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7th Grade Flipbook Patrick Mireles

Published by patrick.mireles.327, 2016-11-07 21:43:45

Description: 7th Grade Flipbook


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Body Systems Flip Book By Patrick Mireles

Table of ContentsIntegumentary SystemMusculoskeletal SystemNervous SystemSpecial SensesCardiovascular SystemRespiratory System

Digestive SystemUrinary SystemReproductive System

Table of contentsIntegumentary SystemFunction: This system serves to protect the body from Professions:cuts, infection, and water. It also offer support to the Dermatologist: skin specialistbody’s shape Esthetician: beauty specialistStructures: Diseases: Pimple: red bump with pus in itEpidermis: outer layer of skin, made mostly of dead cells Hives: itchy, raised welts that are redDermis: main layer of skin that contains living cells andblood vesselsSubcutaneous: the bottom layer of skin, is mostly madeof fat

Table of contentsMusculoskeletal SystemFunction: To allow the body to move and to give the Professions:body support and protection Athletic Trainer: works with athletes to maintain their muscles and bonesStructures: Chiropractor: works on the muscle and bones of the bodyMuscles: clusters of long fibers that squeeze to allow the Diseases:body to move Fracture: where the bone splits or breaks in an unnatural waySkeleton (bones): strong pieces that protect the body Sprain: where a tendon is stretched butand organs from damage; give the body support not broken causing painTendons: connects muscles to bones

Table of contentsNervous SystemFunction: To relay messages all across your body Professions: Neurologist: A specialist of the nervesStructures: and their actions Neurosurgeon: treats nerve diseasesBrain: the main organ of the nervous system, it controls Diseases:all the functions of the body and thoughts Epilepsy: a condition that makes seizures more commonNerves: long streams of cells that relay electric messages Parkinson’s: continuous disease thatto the body showing pain or making movements slowly makes it harder to moveSpinal Cord: large stretch of nerves that connect thebrain to the other parts of the body

Table of contentsSpecial SensesFunction: To allow the body to smell, see, taste, feel, and Professions:hear using special nerves Optologist: doctor that treats eyes Otolaryngologist: doctor that treatsStructures: hearing Diseases:Ears: allow the body to hear Rhinorrhea: runny nose Blindness: the inability to seeEyes: spheres that allow the body to seeNose: allow the body to seeTongue: allow the body to taste

Table of contentsCardiovascular SystemFunction: To pump blood through the body to deliver Professions:nutrients and oxygen Cardiologist: heart doctor Phlebotomist: someone who specializesStructures: in taking a patient's blood Diseases:Heart: pumps blood through the body Sickle Cell: red blood cells are not shaped properly in the body and getArtery: takes blood with oxygen away from the heart stuck in the vessels Heart Attack: when the heart gets tiredVein: brings blood without oxygen back to the heart and stops pumping blood properlyBlood: made of red and white blood cells, it transfersthings to the body

Table of contentsRespiratory SystemFunction: This system serves to protect the body from Professions:cuts, infection, and water. It also offer support to the Pulmonologist: lungs specialistbody’s shape Laryngologist: specialize in the voice and how it worksStructures:Mouth/ nose: take in air for the body Diseases:Trachea: takes air from the mouth to the bronchus Asthma: when the trachea and bronchusBronchus: split into two to take air to the lungs swell and can’t take in much airLungs: hold the alveoli and air Pneumonia: when the lungs get filled with a liquidAlveoli: pick up carbon dioxide from blood and give theblood oxygen

Table of contentsDigestive SystemFunction: Breaks down food into usable nutrients for Professions:the body and excrete the waste Gastroenterologist: stomach and small intestine specialistStructures: Hepatologist: liver specialist Diseases:Mouth: chews food Constipation: the inability to remove waste from the bodyStomach: uses acid to break down food Gastritis: when the stomach becomes swollen and hurtsLiver: secretes bile, a special liquid, to digest foodSmall intestine: where the nutrients from digested foodis picked upLarge intestine: where water is picked up from food

Table of contentsUrinary SystemFunction: To pick up and excrete urine from the body Professions:Structures: Urologist: specialist for the wholeKidneys: filter out urine from the blood urinary systemUreters: transfer urine from kidneys to bladder Nephrologist: kidney doctorBladder: holds urine until it is time to release Diseases:Urethra: transfer urine from bladder out of the body Bladder Stone: when urine solidifies and creates a stone that must pass through the system Anuria: a problem in the kidneys that limit it from making urine

Reproductive System Table of contentsFunction: To allow the body to reproduce Professions: Gynecologist: female reproductive system specialist Urologist: also deal with the male reproductive system

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