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Description: devotional magazine March Issue 2014
His Heart Scribe Inspirations

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... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014Devotions written not with the ink of nature’s power … But by the Spirit of the living God!

2 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014His Heart Scribe Inspirations March2014 edition of ~His Heart Scribe~ Magazine, published by -His Devotional Magazine Heart Scribe- Publications and Center Mark Ministries Outreach Inter- national.Volume III No. 3 Our Cover Feature: Armando AguinagaGlimpses of God’s Glory in Simple Places ... Chief Editor: CJ HigginbothamON OUR COVER: Additional Contributors--Ethan Paredes, Sara Paredes, Rylisms, DavidArmando Aguinaga and Eleanor Sharpe, Armando Aguinaga, Charles W. Warner, Apostle Dr. Lee Ann Marino, Nicole Marbach ...~Ethan is Our HeroUpdate on Ethan Paredes Articles Include — Staff: ~His Heart Scribe~ Publica-—Page 3 Powerful, testimonies of God's grace tions~Go Home To Your Friends and mercy in the lives of His people. Apostolic Covering—Apostle Dr. LeeRylisms Devotionals that truly will bless you Ann Marino/ Apostolic Fellowship—Page 4 and encourage you to keep on push- International Ministries~Ethan Is Our Hero ing through whatever you may be Watchman on the Wall: Pastor JeffUpdate on Ethan facing. Poetry that truly expresses the Carr/ Godsown Ministries, Inc.—Page 5 love for and from the Father to each~What’s On God’s Mind Today? one of us His children. Power- On Staff Writer: Charles W. WarnerDavid and Eleanor Sharpe ful teachings, preaching and messag-—Page 7 es for a deeper, closer walk with the Dawn Welker— Assistant typist, as-~From ‘the Prison to the Palace LORD. An intimate look into the lives sistant formatter; assistant editorialThe Armando Aguinaga Story of those living with disabilities and in manager …—Page 8 spite of their limitations continuing Ken Welker— Computer and Internet~The Poet’s Corner on with a life devoted to serv- Infrastructure Manager …Charles W. Warner ing. Authors that have given of their—Page 10 time to write the ~heart whispers~ Eric Higginbotham— Subscription~Author’s Spotlight from the LORD. And an up close look Local Delivery Manager …Charles W. Warner into the lives of those in service in--Page 11 God's Kingdom. Cj Higginbotham— Editor, Article~The Apostle’s Corner Submission Manager, Publisher …Apostle Dr. Lee Ann Marino—Page 12 Layout Design—Courtesy of: Divine~Author’s Spotlight Designs by CjApostle Dr. Lee Ann Marino—Page 13 We thank God for our faithful SUBMISSIONS:~God Notes friends, contributors, and most of all For comments, or questions. To sub-Nicole Marbach prayer partners for their support! mit articles, messages or letters send—Page 14 Our Magazine Is Supported: Through your contact information email to:~Glimpses of God’s Glory our local ministry and contributors to [email protected] Your Butterfly Season the ministry. ~His Heart Scribe~ We are open to your submissions and—Page 20 Inspirations Devotional Magazine is a encourage your feedback!~Reflections of God’s Grace bi-monthly publication by ~His Heart SUBSCRIPTIONS: Subscriptions toWhat Is A Woman Of God Like? Scribe~ Publications Paradise, CA ~His Heart Scribe~ Inspirations De-—Page 33 95969 USA. Copyright © 2011-2014 votional Magazine are free by digital Center Mark Ministries Outreach In- PDF (email, download or web viewer) ternational. All rights reserved. subscription. Issues are sent to part- Printed in the USA. Reproduction in ners, friends, churches, ministries, whole or in part is prohibited with- wellness centers, hospitals, biblical out the prior permission of the pub- study students, those incarcerated lisher. and by request.

