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JADS President & the Editorial Team Participating in IADS 68 Annual Congress Who are we? Executive Board Message from the Co-Founder How to do a Research? Journey in JUH Personality Type Test Game Interview with Dr Joseph Kan Continuing Dental Education in US Postgraduate Program in Jordan Advices for Viva & Dress Code Orthognathic Surgical Case IADS 68th Mid Year Meeting in Jordan Partners & Sponsors


LETTER from the EDITORS HALA RABAH AREEJ SHWIKI Dear Readers, YAHYA ABU SHEHAB Since November 2021, the editorial team worked for days and nights to make our annual magazine content vastly beneficial for you. While walking through the pages, you will get a bit of taste of the atmosphere present during each interview, academic & social event held during this year. For that, we are glad to publish our second annual magazine, which summarises our hard work & efforts given in every single accomplishment & proceeds. In this magazine, you would realize the importance of team works for the sake of our prosperity & self-development to make this world better. Coming together & helping each other to overcome the hardships & creating a promising future for all of us. Special thanks to all professors, doctors, students, collaborators,& sponsors who were greatly supportive of the stunning shining of our organisation, representing the creativity & dedication of the Jordanian dental students to humanity, society, & the world. SAID ABDELNABI

Participating in 68TH ANNUAL CONGRESS Joining an IADS meeting is probably the best way to get familiar with the association and to get all the answers to your questions, since the programs that are organized during the meeting are meant to make the structure and the activities of the IADS transparent and understandable so that our members can benefit the most of them. IWAhDo Sis? Representing Jordan The International Association of Dental Students (IADS) was Introducing Jordan's culture founded in 1951 in Denmark, in order to serve the educational & food traditions during needs of dental students throughout the world. Representing IADS exchange fair. the interests of more than 200,000 dental students in around 60 countries worldwide and having its headquarters at the FDI World Dental Federation headquarters in Geneva (Switzerland), the Association strives for educational and scientific excellence throughout the international projects and initiatives it manages. AIAimDs oSf MEETINGS The aim of IADS meetings is to gather representatives and delegates of IADS members, partners of IADS and people interested in the association together to exchange ideas, update each other, brainstorm and work together. The possibilities for conduction of these activities are diverse: The General Assembly, the Committee Meetings, the scientific programs, the workshops, the social activities. How often does the ASSOCIATION MEET? IADS has a tradition of organizing two meetings each year. The Annual World Dental Student Congress which is the biggest event of the year, usually takes place at the end of summer, it always hosts the General Assembly and this is where the annual elections take place; and The Mid-Year Meeting, which usually takes place at the end of winter or beginning of spring, is an intermediate meeting between two Congresses to evaluate and optimize the work of the IADS.

HISelTd Ain NTuBrkUeyL Turkey is a transcontinental country located in Southeastern Europe and Southwestern Asia bordering the Black Sea. Neighboring countries include Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Iran, Iraq, and Syria. Turkey has a strategic location controlling the Turkish Straits that link the Black and Aegean Seas. The geography of Turkey consists of narrow coastal plains in the west that become increasingly rugged as they progress eastward. GENERAL ASSEMBLY Our delegate, Dima Alam, representing JADS, & discussing the application of hosting IADS mid-year meeting in Jordan.

WHO ARE WE? JADS (The Jordanian Association of Dental Students) is a non-governmental, non-profit, students association found by Jordanian Dental Students in August 2012, that aims to empower dental students across Jordan thorough all kinds of medical, voluntary and cultural aspects in the region and world-wide, and involve students in community and humanitarian voluntary work to benefit the national community. JADS has seven committees; Medical awareness and Screening, Scientific, Human Rights, Training, Social, Exchange and Editorial.

EBxOecAutRivDe General Secretary Vice President Treasurer NADEEN HAJ AHMAD YAZAN DALBEH RAGHDA'A NASER Social Media Social Media Exchange OLA HAHA DANIA QAITUQA AIAH HAROUN Social & Extracurricular Human Right Social & Extracurricular DANA ALQUDAH AURORA TAWEEL RAGHAD HAMMAD

EBxOecAutRivDe Human Right Training Training NEJOOD HAWARI BALQEES THEEB ABLA HAMARNEH Medical Awareness Medical Awareness Scientific & Research TASNEEM MUHSSIN MARAH ZAYADEEN SARA AL-FUQAHA Check our Website WWW.JADS-WEB.ORG/ Scientific & Research NATALIE DEIR

ACmoe-fagoe ufronm tdheer Back in 2010 when JADS was just an Dr Mohammad Bustani idea, I was just one of six; Osama Afaneh, Rawand Abu Abboud, Dalia Ramadan, Zaid Khouri, and Furat Atharbeh, who started this association. To be honest, we never thought that JADS will make it this far. I cannot be more proud of JADS than I am today, and I am sure you are all very proud as well. JADS today is glowing on the national and international levels. Jordan was the first to host the mid- year meeting twice, back in 2015 and 2022. I know for a fact how hard it is to organize such a huge event, I would like to congratulate Dima Alam and the organizing committee for the amazing job they did, HATS OFF... I urge you all as dental students to stick together and aim for more achievements as a whole. JADS will provide you with more chances to excel and will make your university life much more interesting, thats for sure. I still remember when my team won the treasure hunt event in 2012. Also, the day I welcomed to Jordan the friends I met during previous IADS events in Italy and Tunisia. Last but not least, I want to wish the upcoming executive board members all the luck, and keep up the good work. Regards, Dr Mohammad Bustani

