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University of Calgary Continuing Education, Winter 2022

Published by University of Calgary Continuing Education, 2021-12-23 23:52:33

Description: Personal enrichment publication and course guide. Winter 2022 to Fall 2022.

Keywords: University of Calgary,Continuing Education,Personal Enrichment courses,calgary,alberta,non-credit,courses,seminars


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Enhance your well-being by January - December 2022 exploring something new CONTENTS At UCalgary Continuing Education we know that lifelong learning Graduate Story 1 is good for your career growth, and it’s also good for your health. A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body and learning Creativity 2 something new keeps our brain developing, even as we age. Making a Difference 4 Welcome to the personal enrichment section of the 2022 Continuing Education Publication. We are happy to offer you hundreds of How to Register 5 courses designed to enhance your well-being and self-awareness as well as your understanding of the community in which you live. Personal Enrichment 6 Program Areas As we continue to feel the effects of COVID-19, we continue to serve your learning needs by offering hundreds of courses Certificates and online and on campus. Thank you for choosing UCalgary Diplomas Centrefold Continuing Education in your lifelong learning journey. For Professional Development Perhaps this a good time to learn a new language or tap into program areas please see the your creative side to design art or write a novel? Or you may be other side of this publication. interested in a variety of courses that focus on wellness including Mindfulness Meditation, Stress and Fatigue Management, Social All 2021 skills and labour market statistics Psychology: The Science of How Social Situations Influence Us, are from Burning Glass Technologies. Self-care in Retirement: Strategies for Wellness and more. “Labour Insight TM Real-Time Labour Marketing Information Tool.” I hope you take time to explore all the courses we have to offer Accessed November 15, 2021. in 2022. To learn details about our personal enrichment courses and certificate programs please visit or scan All 2016 statistics are from “A Statistical the QR code located at the bottom right of this page. Profile of Artists in Canada in 2016, Partners: The Canada Council for the Arts, Yours in lifelong learning, the Department of Canadian Heritage, and the Ontario Arts Council. Revised September 2019 Dr. Sheila LeBlanc, DBA Director The University of Calgary acknowledges the traditional territories of the people of the Treaty 7 region in Southern Alberta, which includes the Blackfoot Confederacy (comprising the Siksika, Piikani, and Kainai First Nations), as well as the Tsuut’ina First Nation, and the Stoney Nakoda (including the Chiniki, Bearspaw, and Wesley First Nations). The City of Calgary is also home to Métis Nation of Alberta, Region 3.

