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University of Calgary Continuing Education, Personal Enrichment, Fall 2022

Published by University of Calgary Continuing Education, 2022-07-07 20:50:54

Description: Personal enrichment publication and course guide. Fall 2022 to Summer 2023.

Keywords: University of Calgary,Continuing Education,Calgary,Alberta,non-credit,professional development courses,courses,seminars


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Are you looking for January - December 2022 a career change? CONTENTS UCalgary Continuing Education is here to help. In this section of Graduate Student Story 1 the 2022 Continuing Education publication, you will find hundreds of professional development courses designed to help you reskill, Technology 2 upskill, and stay relevant in a changing world of work. You can rest easy knowing that Continuing Education provides career-focused and Top Five Essential Skills 4 forward-thinking learning opportunities in areas such as technology, business and management, leadership, occupational health and Corporate Training 5 safety, career advising, training, digital marketing and more. Artificial Intelligence 6 As we continue to feel the effects of COVID-19, we have adapted to serve your professional development needs. We offer more than 50 How to Register 7 certificate and diploma programs, and now, all can be taken online. Professional Development 8 We have some great new programs being launched this year! These Program Areas include: Small Business Management Basics for Entrepreneurs, Business Acumen for Professionals, Influence Skills Training for Professionals, and Certificates and fundamentals and advanced level certificates in Human Resources. Diplomas Centrefold I hope you are as inspired as I am by the student stories featured in For Personal Enrichment this publication. Your learning is in your hands and I encourage you to program areas please see the take time to explore the professional development programs offered other side of this publication. in 2022. To learn details about our professional development courses and certificate or diploma programs please visit All skills and labour market statistics or scan the QR code located on the bottom right of this page. are from Burning Glass Technologies. “Labour Insight TM Real-Time Yours in lifelong learning, Labour Marketing Information Tool.” Accessed November 15, 2021. Dr. Sheila LeBlanc, DBA Director The University of Calgary acknowledges the traditional territories of the people of the Treaty 7 region in Southern Alberta, which includes the Blackfoot Confederacy (comprising the Siksika, Piikani, and Kainai First Nations), as well as the Tsuut’ina First Nation, and the Stoney Nakoda (including the Chiniki, Bearspaw, and Wesley First Nations). The City of Calgary is also home to Métis Nation of Alberta, Region 3.

Upskilling for a competitive job market GRADUATE STORY JOAN CURRIE Entrepreneur to employee is a Joan was able to enhance her 40 transition that many people have years of experience in marketing, made, including Joan Currie. Like communications, public relations, many Canadians, Joan found sponsorships and event planning herself out of a job in 2019 due through the certificate by learning to the economic downturn. After technical skills in social media. owning and operating a corporate “It made me relevant again in event management company for the marketing field. I was always 30 years, Joan realized that she relevant to an extent, but I was needed to upskill to stay relevant missing this component and it in the job market, which led her to is a very significant component UCalgary Continuing Education. in the digital marketing arena.” “I started taking courses to As an older learner, Joan found make productive use of my herself feeling confident in the time and I volunteered 600 program courses and content. “I hours with an organization I thought the program was quite was interested in helping. The rigorous and had high standards. dabbling in courses led me to I earned an A+ average in the discovering the Digital Marketing certificate program and was very Certificate program,” says Joan. proud of that accomplishment,” says Joan. As a previous small business owner, she found herself unable Completing the program online, to make the time for professional Joan was able to enjoy quality development until recently. “When feedback from her instructors you’re a small entrepreneur on a timely basis, as well as one of the hardest things is to interact with her fellow classmates create the time to continue your through discussion boards. professional development and to do your own marketing,” she says. Her advice to older adults is to stay relevant and continue On the heels of graduating from learning. “Don’t think that what the Digital Marketing Certificate you’re trying to learn is beyond in April 2021, Joan had multiple your reach because you can do it high-level job offers to choose if you’re willing to put in the time Don’t think that what you’re trying to learn is beyond your reach. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort you can do it at a high level and stay relevant.” Joan Currie, GRADUATE from. She now holds a position as and effort. You can do it at a high a Marketing and Communications level and you can stay relevant.” Digital Marketing Certificate Manager, and says that “earning the certificate was integral to Joan proves that no matter your successfully landing this position.” age or experience, lifelong learning is a journey that does not end. She “I really love what I do, I love the reminds people to stay relevant people I work with, I’m doing very in their field as workplaces interesting work and I’m a relevant are continually changing. “The member of a management team,” only way you are going to Joan says. stay relevant is if you pursue a path of lifelong education.” 1

TECHNOLOGY How its used today and expectations for tomorrow UCalgary Continuing Education recently interviewed CONTINUING EDUCATION: Where do you see the Timothy Ganesan Andrew (TGA), a senior business use of technology in your industry in the future — analyst in the banking and financial services industries, what will grow, change or become obsolete? Victoria Kusherbaeva (VK) a senior consultant and data scientist at IBM and, Esther Rajasekaran (ER), a senior TGA: Many manual and repetitive processes requiring consultant in the banking industry to give us an overview human resources will gradually become obsolete due of how they use technology in their industries, and their to automation. Various business opportunities and expectations of how it will be used in 2022 and beyond. values will be discovered as more advanced analytics (AI and ML) are utilized to ingest large and complex CONTINUING EDUCATION: What is the current use datasets, also referred to as big data. The quality, of technology in your industry? efficiency, and speed of business/banking operations will be significantly improved and accelerated through TGA: In banking and financial institutions, technology technology. Many software technologies are becoming is utilized for dashboard reporting, data analytics, more user-friendly, meaning users are not required to business process automation and data infrastructure have programming knowledge and these technologies (which is required for efficient data governance). will become more accessible to employees at every level Advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence in an organization. There will be significant growth in the (AI) and machine learning (ML) are used for handling utilization of advanced technologies related to AI and ML. big data, scenario planning and optimizing business operations through the application of sentiment analysis, VK: One of the shifts in the data science area text mining, speech-to-text conversions, image/object is towards cloud computing. Modern cloud recognition, predictive analytics, and data classification. solutions can store and process huge amounts of data and provide answers quickly and efficiently VK: The Information Technology (IT) industry is all for the users on their business questions. about how data is acquired, stored, processed, then analyzed. With the assistance of technology tools, ER: Technology has the power to change our lives and information is extracted and used by industries these changes will accelerate in the next decade and for further decision-making. Data science is nearly beyond. For example, in the banking industry, open impossible without the use of technology today banking has given customers access and control of and will be depended upon further in the future. their financial data. It helps users to direct banks to securely share the financial data they choose using ER: Technology is used in optimization of business an application programming interface (API). It also operations. It plays an important role in reducing empowers customers to obtain stronger and more redundancies, decreasing errors in business meaningful control over their data. Hence technology operations by automating tasks. For example, RPA has changed the way customers perform banking. (Robotics Process Automation) uses software bots to automate business processes ultimately streamlining enterprise business operations and reducing costs. 2