IRnEtroSdEucAtioRn Cto H Interview with DrAseel Sharaireh Doctor of Philosophy: Stem cell biology (Basic dental sciences)- University of Manchester 2020

FIntreormnaatimonemalbAerssofociation of Dental Research (IADR) Tell us about yourself : Why should Dental Students do a research? I think of myself as lively, energetic & passionate. I always seek to grow & become the best version of 1 Research encourages you to find the most myself. I love having fun and enjoying good times recent information available. In certain fields, but I also believe learning is a journey that is long but prosperous. I enjoy philosophy, comedy shows, especially scientific ones, there’s always new animal documentaries, and I like reading books that help me understand the world or books on information and discoveries being made self-improvement. 2 Staying updated prevents you from falling Life & Career : behind and giving inaccurate info. For After the proclamation of my high school scores in example, a few years ago most of the clinical the kingdom, I knew I wanted to be a dentist, was impassionate about the artistic side of dentistry & restorative work was done using amalgam pleased to be accepted into the University of Jordan. I graduated from the University of Jordan in 2010 as restorations. But a few years later while much a doctor of dental surgery. From Jan -2011 To Sept 2014, I worked as a general dentist in a private research has been devoted to the dental center & during this period time, I started to search for the specialty that suits me best. I development of other restorative materials, attempted to get registered in periodontology and pediatric dentistry specialty programs but wasn’t Composite became more dominant and that's accepted. I continued working in a polyclinic setting until I came across the recruitment ad that the due to research. University of Jordan is funding for scholarships in basic science. I applied & had the position, I worked 3 Since more and more techniques would as a teacher assistant, got involved in research, & change in dentistry over time due to was introduced to the Stem Cells Therapy Centre. Moreover, I was delighted with the paradigm shift of developments, students should not graduate the clinical work into research. without realizing the significance of the research. 4 You'll gain an academic credentials that will help create a well-rounded resume for specialty & scholarship applications abroad, especially after the publication of your work. 5 It is also an excellent opportunity to develop relationships with faculty members who work in your area of interest and make connections with other students working on research.

A Certified Carbon Literacy Trainer How to a research? All-Academic of the University of Jordan are researchers with ongoing research projects, & so in continuous need of qualified students to help with the steps of research, including finding a topic or creating a paper, etc. the first step is to find identify a gap in research, a new Secondly, is to approach one of the faculty's academics distinguished topic that was not published before. The with the topic of interest. research idea usually comes from curiosity, a question, an interest, some lack of knowledge and a desire to obtain Create a team, distribute the work, do literature view appropriate answers. together & create a proposal, all these skills would have to be learned during the process of research making. Keep in mind that you cannot do research alone, authors should belong to an institution and or as properly described “affiliated with a University”. That's why you should exploit the affiliation of the University of Jordan during your academic year. In regards to the funding of the research, the students Publication: What's important here is the topic of the don't have to worry about it because the principal research & all its relevance, why was the research done & investigator is the one responsible for it. how, ethical issues & results. Which articles worth reading? Most of academics uses Google Scholar for scientific resources. However, generally, any written articles in classified journals as according to special committee with Impact Factor (IF) is acceptable. The IF is used to measure the importance or rank of a journal to insure that the article is not fabricated & or falsificated. Also you can simply check the number of citations for that article, which could be an indication to the strength of the article, in most cases the bigger number the better. Other way to check the safety of the article is to google the article you wanted to read & search if it is a predatory journals, check impact factor or classification. PubMed (NCBI) is also one of the best sources for medical information & journals. A drawback you might face is not finding open access articles in your topic area, which means you need to pay to gain an open access.

A JOURNEY JINU H ONE RANDOM QUESTION 2021 D E C ' 1 9 12 SOCIAL QUESTIONS ASKED! A group of the editorial team went through a journey at Jordan University hospital. Throughout the journey, a social question was asked to the people of the hospital to interview their daily glimpses alongside their portraits to create a visual analogue of the hospital community. The first academic teaching hospital in the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan. Being a leader, JUH is also the first hospital in the Arab region, the second in the Middle East, and the eighteenth worldwide to receive the accreditation of the Joint Commission International (JCI).

ORAL MEDECINE & SPECIAL PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY CARE DENTISTRY DEPARTMENT DMR. YEAZEANTHASSONA MHASEHEEMTTAYEM Oral medicine & Special Care Dentistry Specialist 10 years old outpatient What qualification do i need to work with special What is the first thing you will do once you get needs? back home? I've been dealing with special needs for years, and in my I will draw, I love to draw since I was 5 years old, drawing my experience, I recognised that these patients need much colors explains emotion & feelings that words cannot. more than knowledge and dental experiences in this field as oral medicine is a comprehensive speciality that includes the This is my recent drawing, my carves is the main inception of perception of the patient's inner emotions & feelings to be the art, it demonstrate how Mother’s love saves their kids from able to communicate & address the patient's necessities to the dangerous effect of social media. attain the goal of the treatment, and so, making them more cooperative. You don't communicate with these patients by spoken words, you just need to reach them, and understand the effect of the environment that surrounds them. Any new environment would change their behaviour, maybe making them more anxious and violent than they are, but you are the one that can modify this environment, making it more comfortable and familiar. You have to know that these patients express their pain in a different way, they usually tend to stop eating or change their behaviour or weep and mourn. Last year, the school of dentistry has established a new postgraduate program in oral medicine, and special care dentistry for the first time in Jordan. The requirement includes finishing an internship year and the MFD exam. In my perspective, what you really need is to be passionate about dealing with special needs to overcome any difficulties. I once had a letter received from one of my patient's parents who was diagnosed with Prader Willi Syndrome, praising me for the effective treatment done for the patient. This proves the necessity of dental treatment and mastering the management for these patients.

