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Description: Award Winning Magazine, Established in 1995


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MAY 2018Award Winning Magazine, Established in 1995COMMUNITYHIGHLIGHTS This issue is dedicated to all bereaved families in and around the communityWINDRUSH WHAT IS THEGENERATION PROSTATE? PAGE 16PAGE 3 MY TESTIMONYI WANT TO SEE A TRUE LIFE STORIESDIFFERENCEPAGE 6 PAGE 18

WELCOME TO THE MAY ISSUE OF COMMUNITY HIGHLIGHTS Firstly, I would like to remember all the bereaved families out there, losing loved ones is one of the hardest things to go through, stand by each other, pray and God will comfort you and see you through any hard times you face throughout life. The Windrush scandal is appalling, after we all helped to build up this country, say no more. Anyone going to windrush events - enjoy . Community Highlights Windrush event is on Saturday 23rd June at Leeds Westindian centre 7pm onwards £5.00 entry fee (stalls and lots of performers, plus as I’m a Windrush baby so a Birthday celebration too!). The next issue will be out in early August (well before Leeds Westindian carnival) please send us any articles and advertiser stories. Community Highlights Leeds Sharon Patricia Jones @comhighlights Mob: 07944376574 Email: [email protected] COMMUNITY HIGHLIGHTS

MAY 2018The home secretary Amber In 2012 Theresa May, who was home Rudd is appeared in front of the secretary at the time, promised to home affairs committee today create a hostile environment for illegal to answer questions about her immigrants, denying them accesshandling of the Windrush scandal, to the NHS and welfare services,which has been rapidly gaining employment, bank accounts, drivingmomentum over the past week. licences and rented accommodation unless they could prove their right toThe Windrush generation, named be in the UK.after one of the first ships that arrivedfrom Jamaica in 1948, are citizens Hundreds of those from the Windrushof the UK and colonies, a type of generation have found that they docitizenship conferred by the British not have the necessary paperwork toNationality Act of 1948. prove that they have been in the UK lawfully for years. Numerous casesThe Windrush children who came have come to light of Commonwealthover with their parents were entitled citizens being denied healthcareto settled status, and so are in the and benefits or threatened withUK legally. However, although many deportation despite having lived andhave taken UK citizenship or have worked in the UK for decades.documents to prove their status,some do not. 3

Smokingcauseand effectOne of the most common problems people are not aware of. Almost everyone knows that smoking causestoday that are killing people, all cancer, and heart disease; that it canover the world, is smoking. Many shorten your life by 10 years or more; and that the habitpeople start this horrible habit can cost a smoker thousands ofbecause of stress, dirham’s a year. So, why people arepersonal issues still smoking? The answerand high blood is obviously, addiction.pressure. Some Smoking is a hard habitpeople began to break becauseshowing off or tobacco containssome people nicotine, which iswanted highly enjoy There are severalit . One effects and causes ofcigarette smoking;can First of all, teenagers smokeresult in because they want to be fit,. Teenssmokingothers,whichcan leadto majoraddiction.Whensomeonesmokes acigarette theyare not only hurtingthemselves, but others aroundthem. Smoking does many horriblethings to the human body that most4 COMMUNITY HIGHLIGHTS

