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Published by Polaris Scandinavia, 2018-07-04 04:01:48

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ACCESSORIES2019 POLARIS ENGINEERED™ 6ACCESSORIES & APPAREL STO R AG E & R AC KS 18YOUR H I TC H E S 25RIDE S E A T I N G 28 W I N D S H I E L D S 30 B U M P E R S 32 R U N N I N G B OA R D S 34 H O O D S , PA N E LS & W R A P S 36 R I D E C O M M A N D ® & P. I . D. D. 38 HANDLEBARS & E L E C T R O N I C S 40 C OV E R S 42 T R A I L E R I N G 43 SKIS & CARBIDES 44 S H O C KS & ST U D S 46 T R A C K S 48 GARAGE BELTS, PARTS & VEHICLE CARE 50 OIL & LUBRICANTS 52S T A R T S APPAREL MEN'S JACKETS 56 MEN'S MONOSUIT 60 62 MEN'S BIBS M E N ’ S T EC H N I CA L W E A R 64 WO M E N ' S JAC K E TS & T EC H N I CA L W E A R 66HERE H E L M E T S 68 G O G G L E S 72 G L O V E S 74 B O O T S 7 6 B E A N I E S 7 7 MEN'S SPORTSWEAR 78 CA P S & WO M E N ' S S P O R TS W E A R 80 YOU T H 82 O G I O ® BAG S 83 Unless noted, trademarks are the property of Polaris® Industries Inc. 3M® Reflective Material, Scotchlite® and Thinsulate® are registered trademarks of 3M Corporation. 509® is a registered trademark of Teton Outfitters, LLC. AMARA® is a registered trademark of Kuraray Co., Ltd. AP-360® is a registered trademark of Stars Design Group, Inc. ArcticFX® is a registered trademark of ArcticFXGraphics LLC. BITEHARDER® is a registered trademark of Welch Manufacturing Technologies, Ltd. BOA® is a registered trademark of Boa Technology, Inc. CALIBER® is a registered trademark of Ohara Corporation. Camso is a registered trademark of Artic Investments S.A, Lycra® and Thermolite® are registered trademarks of INVISTA North America S.A.R.L. Kevlar® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. Kolpin® is a registered trademark of Polaris Industries Inc. Loctite®, is a registered trademark of Henkel Corporation. Pro Taper® is a registered trademark of Lacy Distribution, Inc. QWICK- DRY® is a registered trademark of Innovative Fashion Group Corp. FOX® is a registered trademark of FOX Racing Shox. GORE-TEX® and GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® are registered trademarks of W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. OGIO® is a registered trademark of Ogio International, Inc. Snobunje® is a registered trademark of Snobunje, Inc. Rox® is a registered trademark of Rox® Speed FX Inc. Taslan® is a registered trademark of Heberlein Maschinenfabrik AG. Snell® is a registered trademark of Snell® Memorial Foundation, Inc. Tekvest® is a registered trademark of Tekrider. Tuflok® is a registered trademark of Illinois Tool Works Inc. Velcro® is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries. B.V. Walker Evans® is a registered trademark of Walker Evans Enterprises Corp. Woody’s® and Traction Master® are registered trademarks of International Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth Sig, Inc. Aquaguard®, Vislon® and YKK® are registered trademarks of YKK Corporation. Zylex® is a registered trademark of Genfoot, Inc. All worldwide rights reserved. Other trademarks used in this catalog are owned by their respective owners. Oil & Lubricants section is available in Europe. Contact your local dealer for availability. Not all apparel items are available in all countries; contact your local dealer. Check with your local dealer for availability in your market and additional information. © 2018 Polaris® Industries, Inc. 3

POLARIS® SNOWMOBILES LIGHTEST. STRONGEST. MOST FLICKABLE. SMOOTHEST RIDING. MOST VERSATILE. SHARPEST HANDLING. QUICKEST ACCELERATING. UNMATCHED CAPABILITY. UNCOMPROMISING PERFORMANCE. LEGENDARY PERFORMANCE. SIMPLY FUN. LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES.KNOW YOUR CHASSIS FOR THE PERFECT FITDepending on the model of snowmobile you have and the model year, you may have either a Pro-Ride® chassisor an AXYS® chassis. Please consult the chart below to determine which chassis you have and order accordingly.PRO-RMK®, RMK® Switchback® Assault® Polaris® Indy® 600Assault®, SKS Titan™ 600 & 800 Voyageur® 144 & RMK® 144 Switchback® Switchback® SP Rush®MY16–MY19 MY18-19 MY17-19 MY17-19 MY15–MY19 MY17–MY19 MY15–MY19MY11–MY15 MY11–MY16 MY10–MY14 MY10–MY14 MY13–MY19 MY14–MY164 POLARIS.COM

RIDE-DEFINING ACCESSORIES ACCESSORIES550 Indy® All 550 550 Indy® 129 XC Indy EVO™121\"–144\" Voyageur® LXT, Indy® Indy® MY19 Adventures MY19MY13–MY19 MY13–MY19 MY13–MY19 5

HANDLEBARS P. 40ENGINEER A MOREPERFECT RIDEPolaris Engineered Accessories™ are the only accessoriesengineered and designed exclusively with your sled. That’s whyevery accessory fits perfectly, is covered by your factory warrantyand is tested, trusted, and proven to make your next ride an evenbetter one. Whether that’s more comfort, personal style, control,storage, or more peace of mind, only Polaris EngineeredAccessories guarantee the ultimate ride experience.WHEN ONLY THEVERY BEST WILL DO: PERFECT FIT SEAMLESS INTEGRATION FACTORY COLOR MATCHING LIMITLESS COMBINATIONS STORAGE P. 18 RUNNING BOARDS P. 34 POLARIS® PARTNERS WITH THE BEST CALIBER™ P. 43 We choose our partners carefully, selecting only the best in snowmobiling. Every accessory is rigorously tested and validated by Polaris® standards to ensure seamless integration.6 POLARIS.COM

WINDSHIELDS P. 30 BUMPERS P. 32 EASY ON & EASY OFF. Items with the Lock & Ride® logo feature our exclusive easy-on, easy-off installation technology. Engineer the perfect ride with accessories like storage racks or passenger seats quickly and efficiently without tools. And when you don’t need them, removal is simple. SKIS P. 44SEATINGP. 28ARCTICFX® P. 37 CAMSO® P. 48 ÖHLINS® P. 46 WOODY’S® P. 46 & 47 7

P.1 8 STORAGEMADE FORTHE MOUNTAINMake discovering impossibleplaces possible. Set the highmark or float your line effortlesslywith high-performance accessoriesengineered to add comfort, versatility,and custom style to your RMK®. P.2 8 SEATING8 POLARIS.COM



P.3 0 WINDSHIELDSP.3 2 PROTECTION THE WORLD’S YOUR P L AY GR O UND Discover a life on and off the beaten path. From a 2-up seat to added storage and more, build up your Switchback® and make it the crossover to envy in your riding group. 11


P.3 0 WINDSHIELDSP.3 2 PROTECTION OWN THE TRAIL You demand a lot from your RUSH®. Make sure you dial it in perfectly, and with your personal style, using the proper parts and accessories. When the group wants to ride hard, make sure you are locked in — and the one leading the pack. 13


PURE CAPABILITY Find unrivaled confidence while in the backcountry, hitting the trail, or when working. Your Polaris® TITAN™ is engineered to perform a multitude of roles. Integrate the proper accessories and tailor it to your needs.P.3 0 WINDSHIELDS ™ 15

P.1 8 STORAGE P.2 8 SEATING INDY® PERFORMANCE REBORN The most iconic name in snowmobiling has been reborn. Add smart storage, seating, protection and personal style across the expanded INDY® lineup, including the INDY® XC 129 with AXYS® Chassis. P.3 0 WINDSHIELDS P.3 2 PROTECTION16 P O L A R I S . C O M


STORAGE & RACKSSTORAGE SHOPPING WINDSHIELD / DASH / UNDERSEAT STORAGE TUNNEL STORAGE CARGO RACK STORAGE BASICS: FRONT TO BACK HANDLEBAR / GOGGLE STORAGE Storage for a map, or for Perfect for holding enough Strong and durable with Perfect for items you need larger items like a first- items for a destination trip. versatile bag and accessory quick access to on the trail. aid kit and extra goggles. options.WINDSHIELD / DASH STORAGEWINDSHIELD BAG Low Pro | 2880481 Large | 2880374  WINDSHIELD REPLACEMENT BAG• Bag installs inside base of ALL A XYS® AND POLARIS® TITAN™. ONLY ALL AXYS® AND POLARIS® TITAN™. windshield using stock push-dart DOES NOT FIT WITH LOW WINDSHIELD • Combination windscreen and storage bag fasteners FITS WITH LOW WINDSHIELD adds function and style• Compression-molded semi-rigid LARGE • Perfect for deep snow applications where over-the-hood material sight lines are required• Uses engine heat to warm/dry • Delivers quick access to personal items goggles and gloves • Semi-rigid design retains its shape even when empty or LOW PRO when the sled needs to be rolled to maneuver out of a stuck position 2882917  ALL AXYS® AND POLARIS® TITAN™. REPLACES WINDSHIELD 5.4 5.7 5.6 CUBIC LITRES CUBIC LITRES CUBIC LITRES18 P O L A R I S . C O M MOUN TA I N U LT I M AT E DASH BAG DEFROST BAG • Semi-rigid, compression- • Provides warm, dry molded bag installs on place for goggles, gloves, dashboard and more • Convenient, protected • Rigid construction holds storage for two bottles of its shape water, goggles, and gloves • Durable 1,680-denier black • Installs easily, holds its ballistic nylon with shape empty or full water-resistant coating 2880375  2879090  PRO-RMK® MY16-19, SKS 155 MY10-19 PRO-RIDE®, MY16-19, RMK® ASSAULT® INCLUDES INDY® AND VOYA- MY16-19 GEUR®, P.I.D.D. NOT INCLUDED 9.8 CUBIC LITRES