RADIOLOGY As one of the greatest academic achiever, have DEPARTMENT you ever had participated an any of the extracurriculum activities? DMR. AEBEEERTAL-HADIDI During my study at The School of Dentistry,I was a part of a Head of the department small class of 60 great people. There were lots of opportunities for bonding with others and exploring ones self. I was ACROSS THE HALLWAY enthusiastic & active in more than one aspect of the extracurricular activities including our class committee that MYOSSEOREHATIDER represents & act on behalf of other students to influence an outcome and organize social events such as sports, camping, & 4th year Dental Student supporting charity. Being immersed in these activities, I got the opportunity to learn the value of teamwork, holding responsibilities, & elaborate the sense of culture & community. On a personal level, I tried to learn to play the violin and participate in sports to reduce stress, especially during my last Academic years. Being always involved gives a quality of time, and reflect more positively on your academic achievements, not the opposite. I do believe that you should give priority to your studying schedule, but also our days are long enough to exploit the time more effectively instead of doing nothing. Meeting new people, and being social give a positive impact and energy to you and others, and it increases your sense of engagement to your school and friends. What makes you look stressed? Exams are coming up, I'm worried about how well I will do in the exam. Searching for patients, thinking about my clinics, made me feel unprepared & I haven’t had enough time to study. But I feel much better right now, because i shared my problems with you.

CONSERVATIVE DENTISTRY DEPARTMENT DMR. AEHMEATD MAA'ITA MDANEYAET Head of the department 5th year Dental Student Tell me something special about being an a Do you feel motivated being a part of your academic Professor than a private dentist: patient's health? The true blessing of being an academic are the Making a real contribution to the health of my patients is the opportunities to share knowledge and skills with the next reason behind working hard to fit into dentistry. generations of practitioners, help them pursue their future goals, and influence their future careers, be in practical Although I do feel stressed about making mistakes, fear of dentistry or postgraduate education. unknown events, working with equipment, theory and practice gap but I think it is necessary for students to cope The learning process in academia is reciprocal. As mentors with stress. not only get to educate their students, but in order to do so, If they are not able to manage their stress, it will affect their they need to be meticulous, scientific and up-to-date. performance, health, attitude and role of satisfaction. Qualities that in turn make them learn more and be more competent. JORDAN UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL ESTABLISHED IN Research is another essential part of academia. It allows the collaboration with colleagues and institutions from all 1973 over the world, and creates a network of connections with prominent international scholars and Universities. It also pushes you to seek and apply the latest knowledge in your areas of interest. And finally, summer holidays (while on paid leave) are so precious.

MEET Although dentistry is a high demanding specialty, the structure of the dental profession itself provides good DR. YARA OWAIS opportunities for both women and men to exercise a high degree of independence and flexibility. There are many Assistant Professor unique challenges that only female dentists face in achieving professional excellence due to cultural norms and As a successful woman in the dental field, is gender barriers which have a great impact on women's there a gender equity in the dental practice? careers. & are males considered more productive? In JUH, both male & female dentists & academics work DENTAL INTERN equally hard to accomplish their tasks. However, since dentistry is an incentive profession, male dentists are MEET considered more productive. They have fewer cultural burdens in our society which give them the ability to work DR.KHALED AL-TAMIMI longer. Intern Year Since academic accomplishments & dental career productivity require being flexible & focused on developing your experience, exploiting your potential before engaging in establishing a family could be better. It is easier to develop & lead this profession in early adulthood. why did you decide to do your intern year at JUH? One of the most significant advantages of doing your intern year in Ju is the support you get when establishing research. I did see a lot of rare syndromes & diseases that you don't usually see in other places. The stress-free environment of the intern year at Ju improved my clinical practice outcomes & witnessing surgeries of different fields of dentistry with specialized doctors broadened my knowledge & comprehension.