CONTINUING EDUCATION: For individuals who CONTINUING EDUCATION: In your opinion, what are want to pursue a career in your field, please the top two technology-related skills required to enter share the challenges and successes you have your area of practice? recently experienced. TGA: Business intelligence and data infrastructure, which TGA: The key challenge is acquiring the right amount includes data storage, data analytics, data pipelines, etc. of knowledge and experience to effectively introduce, implement, and advance current technologies in VK: Problem solving and the ability to adapt a business environment. This challenge could be and use existing tools for your tasks. addressed by continuous learning about currently available technologies and by continual exposure ER: Data analytics and cybersecurity. to business operations. In my opinion, achieving this balance is the key to success in technology- CONTINUING EDUCATION: What are the top two essential related roles in business/banking operations. skills necessary to succeed in your area of practice? VK: The data science field is full of challenges. When TGA: Business acumen and communication skills. using applications to create any data science solution, its important to follow these steps; how to properly setup VK: Communication skills to help with teamwork and the business problem, how to transfer the problem into resiliency, to overcome challenges and recover quickly. a mathematical language, how to program to address the problem, how to analyze results in reference to the ER: Teamwork and adaptability. original problem. In addition, there are technology tools that can be used to assist in facilitating the decision- CONTINUING EDUCATION: What advice would you making process, but even with their help, one should give to individuals looking to enter your industry? understand the purpose behind each step when using technology to provide a business operations solution. TGA: Consider learning about currently available technologies (via reading materials, courses, ER: Digital transformation is the latest disrupter and training, etc.), and obtain real-life exposure to expertise in managing and implementing all the new business operations. Actively seek a role as an intern technologies is needed now more than ever. Information business analyst in a tech-related business. technology (IT) departments are suffering from gaps in critical skills such as cybersecurity, data analytics, VK: For the data science industry, you need cloud computing, and DevOps. The rate of technological to be passionate about solving problems by change is outpacing training and continual training means of mathematics and technology. is required to keep up with the technology to meet business objectives and seize market opportunities. ER: Analyze trends to look for emerging technologies and try to focus on the skills needed in the future for those technologies. This would entail being open minded and doing some research to see what skills and job opportunities may unfold in the future. ABOUT THE INTERVIEWEES: TGA: Timothy Ganesan Andrew actively contributes to academic research in industrial optimization (including published work in books and journal articles). He also founded a tech start-up in Calgary called Fano Technologies, Inc., which focuses on developing sustainable technologies in agriculture. VK: Victoria Kusherbaeva is an applied mathematician, working with mathematical modelling, including optimization methods, ML, statistical modelling, as well as cloud technologies and other AI approaches. She has worked in condition monitoring, geophysics and research and in a variety of industries including oil and gas. ER: Esther Rajasekaran is a senior business consultant who has worked in the banking industry for over 15 years and has a Certification in Business Data Analytics. Her latest work is in digital transformation projects, which includes automating and moving operations online, leading to optimized products and services. 3

The top five skills that are key to LANDING YOUR DREAM JOB 1 In today’s job market, employers Continuing Education has a certificate are looking beyond your hard dedicated to learning essential Communication skills before they give you a job skills and becoming a leader in at their company. Employers want the workplace. The Professional The ability to convey information employees to have the essential Certificate for Emerging Leaders effectively and efficiently. skills that contribute to their team allows individuals to take seminar environment. According to Burning courses that focus on the specific skills 2 Glass Technologies, which analyzes they want to learn. These seminars labour market data, the top five teach the top five essential skills Teamwork/Collaboration essential skills include communication, Canadian employers are seeking. teamwork, organization, attention The ability to foster relationships and to detail and problem solving. Cruz-Milette says this certificate is cooperate to achieve shared objectives. perfect for graduate students who Luisa Cruz-Milette, Program Manager have learned the hard skills, but now 3 at UCalgary Continuing Education need the essential skills to accompany says that essential skills are important them. It is also ideal for individuals Organizational skills because they are used in all facets who are challenged in their current of the workplace and industries. role because they lack these skills. The ability to use your time, energy and resources effectively to achieve your objectives. “Our courses are designed to teach According to Burning Glass essential skills and strategies, and how Technologies, the skills that round out 4 to apply them. You will also build a the top 15 essential skills Canadian personal assessment of who you are employers are looking for are Detail-oriented as an individual. This will highlight planning, writing, time management, your strengths and show you the multi-tasking, research, creativity, The ability to pay close attention to details areas where you need to grow.” building effective relationships, by being thorough and accurate. written communication, meeting According to Cruz-Milette, it is easier deadlines, and troubleshooting. 5 for employers to hire someone who has developed these essential skills. Some skills overlap, such as Problem solving “Employers are not as concerned about organizational skills, which can potential hires having the hard skills, encompass both planning and The ability to use various techniques because these can be easier to teach. time management. Communication to find solutions to problems. Candidates who come to the table with is a recurring theme in many job essential skills are valuable because postings, with writing in the top 15. they can be challenging to learn.” Hard skills are necessary and look Cruz-Milette suggests that hard great on a resume, but essential skills vary depending on the job and skills can improve your chances industry, but essential skills are integral of landing that dream job once in all roles. “It’s important to make you get to the interview stage. sure that your qualifications match the job description, while understanding View page 16-17 for additional that you can always enhance your certificates geared towards knowledge and essential skill-set.” enhancing essential skills. 4

The benefits of CORPORATE TRAINING The pandemic has impacted how new course or cluster of courses, the in a blended format, which allows organizations operate, creating corporate training team, including companies to train employees either changes that require a renewed focus subject matter experts, collaborates remotely, in-person or a combination on employee training. According to with the client to create a framework of both. Organizations have the MacDonald Oguike, Associate Director, that best suits their needs. Once option to leverage their own learning Corporate Training and Workforce the content is established, the team management system (LMS) for Development Programs at UCalgary moves into a pilot phase where course content management or use Continuing Education, HR managers the program is demonstrated and the LMS provided by UCalgary. are looking to Continuing Education as delivered to employees for the first a partner to provide employee training time. Feedback is gathered from the Many clients can budget for training and that closes performance gaps, improves pilot, which informs any adjustments development. However, if this is not the employee skills and develops new skills needed before rolling the program case, government funding is available to adapt to organizational changes. out on behalf of the client. through the Canada-Alberta Job Grant. The corporate training team provides This is an area where the corporate tailored programming for private “A benefit to pursuing corporate training team can help. They can assist companies, non-profit and government training at UCalgary is that clients clients by providing programming organizations in areas such as essential have an option to activate a pathway details for grant proposals that may interpersonal skills, change management where we can give employees hours help in securing funds for employee skills, leadership development, towards a Continuing Education training. You can book a consultation business analysis, diversity, and certificate,” says Oguike. For example, with the corporate training team at inclusion management, etc. the corporate training team tailored [email protected] a leadership program for a client and “We have clients who have come to us allowed their employees to apply hours with various types of organizational from the training completed towards problems,” says Oguike. “They need the Certificate for Front Line Leaders. a thought partner to help them develop frameworks and approaches Continuing Education instructors can that they can use to help solve these deliver face-to-face training in the problems. That’s where we come in.” client’s space, in a space of their choosing, or on campus. Oguike says that the corporate training Our corporate training development process begins with programs can also be a needs analysis to determine what delivered online or the client requires in their employee training. This leads to either curating existing course content or developing a new program. When creating a Looking for funding to train your employees? The Canada-Alberta Job grant is a training program The Alberta Jobs Now program is for employers that can help employers cover training costs for to offset the cost of hiring and training Albertans in current or future employees. new or vacant positions. Learn more about eligible programs and how to apply at