AMBER BOYDPursuing a passion for storytelling GRADUATE STORY GRADUATE Human Resources Management Certificate Creative Writing Certificate Amber Boyd decided to continue her Writing Creative Non-Fiction to the activity, I am sitting in the lobby education in hopes of pursuing her Audible Indigenous Writers’ Circle writing or in my truck writing.” passion for writing. She began her and won a spot in their program. journey with Continuing Education Her essay also made the shortlist Like many of us, Amber realized in 2003 by completing the Human for the 2021 Constance Rooke quickly that she needed a program Resources Management Certificate. CNF Prize put on by the literary that would fit her scheduling needs. Amber returned to the University magazine, The Malahat Review. When completing her first certificate of Calgary and completed the in 2003, she took both online and Creative Writing Certificate in 2021. Amber predominantly writes creative in-person classes. However, as her non-fiction and speculative fiction work demands grew, her ability to Amber says years later she continues to for youth and young adults. She take in-person classes diminished. use the knowledge gained from her first says, “There are very few pieces out certificate in her work as a professional there, books or novels that focus on Completing her second certificate recruiter for First Nations communities youth, Métis, and identity, and I’d solely online, Amber was able across Canada. “Nowadays, I even speak love to be that voice out there who to connect with her classmates at conferences about attracting and hiring Indigenous talent,” she says. There are very few pieces out there, books or novels that focus on youth, Métis, and identity, and I’d love to be that In her spare time, Amber writes voice out there who gets to add that to fiction pieces.” stories, which led her to complete her most recent certificate. She says gets to add that to fiction pieces.” and learn more about the writing she enjoys her profession in human As a student in the Continuing process with them virtually resources, but her secret passion Education writing program, Amber through class assignments. has always been storytelling. says she had the opportunity to explore new areas in creative writing “While I learned more about writing, “One day I decided to submit my including screenwriting, an area editing, and revising throughout the short story, “Howling at the Moon” she hadn’t written before but will program, I also made friendships to the Writer’s Guild of Alberta’s continue to explore in the future. that will last a lifetime,” says Amber. Kemosa Scholarship for Indigenous She also applauds her instructors Mothers Who Write Contest and Her passion has sparked her for their knowledge and support. won second place. It was time to community to encourage her and take my writing more seriously.” continually let her know that her voice Due to her instructors’ encouragement, Amber used her scholarship money and her stories are needed in literature. Amber is now enrolled in a Master to fund her first few courses in She says balancing her writing, a of Fine Arts program specializing in the Creative Writing Certificate. full-time job and being a mom is a creative writing. She says she can’t challenge but one that is worth it as emphasize enough how valuable “As a result of taking the certificate, I her passion for writing burns bright. both certificates have been to her, “If learned to polish my writing and built a someone is looking to advance their portfolio of fiction, children’s literature, “I’m always writing. It’s just that I career into HR [Human Resources] or and creative non-fiction,” says Amber. don’t sit down full time to write. I strengthen their writing for publication, write in between all the spaces that they will find the skills they are She recently submitted a story I have, so if I have a moment that’s looking for in these programs.” she created in the course WRI 430 between my kids dancing or another 1

The mystique of CREATIVITY Does it intimidate? Infuriate? Stay just out of reach? Patrick Hanlon, Despite its significant presence, whether in received inky scrawls of what has occurred to BA, BEd, MA the things that entertain us, the design of the us over the last year and a half. While we might man-made environments that we live and feel that we must stand up to the scrutiny of Patrick teaches work in, or the look and feel of the things we an audience, it is more important to engage PHO 127 Perception use everyday, creativity retains a mystique in the creative process: to look at things in and Creativity in that distorts our perceptions of it. Part of that a new light, to question things, to question Photography in mystique stems from the Mount Rushmore-level ourselves, arrange and rearrange, tweak, study, the Winter and creators who awe and entertain us with their practice new skills, emulate heroes and give Spring of 2022. talent. The mythology around Paul McCartney it a shot to see how it turns out. Those habits waking up with “Yesterday” stuck in his and inquiries, far more than technical ability, head is a vivid, familiar instance of a revered are at the core of creativity. These have the creator conjuring something effortlessly, fully potential to open us to new possibilities and formed with no effort. But that wonder gets foster a beginner’s mindset that can generate overstated when you overlook how immersed fresh approaches and surprising results. McCartney was in music and songwriting up to that point of his life. The more significant A creative mindset, open to possibility and part of the distortion surrounding creativity, new ideas, has proven invaluable in cutting- however, is the common assertion that edge industries and organizations. Creativity supernatural amounts of natural talent or has been conjoined with innovation as an communion with the muses are required. In economic driver and competitive advantage. reality, effort, practice and risk-taking contribute While organizations seek creativity, they need more to creative output than inborn talent. to recognize it is a latent asset waiting to be nurtured within your current team rather When expressing our hesitation to even try than a commodity to recruit for. Fresh ideas to create, we cite tin ears, the absence of a and the people who generate them deserve creative bone, and incompetence with straight the attention, the what-iffing and the yes- lines to self-deprecate our way out of engaging anding that support and nurture them in a in the creative process. However, throughout collaborative environment. For more sensitive the pandemic, we have recognized the individuals, exposing unpolished, spontaneous contribution creativity can make to enhancing contributions during a brainstorm session our well-being and our sense of self. People can end up harrowing rather than merely have turned to creative practices to fill their humbling. Give participants more time and time and solitude. Cameras have been dusted space to develop their ideas. Prompt them off to provide company on socially distanced regularly and instil a culture that is engaged walks as eyes take in surroundings from new in an ongoing dialogue about new ideas. perspectives. Covers and originals have been Most importantly, prove you value ideas performed in Zoom concerts, journals have by developing and implementing them. 2