PERIODONTOLOGY Being interested in biology, cell functioning, and its DEPARTMENT interface with medicine, I knew I wanted to become a doctor with a medical degree during elementary school. MDR. EAHEMATD HAMDAN Eventually & due to life circumstances, I ended up getting my Academic degree in Dentistry. Vice Dean for Hospital & Quality Assurance Affairs Thinking of a career shift, it was not easy to give up on all Do you support the idea of career shift? the success, efforts, accomplishments, & social environment gained throughout my career. I do support MEET the idea of a career shift only if you don't find yourself in the zone, and you think your abilities could be used in a DR. NAJLA KASABREH totally different way. Periodontist Because life is a group of sophisticated commitments that is interlocking socially, economically, and psychologically, From a student to an academic at JUH, did you career shift is not easy, you will need vast support from plan that or was it a coincidence? friends and family, as well as huge potentials & time investment mandates. During my Academic Journey in France, a friend of mine, who graduated as an engineer, insisted on pursuing his dream and succeeded to become a pulmonologist. I do believe in the quote of \" Love what you do, until you can do what you love\", but because life is not only about work & career, we should think of life more deeply, and recognise the consequences of a career shift. When I graduated and completed my internship year, I went through a difficult phase where I felt lost. My mind scattered on where I should be, & what specialty suits me, as I did not accept being a DDS & not evolving my experiences. Meanwhile, I have started my master degree program in The satisfaction of helping patients maintain their dentition, & affecting positive behaviour change can not prosthodontics at JUH, then I got a scholarship from the be overstated. So I deviated from my previous plan to a much better one. I do highly recommend all of you to find University of Jordan in periodontology , I secured the out what specialty suits you during your academic years, & to get involved more in research to pursue your position and worked as teacher assistant. While teaching, I interests. recognized that I love to inspire, educate, & live with a deep sense of purpose. Since then, I was hooked on periodontics & found myself passionate about the speciality.

PROSTHODONTIC Regarding the current marketing strategies in DEPARTMENT dentistry to boost an income, MEET how do you think the best way to utilize Social Media for these purposes? DR. MUTASEM ABU AWWAD why you don't regularly share your cases? Associate Professor & Head of Prosthodontic Department In considering the marketing strategies in dentistry, I think the best way to compose a case & share it on social media is by arranging the events of the procedure in chronological order, demonstrating certain decisions during a particular treatment, & elucidating the arguments of your clinical decision-making process. Since the \"before and after\" cases are sometimes disguised, try to create an imaginary journey where your viewers can follow every development of the case. All dental majors can fetch a good income to the dentist if the treatment was done by ethical means, any unethical employment of the established treatment would only initially lift your income, but suddenly drop with the time it's perceived. As an academic & clinician, I'm into teaching, educating, and valuing the significance of the clinical practice. Due to the confined time I have working between my clinics attending my patients & supervising students, I do prefer sharing cases that are interesting & beneficial to viewers, doing my best to exhibit professionalism in representing the cases, excluding any restricted marketing purposes. MEET HANEEN & RAHAF 5TH year Dental Students Tell me a benefit of discussing your clinical cases together : By studying and discussing with each other, we can We also boost our overall level of enjoyment and reinforce our learning habits and understanding. Whether it confidence. A sense of fulfilment when working together be exposing ourselves to new methods of learning or is a common outcome and this can positively impact our techniques, we can encourage each other in learning new work performance. skills and concepts.

PERSONALITY TEST DISCOVER YOURSELF! Having been studied since 1917, MBTI can be considered the most popular method of personality examination today. MBTI stands for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator – a method of personality identification through a series of multiple-choice questions of 16 personality groups. This method of personality indicator is derived from the taxonomy theories in the book Psychological Types of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, published in 1921 and developed by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers, from around World War II. Psychological questions initially evolved into the Myers- Briggs Type Indicator and published in 1962. Instructions It’s easy, we’ll guide you at each individual step 1 About the test: , The test will ask you 4 questions , each take a deep breath & let’s do it ! questions have 2 choices, by choosing a answer you will get a letter in which you should write it down in the box. 2 Be proud of who you are: Be honest with your answer, make sure to choose the right answer based on your personality, not based on what you wish to be.

The 16 personality traits PERSONALITY TYPE THEORY The 1st question : After a long, exhausted week of working/ studying, how would you like to spend the weekend? ChoiseYoAu prefer to hang out With friends Type E for choice A Join a gathering Go for shopping ChoiseYoBu prefer to spend it alone Type I for choice B Order a delivery & watch a movie/series Read a book The 2nd question : How Do you Prefer to take in Information? Type S for choice A Choise A Focus on the Reality of a Situation Pay Attention to Facts & Details Prefer Ideas with Practical Application Type N for choice B Choise B Imagine the Possibilities of Situations Notices the Bigger Picture Enjoy ideas & creativity for their own sake, even if doesn’t seem practical. The 3rd question : You are currently working in a company/clinic in which you have a good relationship with all your co-workers, you are satisfied working with them, but you received an opportunity to work with a better salary in a competitive company/clinic, what will you do? ChoisYeoAu will gather all the information about this company/clinic Write down all its features & flaws ChoiseYEovBaulrudaeteciysoiounr current affairs in an organized way & decide using Logical Reasoning will be more based on personal value Type T for choice A You may ask co-workers to help you with the decisions. You are described as Warm & Empathetic The 4th question : Type F for choice B How Do you Prefer to Live you Life? Type J for choice A Choise A Type P for choice B Prefer to Settle Matters Rules & Deadlines to be Respected ChoiPLsirekeBefesrttooMLaekaevePOlapntsions Open See Rules & Deadlines as Flexible Spontaneous, enjoys New Situations