HANDLEBAR / GOGGLE STORAGE STORAGE & RACKSCELL PHONE CHARGING BAG 5.8 HEATED UNDERHOOD STORAGE• Charge your cell phone while the 2883687  CUBIC LITRES engine is running • Underhood storage is ideal for storing FITS ALL AXYS® WITH 12 CM, 15 CM, 3.1 goggles and keeping them defrosted• Includes wire harness, which OR 18 CM RISE PROTAPER® BAR connects to the sled’s electrical CUBIC LITRES • Perfect for cold rides or deep system 2883786  powder days when swapping goggles UNDERHOOD GOGGLE BAG is necessary• Use your device’s charging cable FITS ALL AXYS® FLAT BAR APPLI- to attach via USB connection CATIONS • Heavy-duty nylon bag mounts under hood above exhaust • Attaches securely using a bracket with inside bag • Gloves, goggles, etc. are warmed by engine heat fasteners and Velcro® straps 2.7 2878735  2882117  CUBIC LITRES ALL PRO-RIDE® ALL AXYS®, DOES NOT FIT POLARIS®GOGGLE HANDLEBAR BAG TITAN™ OR WITH 850 ENGINE• Conveniently access spare 2882823  HANDLEBAR BAG goggles from the driver’s seat ALL AXYS® • Durable, compression-molded semi-rigid• Attaches directly to handlebars material with secure Velcro® straps • Two zippered compartments to holdHANDLEBAR MAP BAG small items• Clear poly window displays trail map for ALL SNOWMOBILES 5.2 2880443  easier navigation CUBIC LITRES ALL AXYS® RUSH®, AXYS® SWITCHBACK®,• Attaches easily with all-weather Velcro® strips ALL INDY® VOYAGEUR®, MY12-14 SWITCH- BACK®. MY17-19 AXYS® 144, MY18-19 SKS2882824  146, MY18-19 POLARIS® TITAN™. DOES NOT WORK WITH ROX® RISER (2881410)UNDERSEAT STORAGE 3.4 7.7 CUBIC LITRES CUBIC LITRES PROTAPER® 5.1 11.8 HANDLEBAR BAG CUBIC LITRES CUBIC LITRES • Durable black polyester fabric and semi-rigid material that holds its shape,REAR SEAT BAG WATERPROOF empty or full UNDERSEAT• Front of bag attaches behind seat using LINER BAG 2880971  Tuflok® fasteners (included) • Fits inside stock underseat bag FITS ALL STRAIGHT BARS AND PROTAPER®• Compression-molded semi-rigid material • Perfect when riding in heavy, wet snow BARS. DOES NOT FIT INDY® 550 AND VOYAGEUR® HANDLEBARS. DOES NOT WORK2881463  or backcountry powder WITH ROX® RISER (2881410)AXYS® RUSH®, AXYS® SWITCHBACK®. DOES NOT 2882857  BURANDTWORK WITH THE FOLLOWING RACKS (2880205, ADVENTURE2880205-458, 2880363-458, 2880362-458) ALL MY17-19 SBA, MY18-19 SKS 146, MY17-19 UNDERSEAT VOYAGEUR® 600 144, ALL MY19 INDY® 129 BAG • Dual side-access zippers provide access to cargo when bag is installed • Semi-rigid shell holds its shape, full or empty • Engineered to withstand extreme riding conditions 2881056  ALL MY16-19 AXYS® PRO- RMK®, AXYS® SKS, AXYS® RMK® ASSAULT® S T O R A G E & R A C K S 19

TUNNEL STORAGEWEATHER-RESISTANT LID PREMIUM BACKCOUNTRY MOUNTAIN JACKETADJUSTABLE VELCRO®DIVIDERS FITS OVER THE TOP OF THE PREMIUM BACKCOUNTRY TUNNEL BAG 31.9 CUBIC LITRESPREMIUM BACKCOUNTRY TUNNEL BAG PREMIUM BACKCOUNTRY MOUNTAIN JACKET• Reinforced high-density EVA compression molding provides 2881979  high impact resistance and extreme tunnel protection 2882130  ALL PRO-RMK®, SKS, RMK®, SKS 146, SWITCHBACK® ASSAULT®,• Main storage allows for a customized configuration INDY® 144, VOYAGEUR® ALL PRO-RMK®, SKS, RMK® ASSAULT®, RMK®, SKS 146, SWITCHBACK® ASSAULT®, INDY® 144, VOYAGEUR®. REQUIRES PREMIUM LOCK & RIDE®• Bottom is designed with air flow channel to reduce heat BACKCOUNTRY TUNNEL BAG (2881979) between the tunnel and bag SMALL LARGE 5 CM BUCKLES OVER-CENTER LOCK & RIDE® 9.2 WEATHER- 14.7 RESISTANT LID CUBIC LITRES CUBIC LITRESBURANDT ADVENTURE TUNNEL BAG• 5 cm buckles provide easy access to gear • Tray liner is water-resistant to keep your Small | 2880969  ALL PRO-RMK®, SKS, RMK® ASSAULT®, SWITCH- with your gloves on gear dry Large | 2880970  BACK® SP, SKS 146, SWITCHBACK® ASSAULT®, RMK®, INDY® 144, VOYAGEUR®.• Customizable configuration with Velcro® LARGE BAG WILL NOT WORK WITH 144\" TUNNELS adjustable dividers OR FUEL CAN RACKS ON 155\" TUNNELS. TRAVERSE TUNNEL BAG • 5 cm buckles make it easy to access your gear with gloves on • Water-resistant construction • Attaches in seconds with Lock & Ride® technology 2883570  FITS ALL FULL TUNNEL 129\" AND LONGER SLEDS WITH T-SLOT ATTACHMENT INDY EVO™ TUNNEL 3.9 HANDLEBAR BAG STORAGE BAG CUBIC LITRES • Provides quick, convenient access to • Provides underseat storage for quick essential items access • Semi-rigid design retains its shape even • Compression molded design provides when empty rigidity • Attaches easily with all-weather Velcro® • Attaches easily with all-weather strips Velcro® strips 2882829  2883671  MY13-19 INDY®, MY13-19 INDY® SP, MY19 INDY EVO™ MY14-19 INDY® ES20 P O L A R I S . C O M

12.3 STORAGE & RACKS CUBIC LITRES LARGESMALL 9.2 CUBIC LITRES ULTIMATE SHOVEL BAG HARDWARE REPLACEMENT• Semi-rigid compression-molded material essential extra gear (sold separately) Large | 2882822 • Mesh pocket inside exterior shell • Shovel sold separately • Sold individually• Customize interior with adjustable Velcro® ALL PRO-RMK®, SKS, RMK® ASSAULT®, SWITCH- 2881260  Small | 2881057  BACK® SP, SKS 146, SWITCHBACK® ASSAULT®, dividers RMK®, INDY® 144, VOYAGEUR®. LARGE BAG WILL ALL AXYS® & PRO-RIDE®• Holds secondary shovel head, handle, and NOT WORK WITH 144\" TUNNELS OR FUEL CAN RACKS ON 155\" TUNNELSSEMI-RIGID TUNNEL BAGS SNOBUNJE® RATTLER ADJUSTABLE FUEL CAN RACK• Heavy-duty nylon; water-resistant • Deep snow extraction device• Mounts quickly and easily on tunnel • Hook attaches to ski; use handle to pull • Installs quickly and easily in tunnel’s T-slots2880607  2874420  • Holds most 9.5 L fuel cans • Fuel can sold separately; not through Polaris®MY13-19 PRO-RIDE® CHASSIS INDY® 240CM AVALANCHE PROBE Aluminum | 2879790  SNOW SHOVEL 2874916  Matte Black | 2879790-458  • Includes integrated saw in ALL PRO-RMK®, SKS, RMK® ASSAULT®, RMK®, SWITCH- the handle BACK® ASSAULT®, INDY® 144, VOYAGEUR® DOES NOT FIT 2875094  WITH LARGE BURANDT ADVENTURE BAG (2880970) ON 155\" TUNNELS.SNOWBOARD & SKI RACK FUEL CAN RACK STRAPS• Multi-use for ski to snowboard • Versatile rack allows ability to 7081248  applications via brackets install on either side of the tunnel AXYS® AND PRO-RIDE®• Minimalist design usage allows 2881251  room for tunnel bag, backpack, or gas can rack ALL PRO-RMK®, SKS, RMK® ASSAULT®, VOYAGEUR® 155 EXCLUSIVE INDY® STORAGE 15.2 TUNNEL BAG 8.2 UNDERSEAT BAG CUBIC LITRES • Tunnel-top storage provides storage for CUBIC LITRES • Take advantage of underseat space with larger items including clothing and gloves this easy-access storage bag • Semi-rigid design retains its shape even • Semi-rigid design retains its shape even when empty when empty • Large zippered opening delivers easy • Attaches easily with all-weather Velcro® storage access strips 2882788  2882786  MY13-MY19 INDY®, MY13-MY19 INDY® SP, MY13-MY19 INDY®, MY13-MY19 INDY® SP, MY14-MY19 INDY® ES MY14-MY19 INDY® ES STORAGE & RACKS 21

SWITCHBACK® CARGO RACK• Strong, durable aluminum construction 13.6• Easy bolt-on installation; all mounting hardware included KG STORAGEAluminum | 2880205 Matte Black | 2880205-458 SWITCHBACK® ADVENTURE ‘19, MY15-19 SWITCHBACK® 137 SWITCHBACK® CARGO RACK BAG OPTIONS 5.4 22.3 CUBIC LITRESCUBIC LITRES CARGO RACK BAG UNDERSEAT ESSENTIALS BAG Weather-resistant design helps seal out snow and moisture to keep cargo dry. Holds goggles, gloves, water bottle, and more. Durable, semi- Durable, semi-rigid, compression-molded rigid, compression-molded design resists impacts. design resists impacts. 2880373  2881967  MY15-19 AXYS® RUSH® 120 & SWITCHBACK® 137 MY15-19 SWITCHBACK® 137, (REQUIRES RACK 2880205 OR 2880205-458) 7.2 10.5 CUBIC LITRES CUBIC LITRES SOFT SADDLEBAGS X2 BACKREST Expand your storage options with soft-sided saddlebags. Semi- CARGO RACK BAG rigid design retains its shape even when empty. Large zippered opening delivers easy storage access. Attaches quickly and Weather-resistant design helps seal out securely with all-weather Velcro® strips. snow and moisture to keep cargo dry. 2882094  Durable, semi-rigid, compression-molded design resists impacts. MY15-19 SWITCHBACK®, REQUIRES SWITCHBACK® CARGO RACK 2881966  (2880205 OR 2880205-458) MY15-19 SWITCHBACK® 137, (REQUIRES RACK CARGO RACK 2880205 OR 2880205-458) SADDLEBAGS 10.8 Impact-modified nylon shell and water-resistant removable liner for underseat cargo bag. CUBIC LITRES 2878720  UNDERSEAT MY15-19 AXYS® SWITCHBACK® 137 (REQUIRES RACK 2880205 OR JOURNEY BAG 2880205-458) Front of bag attaches behind seat using Tuflok® fasteners (included). Center cargo compartment and two side compartments. Durable, semi-rigid, compression-molded design resists impacts. 2880372  MY15-19 AXYS® RUSH® 120 & SWITCHBACK® 13722 P O L A R I S . C O M