3 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014 Hi friends, Ethan has been feeling good. It's been cold, so we have been keeping warm, safe inside. Lots of sickness and germs going around so we thank all those who are sending hellos from a distance. We can't wait to play with friends again soon! Hello from Ethan and all of us !So I usually try to keep little updates, and I don't usually get to deep. I don'twant people to leave the page, or just think I'm looking for sympathy, becauseI'm not... To be honest, sometimes I just can't. Even when things are goingwell, it still swells over me and takes my breath completely away that my ba-by is battling cancer. I think along with my light hearted posts and cancerawareness memes, I will also post RAW TRUTHS when you are dealing withcancer... so watch out for that. RAW TRUTH #1 … Cancer has turned me (his mother, and his dad falls into this too) into a complete basket case when going into public. Someone sneezes or coughs just about does me in. I see posts about the flu, or even friends across the miles who are sick, makes me com- pletely panic. I work on this anxiety daily, it's not easy. I pray about it and trust Jesus, just have a hard time trusting everyone else who goes out into public sick. One small cold has left us in the hospital in isola- tion... it's not fun. I used to be super carefree, treated the family with grandma's home remedies, and now I can't go anywhere without being completely obsessive about germs. (Sara Beth Paredes)

4 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014Go Home to Your Friends swer…“Go home to your friends and tell them You now are knighted by Grace withthe great things the Lord has the mandate of God’s mercy, love, for-done.” (Mark_5:19). giveness and goodness. “It’s not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit,”“Hallelujah! Jesus reigns!!” As the good says the Lord. “And the God of peacenews of the Great King’s triumph over shall bruise Satan under your feetthe powers of darkness began to shortly, because the grace of our Lordspread, delusional collaborators with Jesus Christ is with you.the evil empire sought to intercept the Amen.” (Romans_16:20)heavenly couriers and prevent the mes-sage of Grace from reaching the ears of My role as Tour Guide for this trip iscaptives held throughout their con- finished; but yours has just begun.quered kingdom. What the Lord has done for us, we now must do for others. Go home to yourFor many years now this phase of the friends and tell them the great thingsconflict has been contested, and the the Lord has done.tide is turning day by day. Yet, thereare scores still in darkness who have And right here I must confess to younot heard the liberating truth of God’s that, while I have been to this placeGrace. Will you tell them? called Grace many times, this was my first time ever serving as a tour guideIt is a question only you can an-

5 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014(Continued from page 4) Third, you must be patient. Somebringing others to it! Oh, yes, I have spoken will see it for themselves; others willabout Grace on many occasions and told not. This is a matter for the Lord ofothers of the wonders of this place, but this Grace to resolve; not you. As for you,was my first time actually bringing people “walk in wisdom toward them thatalong with me on the journey. are without, redeeming the time. LetAnd if I can do it, so can you. I’m passing your speech be always with grace,the baton into your hands! seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every First, you must become filled with one” (Colossians_4:5-6) is a practical plan that just might work. the wonder of this place. You have got to see it, and believe it for your- If you will tell two friends, and take them self. You must let this revelation of through the process just like I did for you; Grace renew your mind, so that your and they tell two friends, and take them witness of it to others will carry con- through the process just like you did for viction that does not waver in the them; and then they tell two friends…and so face of long-standing traditions. on, and so on, and do on – well, it’s only a matter of time before a Grace Awakening Second, you must remember that occurs, and a Grace Revolution transforms the contemporary Church into a spiritual the contemporary thinking about dynamo that shakes our world with real Grace has long been unchallenged, power and truth. and it will not easily yield ground to traveling pilgrims – no matter how passionate we may be. (Continued on page 6)

