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ADIA ES Santa Maria, Laguna Brigada Eskwela 2021

Published by fatimapanaligan0918, 2022-11-15 00:22:55

Description: BE Magazine 2021


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ESKBRWIGADEA LA 2021 Able Divergent Intitution Amidst Pandemic

TABLE OF CONTENTS 03 12 Partnership Initiatives Generated Resources and Activities Partnerships are a shared The mere lay foundation of every responsibility and reciprocal programs, projects and activities process whereby schools and other depend largely on the availability of community agencies and resources and its proper utilization. organizations engage deeply and Thus, DepEd MOOE subsidy culturally appropriate ways to take allotment to support the operation initiatives on the realization of and realization of priority programs, projects, and improvement areas on various activities(PPA'S) to meet the success PPA'S however, the BE aims to indicators on the Brigada Eskwela measure the engagement and amidst pandemic and challenges volunteerism. The strengthened thereby strategic interventions in RA8525 - Adopt A School Program each key dimensions as indicated in upholds full support and potential the learning continuity plan. stakeholders who will extend great help one way to another make a 14 strong community partnership (SCP) and resulted greater outcomes. Bayanihan Effort to support BE-LCP This section will focus on the spirit of volunteerism from the different stakeholders in securing the delivery of quality education in the midst of pandemic. It will highlights the school collaboration to stakeholders, safe operations, preparedness and resiliency and wash in school program Wins.

PARTNERSHIP INITIATIVES AND ACTIVITIES Adia Elementary School exemplified the full Therefore, no wonder that all programs, engagement of partners among and to projects and activities (PPA's) is successfully stakeholders in accordance to RA 8525, implemented from these partnership which is the Adopt-A-School-Program inhibited by each stakeholders. Any kind of wherein it encompasses all potential and support given by each potential stakeholders interested NGO's, NGA's, private individuals, is under the proper auditing and reporting as LGU's and OFW's to extend one way to well as the MOA and MOU which gives full another as cohesive partners of the consent and agreed upon transactions which institutions. ever help is given and appreciated by the The strengthened support exhibits the school. \"education must continue excerpt School-Community-Partnerships to sustain ffrom Hon. Sec. Briones and indeed and maintain the existing and indicative responded by distinct organizations to concerns of each key dimensions specified in address any concern where the government the Enhanced School Learning Continuity scarcity is existing. Plan (D.O. 012, s. 2020)

Community In Action: Parents support mechanism Home Partnerships A strong relation of community and the school can be viewed in ADIA Elementary school in which each member initiated support and help in improving the internal and external aspect. School-Community-Home- partnerships the bridge channel for strong engagement through collaboration, shared leadership towards common aspirations in making a school learning environment conducive and child-friendly school system a safe operation for the well-being of everyone to and from the society. ALONE, WE CAN Holding School DO SO LITTLE; Open House Day TOGETHER, WE CAN DO SO MUCH – @hele nkeller

Nanay, Tatay, Guro Ko Para guro in action Aligned with SLCP activities, plan, and management to undergo the process and LEARNING SPACES implementation of SLCP. The ultimate goal AND ACTIVITIES is to deliver the learning to and from the school. The face of education is changing due to the drastic effect brought by this pandemic. Students are prohibited to go to school and attend face-to- face classes and their home is their new classroom. Pertinent to this, the school initiated strategic interventions to continue education putting priority to health and safety. Strict compliace with the IATF and Deped health proctocols are being observed most especially during the distribution and retrieval of SLM's. Additionally, students environment is one of the great factors in achieving goals to productive learning. The school encourages learners to have a conducive learning environment where they can focus and can alleviate or deminish destructions.

Brigada heroes Engagement strategies and activities Commitment, collaboration, and shared efforts are the key indicators to engage all stakeholders and to address the challenge that requires strategic interventions to cope and resolve conflicts in terms of resources management and implementation phase.

SLAC Session School District Technical Assistance from PSDS Collaboration Coordination and open channels of communication to support body system of school to district and down to community making a strong mechanism to meet the success in all PPA's. Virtual orientation and limited face-to-face accompanied by school memo and signed by the proper authorities of the incorporated action plan and targets of this BE 2021 adhered in safety operation and proper implementation of BE with the theme \"Bayanihan sa Paaralan\" and accompanied by Brigada Pagbasa to reach the learners' needs by adopting various reading programs may somewhat be possible to achieve because each one cares for the learners future. Collaboration with PSDS and Property Custodian Best parent-teacher Conduct of best classhome 2021

BRIGADA ESKWELA PROGRAM READINESS Through organized plan among the team and action, everything turns into reality. Aligned with SLCP guiding principles, there are salient PPA'S developed to make BE '2021 possible. With the theme “Bayanihan sa Paaralan”, the Brigada Eskwela emphasizes the country's collective efforts in promoting collaboration for safe living and addressing social issues and concerns in schools, at homes, and in the community.