THOUSANDS OF STUDENTS TAKE UP ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) Continuing Education collaborates with Microsoft to offer AI courses In summer 2021, UCalgary Continuing curve, but it started to click when I was Ahmed’s sentiment is echoed by third- Education teamed up with Microsoft able to use the Azure platform for myself.” year software engineering student at Canada and the Royal Bank of Canada He now hopes to continue learning more University of Calgary, Hassan Khan, to offer a free course that provided about AI after completing his certification. who says, “I strongly believe that cloud training in the fundamentals of artificial computing is very important, and AI is intelligence. Over 6,000 students enrolled The course explores a hands-on approach the future. By mixing the two together to learn about AI for the first time or to to AI and the Azure AI services through there was no better course for me.” deepen their existing knowledge and Microsoft and industry-recognized experience Microsoft’s Azure Platform. certification upon successful completion. Khan has a technical background, The training is designed for individuals making him one of the more experienced Roberto Lahud, who had no experience with no prior technical knowledge of individuals to take the course. He with or prior knowledge about AI, is one AI, and for those who already have a found the training was easy to follow, of many students who took advantage of background in cloud computing or AI. and the concepts related to his this opportunity. He said it was low risk for current studies at the university. him to participate because the first session According to Adnan Ahmed, Director of was offered at no cost to students. Lahud the Office of Institutional Analysis at the “Considering that cloud computing has worked in Alberta’s oil and gas sector University of Calgary and a Continuing is quite big these days and machine for over 10 years and wanted to try his Education instructor, he taught people learning is not going away anytime hand at something new without making from many walks of life in his classes, soon, I’m hoping to expand on this an immediate career change. Being at the ranging from those who wanted to course, whether that’s by taking another mercy of the ups and downs of the oil understand AI at the beginner level certification or by other avenues,” says industry, Lahud wants to branch out into and those who had years of experience Khan. “Either way, I believe this was an industry that has a more stable future, as machine-learning engineers. a fruitful endeavor to take part in.” which led him to enrol in the ICT 901 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals course. “Because the course was developed According to Burning Glass not with AI engineers or AI developers Technologies, more than 4,000 AI jobs “It was a very interesting learning in mind, but for the general population, were posted in Canada in the past experience,” says Lahud. “As someone I was hoping my students would get year, and this number is projected who doesn’t have the technological an appreciation and understanding of to grow over the next two years. background, there was a steep learning AI and the democratization of AI that these platforms are enabling now,” says Continuing Education’s collaboration Ahmed, who is currently a PhD candidate with Microsoft Canada continues. In specializing in AI. “It’s not a secret that response to demand, a full suite of Azure courses is now available and can be AI is here to stay. The more we can found at use AI to make our processes more efficient, the better.” I strongly believe that cloud computing is very important, and AI is the future. By mixing the two together there was no better course for me.” Hassan Khan, STUDENT 6

Learning How to online has Register never been easier 1 Visit for Online learning has come a long way At Continuing Education, we provide the most up-to-date course in the last few years. In 2021, 92% of different modes of online delivery. Online schedules, delivery formats UCalgary Continuing Education courses asynchronous sessions allow students to and to register. were offered online. In 2022, many interact virtually with course materials, courses continue to be offered online peers, and the instructor on their own 2 Select your courses and check to provide flexibility and accommodate schedule. Online synchronous sessions students during the pandemic. have students participate in live video for any prerequisites. conferences during specific dates Online learning provides students and times. Regardless of the delivery 3 If admitted in a certificate or with the opportunity to continue their mode, students can expect the same learning journey no matter their personal level of instruction and engagement diploma program, log in to My circumstances. Continuing Education with peers as in-person classes. Account at students tell us that they choose online to ensure the course applies learning to fit their work schedules. To participate in online learning, to your program. Remember It meets their need for flexibility and you need a computer or laptop and you can start with a course allows them to learn at their own pace. a stable Internet connection. and apply for admission to a certificate or diploma We provide a course designed to teach For more details about online program at any time. students the skills they need to become learning at Continuing Education successful online learners. Digital Skills visit 4 Register online, by phone or for Learning Online is a web-based course that covers digital literacy, study by mail. Pay course fees with skills and time management. This course VISA, MasterCard, American is an open resource with no registration Express, Visa Debit, cheque or required. Visit money order. for more details. 5 Receive course registration Stay safe on campus confirmation by email. Your safety is our top priority. 6 Log in to your account to Effective January 1, 2022, all students and instructors attending in-person classes must be fully vaccinated see your course details and and have provided proof of vaccination through the access Desire2Learn (D2L). Thrive Health app. Unless notified, all courses are available at 9 a.m. (MT) the The university continues to work closely with day before the start date. Alberta Health Services to ensure our campus protocols align with the latest health guidelines. 7 Visit our Student Welcome Visit for the latest Guide at information for Continuing Education students. students to find practical information to help you Information in this guide is accurate at the succeed as a Continuing time of printing. Course delivery format and Education student. schedules may change in response to COVID-19. Need help? Visit our Info for Students web page at Connect with a Student Services Representative via online chat, by emailing [email protected] or calling 403.220.2866.

Expand your career opportunities. Professional Development Programs With many diverse programs to choose from such as technology, business, management, leadership, writing, marketing and more, Continuing Education professional development programs are designed to help you meet the demands of today’s workplace. Academic Preparation Are you ready to go back to school and achieve your academic goals? These courses are for students who require Courses Academic Communication Certificate Hours Term Fee academic upgrading or refinement of EAP 200 • Academic Writing and Composition 250 lll $4,650 their English communication skills for • Research Writing and Form admission to the University of Calgary. UPG 110 • Critical Listening and Note-taking 39 ll $475 UPG 210 • Oral Communications Skills and Presentations 39 llll $475 For details about the Academic Communication UPG 140 • Academic Success Tutorials 39 ll $475 Certificate please visit UPG 240 39 llll $475 UPG 222 Biology 1 60 llll $545 Information on the University of Calgary’s UPG 001 39 ll $475 admission requirements is obtained from UPG 020 Biology 2 70 ll $545 the Admissions and Recruitment website UPG 101 70 llll $545 ( UPG 032 Chemistry 1 70 l $545 requirements) or faculty offices. UPG 031 70 ll $545 UPG 130 Chemistry 2 39 ll $475 UPG 230 39 lll $475 English 2 Math Foundations Math 1 Math 2 Math 2B Math 3 Physics 1 Physics 2 For more information on courses and programs go to or call 403.220.2866

