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Second Edition-E-Magazine by ABPS

Published by Naveen S, 2021-03-31 04:45:23

Description: Publication by ABPS Kumarapatnam & Polyfibres jr. college Harihar Copyright@2021. All rights reserved


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THE ADITYA BIRLA PUBLIC SCHOOL AND POLYFIBERS COMPOSITE JUNIOR COLLEGE-KUMARAPATNAM SECOND EDITION MARCH 2021 सा िव ा या िवमु तये Publication by ABPS Kumarapatnam & Polyfibres Jr. College Harihar Copyright©2021. All rights reserved

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From Unit Head's Desk Dear team, World is witnessing second Corona wave in some parts and lockdowns have also been imposed in UK, Germany and New Zealand. This gives us signal to remain alert and not lower the guards. New vaccines to combat Covid-19 have been introduced in our country and as per our culture, Govt of India is also taking care of its neighbouring Countries. This reminds us the importance of value system . It’s a myth that only Organizations , institutions and other functionaries have brand values. In fact , each individual creates his or her own brand value and it is the one thing which remains even in our absence. I would like to encourage each one of us to live a value based life and imbibe values so that world becomes even more beautiful. Please continue to remain alert and keep using SMS ( Social distancing, Masks and Sanitization). Wishing you all a safe and healthy time ahead. Regards Shri Ajay Gupta( Sr. President, Grasim Industries Ltd)

From Principal's Desk “Great things are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.” - Steve Jobs The academic year 2020-2021, a COVID year, taught each one of us in different ways to adapt in difficult times. The experience for us as a school community has been one of a kind. We all learnt together about online tools to enable us to do well during online classes and activities. Some have already mastered the skills and have had huge success during the online sessions with students. I thank every student, parent, and staff member, for coming together and adapting to the new norm, for helping one another, learn the essentials, which has taken our school to an enviable level. The achievements of this year would not have been possible without the active participation, collaboration, and cooperation of each one of the members of our school community. This edition by the Editorial Board brings out, numerous acts of excellent teamwork, commitment, and dedication which we are proud of. I wish each one happy reading! God bless! John

Editor's Desk Dear Readers, Dear Readers, Welcome to the 2nd Edition of our school I feel immense pleasure in presenting Magazine. E- the second edition of our e-magazine We are really proud to acclaim that we are ready to of ABPS Kumarapattnam. This e- bring out the 2nd issue, which is going to surely magazine has been made with great unravel the world of the most precious moments of effort and taking into consideration of our institution. We have put in relentless efforts to your valuable suggestions given after bring out this edition to the readers. The magazine also espouses the School spirit which is built up studying the first e-magazine. within the students through collective actions, However, I appreciate and welcome thoughts, and aspirations. The reflection of the your valuable feedback after studying students' creativity and achievements is the this e-magazine. Let us all join hands in epitome of the magazine. Students have put forth making our magazine the best of all. their ideas and thoughts that are too deep to be expressed and too strong to be suppressed. This magazine before you is the combined efforts of the Thanks and Regards Editorial Board. I take the opportunity to thank all Naveen.S the contributors as their contribution is the reason IX A that makes this magazine endearing to our readers. This herculean task of editing this school magazine would not have been possible without the sincere support of the members of the Editorial Board, who sorted out the articles from the flood of articles, we had got from our enthusiastic and inquisitive young writers, edited them, and finally made a fair draft of them. I am really thankful to our respected Principal for entrusting us with the responsibility of editing. I take this opportunity to thank all the teachers and Naveen.S students involved in the E-Magazine without whom this would have not been possible. My warm regards to all the readers and my best wishes to all. I hope you will enjoy this and the magazine. I am sure this magazine will play a vital role in the all-round development of my schoolmates. Thank you Regards Tanya Chandra Tanya Chandra I PU Commerce

Dear Readers, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men” -Fredrick Douglass We are pleased to bring out the Second edition of our E-magazine “Arunodaya” March 2021. A lot of effort has gone into the making of this issue. The best thing about this issue is the task of bringing together the creative minds of the primary students in the form of art and poetry. Amidst the Pandemic scenario, the students have represented their minds through extraordinary paintings and sketches. We congratulate the efforts taken by the Parents and the teachers who were engaged with these students tirelessly in making the children learn creatively. We would like to thank Shi. Ajay Gupta, our Unit Head and Mr. John Dinakaran,Principal of our institution for their constant support and encouragement. We also express our gratitude to our Alumni for sparing time to share their experiences with us. We thank our Senior Faculty member Ms. Nirmala.S for her words of advice. We are sure that hard work, innovative ideas exhibited by our students will surely attract the minds of the readers. I also thank the Editorial Board for their support and also the student community in making this edition a success. With heart brimming with gratitude and thankfulness, we take pride in presenting this issue with you. With Best Wishes, Ms. Rashmi Umesh, English Faculty Editor in Chief