Steps for Getting Creative As we create more and more, we become Fertilize your imagination Survey things you love familiar with the self-conscious inner critic and learn to tune out that voice in favour Satisfy your curiosity about music, Gather together objects and of a more open and perceptive view. Our growing familiarity with our inner critic and books and movies you have heard of possessions that you are fond of the anxieties that prompt it, allow us to give it a pat on the head, thank it and send it on but aren’t familiar with. Take note of the and arrange them on a table or on its way. With time and practice, the openness to inputs and perceptions expands to an synchronicities that occur while you are your floor to take a self-portrait open confidence to share outputs and ideas as well. Making creativity a more regular exploring and see where they lead you. that is embodied in those objects. part of your routine rather than surrendering to the whispers of “Later,” “Once I…” and Create a streak Use your imagination other self-talk will help make creativity a more familiar habit and part of your life. Set a small creative goal, set aside Play with your surroundings. Look for The invitations to engage in creativity 15 minutes or so each day to devote things that look like faces, amusing more deeply in recent years is not aimed at fostering an abundance of artistes, each to that goal and track the number juxtapositions or phrases that you generating their own blizzards of symphonic tone poems, speculative novels, and sci-fi of consecutive days you can do it. can edit to say something amusing or epics. Creativity is not measured by the ambition or scale of the things one chooses If you break the streak, start again. consider the opposite of something. to create. A snapshot or a haiku are quick and ephemeral enough to create, assess, and Collaborate with someone Explore your environment try again as you rumble through the stages of the creative process. Allow small creative If you know someone with a common Whether you are out for a walk or projects to introduce you again and again to doubt as you attempt and ultimately complete interest, try doing it together. A knitting within your own home, take note of something that is yours. Feel that critic’s voice in your head grow softer until you are left circle, a writing group, a partner for a the colours, textures, and light and with a habit of looking at things differently, questioning more carefully, and judging photo walk are just a few examples of shadows that surround you and note success and failure in a more detached light. groups doing creative things together. how they change during the day. 3

Making a difference with COMMUNITY PARTNERS Enabling patient Deepening our collaborations with various organizations presents an incredible centred research opportunity to provide the community with enormous benefits. At UCalgary Helping educators Continuing Education our work extends beyond delivering open enrolment meet standards of courses. By collaborating with organizations and co-creating programs, leadership excellence we make a difference in our broader community by improving people’s Helping oil and gas lives, contributing to economic prosperity and cultural development. professionals transition to digital technology Patient and Community › Build capacity for patient education employment Engagement Research (PaCER) organizations and networks PaCER is a one-year, non-credit 4 certificate program available for › Work within health delivery systems any non-traditional adult learner supporting evidence-based practice to gain research skills and become and transformational change patient partners in health research. PaCER is housed and supported Since 2018, PaCER has trained over by the Alberta Strategy for Patient 70 patient researchers. By partnering Oriented Research (AbSPORU) Patient with UCalgary Continuing Education, Engagement Team and is delivered the PaCER program has expanded by UCalgary Continuing Education. beyond the province of Alberta and is now available nation-wide. This An instructor with extensive patient- novel approach to health research has centered research experience leads provided an exciting opportunity for the delivery of the course content collaboration between the health-care online. Participants in the course system, academia, and the community. receive additional support by PaCER graduates and an academic lead Alberta Education provides oversight while working in Superintendent Leadership close collaboration with a sponsor. Certifications (LQS and SLQS) The Alberta Ministry of Education The PaCER certificate program was looking to provide pathways to integrates research-based patient teachers, school leaders and principals perspective and experience into health in the Alberta school system who research and health care. Participants wish to move into school leadership who successfully complete the program positions. Now, UCalgary Continuing become skilled as patient researchers Education is approved to deliver the and may have the opportunity to: courses that meet the requirements for the Leadership Quality Standard › Join health research teams as active (LQS) and Superintendent Leadership and equal partners in research Quality Standard (SLQS) certifications. › Contribute to the enhancement The LQS program has been designed of patient engagement research for Alberta certified teachers who aspire to be school principals in the and practice health research