6.8 STORAGE & RACKS KG STORAGEREAR SPORT RACK CARGO RACK 144\"• Easy bolt-on installation; all mounting Matte Black | 2880362-458  • Design offers three-level storage: Cross Matte Black | 2881940-458 hardware included bars low, medium, and high MY15-19 RUSH® MY17-19 AXYS® 144, MY18-19 SKS, ALL 550 AND • Angled design accommodates tie-down 600 VOYAGEUR® MODELS Matte Black | 2880363-458  straps to secure cargo MY15-19 SWITCHBACK® 137 BAG OPTION BAG OPTION SPORT CARGO RACK BAG BAG 144\" 15.6 Bag attaches to rack and behind Semi-compressed with nylon seat using Tuflok® fasteners. side bag installs securely in CUBIC LITRES Durable, semi-rigid, compression- cargo rack. Versatile bag can be molded design resists impacts. converted to a single large cargo compartment. 2881464  2881968  AXYS® RUSH® 120 & SWITCHBACK® 137 MY17-19 AXYS® 144, MY18-19 SKS 146, ALL 550 AND 600 VOYAGEUR® MODELS (REQUIRES CARGO RACK 2881940 OR 2881940-458)TUNNEL CAPACITY VARIES. PLEASE SEE DECAL ON TUNNEL FOR YOUR VEHICLE’S SPECIFICATIONSFT2 UNDER RACK BAG FT2 REAR SEAT RACK• Easy access with weather-resistant zipper • Attaches in seconds with Lock & Ride® technology• Compression-molded design provides rigidity • Made of powdercoated high-quality steel• Attaches directly to rack with all-weather Velcro® 2883646 2883714  ALL FULL TUNNEL AXYS® 129 AND 144 SLEDS (REQUIRES 2883838 TO INSTALL THE FT2 RACK ON THE MY17-19 VOYAGEUR® 600)MY19 INDY® XC 129, MY19 INDY® SP 129, MY17-19 SWITCHBACK® ASSAULT®, MY18-19 144 VOYAGEUR®(REQUIRES FT2 REAR SEAT RACK (2883646) STORAGE & RACKS 23

A B ICE AUGER RACKVERSA REAR A • Premium steel rack securelyCARGO RACK holds your ice auger for easy transport• Rugged aluminum powder- coated rear rack delivers »» 2882799 versatile storage solutions GUN & ROD• Bolts securely to tunnel and MOUNT features multiple cargo tie-down points • Versatile and rugged mount affixes to side of tunnel»» 2882792 • Conveniently accepts accessory STORAGE OPTIONS gun boots or ice rod lockersB VERSA REAR CARGO BOX • Retains storage capabilities of rear rack• Heavy-duty roto molded box mounts • A total of 70.1 liters of to accessory rear luggage rack with storage space »» Kolpin® Stronghold Mount Lock & Ride® technology 2882806 »» 2882793• Easy-open hinge lid can utilize an »» Gun Scabbard by Kolpin® optional padlock for security 2882426 C C »» Ice Rod Locker 2882428UNDER-PASSENGERSEAT BAG INTEGRATED 680.4kg WINCH• Take advantage of underseat space with this easy access storage bag • Versatile and rugged winch can clear downed trees or retrieve• Semi-rigid design retains its shape a stuck snowmobile even when empty • Features a powerful 680.4 kg• Attaches easily with Velcro® strips towing capacity»» 2882807 • Mounts to rear of sled with included receiver hitchDOES NOT WORK WITH VERSA REAR CARGOBOX 2882783 P282/P283. RECOMMENDED • Includes wireless winch remoteWITH VERSA TOURING PASSENGER SEAT2882791 »» 2882798XL TITAN SCANDI CARGOBOX• Cargobox 100 liter with straps. Cargo can also be stored on • Cargo box with backrest, 100 liter with straps. Cargo can also • Cargobox 110 liter with straps. Titan Adventure. Cargo can the lid with straps. be stored on the lid with straps. also be stored on the lid with straps.»» P282 »» P283 »» P284»» NOTE; (CARGO BOXES CAN ONLY BE USED WITH 1-UP SEAT , L&R SOLD NOTE; (CARGO BOXES CAN ONLY BE USED WITH 1-UP SEAT , L&R SOLD SEPARATELY. SEPARATELY. SEAT OPTIONS (SEE P. 28) VERSA TOURING PASSENGER SEAT »» Standard  |  2882791 »» Heated  |  288280124 P O L A R I S . C O M

VOYAGEUR® 155\" VOYAGEUR® 2-UP STORAGE, RACKS & HITCHESEXTREME REAR RACK TOURING CARGO RACK• Strong, durable tubular • Easy bolt-on installation »» 2880275 • Installs in tunnel T-slots VOYAGEUR®, 550 INDY® 144, ASSAULT®, MY10-16 RMK®, MY10- construction • Carriage bolts for secure MY10-16 SWITCHBACK® AS- 15 PRO-RMK® DUE TO 6.8 KG 550 INDY® VOYAGEUR® 155 SAULT®, MY10-16 RMK®, MY10-15 WEIGHT CAPACITY installation PRO-RMK® NO 2-UP RIDING ON 550 INDY® »» 2878156 144, MY10-16 SWITCHBACK® BAG OPTIONS BAG OPTIONS EXTREME 40.97 REAR BAG LITERS Durable polyester shell engineered to withstand CARGO RACK BAG extreme riding conditions. Easy installation with strong Installs in tunnel T-slots. Carriage bolts for straps with Velcro®. Bag has secure installation. All mounting hardware multiple cargo compartments included. with zippered closures. »» 2881250 »» 2878158 SEAT OPTIONS (SEE P. 28) EXTREME REAR 2-UP TOURING KIT RACK LINER »» 2878157 Strong, durable plastic CARGO BOX construction. VOYAGEUR / LXT »» 2880478 • Cargo box 550 LXT 14-19, IQ 550 Shift CARGO BOX 136” 11-13. Voyageur 144, Voyageur VOYAGEUR 155. 600 15-16  |  Fits in Voyageur cargo rack 2878156 | (Ej 550 INDY Voyageur • INDY 550 Voyageur 155 15-16  155” 15-16) | P294 |  P261   |  155”, 15-16, 2017-2018 With cargo rack 288275 installedADVENTURE BAG OPTIONSCARGO RACK• Strong, durable aluminum • Stock rack can be added as »» Brushed Aluminum REAR rack extension RACK BAG• Installs securely; six 2879846 fasteners in tunnel T-slots • All mounting hardware Compression-molded plastic included VOYAGEUR®, INDY® 144, MY11-16 with zippered closure and SWITCHBACK® ASSAULT® zippered expansion panel. 14.42 »» 2878731 LITERS SEAT OPTIONS (SEE P. 28) LOCK & RIDE® CONVERTIBLE PASSENGER SEAT »» 2879839 S T O R A G E , R A C K S & H I T C H E S 25

26 P O L A R I S . C O M

RECIEVER HITCH RACKS & HITCHESDRAW BARSJ-HITCHB0221, J-Hitch can be mounted on all snowmobile units from MY 1998-2019.Mounts for each model of snowmobile are listed below and are available In black color.More mounts can be purchased just contact your local dealer for hitch to your model ofsnowmobile.»» B0130 J-Hitch Widetrack GT/ LX/ IQ »» B0221 J- Hitch 1989-2019 »» MN1007 K-Mount AXYS RUSH/ AXYS SWB 15-19 »» MN1002 K-Mount RUSH 11-14 »» MN1002 K-Mount SWB 136” PRO-RIDE 12-14»» B0255 K-Mount 600/800 INDY XC 129” 2019- »» B0251 K-Mount AXYS RMK & SKS 155” 2016-2019 »» B0254 K-Mount AXYS SKS 146” 600/800 Switchback Assault 144” 800 Switchback SP 144” 2019»» B0252 K-Mount AXYS SWB Assault/ SP 144”, SKS 146” - 2018 »» B0245 K-Mount RMK 144” 2012-2019 »» B0246 K-Mount RMK 155” 12-15 »» B0247 K-Mount RMK 163” 2011-2015 »» B0248 K-Mount INDY Voyageur 550 14, 550 Adventure X2 14-16 »» B0245 K-Mount 600 INDY VOYAGER 2014 - 2016 »» B0236 K-Mount IQ 121” 08-2012, IQ SWB 136” 08-10 »» B0245 K-Mount Switchback 144” 11-15 »» B0244 K-Mount INDY 121”, INDY EVO 19- »» B0232 K-Mount 600 IQ LXT Touring 11-14 »» B0236 K-Mount 550IQ LXT Touring 11-13 »» B0232 K-Mount Touring 07-12 »» B0234 K-Mount RMK 144”07-11 »» B0235 K-Mount RMK 155”07-10 »» B0237 K-Mount 600RR 08-09 »» B0249 K-Mount 550 INDY VOYAGER 2015-2016 »» B0249 K-Mount 550 INDY Adventure 2015-2016STAND-ALONE HITCHES HITCHES HITCH ADAPTER 32mm RECEIVER • Bolts onto either the J-hook »» 2882795 or Standard hitch to allow them to be used with 32mm BALL HITCH receiver installed • Allows customer to use any • Allows user to change size ball with 19mm shank between J-hook, Standard, • Requires 32mm receiver and Ball Hitch without the use of tools (2882795) • Ball not included »» 2882814 »» 1002 2882918 SHOWN STANDARD J-HITCH SCANDI J-HOOK»» 2882918 »» 2882812 »» B0131 J-Hitch• J-Hitch 4 bolt USA version • Hitch flapper 4-Bolt USA 4-Bolts safety hitch. version. R A C K S & H I T C H E S 27

S E AT S LOCK & RIDE® FT2 PASSENGER SEAT • Installs/removes easily in seconds with • Requires FT2 Rear Seat Rack (2883646) P. 63 Lock & Ride® technology 2883637  • Enhances driver and passenger comfort INDY® XC 129 '19, INDY® SP 129 '19, MY17-19 • Includes backrest, seat, and handholds SWITCHBACK® ASSAULT®, ALL MY18-19 144 VOYAGEUR®, ALL AXYS® 129 144 & 146 • Heated grips & plug in for passenger's heated visor HANDWARMER KIT • Required to power the passenger handwarmers on MY17-18 AXYS® 144 sleds 2883851  MY17–18 144 AXYS® VOYAGEUR® 144 BRAKE LIGHT SUPPORT KIT 2883838  ALL AXYS® VOYAGEUR® 144X2 BACKREST WITH HANDHOLDS• Enhance passenger comfort and confidence 2881164  • Heated handholds• Provides passenger with comfortable backrest AXYS® SWITCHBACK®, AXYS® SWITCHBACK• X2 Seat and Cargo Rack each sold separately ADVENTURE®. REQUIRES AXYS® X2 PASSENGER SEAT (2880378). REQUIRES AXYS® CARGO RACK (2880205 OR 2880205-458). DOES NOT WORK WITH THE AXYS® RACK BAG (2880376) SECURE COMFORT BACKREST HEATED HANDHOLDS PASSENGER GAUNTLET 2883573  VERSA TOURING PASSENGER SEAT & FT2 PASSENGER SEAT X2 PASSENGER SEAT X2 SEAT BACKREST VERSA TOURING PASSENGER SEAT • Quick and easy installation; includes mounting hardware • Enhances passenger comfort and security • Attaches/removes in seconds with Lock & Ride® technology and heavier rear spring • Heated version available 2880377  • Includes heated hand grips and connection for heated visor on 2880378  AXYS® SWITCHBACK®*, AXYS® SWITCHBACK full-face helmets AXYS® SWITCHBACK®*, AXYS® SWITCHBACK ADVENTURE®. ADVENTURE®. *REQUIRES AXYS® CARGO RACK • Requires Versa Rear Cargo Rack (2882792) *REQUIRES AXYS® CARGO RACK (2880205 OR 2880205-458) (2880205 OR 2880205-458). DOES NOT WORK WITH THE AXYS® RACK BAG (2880376), USE Standard | 2882791 28 P O L A R I S . C O M SWITCHBACK®. WATER-RESISTANT REAR RACK Heated | 2882801  BAG (2878731) ALL TITAN™