Adult Learning, Career Development and Academic Advising Do you want to become a career or academic advisor? Is your career goal to become an adult educator or trainer? Courses in adult learning, career development Courses Hours Term Fee and academic advising provide relevant 40 $625 and interactive professional development ADL 106 Adults as Learners 30 llll $525 opportunities for aspiring adult educators, 30 ll $525 career or academic advisors and trainers. ADL 212 Assessment Practice in Career Development 30 $525 In these courses, explore the history, 40 llll $625 ethics, theory, practical and technological ADL 210 Career Development Foundations 40 l $625 applications to enhance your practice. 30 $525 ADL 127 Collaborative Learning Teams 40 lll $625 Only currently scheduled courses are listed 30 llll $525 here and may be taken for general interest, or ADL 128 Creating Programs in Adult Education llll for credit towards the following certificates: ADL 129 Designing Learning ll › Adult and Community Education lll Certificate | 110 hours ADL 110 Diversity in Adult Learning › Certificate in Adult Learning | 300 hours ADL 121 E-Learning: Principles and Practice • Specializing in Adult and ADL 215 Employment Counselling Toolkit for Career 10 llll $275 PROFESSIONAL Community Education ADL 221 Development Practitioners 30 lll $525 30 l $525 • Specializing in Career and Ethics for Career Development Professionals 40 lll $625 Academic Advising 40 ll $625 ADL 213 Ethics for Professional Practice 30 lll $575 • Specializing in e-Learning 40 ll $625 ADL 119 Evaluating Program Outcomes 30 l $525 • Specializing in Workplace Learning 30 ll $525 ADL 122 Facilitating Adult Learning 30 lll $525 › Certificate in Career Development and 20 lll $525 Academic Advising | 200 hours ADL 123 Field of Adult and Community Education 30 l $575 › e-Learning Certificate | 110 hours ADL 211 Helping Skills in Career and Academic Advising If you are a certificate student, please review ADL 107 Learning in the Workplace 9 your own program requirements to ensure your selected course is eligible for credit. ADL 124 Organizational Learning ADL 220 Student Advising Foundations DEVELOPMENT ADL 136 Teaching Online ADL 139 Train the Trainer 1 ADL 115 Virtual Classroom Strategies 2IN021 3,000+ Canadian jobs in adult learning and career development required expertise in: 65K jobs required career Adult Education, Training Programs, Training Materials, Lesson development as a skill jobs required adult Planning, Program Development and Planning, learning skills Program Management and Employee Training Term: l Winter l Spring l Summer l Fall

Business and Professional Management In today’s rapidly changing workplace, is it time to boost your business and management skills? These courses will provide you with the theory Courses Hours Term Fee and practical insight as well as essential BMC 162 $625 skills to excel in business management. BMC 393 Accounting Fundamentals 40 ll $395 Focus areas include human resources, BMC 363 $550 digital marketing, small business, risk BMC 220 Advanced Human Resource Professional Practice NEW 10 l $625 and project management. Enhance your BMC 387 $525 management skills by learning key principles BMC 355 Alcohol and Drugs in the Workplace 30 ll $495 of business and their interrelationships BMC 336 $425 in local, national and global settings. BMC 117 Avoiding Construction Disputes 20 ll $625 BMC 205 $625 BMC 335 Branding and Product Lifecycle NEW 20 l $425 BMC 160 $625 BMC 392 Building a Positive Workplace 20 l $425 BMC 358 $445 BMC 359 Business Investment Attraction 15 ll $445 BMC 106 $425 Only currently scheduled courses are listed BMC 273 Business Law 40 l $495 here and may be taken for general interest, or BMC 214 $495 for credit towards the following certificates: BMC 198 Business Management 40 llll $525 BMC 328 $495 BMC 212 Business Retention and Expansion 15 ll $495 BMC 102 $625 DEVELOPMENT BMC 110 Business Strategy 40 l $625 BMC 243 $625 › Certificate in Change Management | 300 hours BMC 386 Canadian Human Resource Law and Regulation NEW 15 l $525 BMC 377 $495 › Certificate in Professional BMC 369 Change Management Theory and Application 20 lll $495 Management | 300 hours BUS 305 $389 + GST Change Strategy and Planning 20 lll BMC 381 $525 • Economic Developers BMC 383 Coaching: Inspiring Excellence in Others 15 ll $525 BMC 384 $525 • Professional Engineers and Geoscientists BMC 382 Communicating Interculturally 20 l $525 BMC 309 $550 • Specializing in Construction Management BMC 325 Communication Strategies for Leading Groups 20 l $425 10 • Specializing in Risk Management BMC 171 Compensation: Design and Practice 30 ll $625 • Specializing in Strategic Management BMC 115 $495 BMC 230 Conducting Effective Interviews 20 ll $525 BMC 354 $525 PROFESSIONAL › Certificate in Project Management | 200 hours BMC 192 Conflict Management 20 llll $495 › Digital Marketing Certificate | 100 hours BMC 374 Construction Contract Law and Documents 40 l $495 BMC 169 $550 BMC 199 Construction Costing 40 ll $550 › Human Resource Advanced Control Systems In Construction Projects 40 l Certificate NEW | 100 hours Customer Experience NEW 20 l › Human Resource Fundamentals Design Thinking 20 l Certificate | 100 hours Developing a Talent Management Strategy 20 l › Human Resource Management Developing Business Proposals: A Framework for 7 ll Certificate | 300 hours Outstanding Results › Marketing Fundamentals Digital Content Management 20 llll Certificate NEW | 100 hours Digital Marketing Analysis 20 llll Digital Promotion and Optimization 20 lll › Project Management Basics for Digital Social Platforms 20 lll the Non-Profit Sector | 28 hours Disability Management: An Integrative Approach 30 l › Small Business Management Basics Economic Development: Establishing 15 l for Entrepreneurs NEW | 60 hours the Foundation Economics for Business 40 l If you are a certificate student, please review Emotional Intelligence: The Leader’s Advantage 15 l your own program requirements to ensure your selected course is eligible for credit. Employee Benefits 30 lll Employee Development and Training 30 lll Employee Relations: Policy Design 20 l and Documentation Entrepreneurship Finance 20 l Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability 30 l Ergonomics 30 ll For more information on courses and programs go to or call 403.220.2866

