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Enterprising Women of the Year - Vol. 5

Published by The Enterprise World, 2022-08-05 11:13:30

Description: This issue of The Enterprise World of Enterprising Women of the Year is a tribute to all those women out there in the leading roles and taking on the world as they can, of taking over the board rooms and cracking the toughest of challenges.

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From Editor’s Desk In the decades to follow, women have time and again proved why their decision matters the most in the board room. Be it leading a great company to greater heights, or even the smallest step as starting a small company and making it big in the market; women everywhere have proven to be a beacon to all those girls out there dreaming of starting a business, of asking for what they deserve and simply being the ambitious selves. This issue of The Enterprise World of Enterprising Women of the Year is a tribute to all those women out there in the leading roles and taking on the world as they can, of taking over the board rooms and cracking the toughest of challenges. For the cover story read about “Everyone goes through transformations in their life. From the day we are born, we change, grow and transition physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is through embracing these changes and celebrating them, whether they are joyful or challenging, that we live life to its fullest and make a lasting impact on the people around us. I recently made a career change where I left my company of 15 years, now this wasn’t just a standard employee/employer relationship. I was employee number one of a division that I grew step-by-step that resulted in becoming a top 10 mortgage wholesale lender in the country. With that being said it was a very difficult decision but as each year passed by, I was finding myself not being challenged and I started to wonder if I would have regrets in the future.” -says Laura J. Brandao, a leader making a difference with innovative solutions Optima Office is a 100% woman-owned business founded by Jennifer Barnes in 2018. Prior to founding Optima, Jennifer was the founder and CEO of Pro Back Office from 2011 through 2018. Optima office provides an entire accounting and HR team to businesses in all industries and of all sizes. We can also fill the gaps at any level, from the bookkeeping role to the CFO or HR Director. Our main focus is on providing our clients with strategic advice, financial statements they can rely on and human resource services that keep them out of trouble and their employees happy. Pae (Utoomprurkporn) Natwilai is the Founder of Trik. Trik is a drone mapping and 3D reporting software for structural inspection. Pae is truly a splendid example of an entrepreneur and is all set to catch the top spot of enterprising women of the year! Trik is a drone data analytic software for structural inspection. It works like a google map but for buildings and it works in 3D. Trik use multiple photographs to create a digital 3D model of the structure and allow you to simply store, search and analyze these data seamlessly in 3D. Shalmali Shalmali W.

The Enterprise World, 1985, Henderson Rd, Columbus, Ohio, 43220  Follow Us On: For Editorial Concerns: [email protected] For Sales & Branding Enquiries: [email protected] For Subscription: [email protected] Publisher The Enterprise World Creative Content Editor Shalmali W. Marketing Coordinator Peter J. PR & Marketing Coordinator James H. Business Development Executive Emily Richards Creative Design Head: Sushant K. Social Media Manager Narendra S. Digital Circulation Manager Amanda V. Digital Marketing Executive Prachi K. This list is NOT a ranking. The companies on listed in magazine serve different aspects of the market, making ranking them in any order except revenue impossible and unfair. We try to bring a perfect platform for business organization to showcase their valued products/ services. Copyrights © The Enterprise World | 2019. All Rights Reserved. The images and content included in this magazine should not be copied, transferred or reproduced in any form or by any means, electronics, mechanical, photocopying, recording, otherwise, without proper permission from The Enterprise World. The Enterprise World solely owns all the reprint rights.