CONDUCTIVE HEAT SEATS POLARIS® TITAN™ HEATED SEATHEATED SEAT • Keep warm during the most demanding winter rides • Features easy to use high/low/off switch for• Keep warm during the most demanding winter rides Black | 2882819  complete control• Features easy to use high/low/off switch for complete control ALL MY15-19 RUSH®, MY15-19 SWITCHBACK®, MY18-19 SKS 146, • Complete seat assembly with all mounting hardware 144 RMK® 144, VOYAGEUR® 600 MY17-19, 129 XC 129, SP 144• Complete seat assembly with all mounting hardware INDY® SP MY19 and harness and harness Black | 2882747  ALL TITAN™ A COLORED SEAT SUPPORTCONVERTIBLE PASSENGER SEAT • Same construction as stock seat support • A ccommodates passenger and cargo up to for perfect fit 150 lbs./68 kg. • Finish is color-matched to Polaris® graphics 2879839  and resists chipping and wear VOYAGEUR® '19, INDY® SP 144 '19, INDY® Red 2881438-293 B LXT '19, INDY® ADVENTURE '19, INDY® 144 Black 2881438-458 '19, INDY® '18 Lime Squeeze 2881438-630 Orange 2881438-647 Blue 2881438-689 C Matte Gold 2881438-703 A Metallic 2881438-737 Sky Blue ALL MY16-18 AXYS® PRO-RMK®, RMK® ASSAULT® & SKSB C O N V E R T I B L E C HEATED GRIPS K I T- L I G H T W E I G H T PASSENGER SEAT RMK® SEAT BACKREST • Enhances passenger comfort • Powered by sled’s electrical system 2879089 • Enhances passenger comfort• Attaches securely to seat 2879840  MY11-19 PRO-RMK®, RMK® ASSAULT® & SKS2879841  MY11-19 VOYAGEUR®, MY11-19 INDY® SP 144, MY11-19 INDY® LXT, MY11-19 INDY®MY11-19 VOYAGEUR®, MY11-19 INDY® SP ADVENTURE, MY11-19 INDY® 144144, MY11-19 INDY® LXT, MY11-19 INDY®ADVENTURE, MY11-19 INDY® 144 DD 2 - U P T O U R I N G E KIT• Enhances driver and passenger comfort E P A S S E N G E R PASSENGER FOOTRESTS• Includes backrest, seat, and handholds HANDWARMER KIT • Add passenger comfort Matte Black | 2882797 2878157  • Provides a passenger’s hands with heat and security with passenger footrests ALL TITAN™VOYAGEUR®, INDY® 144. REQUIRES 2-UP • Heater control includes multiple heatTOURING CARGO RACK (2878156) settings, including OFF • Extruded aluminum Raw | 2882817  design attaches directly 2878201  to running board FITS AXYS® SWITCHBACK® 137 VOYAGEUR®, INDY® 144. *REQUIRES Raw | 129/144 | 2883571  VOYAGEUR® 2-UP TOURING CARGO RACK (2878156) OR VOYAGEUR® 155. EXTREME MY19 INDY® XC 129, MY19 INDY® SP 129, MY17-19 REAR RACK (2880275); BOTH SOLD SWITCHBACK® ASSAULT®, ALL AXYS® 129 144 & 146 S E P A R AT E LY S E A T S 29

WINDSHIELDSBlend protection and styleand find your ideal sightline 18CM 33CM 46CM TALL TALL TALLLOW WINDSHIELD DEEP SNOW MID FLATLAND MID WINDSHIELD WINDSHIELD Black / Gray White / Black 2880385 Blue 2881053 Clear 2880389 Red / White 2880386 White 2881054 Gloss Black 2880390 Blue / White 2880387 Matte Black 2881055 White 2880391 Orange / Black 2881244 Red 2881436 Red 2880392 White 2881245 Gloss Black 2882058 Lime Squeeze 2882062 ALL AXYS® AND POLARIS® TITAN™ 2882826 ALL AXYS® AND POLARIS® TITAN™ALL AXYS® AND POLARIS® TITAN™ COMBINE WITH AXYS®COMBINE WITH AXYS® LOW WINDSHIELD BAG (2880374 ON PG. 58)WINDSHIELD BAG (2880481, P. 58) 51CM 61CM 64CM TALL TALL TALL TALL WINDSHIELD EXTRA TALL WINDSHIELD FULL COVERAGE WINDSHIELD Smoke 2880394 Clear 2883078 Clear 2882796 ALL AXYS® AND POLARIS® TITAN™ ALL AXYS® AND POLARIS® TITAN™ ALL AXYS® AND POLARIS® TITAN™30 P O L A R I S . C O M

18CM 36CM 61CM WINDSHIELDS TALL TALL TALLLOW WINDSHIELD MID WINDSHIELD WIDE WINDSHIELD Black 2878779 Smoke 2877841 Clear 2878512 White 2879097 Matte Black 2879828 White Gloss 2879829 ALL PRO-RIDE®ALL PRO-RIDE® ALL PRO-RIDE®61CM TALLEXTRA-WIDE TALL WIND DEFLECTORSWINDSHIELD 2879156 • Rubber deflectors with adhesive backing Clear • Set of two • Flared edge deflects wind, snow, and iceALL PRO-RIDE® 2878723 ALL PRO-RIDE®FULL COVERAGE FIND YOUREXTRA TALL PERFECT SIGHTLINE TALL MID Blend protection and style with the windshield built DEEP SNOW MID just for the type of riding you do most. LOW TALL The choice when you want maximum wind protection. Perfect for riders who ride in colder conditions often. MID The best of both worlds: a clean look for your sled that also offers wind protection for colder days. LOW For a sleek, clean look on your sled. Does not affect vision in any way. Great for riders who stand up most of the time. W I N D S H I E L D S 31

BUMPERS FRONT BUMPERS • DELIVERS ENHANCED FRONT-END PROTECTION PROTECTION: MAXIMUM PROTECTION: MAXIMUM MEDIUMMONARCH U LT I M AT E EXTREMEWhite 2883681-133 Orange 2883681-647 Aluminum 2879727 Aluminum 2878688Red 2883681-293 Blue 2883681-689 2879727-133 2878688-133Matte Black 2883681-458 Matte 2883681-703 White 2879727-458 White 2878688-458Lime Squeeze 2883681-630 Gold Mettalic 2883681-737 Sky Blue Matte Black Matte Black Includes 3.175 cm ALL AXYS® ALL PRO-RIDE®. INCLUDES ALL PRO-RIDE®. INCLUDES INDY® & VOYAGEUR®. WILL INDY® & VOYAGEUR® hitch NOT FIT WITH ANY SKID receiver P L AT E Keep brush at bay and PROTECTION: MAXIMUM 2882794 protect the front end of your TITAN™ with the TITAN HD FRONT BUMPER HD Front Bumper. Features an integrated front-facing Black winch mount, black powder coating, and high-strength ALL TITAN™ steel construction. TITAN™ REAR BUMPER HANDLES TITAN™ LIGHTBAR MOUNT • Convenient rear grab points for your Polaris® Titan™ 2882815  2882803  ALL TITAN™ ALL TITAN™ FITS LIGHTBARS 2882313 OR 2882078 (NOT INCLUDED)32 P O L A R I S . C O M

ADD A CUSTOM LOOK BUMPERS to the back of your sledREAR BUMPERS • PROTECTS REAR OF SNOWMOBILE • PROVIDES STRONG GRAB BAR FOR SLED LIFTINGEXTREME 366CM // 394CM/414CM // 4 42CM ELITE PROCOLORS 366CM 3 9 4 CM/4 1 4 CM 4 4 2 CM White 2882926-133 White 2881941-133 2880993-133 2881754-133 2882926-293 Red 2881941-293 2880993-293 2881754-293 Red 2882926-458 Black 2881941-458 2880993-458 2881754-458 2882926-630 Lime Squeeze 2881941-630 2880993-630 2881754-630 Black 2882926-647 Orange 2881941-647 2880993-647 2881754-647 2882926-689 Blue 2881941-689 2880993-689 2881754-689 Lime Squeeze Matte Gold Metallic 2881941-703 2880993-703 2881754-703 2882926-703 Sky Blue 2881941-737 2880993-737 2881754-737 Orange 2882926-737 Blue144\" FITMENT: MY17-19 SWITCHBACK® ASSAULT®, MY17-19 SWITCHBACK® SP, MY17-19 600 Matte GoldVOYAGEUR®, MY17-19 RMK® 144. 155\"/163\" FITMENTS: ALL MY16-19 AXYS® PRO-RMK®, RMK® MetallicASSAULT®, AND SKS 155\"/163\" SLEDS. 174\" FITMENT: MY17-19 PRO-RMK® 174 Sky Blue MY15-19 RUSH®, MY15-19 SWITCHBACK®. DOES NOT FIT SWITCHBACK® ASSAULT® B U M P E R S 33

RUNNING BOARDSGive your foothold a customizedlook with factory-matchedrunning board options LIGHTWEIGHT EXTRUDED ALUMINUMEX TREME 366CM/371CM RUNNING BOARDEX TREME 394CM/414CM CLOSE-OUT PLATESEXTREME 442CM • Aids in water and slush protection when riding in wet conditionsEXTREME 366CM/371CM // 394CM/414CM // 442CM • Premium polyethylene design delivers• Design optimizes snow extrusion • Secure front and rear attachment • Removable and serviceable lightweight protection to prevent ice buildup for optimal with factory-bonded castings running board assemblies rider control and performance 2882810COLORS 3 6 6 CM/ 3 7 1 CM 3 9 4 CM/4 1 4 CM 4 4 2 CM ALL TITAN™ Bright White 2881965-133 2881041-133 2881952-133 Indy Red 2881965-293 2881041-293 2881952-293 TAILLIGHT GUARD Black 2881965-458 2881041-458 2881952-458 Lime Squeeze 2881965-630 2881041-630 2881952-630 • Protect the top housing of your taillight from Spectra Orange 2881965-647 2881041-647 2881952-647 stowed gear or accessories Velocity Blue 2881965-689 2881041-689 2881952-689 • Rugged aluminum construction secures144\"/146\" FITMENTS: MY17-19 SWITCHBACK® ASSAULT®, MY17-19 SWITCHBACK® directly to the rear cargo platformSP, MY17-19 600 VOYAGEUR®, MY17-19 RMK® 144, MY18-19 SKS 146. 155\"/163\"FITMENTS: 155” A& 163” AXYS® PRO-RMK®, RMK® ASSAULT®, & SKS. 2882809 174\" FITMENTS: MY17-19 PRO-RMK® 174 ALL TITAN™34 P O L A R I S . C O M