In House Virtual Activities Republic Day Celebrations 2021 The patriotic fervour is revived in the school campus with the celebrations of 72 nd Republic Day on 26th January 2021,by unfurling the flag, with some thought provoking speeches delivered by Teachers. Live streaming of the event was organised to enable the students to feel the spirit. Value adding Session On January 4th and 18th, 2021 Class VII had an Online discussion and Lecture with Mr.Sharath, The Resource person of ACP, Mysore Centre, Karnataka on the topic “ Being Truthful”

Science Day Celebration Virtual Science Exhibition for classes VI to IX was organized on 27th February 2021, as a part of the National Science day Activity. Students of Classes VIII and IX presented the importance of Science Day and Raman’s effect. It was followed by the presentation of exhibits. The projects were evaluated by Grasim Industries, General Manager Mr. Srinivasan. P, Sustainable development Mr. Srinivas, Miss Surabhi Jain, TGT- Physics, Father Agnel School, Noida. Outdoor Learning Students of class X got into project activity in Mathematics to learn the concepts of Trigonometry on 16th & 17th March 2021 with the help of mentor teachers. Students visited the Colony premises and river bank to conduct their experiment.

Glimpses of Online Exchange Program with Mexico School The cultural Exchange sessions with TMMS Leon School, Mexico continued till 26th January 2021. *As a part of the Exchange Program, a Webinar on the production process of Grasim Industries (Aditya Birla Group) Pulp and Fibre Plant was conducted on 18th February 2021 by Mr. Ram Mohan Choudary, Quality Department, Grasim Industries Ltd., Kumarapatnam.

SENDOFF Bidding Adieu to Former Principal Ms. Nita U Menon On 2nd March 2021, a warm send-off was organized to the Former Principal Ms. Nita U Menon, who took up the newly designated post as Regional Head, ABG group of Schools in the year 2020. The farewell was organized by the staff members under the leadership and the guidance of the Principal Mr. John Dinakaran. It was a moment filled with mixed emotions as there was an air of goodness and t. hankfulness when teachers took the stage to express their good feelings. She was appreciated and recognized for her dedication, as an able administrator, passionate teacher, and a wonderful human being by VP (HR) Grasim Industries Mr. Sandeep Bhatt.

A STEP TOWARDS LEADING Mrs. Lissy S, TGT- Faculty in Science conducted a webinar in ABEA Tuesday series on 2nd February 2021 on topic \"ART INTEGRATION TOWARDS EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING IN SCIENCE”, The session was attended by nearly 80 teachers from all the ABG group of schools across India Teachers Training On Sustainability : A training workshop on “Sustainability Development” was hosted by Grasim Industries conducted by Mr. Srinivas. H for all the teaching fraternity of our institution on 23rd February 2021 in the Campus Auditorium.

Webinar for Teachers on Awareness of POCSO act A sensitization program for teachers on “The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences” (POCSO) ACT,2012 was conducted virtually in association with K.L.E Society’s G.K Law College, Hubballi on 24th March 2021. The session provided insights on the intricacies of the POCSO ACT. This program was coordinated by Mrs. Lissy(Science Department) Virtual exchange session on Art Integration in Primary classes A virtual Exchange and Sharing of Best Practices in Art Integration was conducted by Ms. Meera Singh, PRT, Navy School, Goa to all the PRT teachers on 25th March 2021. She shared some of the interesting art Integrated activity ideas from her experience with our staff members and vice versa. This program was coordinated by Mrs. Rupa.R

Celebrating Women's Day! On 8th March 2021,Women's day program was organized by the Grasim Industries HR department to all the women employees. As a part of the program,a live video streaming was organized in the Campus Auditorium with Ms Sangita Sadafule, Unit Head in Edsel Mining, Vapi Plant. She shared her journey experiences with all women and some interesting questions were also taken up ,which was inspirational.