MAY 2018see their friends smoke and they in lighter fluid), Carbon Monoxidethink it makes them look cool or (found in car fumes), Hydrazine andindependent plus them. Feel no Methanol (both found in rocket fuel),tension plus worries. The first cause Tar (found in roads).of smoking which is Nicotine is anaddictive and harmful substance Smoking is a habit which individualscontained in cigarettes. It reduces find difficult to quit. Many peopletension and it is also believed that make preparations for months init can have a calming effect on their effort to get rid of the habit,people who are anxious and worried. Many teenagers smoke becauseAlthough, people smoke when they of depression and stress, but theyare depressed, lonely or bored and should know by now that smokingit helps them to reduce the stress. kills you from the inside the are manySecond main cause of smoking is ways to solve problems like those but“psychological” (MENTAL) which one of them is NOT smoking. It’s justseems to be a very important factor madness and it will give you cancer.for people to get the habit. In many People like teenagers don’t think.cases, smoking is started at a young SMOKING is BAD for YOU!!!!!!age due to high blood pressure,tobacco. Many people who start Always try to avoid what yoursmoking have a family member or friends say about smoking, just sayclose friend who smokes. Smoking Alhamdulillah by what Allah hasis like a slow death. There are various given to you, So Alhamdulillah forexamples of smoking. Smoking everything, and please stop smoking.leads to lung cancer, heart disease,strokes, asthma and wide variety ofother diseases. Smokers experiencemore coughs and colds as comparedto non- smokers. Besides affectingoneself, it also has a negative impacton others around smokers which isalso known as second hand smoking.Also any pregnant women who areexposed to cigarettes smoke willhave an increased risk of havingabnormal baby. Did you ever wonderwhat’s in the cigarette that millionsof people love to smoke every day?Well, there are over 4000 toxicsubstances in a cigarette. Someof these are: Arsenic (found in ratpoisons), Acetic acid (found in hairdye developer), Ammonia (found inhousehold cleaners), Benzene (foundin rubber cement), Butane (found 5

‘I Want to See a Difference’ My Home Education Story When I met singer/songwriter Empress Imani Brown, she was accompanied by her daughter, Nevaeh, aged 6. They had just returned to Leeds from a children’s television programme appearance in Manchester. Some years ago, she took the decision to educate her daughter at home. Here, she relates her experience. ‘I was in a stable relationship with my partner when we had our daughter, Nevaeh. I have always thought that education was important and I wanted to pass on the same ethos to my daughter. Because she is my only child, I felt that it would be a good idea to read with her at home so that I could give her the attention that she probably would not receive in a class of ten, 20 or even 30 other children. ‘Sadly, my relationship with my daughter’s father did not last. Even so, I wanted to continue teaching Nevaeh at home and I hoped that her father would support me. I was surprised when, instead of boosting my effort, he began to discourage me instead. He seemed to think that even though I am a well-read and intelligent woman, I was not capable of teaching a child - my child. I was very disappointed by his attitude. Even so, the importance of being my daughter’s first teacher was not6 COMMUNITY HIGHLIGHTS

MAY 2018lost on me. I remained determined “If anyone was to askto have a hand in my daughter’s me, I would definitelyeducation, despite her father’s recommend homedisapproval. education.“‘When she was two years old, I began at home, either. Because I am closeto teach my daughter to read. I used to my family, I was saddened bythe technological tools which were the situation. Just as in the case ofavailable to us as well as books, and Nevaeh’s father, it was as thoughshe began to read phonetically. I they thought that I was unable to bemade steady progress and was proud an effective teacher to my daughter.of my daughter’s achievements. “Wouldn’t she be better off at school ?” my mother asked. That struck me‘I thought that my family would as very strange. To me, it seemed thatshare my pride, and encourage nobody could know my daughterand support the work that I was better than I did. How could it be thatdoing. Unfortunately, they did not some other person could understandsupport my educating my daughter her educational needs better, in the space of 30 hours a week or even less ? But, my family was insistent and I didn’t want to let them down. ‘So, I decided to enrol her at a local nursery school. Of course, I did not give up educating her at home entirely. My sending her there had less to do with wanting to improve the quality of her education, than increasing the social interaction which my family insisted would happen at school. After a while though, I noticed that my daughter was not necessarily progressing more quickly at the nursery school than she had been when I was teaching her at home. After about eighteen months, I decided to withdraw her from school and teach her at home full-time. ‘This time, I threw myself into my home education project with even more fervour. Being a published poet 7