Alberta education system, and the Following a successful two-year How to SLQS program is designed to help pilot program in 2021, Future Skills Register principals and other educational Centre (FSC) invested almost practitioners meet the requirements $5.4 million for the EDGE UP 2.0 1 Visit for for becoming a superintendent program to provide training for 320 in the province of Alberta. displaced oil and gas professionals for the most up-to-date course in-demand information technology schedules, delivery formats These certificate programs outline jobs including data analysts, full-stack and to register. the professional expectations that software developers, information principals and school jurisdiction technology project managers, 2 Select your courses and check leaders must demonstrate to create cybersecurity analysts, etc. the conditions under which teachers for any prerequisites. can do their best work. Having school EDGE UP 2.0 is led by Calgary leaders meet the standard is an Economic Development and is 3 If admitted in a certificate or important part of Alberta Education’s delivered in collaboration with the overall strategy of creating safe Information and Communications diploma program, log in to My and caring schools and making life Technology Council, UCalgary Account at better by investing in education. Continuing Education, SAIT, to ensure the course applies Bow Valley College, Mount to your program. Remember To date, there have been several royal University, and Riipen. you can start with a course cohorts in these programs and and apply for admission to over 240 students have completed UCalgary Continuing Education a certificate or diploma the certifications. continues to collaborate with program at any time. community partners. By working Energy to Digital Growth together, we can make a difference 4 Register online, by phone or Education and Upskilling by creating knowledge value Project (EDGE UP) and strengthening individuals by mail. Pay course fees with A collaboration with Calgary and the communities in which VISA, MasterCard, American Economic Development and they live and work. Express, Visa Debit, cheque or Calgary post-secondary money order. institutions led to the launch of the EDGE UP program in 2019. 5 Receive course registration EDGE UP is a multi-stakeholder confirmation by email. program designed for oil and gas professionals displaced from the 6 Log in to your account to oil and gas sector to gain specific tech skills and take advantage of see your course details and high-demand, high-growth digital access Desire2Learn (D2L). technology employment opportunities Unless notified, all courses are across all industries in Calgary. available at 9 a.m. (MT) the day before the start date. 7 Visit our Student Welcome Guide at students to find practical information to help you succeed as a Continuing Education student. Need help? Visit our Info for Students web page at Connect with a Student Services Representative via online chat, by emailing [email protected] or calling 403.220.2866.

Follow your passion. Personal Enrichment Programs Continuing Education personal enrichment programs are designed to help you enhance your well-being, inspire you and help you engage with your creative side. There are hundreds of courses to choose from in areas of interest such as art and design, languages, creative writing, history, politics, religion and more. I’m happy to have found balance in my life, which in turn helps me stay interested in my day-to-day work.” Tess Steinhauer, GRADUATE Certificate in Visual Design specializing in Photography 6