6 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014(Continued from page 5-Rylisms) the Stones of the dark corner of the Dis- graced.No more hype and bravado; no more bang-ing of cymbals and prancing of ponies; no Tell them about this place where you experi-more pontificating and chest-beating – just ence a power because you meet a Person.GRACE: the empowering presence of God Tell them about a place called Grace. Andenabling us to be who He created us to be, then take them to it.and to do what He has called us to do –right where we are. For the light that shines “Go home to your friends and tell them the greatthe farthest, shines brightest at home! things the Lord has done.” (Mark_5:19).Do this and watch what happens! Print out And as you cross the finish line of your ser-these posts and host a group of your friends vice to the Lord, you can say with Paul, “Ionce a week at your home. Become their am what I am by the grace of God. And Histour guide and take them on this journey, grace given unto me was not in vain, for Ijust as I have done for you. Read the posts labored more abundantly than they all. Yet,and engage in a hearty discussion together. it was not I; but was the grace of God in me.” Imagine... --RylismsIf enough of us do this, then its only a mat-ter of time until we will experience a GraceAwakening across the nation…and dare I beso bold as to believe…around the World!Tell them to come with you on a journey toa place called grace. Tell them not to pack alot of bags. Tell them about the Tavern,where they can visit with the Apostle Paul;and the Ancient Library, where they can seethe gold beneath the surface of the water,illumined by the Holy Ghost.Tell them about Peter walking with us onthe road. Show them your Tour Guide andtell them how they can get their own copy –and take their own journey. Tell them aboutthe Conference on Grace in Great Hall ofTruth, and the amazing sights and sounds ofMonumental Park. And, yes, tell them about

7 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014 Ellie And David Sharpe FORGIVE …. Not because any- one deserves it but simply be- cause GOD needs us to, over and over as many times as it takes.KEEP on FORGIVING. It is a part of this process. ITdamages and destroys enemy plans. Keep on forgiving,it is simply part of LIVING in GOD’s LOVE. ~ GODalone is worth it.. . .Roughly, after only four hours of sleep, I was awok-en today. But, the point is GOD who created me, awokeme. I will not try and stifle the challenges in what myhusband and I are enduring. I won’t try and compare orcontrast it with anything either. But, what I will say is itis something that in order to survive, you MUST haveGOD inside. There are many people who walk down thispath. In fact, last night at a Steven Curtis Chapman con- cert, we heard about and could relate to, the pain, the dark places that hunt you when you are simply just trying to crawl, let alone walk THIS out with GOD. (Continued on page 15)

8 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014

9 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014 (Continued on page 16)

10 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014 Embrace The Butterfly ... \"Resurrection Power\" On my own I am weak and wanting … On my own I am lost and lonely … On my own I feed on dust and dirt … On my own I am spotted and speckled … Good-News … I am not on my own! I am not my own! Love lifted me! On my own I am dust in the wind … Yet with God … I am clay in the hands of \"The Master Potter!\" On my own I am a bug, a caterpillar ... feeding on dust and dirt … feeding on the things this world has to offer … feeding on trash in the picking and pecking order. (Continued on page 37)

11 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014 BOTH BOOKS NOW AVAILABLE On AMAZON!Go to Search “books” enter title or author’s name!

12 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014 Signs of False Modern-Day, \"End Times\" Prophets Anyone remember the story of \"Chicken Little?\" As I recall, an apple fell on Chicken Lit- tle's head and she believed the sky was falling. She took it upon herself to make a trip to warn the king that the world was going to end and, in the process, convinced some of her friends that the sky was falling, as well. In their haste and fervor to promote their message - which had no basis in fact - they wound up beguiled by a sly fox who led them right into his den...and they became his dinner. The story of Chicken Little holds a message in it for us, today, that I think we'd rather not embrace. It is, however, a simple message: don't be misled by wrong information, because it will lead you straight into trouble. More and more, I am meeting an abundance of \"Chicken Littles.\" They are people running around on the internet, claiming to be prophets and prophetesses, who have false information and will hear no truth to the contrary. If you reject their message, you are met with hostility and questions to your own call. They say nothing Bibli- cal, they don't know the first thing about prophecy, but here and there they go, flooding inboxes with scare tactics and (Continued on page 18)