‘I Want to See a Difference’myself, I wanted to put an element of any further. Although the authoritiescreativity into my teaching. I wanted might prefer that Nevaeh was into teach my daughter in a positive school, home education is not illegaland creative way. To my mind, there and there was little more that theywas nothing selfish or destructive could do or say. Sometimes, I getabout what I was doing. I simply strange looks or even commentswanted to introduce the type of from people on the street, askingeducation that I knew that Nevaeh why my daughter is not in school.would not get at mainstream school. Occasionally, there is the odd jokeIt was an investment in her future, but from friends as well. And yet, none ofI also thought of it as an investment this has been enough to dissuade mein our community and our nation. from doing what I know I have to do.‘I began to concentrate on core ‘Today, I am still teaching mysubjects, especially mathematics, daughter at home. Happily, my sisterhistory, literacy and science, which is very supportive of what I am doingNevaeh really enjoyed. I also taught and her reassurance has really helpedher geography, Especially of Africa. a lot. As a result of my teaching myIn addition, I taught her what I refer daughter myself, our relationshipto as “real life skills”, such as holistic is very close and we relate to eachhealth which I don’t think that we other well. It has meant that I havehave enough of. On top of that, I gave been able to instil our family’s andher music lessons as well. our nation’s values into her, without interference. It has given us the‘Naturally, all of the subjects are freedom to be who we are.important. But reading, in particular,is key because it is the best way for us ‘’If anyone was to ask me, I wouldto unlock knowledge of our history. definitely recommend homeFor Nevaeh, one of her favourite books education. I’d say that they should bewas “Grace and Family” by Mary strong-minded and go for it, becauseHoffmann. As far as I am concerned, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.“Brainwashed: Challenging the Myth It strengthens one’s mind-set, andof Black Inferiority” by Tom Burrell contributes to our nation’s educationis a really important book which I at the same time. Rather than regretthoroughly recommend. Not only not doing anything, it is better to havedoes it start by calling our inferiority tried than not. As far as our people’sa ‘myth’ but it goes on to address our education is concerned, I want to seespirituality, which really appealed to a difference and decided to start withme. myself.‘Not so long ago, I got a call from the As told to Sandra Muhammadauthorities, allegedly with regard tofree school dinners. I answered theirquestions and they didn’t enquireinto my home education programme8 COMMUNITY HIGHLIGHTS

MAY 2018 HOT OFF THE PRESSSee our Wednesday news section in the Evening 9

This year marksthe centenaryof some womenbeing allowed tovote in Britainfor the first time.The legacy of those by the indefatigable dinosaurs. One femalecourageous women Barbara Castle in 1970; MP I know got into a lift atpioneers has been and paid maternity leave the House of Commonsimmense and the last by Harriet Harman in and was mistaken for ahundred years have seen 1999. But there is still member of staff by a malehuge progress in British far more to do before MP who could not believesociety. As the MP for women – who make up she was a woman MP.Leeds West, I am deeply half the population – But it is not just in theproud of the role the city’s get a fair deal. Despite world of politics that wewomen have played in the huge strides made need to do much morefighting for women’s by the Labour Party in to encourage womenrights. Leonora Cohen, getting more female and female enterprise. Aswho was born in Hunslet, MPs in Parliament, well as being the MP foracted as bodyguard for more than two-thirds Leeds West, I am chair ofEmmeline Pankhurst and of Westminster’s MPs the House of Commonssmashed the display case are men. In 2015 when Business, Energy andof the Crown Jewels at I was the Shadow Work Industrial Strategy Selectthe Tower of London in and Pensions Secretary, Committee. This means2013. A blue plaque has I remember one Tory I frequently call thebeen erected in tribute to MP had the cheek to bosses of British industryher at her former home question whether I would before the committee tonear Leeds University. be suitable for a Cabinet answer for their actions.Mary Gawthorpe from job if Labour won the Whether it is the bosses ofBramley and Isabella Ford general election. He was collapsed firm Carillion orfrom Headingley were unhappy that I planned the leaders of our majoralso part of the fight to to take some maternity manufacturing firms, farget the vote for women. leave. The idea that too many top directorsOn a national level, women in all walks of life are men presiding overwomen have fought cannot handle a job and companies with someand won crucial battles: being a parent at the appalling gender payequal guardianship by same time is an insult to gaps. Almost eight inNancy Astor and Margaret millions of hard-working ten pubic sector bodiesWintringham in 1920; mums. Sadly, these and companies pay menthe famous fight for out-of-date views still more than women overall,equal pay spearheaded exist among some male according to data on10 COMMUNITY HIGHLIGHTS