Leaders in Spotlight For the cover story read about Adeva is a remote network of tech professionals, on a mission to enable work without boundaries. We’re Karen Simon, President and Managing Partner of passionate advocates for remote work, and our Emersons Commercial Real Estate, Tarrant County network is distributed in over 30 countries across the Division. Karen has truly established herself as one of globe. the pioneers of her field and has brought a revolution in the whole commercial real estate field. Adeva helps companies scale their engineering teams fast and reduce their hiring costs while providing She is an inspiration to countless, and especially to all long-term, remote opportunities for tech talent women who feel that some industries are not meant for worldwide. women. The Enterprise World commends Karen and her entrepreneurial spirit for what she has achieved is Zara Zamani is the Chief Solutions Officer at truly remarkable! ChromaWay. She is a splendid example of an exquisite and charismatic leader, inspiring countless Emerson’s Commercial Real Estate management LLC budding entrepreneurs and mesmerizing the world of was founded by Richard Webb, a banker with a business with her company’s futuristic and class-apart background in real estate, and Matt Price, a CPA with services. a background in real estate. The company’s base of operations is in Dallas, Texas. In a conversation with Zara Zamani, Chief Solutions Officer at ChromaWay. Let’s get to know more about Emersons Commercial Real Estate is a sophisticated her company, its services, and her professional team of real estate professionals dedicated to providing journey. you all the benefits of an in-house real estate management operation – without the typical overhead, ChromaWay was founded in 2014 with our relational expense, and issues associated with employing your blockchain model, called Postchain, which proved staff. Their experienced team offers professional itself to be an excellent platform for private enterprise property management services to owners, developers, blockchain applications. and 1031 — Tenant in Common investors. Since then, the team and vision surrounding the Katerina Trajchevska is the CEO of Adeva among company have grown exponentially. In addition to our such a personality who herself knows the value of her private enterprise work through ChromaWay, we have education and have social awareness about it too. She also launched a public platform called Chromia which is self-made woman with kind gesture towards boasts a rapidly expanding ecosystem. mankind. Wanting to help those who are needful for a guidance is an exceptional value hardly seen in today’s “We strive to provide blockchain applications that are world. Making people stand on their own legs is not an easy to use and create real value in society by easy task and handling such task with same energy is a providing transparent systems that enhance efficiency commendable job. and reduce exploitation.” In this interview with Katerina Trajchevska, CEO of Adeva, we shall know more about her journey and personality.

12. Karen Simon

24. C O N T E N CT OS N T E N T S Katerina Trajchevska 38. Zara Zamani 28. What are the Inner Workings of Machine Learning? ARTICLE 34. OTT & Smart TV App Development Trends to Watch Out for in

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COVER STORY Commanding Commercial Real Estate! President & Managing Partner, Emersons Commercial Real Estate 13

I It's one thing to work in a leadership position and it's a completely different game to become an entrepreneur. You have to go through a series of challenges, constantly, every single day. Becoming an entrepreneur is a true test of one's will, perseverance, and endurance. But to be honest it is much much more than that. In this special edition, we are featuring Karen Simon, President and Managing Partner of Emersons Commercial Real Estate, Tarrant County Division. Karen has truly established herself as one of the pioneers of her field and has brought a revolution in the whole commercial real estate field. She is an inspiration to countless, and especially to all women who feel that some industries are not meant for women. The Enterprise World commends Karen and her entrepreneurial spirit for what she has achieved is truly remarkable! 14 J U L Y 2 0 2 2


Real Estate like never before - without the typical overhead, acquisition, ownership, and Emersons Commercial Real Estate expense, and issues associated with management. employing your staff. Their Emerson's commercial management experienced team offers Their services can be individually LLC was founded by Richard Webb, professional property management tailored to allow our clients to be as a banker with a background in real services to owners, developers, and hands-on or hands-off as they like. estate, and Matt Price, a CPA with a 1031 — Tenant in Common From full-service management background in real estate. The investors. services, including property company's base of operations is in management and construction Dallas, Texas. Emersons employs professionals management to single solutions like with backgrounds that span the real accounting and financial processing, Emersons Commercial Real Estate is estate spectrum. With expertise in Emersons can design a management a sophisticated team of real estate property management, construction program that suits your business. In professionals dedicated to providing management, accounting, banking, addition, they have expanded, now you all the benefits of an in-house and finance — they understand the offering brokerage services for buying real estate management operation - broad dynamic of modern property and selling a range of properties. 16 J U L Y 2 0 2 2

COVER STORY The journey of Emersons But this did not stop them from successful and full of opportunities. Commercial dedicating themselves to making sure The team's willingness to work hard, that not only the company but also long hours, and work well without The company has been pushing past the clients grow with them. All these any compromise brought them an astounding growth rate each factors mixed with the class apart recognition throughout the Real passing year. During their 15+ year services range of Emersons Estate industry. journey, they fared through heavy Commercial brought them out of waves and storms, but it is the these challenges as true leaders of The explosive growth kicked in when company and its team's persistence their business, and one of the most Kroger decided to outsource their and dedication that led them to respected players in the industry. property management, which is success. somewhere north of 2,800 properties. Factors that triggered the growth They wanted to work with those The company faced several of Emerson's Commercial? companies with whom they had good challenges during its initial years working relationships. So, they went such as creating rapport with the It's the experience of the leadership together and formed a partnership as clients, securing a solid and loyal team, a banker and a real estate opposed to competing against one clientele, and also growing its broker, that set the company in a another. services and standards alongside. direction that proved to be highly The company not only established its success but also expanded over the years, setting up offices in Oklahoma City, Austin, and Houston, multiplying its range and portfolio, making sure they are always ahead of its client's expectations, market demands, and the competition in the market. During the Covid-19 pandemic when It was difficult to lease space because people were not going into their offices. They were not shopping and a large portion of Emerson's business centered around retail leasing and sales. It was an economic hindrance during the primary time of COVID. As a management company, they had to work with tenants who had difficulty paying their rent. So for Emersons itself, some were very definite cost issues in handling all the expenses they ordinarily do. 17

