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Pahana January 2022

Published by xp.pahana.magzine, 2022-01-09 07:31:05

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Wishing you a myk happy and healthy PAHANA January 2022 | Issue # 225 FREE Photographed by CHAMILA BADUGE Lions club of Handala, Sri Lanka SIGHT FIRST PROJECT SGIIGVHETCLFEIRASRTSIGHT ÿmam;a flfkl=g fmkSu ,nd § fï uy`.= msxlug Tn;a odhl jkak $35 will service onesCurAgTeArRyACT for more details MIHIRIE 0414 546 833 Please make your If you need details of patients allocated to your donation directly into donation please send details to EYE CHHAOATSNAPDRIAATLACATL Mihirie Dissanayake - PO Box 256 Doveton 3177 ANcAcB. N/oB.S4B7:4018231223144 or email to [email protected] Please do not post Cheques Your Name .............................................................................................. Address .............................................................................................. .............................................................................................. Telephone No .................................................................................... Email Address. .................................................................................... Date of deposit ................................................................................... Amount deposited ............................................................................. 2 JANUARY 2022 PAHANA - LIGHT & LIFE The first Sri Lankan community newspaper with SINHALA | ENGLISH | TAMIL

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For all your advertising please email to mimhiirhieir.piea@[email protected] 4 JANUARY 2022 PAHANA - LIGHT & LIFE The first Sri Lankan community newspaper with SINHALA | ENGLISH | TAMIL 2022 as a mirror image or mgqk CONTENTS mirage of previous two years iNdm;sksh Chairperson fmardfoKsh iriúh úu,d úfÊj¾Ok 06 ñysß Èidkdhl Mihirie Dissanayake Last week of December recorded a iylre iyldßh f;dard fm%auodi l`:;ka;sß 08 historical event in Sri Lanka, though äfukaIshdfjka je<lSug 14 ir;a chùr 10 ixialrKh Editors received least publicity from private yQKshï wKúk fldäúk wkqrisß rKisxy 11 r;ak iqukd tÈßisxy Rathna Sumana Edirisinghe and state media. It was closure of a ;=Idr rkau,a Èidkdhl Thushara Ranmal privately owned sales outlet selling wiQ y;frys msgqjy< 20 fkdfh,a kfâika 12 locally manufactured “Pelwatta” milk Dissanayake powder, much in demand among less iujeÿu isisr Èidkdhl 13 privileged people who queued up to msgq ieliqu$ Page Layout and buy a 400 gm pack. Reason for closure Why Omicron Dr. Harold Gunatillake 14 .%e*sla ks¾udK Graphic Design and grave crime committed being jeering or hooting by the queued uu;ajh iy ;u;ajh 5 uxcq, fj;a;isxy 17 úÿr úfÊfialr Vidura Wijesekara people when all powerful incumbent fj,sxgka fud,a,sf.dv Wellington Molligoda President of Sri Lanka passed the ñß`.=fjka tyd 07 úkS;d úfÊr;ak 18 location, who in fact regularly drive wud fi,ajkdh.ï Ama Selvanayagam past the point. lú msgqj 21 mß.Kl wl=re ieliqu Type Setting Incidentally this had been the first fj,sxgka fud,a,sf.dv Wellington Molligoda time in Sri Lanka when a head of state Marriage Proposals 22/23 had been hooted in public. The story 28 wud fi,ajkdh.ï Ama Selvanayagam though simple and just a minor event Kiriwehera Rupa Banduwardena to learned international community udOH iïnkaëldrl Media Co ordinator brings back a load of horrific memories udj; wìhi 38 wdpd¾h md,s; .fkaj;a; 30 ñysß Èidkdhl Mihirie Dissanayake to average citizen and minorities of 34 the paradise island. It also delivers isxy, iskudfõ f.daâ *do¾ ¨úia l=udr 36 For all your Advertising needs a dire warning to people who are [email protected] patiently expected to bear the fruits ÿl iem fifky,;d r;akdhl Mihirie Dissanayake of “Prosperity & Splendour” promised during the election campaign two From Dr. Quintus De Zylva 38 0414 546 833 years ago. Just short of minimum foreign isßmd mshqfï wdpd¾h .dñKS ldßhjiï 39 exchange needed for one and a half months to import milk powder, Justice of the Peace Pahana Light & Life fuel, fertiliser, essential transport Mihirie Dissanayake equipment, medicines, food items P.O.Box 256, including rice, wheat and stationary M: 0414 546 833 Doveton Victoria 3177 the prices have skyrocketed during last 8 months. Queueing up to buy a Providing a voluntary service, Tel : + 61 41 454 6833 can of domestic cooking gas, sugar, to the community in Victoria. milk food had been the daily ritual of email : [email protected] urban as well as rural poorer segments Every Monday 2-4pm of the population. Venting their anger @ the Narre Warren Library Advertising for the false promises delivered with a jeer or hoot had been so far the highest Bunjil centre. Mihirie Dissanayake expression of discontent shown by 0414546833 this segment while working class under restricted union participation [email protected] resorted to protests, strikes and work to rule campaigns. CIRCULATION 15,000 AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND Much news reports and analysis have flown across the island nation to zmykZ mqj;a mf;a m<lsÍu i|yd international community about the ,efnk ±kaùï we;=`M ish¨u ,sms bleak state of the economy, hard hit hkdÈh m<lsÍfï fyda m%;slafIam by the 30 month old pandemic with lsÍfï iïmQ¾K whs;sh m%ldYlhka 3 waves and hardships experienced i;=h' tjeks ,shlshú,s tjk iEu by the population as a result of flfklau ;ukaf.a ,smskh iy mismanagement of the economy ÿrl:k wxlho wmg túh hq;=h' under collapsing international economic relations. myk iÕrdfõ m< jk ,smsj, wka;¾.;h Options available under such ta ta f,aLlhkaf.a woyia jk w;r\" tajdhska conditions for the ruling circle ixialdrljrekaf.a woyia ms<sìUq fkdjk nj i,lkak' to continue without a bloody myk iÕrd fjka Wmqgd.;a nj i|yka lrñka tajd confrontation with masses are limited and all the signs are supportive and Wmqgd ±laùug wjir we;' indicative of an autocratic militaristic take over of whatever left open as a We are a free distribution News Magazine. parliamentary democracy. The flow of We do not take responsibility for text gazettes, decrees, proposed changes to provided for articles or advertisements available constitution amended 20th paid or unpaid. Names, logos, words, time seems to be just inadequate and pictures provided to the paper useless when the need arises to deal militarily with discontent of masses for publishing at your own risk. asking for basics like a packet of milk power or can of cooking gas to feed the family at least once a day. Unfortunately the majority population seems to be living in a dream land or desert terrain viewing a mirage. J L Daya de Silva 31-12-2021 The first Sri Lankan community newspaper with SINHALA | ENGLISH | TAMIL JANUARY 2022 PAHANA - LIGhT & LIFE 5 yka;dk l÷ uqÿk isidrd yuk k, uqÿ iqj¢ka iodl,a myi ú¢kd fmardfoKsh iriúh úu,dúfÊj¾Ok Cairns Queensland fojk fldgi uydpd¾h irÉpkaø iajNdjfhkau wjia:d\" ztf<dj .syska fuf<dj jeks udkisl ixl+,;djhlg ueÈ o\" oreKq úfõpkhg ,la úh' fufia ksy;udkS mqoa.,fhla úh' ta wdjdZ kdgHh mqrd ±lsh yels úh' jQ ldka;d pß;hla ksrEmKh l< foms<lg fn§ l< jd.a ix.