Art and Design Why not discover - or rediscover - the artist within? The courses listed here provide the Courses Hours Term Fee PERSONAL knowledge and skills needed to understand ICT 437 Adobe Illustrator 30 ll $825 design principles, and create art using ICT 665 Adobe Illustrator Advanced 30 ll $825 7 traditional and digital technologies. ICT 578 Adobe InDesign 30 lll $825 ICT 436 Adobe Photoshop 30 llll $825 ENRICHMENT Only currently scheduled courses are listed ICT 664 Adobe Photoshop Advanced 30 ll $825 here and may be taken for general interest, or ICT 687 Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing 30 l $825 for credit towards the following certificates: PHO 113 Architectural Photography 18 l $275 ART 301 Art History and Appreciation 1 20 l $345 › Certificate in Graphic Design | 240 hours ART 310 Art History and Appreciation 2 20 l $345 INT 123 Bathroom and Kitchen Design 20 l $345 › Certificate in Visual Design | 250 hours ART 317 Branding: What Designers need to Know 30 ll $475 INT 105 Colour For Homeowners 10 l $195 › Certificate in Visual Design specializing ART 321 Colour Theory 1 30 ll $475 in Art Theory and Practice | 250 hours ART 318 Colour Theory 2 30 ll $475 ART 109 Creative Acrylic Painting 30 l $475 › Certificate in Visual Design specializing INT 124 Decorating as a Business 30 l $425 in Interior Design | 250 hours ART 103 Design Principles 30 ll $475 PHO 133 Digital Photography Fundamentals 12 ll $195 If you are a certificate student, please review ART 314 Drawing 1 30 ll $495 your own program requirements to ensure ART 315 Drawing 2 30 l $495 your selected course is eligible for credit. ART 320 Graphic Design 30 ll $475 ART 102 History of Design 30 ll $475 INT 127 Home Staging and Styling 20 ll $345 INT 106 Interior Design — A Career! 6l $105 INT 107 Interior Design: What’s Comin’ And Goin’ 16 l $295 PHO 127 Perception and Creativity in Photography 12 ll $195 ART 316 Typography 30 l $475 FIF 648 Women Depicted in Art 6l $75 + GST 60,000In 2021 almost 35,800In 2016 Art enables us to find ourselves and jobs in Canada required expertise in art visual artists, artisans and craftspeople lose ourselves at related skills such as: Adobe Creative in Canada spent more time at their the same time. Suite and Microsoft Office Suite art than at any other occupation Thomas Merton Term: l Winter l Spring l Summer l Fall

English as a Second Language Do you want to improve your English for personal, work or academic reasons? UCalgary Continuing Education offers Part-time Courses Hours Term Fee full-time and part-time programs in English 30 lll $325 as a Second Language (ESL). These programs ENL 415 English Pronunciation 3 llll Free include various levels and are designed for 60 ll $525 students 18 years of age or older, who want ENL 099 Part Time ESL Placement Test* 60 lll $525 to improve their English language skills. 60 lll $525 ENL 110 ESL 1 60 lll $525 Part-time Courses 60 lll $525 The courses offered in the part-time ENL 210 ESL 2 60 l $500 program are delivered in the evenings and on weekends. Each course has a prerequisite ENL 310 ESL 3 and new students must take a placement test to determine the level in which they ENL 410 ESL 4 are to start, before registering for an ESL part-time course. For more details, please ENL 510 ESL 5 visit ENL 430 TOEFL Test Preparation Full-time Programs and Courses Full-time immersion programs are available *Additional placement test is available at a cost. For more information, please visit our website for international students and landed immigrants. These programs include English ENRICHMENT for Academic Purposes (EAP), general English Full-time Programs and Courses Hours Term Fee 250 llll $4,650 8 as a Second Language programs and test EAP 200 Academic Communication Certificate 100 l $1,750 120 l $1,850 preparation courses. To enhance the cultural ESL 101 ESL Intensive Immersion Course (4 weeks) 50 ll $950 and learning experience for international 275 lll $4,200 students, optional activity programs and ESL 101 ESL Intensive Immersion Course (5 weeks) 120 ll $1,975 homestay accommodations are available. For 25 lll $595 more details, please visit ESL 111 ESL Language & Culture Course ESL 100 ESL Semester Program ESL 105 IELTS Preparation Course ESL 205 TOEIC Preparation Course — Listening & Reading PERSONAL Do you need... English for Academic Purposes (EAP) English as a Second Language Test Preparation Academic Communication Part-time or Certificate Full-time programs For more information on courses and programs go to or call 403.220.2866

