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The Glow Pro

Published by 1naseerkha, 2017-11-21 18:58:55

Description: A user manual outlining Build & Play's latest product; The Glow Pro.

Keywords: Innovation,Design


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Abou--t-Us...     For more than 40 years, Build & Play has specialized in creating  LED-based products that aidindividuals all over the world. Not only have our high quality innovations, such as the LED flashlight won thehearts of millions, but they have also received numerous awards in technological research and design.      The Glow Pro      After many years of market analysis and product development, Build & Play is proud to reveal our newest innovation; The Glow Pro. Built to resolve the age-old issue of  excess power consumption andwastage that standard nightlights tend to cause, The Glow Pro uses high-end technology, such as an LDR and LEDS, to turn on only when it is dark.     When the LDR senses darkness, it      When the LDR senses light, ittriggers the 555 timer which makes the triggers the 555 timer which makes theoutput high and switches the LEDS on. output low  and switches the LEDS off.

How It--W- orks...     Build & Play has always ensured that our customers are provided with an abundance of informationabout our product before they choose to purchase it. To continue this tradition, our product developmentteam has created a simple diagram to illustrate how The Glow Pro operates.

Comp-o-n- ents      Build & Play has always taken pride in the fact that all of our products are created with the use of  high-quality components, so that our customers  enjoy a problem-free experience. The research and design teamat Build & Play have taken gone to great lengths to ensure the same holds true for The Glow Pro as well...  T h e It-e-ms... 1 x 555 Timer IC --> Controls whether the LEDS will be turned on or off. 1 x (10K, 470K, 100Ω ,220Ω) Resistors --> Resists the flow of electrical current to prevent destroying the components in the circuit. 1 x (100nf, 10nf) Capacitors --> Stores and releases electrical energy in order to maintain smooth voltage fluctuations. 1 x LDR--> Senses the light intensity to determine whether the LEDs should be turned on. 2 x LED --> Will light up when switched on by the 555 Timer IC. Breadboard --> Contains and connects the components of The Glow Pro together. 9V battery --> Supplies power to the circuit. Jumper Wires --> Allows electricity to pass throughout the entire circuit.

W-ir-i-ng      To further assure our customers about the high-quality products we offer, the team at Build & Play haspublished  The Glow Pro's wiring diagram. Along with proving  the care and effort our employees displaywhile creating our products, this makes it evident that our products utilize solely sophisticated components.Step 1) The 9V battery is used toW  b ior tin hg p oT wh--eerAa.nDd.Cg.r.o. und The Glow Pro's circuit.Step 2) The 2 LEDs which are in series are attached to the battery, resistors, capacitorsand 555 Timer IC Chip.Step 3) The 555 Timer IC Chip connects to the resistors, capacitors, battery and LDR.Schematic Diagram... A Closer Look...

Ty--p-es     Build & Play offers two different versions of  The Glow Pro; Breadboard and P.C.B.  Although bothtypes offer countless benefits, customers should determine which version they should purchase based ontheir needs and requirements.       Breadboard... This version is an amazing choice for anyone who tends to travel often and/or enjoys to tinker with electrical circuits. While the breadboard's light weight and small size allows the breadboard version of  The Glow Pro to be portable. Its temporary connections aid individuals in improving  or adding additional features to the current circuit.

The Glow ProBrightening lives  since 2017. Find us on:

   EST 1970THE GLOW PRO USER PRODUCT MANUALHow Did we live without it? a blend of creativity and stunning. marvelous. fabulous. huffington post innovation makes the glows pro a Technology times seamless piece of work. trend setter magazine

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