%dufha §\" ta pß;hg iqÿiq wh f;aÍfï § neis,a ñysßmekakhkaf.a ,CIañ úl%ur;ak yd ud,kS is,ajd;a\" Tyqg mCImd;Sj woyia ±lajQ msßi oCI;djhgu uq,a ;ek ÿkafkah' kdgHfhys w.h ;j;a jeä lf<ah' isxyndyq pß;hg iqÿiq ks¾NS; nj zzfmardfoKsh .=re l=,hZZ f,io iriú isiqkaf.ka mjd Tíng fidau,;d iqnisxy\" kdfu,a ùruqKs uejQ pd,s chj¾Ok jeks\" fuys m%:u úfõplhka ye¢kaùug mjd j. f.dia isxy, ämaf,daudjla yeoErE jeks fõÈld rx.OdÍka ìys jQfha rx.kfha id¾:l;ajhg odhl jQ n,d .;ay’ fuu ish¿u úfõpk yd .=rejrhl= jQ fnka isßudkak uy;d fuu kdgH ;=<ska nj wm wu;l fulS fkdlS iefjdu f.!rjfhka wdkafoda,k ueo\" iajlSh msgm;\" ;sr zzukfï l=ureZZ njg ish m%:u fkdl< hq;=h' isysm;a lrk w;ru\" wog;a mjd rpkh yd wOHCIKfhka\" 1968 § ߧ rx.khg f;dard .;af;ah' Iduka fõÈld .;jk fuu kdgHfhys\" ;srhg bÈßm;a l< zzi;a iuqÿrZZ chisxy ^fmdf;a .=re& áÍIshd ckm%jdofhys tk zzfj,a,jeyqïZZ úúO pß;j,g Ôjh ÿka wm kQ;k Ñ;%mgh isxy, Ñ;%mg l,dfõ .=Kj¾Ok\" fyauud,s .=Kfialr ydiH ckl l;kaorh weiqfrka rx.OdÍkao wu;l fkdl< hq;=h' úma,jhla lrñka\" cd;Hka;r ^ukfï l=ußhka& tâukaâ úfÊisxy Tyq w;ska ksujQ zzfj,a,jeyqïZZ iïudk /ila Èkd.;a;d fiau\" rg ^jeÈ rc& f,i;a m%:u rx.kfha § kdgHfhys úfYaI;ajh jQfha\" kdgH kdv.ï j,g wu;rj kdkúO ;=< iriú iïudk /ila o ,nñka odhl;ajh ÿkay’ Tjqkaf.ka iuQyla tjlg iriúfhys fiajh l< fCIa;%hka ys úfYaI oCI;d fmka iskud f,dalfha buy;a m%idohg wo wm w;r ke;;a\" Tjqka ÿka iq¿ fiajlhka lsysm fofkl= tys jq isú,a yd mßmd,k ks,OdÍka\" ,la úh' l=uk úfõpkhkag m%;sNdmQ¾K rx. fl!I,Hh wfma i|yd fhdod .ekSuh' 1960 foaYmd,k{hka\" .%ka: l;Djreka ,lajQj;a\" Tyq fuu hq.fha ±jeka; is;a ;=< ;ju;a fkdkeiS /õ fo;s' uq,a oYlfha t<suyka r`. u`vf,ys § jeks wh ìys l< fuu iriúfhys ks¾udKlrefjl= fukau iajdëk t;eka mgka wfma úúO m%nqoaO rx.k ud th kerUQ w;r\" Tyqf.a ta Wodr iaj¾Kuh hq.h 1950 ueo Nd.h jk u;Odßfhls' Ys,amSyQ jßka jr fuys rx.k ld¾hh ;ju;a ud is; iksgqyka úg Wodù ;snqKs' fï w;r ;=r úúO odhl;ajh ±rEy' ù we;' tys r`. mE wkOHhk iudc úfõpkhg o\" fmardfoKsh fcksxia uy;df.a isyskhla jQ fiajlhka ;=<ska wm is; ;=< iriúh f.dÿre jq wjia:d zziriú WhkZZ fyj;a iriú ukfï kdgHfhka miq Tyq úiska we;sjQfha uy;a i;=gls' fmardfoKsh lsysmhls' wdpd¾h isß .=Kisxy .ïudkfha Ôj;a jQ wdpd¾hjre\" .=jka úÿ,sh i|yd ilik ,o kdgH úYajúoHd,fhys fukau isxy, uy;d fmardfoKsh iriú isiqfjls' isiqka yd wjfYaI ld¾h uKav, lsysmhla\" jeäl,a fkdf.dia m%isoaO fõÈld kdgHfhys o\" ;j;a msgqjla miq lf,l tysu wdpd¾hjrhl úh’ fiajlhka w;r ;snqfKa mqÿudldr r`.y,a ys fõÈld .; úh' wm .eñ fmr¿fka uydpd¾h irÉpkaøhka isxy,\" bx.%Sis\" m%xY\" yskaÈ jeks iqyo;djhla l%Svd.drfha .=reka yd iudcfha m%p,s; .eñ l:djla weiqßka bÈßm;a l<\" kdv.ï ffY,S.; fmrdmrÈ. 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Dr. Harold Gunatillake Becoming dominant COVID-19 variant worldwide SRI LANKA The variant detected by scientists The coronavirus outbreak began in Wuhan, Moderna give instructions to recently in Gauteng, South Africa, a China, in December 2019. our immune system to make our new mutant of SARSCoV-2, labelled own version of the spike protein, Omicron B.1.1.529, is a concern, • Known as SARS-CoV-2, the virus has resulted which happens shortly following because of the unprecedented large in more than 265 million infections and immunization. Production of the number of mutations or copies of the more than 5.2 million deaths. spike inside our cells then starts the variant genome, that is spreading process of protective antibody and faster than the previous variants and • The World Health Organization (WHO) is T cell production. Now let us talk infecting humen cells. currently monitoring five variants of concern: about the antibodies that are formed Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Omicron. to attack the spike proteins formed SARS is the term defined as severe in our body from the spike proteins acute respiratory syndrome or molecule, which plays an important getting into our bodies. By sweeping of the SARS-CoV-2. (SARS)-CoV-2. We must live with role in virus attachments and entry around, the spike increases its odds Covid and the Omicron scare, and into a human cell and interlocks with of encountering the protein on the The antibodies are called why? the receptors in the mucosal surfaces surface of our cells it uses to attach. immunoglobulin G or IgG of the respiratory tissue. One of the most concerning features antibodies. These antibodies are This is supposed to be a cluster of the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 formed in our body after 7-14 days outbreak and a real resurgence On the surface of our cells is a protein is how it moves or changes over time after the infection and remain in the and starting of a 4th wave. The called Angiotensin Converting during the evolution of the virus. blood for months or years. fear is also there that these mutant Enzyme-2 receptor (ACE2), triggers Encoded within the viral genome, the variations can evade some of the the uptake of the virus particles protein can mutate and changes its When a person gets infected with immune protection afforded by that enters the cells. SARS-CoV-2 biochemical properties as the virus the Coronavirus infection, the body vaccines, based on the original spike uses ACE2 to enter target cells In evolves. produces distinct IgG antibodies, proteins like Pfizer and Moderna mutations in the variants there is a whether they have symptoms or not. mRNA vaccines. change in the structure of this spike Most mutations will not be beneficial The IgG antibodies formed in protein. and either stop the spike protein our body from the vaccine targets On November 16, 2021, there from working or have no effect on the receptor domain of the spike were 136 daily recorded cases of The new variants carry several its function. But some may cause