BMC 361 Evaluating and Sustaining Change 20 l $445 2IN021 BMC 380 Foundations of Digital Marketing 20 llll $525 BMC 138 Global Warming and Climate Change 15 $400 BMC 104 Health and Safety Management Systems: 30 l $550 The Basics llll BMC 375 HR Analytics 20 BMC 356 HR Perspectives on Work-Life Integration 30 ll $495 500KAlmost BMC 172 Human Behaviour in Organizations 40 l $525 BMC 165 Human Resource Management 40 llll $625 jobs in Canada required expertise BMC 208 Human Resources Information Management 15 llll $625 in the following skills: BMC 391 Human Resource Workforce Planning 15 l $425 and Development NEW l $425 Hard Skills BMC 156 30 BMC 174 Labour Relations 40 ll $525 Accounting, Business Process, PROFESSIONAL BMC 290 Leadership Fundamentals 40 ll $625 Change Management, Data Analysis, BMC 206 Leadership in Project Management 40 l $745 Strategic Planning, Budgeting, Project 11 BMC 360 Management Communications: Interpersonal Skills 20 llll $625 Management, Social Media, Performance BMC 345 Managing Change Implementation 15 ll $445 Management, Microsoft Office Suite DEVELOPMENT BMC 372 Managing Risk in Projects 20 l $585 BMC 373 Managing the Small Business for Growth 20 l $495 Essential Skills BMC 388 Marketing and Sales for Entrepreneurs 20 l $495 BMC 385 Marketing Communications Strategy NEW 20 ll $525 Supervisory Skills, Customer Service, BMC 389 Marketing Mix NEW 20 ll $525 Stakeholder Management, Conflict Management, BMC 371 Marketing Strategic Planning NEW 7 ll $525 Communication Skills, Teamwork and BMC 197 National Knowledge Exam® (NKE) Preparation 40 l $295 Collaboration, Organizational Skills, Problem BMC 368 Occupational Hygiene: The Basics 40 lll $630 Solving, Writing, Building Effective Relationships BMC 353 Operational Risk Management 20 l $595 BMC 301 Performance Management 15 ll $495 BUS 300 Procurement and Contract Management 14 l $585 BMC 302 Project Management for the Non-Profit Sector 15 ll $629 + GST BMC 299 Project Management: HR and Communication 40 l $585 BMC 266 Project Management: Level I 40 l $745 BMC 300 Project Management: Level II 15 l $745 BMC 178 Project Quality Management 30 l $585 BMC 326 Recruitment and Selection 40 ll $525 BMC 182 Risk Assessment and Treatment 40 ll $625 BMC 327 Risk Financing 40 lll $625 BMC 390 Risk Management Principles and Practices 20 ll $625 BMC 357 Small Business Access to Funding NEW 20 l $495 BMC 370 Stakeholder Engagement 20 ll $445 BMC 161 Starting a New Business 40 l $495 BUS 311 Strategic Planning 7 lll $625 Strategies for Building and Leading ll $389 + GST BMC 350 High-Performing Teams 30 Stress and Fatigue Management lll $550 Term: l Winter l Spring l Summer l Fall

Computer and Information Technology Are you ready to reinvent yourself for the digital world of work and the tech economy? DEVELOPMENT From software to hardware and services, Courses Adobe Illustrator Hours Term Fee digital transformation is a rapidly growing ICT 437 30 lll $825 field generating a great number of jobs. ICT 665 Adobe Illustrator Advanced 30 ll $825 ICT 578 30 lll $825 Only currently scheduled courses are listed ICT 436 Adobe InDesign 30 llll $825 here and may be taken for general interest, or ICT 664 30 ll $825 for credit towards the following certificates: ICT 687 Adobe Photoshop 30 l $825 ICT 717 21 l $499 › Certificate in Business Analysis | 240 hours ICT 716 Adobe Photoshop Advanced 30 ll $875 ICT 755 10 lll $429 › Certificate in Business Intelligence ICT 760 Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing 7 ll $389 and Analytics | 240 hours ICT 715 30 l $825 Agile Practice in IT Project Management › Certificate in Database ICT 714 30 l $875 Administration | 120 hours Agile Software Development ICT 713 30 ll $875 › Certificate in Digital Marketing | 100 hours Analytics: Empowering Data-Driven Decisions PROFESSIONAL ICT 227 30 l $875 › Certificate in Front-End Web ICT 771 Blockchain: Value, Impact and Application 30 ll $975 Development | 120 hours ICT 700 Building Advanced Web Applications with 30 lll $975 ICT 701 ASP.NET and C# 30 ll $975 › Certificate in Integrated ICT 763 Building Database Applications with Microsoft 30 ll $825 ICT 752 ADO.NET and C# 15 lll $479 12 Digital Media | 240 hours ICT 710 Building Web Applications with Microsoft 30 ll $825 ICT 711 ASP.NET and C# 30 lll $825 › Certificate in IT Fundamentals | 150 hours ICT 712 Business Analysis Planning 30 ll $825 ICT 753 15 lll $479 › Certificate in Lean Six Sigma NEW | 107 hours ICT 707 Business Analytics Introduction 30 ll $975 ICT 780 14 ll $575 › Certificate in .NET Application ICT 287 Business Intelligence Introduction 30 ll $825 Development | 240 hours ICT 706 30 ll $975 ICT 915 Business Intelligence Self-Service 30 ll $975 › Certificate in Office Applications | 140 hours ICT 912 Business Process Management If you are a certificate student, please review your own program requirements to ensure ICT 688 Cloud Computing: An Overview your selected course is eligible for credit. ICT 754 Computer Programming Level 1 See page 9 in the Personal Enrichment ICT 751 section of the publication for Graphic Computer Programming Level 2 Design Certificate courses. Computer Programming Level 3 30 ll $975 Cybersecurity: Risk, Trends and Solutions 30 l $825 Data Analysis and Presentation 10 lll $429 Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel Tools 10 ll $429 Data Modeling for IT Projects Data Preparation and Dimensional Modeling Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure NEW Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution NEW Digital Content Design NEW Digital Disruption in Commercialization: Maintaining Your Competitive Advantage Digital Transformation: Building Capabilities For The Future For more information on courses and programs go to or call 403.220.2866

2IN021 ICT 761 Elicitation and Collaboration 30 l $875 70KOver PROFESSIONAL ICT 889 Full Stack Development Boot camp NEW 450 l $5,995 ICT 705 Gathering Requirements for BI Projects 30 ll $975 jobs in Canada required 13 ICT 580 HTML5 and CSS3 30 llll $825 expertise in: ICT 581 HTML5 and CSS3 with jQuery 30 ll $825 Data Analysis, Data management, Data ICT 686 Introduction to Motion Graphics 30 l $825 Visualization, SQL, Project Management, Python, ICT 443 JavaScript Advanced 30 lll $825 Business Intelligence, Customer Service, Tableau, ICT 442 JavaScript and the DOM 30 ll $825 Business Analysis, and Microsoft Power BI PDS 240 Lean Six Sigma for Green Belts: Foundations 35 lll $1,699 PDS 241 Lean Six Sigma for Green Belts: Project 15 llll $745 5,000 and Statistics PDS 242 Lean Six Sigma for Green Belts: Quality 36 lll $645 jobs in Canada required Improvement Project expertise in: PDS 255 Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training NEW 7 lll $399 + GST Lean Six Sigma, Lean Methodologies, Project PDS 256 Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training NEW 14 lll $699 + GST Management, Process Improvement, Business ICT 718 Managing IT Infrastructure Projects NEW 30 l $599 Analysis, Change Management, Quality ICT 901 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals 15 llll $475 Assurance and Control, Quality Management, ICT 903 Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals NEW 15 llll $475 and Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt ICT 902 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 15 llll $475 ICT 428 Microsoft Macros and VBA Level 2 14 l $625 12% DEVELOPMENT ICT 582 Microsoft Project Levels 1 and 2 14 l $575 ICT 680 Microsoft SQL Server Administration Level 1 30 ll $975 of all jobs in Canada required any ICT 681 Microsoft SQL Server Administration Level 2 30 ll $975 type of programming language. ICT 678 Microsoft SQL Server Development Level 1 30 ll $925 The most popular being SQL, Python, ICT 679 Microsoft SQL Server Development Level 2 30 ll $925 Java, JavaScript and C# ICT 773 Program Strategy for BI Projects 30 l $975 ICT 779 Python for Data Analysis 30 ll $825 + GST 230K ICT 778 Python Foundations 30 lll $825 + GST ICT 128 Relational Databases Fundamentals 30 llll $825 Digital Media and Marketing jobs ICT 762 Requirements Analysis and Design 30 ll $875 in Canada required expertise in: ICT 709 Software Development Foundations 15 ll $389 Social Media, Project Management, Technical ICT 764 Solution Evaluation and Testing 30 l $875 Writing and Editing, Market Research and ICT 564 User Experience Design 30 ll $825 Strategy, Customer Relationship Management ICT 774 Visual Analytics 30 lll $975 (CRM), Adobe Creative Suite, Google Analytics, ICT 693 WordPress Fundamentals 30 l $825 Agile Methodology, JavaScript, HTML, User Interface (UI) Design, Communication Skills, Teamwork, Collaboration and, Problem Solving Term: l Winter l Spring l Summer l Fall