COVER STORY “I think I would say that any market that you're trying to their software, systems, or anything, successful company, uh, works well work in if you are fair in your they make sure it lands up as their with others. It has people on board dealings with others, you're going number one priority. that understand the operations of to rise in the marketplace”, Karen the real estate business and their adds. Taking the company and its name willingness to share with others” - ahead - Leadership at Emersons Karen Simon, President, and In the minds of clients who hire Commercial Real Estate! Managing Partner at Emersons them, if you have good software, if Commercial Real Estate you are willing to reach out to your Karen started her professional journey clients and go the extra mile, the right out of college as she graduated The list goes on, so it's a mix of a lot extra step clients don't ordinarily with an undergraduate degree in of things that have made Emersons expect, these are the factors that set political science, and went on to get a Commercial to be one of the most them apart, and make them one of master's degree. She became the first sought-after and looked upon the best in the field, and always female to be hired in the Tarrant county property management companies. ahead of the competition in the community college system in the field market. of liberal arts. She taught for five years Service arsenal of Emersons in the history and government Commercial and what sets them This is not a one-off thing to departments. apart? Emersons Commercial, as there are a lot of times through the years Karen continued to stay in a doctoral Emmerson Commercial is into the when a client requires an extra program and didn't want to accept sale of real estate, and leasing for effort on their part, and they make tenure because she felt that if she did, retail, industrial, and office product sure they always do and in that she would get too comfortable to move types. In sales, they offer shopping exceed the client's expectations. on and explore other avenues. She centers, office buildings, land, and discovered the most benefit lie in industrial investment properties. They How Emerson Commercial Real working for the federal government, also provide real estate management Estate takes its services ahead which gave credit in the workplace for between them and partnership(s). with the ever-changing times and experience, as far as your education trends? was concerned. Today, they've got close to a hundred million square feet of management. There's always a new trend around So, she sat for the civil service exam They also provide consultation for the corner. So, we make sure that and qualified as a GS 14, 15. She made accounting, real estate management, we stay ahead of the curve, applications to the federal system, to etc. educating ourselves constantly, and the department of housing and urban trying to keep up on what's going development. She worked there for They have created a platform to do on in the marketplace. For example, four years, as a special assistant to the partial management. They provide when interest rates are going to regional administrator and then consultancy on a feed basis as rise, we try to see how that will executive assistant to the regional opposed to simply handling the sales affect their clients. administrator for a five-state region. or leasing. We're a full-service real Her responsibilities included handling estate company. Whether it's in leasing or sales or the department of public affairs and management, they try to stay intergovernmental affairs and general There are very few companies updated with what's going on in the communications. besides them that fall into their marketplace. They try to stay category. “If you have experienced technologically advanced as One day she got to know that if you people if you understand the possible. If they have to upgrade qualified to hold a real estate broker's 18 J U L Y 2 0 2 2

license in the state of Texas, but expand in Texas and also they had no Estate Group, a minority-owned didn't have a salesman's license, you women heading any commercial company called R.E. group could sit for the exam. If you're department within the company. advisors, Inc. where she owned qualified to be a broker, it could Women were working in the the majority of the stock, also, prevent a conflict of interest. residential divisions but not in the With the government in charge of commercial department. the real estate market, it was So, she applied and passed the advantageous to be a woman or a broker's exam and could hold a real They offered Karen a job to start an minority-owned company. estate license and was therefore industrial division in the Tarrant licensed in the state of Texas without county office. She took their offer in This experience got her the having any responsibility to anyone 1983 and stayed with them for six opportunity to expand from other than herself! years. During this time, she was the industrial real estate to learn only female in the industrial real more about retail, office land, And in the course of the next six estate business in the Dallas Fort and certainly land. She went on months, she met a gentleman that Worth area. But, also got the highest to join Woodmont company in headed the industrial division results for the industrial division in 1996, and there too, was a statewide for Henry S. Miller, the the Dallas Fort Worth area. pioneer as she started an largest real estate company in Texas industrial and a land division for and then, the fifth-largest in the After Henry S. Miller, she went to the company. United States. They were looking to work in a partnership called the Real 20 J U L Y 2 0 2 2

