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Let's Talk Franchising - Liz Magazine (5)

Published by Delaney Wiggins, 2021-12-29 20:48:55

Description: Let's Talk Franchising - Liz Magazine (5)


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ENTREPRENEUR. INVESTOR. ADVISOR. A letter from Liz I would like to welcome you to Let’s Talk Franchising! If you’re here, you’re likely exploring investment options and the path to building your wealth and not someone else’s. Over 10 years ago, I was in a situation that required serious soul-searching and re-evaluating what I thought was my life's trajectory. I made a plan, committed to it, and opened my first of several businesses. My first venture into owning a business was successful due to the choices I made when selecting an exceptional mentor and coach. My goal is to educate people on the option of using franchising as their vehicle to ownership so that they can minimize their risk while maximizing their opportunities for personal financial rewards. I have been honored to work with so many amazing people who sought my help, followed my process, and discovered a new direction for their lives as business owners. Is where you are today, where you dreamed you would be when you first entered the working world? If not, we should talk! Read more about Liz here. Regards, Liz Leonard WWW.LIZLEONARDFRANCHISEADVISOR.COM PAGE 2

These are scans of a document Liz's family created on why they wanted change in their lives and how they were going to achieve it. 2008 TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 A LETTER FROM LIZ 4 FRANCHISEE SPOTLIGHT 6 OPPORTUNITY SPOTLIGHT 7 FINANCIAL LITERACY WWW.LIZLEONARDFRANCHISEADVISOR.COM PAGE 3

FRANCHISEE S POT L I GH T AMAZING PEOPLE. NEW DIRECTION. BUSINESS OWNERS. Rodney & Amy WHO ARE RODNEY AND AMY? Rodney spent nearly the last decade in the energy industry, trading wholesale power throughout the US following a stint as a college basketball coach. He and his wife Amy invest in real estate, owning a portfolio of single-family rental properties in Indianapolis. Amy works at Huntington Bank, a growing regional bank in the Midwest. We met in grad school in Bismarck, ND, where we both received our MBAs. Rodney studied economics in undergrad at Carleton College in Minnesota, and Amy studied marketing at Tiffin University in Ohio. We grew up in different areas but have settled into Indy and love the area/city. We love spending time with our families and friends, playing golf when the weather is nice, and enjoying a day on the lake. We have increased our business savvy over the years from just being employees, to active real estate investors, to passive real estate lending, and we are excited to continue expanding our business ventures. WWW.LIZLEONARDFRANCHISEADVISOR.COM PAGE 4

FRANCHISEE SPOTLIGHT CONTINUED WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO LEAVE THE CORPORATE WORLD AND TAKE THE LEAP INTO BUSINESS OWNERSHIP? In my short time as a full-time business owner, I've learned that there is never a right time to make the leap. There are always 1,000 reasons not to do something, but having big goals can help overcome small obstacles that get in the way. WHY DID RODNEY MAKE A CAREER CHANGE? The urge to own a business, the excitement, and quality of the products and services that Spray-Net offers, and a desire to work directly with homeowners to enhance their happiness through the improvement of their homes, has led to Rodney starting his Spray-Net franchise. He’s excited to provide a new quality service to the Indianapolis area and provide an enjoyable work environment for local employees. HERE'S WHAT RODNEY HAD TO SAY ABOUT WORKING WITH LIZ: Liz was instrumental in guiding us through the process of making the leap to franchise owners. We started very hesitantly with little interest in the franchise route, in all honestly. But Liz helped educate us on the franchise concept, did fantastic research on franchise opportunities that would be a match for us, and guided us step-by-step throughout the process. We never felt like she was influencing our decision in any way. Still, it was just reinforcement as we educated ourselves and became comfortable with the franchise opportunity in front of us. Without her help, we wouldn't be making this change into business ownership. WWW.LIZLEONARDFRANCHISEADVISOR.COM PAGE 5

OPPORTUNITY Let’s talk Retail vs. Non-Retail When people spend far more time at home than usual, they start thinking about all the things they’d like to change about their homes. That’s why, since the start of the pandemic, Americans have been doing everything from putting up window treatments to installing new kitchens to ordering pools. And because travel restrictions prevented many people from spending money on annual vacations, there was more cash than usual to put into home projects. “You name it, people were doing it,” says Matt Haller, president, and CEO of the International Franchise Association. “That’s not an area people think of as franchising, but a lot of that type of work is out there, and these concepts have done tremendously well. Especially the outdoor ones with no COVID issues, like house painting.” Jonathan Thiessen, chief development officer at Home Franchise Concepts, says that throughout the pandemic, home improvement franchises without a brick-and-mortar presence have done particularly well. One of his company’s brands is Budget Blinds, which doesn’t require any retail space — and saw 42 percent of business from repeat customers and referrals during the pandemic. “You don’t have customers physically coming to you, so there’s no concern about contact and masks,” he says. “When people are looking for franchise businesses, they realize they can operate this relatively small. They don’t need a lot of employees; they don’t need a lot of space.” Those attributes are especially attractive to franchisees now, he says, with so much uncertainty about restrictions going forward. “If someone is looking to start a business, they may be hesitant to sign a big lease for something like a gym because they’re unsure of what that environment is going to look like,” he says. WWW.LIZLEONARDFRANCHISEADVISOR.COM PAGE 6

Financial Literacy STOP DREAMING. START LEARNING. The Cost of Choosing Security Over Freedom As the name implies, the Cashflow Quadrant provides four ways to build wealth: 1. Employee 2. Self-employed 3. Business Owner 4. Investor The first two, Employee and Self-employed, are on the “poor side” of the Cashflow Quadrant. For the most part, that’s because each involves trading your time and effort for money. The second two, Business Owner and Investor, are on the “rich side” of the Quadrant. That’s because each enables you to leverage people and money to increase your wealth, even while you’re busy doing other things. If you’re serious about moving from the poor side of the Cashflow Quadrant to the rich side, you’ll have to take some risks. If you don’t, you’ll never get rich. WWW.LIZLEONARDFRANCHISEADVISOR.COM PAGE 7

DREAM. DISCOVER. EXPLORE ABOUT US: Setting up a business from scratch, although very rewarding, was really hard work. On selling my business I decided to take a faster route into business ownership, and after doing my due diligence, invested in a franchise. Franchise ownership proved to be a great decision because the support, proven systems and established marketing channels of the Franchisor, enabled me to scale my business far quicker than if I had been doing so alone. 207.991.0138 FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA! WWW.LIZLEONARDFRANCHISEADVISOR.COM

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