protein and is the key to the immune COVID-19 infections from this peculiar changes to the spike changes that give the new version response in our body. variant in South Africa and by 25th protein, and in mutating alters the of the virus a selective advantage of same month the numbers had biochemistry of the spike and could by making it more transmissible Coronavirus in our body cells increased to 1,200. This variant is affect how transmissible the virus is. or infectious. The spike protein is starts mutating, that is more now spread to Hongkong, Europe, also the basis of current COVID-19 viruses are formed as copies of the Canada, Israel, Japan, and the You can see these flowers waving vaccines, which seek to generate an RNA. mRNA Vaccines hopefully United States and Australia. with all kinds of bending angles, immune response against it. according to the researchers will a long, slender stalk with so much destroy the mutated variants Let us discuss the basics of the flexibility.” Flexibility of the spike For SARS-CoV-2, the vaccines too through the IgG antibodies. spike protein that is causing havoc is important to the virus’s success of produced by Pfizer/BioNTech and ..According to a Moderna press within our body cells, resulting in release, their COVID-19 vaccine is multiple copies through a process of still effective against the variants, mutation. SARS-CoV-2 - B.1.1.7 and B.1.351, which scientists first identified in A particular part of the spike called the United Kingdom and South receptor-binding domain (RBD) Africa, respectively. However, the binds to a receptor called ACE2in vaccine had a significantly reduced the membrane of human cells. The antibody response to the variants. spike receptor-binding domain is composed of a glycoprotein to enter Dr Richard Lessells Ph.D an cells in our body. So, the coronavirus infectious disease specialist based SARS-CoV-2 entry into host cells is at the Africa Centre for Health and mediated by its spike glycoprotein Population Studies, told the news or S-glycoprotein and the cellular briefing that Omicron’s genome receptor in the body is recognized as has several mutations associated the angiotensinconverting enzyme 2 with resistance to neutralizing or ACE2. antibodies. As you are aware it is the spike 8 glycoproteins- a slippery sugar 14 JANUARY 2022 PAHANA - LIGHT & LIFE The first Sri Lankan community newspaper with SINHALA | ENGLISH | TAMIL

Justice of the Peace Mihirie Dissanayake Tnf.a ish¨u fcda;sIH M: 0414 546 833 lghq;= i|yd ckau m;% ne,Sug Providing a voluntary service, kï ;eîug to the community in Victoria. iqN kel;a ie§ug fmdfrdkaoï ne,Sug Every Monday 2-4pm @ the Narre Warren Library jeä úia;r i|yd wu;kak 0419 874 469 Bunjil centre. or Email your details to [email protected] The current variant belongs to of concern (VOC) due to concerns associated with resistance to the that the number of changes in Pango lineage B.1.1.529, with a regarding immune escape and body’s first line of defense against the Omicron variant is very high high number of S-gene mutations potentially increased transmissibility newly encountered pathogens, compared with previous variants of compared to delta and other compared to the Delta variant. known as the innate immune system. SARS-CoV-2. He speculates that previous variants, detected at the These are matters of concern that the new variant may have evolved beginning of November 2021. This variant has spread into the this variant may have not just in an unvaccinated individual with EU/EEA countries and the spread enhanced transmissibility to spread a compromised immune system. On 26 November 2021 the variant is considered to be high.. The EEA more efficiently, but also be able This would have given the virus was designated a variant of concern includes EUropean countries and to get round our immune system an unusually long time to develop (VOC) and assigned the label also Iceland, Liechtenstein and that protects us. It is observed that adaptations to the human immune Omicron by the World Health Norway. omicron is more virulent, but yet system. Will this variant cause more Organization (WHO). This variant causing more mild symptoms that issues than the previous variants, we is characterized by 30 changes, three The concern today is that the changes need no hospitalization. have to wait and see, buthopefully deletions and one small insertion in in the rapid mutations in this present does not seem to be so far? the spike protein, of these 15 are in variant may prevent antibodies Dr. Daniel Griffin, Ph.D., a virologist the receptor binding domain. This that are in the body from previous at Columbia University in New York variant was first detected in samples vaccinations, neutralizing these City, told Medical News Today collected on 11 November 2021 in variants in the body. Botswana and on 14 November 2021 in South Africa. Dr. Richard Lessells, Ph.D., an infectious disease specialist based As of 26 November 2021, travel- at the Africa Centre for Health and For all your advertising Population Studies, told the news related cases have also been briefing that Omicron’s genome has several mutations associated with detected in Belgium, Hong Kong, resistance to neutralizing antibodies. These include not only antibodies and Israel. The Omicron variant generated through vaccination or natural infection but also therapeutic is the most divergent variant that monoclonal antibodies. Dr. Lessells said that the Omicron genome also has been detected in significant has a cluster of mutations associated please email to with more efficient entry into host numbers during the pandemic so cells and enhanced transmissibility. [email protected] In addition, it has a mutation far, which raises concerns that it may be associated with increased transmissibility, significant reduction in vaccine effectiveness and increased risk for reinfections. As of 26 November 2021, ECDC has classified this variant as a variant The first Sri Lankan community newspaper with SINHALA | ENGLISH | TAMIL JANUARY 2022 PAHANA - LIGhT & LIFE 15 MORTGAGE LOANS? In a complex & rapidly changing market, count on the Specialist Formerly trading as Tapro Financial Solutions – Since 2007 HOME INVESTMENT CONSTRUCTION DEBT CONSOLIDATION Sisira Herath Dip. in FS (MB), AIB, MBA 0433 693 900 03 9704 7844 Director [email protected] 23 Honeyeater Grove Narre Warren Vic 3805 Former Senior Credit Manager - Sampath Bank, Colombo Past Executive Secretary - PIM Alumni Association Past President - Association of Professional Bankers - Sri Lanka Credit Representative (CRN 400342) of BLSSA Pty Ltd ACL No: 391237 16 JANUARY 2022 PAHANA - LIGHT & LIFE The first Sri Lankan community newspaper with SINHALA | ENGLISH | TAMIL zzuu iy uf.aZZ lr .ekSu fyj;a The Sinhala translatiion of ixl,amh ta mqoa.,hd ;=, ke;sù hhs' ixÈÜÀl ;;ajh laI‚lj uu;ajh ;u;ajhiy I-ing and My-ing biau;= jkafka ta fudfydf;ahs' ˜fuys§u fï fudfydf;au oelSu˜ by Palitha Manchanayake fyj;a ixÈÜÀl .