COVER STORY Later in 2003, Karen was offered How does Karen handle the When it's a woman she's too the opportunity to start a real competition in the market? aggressive. Uh, she's too pushy that estate office in Fort Worth for a that gender difference still exists, but company called the Bradford You have to make the effort if you you do need to, as a female, stand up company, which primarily did want to maintain a good relationship for yourself, but at the very same industrial and office. Most of its and it's more difficult for women than time, need to treat others fairly, and clients were institutional people it is for men, because so often when hopefully, it will come back to help like large insurance companies. men stand up for themselves, they you in the long run. She worked there from 2003 to say, It's just following a good 2014, and left because of her business practice. entrepreneurial spirit, she wanted to start a company of her own! Emerson's offered her this opportunity and so in 2016 formed a partnership with Emersons Commercial. This allowed her to not only be the managing partner but to be an owner. Then there was no looking back for Karen, and she dedicated herself, crunching all her diverse experience and expertise to make Emersons Commercial one of the most revered and undisputed pioneers of the real estate field! Karen's views on constant vigilance as a need or a strategy? I think we need to be vigilant and always remember that you have to protect the interests of people that you work with and who work for you. Even though you would like to have handshake deals, you have to take the time and make the effort to commit to writing as much as you can so that it can prevent issues. And then the work that you do, you have to be vigilant! 21

CEO | Adeva 24 J U L Y 2 0 2 2

KaterinaTrajchevska There are number of educated those who are needful for a guidance leaders in this world having is an exceptional value hardly seen in developed a great aura of today's world. Making people stand on education and its benefits. Using their own legs is not an easy task and education and gained knowledge to handling such task with same energy develop and spread knowledge to the is a commendable job. world and making humanity capable to develop own skills as well as to preach In this interview with Katerina them in sectors where its needed. Trajchevska, CEO of Adeva, we Wanting to help who needs guidance is shall know more about her journey a great value. and personality. Here we are featuring such a Brief us about at the company, what personality with great thought values, inspired you to start the company? higher education, awareness towards society, and inspiration to women all Adeva is a remote network of tech over the world. Having awareness professionals, on a mission to enable about education is common amongst work without boundaries. We're mankind but having awareness to make passionate advocates for remote work, use of education is what rare. Katerina and our network is distributed in over Trajchevska is among such a 30 countries across the globe. personality who herself knows the value of her education and have social Adeva helps companies scale their awareness about it too. She is self- engineering teams fast and reduce made woman with kind gesture their hiring costs while providing towards mankind. Wanting to help long-term, remote opportunities for tech talent worldwide. 25

Starting our careers as freelance What are the products or services time constraints, and in general to be a engineers, my partner and I faced a the company focuses on? How are reliable talent partner for companies whole different challenge than the your services different from those in needing consistent talent supply. regular 9-5 job. Finding and then the market? getting the right project takes a lot of Please tell us about your team. time and energy, and requires a whole Adeva helps companies scale their new set of skills. It made us realize teams fast and flexibly, to be able to Our core team is still relatively small – 20 that there are so many people out respond to their changing needs and people dedicated to growing Adeva, there required to settle for whatever achieve planned milestones. We are working across several departments like opportunities they have locally their partner for sourcing, vetting, and engineering, marketing, talent and client because finding a remote one is a hiring exceptional tech talent. operations. hassle. What makes Adeva different is our Our leadership team is currently focused That's what inspired us to start Adeva. promise to the community. We on strengthening the core processes, To help people like us enjoy the constantly invest in our local establishing a purpose-driven culture, and flexibility of remote work without communities and we go above and ensuring our team has growth having to compromise on the stability beyond to maintain non-traditional opportunities that will enable us to scale of a full-time job. ways to attracting the best talent. That better. enables us to ramp up full teams over a single weekend when faced with fierce 26 J U L Y 2 0 2 2

