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8 Famous Outfits From the Iconic Vintage Movies To Make Your Halloween Extravagant

Published by Kingston LA, 2020-11-18 15:48:42

Description: 8 Famous Outfits From the Iconic Vintage Movies To Make Your Halloween Extravagant

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 Festival fashion is so much fun!  Halloween is just around the corner and it’s always exciting to do something unique. It’s the perfect excuse to get creative with your style and step out of your comfort zone.  You would be expecting vampires, witches, police officers, and harlequins at the party, right? Too mainstream.  Do you want you to be a little creative? We suggest you consider Retro Vintage Clothing this Halloween. What is so special about it? Well, it’s the beautiful outfits of the famous actresses who adorned them, that have made them insignificantly memorable.  Don’t worry, we’ve got a selection of beautiful and catchy costume ideas for you to choose from. Be it Scarlet O’Hara’s emerald green gown in Gone with the Wind or Marilyn Monroe’s white flying skirt from The Seven Year Itch for your Old Hallo’s Eve dig, we’ve got your covered.. 2

8 Trendy Costume Ideas for Your Halloween Party Here are eight retro vintage clothing ideas for you to consider for the Halloween costume party this year. 1. Black Slip Dress from The Mean Girls Mean Girls is probably the most quotable film ever made with a high brow cinema filled with punchy one-liners with a fashionable wardrobe to boast. Try Amanda Seyfried’s vintage, black slip dress this Halloween with a silky pink scarf clinched at your waist. Add an extra touch by putting on a pair of mouse ears and feel the spirit.. 2. Alicia Silverstone’s Plaid Skirt in Clueless The super hit film of 1995, Clueless, portrayed a perfectionist view of the school. The film put a spotlight on teenagers growing up in Beverly Hills, following the latest fashion trends and driving side-swiping Jeep Wranglers without a care in the world. 3

This Halloween channel your inner school girl with a classic red plaid shirt inspired by none other than Cher Horowitz of Clueless. The clichéd accessories by Clueless like ostrich feather and tartan with thigh-high socks and a white blouse will surely return you to the good old days full of fun-filled memories. 3. Cruella de Ville’s Infamous Fur Coat from 101 Dalmatians How about taking fashion inspiration from an animated classic? The film’s most iconic character of 101 Dalmatians, a Disney classic of 1996 was Cruella de Ville, mostly remembered for her fashion sense. It’s difficult to sideswipe her gorgeous decadent Siberian Tiger fur coat beside her ultimate villain character in the movie. Go ahead and make a jaw-dropping entrance wearing a faux fur coat resembling Cruella’s. We don’t condone wearing real fur too! 4

4. The Black Hat From A Clockwork Orange Want to embrace retro vintage clothing from old Hollywood truly? The black hat from Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange is your best choice. It is a well-established costume staple. All you need is the hat, boots, a few black details, and Alex DeLarge’s ‘look’. And there, you are ready to steal the show man!! 5. Fishnet Tights From The Rocky Horror Picture Show Remember the flamboyant fashion style of the early 1970s? This style overtook the wardrobes of many fashion-forward women and men. The best embodiment of this movement is The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This Halloween grab an outfit with lace and glitter and pull on a pair of fishnet stockings to immerse yourself in the retro vintage clothing trend. 5

6. Drew Barrymore’s Cable Knit Sweater in Scream Want some 90’s look that is easy to find and wear this Halloween? We’ll help you find one! Dress yourself with Drew Barrymore’s quintessential look from Scream. All you need is a pair of dungarees with a scruffy leather jacket, knotted plaid shots, and a cable knit sweater. If you are an antique aficionado at heart, then you might be having these in your wardrobe already, and if not, you can always visit LA Vintage. When you arrive at the party, don’t forget to say, “Do you like scary movies?” Your guests will know who you are! 7. Jodi Foster’s Denim Shorts in Taxi Driver Do you remember Jodi Foster’s memorable teen prostitute look in Taxi Driver? The one Robert De Niro’s character was committed to “saving”. Foster’s character, Irish, wore characteristic 70s clothes such as hot pants, a halter top, and platform shoes. 6

If you’re enthused by the 70’s clothes such as hot pants with a halter top and platform shoes, dig into your mom’s closet and you will be able to find many of these items there already. Or else pay a visit to your nearest vintage clothing shop to give yourself this iconic pop culture look. 8. Jon Vought’s Suede Jacket in Midnight Cowboy Steal the show by adorning the perfect cowboy look to spice up your Halloween party. You can take inspiration from Jon Vought from the movie Midnight Cowboy. Vought’s character is heavily dressed in typical Western wear, such as cowboy boots and a suede jacket. If you want to put on a showstopper this Halloween, then adorning something from the wild west is your best bet. Looking for more Vintage costume ideas? This Pinterest board is all you will need to see for your design inspirations and turning your Halloween party into a total Vintage classic. 7

CONCLUSION Whether it’s for a Halloween 8 party, Christmas party, or just a fancy night out with the gals, retro vintage clothing can elevate your look. LA Vintage has an extensive collection of costumes, dresses, and outfits from iconic Hollywood movies that will surely wow your onlookers. Do visit and shop at LA Vintage if you have a passion for retro vintage clothing. It can help you in elevating your looks. Did you find this blog interesting? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear back from you.

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