=Kh kï jQ ;ud úiska-;uka .eku-fï fudfydf;au isxy, wkqjdol idlaId;a lr.ekSuhs ta' uxcq, fj;a;isxy | Sydney fï iïnkaOfhka fn!oaO fmd; 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The chief guest was Mrs. Mihirie Dissanyake (JP) & Guest of Honour Chess international master and 5 times Victorian Chess Champion Igor Goldenburg Mr. Igor Goldenburg awarding a Medal and certificate to Manny Bassi Chief guest Mrs. Dissanayake awardinga trophy to Yenula Bogahapitiya Some of the Winners with the invited guests Chess 6 applications for 2022 enrolment are now available Please contact Dr. Vineetha Wijesuriya (FIDE Chess Instructor) for more details at 0430666727 20 JANUARY 2022 PAHANA - LIGHT & LIFE The first Sri Lankan community newspaper with SINHALA | ENGLISH | TAMIL ''''ija dñhd yer .sh l;la ish mq;= ;kjs u fofk; fnd| ù fidhñ ;ju;a fifkfy je.sreKq iqj| fldys±hs iq/ls whrq e iy wef.a .=K jreK u`. ne¨j ta fk;g ksoyia iqfjka ie;emqKq Èkla Wreuehs kka foiska wd ys; ñ;=re .`. u,a fmdl=re mduq,ska msÿjehs wef.a úfhdfa jka miq wlr= e lrk mq;='''' fkdyef`.kd is; ;ju úuik úmamfhdaf.da ÿlu muKhs ri l;d f.d; f.d;d lshñka w;a ne|ka ÿr weúo .sh yeá nqÿka oï i`. kueÈ wkqyia Tfn .=fKka ks;e;ska ú|mq yeá wudjl fmdahod jdf.u kqfU isky wo fnd|j .sh yeá ksÈ hyk wo wlem jdf.hs fomd j¢kg Tn fkdue;s yeá ìu ismsk fiamd,sldjla nqÿka mduq, ms§ iekfyk fogq nqÿka Tn fmreï mqrñka ue<efjñka u,iqfkka kslafuk lsrg yer jQ reysre iúfhka ±äj uq;a Tfn welfh ke<efjk ud;= mdox fomd isU je| lshkq fkdyelsj l÷`: .s<sfyk ydÿ je.srej ldism;a u; ?k ;=kam;a .s<syqKo fmu lsrg yer jQ fm%aufha n, mS;= mdox kue;s kqUgu úi,a kd rcq f,iska /l ñK hyoï o keK fydjd ;ksju iqiqï iu`.ska ñfhkq yels ug ñKs myka is< ksjqK w÷fru fhfy<shl fidhqßhl fifkyska ;ks uf.a fyjke,a, ú,iska Èú iúh ÿka wef;la kqU ug br;a f.k ÿka i|;a f.k ÿka oE; ne| k;sju ksfid,auka ksud fjhs uoyi;a ,fidúka .=Kh wmuK .hkq flf,iska ysi h<s;a isôkjo isysfkka fldfrdKa dj Wodks wNfs Iald úfÊj¾Ok - TiafÜ%,shd bmfok fkdhsmÿk bmÿk yd uerek weh Ôú;fhka jekfik fidndoyñka h,s my,jk ì|la iekfik i;d iSmdjg mk fmdjk yq`.la ;ekaj, merÿkd ux fok ta iqiqï fmdo .yfld, uo mjk ta;a l÷,ska bjiqjd fkd,o iekiqu bÈßfha ux jkik mßirh ±kf.k fyda fkd±k oysßfhka ysi tfiõjd ck Ôú;h ms<sn| lsis;a fkdys;k fykhla jk Ydl moaO;shu kik jefgk jefgk yeu úfglu TijQfha wE f.dvla ÿr ug hkak ;snqkd úkhla nj ±ku fiiq f,daflg fnok iskdfiñka bjis,af,ka wiajeiqfõ wE fkd,eîu ug yria jQjd ;ksfhka jqj Ôú;fha fmdr neÿfõ wE ta;a fmr msx f.dvla ;snqkd fjkiajk iEu laIKhla mdidu i;=gq l÷`: Ok iïm; ta ish,a, wE jegqk yeu;ek ke.sÜfgõjd meje;aúh fkdyels hk tl fkdys;du mqj;a j,g iSudjk yeu odu reÿ ;rx. ;rKh fldg wm tla jQj;a is,am wyq,k nd, jhfia uj;a úkdYh jekfik ñksidu w; .kakg we;s wjysr wm ch .;a;;a yeu lvq,a,u mekmq ux uj fuka tlu orejd rlsk mk jf.a f,dju wehg myr fokafk ud ksid jqj;a fkd,o ;ek is; me;+ me;=uka Ôú;hu bß ;,hso weh f,dj yeßfhd;a fihs,fï ;ks jqkd ux ;Kaydfjka wúoHdfjka msrek ys; ux., lreKq .ek lsis woyila ke; l`: ojil ysref. t,sh ,efnkafk wehf.ka Ôúf;a ,iaik u is;=ju meka hehs ñrs`.=fjka ikikq msKsi ys; yS;fhaÈ WKqiqu uf. ,efnkafk wehf.ka isyskfhl iqj|la jqkd mska mõ fyd| krl ±k f,dalfha ke; ks,a wyihs ug fmfkkafk wef. foweia fj;ska wysñ yeu foa w;er ;kslu weh iúhls ud fkdyßk Èú l÷`: u;ska Ôúf;agu hd jqkd uj fuka tlu orejd rlsk mk jf.a iu fu;a jeäh hq;= nj Èú .uka uf.a Ok iïm;a /ia ljhka wm i;=j ke;;a fifkyig fkdj w;aikg weh uy i;a foik ,o ioyï lreK wf.a ta ish,a, ug fkdwvqj wehf.ka ,enqk;a Wreu lr.;s uf.a is; .; ryila fkdù Èjuka fuhhs hqf.a wksh; Èúfha iú hq. 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Sinhala, R/C, Australian citizen, financially independent & residing in VIC. Looking for a kind, genuine, calm gentleman over 57 yrs old. Please reply with family details & recent photo to sona[email protected] (Ref/DJ 33) PrqyowuMefaieaBtlesBrhsWMiusslefpba,iiSrteaeoangotArsldnhkahurietueareearLdaedsplnrrnolntas/oleyrlSayw.ndowa,piIkalownwncfninrakauhoroitndnii(toreanrnpRhrAqlvkCgeoeeeiuaiancasnsfniflit/eatrautprogilDtedezlyehhrnsrdieJesosi@nadpmne3ttwfoaoacao6glitireigicr)enmlltvraeln.3ogiialaeaPnn4ulpdhryigglrhliee.n.itcarnogosem Sinhala Buddhist Govi professional hGafroniooohncsewvSamofip1mtocemriini9notarrzVpaqn9ahdsehtlliumch0rnaeoociaorelm/yuntea4oloipiesinar,i,fMrfeedctgibiaoAt,.eaahesonenadlRaueipludldlns,sbyrsyernudvet4oepao(ri,adamRm’uvaalpnGnn-aylerep1odariuutnrofasew1lsisg/reovplca”siDpahiytireaaeltny,atoJh4hnedfe.rdirfte99dtdrneeeefSi,4@lrnpatrgsshiaiew)msthvohrgessgiepoinhtros,inm.dwautl.onsoygSdbeaaagihuledislsiirnlealkecay.btctphiioasonheirmglarnsto, parents living in Melbourne seek a professionally qualified handsome son for their pretty, smart and well natured daughter brought up with Sri Lankan/ Buddhist values, born in Dec1994. Sheis an Australian qualified MBBS Doctor working in a government hospital in Melbourne. She attended a leading Buddhist school in Colombo before migrating and completed her secondary schooling and university studies in Melbourne. Please reply with family details and a recent photograph. Email: mp8[email protected] (Ref/DJ 93) For all your advertising yiecsedhfakouatrierrcsnmaa,aBdocct5sn/ethhg’Geld6ieayrn,a.nbl1gswrieri/tvos2iegein(ttd”lnoRehl,,Igd-reenmsrafBreilt/[email protected],MLa2ac.ept6thr(riewseIoe)olTdbitonottouahys.fcliururamorSiscnnt.tucoaudehclbtkthloeslua” please email to [email protected] 22 JANUARY 2022 PAHANA - LIGHT & LIFE The first Sri Lankan community newspaper with SINHALA | ENGLISH | TAMIL km(iMncaIdirnetrP,hjieilizalcebnedUedenadorpuanaairn.aurctsiu,socHlknreage4nlptgvaeearhe6eeaej(ddat)riRralpyesientufe3narlyesdoaywf4ngaip/rbid5drnDewnrAlshi@eoleJnkliMifu5nts5giaemhgs’n-2sren9tsmidsra)dlnmef”abenrepa,hltSooontishiseaamuLlkelae.iinirrecl,nrwmnesArotsB.ede.Smteuda.Eo,aSLesnnem/ks-tBddkaruipannu./inlGtlgdciaeoaabvayDtnleeeeurdda, l B/G parents from Sri Lanka seek a pretty, kind hearted