One thing I can say is that I'm proud As an engineer and later CEO at Adeva, Being recognized as the most inclusive and humbled to be able to share this I've worked with a variety of companies tech company by Women in Tech is experience with the team I have by my – from start-ups to enterprises. My work also a major achievement, considering side. Everyone working towards the has mostly been involving building our pledge to inclusivity and equal same vision, giving 100% to fostering scalable software and setting up and opportunities. an environment where our employees leading engineering teams. and community members can thrive and grow professionally. Aside from Adeva, I'm a passionate Any client experience you would like advocate for remote work and to highlight? Please brief us about your inclusivity. I enjoy volunteering in professional experience. organizations whose values I identify In general, we work mostly with with, mentoring, and giving back. funded startups and enterprises. In both I started as a freelance software cases, it's companies that need to scale engineer back in 2012, together with a What are the key achievements of fast and flexibly – either to achieve colleague that's now my partner at your business journey? fierce milestones or roll off new Adeva. With the tech scene in our projects without putting too much country still not mature enough, The first one is expanding to pressure on their existing team. freelancing was a way for us to get international markets after founding access to more exciting opportunities. Adeva and opening up our community I can't disclose any of our enterprise Overtime, we started getting more to people across the world. Then, clients, but some of the startups I'm projects than the two of us could becoming talent partner to some major proud to have worked with are Imgur handle so we grew kind of organically Fortune 500 organizations and helping and Hopin. up to the point of founding Adeva. them foster innovation by scaling more flexibly. 27



During the very early stages of machine This technology has thus allowed companies to learning there were many experiments transform their processes to automation, which were involving the theories of computers in order previously only possible for humans to perform, like to recognize the patterns in data and thus learning receiving customer service calls, book-keeping and from them. After several experiments, today, machine reviewing resumes. learning is built upon those foundational experiments. But the entirety of machine learning is more than that. Machine learning is a process that uses two main techniques- The machine learning algorithms have been around for a long time now, but this ability to apply those Supervised Learning, & complex algorithms to the big data applications in a rapid and an effective manner has been a more recent Unsupervised Machine Learning development. And when an organization achieves this, it can set it apart and ahead of its competitors. Supervised Learning- How does Machine Learning Work? Supervised learning is the technique which allows one to collect data or even produce data output from a Machine Learning is nothing but a form of Artificial previous ML deployment. Supervised learning is Intelligence technology which teaches the computers much more exciting and builds curiosity because it is to think in a way that is similar to the way humans a technique that works in a much similar manner think- like learning and improving from the past humans actually learn new things. experiences. This technology of machine learning explores data and identifies the patterns in it to process In the tasks that are supervised, the computer is it further, thus requiring minimal human intervention. presented with a collection of labelled data points, also called as a training set. With a data defined pattern and a fix set of rules, almost any kind of task can be completed, which can Unsupervised Learning- be fully automated with the help of machine learning. Unsupervised learning is a technique of machine learning that helps you find all kinds of unknown 30 J U L Y 2 0 2 2

patterns in your data. In unsupervised learning suggestions by Amazon or even Spotify's playlist technique, the algorithm learns some of the inherent algorithms. The internal applications of machine structure to the data with only unlabelled examples. learning inside an organization are helping them speed Clustering and dimensionality reduction are two of the up the process and also reduce most of their manual most common unsupervised learning tasks. work. Out of the two tasks, clustering is one where one One of the major reasons why machine learning is so attempts to group the data points into meaningful valuable is that this technology has the ability to clusters so that the elements within that given cluster detect what is missed by the human eye. These models are similar to each other but different to those from are programmed to catch the complex patterns which other clusters. This comes in useful for tasks like are generally overlooked during human analysis. market segmentation. With the help of cognitive technology like natural The other model of unsupervised learning, the language processing, machine vision, and deep reduction model the number of datasets is reduced by learning, this technology of machine learning is grouping the similar or correlated attributes which liberating human workers from the tedious manuals help in better interpretation, thereby producing a more tasks thereby helping them focus more on other effective model training. factors like product innovation, and perfecting the service quality and efficiency. How Machine Learning is Used? Yes, of course, as humans you might be have the From simple but some of the most tedious tasks like ability to sift through a massive but organized manual data entry, to some of the more complex use spreadsheet and identify a pattern there, but thanks to cases like the insurance risk assessments to other use machine learning and artificial intelligence cases like fraud detection, machine learning has many technologies, these advanced algorithms can examine applications in the every day life. These applications much larger sets of data and understand the patterns also include client-facing functions like customer within them much more quickly. service, product recommendations- like the product 31

