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DPR 0303 final high res

Published by molly, 2014-08-19 14:30:10

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Volume 3, Number 3 • July 14, 2014 DIGITAL PUBLISHING Briefy Noted: Recent Tweets of Interest (Follow us: @ Playing at Reading: Thoughts and thejossgroup) Research on E-books for Children The Latest Word Book Industry Study Group Releases BookStats Volume 4 By Molly Joss Adobe 2014 Digital Publishing Symposium Presentations Available In her book The Way to Write for Children, author Joan Aiken (1924 to 2004) says writing books for chil- Online dren should be a vocation. She also says, “a child reads only 600 books in the course of childhood. All Barnes & Noble to Spin Of Nook of those 600 have already been written.” Aiken wrote these thought-provoking words in the early 1980s. Division Creating a Fixed-Layout EPUB3 File Apple Agrees to Allow IBM to Sell iPads and iPhones Using Adobe InDesign CC Save the Date! On Thursday, September 25, 2014, the Digital Publishing In the June 2014 release of major changes and updates to Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe added a new Report will conduct a one- capability to InDesign CC which should make the lives of many digital publishers much easier. It is now day seminar in Washington possible to create a fxed-layout EPUB3 (EPUB 2.0.1 is also supported for refowable EPUBs) fle from DC on using digital pub- within InDesign. Prior to this most recent release, the most efective way to create a fxed-layout EPUB lishing for senior executives fle using an InDesign fle as the starting point was to use third-party software. who manage publishing for non-profts and trade as- sociations. Details to come soon, but save the date! FROM THE PUBLISHER OF THE SEYBOLD REPORT ISSN: 2169-1150

Playing at Reading: Thoughts and Research on E-books for Children By Molly Joss In her book The Way to Write for Children, author Joan Aiken (1924 to 2004) says Read, read, read. Read everything—trash, classics, writing books for children should be a vocation. She also says, “a child reads only 600 books in the course of childhood. All of those 600 have already been writ- good and bad, and see how they do it. Just like ten.” Aiken wrote these thought-provoking words in the early 1980s. a carpenter who works as an apprentice and studies the master. Read! You will absorb it. Then I have no idea how Aiken came up with the fgure of 600, although given her write. If it is good, you will fnd out. If it is not, professional pedigree, if anyone knew how many books children read in a given childhood it would have been Aiken. A prolifc and award-winning author, Aiken’s throw it out of the window. —William Faulkner writing career spanned more than 50 years; during this time she wrote more than a 100 books. Some of her books for children and young adults are perennial bestsellers, having sold millions of copies. I love to read and probably worked my way through a great many more than 600 titles in my childhood and teen years. I consider the ability to read one of Frankly, although I respect Aiken’s comments and perspective greatly, some days my most precious gifts. Accordingly, I encourage all of my students to read more I suspect there are some children who have not read a single book—ever. In than they are asked to for their school work. I make this suggestion in part be- addition to owning and publishing several newsletters for graphic arts industry cause, back when I was in junior high school, a school counselor told me to read professionals and conducting seminars and conferences for the same folks, for anything and everything I could “get my hands on” when I asked her the best more than 15 years now I have spent hours each week during the school year way to improve my reading skills and vocabulary (yes, I was a geek even back teaching and tutoring high school students. I help them improve their writing, then). reading, and math skills. In addition, I help student organize their study time and also imrpove their SAT and ACT scores. Once in awhile I also tutor college stu- In addition to the general suggestion to read more, I have been known to sug- dents and adult learners in college-level classes. gest to students specifc books after learning about their interests and ambi- tions—and to give away copies of texts to students. Recently, for example, I gave Before I began to tutor students, I taught part-time at the college level for fve a copy of Winnie the Pooh (in Latin) to a student who working on improving her years and also taught college test prep classes during that time. I switched to ACT and SAT scores. She is a rising high school Senior and was then in her second tutoring only because I fnd tutoring students one-on-one much more reward- year of Latin studies at a local private school. Believe it or not, she was delighted! ing. Tutoring allows me to focus on the needs of one student at a time, although during a school year I work with as many as fve or six students. I enjoy doing Some of the titles of books I have given to other students over the years include helping teens succeed academically and always fnd the experience gratifying. Night, To Kill a Mockingbird, and the Grapes of Wrath. These are all classic novels, HOME 2 ↵

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