Health, Safety and Environment Are issues relating to sustainable development and the environment important to you? Do you want to understand occupational health and safety practices and policies? These courses provide students with the Environmental Management Courses Hours Term Fee theory and practical knowledge to pursue 30 ll $550 careers in environmental management and BMC 281 Auditing of HSE Management Systems occupational health and safety (OHS). and Compliance 30 l $550 30 l $550 Only currently scheduled courses are listed BMC 274 Ecosystems: Functions and Impacts 30 l $550 here and may be taken for general interest, or for credit towards the following certificates: BMC 265 Environmental Impact Assessments and Reporting 30 l $550 40 l $630 › Environmental Management BMC 252 Environmental Issues and Indigenous 30 ll $550 Certificate | 200 hours Communities in Canada 15 l $400 30 ll $550 › Occupational Health and Safety BMC 112 Environmental Law 40 lll $630 Fundamentals Certificate | 200 hours 30 l $550 BMC 153 Environmental Site Assessment 20 ll $445 › Occupational Health and Safety 30 l $550 Advanced Certificate | 200 hours BMC 169 Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability DEVELOPMENT › Occupational Health and Safety BMC 138 Global Warming and Climate Change Diploma | 400 hours BMC 129 Introduction to Environmental Management 14 If you are a certificate student, please review BMC 197 Occupational Hygiene: The Basics your own program requirements to ensure your selected course is eligible for credit. BMC 262 Renewable Energy Technologies BMC 357 Stakeholder Engagement BMC 258 Water Management for the 21st Century Occupational Health and Safety Courses Hours Term Fee $550 BMC 201 Accident Theory and Incident Investigation 30 ll $550 $550 BMC 363 Alcohol and Drugs in the Workplace 30 ll $975 PROFESSIONAL BMC 281 Auditing of HSE Management Systems 30 ll $630 and Compliance $625 $445 ICT 771 Business Analytics Introduction 30 l $550 $495 BMC 213 Business and Leadership for HSE Professionals 40 lll $550 $525 BMC 205 Business Management 40 llll $630 $495 BMC 358 Change Management Theory and Application 20 lll $550 BMC 309 Disability Management: An Integrative Approach 30 l $625 $495 BMC 218 Emergency Response 20 l $630 $495 BMC 199 Ergonomics 30 ll $625 $630 ADL 213 Ethics for Professional Practice 30 lll $745 $550 BMC 285 Fire Prevention and Safety 40 llll $625 BMC 143 Hazard Assessment and Risk Management 20 lll $550 BMC 104 Health and Safety Management Systems: 30 llll The Basics BMC 172 Human Behaviour in Organizations 40 llll BMC 283 Importance of Human Factors 20 ll BMC 295 Industrial Safety Processes 40 l BMC 183 Integrated Workplace Health Management 20 ll BMC 206 Management Communications: Interpersonal Skills 40 llll BMC 197 Occupational Hygiene: The Basics 40 lll BMC 299 Project Management: Level I 40 l BMC 317 Regulations Roles and Responsibilities 30 lll for HSE Professionals BMC 161 Strategic Planning 40 lll BMC 350 Stress and Fatigue Management 30 lll For more information on courses and programs go to or call 403.220.2866

Sustainability Courses Hours Term Fee 2IN021 30 ll $550 BMC 281 Auditing of HSE Management Systems 28KOver and Compliance 20 lll $445 20 lll $445 jobs in Canada required BMC 358 Change Management Theory and Application 30 l $525 expertise in: 20 l $495 Risk Management, Health and Safety BMC 359 Change Strategy and Planning 30 llll $525 Standards, Quality Assurance and Control, 15 ll $425 Predictive and Preventative Maintenance, ADL 127 Collaborative Learning Teams Safety Training, Labour and Employee 20 l $495 Relations, Public Health and Safety and BMC 273 Communicating Interculturally 30 l $550 Environmental Health and Safety 30 l $550 ADL 110 Diversity in Adult Learning OHS related skills are sought 40 l $630 after in these occupations: BMC 325 Economic Development: Establishing 30 l $550 the Foundation 30 lll $525 Inspectors in public, environmental and 20 l $445 occupational health and safety BMC 218 Emergency Response 14 lll $629 + GST PROFESSIONAL 15 l $400 BMC 265 Environmental Impact Assessments and Reporting 7 ll $389 + GST Janitors, caretakers and building 20 ll $495 superintendents BMC 252 Environmental Issues and Indigenous 20 ll $495 Communities in Canada 30 ll $550 Other business services managers 14 l $629 + GST BMC 153 Environmental Site Assessment 20 ll $445 Home support workers, housekeepers 40 lll $630 and related occupations BMC 169 Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability 14 ll $629 + GST 30 l $550 Material handlers ADL 213 Ethics for Professional Practice 20 ll $445 30 l $550 Human resources professionals BMC 361 Evaluating and Sustaining Change Registered nurses BUS 134 Facilitation Skills 15 Managers in health care BMC 138 Global Warming and Climate Change BUS 233 Implementing Change DEVELOPMENT BMC 283 Importance of Human Factors BMC 183 Integrated Workplace Health Management BMC 129 Introduction to Environmental Management BUS 267 Leading Yourself and Others Through Change BMC 360 Managing Change Implementation BMC 197 Occupational Hygiene: The Basics BUS 300 Project Management for the Non-Profit Sector BMC 262 Renewable Energy Technologies BMC 357 Stakeholder Engagement BMC 258 Water Management for the 21st Century Term: l Winter l Spring l Summer l Fall