Languages of the World Is it time to challenge yourself? Why not learn a language for work, travel or just for fun? In all languages, beginners start in Level 1. If American Sign Language Courses Hours Term Fee you have experience in a language, you may 36 ll $375 consult with a student advisor to determine your ASL 101 Sign Language 101 36 ll $375 appropriate starting level. 36 l $375 ASL 102 Sign Language 102 36 l $395 Special Offer: Students who wish to repeat a 36 l $395 language course to develop their skills further ASL 103 Sign Language 103 may do so at a 50% discount if they take it in the following semester that the same course is ASL 201 Sign Language 201 offered. A limited number of discounted seats is available in each class. Contact a student advisor ASL 202 Sign Language 202 at 403.220.2866 to confirm your eligibility and to register (valid for the 2021/22 academic year only). International Language Courses Hours Term Fee 20 l $265 + GST Only currently scheduled courses are listed ARA 101 Arabic 1 20 l $265 + GST here and may be taken for general interest, or 40 llll $345 for credit towards the following certificates: ARA 102 Arabic 2 40 lll $395 40 lll $395 › Certificate in French Language and FRE 100 French 1 40 ll $395 Culture — FSL Foundations | 140 hours 40 l $395 FRE 102 French 2 40 ll $395 › Certificate in French Language and 20 l $245 Culture — FSL Intermediate | 140 hours FRE 103 French 3 20 ll $245 30 ll $295 + GST › Certificate in Spanish Language FRE 104 French 4 30 l $325 + GST PERSONAL and Culture — Level 1 | 120 hours 30 l $325 + GST FRE 105 French 5 30 ll $295 + GST › Certificate in Spanish Language 30 ll $325 + GST and Culture — Level 2 | 130 hours FRE 145 French 6 (Français pré-avancé) 30 l $325 + GST 20 lll $265 + GST If you are a certificate student, please review FRE 146 French 7 (Français avancé) 20 ll $265 + GST your own program requirements to ensure 20 lll $265 + GST your selected course is eligible for credit. FRE 115 French Conversation 1 20 l $265 + GST 20 ll $265 + GST Additional language courses may be added GER 110 German 1 20 l $265 + GST based on student interest. For the most up-to-date 25 l $295 + GST list of scheduled courses, please check GER 210 German 2 25 l $325 + GST 9 30 llll $295 + GST GER 310 German 3 30 lll $325 Note: One week prior to start, classes with insufficient 30 lll $345 enrolment may be cancelled. To help us run as many classes ITA 101 Italian 1 30 ll $345 ENRICHMENT as possible, please register early. 30 ll $375 ITA 102 Italian 2 30 ll $375 Term: l Winter l Spring l Summer l Fall 30 l $375 ITA 104 Italian 4 30 l $375 30 l $375 JPN 101 Japanese 1 30 l $375 30 ll $345 JPN 102 Japanese 2 30 l $375 18 ll $95 + GST KOR 101 Korean 1 18 ll $95 + GST KOR 102 Korean 2 MAN 101 Mandarin 1 MAN 102 Mandarin 2 RUS 101 Russian 1 RUS 102 Russian 2 SPA 101 Spanish 1 SPA 102 Spanish 2 SPA 103 Spanish 3 SPA 104 Spanish 4 SPA 105 Spanish 5 SPA 106 Spanish 6 SPA 907 Spanish 7 SPA 908 Spanish 8 SPA 909 Spanish 9 SPA 910 Spanish 10 SPA 410 Spanish Conversation 1 SPA 420 Spanish Conversation 2 FRE 300 Speakers’ Club — French SPA 300 Speakers’ Club — Spanish