fthrRcotsSeaEdhueem2pipinaerperAnn9rrruuiklgtsAoh)oreuysogn,oiaifanpoSshnPuneh(nrnawltentli8Efagslesraetldinyxaeasetnyv23siePcmuhiaraaBictlrifidrs9rooainhlsadnlhk,,a(alpsufsspyilnedlRkpigmaa.vnir,araouSldynareaeornosen@Oiees1mirilrodgBi,Menfcdmtnolygi,v-l5/uafMyhntNgeymufegeLei5DeehA0pbradinndAdqmsrh’esZyaJrid@slawdduts6dnuetteonoMmi9eu,iaieahseathp”ialronkpngtg2tutlstpSoemo(il,iahayr6anaeatRilems)garayIs(riSrff.no3ilaratTehblcircl5raalbd3eSl@ietseiastGioftromvlll’oa)on0nnede/rL.yoii9p.tamaogvaDudtlyereoisuyel,s.wdqlvrfiryera,ucJigyfecaaodnusiei.heoeo2hafegprrakedfls2morr3telailehies4onis)anummtsfs.nltaigpycieeiadivioelrldawsnyseeam.nssirwttsehierinodethl.ddqdPa,utalhearsuloeceaeil2Sgvriidusfse8frefipheiariGkinnceerdqecuytrehedgdoaeaucegeennaunrvutaaphisMatltcpnilgraollteb/ipassyyerhfndaMl,jtGKihroteeepnwwu5eobpfdofadearcfr’oteaoior,vlag5ooatrCbmlabrhsmcite”pogkwooteaair(.Biwrh2fividuRrllraanPaliey19nuiireynpmgnlpi3ln@7bdfredhigE/r0fe@udnaiaAesoDprlgnhdssao,sytyfr1Jumgaegnideeohmea9s5isdmeisdhfoarltant94FseekseirrrGpieali)7stsasorlotoaoaetasio.polascvl5niiirlrnolc.ploadoei’aclssotnn.re8nnmloofeptdg”atomontseltrw:,lyya,inthdseSaqaehniuihnkpqnadaohnurlatrlaiwdoahoofslplsipevseieieortdfcoiscAdehinmoeesettrgoHuwtatsprdeeBa(yeoHrsleAedcii,.acEt&untleeraePashesuwuid,l(aBniues.dnCneRlsissd3lpaoeetsgjcudit/2teloh4raaSrak6ripthcfn0ploavnrkinfs/kfohatysoi2hafdlPeiDtsiecoutiteonnegmr1oua(eara1JakrmsRmtpaggou@tldnrelo9fs9ioitreaevglo,snaaiogs8Ea6ugyCrfnogephnrl,cg/sner8)rrntnrmoitaaDt6djntas.enteagfoahorpniecpJt5Hormailifzlbseuhcdtunihn9le6rieafvi.yeroserlgs8eero@nia.irPnn,olet)cawnre/s,lstsrPwonggnettaithmdRmrtmaonsiluesny)fapacieparotSlihrmSiaelnosoey.paoclpigndylplioneeiysn,lrm.rsyheltyye. (Ref/DJ 46) (Ref/DJ 44) For all your advertising Sinhala Buddhist Professional parents seeks a suitable educated partner for their well-mannered 30 Year, 5’H daughter, Doctor currently please email to working in Sri Lanka. [email protected] Please reply with photograph and the horoscope. [email protected] Ref/DJ 48) The first Sri Lankan community newspaper with SINHALA | ENGLISH | TAMIL JANUARY 2022 PAHANA - LIGhT & LIFE 23 Please Keep this date free The Good Shepherd Parish Novena Group & The Disciples of the Infant Jesus of Prague Invite you to the 19th Annual CELEBRATION of the FEAST of the HOLY and MIRACULOUS Infant JESUS of PRAGUE Under the Patronage of St. Therese of the Child JESUS & Protection of St. Michael the Archangel At the Church of the Good Shepherd 88 South Circular Road GLADSTONE PARK (Melway 6/All) (Our Motto) “IN JESUS WE TRUST” “IN JESUS WE HOPE” “IN JESUS WE LOVE” The More you Honour Me the More I Will Bless You 2.00pm Rosary, Novena Prayers & Chaplet 2.45pm HOLY MASS {] Followed by a Procession carrying the Statue of Infant JESUS around the Church Grounds, concluding with EXPOSITION & SOLEMN BENEDICTION OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT Principal Celebrant –Rev. Fr. Dishan Candappa PP Assisted by Deacon Pou’Kesi VAKA’UTA Please bring your Infant JESUS Sun shades & flags for the Procession ALL aRe WELCOME! Enquiries - You are invited for Light Refreshments and a Gary/Dalrene 9335 4742/0404 009326 chat after the Service Emilio 9338 5120 Mary 0414 478 729 (Contributions towards refreshments Sherrene 0434 126 337 Sandra 9338 0081 would be appreciated) Joe 0416 054 813 Nirmal 0451 044 114 Colin / Julia 0432 487 837 Salome 0401 238 317 Sandra 0408 585 776 Errol 0403 007 154 24 JANUARY 2022 PAHANA - LIGHT & LIFE The first Sri Lankan community newspaper with SINHALA | ENGLISH | TAMIL COMPASSION CHRISTIAN CHURCH JOIN US FOR OUR SINHALA SERVICE Join us for dynamic worship, live preaching and programs for children of all age groups. We provide a safe environment during our services for children aged 1-12 years old, teens and young adults during our Saturday services where they can make great friends and learn about God. Our church is a place of warm care and welcome We provide dinner after the service. We are committed to make the love of Christ known, and to serve the community in His name. SATURDAY 6:30PM COMPASSION CHRISTIAN CHURCH (WAVERLEY BAPTIST CHURCH) 2-4 LUM ROAD, WHEELERS HILL VIC 3150 03 9763 5727 CCCSINHALA.ORG @COMPASSION.CHRISTIAN.CHURCH The first Sri Lankan community newspaper with SINHALA | ENGLISH | TAMIL JANUARY 2022 PAHANA - LIGhT & LIFE 25 26 JANUARY 2022 PAHANA - LIGHT & LIFE The first Sri Lankan community newspaper with SINHALA | ENGLISH | TAMIL The first Sri Lankan community newspaper with SINHALA | ENGLISH | TAMIL JANUARY 2022 PAHANA - LIGhT & LIFE 27 KIRIWEHERA The Pride of Ruhuna Kataragama is the most visited city in the South. It is of great religious significance drawing devotees in thousands all over the island. Kiriwehera, the chief Dagaba found in the vicinity is a treasure of southern born proud people of ancient Ruhuna. In close proximity to Kataragama is Kiriwehera, the massive Dagaba with its majestic look, a very popular pilgrim sight among Buddhists. Kataragama Dewale, supposed to have been built to honour king Mahasena, Bo trees, Kiriwehera and Menik Ganga are the famous landmarks. Glittering Location this came to be known as Kiriwehera, deriving dominant role in the religious lives of the people. its name from the word Kihiri. It is said that the This has always received the dedicated attention This sacred premises is located close to the king was so benevolent and popular that he was of the ancient royalty and later the subsequent banks of the Menik Ganga where people flock respected and honoured as a god and after his governments in power. The present government to bathe before visiting Kataragama. All these death the Mahasen Dewale was constructed in too has done much and generously contributed reflect the past history and form a part of the his memory. Bodhivamsa speaks of eight places to the development of the Dagaba, protecting its ancient heritage. Bo trees are found in the same where the Bo saplings from the original Sri Maha glorious splendor. premises behind the Dewale. Chronicles record Bodhi were planted All these add to the sanctity Following is the stanza used for that out of the eight Bo saplings that sprang from of the area. All Buddhists who visit Kataragama worshipping sacred Kiriwehera: the main Sri Maha Bodhi were distributed to the worship Kiriwehera first and deeply involve other parts of the island and the Bodhiya found themselves in making poojas to the Dewale. Munindhonisinnoyahingdevathaanang in the vicinity of Kiriwehera is one of