MAY 2018firms that employ at least scheme – just the have applied to use it.250 workers published latest indication of how Too many men still feelearlier this month. Given they are failing to help financially or culturallyit has been illegal to pay parents struggling with a unable to take time offwomen less than man chronically underfunded work and we must worksince the introduction childcare system. A to change that. Goodof the Equal Pay Act in Labour government businesses already give1970, the gender pay would extend 30 hours new parents more flexiblegap is inexplicably high of free childcare to all terms when it comes toand totally unjust. It two, three and four-year- maternity and paternityneeds to change and I olds and invest in our leave and more shouldam determined to help childcare system. I have follow their example.put that right. Women argued that instead I wrote about some of thestill face discrimination of giving a handful of challenges women haveand sexism in all walks wealthy families – largely faced over the last centuryof life. The extent of the in London and the South in my biography of Alicesexual abuse that goes East – a £1 billion cut on Bacon – the first femaleon has been highlighted their inheritance tax bills, MP in Leeds in the Harvey Weinstein that money should be In 2010, I was elected ascase and the excellent spent instead on boosting only the second female#MeToo campaign. But, childcare. But we also MP to represent the Emmeline Pankhurst need to reform the Thanks to the amazingwould say “Deeds, Not current system of parental work of Harriet HarmanWords” is the key. There leave to help more fathers and others, a total of 20remains a host of areas take time off work to of the 37 MPs in Yorkshirewhere we need action bond and spend time and the Humber areto help women get on at with their new child. now women. That’s awork and capitalise on It is rewarding for both fantastically positivetheir entrepreneurial skills. parents to spend time development and I amI have long argued for with their new baby – proud to be a part of thatfar better childcare and just as important change. But women stillarrangements to help that fathers get to enjoy face discrimination inwomen return to work that pleasure. And, it the workplace - whetherafter having a baby. We is important that both that’s about pay orneed to see childcare as a mothers and fathers being denied the sameform of infrastructure that take parent leave so opportunities as theirwill help our economy to that women are not male colleagues - andgrow and parents make disadvantaged by unjust treatment in allthe most of their skills. becoming a parent by walks of life. I will keepThe Government’s current taking time off and so on fighting here in Leedsplans for childcare are not that the work involved and at Westminstergood enough because in child-rearing is until we get equalitymany nurseries are shared more equally. and justice for womenunable to offer free hours. Yet, according to the everywhere.In March, the Government latest figures from thetried to sneak out the Department of Business, Rachel Reeves MPdate that they will close just 2% of couples eligible Member of Parliamentthe childcare vouchers for shared parental leave for Leeds West 11

Angelic Care Services was established in 2016. The company isregistered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and providesqualified, experienced, reliable care assistants, support workersand nurses who deliver care to clients in their own homes andwithin the Health & Social Care Sector.I was inspired to set up the company by my role model, MrsJohnson (Angels). I admired her from a distance and I wasimpressed by the way she managed care packages in thecommunity (including my mother’s) and the level of respect shegained from her employees and within the community. Angels Elaine (Joy)was like a breath of fresh air and we were very sad when they Smith-DuBoisstopped trading. BA (Hons); MAHowever, when my mother became ill and was given 8 days HRM & CIPDto live (over three years ago) it was difficult to find the right Director &care provider to deliver person-centred care. I decided to take Registeredadvantage of the private health budget. I recruited and manage Manager, Angelicmy own carers and my mother is still alive today. She now has a Care Servicesfirst class team of carers who provide care in her own home andwho are able to identify with her cultural needs, including cornmeal porridge ... At arecent review the District Nurses rated the standard of care as excellent.Why Choose Us?We are a friendly, reliable and trustworthy team, committed to improving thequality of life for our clients. Our goal is to provide services which meet individualneeds. Our employees are carefully recruited, DBS cleared and undergo continuoustraining. We have built a reputation on providing a highly skilled workforce, value formoney, flexibility and reliability.Our ethos is to keep our clients at the centre of our business by treating themwith dignity and respect and providing a person-centred care. We match carers toclients, taking into account cultural and other requirements.Our reputation is built on: good employer branding; low staff turnover; employeeengagement/commitment; flexibility , adaptability, reliability and competitive prices.Our ServicesWe are here for you 24/7. We provide high quality person-centred care with a rapidresponse to changing circumstances. Our services include: personal care; sitting;outings; laundry; cleaning; cooking, gardening; shopping and support work.Contact UsWe understand that planning care can beoverwhelming – so why not let Angelic Care Serviceshelp you? Please call 0113 388 0055 or 07932 847862if you would like to discuss. You can also visit ourwebsite at We arealso ‘green ticked’ in the Leeds Directory.12 COMMUNITY HIGHLIGHTS