C REATIVE MINDS # # #Life New normal Online Through these times of Covid, everyone is #tech savvy, and technology is being a feeder to every small thing these days. Every sphere of life requires being smart at the tech, also new spheres have formed, pre-existing things evolved. As biological analysis says ‘’Evolution is the basic key for the survival of organisms” This applies to all. A businessman cannot run his profession without technology, a teacher cannot teach without the web. Earlier electronic devices were not allowed in many places, now the world stays on the web. Covid 19made the world stay in their homes but people opened portals to every part of the world through the web. This brought a reformation though though these online stuff were there earlier as the Internet was designed in the 1960’s it moulded a lot to what it is presently. The #new normal produced new part time and full-time jobs online despite making many jobless. Though this Covid created havoc in this world it also gave us the #new normal Which made things as smooth as butter. Now shopping, learning etc… can be done easily at our safe homes. And it is now fundamentally vital for us to align with this. Preferably than going with negative effects of covid, it's good to change the perspective we look at things and relish the #new normal. Yogesh Gowda, X B

Pocket Veto Many of us know that the President of India exercises many powers, one of which is signing a bill which is passed with a simple majority from the parliament. But do you know that the President has a unique power that can make a bill null and void? In Class IX, we have learnt the main powers and functions of the President of India, some of them are: NOTE: The President exercises all these powers only on the advice of the Council of Ministers. All government activities take place in the name of the President. All laws and major policy decisions of the government are issued in his/her name. No Bill can become a law without the assent and the signature of the President. All major appointments are made in the name of the President. These include the appointment of the Chief Justice of India, the judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts of the states, the governors of the states, the Election Commissioners, and ambassadors to other countries, etc. All international treaties and agreements are made in the name of the President. The President is the supreme commander of the armed forces of India. Article 111 of the Indian constitution stipulates that the President shall declare his assent to a bill passed by both houses of Parliament or withhold his assent, provided that he/she may return the bill to Parliament for reconsideration. If the President returns the bill, and Parliament passes it once again, with or without any amendments, the President cannot withhold his assent. In the Indian History, there were two such cases when the President of India had a major disagreement on a specific bill.

The first major disagreement was on the Hindu Code bill of 1953 by the Former President Dr. Rajendra Prasad. The second major confrontation was between the Seventh President of India, Giani Zail Singh and the Former PM Rajiv Gandhi. Their conflict grew to its peak at the time of Indian Post Office (Amendment) Bill 1986. This bill, if passed and implemented, would have given all the power to the Union Government to read and censor all the personal mails and posts of the people of India, thus imposing restrictions on the freedom of press. As mentioned previously, a bill can only become a law after the President gives assent to it. President Giani Zail Singh rejected the bill for the first time and sent that bill back to the parliament for reconsideration. And you can already vguess that the parliament passed the bill again and President Giani Zail Singh was left no other option than to give his assent. However, the Indian Constitution does not give a specific time frame for the President to sign/assent on a bill sent by the Parliament. Thus, by indefinitely postponing action on a bill, and not sending it back to Parliament, the president effectively vetoes the bill. President Giani Zail Singh used this loophole and he never signed that bill thus preventing the Indian Post Office (Amendment) Bill from becoming law. After this incident the people of India could witness a new power of the President. Later it was named Pocket Veto. Therefore, A pocket veto is a legislative maneuver that allows a president or another official with veto power to exercise that power over a bill by taking no action (keeping it in their pocket) instead of affirmatively vetoing it. So, we also come to know that the President has the power to potentially null and void any parliamentary bill that he/she believes to be wrong or violating the basic rights of the citizens. Devank A Nambiar, X B

Relegion is no Enemy of Science RELIGION IS NO ENEMY OF SCIENCE: \"Religion is no enemy of science..\" Say that to Galileo and he; 'll bite your hands off. Galileo had a very tough time with the Church in the 17th century. The Church downplayed Galileo's theories of the earth and claimed that Aristotle's theories were the ultimate truth. Galileo and other scientists of his time met secretly to discuss their findings. Now, four centuries later, we consider Galileo to be one of the greatest scientists of all time. The number PHI is regarded as the most beautiful number in the world. The reason is that the number PHI (1.618) is the fundamental building block of nature. For example, consider ANY beehive in the world and divide the number of male bees by the number of female bees and you get 1.618 . Another example , divide the length of your shoulders to fingertips by your elbow to fingertips and you get PHI . One more example divide the length from the hip to the toe by the knee to the toe and again it is PHI . This might be one reason why scientists have not ruled out God's hand in the making of the earth . The perfection and the recurrence of the magical PHI number have made the scientists curious. Recently, scientists in Europe built the much-hyped LHC ( Large Hadrons Collider ) which has the potential to fuse religion and science. One of the hypotheses of this experiment was that matter could be created out of nothing. Thus, it could be said that God infused the earth with creatures out of nothing. Ultimately science and religion conclude that matter was created out of nothing. Religion and Science are no enemies of each other . They are two sides of the same coin. Vishal S K, VIII A

CREATIVE MINDS MUSIC A sweet tone to hear, A beautiful melody fills your ears, Sometimes soft, sometimes loud, Both are pleasant however they sound. Peaceful music to hear indeed, Endless songs we do heed, Listening to it feels amazingly good, How can one ever lose its mood? Playing instruments, singing and more, One, two, three and four, Tap dance is added too, Come; let’s have fun, me and you. Guitar, Piano, Drums or Flute, All are included in the lot. Violin, Sitar, Tabla, Trumpet too, I love music, I hope you do. Kimaya Nita, VB