Leadership and Coaching Are you committed to improving your performance as a leader? Whether you were recently named supervisor Courses Hours Term Fee or are an experienced manager, these BUS 154 Accounting for Non-Financial Managers 14 $659 + GST Business Seminars can help enhance your BUS 299 Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback 7 lll $389 + GST business acumen and ability to lead. BUS 285 Assertiveness: Choosing the Right Balance 7 l $389 + GST lll Topics covered include business, management, BUS 288 Becoming Empowered Through Coaching 14 l $629 + GST personal effectiveness, and leadership. Delivery 7 lll $389 + GST of these seminars ranges from three hours to BUS 310 Building Effective Teams NEW 7 $389 + GST multiple full-day sessions, on campus 7 l $389 + GST and online. BUS 166 Building Great Customer Relationships 14 l $629 + GST ll Only currently scheduled courses are BUS 173 Building Trust in the Work Environment 14 listed here and may be taken for general BUS 641 Business Acumen: Business Acumen: Lead with ll $629 + GST interest, or for credit towards the 14 DEVELOPMENT following certificates or programs: Strategic Business Analysis Tools and Resources 7 l $629 + GST BUS 642 Business Acumen: Systems Thinking to Solve ll $389 + GST Organizational Challenges BUS 640 Business Case Development: Frameworks and Templates BUS 302 Coach to Lead › Business Acumen for Professionals BUS 155 Coaching for Quality Performance 21 ll $835 + GST Certificate NEW | 42 hours 14 l $699 + GST BUS 287 Coaching to Different Styles 7 llll $389 + GST › Certificate for Emerging Leaders | 100 hours 14 ll $629 + GST BUS 219 Confidence in Communication 7 l $409 + GST › Certificate for Front Line Leaders | 120 hours BUS 265 Conquering Your Fear of Public Speaking 7 l $429 + GST 16 › Influence Skills Training for Professionals BUS 112 Creative Conflict Resolution: Making the 7 ll $389 + GST Certificate NEW | 42 hours Most of Differences 7 llll $389 + GST PROFESSIONAL › School Leadership Quality Standard BUS 275 Creative Negotiating 14 lll $639 + GST Program | 80 hours BUS 297 Cultivating a Growth Mindset: Dealing with 7 ll $389 + GST › Superintendent Leadership Quality Roadblocks and Failure Standard Program | 49 hours BUS 650 Cultivating a Strong Leadership Presence NEW BUS 308 Dare To Lead™ BUS 128 Dealing with the Difficult Conversation If you are a certificate student, please review BUS 313 Delivering Powerful Presentations NEW 21 ll $785 + GST your own program requirements to ensure BUS 655 7 ll $389 + GST your selected course is eligible for credit. Design Innovative Solutions at Work: From BUS 617 Concept to Reality NEW 7 l $389 + GST BUS 305 Developing a Healthy Organizational Culture and Team 7 ll $389 + GST BUS 635 Developing Business Proposals: A Framework for 7 ll $389 + GST Outstanding Results Effective Decision Making in a Complex Environment BUS 266 Effective Writing in the Workplace 14 l $629 + GST BUS 127 Emotional Intelligence 7 llll $429 + GST BUS 653 Employee Management: Fundamental Skills 7 ll $389 + GST for Leaders BUS 144 Energize Your Workplace: Inspiring and Motivating People 14 ll $629 + GST BUS 644 7 lll $389 + GST Engage the Power of Collaboration NEW BUS 134 Facilitation Skills 14 lll $629 + GST BUS 400 Final Assessment for Certificate for Emerging Leaders 9 lll $75 + GST BUS 700 Final Assessment for Certificate for Front Line Leaders 20 lll $90 + GST BUS 120 Financial Analysis and Planning for 14 ll $659 + GST Non-Financial Managers BUS 146 Fundamentals of Supervision 21 lll $919 + GST BUS 270 Get Organized! Improve Your Workflow and Boost 7 ll $389 + GST Your Productivity BUS 258 Good Writing is Good Business 7 ll $389 + GST For more information on courses and programs go to or call 403.220.2866

BUS 233 Implementing Change 7 ll $389 + GST 2IN021 PROFESSIONAL BUS 188 Improving Communication at Work 7 ll $409 + GST BUS 651 Influencing and Obtaining Results Without Authority 14 ll $629 + GST 65KOver BUS 645 Influencing in a Political Work Environment NEW 7 ll $389 + GST BUS 295 Introduction to Consulting Skills Within 14 l $629 + GST jobs in Canada required leadership related skills such as: an Organization 7 l $389 + GST Performance Management, Leadership BUS 618 Kick-Start your Creative Thinking at Work 7 l $389 + GST Development, Change Management, BUS 271 Leadership in Action 14 l $629 + GST Stakeholder Management Supervisory BUS 643 Leadership Practices: Navigating in Uncertainty 7 ll $409 + GST Skills, Project Management, Staff BUS 240 Leading with Confidence and Courage 7 ll $389 + GST Management and Conflict Management. BUS 647 Leading with Empathy and Authenticity 14 ll $629 + GST BUS 267 Leading Yourself and Others Through Change 7 ll $389 + GST See page 4 for more 17 BUS 312 Listening Strategies to Boost Relationships at Work NEW 7 l $389 + GST information about the top BUS 631 Managing Complex Projects for Front Line Leaders 7 lll $389 + GST essential skills employers DEVELOPMENT BUS 639 Managing Difficult Stakeholders 7 lll $389 + GST are looking for and why. BUS 309 Managing Virtual and Hybrid Teams 14 lll $629 + GST These skills are also critical BUS 130 Mental Toughness: Training for Success 7 l $389 + GST for a leadership role. BUS 648 Negotiation Skills for Working Professionals 14 ll $629 + GST BUS 629 Operational Management for Front Line Leaders 7 l $389 + GST Essential Skills BUS 257 Overview of Strategic Planning 14 ll $629 + GST BUS 616 Personal Effectiveness for High Performance Leaders 14 lll $629 + GST Supervisory Skills, Customer Service, BUS 649 Powerful Professionals: Consulting Skills for Stakeholder Management, Conflict Management, 7 lll $389 + GST Communication Skills, Teamwork and Leaders within Organizations 14 ll $629 + GST Collaboration, Organizational Skills, Problem BUS 646 Productivity Skills and Tools for Managers 80 llll $1,399 Solving, Writing, Building Effective Relationships BUS 300 Project Management for the Non-Profit Sector 14 lll $629 + GST PDS 250 School Leadership Qualification Standard 7 lll $389 + GST BUS 303 Skills for Effective Mentoring 14 lll $629 + GST BUS 301 Social Intelligence: Transform Relationships 7 ll $389 + GST BUS 657 Strategic Thinking: Skills for Professionals NEW BUS 311 Strategies for Building and Leading 7 l $389 + GST 7 ll $389 + GST High-Performing Teams 49 l $699 BUS 656 Strategies to Manage Different Client Personalities NEW 7 llll $389 + GST BUS 207 Stress Less: Managing What’s On Your Mind 7 l $389 + GST PDS 251 Superintendent Leadership Qualification Standard 7 ll $389 + GST BUS 652 Taking Initiative During Organizational Changes NEW 7 lll $389 + GST BUS 199 Team Survival Skills: Take it Outside! BUS 284 The Decisive Leader 7 l $389 + GST BUS 314 Time Management: Strategies for Leaders 7 ll $389 + GST and Employees NEW 7 l $389 + GST BUS 211 Toxic Workplaces: Strategies to Create 7 ll $389 + GST Healthy Environments BUS 654 Transitioning from Supervisor to Valued Leader BUS 304 Using Humour at Work: An Effective Communication Tactic BUS 296 Work Smarter Not Harder: Driving Results at Work Term: l Winter l Spring l Summer l Fall