Book Now for Words inthe City LeedsTickets are now on sale for Words in the City, our popular weekend festival ofpoetry and spoken word, taking place in the centre of Leeds from 10 – 13 May.Highlights include: reggae poet and social activist Linton Kwesi Johnson; a newshow from multi-award-winning Luke Wright that takes a step back in time to indieclubs of the 1980s; Mind the Gap’s Alan ‘Cool’ Clay and Testament explore what it’slike to be treated like trash and how you find your way out of the junk; and Kate Foxand Jackie Hagan take a look at Working Class voices in poetry. Plus there will be anintimate event with the University of Leeds’ new Professor of PoetrySimon Armitage.“We are very excited to be able to stage Words in theCity, our celebration of poetry and spoken word in Leedsfor the first time. Along with a packed weekend of freeevents for families we have a headline performancefrom the legendary Linton Kwesi Johnson and lotsof opportunities to discover the best new poets andperformers on the UK’s vibrant spoken word scene.” Festival Director, Rachel Feldberg says 13

SORREL & BLACK CAKETHE MANDELA CENTRE, LEEDS ROOM 700, LEEDS CENTRAL LIBRARYFRIDAY 22ND JUNE 2018 SATURDAY 23RD JUNE 2018DOORS OPEN 7PM DOORS OPEN 7PM£6 £6A radiogram stands proud in thecorner of Miss Letty’s immaculatefront room. Gathered around are herfamily and friends, full of questionsabout her life and determined to giveher the send-off she deserves. Asthey delve into her photo album andrecord collection, they are transportedback to her arrival in Britain from theCaribbean in 1948, and the beginningof an incredible story.Celebrate the 70th anniversary of thearrival of the SS Empire Windrushwith this well-spiced helping of music,movement and oral history, inspiredby Caribbean and black Britishheritage and tales of the WindrushGeneration. Sorrel & Black Cake is coming to the Mandela Centre, Leeds on Friday 22nd June and Room 700, Leeds Central Library on Saturday 23rd June.* There will also be a scratch performance at Words in the City at the Carriageworks Theatre on 13th May, and a special presentation and discussion with the cast at the Windrush Symposium, Leeds Becket University, on 9th June.14 COMMUNITY HIGHLIGHTS

PERFORMANCES Room 700, Leeds Central LibraryThe Mandela Centre, Leeds Saturday 23rd June 2018Friday 22nd June 2018 Doors open 7pmDoors open 7pm Tickets are £6.Tickets are £6.SPECIAL EVENTSScratch Performance, Words in theCity LeedsCarriageworks Theatre StudioSunday 13th May 2018, 1.30pm – 2.15pmPresentation and discussion with castPart of Generation Windrush:Windrush 70th AnniversarySymposiumSaturday 9th June 2018 (Registration:9.30am, Symposium: 10am to 5.30pm)Postponed due to unforeseencircumstances. We hope to reschedulethis event to later in the year. Pleasesign up to our monthly newsletterhere to keep updated. 15