SKID PLATES • PROTECTS SUSPENSION AND BULKHEAD PROTECTION • MADE OF STRONG .635 CM UHMW PLASTICPROTECTION: MAXIMUM MEDIUM S TA NDA RDHIGH COVERAGE U LT I M AT E EXTREME STANDARD• Provides the greatest amount of • Enhances protection of belly pan and • Extended length delivers extra protection • Adds color and custom style underbelly protection bulkhead for belly pan and bulkhead • Includes all mounting hardware• Gives a completed and customized look • Includes all mounting hardware • Includes all mounting hardware• Rugged and lightweight UHMW material Black 2880383-070 Black 2880384-070 Black 2878155-070 White 2880383-133 White 2880384-133 2878155-133• Please note, this may hinder deep snow Red 2880383-293 Red 2880384-293 White 2878155-293 performance Blue 2880383-619 Blue 2880384-689 Lime Squeeze 2880383-630 Lime Squeeze 2880384-630 Red Black 2882748-070 Orange 2880383-647 Orange 2880384-647 MY11-16 SWITCHBACK®ALL AXYS® & POLARIS® ALL AXYS® & POLARIS® ALL AXYS® & POLARIS® ASSAULT®, ALL INDY®,TITAN™, NOT RECOMMENDED TITAN™ TITAN™ VOYAGEUR® 155WITH RMK®KNEE PADS2878195 ALL PRO-RIDE®REAR CRANKFORGING AND SIDEEXTRUSIONS• Strong, durable forged aluminum and extruded aluminum• Bolt-on attachment, replaces stock• Mounting hardware included2882121-458 ALL AXYS®, RUSH®, & SWITCHBACK®,DOES NOT FIT SWITCHBACK® ASSAULT® P R O T E C T I O N 35

HOODS & PANELSA FLAIR OF COLOR.A TOUCH OF ACCENT.COMPLETE YOUR RIDE.Hoods and panels have factory-matched coloring,and are an exact replacement for the stock unit. PAINTED HOOD • Design a one-of-a-kind Polaris® AXYS® with a colored hood • Includes all necessary sound and heat shielding • Hood does not include headlight or decals Indy Red 2882131-293 White 2882131-599 Lime Squeeze 2882131-630 Black Pearl 2882131-666 Velocity Blue 2882131-689 ALL AXYS® AND POLARIS® TITAN™ SIDE PANELS • Design a one-of-a-kind Polaris® AXYS® with colored side panels • Panels sold individually and do not include decals LEFT SIDE PANEL RIGHT SIDE PANEL Red 5451230-293 Red 5451231-293 White 5451230-599 White 5451231-599 Orange 5451230-647 Orange 5451231-647 Black 5451230-666 Black 5451231-666 Blue 5451230-689 Blue 5451231-689 ALL AXYS® EXCEPT ALL POLARIS® TITAN™. REQUIRES FOAM/FOIL KIT (2635483). DOES NOT INCLUDE QUARTER-TURNS36 P O L A R I S . C O M

WRAPS HOODS, PANELS & WRAPSWRAPPINGYOUR SLED ISEASIER THAN EVER It all starts with our innovative Polaris® FX Direct pages and SledWrapR application, which allows you to create a customized look for your sled. Simply find your chassis, select your design, and finalize your colors to make the wrap all your own. BUILD YOURS NOW: POLARIS.COM/AFXWRAPS H O O D S , P A N E L S & W R A P S 37

STAY CONNECTEDSEAMLESSLY ENHANCE YOUR To download theSNOWMOBILING EXPERIENCE RIDE COMMAND® APP for free, textPair your P.I.D.D. with the revolutionary Ride Command® app and SNO1 to 82350enhance your snowmobiling experience by connecting with your friendsand your sled. Ride Command®, when paired with a P.I.D.D., allows you toplan rides and coordinate with friends before, during, and after yourride. Also, get quick-glance access to critical snowmobile diagnosticinfo and GPS navigation. It enhances the features of your P.I.D.D.and allows you to get even more for your ride. CONNECT YOUR DEVICE CONNECT YOUR FRIENDS CONNECT YOUR SLED • Create a group using the Polaris® Ride Command® app • Track your rides and waypoints, follow your group, • View trails and update trail maps with the latest • Share the snow with fellow riders by inviting a group and view your vehicle maintenance information 11 cm Polaris® Interactive Digital Display via social media, text, or email • View the current local weather forecast and snow • Integrates with Polaris® vehicles and the Ride • Pick a leader in your group to set the “Follow the depth to get ready for your ride Command® app, giving you the power to monitor and analyze vehicle performance Leader” feature so you don’t get lost on the trail • Seamlessly enhance your snowmobiling experience38 P O L A R I S . C O M

POLARIS® RIDE COMMAND & P.I.D.D. INTERACTIVEP.I.D.D. DIGITAL DIS P L AYNEVER PULL OUT YOUR MAP AGAIN UPGRADE YOUR RIDE EXPERIENCE STOCK REPLACEMENT & UPGRADE FOR FACTORY DISPLAY BRIGHTER, EASY-TO-READ SCREEN AT-A-GLANCE VEHICLE DATA AND DIAGNOSTICS, INCLUDING FAULT CODES GPS MAPPING WITH ROUTE AND WAYPOINT RECORDING BLUETOOTH™ FUNCTIONALITY WITH SMARTPHONE CONNECTIVITY VEHICLE SECURITY FUNCTIONPOL ARIS® INTERACTIVE DIGITAL DISPL AY (P.I.D.D.) P.I.D.D. INSTALL KIT• Bright, easy-to-read 11 cm playback for snowmobile tuning, handlebar control  | 2880493  full-color LCD screen including clutch calibration 2881554  ALL AXYS® (DOES NOT FIT POLARIS TITAN™)• GPS Course up or North up option • Real-time gauge with speed, RPM, and average MPG MY15-19 AXYS®, MY10-19 PRO-RIDE®  | 2880495 • GPS Go-to function with distance (EXCLUDING 550 MODELS). MUST ORDER on map screen • Phone connectivity shows INSTALL KIT WITH DISPLAY. REQUIRED REQUIRES ULTIMATE DEFROST BAG incoming calls, texts, battery life, PARTS TO INSTALL FOR POLARIS® (2879090)• Exporting capabilities for trip data and signal INTERACTIVE DIGITAL DISPLAY from the display to USB drive 2883844  • Toggle through display modes with• TPS, RPM, and ground speed ALL POLARIS® TITAN™FURTHER ENHANCEMENTS WHEN PAIRED WITH RIDE COMMAND®INCLUDING GROUP RIDE FUNCTION AND LOCAL WEATHER INFORMATIONDON’T HAVE AN ELECTRIC START?FOR A BETTER EXPERIENCE WITHOUT ELECTRIC START,INSTALL THE P.I.D.D. POWER UP KITADVANTAGES INCLUDE: • Display will not shut down P.I.D.D. POWER UP KIT• Maintain GPS lock when you and reboot every time your sled is shut off 2882200  start your sled back up (Without battery kit, • Display has ability to run BATTERY SOLD SEPARATELY satellite will need to while sled is turned off, (4013045) ON P. 79 relocate, which can take up which allows you to use the to 30 seconds while moving) screen while stopped R I D E C O M M A N D & P . I . D . D . 39

HANDLEBARSPROTAPER® HANDLEBAR WITH HEATED GRIPS• ProTaper® handlebar allows riders to customize their handlebar height for their riding style• Handlebar hooks sold separately (2872482-070 )12.7 cm Rise | Black | 2881235 15.2 cm Rise | Anodized Gray | 2881236 17.7 cm Rise | Silver | 2881237 MY11-19 PRO-RMK®, MY11-19 RMK® ASSAULT®, MY16-19 SKS,MY11-16 PRO-RIDE® SWITCHBACK® ASSAULT®12.7 cm Rise | Black |  2883835 15.2 cm Rise | Anodized Gray | 2883836 17.7 cm Rise | Silver |  2883837 ALL AXYS® RMK® WITH 850 ENGINE MOUNTAIN HOOP HANDLEBAR ACCESSORIES HANDLEBAR HOOK 2882118  ROX® ADJUSTABLE 2872482-070  BAR RISER ALL STRAIGHT BAR DOES NOT FIT PROTAPER® APPLICATIONS 2881410  BARS ALL AXYS® STRAIGHTBAR APPLICATIONS Increase handle bar height from 2.5\" to 4\"HANDGUARDS MIRRORS POLARIS® MIRRORS HANDGUARDS • Wide-angle view; non-fogging glass • Durable, impact-resistant plastic • Folding design for use with cover • Mounts required; sold separately • Includes mounting hardware Red | 2879193  Pair | 2880292  Black | 2879192  White | 2879194  ALL AXYS® ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH LOW WINDSHIELDS HANDLEBAR MIRRORS REQUIRES A MOUNT • Can be used with stock handlebar pad Pair | 2876297 HANDGUARD MOUNTS RMK® HANDGUARD MOUNTS ALL PRO-RIDE®• Strong mounts ensure proper handguard installation • Strong mounts ensure proper HOOD MOUNT handguard installation MIRRORS• Easy install: Mounts directly onto handlebar • Installs securely on any ProTaper® • Wide-angle view; non-fogging glass handlebar • Folding design for use with cover2880939  • Includes mounting hardware 2881241-458  Pair | 2877803 ALL STRAIGHT BAR APPLICATIONS,EXCLUDES ALL 550 INDY® AND VOYAGEUR® ALL PROTAPER® BARS. FOR FITMENT OF ALL PRO-RIDE®MODELS MY10-15 PROTAPER® BARS PROTAPER® FOAM WILL NEED TO BE NARROWED OR REMOVED40 P O L A R I S . C O M

ELECTRONICS ELECTRONICS, HANDLEBARS & MIRRORS KEY-OPERATED ELECTRIC START KIT GAUNTLETS • The ultimate convenience 2881243 2883849  DRIVER feature you can add to GAUNTLETS your sled ALL AXYS® PRO-RMK®, SKS 155, ALL 850 ENGINES 2883716  AXYS® RMK® ASSAULT® • Easier to use and more 2879330 FITS ALL STRAIGHTBAR APPLICATIONS consistent than pull starts 2880396  ALL PRO-RIDE® INCLUDES 600 • Ideal for extreme cold ALL AXYS®, RUSH®, SWITCH- INDY®, 600 VOYAGEUR® conditions BACK®, AXYS® RMK® 144 600, AXYS® 146 SKS, & AXYS® INDY® 2879833 • Battery required and not included VOYAGEUR® 550, INDY® 550 BATTERY (REQUIRED FOR ELECTRIC START KITS) Sealed, Non-Spill | 4013045  ALL AXYS®, PRO-RIDE® TETHER SWITCH • Shuts off vehicle if you’re separated from it • Easy to install • Mounts directly on pod, connects to prewired harness 2874379  2883823  PASSENGER GAUNTLETS ALL 550, 600, 800 ENGINES, ALL 850 ENGINES 2883573  ALL AXYS®, ALL PRO-RIDE® FITS VERSA TOURING PASSENGER SEAT AND FT2 PASSENGER SEAT - FOUND ON PG 66. 12 VOLT / RCA PLUGS 12V • 12V accessory plugs into 12-volt outlet, great for RCA Adapter | 2883824  UNIVERSAL FORMEDRCA Adapter GPS or phone, dash mount HANDLEBAR GAUNTLETS ALL 850 ENGINES • RCA adapter allows you to plug in a heated • Durable exterior with removable insert face shield RCA Adapter | 2878227  • Gauntlet slides over handgrip; Velcro® strap • RCA power plug includes all hardware required to ALL 550, 600, 800 ENGINES, ALL VEHICLES WITH 12V 2879796  add an RCA outlet OUTLET (2878475) INSTALLED FITS ALL HANDLEBARS 12V  |  2878475  RCA Power Plug (NOT SHOWN)  2878780  ALL AXYS® 600/800 ENGINES, ALL PRO-RIDE®, ALL IQ® E L E C T R O N I C S , H A N D L E B A R S & M I R R O R S 41