ಪಟ ಮ ಪಟ ಮ ಪ ಟ ಮ ಾಣಮ ಎ ಓಡು ? ಪ ಟ ಕಣು ಅರ ೕ ೕನು ೂೕcಡು ? ಮುದು ಅರ ೕ ೕನು ೕಳ ? ಅ ಇ ೂೕ ಚಂಗ ದು ಯುವ ನನ ೖ ಗ ಏ ೕ ಾಡು ? ಮುದು ಮ ೕ ಮ ಎ ೕನು ಓಡು ? ನನ ೂ ಆಡು ೕನು ನ ಮುದು ಾಡು Gagan Banjar, IB


Broken Crayons still color

Words to Imbibe The Power of GRIT We all are born accidentally but what happens in our life should not be accidental. If a person is born poor then it is not his fault, but if he dies poor then definitely it is his mistake because of lack of grit in him. The real success lies not in intelligence but it is grit in a person. Mrs. Nirmala Then what is grit? It is an urge to achieve something through consistency in pursuing with perseverance and interest through proper channel. I have observed students who identify their area of interest and carry it has a hobby. Later when they go for higher studies they drop their interest. This may be due to various reasons such as lack of motivation from their parents, peer pressure etc., But these are all blame games. The bitter truth is that they lack grit in them. Few years back the University of Michigan has made a research on what makes the people successful by considering various factors such as academic results, family background, wealth, legacy, etc, unfortunately none of these were correct. Ultimately what they found was grit. The people who had passion and perseverance, who worked with an undivided focus are the example of grit. If we look at the famous personalities like Steve Jobs, Elon mask, Bill gates- they all have one thing in common that is grit. The road travelled through grit is not a bed of roses; it is full of humiliation, struggle for existence, ruthless approach of people and tolerance. It is better to identify your area of interest and work upon it with grit. Definitely your destiny will be in your hands. I would like to conclude by saying “GRIT is the secret of success”

Alumni Speak It was a great journey at Aditya Birla Public School and Polifibers Junior College. The best part about studying here is that you are very close to your teachers and you have great support from them any time of the day. They are always your well-wishers and have supported me in a great way for the person I am today. I am grateful to them even today. To all the aspiring students there, I would like to say that there is no career right or wrong, no career is big or small. In the end, it matters how you make your career and how hard you work on achieving it. Remember that the path to success is not easy like when you try to walk as a toddler you fall a many time, yet you learn to walk, that’s how life comes to you with many challenges and every challenge you face, you will be a better person tomorrow. As it is said, “Reach for the stars so if you fail you will land on the clouds”. All the very best to the Booming stars of ABPS, Rise, and Shine!! And don’t forget to smile and make other’s smile - Anchal Chaudhary Consultant, Intertec Systems Pvt. Ltd

Alumni Speak The biggest question that everyone is trying to find an answer for is — “What is my purpose?”. Many people, young and old, are still searching for the answers. You often find inspiring quotes from Mark Twain: “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why” pushing you to find the purpose of your life. Make no mistake: this can happen, in some form, but it’s rarer than most people think. For an average 20-year-old, finding that silver bullet often ends up in frustration more than fulfillment. We all suffer from an underlying misconception about purpose, challenging these misbeliefs would help us develop a well-rounded vision of purpose. Purpose is only a thing you find–Not true. Focus on what’s so meaningful of the job and on doing it in such a way that the meaning is enhanced and takes ce nter stage. Long story short, purpose is a thing you build, not a thing you find. Purpose is a single thing–Acknowledging multiple sources of purpose takes the pressure off finding a single thing to give our lives meaning and helps us find value in our work and lives. The purpose is stable over time–Evolution of purpose is natural and good. Your focus and sense of purpose could dramatically change in 20 years, and it’s true for most people that you meet. Be comfortable and embrace the changes, it wilallow you to better understand the presence and role of purpose in your lives. To conclude, build your purpose and find meaning in the work that you are doing, it will add more value to your life and guarantee satisfaction. - Akash Shanbhag Associate Analytics Consultant Denver, CO

WISHING YOU A HAPPY NEW ACADEMIC YEAR! Designed by: Naveen.S, IX A & Team Teacher Co-ordinators: Rashmi Mam, Lissy Mam, Shiva Kumar Sir, Lakshmi Mam Prakash Sir A Publication by ABPS Kumarapatnam & Polyfibres Jr. College Harihar Copyright © 2021. All Rights Reserved

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