OTT & Smar Developmen to Watch O 34 J U L Y 2 0 2 2

rt TV App nt Trends Out for in 35

BY THE ENTERPRISE WORLD 2. Predictive Analytics Streaming movies and television shows on smart TVs have Predictive analytics helps to collect data and use it to been on the rise, especially during the COVID-19 global identify trends and forecast future events. An example of pandemic. This presented a challenge for app developers to this can be found in the specific movies or shows that smart design apps that would keep viewers entertained and TV apps may now suggest, based on your streaming history. engaged. Many app developers don’t focus specifically on This feature is found in smart TV apps like Netflix & Hulu. smart TV app development, as they launch apps for well- However, predictive analytics is expected to be known streaming devices/platforms and mobile devices like implemented on a mainstream level in 2021 for most, if not smartphones and tablets. all, smart TV app development. However, viewers have been streaming more OTT content 3. Customization from smart TVs than other avenues in the post-COVID landscape. These OTT media services directly provide Customization is a popular feature in apps developed for content to consumers, without the need for traditional smart TVs. While it is great to have an app with predictive broadcast, cable, or satellite television platforms. Many abilities regarding shows or movies you may be interested consumers are now slowly moving away from traditional in, it is even better to customize your viewing experience pay-TV providers. based specifically on what you desire. Many apps allow you to set up your own custom notifications when specific Most smart TVs with built-in OTT apps offer an all- inclusive package. They claim to deliver crisp video features like 8K Ultra HD and advanced audio capabilities. The unified app-based platforms need to enable viewers to access various content from different OTT platforms easily with no more than a few clicks. Despite promising many positive benefits, most interfaces for smart TV apps leave a lot to be desired. OTT media services are starting to take advantage of the opportunity to shift to smart TV app development new trends. The following are some of the best trends for smart TV app development. 1. 5G Technology 5G is one of the major rollouts that will have a significant impact on TV apps development in 2021. The technology is assured to change how apps are created and used by resellers, developers, and creators. There will be approximately 3.5 times more 5G connections in 2021 compared to 2020. This will influence the speed and drastically improve it. It’s expected that 5G will provide a 10x times decrease in latency. It will also boost traffic capacity and network efficiency. 5G is expected to be 100 times faster than 4G, depending on the app developer. The functionality of smart TV app development will be boosted by the penetration of 5G. Performance won’t be affected when smart TV app development adds new features. 36 J U L Y 2 0 2 2

movies you are looking for, are available on the app. You 5. Voice Control can also set notifications for when new episodes of your favorite TV shows are available for streaming. The days of typing out lengthy movie or show titles via remote control will soon come to an end. Voice control is a Many apps also allow individual profiles to be created for feature being incorporated into a growing number of smart each viewer. This allows each individual within a household TV app development. Voice control features will also allow to have their own individualized viewing experience. you to start, stop, and pause a movie or TV show. You can also sort through viewing options with commands like 4. Competition is rising in the OTT Hosting Industry “Show Horror Movies” or “Show New Releases.” As voice Authority in the OTT industry is typically held by a few control technology becomes more integrated into homes, large companies. However, a handful of small, yet growing smart TVs will continue to provide even more options that OTT streaming services are beginning to make a name for can be controlled simply using your voice. themselves. All those platforms need support from online video platforms to operate at an optimal level. Currently, Conclusion there are many viable OTT hosting solutions. People use them for content management, distribution, and support. OTT & smart TV app development is constantly improving They have several amazing features, including live- and getting better by the day. App developers who fail to streaming capabilities. evolve or maintain the use of the latest technological advances, will not be able to remain competitive in the current marketplace. However, those who do will gain an edge in the smart TV app development market. This is a benefit to consumers who can watch a wider variety of high-quality content for lower prices due to the steep competition. The continuously changing viewing habits of modern society will continue to create opportunities for businesses with the courage and foresight to lead the way into the future. 37