COVERSOnly Polaris® offers a tailored solution for your sledwith unmatched reliability and performancePREMIUM POLYESTER CANVAS • Polyester construction provides • Coated to repel water and resist • 283.5 gram canvas construction • Form-fitting elastic cinch design extremely durable protection from the UV degradation provides durable protection • Tested over thousands of miles elements, especially while trailering from the elements • Tested over thousands of miles by Polaris® • Fits full range of windshield heights by Polaris® • Fits full range of windshield heights • Redesigned stitching for • Includes integrated straps • Coated to repel water and resist • Redesigned stitching for more durability and hardware more durability UV degradation Full 2882136PRO-RMK® / SKS ¾ 2881042 RUSH® / SWITCHBACK® WITH SPORT RACK Full 2882135RMK® ASSAULT® ¾ 2881042 RUSH® Full 2882137RUSH® ¾ 2880431 SWITCHBACK® Full 2882138SWITCHBACK® ¾ 2880431 SWITCHBACK ADVENTURE® WITH RACK Full 2881969SWITCHBACK® ADVENTURE® ¾ 2880431 SWITCHBACK® 144 Full 2881969RUSH® Full 2882223 PRO-RMK® 155 / SKS 146/155 Full 2881980SWITCHBACK® Full 2882224 RMK® 163/174 Full 2878725SWITCHBACK® WITH RACK / ADVENTURE® Full 2882225 INDY® 121 / INDY EVO™ Full 2879845SWITCHBACK® 144 Full 2882133 550 INDY® 144 Full 2879845PRO-RMK® 155 / SKS 146/155 Full 2882133 INDY® VOYAGEUR® 144 Full 2879844RMK® ASSAULT® 163/174 Full 2882134 550 INDY® ADVENTURE 144 - 155 Full 2880515 INDY® LXT Full 2880515 INDY® VOYAGEUR® 144/155 WITH 2-UP SEAT Full 2880516 INDY® VOYAGEUR® 155 UNDERCOVER CONVERTIBLE COVERS • Made to go under Polaris® snow covers to • The undercover is separate from the cover, • Expandable zippered areas allow for multiple accessory configurations with a single cover provide an additional level of protection which allows it to be kept clean by machine • Our most rugged snowmobile cover for the most demanding applications washing. We recommend using a washing • High-quality canvas fabric and form-fitting design is ideal for towing or storage • Soft fabric helps to minimize cosmetic machine bag to contain the elastic and damage caused by chafing hooks 2882800  2883568  • Easy to install and remove • Air dry ALL TITAN™ ALL AXYS® 129, 144 & 146 • W orks well as a dust cover when machine 2881981  is stored inside  ALL AXYS®42 P O L A R I S . C O M

CALIBER™ RAMP PRO COVERS & TRAILERINGThe industry’s most innovative ramp designfor snowmobiles, ATVs, UTVs, and golf carts.ULTIMATE TRACTIONAND GLIDE • 132 cm wide and 229 cm long • 680 kg rating 2883005 FINGERSINTEGRATED FEET SELF-RETRACTING STRAP INCLUDED 2.3 m = SAFER LOADING ANGLE CALIBER™ SNOW DOLLY • New 7.6 cm big wheel caster design • Move your sled around the garage with ease RED | 2883852 GRAY | 2883853 C O V E R S & T R A I L E R I N G 43

SKISGive your sled a custom-finished look withfactory-color-matched skis, ski hoops, and spindles.The combinations are endless, and this is a perfectway to complement any ArcticFX® sled wrap. MOUNTAIN UTILITY TRAILGRIPPER SKI PRO-FLOAT SKI PRO-STEER SKI• Deep, 3.8 cm keel provides • Includes black ski toe and • Adapted, 24.1 cm wide • Includes black ski toe • Engineered keel design and • Alternate ski stop may be positive steering in deep, hardware; carbide skags PRO-Steer ski design • Sold individually shortened skag perfect required loose mountain snow required (sold separately; provides 45% more for the trail see chart) flotation for off-trail deep • Includes black ski toe and• Wide, 17.2 cm ski delivers snow performance • Supportive ribs for hardware increased flotation • Sold individually torsional stiffness Black • Sold individually• Top traction surface for • No-slip traction atop ski boot stepping on ski ALL AXYS®, ALL PRO-RIDE® Black 2877679-070 2880482 Black 2879152-070 Red 2877679-293 White 2879152-133 White 2877679-570 Red 2879152-293ALL AXYS®, ALL PRO-RIDE® ALL AXYS®, ALL PRO-RIDE® COLORED FINISH RESISTS CHIPPING AND WEAR RUSH ®/ PRO-RMK® SWITCHBACK® 2881437-293 2881437-458POLARIS® Black 2876062-070 SPINDLES Red 2881409-293 2881437-630SKI HOOPS White 2876062-133 Black 2881409-458 2881437-647 Red 2876062-293 • Strong, lightweight Lime Squeeze 2881409-630 2881437-689• Adds custom style Lime Squeeze 2876062-630 aluminum construction Orange 2881409-647• Reliable high-test tie Orange 2876062-647 with same tolerances as Blue 2876062-689 stock spindles Blue 2881409-689 down; secure sleds quickly and confidently • Colored finish resists MY15-19 RUSH® & SWITCHBACK®, MY17-19 chipping and wear SWITCHBACK® ASSAULT®, ALL AXYS® RUSH®,ALL POLARIS® SKIS SWITCHBACK®, INDY® 129, & TITAN™, SKS • Exact replacement for 155 ‘19, SKS 146 ‘19, RMK® ASSAULT® ‘19, stock RMK® spindles MY16-18 PRO-RMK® & SKS • Color-matched spindles add a custom look to snowmobile44 P O L A R I S . C O M

OPTIMIZING TRACTION AND CONTROL SKIS & CARBIDESMOUN TA I N SKIS CARBIDES TRACK/STUDS Add Gripper Skis for a deeper keel, For added trail capability, use Run a deeper lug and more aggressive greater flotation, and positive 10.2 cm carbides. track pattern to accommodate softer, steering in deep, loose snow. deeper snow.CROSSOVER Choose PRO-Steer Skis if you prefer For improved cornering without Choose a track with a lug depthTRAIL more trail riding or Gripper Skis if compromising deep-snow performance, between 3.4 and 4.4 cm. If you ride off- you use trails to get to your next use 15.2 cm carbides. trail more, choose the lug depth that jump-off point. works for the depth of snow. Dual-runner carbides like the Dooly or For true trail performance, add Slim Jim reduce darting while Choose a track based on your sled’s the Polaris Engineered™ PRO-Steer increasing corner performance and rail length and add the number of Ski—specially designed with a low- stability in and out of the apex. studs based on your sled model and profile keel. whether you’re a trail, performance, or intermediate rider.CARBIDE WEAR STRIPS 3\" - 4\" CARBIDE CHOOSE YOUR LENGTH 8\" CARBIDECarbides need to be replaced • Perfect for sleds with a 121\" track with 96 6\" CARBIDEperiodically due to normal studs or less or sleds with 2.5 cm lugswear and use. Rocks, cement, taking corners at moderate speeds. • Ideal for sleds in the 136\" track range with • Best for ultimate performance sledspavement, and road crossings all up to 3.175 cm lugs or shorter track sleds with a 144\" track or longer with paddlescontribute to carbide wear. and/or the maximum amount of studs. with more than 96 studs.SKI TYPE NOTE STYLE 7.6CM CARBIDE 10.2CM CARBIDE 15.2CM CARBIDE 20.3CM CARBIDEPRO-Steer Ski Sold Individually 60˚ — 2879025 2879026 2879027 60˚ 2875723 — 2877880 2877881Gripper Ski Sold Individually 60˚ 2875613 2875614 60˚ — 2878524 2875146RUSH® Ski Sold Individually 60˚ — 2874334 2875143 — 60˚ — 2875142 —Sidehiller Ski Pair 2870997 — — —Polaris® Race Ski PairYouth 120 Pair*Accu-trak Dual Runners fit Saddleless Ski only and are sold as single wear bars BITEHARDER® CARBIDE SHARPENER • Designed to be used with portable drill for sharpening anywhere • Carbide wear bar sharpening tool for use on the trail or in the shop • Quickly and easily puts a fresh edge on wear bars for improved handling • Delivers more precise and accurate handling, especially in the corners • Features long-lasting V-shaped, diamond-coated sharpening stone • Long-lasting diamond media can sharpen up to 40 wear bars 2882952  S K I S & C A R B I D E S 45

