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2018 WMSS Marketing Brochure

Published by jlee24, 2018-06-06 18:32:59

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Waste Management Sustainability ServicesCustomized Sustainability Solutions for a Thriving Business

We believe sustainability is integralto conscientious, healthy andprofitable businesses.With every business that makes a commitment to sustainability, wecome one step closer to preserving resources for generationsto come.At Waste Management Sustainability Services Program Design and Implementation(WMSS), we aren’t just advocates for • Sustainability Program Design and Implementationimproved environmental performance, we • Sustainable Events and Venuesmake it happen for our clients. Working in • Waste/Recycling Assessments and Program Right-Sizingcollaboration with clients around the globe, we • Training and Educationdesign, develop and implement a wide rangeof advanced, customized and cost-saving Resource Managementsolutions that adapt to a company’s evolving • On-Site Servicesneeds. We become part of your team from • Cost Out Strategiesstart to finish, helping your business mitigate • Waste 2 Resource (W2R) Programsrisk, innovate, and optimize the use of • ISO 14001, ISO 9001 Management Systemsmaterials to become better stewards of the • Supply Chain Solutionsenvironment. Sustainable Performance, Analytics andClients gain access to Waste Management’s Reportingoperational knowledge and the sustainability • ENSPIRE®consulting expertise of our diverse team of • Steamlinesmexperts—the top executives, engineers, • Life Cycle Assessmentscientists, analysts, and innovators • Vendor Scorecardsrepresenting 17 average years of experience • GRI Corporate Sustainability Reportingin the industry. Each client is assigned its own • Voluntary Sustainability Reportingpersonalized team of materials managementexperts who embed themselves in the Sustainable Enterprise Strategyorganization, on site or remotely, to ensure • Sustainability Gap Analysisthat the programs they construct are executed • Goal Developmentto drive economic, environmental and social • Corporate Social Responsibilityvalue. • Stakeholder Communications Strategy Certifications and Standards • UL Environment Zero Waste Claim Validation • LEED • Council for Responsible Sport Certification • Energy Star Certification • Green Globes Rating System • GRESB • BOMA 360 Performance Program© Collaboratives and Innovation • Sustainable Innovation Workshop • Design with Intent • Product Recyclability Testing • Cradle to Cradle® Certification

We value people from diversebackgrounds with differentareas of expertise.Since 1997, we have been delivering tailored sustainability solutions,beginning years before sustainability became a common industry term.Today, our team of 400 professionals work together to help clients buildsustainable businesses. academic degreeS aVERAGE YEARS OF EXPERIENCE49% Environmental Studies 17 10 Resource Management Policy37% MBA, Business, MIS14% Others (Healthcare, Geology, JD) YEARS OF AVERAGE YEARS OF RELATED EXPERIENCE EXPERIENCE AT WM KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE CERTIFICATIONSData Management / IT / Reporting Materials Management LEED SIX SIGMA GRI CHMM Education and Training Programs Organics Energy Efficiency / Savings Remediation Facility Management Risk Assessment Government Regulations Supply Chain Sustainability Green Building Sustainable Events / Venues Hazardous Waste Waste-to-Energy ISO 14001 Water Quality / Efficiency / Savings Logistics / Scheduling Zero Waste / Waste DiversionPETROCHEMICAL commercial manufacturing healthcare transportation retaiL PUBLIC stadiums properties & industrial & logistics SECTOR events / arenas

We understand how nuances withineach business impact the results.Every business and organization has different needs and priorities, and ourvalues are rooted in adopting each client’s specific goals.We will work closely with you to offer customized, comprehensive solutions, whether you are just starting out on thepath toward sustainability or have already begun your journey. Our implementation and management services willseamlessly bridge the gap between conception and actualization. We can also help you track and measure results,amplify progress towards your sustainability goals, and promote and celebrate your accomplishments.1 Analysis • Assess sustainability challenges • Verify local waste program requirements • Identify cost saving opportunities2 Strategic Development • Develop programs • Plan and source sustainable materials • Share best practices and operational efficiencies • Seek out and develop new technologies • Design more sustainable products through intelligent material choices • Stimulate engagement and participation in programs3 Execution • Manage, minimize and recover value from waste streams • Coordinate third party or Waste Management hauling services • Streamline communications • Risk management4 Training • Help employees reimagine waste as a resource • Stimulate engagement and participation in programs5 Tracking • Analyze data and identify Trends • Review billing and invoices • Measure progress