What is the meaning of the four letters in a ?personality type I/E: Introversion or IS/N: Sensing or Extraversion iNtuition The Introversion/Extraversion dimension The Sensing/Intuition dimension describes describes how a person manages their how an individual processes information. energy. Sensors focus on their five senses and are interested in information they can directly see, Introverts are energized by spending quiet hear, feel, and so on. They tend to be hands- time alone or with a small group. They tend to on learners and are often described as be more reserved and thoughtful. \"practical.\" Intuitives focus on a more abstract level of Extraverts are energized by spending time thinking; they are more interested in theories, with people and in busy, active surroundings. patterns, and explanations. They are often They tend to be more expressive and more concerned with the future than the outspoken. present and are often described as \"creative.\" T/F: Thinking or Feeling J/P: Judging or Perceiving The Thinking/Feeling dimension describes The Judging/Perceiving dimension how people make decisions. describes how people approach structure in Thinkers tend to make decisions with their their lives. heads; they are interested in finding the most Judgers appreciate structure and order; they logical, reasonable choice. like things planned, and dislike last-minute Feelers tend to make decisions with their changes. hearts; they are interested in how a decision will affect people, and whether it fits in with Perceivers appreciate flexibility and their values. spontaneity; they like to leave things open so they can change their minds.

Now combine all the letters together & To be yourself in read about your personality traits a world that is constantly trying INFP to make you something else is The Healer the greatest accomplishment. INFPs are imaginative idealists, guided by their own core values and beliefs. To a Healer, possibilities are paramount; the reality - Ralph Waldo Emerson of the moment is only of passing concern. They see potential for a better future, and pursue truth and meaning with their own flair. INTJ The Mastermind INTJs are analytical problem-solvers, eager to improve systems and processes with their innovative ideas. They have a talent for seeing possibilities for improvement, whether at work, at home, or in themselves. TheINCoFuJnselor INFJs are creative nurturers with a strong sense of personal integrity and a drive to help others realize their potential. Creative and dedicated, they have a talent for helping others with original solutions to their personal challenges. INTP The Architect INTPs are philosophical innovators, fascinated by logical analysis, systems, and design. They are preoccupied with theory, and search for the universal law behind everything they see. They want to understand the unifying themes of life, in all their complexity. The EChNaFmPpion ENFPs are people-centered creators with a focus on possibilities and a contagious enthusiasm for new ideas, people and activities. Energetic, warm, and passionate, ENFPs love to help other people explore their creative potential. ENTJ The Commander ENTJs are strategic leaders, motivated to organize change. They are quick to see inefficiency and conceptualize new solutions, and enjoy developing long-range plans to accomplish their vision. They excel at logical reasoning and are usually articulate and quick-witted.

ENTP ISTP The Visionary The Craftsperson ENTPs are inspired innovators, motivated to ISTPs are observant artisans with an find new solutions to intellectually understanding of mechanics and an interest in challenging problems. They are curious and troubleshooting. They approach their clever, and seek to comprehend the people, environments with a flexible logic, looking for systems, and principles that surround them. practical solutions to the problems at hand. ENFJ ESFJ The Teacher The Provider ENFJs are idealist organizers, driven to ESFJs are conscientious helpers, sensitive to implement their vision of what is best for the needs of others and energetically humanity. They often act as catalysts for dedicated to their responsibilities. They are human growth because of their ability to see highly attuned to their emotional environment potential in other people and their charisma in and attentive to both the feelings of others and persuading others to their ideas. the perception others have of them. ISFJ ESFP The Protector The Performer ISFJs are industrious caretakers, loyal to ESFPs are vivacious entertainers who charm traditions and organizations. They are and engage those around them. They are practical, compassionate, and caring, and are spontaneous, energetic, and fun-loving, and motivated to provide for others and protect take pleasure in the things around them: food, them from the perils of life. clothes, nature, animals, and especially people. ISFP ESTJ The Composer The Supervisor ISFPs are gentle caretakers who live in the ESTJs are hardworking traditionalists, eager to present moment and enjoy their surroundings take charge in organizing projects and people. with cheerful, low-key enthusiasm. They are Orderly, rule-abiding, and conscientious, ESTJs flexible and spontaneous, and like to go with like to get things done, and tend to go about the flow to enjoy what life has to offer. projects in a systematic, methodical way. ISTJ ESTP The Inspector The Dynamo ISTJs are responsible organizers, driven to ESTPs are energetic thrillseekers who are at create and enforce order within systems and their best when putting out fires, whether literal institutions. They are neat and orderly, inside or metaphorical. They bring a sense of dynamic and out, and tend to have a procedure for energy to their interactions with others and the everything they do. world around them.

DR JOSEPH You might think that when you graduate from your KAN speciality training, you'll suddenly become this great clinician. It never happens! For example, for Prosthodontist myself, the first 10 years of practice after I finished my speciality training, I’m still learning & I’m just Biography : beginning. It wasn’t until after 15 years of finishing my training, then I was truly able to know what I Dr. Kan completed Prosthodontics and Implant am capable of doing. And even at this top time of Dentistry from Loma Linda University School of my career, after 20+ years of private practice, I feel Dentistry. He is a Professor and maintains a that I am still learning a lot of things. So that the Surgical Prosthodontics practice. He is on the education process never ends. Editorial Board of The International Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry, and The Do not think that when you're going through European Journal of Esthetic Dentistry. dental school, then specialty program, now suddenly you become this king of periodontology. Throughout the Interview, It certainly doesn’t work like that. So my advice is to stay true to yourself, stay humble & be As one of the best researchers and clinicians in passionate about what you do. the whole world, what advice would you give to young clinicians who are just going into private Greetings from the united states. practice out of school? I wish you are all well I was a young clinician at one time in my career and I think the most important thing is that if you want to excel then you must stay true to what you do. Do not cut corners and do not compromise. Because to really understand implant dentistry or periodontics, the foundation is really the key. A lot of times I see a lot of young clinicians worship all these fancy techniques or fancy instruments that they think would make them better. But the reality is & the key in my opinion is to develop the foundation of both implant dentistry and periodontics. So my main point is, to be honest, be passionate in what you do, do not compromise and do not cut corners. And a lot of times, to develop & to be a good clinician is when you go step by step from the foundation. &From the recipient of the Best Research Award in 1997 the 2003 Judson Hinckey Award from the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry.