13 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014ALTAR work. Nursery. Cleaning the church.Hospitality ministry. Community outreach. Doyou still see helps ministries in the church? Doyou believe they are important? In days gone by,helps ministries was the first avenue of churchservice required for anyone who felt they had aministry call. While some found their niche inhelps, others went on to do incredible thingswithin the ministry, having that solid, purposedfoundation, recognizing service as the key toministry work. With modern trends pushingtoward leadership, the ministries of helps haveall but disappeared in favor of premature pro-motion and adaptation of offices and titles manydo not properly understand. What are we miss-ing in ministry today? In Ministry School BootCamp: Training For Helps Ministries, Appoint-ments, And Beyond, Apostle Dr. Lee Ann B. Ma-rino, Ph.D., D.D. takes the participant throughthe meaningful and vital role helps ministriesplay in the function of the church. Learn aboutthe various appointment ministries, assistants,volunteers, protocol, dress, and assignments –and their importance – all while learning theproper way to interact as a minister coming upunder the work of helps.Whether you are working toward a greater min-istry call or find your greatest joys in the varioushelps ministries, this book sets the participanton the straight and narrow of the forgotten artof church service. DR. LEE ANN B. MARINO,Ph.D., D.D. is Apostle in Office for ApostolicFellowship International Ministries. Her teach-ing, preaching, conference hosting, education,and covering ministry encompasses twentychurches and ministries worldwide, many con-ferences, and thousands of ministry friends andpartners. Apostle Marino is also Chancellor forApostolic University, founder of Women of Pow-er International, host of Power For Today televi-sion, radio and podcast programs, editor-in-chief of numerous magazines, and author of nu-merous writings. With over fourteen years inministry, education, and business, Apostle Ma-rino is in many ways considered a modern pio-neer of the apostolic educational movement, amove devoted to educating modern ministersand the church at large in all things essential forfaith and ministry. Her website

14 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014 Someone needs to hear this today: “My beloved child, you matter to Me! Your life matters. You are here for a purpose, for such a time as this. Your life has meaning. You matter to Me for who you are, not what you do. You are special to Me and you matter. You are not insignificant in any way. Don’t listen to any thoughts that tell you that you do not matter or your life doesn’t matter or that you sometimes seem invisible to people around you. Don’t entertain those thoughts precious one. You matter so much to Me. You are not invisible to Me, ra- ther I see you every minute of every day because I live in you! You matter to your loved ones as well whether you know it or not. You are loved. You will always have a special place in My heart that matters. No one can take that from you. You are unique to those around you as well. Embrace your uniqueness. Embrace the fact that your life matters. Embrace the fact that you are My beloved child and you matter to Me more than you will ever know. I love you!” ---God

15 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014(Continued from page 7-Bulletproof) put in practice, unto our awesome GOD.. . .A few days ago, early in the morning . . .Many people are scared of bullets, ofwhen my husband and I were chatting, canons, of bombs, earthquakes and disas-GOD was very present and speaking. He ters that are natural according to theshowed us a compass as a reminder that world yet supernatural to GOD. Yet, weHE is our direction. He showed us a gold should not be. We are both DEAD andcourse and reminded us lovingly that with ALIVE. The enemy cannot kill us if we areHIM, we always get a hole in ONE. The in Christ, harbored in HIM not as a fugi-ONE who created us and LOVES us, re- tive but as a captive who has been setgardless of the ODDS of the world, will FREE. We should come to a place whereprevail every single time. No matter how it our faith in HIS abilities far exceeds anyseems, HE and HIS LOVE NEVER ever amount of FEAR that WE can FEEL orFail. that can be put on us.. . .God revealed that part of this, is the . . .Yet, here is the question. What will itprocess of becoming bulletproof in GOD. take to get us there? Long ago, He showedHe didn’t take Sarah Beth away. She chose us that it takes, whatever it takes. He re-to go. I mean, who could blame her? I minded me recently after coming out ofhave many times kicked myself for not go- the darkness that He apologized to me ining with her. But, if I had, it would have 2011. God, my father, brother and Heav-been defying GOD. We need to really SEE enly everything said sorry to me. He said,the hurting. Those who are carrying heavy “If there was any other way, around theburdens and pain. In fact, GOD says, “who pain, suffering and agony we would havewill bind up the wounded?” Someone taken it together.” These words ring out tomentioned to me that this year is ALL me. They are a CALL out of the darkness.about SOULS. I don’t dispute that. But, When the enemy points his guns at us, orwould also add this year is ALL about provokes us to spiritually throw stones athealing and FREEDOM as we WALK in each other, we must seek God’s FACE.deliverance through HIS LOVE. Every single time, when we DO, the LORD Roars on our behalf, and the enemy’s. . .Part of the process of GOD saving a plans come crashing down in defeat. Forsoul is compassion. Without that, people GOD alone gets the VICTORY and GLO-whom GOD loves and created do NOT re- RY.ceive the truth. They choose to worship . . .Does this mean we will never fall for antheir wounds, because no one has told enemy plot? NO! What it means is simplythem not to. It does not matter how HIGH this-- God’s GRACE is sufficient. In thatup God puts us, we must always stay hum- place where it feels like we have fallen far-bled before HIM. Being bulletproof issomething that happens when constant (Continued on page 19)and consistent surrender continues to be