those off SamethanamaggangsudesesiDhammang shoots and there is no doubt that it is as sacred as Heritage City Mahasenadevassasammaananeeyang the original tree at Anuradhapura. From the back Nameykaacharaggamathupassataanang entrance to the north is the spectacular scene of History reveals that Royalty devoted their utmost the shining Dagaba with grandeur and majesty. support and patronage to build the Stupa on this The sight with its glittering Stupa stands as an sacred spot sanctified by the Buddha. Unique in impressive place of serenity and sanctity. This human history, much care has been taken by king Rupa Banduwardena - Melbourne is certainly a Stupa of exceptional historic Kawantissa to build a sacred Stupa. He also made value that make us proud of our past. Today for a great effort to ensure the strength by building it Buddhist pilgrims this is one of the sixteen most on a firm footing. It bears a strong resemblance to sacred sites (Solosmasthana) they are expected Tissa Maha Wehera, another unique example of to visit and pay homage to the Dagaba enshrined Buddhist culture. The Kiriwehera is of massive with the relics of the Buddha. height with a majestic sight from far. Its cone shaped top with brick and stone architecture Historical Background enshrining Buddha’s sacred relics, reflect the royal loyalty and valor. Among other unique Kiriwehera owes its name to its situation. There features of the Dagaba is the most exquisitely are many legends attributed to the spot. This is embedded Koth Keralla glittering as far as one’s a sacred venue believed to have been blessed eye could see. There had been gates on all four by Lord Buddha on his third visit to Sri Lanka. sides. The outer areas still resembling greenery Mahawamsa records that Buddha had preached tell us of the ancient splendor, the prosperity of Dhamma to king Mahasena at the Royal Park of the area, the hard work of the people and the Kihiri trees, commonly used to indicate a grove mighty performance of the royalty playing a of trees where the Stupa was built later. Hence, 28 JANUARY 2022 PAHANA - LIGHT & LIFE The first Sri Lankan community newspaper with SINHALA | ENGLISH | TAMIL Mathematics / Science Tutoring VCE - Unit 1/2 & 3/4 Maths Methods / Specialist Maths / Further Maths / Biology Year 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 Dinuk Liyanage (ATAR 99.90) Dux of Glen Waverley Secondary College Dr Jayaratne Liyanage PhD, M.Eng, BSc (Eng) Hons (Chartered Professional Engineer, Institute of Engineers, Australia) Dr Yasoja Liyanage PhD, MSc, BSc (Hons) Clivejay Street, Glen Waverley. 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THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR EXPERIENCE & CUSTOMER RECOMMENDATIONS ! For all your Home and Investment needs Rajeev De Silva B.Sc., AIB, Dip (Financial Services) 04 66 090 220 [email protected] 6 years of Lending/Credit experience at a Major Australian Bank 17 years of Banking experience holding Managerial Positions Have helped hundreds of Australians to obtain home loans Refer Customer recommendations on FB and LinkedIn from Specialist doctors, Accountants, CEOs, Managers, Self-em- ployed, etc. Credit representative (CRN 375171) of Buyers Choice Licencing Pty Ltd ACN 626 172 281 (Australian Credit Licence Number: 509484) The first Sri Lankan community newspaper with SINHALA | ENGLISH | TAMIL JANUARY 2022 PAHANA - LIGhT & LIFE 31 2022 ˞˫ʆˁ ʆɢ ˦˧ ˗ə˞˳NJˤ˘˫ ˣˬː˦ˎ˧˘ 2022 udisl is,a iy O¾ufoaYkd jevigyk ˁ˫ɞƝˁ ȘǦˣƱǧ, 2022 ˉ˘ˣ˫ɜ ˞˦ ʆˎ ˞˫ʆˁ ʆɢ ˣˬː˦ˎ˧˘ ɪ˧˫ˡ˦˕˪ ˫˘ ˚ɜɹ˳ɏ ˚ˬˣˬƮɫ˞ˎ ˁˎɒƱ ʈ˖˫˘ȼ ˁˡ ʱ˔. ˖ɕˮǧˁ ˣˬː ˦ˎ˧˘ ˚˧˔ ˦˙˧Ǧ ˳ɩ. Ⱦˎ ʯ˞˔ˡˣ ˞˫ʆˁ ˗ə˞˳NJˤ˘˫ ˣˬː˦ˎ˧˘ ʈȚɞǐ ˚ɜǎ ˦˭˞ ˞˦ˁ˞ ʯˣ˦Ǧ ˳˦˘ʈˡ˫˖˫ ˚ˬˣˬƮ˳ɩ. ˳˞˞ Ț˒ɕ ˁˎɒƱ ˦˙˧˫ ˦˧˝˫Ěɫ ȘǦ ɚ˦˪ ˁˡ˃Ǧ˘˫ ˳˞Ǧ ˳˞Ʈ ʆƯǦ ʰˡ˫˗˘˫ ˁˡ ʆŻȿ. ˔ˣ˖ ˳˞˞ ˣˬː˦ˎ˧Ǧ ˦˙˧˫ ʾ˜˳Ę ˖˫ˠˁƮˣˠ ˢ˜˫Ǐ˞ˎ ʈǧɢ ɪ˳Ŏʆɜ ˞˧˔˫ (0403199431) ˳˧ʤ ɪ˧˫ˡ˦˕˪ ˫˘ˠ (0397471902) ʯ˞˔Ǧ˘. ˗ə˞˳NJˤ˘˫ ˦˙˧˫ ˦˧˝˫Ě ˣ˘ ˦˪ˣ˫ȽǦˣ˧Ǧ˳˦ʢˢ˫ˎ Șɜˁˡ Țˉ ûɝ˳˞Ǧ ˦˧ ʇˢ ǎ˘ ˖˫˘ˠ,ęˢǦ˚˦ Țˉ˫ ûɝ˳˞Ǧ ʾ˜ˎ ˳˞˞ ˣˬː˦ˎ˧Ǧˣˢˎ ˖˫ˠˁ ɪˠ˧ˬˁ. 2022 Monthly Sil Program and Dharma Sermon Fr2o0m2J2anMuaoryn2t0h22lythSeiml Ponrtohlgy rsial pmrogarnamdaDndhdahramrmaa Sseerrmmonownill be conducted at temple premises. The daily sill program will be as follows. Monthly dFphrreoammrmisJeaasn.suTeahrryme 2do0an2il2yastshiluelsmpurooangltrwhalmiyll swbileilplcrbooegnradasmufcoatlenloddwdosh.naMrtmhoeantslhaelrysmtdoShnaarwtmuiraldl sbaeeyrmcooofnnedauascctuhesdumaaolt wtnetimhll.pblee Wcoendcuocrtdediaollny tihnevlitaestaSllatduerdvaoyteoef seaacnhdmwonetlhl .wWisehceosrdtioalplyairntivciitpeaatlel dinevtohteeesseannodbwleell wishes etovepnarttsic. ipate in these noble events. Also, you can contribute to these events by preparing dana or providing pirikara. Also, you can contribute to these events by preparing dana or providing pPilreikaaserac.oPntleacatse contact Sunil Wejesiri on 0403199431 or temple on 0S3u9n7il4W71e9je0s2irfioornfu0r4th0e3r19d9e4ta3i1lso.r temple on 0397471902 for further details. 32 JANUARY 2022 PAHANA - LIGHT & LIFE The first Sri Lankan community newspaper with SINHALA | ENGLISH | TAMIL AUSTRALIA We provide consultancy services on all Australian Migration matters. Skill Migration Business Employer sponsored Student Family Holiday Tribunal Consultancy Our advice is provided in a professional, cost effective and timely manner. This includes step by step advice and assistance throughout the process. We shall handle all communications with the Australian Immigration Department and other organisations on behalf of you. We have special affordable rates for students applying onshore for Permanent residency and Provisional visas. Consultation by appointment (Weekdays and weekends) Sanji A Caldera (CPA FCMA MMIA) Migration Consultant Migration Agents Registration No.: 0635492 ABN: 49501648127 Tel:+61 39745 2445 Fax: +61 39745 2458 15Canowindra Close, MicklehamVic. 3064 Australia. E-mail: [email protected] CANADA You may be eligible to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency Directly from Australia. CONTACT US FOR YOUR FREE CANADIAN PR CONSULTATION. Manjula Ranamuka Canada Registered Migration Agent ICCRC Membership Number:R510144 Our Offices Australia Sri Lanka UAE Charuka Angelo Andriea Mobile: +614 20949195 Mobile: +94 77 8806279 Mobile: +971 557702044 2/180 Queen Street, Dilushi 17 The Iridium Building, South Melbourne, VIC, Mobile : +94 77 8871297 Umm Sequim Street, Barsha, Dubai Australia 3000 565 A, 2nd Floor, Kotte (New Emirates Mall) Road, Pita Kotte, Sri Lanka. Branches Canada United Kingdom [email protected] WWW.SANJICALDERA.COM The first Sri Lankan community newspaper with SINHALA | ENGLISH | TAMIL JANUARY 2022 PAHANA - LIGhT & LIFE 33 fla' yshqf.da m%kdkaÿisxy, iskudfõ zf.daâ *do¾Z ^21 jk fldgi& ^1912-1999& 1953 ud¾;= ;sr.; l< zfm%au ;r`.hZ ñys/;s f,dafla\" kS ri ù,d jegqm jYfhka remsh,a .e( .sks wõfõ fõ,S bkakd - yshqf.daf.a fonia yd .S; j,ska imsß reÿ isr id,fha - isr.; ù,d'''' $$ 750 lao re' 2000 la ìï mKqfjla jdf.a fka Ñ;%mghls' fï ksid iskudia iud. ud is;a m;=f,a - Tfn rE uj,d w;a;sldrï uqo,la f.