LPoRmOaFLEinSdaSUOnRiveArsTity What's so special about Immediate Implant to Do you believe in the link between evidence based invest your time and effort into it? dentistry and practicing in a private practice setting? So that’s a great question. To be honest as a young When we talk about evidence-based that means we are clinician, I never thought about getting famous or being looking at the literature & what has been published out known. I research because I am curious. And also when I there. Now, the problem is with a lot of the publications. do research I do not expect the results to be great from Because a lot of researchers when they start a research, whatever it is that I’m doing. Once again, I do research they have the endpoint in mind already,they kind of know simply because I want to know whether things work or the results already. not, so the key thing is this. How did I stumble upon immediate implant placement? By reading the literature more, i recognized that i do not trust 70% of literature. Because how good a publication is, To be honest, at that time when I first started researching depends on how well the researcher did the research. about immediate implants there were lots of people who And how honest that research is. Unfortunately, a lot of were against immediate implants. A lot of people laughed research is driven by company or self-motivation. So what at me and said what you are doing is out of control. That that means is that evidence-based in general is good. The was because it was out of the traditional way of doing student needs to learn but a lot of times the connection implant dentistry. But once again, I did it because I was between clinical reality is not there. And sometimes curious. I just wanted to know; does it work? What can I people make a big deal about a few millimetres in gain learn from it?And one thing leads to another. whereas in a clinical setting it means nothing. So this is what I do to develop. When I started noticing results, the results were positive. So therefore I continued working on it. I always say that As a graduated student with lack of clinical experience, luckily I stumbled into a topic that, 15 years later, you must read the literature & get a foundation. Then from nowadays, everybody is excited about doing it. Even that, you need to experiment a little bit to see what you are people who are really against it started embracing it. capable of doing, whether there is a link or not and then from that point, you need to experiment it clinically to When we look back people would say oh Dr Kan your define what you are capable of achieving. My point is that vision is so strong, honestly, in retrospect, you can always what I can achieve clinically doesn’t mean that you can say you did really great. But looking forward nobody achieve it clinically. What works in my head may not work knows the future. Therefore, as young clinicians like you in your head. Therefore, as a clinician, you must listen and guys when you do research just try your best to do learn from all the clinicians as much as you can and then whatever because nobody knows whether you will experiment and develop in your path. stumble into anything great. So I will say I got really lucky to make it into something special The key to YOUR success is not to follow MY path. You must follow your path, but at the same time, learn from my experience and develop your path.

CDEondetiunnuctianailntgiUoinnS DrINTERVIEW WITH Thaer Alqadoumi Contact @Thaer.perio

FOLRomMaELRinRdEa SUnIiDveErsNitTy AT Educational Experience : Financial Planning I got my first DDS degree from the University of Jordan in 2012 & For Financial Planning you have 3 options: I always had in mind that I wanted to go to the US, so I managed to finish the National board exams which are now called INBDE Cash : during my fifth year. After passing these exams, I went through the International dental program (IDP) at Loma Linda University you pay with your own money, some schools ask for and graduated in 2016. Then I practiced for a couple of years in the fees a year ahead of time, some others ask for private practice and was part-time faculty at the school of Loma quarts where you pay as you go Linda & now I'm specializing in Advanced Periodontics & Implant Surgery. Federal Loan : Do we have to Get US state DDS to work & practice? its a government loan but you should be eligible for it, as for US citizens or green card holders. This depends on your goals, you have to ask yourself a couple of questions: Are you planning to stay for good in the US? Or Are Benefit of this loan : you planning to go home or not stay in the US? If your goal was to stay in the US, then you either Get the 2 years DDS program for 6 months grace period where you don't have to worry work & practice or you can apply directly for a speciality training, about the payment after graduation. but that would limit your practice depending on which US state you're staying in. If you are not planning to stay in the US, then Fixed interest rate you have to think if the US DDS is worth doing, & is it going to make a big difference for you financially in your home country, or Income-based repayment plan you'll be just spending a lot of money. Keep in mind that the requirements differ in each state, so you also should look for Loan forgiveness each state board for the license. For that you have to ask yourself another question which is \" Where?\", is there a specific state you No need to check your credit score want to go to? or are you open to any state? . Private Loan : Sources to study for IMBDE : You need to have a cosigner, his credit history & score I recommend Dental Decks part 2, also social media can help. will be checked & will be approved with a specific amount of loan. Acceptance: Why study in the US? Keep in mind that : One of the most important motives to study in the US is the no matter what you never have the option of loan privilege of English, the International Language. Communication forgiveness for the private loan. with patients is important for the treatment to be effective & patients' management, so the language would not be an obstacle. So, I do recommend after you finish your education & get the green card to refinance your For Acceptance, it depends on what you're applying for, in which private loan through the federal government. state, & the speciality. In general, the interview has a role, you should convince them why you are worth being accepted. In addition to the dexterity exams & your resume, I always recommend applying as early as possible at the time of the announcement of applications forms. In these ways, you increase the chances of being accepted & get the chance to compete in the few available spots.