What is the prostate? Why are black men atThe prostate is a gland. Only men pArsomhWasitebogalratdeehcoklceinakm’nretaclknyren,ritw?soohkwga?etwitshpmyroybsrlaitsacktkeomfcaenncaerrethaaDnnoyessypmropshaWvheaat ipsrtohsetpartoes.tTahtee?prostate is usuallythTehespizroestaantedis sahgalapnde. Oonflyamwenahlnavueta. Itsitpsroustnatde.eTrhneeparotshtattehiseubsulaalldy dthersiazenadnd other men. But it might be linked to Most men wtsuuibssbrhlartaehdopeduemetunor befadeannsdmwutsaehulrnnrierunuotr.uauinnIttardesteseitts(t(hhppueereneaude)r,eea)rwtnnhaderhnaae,itdjhcawchtheuhilecjaiashtectuhleate genes. Genes are sets of instructions have any sythtrhorouugghh. I.tsItmsamin jaobinisjtoobheilsp tmoakheeslepmemn a– kesetmhe eflunid–thtaht cearfrlieusidsptehrma.t carries sperm. inside every cell in your body and are Some men inherited from your parents. difficulty urin 1 in 4 black men will get prostate cancer at that’s sprea lsikoemIlysetoptgoheintetpirnrosetthaeteaircnlaivneycset.rBhthlaaicnnkomgtheenrIamrceenam, ownrheodo bladder have pain in getting or k havteoa 1pinr8ecvhaencne otf gpetrtinog sprtosatatteecacncaern. cer?urine, or un prostattsehyamt patroemn’st a YouNmoaoy anlseo kbenmoworeslihkeolywtotgoetpproesvtaetent p canccaenr ifc: er. But staying a healthy weight idea to talk – for example by eating healthily and what’s causurethra keeping active – may be important.penis prostate yoDu aoreeasgedp4r5ostate cancer have testicles orisrakoivnnecryre–assaenysdamysourptomyousr?father or yoMu goest tolmderen with eabrrolythperrohasstahtaed citancerPWrPWporrhooshsstatataaattttteeiessciptcaasnrarotcnpetsorctcrageartoornewscdceaiatnvnnaeaclnodtepuerenw? If hydSiogoouhe’mnrre’rteioshkvmeoarfvwebeeneiingawghntdiytoiahrsgoynpobmrseoespdest,twoyaiotmthuepmsrco.igashtnattcheaevre may aceItllosfteinn gyroowusrsplorwolysatnadtemasytanervtetrocagusreoawnyin canhcaervtehadt’sifafgicgruesltsyiveu(mrionreatlikinelygt.oMsperenadw) ithanpruobnlecmosn. Btruot slloemde wproasyta.tIetcoanftcerngrgowrosws or apdrvoanscteadte(spcreaandcoeutrsitdhe athte’sprsopstraetea).d to othersloquwiclkylyaannddhams aayhignherivskeorfcsaprueasdeinag.nTyhis parts of the body might have pain Whiny athreebblaacckkm, henipast ohirgpheerlvriiss,kp?roblemsgprritsooremwbatolmsereemqnliktusetio.lcyBskttooulypctaaitusnssoepdmrperahoedbainplesgmr.aosshatniagdthneeercdiasskncoefr Wegdeotnt’tinkngoworwhkyebelapciknmgenanareemreorcetlikoenly, bloodspreading. This is more likely to cause to ginet tphroestautericnaen,ceorrthuann eotxhperlamienne. Bdutwiteight mianrseigcltrohinuatshcubsteieosr.itneTleinsddhkineefrbsdosidymteoeoysegotvyeuhenmrreeypsrpac. reGttelohlneitnnmisne.ysogsausarrebrtsehoedatuystsaoaunf draellny’tproblems and needs treatment to stop prostate cancer. But it’s still a good Is itdheeraetaonytathlkintgoI ycoanudr oGtPo psroetvhenety can findit Isdpirdena’tdhinavge. any symptoms when I proosuttatwehcaant’csecr?ausing them. was diagnosed with prostate cancer.AIswaentbtolasecekmmy GaP nbe,cwausheaatfriiesndmy No one knows how to prevent prostate cancer. I didn't fi1riiwbsnlaka4sckdboimlafagecpnnkorhsmoaevdseeantananwdtitnieolcllrdgcemeaasteneptdhcrroaeitssrkta.?te BbbyeuWIteifmsatytpainoohygriuntaahg’nreattea.lhtahseialyhbltahlonaydcwukkeeligemdhptina–Ignfoadracetonivxeadmn–ypmeoleauxy’rte?over prostate 45, speak to your GP about your risk of how impocancer at some point in their lives. prostate cancer, even if you don’t haveBlack men are more likely to getprostate cancer than other men, who any symptoms.have a 1 in 8 chance of getting prostate Remember to tell them if any men in your family have had prostate cancer.cancer. You can also call our Specialist NursesIf you’re overweight or obese, you or chat to them online.might have a higher risk of beingdiagnosed with prostate cancer that’saggressive (more likely to spread)or advanced (spread outside theprostate).16 COMMUNITY HIGHLIGHTS