Curious Personal Enrichment Minds Are you ready to discover something new? These courses are designed to satisfy your curiosity. For courses in Art, Graphic Design and Interior Design see page 7. A range of topics are covered including history, mental Mental Health and Psychology Courses Hours Term Fee health, personal finance, 7 lll $389 + GST politics, religion, retirement BUS 285 Assertiveness: Choosing the Right Balance 7 ll $389 + GST and more. 7 llll $429 + GST Explore Continuing Education’s BUS 128 Dealing with the Difficult Conversation 14 lll $629 + GST personal enrichment courses 12 ll $275 + GST to find a new passion, help you BUS 127 Emotional Intelligence 5 l $75 + GST manage your stress or set your personal financial goals. BUS 130 Mental Toughness: Training for Success 30 lll $550 Courses range from single day 7 ll $389 + GST sessions to full term courses; in PIW 101 Mindfulness Meditation 7 l $389 + GST class and online. For more information visit FIF 654 Social Psychology: The Science of How Social Situations Influence Us NEW BMC 350 Stress and Fatigue Management BUS 207 Stress Less: Managing What’s On Your Mind BUS 211 Toxic Workplaces: Strategies to Create Healthy Environments One Day @ UCalgary Courses Hours Term Fee FIF 637 Everything You Need to Know About Alberta Politics 6 l $75 + GST FIF 614 Magical World of Ancient Mythology 6 l $75 + GST FIF 651 Making Sense of Equalization and Fiscal 6 ll $75 + GST Transfers in Canada FIF 631 Politics in the City: Everything You Need to Know 6 l $75 + GST About Calgary Politics FIF 654 Social Psychology: The Science of How Social 5 l $75 + GST Situations Influence Us NEW FIF 648 Women Depicted in Art 6 l $75 + GST Personal Finance Courses Hours Term Fee PIW 112 Foundations of Personal Financial Management 15 ll $325 + GST PIW 132 Investing for Success Level 1 15 ll $355 + GST PIW 142 Investing for Success Level 2 15 l $355 + GST PIW 145 Retirement and Estate Planning: All About the Money 12 ll $285 + GST Personal Interest Courses Hours Term Fee HUM 414 Art Crime: The Dark Side of Buying and Selling Art 8 l $175 + GST FIF 214 Churches and Cathedrals: Decoding 20 ll $315 + GST Sacred Symbolism PIW 160 Planning for a Positive Retirement 12 l $295 + GST PIW 147 Self-care in Retirement: Strategies for Wellness 6 ll $125 + GST PIW 146 Self-identity in Retirement: What will you do 6 ll $125 + GST when you retire? PIW 156 Vegetable Gardening: Growing Resilience 12 l $175 + GST

Writing Are you interested in learning about and understanding the craft of creative writing? These creative writing courses are delivered online and cover If there’s a book you document design, how to write a novel, poetry and more. really want to read, but it hasn’t been Only currently scheduled courses are listed here and may be taken for written yet, then general interest, or for credit towards the following certificates: you must write it. Thomas Merton › Creative Writing Certificate | 200 hours If you are a certificate student, please review your own program requirements to ensure your selected course is eligible for credit. See page 19 in the Professional Development section of the 290KIn 2021 over publication for Professional Writing certificate programs. jobs in Canada required expertise in writing Courses Hours Term Fee WRI 417 $295 WRI 120 Beginning to Write a Novel 15 ll $595 PERSONAL WRI 140 $595 WRI 500 Copy Editing and Proofreading 30 llll $1,055 WRI 220 $595 WRI 121 Creative Writing Exploration 30 lll $295 WRI 113 $195 WRI 419 Creative Writing Final Project 40 ll $295 27,700In 2016 over WRI 418 $295 WRI 422 Document Design 30 ll $295 authors and writers in Canada spent WRI 423 $295 more time at their creative writing WRI 430 Editing for Structure 15 lll $595 than at any other occupation 11 WRI 350 $595 WRI 290 Grammar Punctuation and Spelling: A Quick Review 10 llll $595 WRI 416 $295 WRI 421 Poetry Writing 15 l $295 WRI 110 $595 Screenwriting: What Makes a Good Movie? 15 l ENRICHMENT Write a Novel — Level 2 NEW 15 l Write a Novel — Level 3 NEW 15 l Writing Creative Non-Fiction 30 l Writing Effective Online Content 30 ll Writing Effective Proposals for Grants and Funding 30 l Writing Mystery Fiction 15 ll Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy NEW 15 ll Writing Well 30 lll From the basics like grammar and editing, to more complex subject matter like how to form a coherent and appealing narrative, I have directly benefited from the Creative Writing Certificate program.” Jonah Ardiel, GRADUATE Creative Writing Certificate Term: l Winter l Spring l Summer l Fall