16 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014

17 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014 (Continued on page 22)

18 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014(Continued from page 12-The Apostle’s Corner) searches long enough, they can find a video that \"seems\" to prove any pointvideos that somehow prove what they they have. I have nothing againstbelieve within their own watching things on Youtube; I have\"revelations.\" tons of videos on Youtube myself. It'sPeople of God, I know we talk inces- a great forum to have people recog-santly about false prophets in the nize what you are doing or get a mes-context of those running money lines sage out there - but remember, that'sor prophesying cars, houses, and the reason why people are on Youtubemoney over people, but these modern in the first place - to get noticed and-day false doomsday prophets are just get a message out there. Not everyas destructive. Rather than using message on Youtube is about God orhopes of false prosperity, they use so people will be directed to Him...butscare tactics and create a feeling of some are so people will be directed tohaste and absence of God. Recogniz- the author or theorist of a proposi-ing that most people are unaware tion. If all you have to prove yourabout many things spiritual today, point is a bunch of Youtube videos,they try to plug in studies, headlines, you aren't proving much of a point.and the opinions of random dooms-day fatalists and wrap it up under the Their \"revelations\" are general andguise of \"this is what God is showing vague - Jesus is the One Who told usme.\" This is just as dangerous and there would be signs and tumults indemonic as a false prophet creating a the earth. Revelation about that isn'tfalse financial reality. brilliant and insightful; it meansBelow I am outlining signs of false someone has either heard or readmodern-day, end times prophets that enough of the Bible to recycle thethey may be contrasted with the true prophecy to sound deep and intri-prophetic, and never maligned with guing. Saying political discord issuch. It is also to help all who receive coming that they heard on a televi-things from such not be taken in nor sion show isn't brilliant and insight-frightened by the endless propaganda ful, either. True end time's revela-that seems to flood the internet. tions will be specific to nations, pow-Their requisition of data lies in ers, governments, actions...and won'tYoutube videos and internet theories be the same stuff that never happens- Just because it's contained in a that's been recycled forever.Youtube video does not make it factu-al! There is a Youtube video out there They don't have their own message -for every single topic under the sun In keeping with the points above,and one that can prove each and eve- false end times prophets don't havery single perspective, opinion, and their own unique mandate or mes-theory in existence. If someone sage from God. What they typically do is gather end times data from vari- ous sources - conspiracy theorists, (Continued on page 32)