ùug lkHdjla jka ud miafia - fï ksIamdok l,ukdlrej isá à' ñhfksu Tfn ku - fof;df, r|d,d'''' $$ iy ó.uqj fmßhuq,a, fï úldfrka o`.,kafka fidaufialrka uy;d yshqf.da .ek lf;da,sl foajia:dkhg ÿgqjo fï udf.a oialï' úYd, n,dfmdfrd;a;=jlska isg fmï ;sirdfKda''''' $$ w`:;a jeähdjg wdOdr fyda'''fyda'''' fyda'''' fujeks fhdackdjla lr we;' ta msKsi Ñ;%mg o¾Ykhla ziskudiaZ ne£ Èk 20 la ±ka yshqf.da m%kdkaÿ fkdfyd;a ,nd §ug;a Tyq tl`. ms( wo ±ka ud werf.k hkakï yd''' yd'''yd bkaÈhdfõ jev lrkakg;a ;j;a yshqf.da udiag¾ isxy, iskudfõ úh' yshqf.da udiag¾ .e( m, m, m, fï jekaod'''' $$ Èk 20 la ,xldfõ kdh.ï ^fma%u fhdaOfhl= njg m;a ù yudrh' Ôj;ajk ;=re\" úiQ ksji ;r`.h ksIamdol& uy;d ,`. fyd|u .S; m%nkaOlfhla fyd|u idokq ,en we;af;a tod zfodia;rZ Ñ;%mgfha j,õjl jev lrkakg;ah' ta i|yd .uka fonia rplfhla fukau fyd|u ,nd.;a uqo,sks' thska miq fiajlfhl= f,i r`. mE yshqf.da tys úhoï ziskudiaZ iud.u ±ßh hq;= k`:fjla f,i o Tyq rfÜ iqm;,h' udiag¾ zud;,kaZ Ñ;%mgh wka;su o¾YKhg fmkS isá ojfia njg;ah' fidaufialrka uy;d Bgo tfy;a rfÜ m%n,u Ñ;%mg iud.u i|yd kdh.ï uy;d r`. mEfõ ksjiska ;ry ù msg ù hk i;=gq úh' iaÓr jpkhla §ug B<`. jQ ziskudiaZ tjeks m%isoaO iu. bxÈhdjg .sfhah' fldgih' Èkfha tkf,i ±kaúh' tfy;a jQfjla fkdisáfhah' fï ksid Tjqyq tys ld¾ñl myiqlï jeä fuh weiQ kdh.ï uy;d thska ;u ziskudiaZ yshqf.da udiag¾j ksid tu Ñ;%mgfha rE .; ZZudj l=iaisfhau ;shdf.k jev Ñ;%mg j,g jk mdvqj .ek wOHCI n|jd .ekSug fojk jrg;a W;aidy lsÍï bxÈhdfõ lsÍug .kakjd ñila ug biairyg hk uxv,h iu. idlÉPdlr miqj lf<ah' kshñ;j ;snqKs' thska l,la .ek ljqrej;a i,lkafka yshqf.dag jegqma jeälr iskudia yshqf.dag Ñ;%mg iud.ï kE' uu hkjd hkak wfh tkafkau ne£fuka je,elaùug fï yshqf.da zud;,kaZ Ñ;%mghg foflau kshqla; ùug keye' hkjd hkjduhs'ZZ lshñka tu mshjr f.k we;' t;eka mgka fonia ,shñka isá ld,hhs' 1954 wjia:dj ie<isk' zjdyskSZ Ñ;%d. o¾YKhg wh;a fldgi r`. md,d yshqf.dag udisl jegqm remshla 450 j¾Ihhs' kdh.ï uy;df.a ls%hd drfha zud;,kaZ Ñ;%mgfha jev bj;a ù fodrgqfjka msg fjoa§u ne.ska yd Ñ;%mghl tla pß;hla l,dmhka .ek yshqf.da fyd|gu fkdue;s Èkj, ziskudiaZ iud.fï tã chudkak uy;d Tyq wf;a r`.mEu i|yd remsh,a 1000 lao l,lsreKs' ;udg ,eìh hq;= remsh,a lghq;= flfrk zt'a ù' weï'Z Ñ;%d. úÿ,sh mqj;la ;enqfõh' zzfkdakdg f.ùug tl`. úh' yshqf.dag th 3000 ;du;a ,eî ke;' f.hs lgqueá drhg hk yshqf.da udiag¾ t;eka isg wka;suhs' jydu tkakZZ hkqfjka tys m%;slafIam lr l< fkdyels jQ neúka ì;a;sh fldhs fudfydf;a lvd zfodia;rZ Ñ;%mgfha msgm; ieliSu i|yka ù ;snQ nj yshqf.da udiag¾ ziskudiaZ ne£u m%;slafIam jefghso fkdokakd ;rug wn,kah' yd .S; ,sùu ilia lsÍfuys kshqla; mjid we;' ta weiQ iekska yshqf. lf<ah' yshqf.daf.a ;SrKh weiQ neß fõ,dj;a th lvd jegqKfyd;a úh' zfodia;rZ ,shqfõ oñ< msgm;la da ;laî¾ jQfõh' blauKskau zfïla fidaufialrka uy;d w;sYh ixfõ. 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No Australian Experience? • No luck with job interviews? • Having difficulties in finding a job? • Keen to receive tailored career management support? • Determined to launch and advance your career in Australia? Then, it is still not too late to join Australian Multicultural Employment & Career Service (AMECS). AMECS partnership of Australian Multicultural Community Services (AMCS) and Apex Institute is supported by 50+ community and business organizations. This program is funded by the Victorian Government’s $600 million Jobs Victoria employment initiatives. For further information please contact: Rasanjali Wijesiriwardena E [email protected] M 0459 946 632 30+ Years of Community Service JANUARY 2022 PAHANA - LIGhT & LIFE 35 The first Sri Lankan community newspaper with SINHALA | ENGLISH | TAMIL ÿl iem fifkfy,;d r;akdhl .af,ka fõj,s ,s,S .e,S Wka l,amkd f,dalfhka fuk msiaiqo@ fkdokakd rg rdcHj, ks;ru kekaod l:d l<dh' wdorh\" h,s;a fifkyiska tkf;la wE n,d wE;a jQfha lsisfjlaf.a fodrg ;Ügq f.dia uq,d ù úkdY fjkjdg jvd úYajdih yd f.!rjh úkdY fjk isàug mqreÿ úh' kekaodg ore lrk y~ weiSfukah' wE jyd fodr fyd|hs ¨Kqhs\" n;=hs yß ld,d ¥ yeáhg ls%hd lrkakg úh' Wmf;a iïm;a ,nd .ekSfï jdikdj wysñ wer n,k úg ;u whshd ±l buy;a .ek fidhd n,d isàu hhs whshd isgu ufkdaß b;d w.h lrk jQjdh' ta ksid hq. 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ùughs' fï rfÜ isáhd lshd jkakg úh' iuyr wjia:dj,§ wE ish,a, bjid ord isáfha ish uj W.;alu ;snqkg /lshdjla fidhd wfõ.YS,Sj iev mreI joka j,ska tkf;lah' wE ish kekaokshf.ka .ekSu ÿIalrhs' ta ksid ;ud ud ta ufkdaßf.a yoj; ßfoõjdh' wef.a m<s.ekSugj;a\" ffjr lsÍugj;a ;SrKh .;af;a' wfka\" kx.s\" fï wd;au úYajdih ìf|k whqßka l,amkd lf<a ke;' uj ;ud fj; 36 JANUARY 2022 PAHANA - LIGHT & LIFE The first Sri Lankan community newspaper with SINHALA | ENGLISH | TAMIL For all your advertising please email to mimhiirhieir.piea@[email protected] The first Sri Lankan community newspaper with SINHALA | ENGLISH | TAMIL JANUARY 2022 PAHANA - LIGhT & LIFE 37 from Dr. QUINTUS DE ZYLVA Chairman | Sri Lanka Cricket Foundation of Victoria ANUDHI aged 10 We recently sent a box of goodies to Shrima and her children. Anudhi in particular was delighted with the clothes and spent some time trying out the clothes. The chocolates also finished quickly. Sunglasses were also a great hit – chosen carefully to match her outfits. SAMADHI We are proud to support these poor families in and around Tissa. KANDEWELA of Galle Shrima lost her husband in a motorcycle accident and has since brought up the children by making food for sale. Her son and daughter attend the SAMADHI enters the Faculty same junior school in Tissa. of Engineering of the Sri Jayawardenapura University this LASITHA’s SISTER month. She is the only daughter of Kumari – the recently retired Nurse Lasitha was a lad we met at the Fort in charge of the Cardiac Unit at the Railway station some years ago. We Galle Hospital. helped him enter the University of Colombo where he graduated in We met Kumari on our very first Computer Studies. visit to the Karapitiya hospital in Galle soon after the 2004 tsunami. His