38 J U L Y 2 0 2 2

CEO, ChromaWay Innovating the Future! With the advent of new technologies and In a conversation with Zara Zamani, Chief Solutions Officer mind-blowing innovations, the business at ChromaWay. Let's get to know more about her company, world has to keep up with a lot. Despite the its services, and her professional journey. paradigm shift, entrepreneurs are pooling in to fight for the top spot in today's fast-paced ever-changing era of Brief us about the company, what inspired us to start business. the company? In this battle, we met many formidable warriors, one of ChromaWay was founded in 2014 with our relational them being a company called ChromaWay. blockchain model, called Postchain, which proved itself to ChromaWay provides a platform for smart contracts be an excellent platform for private enterprise blockchain and issuing and transferring assets through a applications. blockchain. ChromaWay has been working with the Swedish Land Registry and other institutions and Since then, the team and vision surrounding the company financial companies to provide smart contract solutions have grown exponentially. In addition to our private for the real estate field. enterprise work through ChromaWay, we have also launched a public platform called Chromia which boasts a Zara Zamani is the Chief Solutions Officer at rapidly expanding ecosystem. ChromaWay. She is a splendid example of an exquisite and charismatic leader, inspiring countless budding We strive to provide blockchain applications that are easy to entrepreneurs and mesmerizing the world of business use and create real value in society by providing transparent with her company's futuristic and class-apart services. systems that enhance efficiency and reduce exploitation. 39

What are the products or services the company focuses We will soon also launch Originals, our NFT protocol on? How are your services different from those in the which differs from many existing ones by being dynamic, market? evolvability, mutability, attachability, and almost free of gas fee features. Chromia is our public blockchain protocol. The defining feature of our platform is that it combines the security of a Please tell us about your team. blockchain with the data handling power and flexibility of a relational database. Most blockchains in use today are very ChromaWay has grown from a small group of founding inefficient in the way they store and handle data, making members to become a global and diverse team of over 150 them incompatible with the majority of large-scale people working from all around the globe. We have more applications (online banking, social media, etc.) that all than 20 nationalities and we speak more than 30 languages make extensive use of databases in their design. on the team. In addition, we use an innovative consensus model that Please brief us about your professional experience. removes the need for mining and greatly reduces the energy consumption and carbon footprint of our blockchain. Well, my professional experience is not a whole different story to many more who made it right in their career. It is a 40 J U L Y 2 0 2 2

lot about focus, hard work, learning to do smart work, and then working smart but hard. I am an engineer turned a leader. I started my career in the oil and gas industry as a hardcore field engineer. My experience in the Oil and gas industry taught me to communicate effectively with a very diverse group of people in terms of profession, skills, education, culture, gender, language, and many more. It also toughened me up since it was a very male dominant industry. However, after a few years, I felt isolated and not able to relate to where I wanted to head in my life which was to make a change in making the world a better place. That is when I shifted to the tech industry and founded a travel tech later turned into a fintech company and got myself into the whole finance world and eventually blockchain in 2015. Today, I am a blockchain solution architect and work as Chief Solutions Officer at ChromaWay. I have had the privilege to design blockchain solutions in various industries and work with the most brilliant people. I am also a lecturer and a researcher in blockchain adoption at Halmstad University, South Sweden. What are the key achievements of your business journey? My biggest achievement is the confidence and trust that I have in myself today that I am walking on the right path. Plus the fact that I am a resilient and empowered and empowering mother raising such a daughter. Besides that, I have been awarded as 21 women in the blockchain you should know by FintechReview in 2021 as well Development has been ongoing since 2021, with the first as top 10 influential women in technology by AnalyticsInsight alpha season release expected in Q2 of this year. A new in 2021. I have also been among the top 50 most influential roadmap has recently been published following an women on LinkedIn in 2019. aggressive expansion of both the development and operations team, and we are excited to be moving full speed Any exciting project you would like to highlight? ahead towards delivering a blockchain game that can cross over and appeal to crypto and non-crypto users alike. One of the exciting projects I can share is My Neighbour Alice and launching a blockchain-based game. My Neighbour Alice Which is your favorite quote? was first conceived in 2020, with the ALICE token launching on Binance in March 2021. I have many favorite quotes but one that I always say myself is that: technology is as good as us, humans. The game was conceived as an open-world multiplayer builder game, sort of like 'Animal Crossing'. From the beginning, the So, if we want a better world we use technology for the goal of the project has been to build a play-to-earn blockchain betterment which is not always the case because betterment game that appeals to casual players by using a whimsical is not always the end goal of all of us. aesthetic and prioritizing a streamlined UI and mobile integration. 41

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