19 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014(Continued from page 15-Bulletproof) times that at first I don’t like or even enjoy Your blessing. But, I will receive it because Ither than we could ever go, GOD is there. do know that Your purpose is much greater and that You waste not an ounce of any pain. . .He even makes HIS bed in Sheol. We or suffering.” He told me, “You are about tohave only glimpsed the HEART of GOD. It get blessed.” Both is preparation, and onis not religion that will be the entry path to some level is warning. GOD knows what willsalvation. It is simply HIS LOVE, HIS come. The good, bad and UGLY He knows.TRUTH, and HIS purposes and plans. It isrelationship with GOD alone that brings re- . . .But, make no mistake that HIS blessingslease from the HEAVENS. far out weigh the challenges of the world in which we reside. HIS ways are so much bet-. . .While GOD was using us to share butter- ter than ours. He is unlimited and in HISfly’s story yesterday, we truly were envel- ways and timing HE will do exactly what HEoped by the presence of GOD. There were has promised as long as YOU are willing,people who were sent to that concert last ready and able to receive the BLESSING ofnight to cause trouble, but they did not suc- GOD. So, will you count the cost and realizeceed. The enemy sends people to create that HE has need of you? Will you endureproblems. But, GOD sends HIS GLORY to being used, in some cases abused, castcause those plans to be burnt up by the HO- aside, mocked, and persecuted to the ninthLINESS and presence of GOD. You see part degree? Or would you rather miss the GLO-of GOD making us BULLETPROOF is about RY of GOD? Sit idly by and not be part of it,Crucifixion. Our physical and mental pro- or surrender completely even your children,cess that GOD gifts unto us so that we can which to some are prize possessions. Tobe more in tune with HIS process. This is GOD they are HIS treasures, WE are HISbeautiful yet at times a horrendous blessing COGS. But, in order for HIM to make usin disguise that is a catalyst for many others Children of GOD Supers, we must give HIMto follow, can only be given by GOD. ALL.. . .GOD is our holy SOAP. His blood was . . .We must take a stand against darkness.shed so that we could REST in HIS fighting Ask GOD to strip it from you. Truly, lookthrough in and around us. HE is the Great- around the home you have been given andest WARRIOR. He makes us Heroes in seek HIS LIGHT to permeate anything NOTHIM. ~ pleasing to HIM. There are many times I do not please people, but as long as I and you. . .I will never ever forget the time on the stay surrendered with a repentant heart25th of November 2013 just 1 day before the and MOST of ALL open for correction weday we took Sarah Beth to the hospital, will ALWAYS be pleasing to GOD. Notwhen GOD spoke BLESSING. My heart from a place of striving, simply from adropped to the pit of my very SOUL hearing place of being HIS child. RESTING in theit. I cried out and said, “Father, there are (Continued on page 29)

20 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014 \"Embrace Your 'Butterfly Season'\" We are in our \"butterfly\" season! Those of us who have been \"cocooned\" and wrapped securely within Daddy's arms and heart for however long will now emerge \"be pushed out\" so to speak divinely carrying His power like never be- fore. This is a \"new exodus.\" Not any- thing like anyone you have experi- enced before. Even the simple things we will find easier to ac- complish. Those situations that we have thrown our hands up and screamed, \"I give up\" … \"I just can't do this!\" Even these things will now be able to be accom- plished with \"great ease.\" -Isaiah 25:1- says, \"{Praise to the LORD} LORD, You are my God; I will exalt You and praise Your name, for in perfect faithfulness You have done wonderful things, things planned long ago.\" No longer will we have to just \"inch\" our way around or toward that which ABBA has called us to do. No longer will we stand in someone else's shadow. This is our season to \"soar\" as never before. Heights that we have never been before. Roads that we have never traveled before. Ground that we have never walked on before, and places that we could only dream about visiting are now right in front of us. - Isaiah 43:18-19- \"Don't revel only in the past, or spend all your

21 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014 time recounting the victories of days gone by … 19] Watch closely: I am preparing something new; it's hap- pening now, even as I speak you're about to see it. I am preparing a way through the desert; waters will flow where there have been none.\" Isaiah honored and praised God be- cause He realized that God \"completes\" \"brings to completion\" His plans as promised. God also ful- fills His promises to you. Think of the prayers He has answered, and praise Him for His goodness and faithfulness. Papa has made these doors open and He will supply all the \"heavenly pow- er\" that we need to walk in through them. No longer just to take a look around but to abide until our assign- ments are complete. Nothing can stop or hinder us in this season. Fa- ther will \"thrust\" us forth to accom-plish all that He needs \"encapsulated\" within His \"divine vortex\" and His\"divine favor\" we will wear like a cloak!Everywhere you turn \"favor!\" Every person you meet \"favor!\" Everythingyou need \"favor!\" Embrace your butterfly season, because God will use \"you\"in the next person's \"butterfly season.\"The Kiss of the Butterfly ...'On top of the mountain … up where the eagle soars lives one of God'smost glorious creations … I'm sure you've seen one before.\"'Not like this one though … for each one is unique in color and size … foreach is painted by the Master's touch as seen through His heart and eyes.''Blues and greens, reds and golds … hues straight from His palette creat- (Continued on page 28)