We stand behind a transparent process.SAFETY PERSONNELAt Waste Management safety is the top priority. Waste Management’s talent acquisition process,Whether truck drivers entering a customer’s site for shortperiods or dedicated on-site staff performing services every compensation, and opportunities for personalday, a focus on safety at all levels drivesour organization. growth allow us to attract and retain talented individuals that can deliver the highest value to our customers.CONTINUOUS ADVISORY SUPPORTIMPROVEMENT We help our customers achieve theirOur Project Managers are sustainability goals because we knowrequired to submit onecontinuous improvement form more about how waste impactsto their customer per business than anyone else in themonth to provide a steadyflow of cost saving, safety, industry.or environmental mitigationoportunities. service modelCONSISTENCYWaste Management Sustainability OPERATIONal SUPPORTServices is an ISO 14001 / While the Project Manager is theISO 9001 certified service, which single point of customer contact, weallows us to deliver consistent have an experienced staff with a broad rangeservice regardless of industry of expertise to support them. From Operationstype or geographic region. Support Managers who visit sites frequently to assist the Project Manager or cover for planned absences to subject matter experts in critical areas such as safety, vendor management, IT, and business development, we have the staff to drive progress toward customer safety, environment, continuous improvement and reporting requirements.

We Measure for Success.Measuring your environmental, social and economic impacts helpsassess progress and provides valuable data to facilitate the materialsmanagement process and encourage greater participation.ENSPIRE® is an online business intelligence platform that 100%measures, manages and communicates sustainability progress and customizablegoals. This cutting-edge system is highly customizable to addressthe specific goals of the customer. It allows customers to aggregate • 3rd party dataand repackage raw data from different platforms into one interactive • Segment-specific KPIsdashboard based on the individual needs of the customer. • Material stream categoriesCustomer-specific dashboards have saved countless hours on monthly • Location hierarchiessustainability reporting, enabling customers to focus on how the data • User-level accessinsights can improve their operations. • Scorecards • Visual outputs WM ENSPIRE® 40k+ The current number of customer locations using ENSPIRE® 10+ Million The tons of materials managed through ENSPIRE®

We have delivered significant savingsthrough sustainable programs.By combining our passion for sustainability, our resource management experience, ourvendor-agnostic approach to waste hauling, the skill sets of our multi-disciplinary team,and our state-of-the-art data tracking program, we provide our clients everything theyneed to make sustainability an integral and affordable part of their businesses.With our support in the program design phase, clients learn to eliminate, reduce or avoid exposure to materials ofconcern at the source, and benefit from a significant reduction in personal and financial risk.SINCE 2003 IN 2017 141 22% through recycle/reuseindividual programs 47% $14.8 22%initiated by Waste Management M ILLION Sustainability Services through process through strategic improvements cost savings sourcing + achieved in 2017 $200+ 9% M ILLION through optimized logistics cost savings our customers have achieved since 200399% of customers who agree that Waste Management Sustainability Services provides significant value

case studies: Manufacturing & IndustrialA sampling of customers we have worked with, solutions implemented, and results achieved. Solution ResulT CategoryDedicated project manager to assess current operations and First facility of its kind to receive ULE’s Zero Waste to Landfill Diversion Cost Safety &waste material composition. claim. Savings EfficienciesUnveiled and validated waste diversion metrics not previouslyreported.Implemented alternate technology plan to properly identify, Diverted solid fuels and maximized value with fuel-reuse program.segregate and manage hazardous waste fuels. $1.19 MILLION in cost savings from reduction of costly treatment, while aiding compliance and mitigating risk.Applied comprehensive waste profiling and analysis methods to $2 MILLION in cost savings due to increased recycling, improvedenhance waste disposal practices. waste classification and container optimization. Worked more than 100,000 person hours without incident in refineries and achieved world-class safety standards.Designed and implemented a comprehensive resource recovery Recovered 20-25 tons of by-product per week, reaching landfillplan. reduction goal and generated $500,000/year in discovered value.Instituted new diversion program with an off-site segregation Safe demolition disposal, material recycling and commodity reuse ofplan. over 40 buildings totaling to more than 6 million ft2. Enabled company to retrieve more than 100% in money back from recyclable scrap metal. Worked more than 19,000 hours on-site without an OSHA-recordable incident; WM was recognized as recipient of company Health, Safety, and Environment Supplier Award.Analyzed recyclability and recoverability of product packaging, Equipped customer with knowledge and insight addressingtesting it in the compaction stage and material recovery facility recyclability of customer’s unique product packaging and how theirenvironment. specific consumers’ behavior impacts realized recycling activities.Researched material reclamation markets to evaluate if productpackaging would be accepted for reuse in secondary markets.Conducted end user survey and analysis forecasting howconsumers would use and discard product packaging.Steered strategy to affect true recyclability in the product design Creation of a 100% fully recyclable consumer product,stage, enabling visibility to collection and processing influences to which was the first of its kind in the market.validate selection of input materials.Created an in-plant material recovery plan to divert and reclaim a Enabled improved recycling of difficult-to-recycle material.difficult-to-recycle material, reintroducing the Cost savings from reuse as material as a raw material in their supply chain. Reduction of environmental footprint.Created a national reverse-logistics program, recovering 15% logistics cost reduction.commodities from non-saleable goods.Provided customer with consolidated monthly invoice for all linesof business, driving centralized data management