sister Sammiya Dilshani has just passed her University entrance We have sent Samadhi a laptop examination and will shortly which she will use as she commence a degree in “Translational commences her degree this year. Studies” at the University of Kelaniya. It was previously called We are grateful to Mario for the a Bachelor of Arts degree and she many laptops he has donated to will be in the Faculty of Humanities AUSLMAT each year. It makes and Linguistics. Sammiya studied such a big difference to children at Maliyadeva Girls College who cannot afford such a device in in Kurunegala and offered IT, their Uni studies. Economics and Geography as her University Entrance subjects. We Kumari and Samadhi will assist us will support Sammiya as we did her in the medical clinics we will do on elder brother through his University our next visit to Mother Lanka. degree. The magic of CRICKET – loverly cricket in cricket in Sri Lanka Mother Lanka Lakshitha Dananjaya is the eldest in a CRICKET is still the most popular game in Mother Lanka. It needs only a family of five boys. He wrote saying bat and a ball. The pitch is often a made road – the stumps are a dustbin or that the bat he had was broken. He was a lounge chair! able to get a new bat from a sports store in Matara. His youngest brother was Lakshita is the eldest in a family of five boys. His father passed away at delighted. the Matara hospital. We first met him as he was rushed in to the cardiac ward at the Matara hospital. A defrillator was used on him – donated by Cricket is still the most popular game AUSLMAT. The bat and cricket ball were recently provided to the family in Sri Lanka in spite of the poor at Matara. performances of the current Sri Lanka team. AUSLMAT were guests of the Sri Lanka Cricket Board at a test match played at the iconic location in Galle. Even the tsunami of 2004 could The Sri Lankan team will be here next not stop the fascination with cricket of this emerald isle! You don’t need year to take part in the World T20 shoes or a helmet for village cricket competition. 38 JANUARY 2022 PAHANA - LIGHT & LIFE The first Sri Lankan community newspaper with SINHALA | ENGLISH | TAMIL isßmd mshqfï frdka iqKq ;ejÍ iÉpnoaO ;jqidKka Ôj;a jQ wvúh lrhs' tu wdjrK bj;a l< úg\" jk neúka tu l÷jeáh o nqÿka th nqÿ ms<suhl Ys¾Ih f,iska oji tkñka ye¢kajqKq nj mejfia' Èiajk nj fya meyeÈ,s lrhs' .suka ksjk mjka yud tA''' ima; noaO hkqfjka l÷ i;la hdj l;=jrhd ish lD;sfhys msgljrhg msysá l÷lrh hk wre;ska iÉp fhdod we;af;a tu ms<sufhys YS¾I fojk fldgi noaO hk ku Ndú;hg m;aj we;s jid ;snQ i`:j uola by,g Tijd\" njg o ckm%jdohla mj;S' nqoaO isril iajrEmh u;=jk YS% mdo jkaokdfõ uQ,sl wÈhr wdrïN jeis l÷lrhla f,iska Èiafõ' wdldrfha Ñ;%hlsks' merKs nqÿ jkafka k,a, ;kaksh kï ia:dkfhks' ;srem;s msysá Wia ìu fYaIdp,ï iS; .`.=f,ka c, iakdkh lr ysfiys hkqfjka hkqfjkao ye¢kafõ' wdkaø ishjia .Kkdjl isg yskaÿ ms<suh i`: ms<s\" u,a ,shlïj,ska foys biau .,jd fmaùu fuys§ isÿ m%foaY jdiSka\" tu ima; 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Various shifts. Day and evening. Part-time and full-time. Must be reliable and be a strong team member. Previous experience in commercial cleaning an advantage but not necessary. You must be flexible to work additional hours; show attention to detail and have the ability to work unsupervised. We need your can-do attitude and safety focus. Award rates of pay and conditions. A Police Check is required. Apply to [email protected] or phone 9463 1300 Contact: Lee Vella | HR Manager BORG Corporate Property Services Pty Ltd 24 Macquarie Drive, Thomastown Vic 3074 P.O. Box 1165 Bundoora 3083 T (03) 9463 1300 | [email protected] | ABN: 67 080 313 159 2 story house PROPERTY FOR SALE Bandaragama in (for immediate sale) WIJERAMA 36.8 perches land (rectangular shape) with great rental income with all facilities near Wevita Junction Close to Southern highway entrance and to 6.75 perches. 20 Million. Colombo – Kalutara main road. NO brokers please. Clear deeds, LKR 3.0 Lakhs per perch WhatsApp +61 4 3402 1180 Contact (WhatsApp) +94 718 180 725 or +61 417 039 759 No Brokers Please 40 JANUARY 2022 PAHANA - LIGHT & LIFE The first Sri Lankan community newspaper with SINHALA | ENGLISH | TAMIL Tuition year 11, 12 Maths, Physics, Chemistry UCAT ATAR 99.95 ACT DUX 2020 UCAT 3350+ Medical student at Monash University Mobile: 0491 138658 Ranusha The first Sri Lankan community newspaper with SINHALA | ENGLISH | TAMIL JANUARY 2022 PAHANA - LIGhT & LIFE 41 Specialising in Adelaide and South Australia Specialising in Adelaide and South Australia Specialising in Adelaide and South Australia Specialising in Adelaide and South Australia 42 JANUARY 2022 PAHANA - LIGHT & LIFE The first Sri Lankan community newspaper with SINHALA | ENGLISH | TAMIL Lions club of Handala, Sri Lanka SIGHT FIRST PROJECT SGIIGVHETCLFEIRASRTSIGHT ÿmam;a flfkl=g fmkSu ,nd § $o3n5eswCuirAlglTseAerRyrvAiCceT fï uy`.= msxlug Tn;a odhl jkak for more details MIHIRIE 0414 546 833 Please make your If you need details of patients allocated to your donation directly into donation please send details to EYE CHHAOATSNAPDRIAATLACATL Mihirie Dissanayake - PO Box 256 Doveton 3177 ANcAcB. N/oB.S4B7:4018231221344 or email to [email protected] Please do not post Cheques Your Name .............................................................................................. Address .............................................................................................. .............................................................................................. Telephone No .................................................................................... Email Address. .................................................................................... Date of deposit ................................................................................... Amount deposited ............................................................................. The first Sri Lankan community newspaper with SINHALA | ENGLISH | TAMIL JANUARY 2022 PAHANA - LIGhT & LIFE 43 UCNOCSOEULUNLNISNSEGELLLLININGG LLINGPhone Sirini onP: hP0o4hn3oe0nSe3i4rSi9inrii8no4i9no:n: 040 A SSESATAHSSNEETATHHNNAA NPhSoEnLeCLSOiIrNiCnUiOGoNUnSS: NEE0RS4L3EVL0LIIC3LN4EI9GNS8G4S9ESRE VR IVCI CEESS HNA SERVICES 44 JANUARY 2022 PAHANA - LIGHT & LIFE The first Sri Lankan community newspaper with SINHALA | ENGLISH | TAMIL

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