China Bank Donation ENGAGEMENT TO ALL EDUCATION STAKEHOLDERS Upholding whole participation of Stakeholders engagement is the process by which an organization involves people who may be affected by the decisions it makes or can influence the implementation of its decisions.Thereby, intensive planning that requires swot analysis to validate the most appropriate interventions that made them satisfied on the expected outcomes of all PPAs and its relevant stakeholders the core of the program itself the learners well being. Logos of participating institutions that contributes to the school development of the school's operation and maintenance

INVOLVEMENT OF PARTNERS IN BRIGADA PAGBASA Reading is of vital importance in education ang learning. The fundamental goals of the Brigada Pagbasa Caravan are to develop a genuine love for reading and enhance the reading ability of learners' linguistic proficiency. But in this difficult system of education, reading might be at stake and in need of enhancement and intervention to ensure that all learners must be a reader and not be left behind.

Through various reading programs orientation and launching, Project BUS, Project Reach and Project RTP initiated and implemented with corresponding monitoring tool and analysis the learning gaps would have been met and diminished. Project REACH The school strengthened the adoption of a reading program in English anchored to Project REACH (Remote Educational Assistance for Continuous learning at Home). Project BUS Another project in developing the reading abilities of the learners despite the distance learning is the project BUS or \"Basa, Unawa, at Sulat). This project in collaboration with the teaching force of ADIA ES has been successfully started. Project RTP To reach the marginalized, the school initiated the project RTP or the Radyo mo, Tulong sa Pag-aaral ko which serves as the supplementary teaching support for learners' development and for easy understanding of the lesson. The municipality and barangay immediately made steps as they donated 27 radio and 27 USB with 32 gigabytes storage.

BENEFICIARIES NUMBER OF BENEFICIARIES 169 Students 8 Teacher Personnel The main beneficiaries of the 1 Non-Teaching Personnel program includes: eight (8) teachers, wherein they will be 178 capacitated in terms of human resource development for intensifying the community- relations to establish rapport and in return a positive response from the stakeholders to support any endeavor of the school; 169 learners who are the core and important clientele to offer and give utmost services to become a resilient and responsive learners in the inputs and intervention given in this thriving times. The community who became the partner of the school yo support in any kind lof help and assistance to suffice the resources in all PPA's of the school. Above everything else, the school level of performance to improve and develop the key performance indicator. Generated Resources

GENERATED RESOURCES Through presence of potential stakeholders and composition of NGO's, NGA'a private individual, Alumni and other interested and committed stakeholders to engage in giving assistance to the school. Employing as TEA ambassador and in compliance to RA 8525 with its corresponding forms to properly liquidate report, record and inform the public about the generated and utilized resources from the gathered data. Public forum has been made and hosted to transparency board as part of TEA governance. Which gain trust and confidence as well as the (AURA) Authority Responsibility and Accountability.

BAYANIHAN EFFORT TO Bayanihan renewed despite of pandemic and challenges. Full engagement and SUPPORT BE-LCP commitment tpwards the school improvement and development underlies the total School Safety, performance of the indicative indicators in each key performance result area. preparedness and However, DEPED Initiated Adoption of School Learning Continuity Plan to Resiliency ensure the continious basic education Pursuant to BE-SLCP guidelines DO 012, s. 2020- Adoption of Collaboration to School Learning Continuity Plan, stakeholders DRRM measures and IATF health protocols, the school ensure its The key to success in all endeavors and safety, preparedness and resiliency plan is through collaboration possessing a of all stakeholders and consider the common goal and aspirations to achieve health as the topmost priority the desired target indicated in the SIP, and nowadays. PPA's action plan. Involving the parents/guardians and practicing feedback mechanism is essential in building a harmonious relationship and shared-leadership. Wash in School Program WinS The DepEd WinS Program as established in Adia ES is supported and designed to achieve learning and health outcomes of learners through a comprehensive, sustainable, and scalable school-based WASH program pursuant to the State's mandate to defend the right of children to dignity, assistance, and protection from conditions that would hamper their health, prevent hygiene related disease, promote health seeking behavior and life skills, and improve attendance based from the modules they received and retrieved.

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