Launch your learning journey... ... with more than 50 Certificate, Diploma, and Designation Programs Learn a new skill, gain confidence, expand your knowledge, and prepare for career advancement by completing one or more of the following certificate and diploma programs. For details visit Ÿ Academic Communication Ÿ Graphic Design Ÿ Professional Writing Specializing in: Ÿ Adult and Community Education Ÿ Human Resource Advanced NEW ´ Business and Technical Writing Ÿ Adult Learning Specializing in: Ÿ Human Resource Fundamentals NEW ´ Marketing and Public Relations Ÿ Human Resource Management ´ Adult and Community Education Ÿ Influence Skills Training for Professionals NEW Ÿ Project Management Basics for the ´ Career and Academic Advising Ÿ IT Fundamentals Non-profit Sector ´ e-Learning Ÿ Integrated Digital Media ´ Workplace Learning Ÿ Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Ÿ Project Management Fundamentals Ÿ Business Acumen for Professionals NEW Ÿ Marketing Fundamentals Ÿ School Leadership Certifications Ÿ Business Analysis Ÿ .NET Application Development Ÿ Small Business Management Basics Ÿ Business Intelligence and Analytics Ÿ Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Ÿ Career Development and Academic Advising for Entrepreneurs NEW Ÿ Change Management ´ OHS Fundamentals Ÿ Spanish Language and Culture Levels 1 and 2 Ÿ Creative Writing ´ OHS Advanced Ÿ Teaching Second Languages Levels 1 and 2 Specializing in: ´ Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)

Ÿ Database Administration ´ OHS Diploma ´ Teaching International and Heritage Ÿ Digital Marketing Ÿ Office Applications Languages (TIHL) Ÿ e-Learning Ÿ Professional Management Ÿ Emerging Leaders Ÿ Visual Design Ÿ Environmental Management ´ General ´ General Ÿ French Language and Culture ´ Economic Developers ´ Specializing in Art Theory and Practice ´ Professional Engineers and ´ Specializing in Interior Design ´ FSL Foundations ´ FSL Intermediate Geoscientists (PEG) Ÿ Workplace Learning Ÿ Front-End Web Development ´ Specializing in Construction Management Ÿ Front Line Leaders ´ Specializing in Risk Management ´ Specializing in Strategic Management Getting started Enrol in a program Transferability In most cases, you can take courses first To enrol in a certificate or diploma program On completion of one program, you may choose and apply for admission to a certificate go to to pursue another. In some cases, you can transfer or diploma program later. a limited number of hours between programs. Have a question? Need help? Telephone By Mail Scan the QR code or visit Info for Students 403.220.2866 University of Calgary at Connect with a Continuing Education Student Services Representative via online 1.866.220.4992 2500 University Drive NW chat, by emailing [email protected] or (Within North America) Calgary, AB, T2N 1N4 calling 403.220.2866.

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