POST GRADUATE PROGRAMS IN JORDAN Interview with Dr Ahmad Shahin Dr Ahmed Shahin is an orthodontist Dr Ahmad applied for a master's degree in specialist and a fellow of the Royal Irish orthodontics soon after his intern year & College of Surgeons. He earned his got accepted at Jordan university of Doctor of Dental Surgery degree with science & technology. Honours from the University of Jordan in 2015. During his internship year, Dr Ahmad published 2 research related to oral cancer & attended several workshops in the field of dentistry including dental surgery, endodontics, veneers, Implants, & facial Aesthetic courses. Did your research during the internship How to study for the entrance exam? year help in the program acceptance? Yes, it does give points but it wasn't the main There is no specific source, but keep in mind that reason for the acceptance, its like a formula in this exam includes all dental specialities not only which they add up all other factors including what you applied for. Regarding the practical GPA score, MFDS & MBDE exams, university of part, it does depend on what you applied for, for graduation, Entrance Exam score which include example, my practical exam was about wire a theoretical part & a practical part, & the bending but it wasn't the same for someone who feedback from the interview. applied for an endodontic speciality.

Hleits'sEtaxkpe earlioeonk acte How to apply? There is no specific date. You have to keep an eye on the website of the specific institute you are applying to. How to prepare for the interview? In the interview, you will be asked social questions that usually don't include dental theoretical questions. For example, they may ask about the reason behind choosing this speciality or tell us about yourself, there is no need to prepare yourself for anything specific. Specialization in the Jordanian Royal Medical Services vs Jordanian Universities? The difference is that you will earn a master's degree by specializing in Jordanian Universities. This is not an option in the Jordanian Royal Medical Services. Also, generally, to graduate with a master degree you have to prepare a Master Thesis & do a research, while you'll get to pass multiple exams in the Royal Medical Services.

PREPARE FOR YOUR VIVA where many students think that viva is a stressful nightmare, it is a better system where your grades for a subject can rest on both an oral & written- based examination rather than a single form exam. I do believe that a balance of verbal and written assessment could be highly beneficial to all of you, where you get the opportunity to reveal your knowledge & show off your capacity to debate and form arguments by throwing in detail from your experience throughout your clinical years, wider reading or documentaries. It is important to realize that we aim to help you visualize your future dental career by asking you about clinical cases that you may pass by soon after graduation & assessing how you would deal with such situations. We do not aim to put you in a stressful position, where you may think we are being judgmental, & so don't take it personally. Dr. Handle your Nervouseness KHADIJEH ZUBI Take the advice from Remember to breathe, you are allowed to set aside a couple of minutes to relieve your stress during viva, get a good night sleep & have a positive the Judgement Committee ! mental attitude . If by any chance you feel uncomfortable due to high level of stress, please say so, your health matters more to us. Ask for a 5 minutes break or water, and if it will help you calm down bring a snack & ask us to take a bite or two to get some sugar in your blood. Study Smart not Hard Take into consideration that the timer specified for your Viva exam is mainly present to organize & have a sense of fairness for each student to demonstrate his knowledge, & not to heighten tension purposely Try to focus on the clinical aspect of every theoretical chapter, Viva is a PMosinitdive clinical examination that relies on the integration between theory & practice together. For example, if your case was about a patient who is a PLoisfieti!ve smoker, then you should know how to examine, take a history, & how this factor could affect your diagnosis & management or long term prognosis, but you don't have to get deep into the detail of the smoking process aggravating periodontitis histologically, this is not what we examine in Viva, unless the student showed high level of knowledge then we might level it up from there.

PREPARE FOR YOUR VIVA Be Confident In Conclusion & follow the tips ! We only intend to assess our future dentists' capabilities & knowledge, we do not intend to put you in a situation to Take it simple embarrass or judge you personally, just as we will be your colleagues in the specialty & your friends in the profession. Integrate each question as simple as it is, if the examiner asked you to describe what you see in the x-ray image, don't hurry into your diagnosis. GOOD LUCK It's a protocol where we initially start with basic questions first & then increase the difficulty & specificity of the questions gradually. If you don't know the answer then be honest, you could also simply reply that you would refer your patient or consult a specialist if you have no idea how you could manage a case, but don't you ever suggest a treatment for example without any knowledge-based answer. At least you can just explain what you know like describing the disease or give some basic information that you know about this disease then you can say however, i'd rather get a consult from a specialist about it because i don't know/can't remember how to treat it for example. The student is the one that determines the general atmosphere during Viva, so try to be confident, take a deep breath,& take it simple. Dress Code There will be some sort of consideration of your general appearance in the scoring system. Make sure to dress formally & appropriately to show that you care, it doesn't really matter whatever you wear since it is within the framework of a formal suit. Females can wear simple accessories or makeup, or even stay within their religious dress code. It's all about being neat, decent, & formal