SHOCKS WALKER EVANS® TRAIL PERFORMANCE SHOCKSTRAIL • External hi/lo ProDial compression damping adjustment IFS (EACH)* FRONT TRACK* REAR TRACK* • Piggyback reservoir provides increased oil and nitrogen 2881946  2881947  2881948  volumes for fade-free performance • Velocity- and position-sensitive needle damping SWITCHBACK® ADVENTURE® SWITCHBACK® ADVENTURE® SWITCHBACK® ADVENTURE® • Ultra-progressive MCU bump stop ‘19, MY15-19 AXYS® RUSH® ‘19, MY15-19 AXYS® RUSH® ‘19, MY15-19 AXYS® RUSH® & • 100% designed, engineered, and manufactured in the U.S.A. & SWITCHBACK® 137, MY17- & SWITCHBACK® 137, MY17- SWITCHBACK® 137, SWITCH- • Fully rebuildable and revalveable 18 AXYS® SWITCHBACK® 18 AXYS® SWITCHBACK® BACK® ‘19, ASSAULT®, SWITCHBACK® SP, ASSAULT®, SWITCHBACK® INDY® XC ‘19, INDY® SP ‘19 FOX® SWITCHBACK® SHOCKS INDY® XC ‘19, INDY® SP ‘19 SP, 600 VOYAGEUR® 144, 600 RMK® 144, INDY® XC ‘19, INDY® SP ‘19 • Quick Switch 3 compression dial makes for quick IFS (EACH)* FRONT & REAR adjustments for changing conditions TRACK SHOCK SET** 2881411   • Coil over air shock design 2881412  MY15-18 AXYS® RUSH® & • 6061 aluminum body with anodized finish SWITCHBACK® 137, MY17-19 MY15-18 AXYS® RUSH® AND AXYS® SWITCHBACK® AS- SWITCHBACK® 137 SAULT®, SWITCHBACK® SPCROSSOVER WALKER EVANS® CROSSOVER SHOCK • Velocity- and position-sensitive needle damping IFS (EACH)*** FRONT TRACK*** REAR TRACK**** • 16-way compression adjuster to fine-tune ride through 2881970  2881971  2881972  changing conditions MY15-19 AXYS® RUSH® AND MY15-19 AXYS® RUSH® AND MY17-19 SWITCHBACK® • Piggyback reservoir provides increased oil and nitrogen SWITCHBACK® 137, MY17-19 SWITCHBACK® 137, MY17-19 ASSAULT®, SWITCHBACK® SP, volumes for fade-free performance SWITCHBACK® ASSAULT®, SWITCHBACK® ASSAULT®, 600 VOYAGEUR® 144, AND SWITCHBACK® SP SWITCHBACK® SP, 600 VOYA- 600 RMK® 144 • Progressive MCU bump stop GEUR® 144, 600 RMK® 144 ÖHLINS® HIGH PERFORMANCE SHOCKS • P-Type Shocks with springs included. Fully re-buildable. PB610 |  FRONT PRO RMK 36” (PAIR), 19 Q-ADJUST • Adjustable compression and rebound adjuster. PB607 |  FRONT RMK/SKS 17-19 (PAIR), 800 SKS 146”19 • SWB shocks are updated for 2019 models. PB608 |  CENTER RMK/SKS 17-19   • High PB609 |  REAR RMK/SKS 17-19  PB614 |  FRONT SWB ASSAULT 17-19 (PAIR)  *ÖHLINS SHOCKS FOR TITAN IS AVALIBLE. CONTACT YOUR PB615 |  CENTER SWB ASSAULT 17-19 |  SKS 146” 19 EAREST DEALER (SWB ASSAULT, NO SPRING INCLUDED) PB616 |  REAR SWB ASSAULT 17-19 , SKS 146” 19 (36) MN920 |  ÖHLIN FRONT 46PRC INDY 129”19- MN919 | ÖHLIN REAR 46PRC INDY 129” 19- MN918 | ÖHLIN CENTER 46PRC INDY 129” 19- WALKER EVANS® AXYS® DEEP SNOW PREMIUM SHOCKMOUNTA IN • 16-way compression adjuster to fine-tune • Front track shock features an internal IFS (NEED TWO) REAR TRACK ride through changing conditions floating piston monotube for consistent, fade-free performance 2881058  2881059  • Lightweight 6061 T6 extruded aluminum alloy design • 100% designed, engineered, and INCLUDES MOUNTING HARD- INCLUDES MOUNTING HARD- manufactured in the U.S.A. WARE, DOES NOT INCLUDE WARE AND • Piggyback reservoir provides increased oil COIL OVER SPRING COIL OVER SPRING and nitrogen volumes for fade-free • Fully rebuildable and revalveable performance AXYS® PRO RMK®, SKS 155 ‘19, AXYS® PRO RMK® SKS 155 ‘19, SKS 146 ‘19, RMK® ASSAULT® SKS 146 ‘19, RMK® ASSAULT® ‘19, PRO-RMK® ‘19 ‘19, PRO-RMK® ‘19 RMK® SLS SUSPENSION SPRINGS • Lighter than titanium FRONT IFS SHOCK SPRINGS TRACK SHOCK SPRINGS • 1.4 kg weight reduction over stock springs • Increased performance over stock springs 2883682-458  2883715-458  ALL PRO-RMK® ‘16—‘19, MY16-19 SKS 155 ALL PRO-RMK® ‘16—‘19, SKS 155 ‘16—‘19 INDY® EVOlution KIT • Comes with everything you need to evolve your INDY EVO™ as the rider’s skill increases • Includes tie rods, control arms, spindles, shocks, and more! 2883939  INDY EVO™46 P O L A R I S . C O M

STUDS R I P W I T H A N I R O N G R I P : Track studs allow you to dominate 96 PACK STUDS SHOCKS & STUDS terrain as far and as fast as you can see. The right stud improves acceleration, braking, TRACTION MASTER® 5/16  |  96 PACK steering, and control, especially on hard-packed snow and ice. The more aggressive 3.7 cm | 2873139 your riding style, the more traction your sled needs to perform at its best. SIGNATURE SERIES 5/16 | 96 PACKCHOOSING THE RIGHT STUD RUBBER TRACK Track Belt 2.7 cm | 28751551.  Determine your riding style and terrain. Thickness SIGNATURE SERIES 5/16 | 96 PACK2. F ind sled model info and number of Stud Track Lug 3.4 cm | 2875149 studs required. Size Height SIGNATURE SERIES 5/16 | 96 PACK3. Determine length of turning carbides to 0.6 -1 cm 3.7 cm | 2879161 balance traction and steering. Penetration Range 144 PACK STUDS4. M ake sure the studs won't interfere with Signature Series 5/16  |  144 Pack your tunnel or cooling system. 3.7 cm  |  2879162STUDS AND WEAR STRIP FIT CHART W E A R S T R I P K I T S MODEL TRACK TRACK LUG STUD WEAR STRIP KIT STUD QUANTITY • Protects tunnel when LENGTH (CM) HEIGHT SIZE (CM) TRAIL installing studs INTERMEDIATE PERFORMANCE (CM) • Made of ultra-durable 144 162 UHMW material550 INDY® LXT 144 5414190 38.1 X 365.8 2.5 2.7 2879831 108 152 171 152 171 MY11-15 550 LXT550 INDY® LXT 144 INT 5414013 38.1 X 365.8 3.4 3.4/3.7 2879831 144 144 162 2877687 152 171550 INDY® Adventure® 5414013 38.1 X 365.8 3.4 3.4/3.7 2879831 144 152 171 MY13-15 600/800 INDY® 144 162 2879212550 INDY® 121 5412281 38.1 X 345.4 2.3 2.7 2879830 108 144 162 144 162 MY11-16 SWITCHBACK® ASSAULT®550 INDY® 144 5414013 38.1 X 365.8 3.4 3.4/3.7 2879831 144 144 162 2878161550 INDY® Voyageur® 155 5414902 38.1 X 393.7 4 Not 2879831 144 144 162600/800 INDY® 5412281 38.1 X 307.3 2.3 2879212 96 144 162 550 INDY® 144, VOYAGEUR® recommended 144 162 2879831 2.7 144 162 144 162 550 INDY® 121600/800 INDY® SP 5413198 38.1 X 307.3 2.5 2.7 2879212 96 144 162 2879830 152 171600/800 RUSH® 5413198 38.1 X 307.3 2.5 2.7 Standard 96 144 162 MY17-19 SWITCHBACK® ASSAULT® —— 2881605600 RUSH® PRO-RIDE® 2875512 38.1 X 307.3 3.2 3.4 Standard 96 —— 144 162 K-WEAR STRIP 155 TITAN™600 SWITCHBACK® 2875639 38.1 X 345.4 3.2 3.4 Standard 108 —— 2882880 144 162800 RUSH® 5413198 38.1 X 307.3 2.5 2.7 Standard 96 INDY® XC 129 2883572800 RUSH® PRO-RIDE® 2875512 38.1 X 307.3 3.2 3.4 Standard 96 ALUMINUM800 RUSH® PRO-RIDE® LE 2877377 38.1 X 307.3 3.4 3.4/3.7 Standard 96 BACKER PLATES800 SWITCHBACK® 2875639 38.1 X 345.4 3.2 3.4 Standard 108 ROUND | 24 PACK | 5/16800 SWITCHBACK® 2877678 38.1 X 345.4 3.4 3.4/3.7 Standard 108 2874324PRO-RIDE® 5414013 38.1 X 365.8 3.4 3.4/3.7 2881605 144MY17-19 AXYS® 144\" ROUND | 96 PACK | 5/16 2874325600/800 RUSH® 5414653 38.1 X 304.8 3.2 3.4 Standard 108600/800 RUSH® 5414894 38.1 X 304.8 4.5 Not Standard — ROUND | 1,000 PACK | 5/16600/800 RUSH® 2877748 38.1 X 304.8 3.4 recommended Standard — 2874329 3.4 SQUARE | 96 PACK | 5/16600/800 SWITCHBACK® 5414654 138.1 X 348 3.2 3.4 Standard 108 2873153600/800 SWITCHBACK® 5414895 38.1 X 348 4.5 Not Standard —600/800 SWITCHBACK® 5413661 38.1 X 348 3.4 recommended Standard 108 3.4TRAIL BOGIE WHEELS ICE SCRATCHERS RMK® BOGIE XCR TORSIONSolid Bogie WHEEL KIT BAR KITWheel-External Rail • Direct ice chips into skid to lube and cool hi-fax • Wheels install • Sold in pairs • Reduces body roll when cornering2881955  XCR™ Rear Axle Wheel Kit  on stock skid 2881950  2881954  • Permits wheel removal on SKS • A total of 3INCLUDES 4. MY15-18 AXYS® 155, saving 1.8 kg • Reduces hi-fax pairs can be MY15-18 AXYS® RUSH® ANDRUSH® AND SWITCHBACK®, 4 WHEELS & SPACER INCLUDED. wear on hard installed onto SWITCHBACK®MY17-18 ASSAULT® 144, MY17-18 MY15-18 AXYS® RUSH® AND 2882028  pack snow and a stock skidSWITCHBACK® SP 144, MY17-18 SWITCHBACK® ice S H O C K S & S T U D S 47600 VOYAGEUR® AXYS® PRO-RMK®, ASSAULT® RMK®, 144/146 HD Rear Skid Upgrade SKS 155, COMES STANDARD ON AXYS® 2882048 Solid Bogie Kit PRO-RMK®, ASSAULT® RMK®Wheel-Internal Rail  2882916  AXYS® PRO-RMK® 174, AXYS® PRO-2881956  2876256  RMK®, ASSAULT® RMK®, SKS. COMES KIT INCLUDES 4 AXLE WHEELS STANDARD ON SKS 155INCLUDES 2. MY15-18 AXYS® AND RAIL STIFFENERS PRO-RIDE® RMK®, RMK® ASSAULT®RUSH® AND SWITCHBACK®, 2878251 MY17-18 ASSAULT® 144, MY17-18 Low Snow Kit SWITCHBACK® SP 144, MY17-18 2882802  PRO-RIDE®600 VOYAGEUR® POLARIS® TITAN™

