clients to assist them in and breakthrough business management doing their job effectively, which BAE focuses on a modern adaptation to solutions which not only enhanced the further builds on the trust that is security information and event working and performance of many required to maintain patient care. The management (SIEM). In addition to industries but also proved his mettle as a company follows an approach that is this, BAE also focuses on reducing flagbearer of Business Automation common to medicine with System Debt by better aligning Experts. understanding a condition, diagnosing technology to strategic initiatives. In the strategic ailments, and taking action doing so, organizations can meet their Matt Lepkowski has over 25 years of that aligns with the organizational growing needs and combat new experience in delivering value to objectives. Applying the methodology challenges. The company is selective in organizations by creating new avenues of to a few industries has forged deep the partnerships it enters and works revenue generation through the strategic relationships with its clients and their with Seceon for an Artificial use of technology. He started his career in success translates into BAE's long- Intelligence enhanced SIEM (aiSIEM), the automotive industry and supported standing success. Laserfiche for content management manufacturing as well as engineering solutions, and Microsoft for cloud and groups. Around the turn of the century, he Business growth doesn't just happen! It development tools. began a role as the CIO of a medical requires careful planning and repair management firm. The firm implementation. Their unique and innovative solutions expanded 10-fold in 4 years and that were not only technologically and growth was fuelled by aligning IT with Products/Services cognitively ahead since their inception strategic imperatives. but to this date are far more advanced BAE's solutions enable enterprises to and sophisticated than any other transform their bottom-line to a more company in the space. 45

46 FEBRUARY 2021


The upcoming enterprises have incorporated social media in their everyday strategies, and that has helped them to up their sales and customer traffic by almost 20%, and the overall profit growth has seen a 60% rise. You need to connect your Enterprise World in the large web of social media and optimize it so as to increase the traffic on your website which will ultimately increase the customer base of your company. With digitization, the marketplace has become even more digital and even volatile. New benefits of digital marketing are unfolding daily. Digitization in your Enterprise World has become of utmost importance. And many of the enterprises are turning towards it to avoid being solo in the future because we are now looking at the world through a digital window, where the opportunities are endless. Now one might wonder why digital marketing is so important. Well, we live in a world where everyone is hooked to their mobile phones, everything is just a finger tap away, and so there is a need for the enterprises to get online, to get on social media. Even smaller businesses are engaging and applying social media or digital marketing tactics to target their customers. In this era, the digital market is evolving rapidly and has proved to be the best platform for companies to advertise and spread their brand name. Digital marketing is no wonder the most powerful tool of marketing. With just a single platform, it has the ability to reach millions of people and thereby increasing traffic on your website. Furthermore, digital marketing is also the most cost- effective way of marketing the business. When targeting a large audience, it also is possible to cut costs at some points, and still have almost the same marketing effect. The other marketing tactics come with hidden costs, while the cost of implementing 48 FEBRUARY 2021

digital marketing is mostly just time.The digital marketing technique is also a measurable form of marketing. With the traditional methods of marketing such as the radio or television, it is hard to track the success of the marketing campaign. But with digital marketing, it gets easier to track the success of the marketing campaign. You can use digital marketing analytics, which uses the guesswork to see whether your marketing techniques are actually working or not. Another major advantage of digital marketing is that it can be used to target the ideal buyers of your product or service. The various SEO tools allow you to reach the customers who are searching the web for content or topics which can be related to your enterprise. So with the help of digital marketing, you can also make sure that the right customers are viewing your business. With digital marketing, you can also change the strategies you are using to reach the customers unlike the traditional marketing techniques like television or radio where one had to wait for the particular campaign to get over to implement new ideas. Here, with digital marketing, you can keep changing the marketing strategies, to suit the new market demands. So what are you holding back for? Connect your Enterprise World to the web immediately and increase the traffic on your websites. With plenty of advantages of digital marketing, traditional marketing strategies are just a subsidiary now. But before you decide to jump into this, make sure that you have a proper strategy for marketing. With the right strategy, you can target the right audience and increase the revenue of your company. 49

Provar Salesforce Solutions Testified! Geraint Waters, CEO Provar is the pioneer in repeatable tests to accelerate releases, worked in Financial Services as a providing end-to-end test improve quality and drive down Project Manager in Prime Services at automation for Salesforce system errors. UBS and as Global QA Manager for solutions. They also provide other Equity Derivatives at Barclays related services and offer end-to-end The company was founded in 2014, Capital. testing solutions to QA teams, with the founders set to develop a Architects, Developers, etc. making best-of-breed automated testing Factors that set Provar apart and them one of the most complete one- solution for companies using maintain their long-standing success stop solutions when looking for testing Salesforce. As the company grew and and related services of Salesforce advanced its skills and services, it One of the most compelling factors is solutions. solved complex, end-to-end testing that they are addressing a very real problems for highly-regulated banking need in the market, namely helping The Company projects and realized that this was a enterprises deliver software faster and critical unmet need in the Salesforce more reliably which can be difficult Provar was founded with a set of goals ecosystem. especially with Salesforce's tri-yearly and a vision–to help enterprises release cycle. maximize the return on their Salesforce Provar is being guided under the investment and build tests today that effervescent and visionary leadership While you can use Provar to test any won't break with a Salesforce release of Geraint Waters, CEO at Provar. web-based application, many of their tomorrow. Provar aims to help He is not only ahead with his views customers use Provar to test enterprises achieve their goal of and ideas but his work methodologies Salesforce because it does present a holistic growth and create services that and culture are what has added to the unique set of testing challenges. With are not only foolproof but also a growth of the company both from the each major Salesforce release, new breakthrough for the market and the inside and the outside. functionality is introduced which can customers, and they wish to enable potentially break tests if you're using a them by providing intuitive testing Before Provar, he joined PwC homegrown or similarly rigid testing solutions and world-class services so Consulting on the graduate training framework. And what that means is teams can deliver robust, scalable, and program (MITIS), after which he has that QA teams spend a lot of time 50 FEBRUARY 2021

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