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Published by Mast Digital, 2018-06-05 08:46:29

Description: Ubiquiti-Access-Point-Setup-Guide

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Ubiquiti Access Point – Quick start guide1. Create a Unifi account at - www.unifi.ubnt.com2. Download latest version of UniFi controller from - Open the UniFi controller and log in with the account you created.4. On the top right hand side of the screen you'll see 'current site', select the drop down arrow and create new site.5. Name the site whatever you wish. A new site should be created for every job. Note: Use the drop down arrow to swap between different sites on your controller. Each site can have its own access points and settings, separate to the other sites.6. Select the cog button on the bottom left hand side to enter settings.7. Select 'Wireless networks'.8. 'Create new wireless network'

9. Enter the name of your network.10. If you require security, select the type and enter your password. Note: If you wish to use the AP as an extender for your existing network, simply use the same SSID (network name) and WPA personal password.11. Save to create network. Repeat if you require multiple networks.12. Power the PoE injector into the mains via a clover lead. (both supplied)13. Connect an Ethernet cable from your router to the LAN port of the injector. Next connect an Ethernet cable from the POE port of the injector to the Access point. Note: You may also connect the AP to a PoE switch which runs back to the router.14. The AP should be emitting a faint blue hue, indicating it is ready to be adopted.15. Wait for the AP to show up on the UniFi controller.16. On the devices page you should see the AP appear with the status 'Awaiting adoption'. There will be an 'Adopt' option, click this to add the AP to the current site.17. Status should change to 'Provisioning'.18. When adoption is complete status will change to 'Connected'.19. Once successfully adopted it's a good idea to update the firmware. To do this locate the 'Upgrade' option next to the Adopt button under 'Actions'.20. Your Access point will reboot after the upgrade and begin to automatically broadcast the wireless network/s you set up earlier.21. Done!

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