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MBB 2020-2025 Strategic Plan Outline

Published by Lizzie Hancock, 2022-11-14 20:24:08

Description: Mercy Beyond Borders' 2020-2025 Strategic Plan Oultine


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Dear Friends, Inspired by you, we've created a bold vision for 2025 and beyond!  You will see our impact expanding & deepening in six countries. You will see girls growing into leaders, women becoming entrepreneurs, and all of us advocating for the basic human rights of women and girls. You will see how women's education, leadership, and voice contribute to peaceful development locally, nationally, and beyond.   With your continued support, MBB will quintuple its impact and grow into an organization internationally recognized for effective programs that lift women and girls up from extreme poverty. Sr. Marilyn Lacey   Bill Coats Executive Director Board of Directors Chair Introduction 32

What We Do Education Mission + Vision Through scholarships and leadership training, MBB bolsters the Mercy Beyond Borders confidence and unleashes the forges ways for women and potential of rural women and girls girls in extreme poverty to living in extreme poverty. learn, connect and lead.  Economic Development We envision a world in which ALL women and girls are Through MBB's programs, women educated, connected and living on less than $1.90 a day gain influential.  the skills to raise their families' standard of living and move toward When women learn, women economic independence. matter. Then everything changes. Advocacy   Young women educated by MBB collaborate   to change systems that marginalize and impoverish women and girls. MBB What  We Do Stakeholders participate in advocacy that supports our shared mission. 43

Guiding Principles Based on feedback from our supporters, staff, and clients, we give priority to the three needs below, adapting appropriately when country conditions change. Safety Results Sustainability We work in conflict zones, refugee We enrich and expand our We value partnerships, board camps, and with cultures that do programming to address the needs leadership and our donor not value or protect females. We of our communities in holistic and hold the safety of MBB staff and community. We envision an ED  program participants paramount. efficient ways. We measure and succession plan that ensures the report on our progress with long-term sustainability of MBB's statistics as well as stories. mission. These  shape our strategic direction— they act as our guiding principles moving forward.  Guiding Principles 54

Strategic Priorities 65 MBB has four powerful priorities that guide our decision making: Priority #1:  Educate By 2025, MBB will: Improve Scholar graduation rates to 80% or higher across 5 countries Double the number of active Scholars Enhance student well-being and learning opportunities at SBGPS Priority #2:  Empower By 2025, MBB will: Train and fund 1,000 women refugees to launch micro-enterprise small businesses Engage 75% or more of active Scholars in leadership development Enable 150 women to graduate from vocational training with marketable skills Start revenue-generating operations overseas Priority #3:  Advocate By 2025, MBB will: Develop a powerful women's advocacy network among MBB university alumnae Engage MBB stakeholders in advocacy Expand human rights impact Priority #4:  Shine By 2025, MBB will: Have grown its organizational capacity, recognition, and donor support for powerful program impact and sustainable growth. S  trategic Priorities

Deliverables Our tactical roadmap with key milestones/deliverables and target completion dates is outlined below: Date Deliverables Create a globally-connected MBB Scholarships Team Year 1 (FY21) Expand # of primary feeder schools, refine lists of approved Scholar placement schools Construct new dorm & computer center at St. Bakhita's Girls' Primary School Establish shared metrics for all programs Evaluate outcomes per school and guide Scholars to optimal choices Re-envision microenterprise for scaling and sustainability Design a 4-year leadership curriculum for high school Scholars Design alumnae advocacy curriculum Year 2 (FY22) Coordinate workplans for all programs to optimize results Deliverables Launch a \"Double Your Impact\" campaign to fund scholarships (including Conlin Fund) Hire and train staff to implement redesigned programs Research the feasibility of an MBB Conference Center in East Africa Host MBB alumnae advocacy training during which alumnae develop action plan Explore optimal partnerships with human rights organizations 76

Date Deliverables Year 3 (FY23) Develop a business plan for a revenue-generating operation in Haiti If feasible, launch a capital campaign to construct and operate revenue- Year 4 (FY24) generating conference center in Africa Year 5 (FY25) Partner with US universities to explore special workshops for girls Alumnae implement their advocacy action plan Establish partnerships with human rights organizations Design staff and supporter advocacy materials Research the feasibility of rebuilding St. Bakhita's Girls' Primary School If feasible, open the revenue-generating operation in Haiti Partner with vocational training program in Africa Consider partnership with another microenterprise nonprofit Conduct first collaborative campaign with a human rights organization Train MBB staff and supporters in advocacy If feasible, launch a campaign to rebuild St. Bakhita's Girls' Primary School Evaluate and upgrade leadership workshop and advocacy curricula Construct the conference center and train local women to manage it Reconvene alumnae (every 3 years) for evaluation, in-service, & next steps Deliverables 87

Resources In order to accomplish our strategic objectives, we'll need powerful organizational capacity for each support function. Governance By 2025, MBB will: Have an optimized, racially-diverse 15 member Board (aiming for 100% engagement and annual \"give/get\" expectation) and an Advisory Council Use continuous evaluation and improvement of program impact Tell our story widely and well! Human Resources By 2025, MBB will have: A competitive benefits package that attracts and retains outstanding staff An annual budget for staff training and development An ED successor complementing Sr. Marilyn's development efforts to bring MBB to the next level Fundraising By 2025, MBB will have: $5M in annual revenue from diverse funding sources, including major gifts and a legacy program A full-time Resource Development Director Increased visibility on a range of media Finance By 2025, MBB will: Be regularly audited by an external CPA/audit firm to increase financial transparency and credibility Resources 98

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