22 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014

23 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014

24 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014

25 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014

26 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014

27 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014 (Continued on page 30)

28 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014 (Continued from page 21-Embrace Your Butterfly Season) ed by His hands right there in His studio in Heaven!' 'Each with a story of things unseen through the eyes of the heart … and the heart of love that knows no limits or boundaries.' 'Tales from places we've yet to see … heights from places we've yet to be … soaring here, there, down, up, twirling, whirling never enough … Like a camera they show forth the artisan of their Master Painter … caught between hues we never knew existed.' 'Cocooned within His marvelous heart … embraced within His lov- ing arms … sent forth carrying His divine love … each with a mission … they flit and flutter until their wings are dry … soaring upon the wind way, way up high until His breath gently guides them along the path to meet and greet the ob- ject of His eternal affection.' 'Once there on the ground each can be found nestling down upon heads, hearts, arms, mouths even eyes … Nothing is out of reach from the amazing \"Kiss of the but- terfly.\" A message straight from heaven to say, 'Hello My child I love you I dearly do!' --A Heart-Scribe Message Moment

29 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014(Continued from page 19-Bulletproof) comes upon you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you. But rejoice insofar aspeace that NO weapon formed will pros- you share Christ’s sufferings, that you may also re-per. joice and be glad when his glory is revealed. If you. . .The LION of JUDAH will ROAR and are insulted for the name of Christ, you are blessed,quite simply the enemies will scatter. Glo- because the Spirit of glory and of God rests uponry be to our mighty GOD. We praise not you. But let none of you suffer as a murderer or abecause of the circumstances, but simply thief or an evildoer or as a meddler. Yet if anyonebecause we know that we know that we suffers as a Christian, let him not be ashamed, but letknow that our GOD is far above them, and him glorify God in that must we be. Hidden under HIS wings Revelation 21:4 ESVfragile as a newborn baby, resurrected He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, andeach day and healing with every breath. death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourn-LORD, make us bulletproof whatever and ing, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the formerhowever it must be. We LOVE You. things have passed away.”. . .In Your Grace and GLORY Heavenly John 16:33 ESVFather, Brother Jesus and beautiful Holy I have said these things to you, that in me you maySpirit we thank You. You are faithful. have peace. In the world you will have tribulation.Nonetheless You are FAITHFUL. In Jesus But take heart; I have overcome the world.”holy name, AMEN. 2 Corinthians 4:8-10 ESV We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; per- plexed, but not driven to despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed; alwaysRomans 5:3-5 ESV carrying in the body the death of Jesus, so that theMore than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing life of Jesus may also be manifested in our bodies.that suffering produces endurance, and endurance Isaiah 43:2 ESVproduces character, and character produces hope, When you pass through the waters, I will be withand hope does not put us to shame, because God’s you; and through the rivers, they shall not over-love has been poured into our hearts through the whelm you; when you walk through fire you shall notHoly Spirit who has been given to us. be burned, and the flame shall not consume you.James 1:2-4 ESV Luke 14:27 ESVCount it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of Whoever does not bear his own cross and come aftervarious kinds, for you know that the testing of your Me cannot be My produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness 2 Timothy 3:12 ESVhave its full effect, that you may be perfect and com- Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christplete, lacking in nothing. Jesus will be persecuted1 Peter 5:10 ESV . . .Honored and Privileged to be loved byAnd after you have suffered a little while, the God of GOD. Walking, running, crawling, andall grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in even swimming in the ocean of emotionsChrist, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and we face. Yes, we have an enemy. yes, HE isestablish you. defeated. God will teach us about the spirits, but we must NOT ignore the wounded anyRomans 8:18 ESV longer. We cannot assume that emotion is aFor I consider that the sufferings of this present time spirit. We must ask GOD to ministerare not worth comparing with the glory that is to be through us, so that HIS ways are completedrevealed to us. and WE are not made into idols. . . .Who will bind up the wounded? Who will1 Peter 4:12-19 ESV tend to those in captivity? Who will allowBeloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial when it (Continued on page 36)