SuIrNgicJalUCaHse Orthognathic Surgery

Introduction Surgical Procedure (briefly) Orthognathic surgery is a procedure that Prior to surgery OPG, Lateral Cephalometric combines orthodontia and maxillofacial radiograph and study models were obtained. surgery to align skeletal problems of the \"Model surgery\" with precise planning was jaws. Though there are different methods done. Intermediate and final acrylic occlusal of osteotomy, nowaday’s Lefort I and splints/wafers were fabricated to be used during bilateral Sagittal split ramus osteotomy the surgery. (BSSO) are the common ones. When these two procedures combined, this is referred The operation performed under general to as bimaxillary (BIMAX) surgery anesthesia. Nasal endotracheal intubation is applied to check occlusion during surgery. Case Presentation Local anesthesia also was injected. IMF screws were applied hence there's no fixed orthodontic A 19 years old female patient attended appliance yet. Mucoperiosteal flaps were raised maxillofacial (Prof. Hazem Al-Ahmad's) to expose bone. clinic complaint of gummy smile. Clinical Osteotomies were carried out with reciprocating examination revealed a Skeletal Class II saw. malocclusion with 1-2 mm open bite and 9 mm overjet with unilateral posterior After complete maxillary down-fracture and full crossbite (narrow maxilla). According to mobilization of the maxilla (and showing the Steiner’s lateral cephalometric norms the hard palate from the above), the reminder of the patient had an increased lower anterior segmental osteotomy was done on the floor of facial height. Orthognathic \"surgery first\" the nose, using rounded-end cutting bur by was preferred as the treatment choice. Our making two parasagittal cuts that join with one treatment started with bimaxillary midline interdental cut between the central orthognathic surgery with median incisors at the incisive canal. Maxillary acrylic maxillary split expansion to widen the splint-with palatal coverage (palatal splint) was maxillary arch (BIMAX with segmental two- applied on the maxilla after expansion to piece maxilla). The patient is now stabilized the width of the median-splitted completing her treatment with her maxilla during and after surgery. This palatal orthodontist with a fixed orthodontic splint has Adams clasps on premolars, to be appliance. Intermaxillary fixation (IMF) with secured with ligating wires on the IMF screws. palatal acrylic splint were applied. Jaws remained in intermaxillary The first (intermediate) acrylic wafer, prepared fixation for 3 weeks with intermaxillary before surgery, guided to intermaxillary fixation- elastics. 6 weeks after surgery the palatal with elastics- for maxilla’s new position, after acrylic splint was removed and fixed impaction 2mm anteriorly and 4mm posteriorly orthodontic appliance were applied. in addition to expansion by 4mm. The maxilla fixed with titanium miniplates and monocortical screws. Surgical case in JUH 2021-2022

The intermaxillary fixation is removed Pre-treatment records of the patient. after the fixation of the maxilla in order to Post-surgical records of the patient. mobilize the mandible. Various osteotoms and Spreader used to stretch the proximal and distal fragments of mandible until the mandible is splitted up. Mandibular advancement by 4mm was carried out. Intermaxillary fixation was carried out again under the guidance of second (final) acrylic wafer. The mandible fixed in new position with titanium miniplates and screws . The intermaxillary fixation was removed (but the palatal splint stayed in place) and the mucosal wound was sutured with 3-0 vicryl. The day after surgery, intermaxillary fixation was applied for 3 weeks to protect the jaws' new position against the muscle forces. 6 weeks later, the palatal splint was removed and fixed orthodontic appliance was applied to finalize the treatment. Special thanks for Prof. Hazem Al-Ahmad and his team headed by the chief resident Dr. Ahmad Hamdan. Always we will have greetings for Prof. Hazem Al-Ahmad for his life changing work Written by: Dr. Abdelaziz Alshawa Surgical case in JUH 2021-2022

IADS 68th Mid-Year Meeting Held in Jordan 2022 6I8AthDMSid-Year Meeting Jordan was the center of dentistryJordan dentistry for nine days, from February 8th to16th, 2022. 68th IADS MYM 2022 consists of Pre-Congress, Congress and Post-Congress. As a part of the organization team, 20 organizers wasAs was involved in finance and marketing, event planning, human resources, media and social networks, participant registration, congress program, and social and post-congress activities.

IADS 68th Mid-Year Meeting Held in Jordan 2022 Opening Ceremony Speeches by the most elegant Doctors in the country were conducted along with the presidents of both associations. Inspiring a lot of dental students from all around the world and giving them hope that tomorrow is always a chance to do more and achieve more and that we should always be the reason that someone smiles today!

IADS 68th Mid-Year Meeting Held in Jordan 2022 Scientific Day Science, science, science! First day ofScience, ofit was in Amman. Lecture topics were like never before, tips and tricks were said by our doctors and we can’t tell how much of benefit this was for our international & national students. Hands on workshops with the latest techniques and newest instruments were implicated. It was a huge success to hold such a day in the midst of a global pandemic while taking into consideration all rules and regulations very smoothly.

IADS 68th Mid-Year Meeting Held in Jordan 2022 Post-Congress One of the attendees said: ‘It is getting emotional thinking that this will be the last time to minglet together before we leave back to our countries’. In Wadi Rum, we stargazed, danced our hearts out, ate a traditional Bedouin rice dish, watched the sunset and sunrise and moved the next day to the rose city ‘Petra’ were the attendees took a picture to remember with the Treasury behind them, rode on camels and connected with the beautiful spirits of the tour guides.

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