Teaching Second Languages Are you thinking about shifting your career to teach a second language? 2IN021 Opportunities abound in teaching second languages both in Canada and abroad. These online programs can help you reach your language teaching TESL skills are requested most goals. The Teaching English as a Second Language specialization aligns frequently in these occupations: with TESL Canada certification. Elementary, secondary school and kindergarten teachers, university, college Only currently scheduled courses are listed here and may be taken and other vocational instructors, for general interest, or for credit towards the following certificates: education policy researchers, DEVELOPMENT consultants and program officers, › Teaching Second Language Certificate — Level 1 specializing human resources professionals in Teaching English as a Second Language | 130 hours Top 10 skills › Teaching Second Language Certificate — Level 1 specializing in Teaching International and Heritage Languages | 130 hours for jobs in teaching second languages › Teaching Second Language Certificate — Level 2 | 250 hours 18 If you are a certificate student, please review your own program requirements to ensure your selected course is eligible for credit. 1. Needs Assessment PROFESSIONAL 2. Language Assessment Courses Culture in Language Teaching Hours Term Fee 3. Lesson Planning TSL 226 Language Assessment and Materials 30 l $575 4. Curriculum Development TSL 225 Linguistic Structures 30 l $575 5. Program Evaluation TSL 108 Second Language Acquisition 30 llll $575 6. Tutoring TSL 224 Teaching English for Academic Purposes 30 l $575 7. Adult Education TSL 137 Teaching Language with Music and Poems 20 l $525 8. Public Speaking TSL 138 Teaching Practicum (20 hours) — ESL 7l $295 9. Administrative Functions TSL 109 Teaching Practicum (30 hours) — ESL 20 ll $1,200 10. Customer Service TSL 118 Teaching Reading, Writing and Grammar — ESL 30 l $1,200 TSL 131 Teaching Reading, Writing and Grammar — IHL 30 lll $575 TSL 133 Teaching Speaking and Listening — ESL 30 l $575 TSL 132 Teaching Speaking and Listening — IHL 30 lll $575 TSL 134 TSL Fundamentals 30 l $575 TSL 120 TSL Methodology 40 llll $675 TSL 223 30 l $575 For more information on courses and programs go to or call 403.220.2866

Writing Are you interested in improving your writing skills by learning from published authors and professional writers? These online courses are designed to improve your writing skills I2N021 and prepare you to become a technical writer or a professional writer for business, marketing and public relations purposes. 290KOver Only currently scheduled courses are listed here and may be taken jobs in Canada required for general interest, or for credit towards the following certificates: expertise in writing. › Professional Writing Certificate specializing in PROFESSIONAL Business and Technical Writing | 200 hours › Professional Writing Certificate specializing in Marketing and Public Relations | 200 hours If you are a certificate student, please review your own program requirements to ensure your selected course is eligible for credit. See page 11 in the Personal Enrichment section of the publication for Creative Writing Certificate courses. Courses Hours Term Fee Writing is one of the top WRI 120 $595 essential skills and is critical WRI 240 Copy Editing and Proofreading 30 llll $595 for a leadership role. 19 WRI 220 $595 See page 4 for more WRI 114 Copywriting — Words that Sell 30 l $195 information about the top WRI 121 $295 essential skills employers WRI 113 Document Design 30 ll $195 are looking for and why. DEVELOPMENT WRI 230 $595 Editing Essentials in the Workplace NEW 10 ll WRI 215 $595 WRI 350 Editing for Structure 15 lll $595 WRI 290 $595 WRI 115 Grammar Punctuation and Spelling: A Quick Review 10 llll $325 WRI 150 $795 WRI 110 Strategic Writing for Public Relations 30 l $595 and Marketing Technical Writing and Documentation 30 ll Writing Effective Online Content 30 ll Writing Effective Proposals for Grants and Funding 30 l Writing Essential Documents in the Workplace NEW 20 ll Writing in the Workplace 40 llll Writing Well 30 lll Term: l Winter l Spring l Summer l Fall

Launch your learning journey... ... with more than 50 Certificate, Diploma, and Designation Programs Learn a new skill, gain confidence, expand your knowledge, and prepare for career advancement by completing one or more of the following certificate and diploma programs. For details visit Ÿ Academic Communication Ÿ Graphic Design Ÿ Professional Writing Specializing in: Ÿ Adult and Community Education Ÿ Human Resource Advanced NEW ´ Business and Technical Writing Ÿ Adult Learning Specializing in: Ÿ Human Resource Fundamentals NEW ´ Marketing and Public Relations Ÿ Human Resource Management ´ Adult and Community Education Ÿ Influence Skills Training for Professionals NEW Ÿ Project Management Basics for the ´ Career and Academic Advising Ÿ IT Fundamentals Non-profit Sector ´ e-Learning Ÿ Integrated Digital Media ´ Workplace Learning Ÿ Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Ÿ Project Management Fundamentals Ÿ Business Acumen for Professionals NEW Ÿ Marketing Fundamentals Ÿ School Leadership Certifications Ÿ Business Analysis Ÿ .NET Application Development Ÿ Small Business Management Basics Ÿ Business Intelligence and Analytics Ÿ Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Ÿ Career Development and Academic Advising for Entrepreneurs NEW Ÿ Change Management ´ OHS Fundamentals Ÿ Spanish Language and Culture Levels 1 and 2 Ÿ Creative Writing ´ OHS Advanced Ÿ Teaching Second Languages Levels 1 and 2 Specializing in: ´ Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)

Ÿ Database Administration ´ OHS Diploma ´ Teaching International and Heritage Ÿ Digital Marketing Ÿ Office Applications Languages (TIHL) Ÿ e-Learning Ÿ Professional Management Ÿ Emerging Leaders Ÿ Visual Design Ÿ Environmental Management ´ General ´ General Ÿ French Language and Culture ´ Economic Developers ´ Specializing in Art Theory and Practice ´ Professional Engineers and ´ Specializing in Interior Design ´ FSL Foundations ´ FSL Intermediate Geoscientists (PEG) Ÿ Workplace Learning Ÿ Front-End Web Development ´ Specializing in Construction Management Ÿ Front Line Leaders ´ Specializing in Risk Management ´ Specializing in Strategic Management Getting started Enrol in a program Transferability In most cases, you can take courses first To enrol in a certificate or diploma program On completion of one program, you may choose and apply for admission to a certificate go to to pursue another. In some cases, you can transfer or diploma program later. a limited number of hours between programs. Have a question? Need help? Telephone By Mail Scan the QR code or visit Info for Students 403.220.2866 University of Calgary at Connect with a Continuing Education Student Services Representative via online 1.866.220.4992 2500 University Drive NW chat, by emailing [email protected] or (Within North America) Calgary, AB, T2N 1N4 calling 403.220.2866.

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