case studies: BUSINESSA sampling of customers we have worked with, solutions implemented, and results achieved. Category Solution Result Diversion Cost Safety & Savings EfficienciesCreated a custom sustainability program, inclusive of Achieved 77% diversion, from 20%, in less than a year,training stakeholders, maximizing material capture resulting in a 30% increase in cost savings.effectiveness, and optimizing single stream recycling. Immediate waste removal from site, enhanced security,Implemented new model to capture commodities with and enabled diversion of other commodities as a result ofsingle transport vehicle and provide platform to divert new just-in-time model. Customer was first toother commodity categories, providing efficient implement process in for transportation, recycling and waste-to-energy with zero landfilling of waste. Diverted 2,240 tons of food scraps across 11 retail locations, increasing diversion from 10% to 80% in 7Created customized food waste program, collecting months.compostable material across multiple stores andconverting it to compost for landscaping. Improved overall diversion rate ACROSS 7 CAMPUSES by enabling the tracking of material streams through aDeveloped custom data management dashboard to track custom data management dashboard.environmental sustainability metrics, to increase Increased productivity and efficiency or reportingdiversion through improvement efficiencies, manage cost process through custom data management dashboard.and consumption rates, consolidate 3rd party data,access customized reports, and compare historicaltrends.Placed program manager onsite to help develop and Reduced amount of more costly disposal services throughimplement an action plan, which included consideration proper segregation, increased recycling, divertedof waste treatment and hauling options, a revision of hazardous waste, and maintained compliance with stateprocedures, communication plan development, and regulatory regulations. Customer recognized foroptimizing container placement, tracking progress/ multiple industry awards for consecutive years.success, stakeholder training and education. Increased diversion and stabilized monthly costs throughEmbedded an operations manager to develop and waste diversion practices, access to preferred vendors,implement a system-wide single-stream recycling and efficient program design.program and a program for regulatory complianceand safety. Reduced waste costs through operational efficiencies, expert program implementation, and use of select vendors.

case studies: organizationsA sampling of customers we have worked with, solutions implemented, and results achieved.organization Results achieved • Achieved 99.7% diversion • UL 3rd Party Validation • Achieved 91.1% diversion • 80.7% materials diverted from landfill • Comprehensive sustainability baseline of program • Evergreen certification from Council for Responsible Sport • 100% material diversion • Evergreen Inspire certification from Council for Responsible Sport • Restored 63 million+ gallons of water • 100% of electricity provided by renewable energy • $10 million in charitable donations • “100% landfill diversion rate with 13.9% incineration with energy recovery” validation from UL • First GEO Certified© tournamentSolutions Along the Sustainability JourneyEvaluation & Policies Implementation Reporting & CommunicationDEACVSOESALEMNOSMASPULMMNYEEISNNTITTSY PERNOGCAUGREEENEMMREEGNNTYT TRAINING WASTE DATACEMERANTNGIAAFGGICEEWAMMATEETINNEONRTT REPORTING

The journey starts here.Companies around the world have an opportunity to gain alasting competitive advantage with an experiencedsustainability counterpart who takes their successpersonally. Our mission is to equip you with the insightand direction needed to help you maximize your success.With Waste Management Sustainability Services as yourtrusted partner, you gain access to resources, technologiesand innovations from the leading environmental solutionsprovider in North America.Collaborations and innovation fuel our dedication toward amore sustainable tomorrow. We seamlessly integrateourselves as members of your team, advocating for yourgoals and committing to help you succeed. Your journey toa more sustainable future starts with a conversation withone of our Waste Management SustainabilityServices experts.Email us at [email protected] toget

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