you are aged 45or over – and yourryiWosku ignhectareotaldsewers ailsl happybeorountrhfeiafrthhIeargsohoradtoitocIafarYtacthyonaaohniogcdnudyuheevocrer’artreutneGahGrcrliaoPas.ektPkTvdb’swehoo(?arsfeiwugplblrgtreeeelriiyieansgaosdtghrseuteoidvnruoieaatrrtgs(diomoisndvkoboeyaserooetneshufdteleikarp,wpegycrliroytoooehusstnsopttmacaarsoteintepgser)rhdt.neatatsheda)veWwdhiisyllaatdervellaybnoltauacgmkemsorteeonahabatovhiunigtghtheteressrtiess..kTY?hoiusrcGaPnWheedlpony’tokunodwecwihdyebwlachkemtheen ratreomhoarveelikteelysts.toIfgyeot uprodsetactiedceatnocehr athvaentoetshtesr,mthene.rBeuitsitmnigohtsbineglinleketdestot gtoendeisa.gGneonesseaprerossettsatoefianrycseoatrinunuhcrcteeiGorirtnP.esTdcihnfarseonidrmeedyaeoovrueterorytpfwacinreoeldlnmitnso.yauoitnuriftbeyosodtuys atnhdat mightIpsb•r otetAhseaetpsatrtretroieissasacktnaabyotntlefohcposeinrpdrog? e I didn't find it easy to talk about prostate cancer, but now I knowNo oanme okunonwt sofhPowSAtoinpryeovuenrtbploroosdta.tPeScAaniscer. how important it is that we do.But astpayrointgeianhperaoltdhyucweedighbty–nforrmexaalmcpellels Worried about going to the GP?by eiantiynoguhrepalrtohislytaatnedaknedepainlsgoabcytivpero– smtaatye Some men feel worried orbe imcapnocrtearnct.ells. A PSA test alone can’t embarrassed about having tests. But don’t let that stop you going to yourusually tell you whether you have GP. You can ask to see a male doctor or a female doctor when you makeprostate cancer. But it can help your GP the appointment. To find out more about your risk anddecide whether you need further tests. having tests for prostate cancer, visit• A digital rectal examination (DRE) You can also speak to our Specialist Nurses, in confidence, on 0800 074 where your GP feels your prostate Or you can text NURSE to 70004 to ask for a call back, or email or chat tothrough the wall of your back them online at get-supportpassage using their finger. They will Speak to ourcheck for any hard or lumpy areas, Specialist Nurses 0800 074 8383*which could be a sign of prostate prostatecanceruk.orgcancer. You may find the DRE uncomfortable, but it isn’tusually painful and it takes less thana minute.Your GP will talk to you about your testresults and what they might mean.If your GP thinks you may be at riskof prostate cancer, they’ll make anappointment for you to see a specialist.What if I’m not registeredwith a GP?Ask your family or friends near you fordetails of their GP. Or, to find one nearyou, in England, in Scotland, in Wales,or in Northern Ireland. 17