TRACKS CROSSOVER BACKCOUNTRY BACKCOUNTRY X ON TRAIL OFF TRAIL ON TRAIL OFF TRAIL • Arched lug design with staggered, • Arched lug design with staggered, snocross-inspired pattern for excellent snocross-inspired pattern for excellent soft-snow traction soft-snow tractionFEEL THE DIFFERENCE LENGTH PITCH LUG HEIGHT 5414894 • All 7.3 cm drive pitch models feature 2839140 tapered lugs on outside edges forA snowmobile’s track is a major component to performance. 305 6.4 4.5 5415097 improved durabilityWe build tracks for specific needs–whether you climb the highest 307 6.4 4.5 2839142peaks, carve the tightest trails, or race against the toughest 307 6.4 4.5 5414378 • 7.6 cm drive pitch also availablecompetition. From improved acceleration, to better handling, 345 6.4 4.5 5414895to increased traction in deep snow, dial in your ride. 345 6.4 4.5 2839143 LENGTH PITCH LUG HEIGHT 2839287 348 26.4 4.5 5415096 2839289 TRAIL 366 6.4 4.5 305 7.3 4.5 366 6.4 4.5 348 6.4 4.5COBRA STORM 150 ICE ATTAK XT ICE RIPPERON TRAIL OFF TRAIL ON TRAIL OFF TRAIL ON TRAIL OFF TRAIL ON TRAIL OFF TRAIL• Cupped lugs for superior acceleration and • 3.2 cm outer lugs provide power through • Factory pre-studded for improved traction • Factory pre-studded for improved traction braking in loose, soft snow conditions the tightest turns with ease, maintaining and control and control momentum and rider control• Flexible lug design for superior off-trail • Designed to provide even better ice • L ug design delivers better traction than performance • 3.8 cm cup-shaped center lugs provide performance than the ICE Ripper XT the ICE RipperXT deep snow flotation, and gut-wrenchingLENGTH PITCH LUG HEIGHT 2839284 acceleration on packed trails • 3.1 cm lug height provides better handling • Optimized rubber compound for superior 2839052 and stability traction on groomed trails305 7.3 3.4 2839235 • Optimized support columns provide the307 6.4 3.4 2839061 right balance of lug rigidity and flex for • Optimized rubber compound for superior LENGTH PITCH LUG HEIGHT328 7.3 3.4 2839093 performance across the entire power band traction on groomed trail345 6.4 3.4 2839307 307 6.4 3.2348 7.3 3.4 5413661 LENGTH PITCH LUG HEIGHT LENGTH PITCH LUG HEIGHT 345 6.4 3.2 2839077348 7.3 3.4 2839107 2839079348 7.3 3.4 5414013 305 7.3 3.2 / 3.8 305 7.3 3.1366 6.4 3.4 5416162 328 7.3 3.2 / 3.8 2839368 307 6.4 3.1 2839190366 7.3 3.4 5415826 348 7.3 3.2 / 3.8 2839369 325 6.4 3.1 2839200366 7.3 4 5416020 371 7.3 3.2 / 3.8 2839370 328 7.3 3.1 2839201394 7.3 3.8 2839371 345 7.3 3.1 2839236394 7.3 4.6 348 7.3 3.1 2839202 366 6.4 3.1 2839191 2839203 MOUNTAINSERIES 7 SERIES 6 SERIES 5.1 PEAK 2.25ON TRAIL OFF TRAIL ON TRAIL OFF TRAIL ON TRAIL OFF TRAIL ON TRAIL OFF TRAIL• Polaris® exclusive • Outstanding traction and control • I ndustry-leading deep powder track; for 8T • Angular lugs bite and funnel snow under in deep snow drive sprockets, 7.3 cm pitch the snowmobile for outstanding flotation• Ideal track to provide lift in the deepest, softest snow conditions • Lugs provide tremendous flotation and • Optimized lug pattern producing 19% more • Features soft lugs for powder snow and great performance forward lug contact compared to our hard lugs for heavy/wet snow• F eatures a new lightweight single-ply Series 5.0 track design optimized for weight and powder • 6 .6 cm lugs provide outstanding traction in • Outer lug bars deliver better lateral snow performance all deep snow conditions • S oft and flexible tips for superior control for improved handling performance in deep snowLENGTH PITCH LUG HEIGHT • Design provides outstanding flotation and LENGTH PITCH LUG HEIGHT control394 7.6 7.6 5415393 LENGTH PITCH LUG HEIGHT 394 7.3 5.7 5415002414 7.6 7.6 5415394442 7.6 7.6 5415786 LENGTH PITCH LUG HEIGHT 5415391 394 7.3 6.1 5413622 5415392 414 7.3 6.1 5413621 394 7.3 6.6 414 7.3 6.648 P O L A R I S . C O M

TRACKSBACKCOUNTRY X2 COBRA 1.6 ICE COBRA 1.6 CHALLENGERON TRAIL OFF TRAIL ON TRAIL OFF TRAIL ON TRAIL OFF TRAIL ON TRAIL OFF TRAIL• Arched lug design with staggered, • Cupped lugs for superior acceleration and • Cupped lugs for superior acceleration and LENGTH PITCH LUG HEIGHT 2839798 snocross-inspired pattern for excellent braking in loose, soft snow conditions braking in loose, soft snow conditions 2839797 soft-snow traction 307 6.4 5.1 2839186 • Flexible lug design for superior off-trail • Flexible lug design for superior off-trail 345 6.4 5.1 2839875• Rigid lug support columns and optimized performance performance 348 7.3 5.1 2839145 rubber compound to deliver great on/ 366 6.4 5.1 2839876 off-trail performance • Select lugs are more rigid for traction on • Factory pre-studded with 4.1 cm lugs for 371 7.3 6.4 2839174 hard-packed snow excellent all-round performance, especially 384 6.4 5.1 2839104• 7.3 cm drive pitch on ungroomed trails 389 7.6 6.4 2839320 391 7.3 6.4 2839175LENGTH PITCH LUG HEIGHT 2839256 LENGTH PITCH LUG HEIGHT 2839291 LENGTH PITCH LUG HEIGHT 2839244 396 7.6 8.1 2839319 2839257 5414902 2839246 411 7.6 8.1 2839105305 7.3 7.3 2839258 305 7.3 4.1 2839292 305 7.3 4.1 2839273 411 7.6 6.4328 7.3 7.3 305 7.3 4.1 2839264 348 7.3 4.1 414 7.3 6.4348 7.3 7.3 328 27.3 4.1 5414902 394 7.3 4.1 348 7.3 4.1 2839283 394 7.3 4.1 394 7.3 4.1RIPSAW RIPSAW 2 SNOW XT CONQUER 280ON TRAIL OFF TRAIL ON TRAIL OFF TRAIL ON TRAIL OFF TRAIL ON TRAIL OFF TRAIL• Rigid lugs provide superior handling, • Tapered outside lug edges for less side • Optimized for aggressive riding conditions • Lightweight construction increases acceleration, and braking on groomed bite when cornering or snocross racing applications available HP due to less rotating mass trails • Sharp angled lugs for excellent bite on • Two-ply construction for lower rotating • New lug design requires 20% less rider• Narrow lug base for reduced rolling hard-pack snow mass and more horsepower to the snow input on turns and 25% less throttle to resistance and maximum top speed hold on side hills • Cupped center and full outer lugs for • 4.6 cm scooped lugs with 6.4 cm pitch for• Angled profiles for aggressive forward and traction on loose, less-compacted snow excellent acceleration • 7.1 cm alternating single-angled lugs push lateral bite performance in all-season riding conditions LENGTH PITCH LUG HEIGHT LENGTH PITCH LUG HEIGHTLENGTH PITCH LUG HEIGHT 2839149 5450277 305 7.3 3.2 2839209 325 6.4 4.6305 7.3 3.2 305 7.3 3.2 2839304307 6.4 3.2 2839149 305 7.3 3.8 5414653 LENGTH PITCH LUG HEIGHT 2839337307 6.4 3.2 2839146 305 7.3 3.2 2839214 2839336307 6.4 3.8 2839968 307 6.4 3.2 5415100 389 7.6 7.1 2839335325 6.4 3.2 5413384 307 6.4 3.2 2839305 396 7.6 7.1 2839334325 6.4 3.2 2839001 328 7.3 3.8 2839216 411 7.6 7.1345 6.4 3.2 2839215 345 6.4 3.2 2839223 442 7.6 7.1345 6.4 3.8 2839969 348 7.3 3.2 2839306348 7.3 2.5 5413543 348 7.3 3.8 5414654 SEE ALL TRACKS OPTIONS AT394 7.3 3.5 2839234 348 7.3 3.2 POLARIS.COM/TRACKS 5416227 COMPETITION TRACK ON TRAIL OFF TRAIL • Customized for snocross competitionSERIES 5.2 SERIES 4 SHOCKWAVE • Developed for, and tested by, top Polaris® racersON TRAIL OFF TRAIL ON TRAIL OFF TRAIL ON TRAIL OFF TRAIL LENGTH PITCH LUG HEIGHT 5413352 5413490• Modeled after the modified Series 5.1 • The standard in 5.1 cm deep snow tracks; • Designed for hard-working, 307 6.4 4.6 2877304 track used by Polaris® hillclimb racers for 9T drive sprockets, 6.4 cm pitch utility applications 371 7.3 5.4 394 7.3 5.3• Provides great traction both on and • E qual parts versatility and durability • Able to handle heavy workloads in off trail deep-snow, off-trail environments YOUTH 120 • Stiff lug base for long wear and hard-pack• Maintains excellent durability performance • Tackles on-trail, hardpacked ON TRAIL OFF TRAIL applications, too• Optimized lug pattern for more forward • S oft and flexible tips for superior lug contact performance in deep snow • 2.5 cm lug height with 6.4 cm pitchLENGTH PITCH LUG HEIGHT LENGTH PITCH LUG HEIGHT LENGTH PITCH LUG HEIGHT • Replacement track for the Polaris® 120 INDY®371 7.3 5.7 5416498 366 6.4 5.1 5413073 296 6.4 2.5 5414453 LENGTH PITCH LUG HEIGHT 366 6.4 5.1 5415692 173 6.5 1.8 5411751 T R A C K S 49

FOR THE LIFE OFYOUR RIDEMaintenance is the key to keeping your Polaris® snowmobileperforming at its peak. Items like belts, lubricants, andbatteries represent only a few of these critical itemsengineered specifically by Polaris. POLARIS ENGINEERED™ COMPETITOR REDUCED HP DRIVE BELTS OVER REV / TESTED, PERFECTED POWERBAND We test each belt on the intended vehicle – we don’t RPM EDNRPGIOIVLNEAEBREERILSETDS™ just try to make an existing belt “just work”. WRIUTHNPOALTARITSHENEGIONEPERTEIDM™ DRAIVLE RPM – Amery Kuhl, Polaris® CVT System Engineer BELTS OUR INVESTMENT TEMPER AT URE COMPETITOR • 32,186 km of field testing P OL ADRRISI VEENBGEILNTESERED ™ • Thousands of dyno hours • 18+ months of development TEST TIME PERIOD (3,000+ design hours) per belt • 1200+ vehicle validation hours OIEP#ANVOVFTEEL1ONARTRSRTAEIIHTSZEERHEBADDIMEGRASLHITFAVSORTEEPRRNCRMULMKNSUBATECRCEOTKHOLELCTBTERCRSEEOATLGTHFSTIANAFNSGAITIHHRLLIEDGUIUCHSOENHMTEHOPAHTEOEOTVIAETTRIT-TOTNRE,ARVEL • Collaboration with powertrain & clutch engineers YOUR ADVANTAGE • No clutch recalibration • Less wear & tear due to heat • Ensure maximum performance of your vehicle • More time out riding, less time wrenching OUR INVESTMENTS ENSURE POLARIS BELTS OUTPERFORM YOUR EXPECTATIONS .50 P O L A R I S . C O M

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