MY TESTIMONY TRUE LIFE STORIES by Andrea Saunders I n March. I went to the accident and Emergency department with abdominal pain. A scan was performed which revealed I had a strangulated hernia, which was trapped and could not be pushed back in, which needed urgent medical attention. Following admission, I was on the Acute emergency list. I was on the ward for a couple of days before the surgery. I was very anxious and worried, not knowing what the outcome would be. My cousin prayed for me by the hospital bedside. Little did I know that God had a plan for me. He works in mysterious ways. I was in crying in agony on the ward that night with excruciating pain in my abdomen. I did not know what was going on in my stomach but it felt like a war was going on. I beared the pain and went to sleep. God’s plan was revealed to me the next morning. As I opened my eyes there was a beam of light above. Instantly I knew something had happened. I felt different. I lifted my nightie and my stomach was flat where there was once a bulge from the hernia. I knew I had been healed. I went to the bathroom, once again there was no hernia. I went to lay down and the doctor s came to do the ward round. My stomach was examined and the doctor said the hernia had gone back in. I had surgery which would have been more difficult if the hernia was still strangulated, but God is a powerful God who heals. For any one reading this message who is doubtful in God’s healing, be encouraged by this as there is a living God who heals. Trust in him, believe and you will receive. Amen.18 COMMUNITY HIGHLIGHTS

TABLE TOP MARKET Dresses, clothes, shoes, bags and accessories were on sale down at the Chapelallerton Methodist Centre . Lots of stall holders took part, including the body shop, andpeople who had just so much items to sell, also arts stalls, crafts and jewellery, they also put on a raffle too, well done to the organisers, onwards and upwards as this was the first event. If you want a stall at the next one please email below [email protected]

MAY 2018PATS POEMS Condolences to all bereaved families.May God comfort you at this sad time.Personalised frames poetry Personalised candlesand typology commissionMy event will have Caribbean buffet on 23rd June

BOOZE 4 YOU 0pen 24 HRS | 7 DAYS A WEEK 220 Roundhay Road 01132485485Wines spririts liquoir soft drinks confectionery soft drinks lycra top ups toiletries beers and snacks

interested in life insurance funerals mortgage protection trusts for your kids critical illness at work setting up new policies [we ensure you get your monies worth] Get in touch [email protected]

CELEBRATION OFF LICENCE LAUNCH 6PM -11 PM SATURDAY 26TH MAY TD’S NEWS 137 Chapeltown Road | LS7 3DU DRINKS AT REDUCED PRICES COME ALONG AND CELEBRATE WITH US WE’RE NOW AN OFF LICENCEThe true one stop shop selling jewellery, fashion bags ,bits and bobs, toys gifts, party lines, £1.00 lines, greeting cards, mobile acesssories, stationery, hardware, cakes biscuits, toiletries, stock and so much more in store.

e? Best Startrses” Peer Support ProjectI can be”course” others”my family”atters) If you are pregnant or a carer of an under 2 yrs old and live in South or East Leeds, why not getlth. involved? Improve your self-esteem, learn new skills and help others in your community. To find out more, please contact: Karen Marshall (coordinator) / Clare Powell (Touchstone) 0113 2718277 mobile 07760173498 Leeanne Rowinska/Aneira Thomas (Women’s Health Matters) 0113 2762851.

Children and Young People’s WorkforceMonday 16th April 2018 Monday 11th June 2018 9:30am - 12pm 9:30am - 12pmWednesday 11th July 2018 Monday 3rd September 2018 9:30am -12pm 9:30am - 12pm 1:30pm - 4pm 1:30pm - 4pmMonday 1st October 2018 Monday 31st October 2018 9:30am - 12pm 1:30pm - 4pmStudent/trainee health care professionals are also welcome to attend. If you are interested in any of our training sessions or would like more information, please contact us at: [email protected] Oral Health Development Team Armley Moor Health Centre, 95 Town Street, LS12 3HD 0113 843 0387

THEFERVEEENT IS LS7 Street Studio Photography ExhibitionSt Martin’s Church, St Martin’s View, LS7 3LB Every Saturday from 4.00 to 6.00pm Every Sunday from 12.00 to 2.00 pm Every Wednesday from 9.00 to 11.00am & 7.00-9.00pmStreet Studio Portraits of Objects and Emotions Arrangements fromSaturday 21 April from Saturday 26 May fromto Sunday 13 May to Sunday 13 May Saturday 7 July June to Wednesday 1 August Revd Nicholas Lo Polito – 262 4271 [email protected] Photographs are on sale at the exhibition.

Let’s Rock Leeds Temple Newsam Saturday, 16 June 2018Contact:[email protected] 568 932

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