30 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014

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32 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014(Continued from page 18-The Apostle’s Corner) of a target when \"whoever\" comes after you. Being afraid doesn't meanpreachers on television who don't you are prepared, it means you arehave the first clue of what they are afraid. God does not want thesetalking about, and internet videos thoughts, fears, and concepts to con-and data - and promote that infor- sume us as believers. You don't havemation rather than their own. If we more faith if you are paranoid, yousee the work of Biblical prophets, all are just fearful.of them had a specific mandate andword to deliver to the people. It was- They feel that what they have to sayn't someone else's and it wasn't is so relevant, they oppose anyonevague. Just saying they are called to who just doesn't want to hear it - I\"wake people up\" or they have a can't count the number of peoplemandate to \"get people to pray\" who have blocked or deleted me be-doesn't fit the prophetic. Sure, pray- cause they sent me something, wereer is great and waking up is great, insistent and rude about it, and gotbut the end result of waking people angry when I flat out told them I wasup is repentance, not fear, and the not going to discuss their fear-end result of prayer is relationship mongering with them anymore. Iwith God - not paranoia. don't listen to it anymore becauseThey create paranoia - God tells us I've heard enough of it and I don'tnot to be afraid, and give no thought feel that any of it proves any-to tomorrow. This means we are not thing. And I am not saying that asto do the following: flee our coun- someone who is ignorant to mat-tries, become doomsday preppers, ters. I was studying about the Illu-stockpile groceries that will expire minati, secret societies, and newlong before anything ever happens, world order up at night, in the dark,stop watching television, stop eating, when nobody - and I mean nobody -create our own arsenals, or generally else was talking about it. I don't de-act like a bunch of basket cases while ny these things, but I also know thatwe \"wait\" for someone's \"prophecy\" sitting around, fearful and conjuring,to come true. If you pay careful at- isn't going to stop the realities abouttention to all of this paranoid fever, them. I also feel that we have takeneveryone's paranoia trap is differ- these things so far out of control andent. Some think nuclear holocaust is context that the information circu-coming, others think the power grid lating now tends to be inaccurate. Itwill go down, others think China is doesn't make me not an apostle be-going to take over the United States, cause I don't want to watch yet an-some think the dollar will lose its other video on the same, stupidvalue...and so on, and so forth. Peo- things that don't even make sense. Butple! If stuff happens, you can be as when someone can't even be respectfulready as you like, but having stock- enough to stop talking or change the sub-piles of stuff will just make you more ject - that's a sign of a one-tracked, para- (Continued on page 38)

33 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014 --What isa Womanof God Like?Her first love is Jesus -She laughs uncontrollably, lives well, and loves… unconditionally ... -----She reaches out her hands generously to---She is so hidden in Him those in need with a gracious and merciful atti-you have to seek Him to find tude …her and really know her … ---She gives godly counsel and wisdom is her---She is a loyal, faithful, friend and mentor. In her tongue is the law oftrustworthy friend. You can kindness and love is her only motivation …count on her in good times She is a daughter of the Great King …and bad. Right or wrong she ---She stands her ground in defending her faith,is there to see you through to family and friends. Just because she is gentlethe other side ... and kind do not mistake it for weakness. She a---She is the help-mate and lover of her hus- lioness in her role to protect and defend whatband. She will only do him good all the days of she believes is right and good. Don't take her onher life ... unless you are ready for a fight. She will not give---Her heart is safe in His hands. She keeps her up, quit or walk away from what she believes inhouse with joy and a thankful heart. Light shines … (Continued on page 37)out her windows …---She is a loving, kind, devoted mother to herchildren all of her life and theirs …---She is the best employee she can be to heremployer, an asset to her workplace and co-workers. An employee regards her as a greatfriend …---She is not afraid of hard work or hard times.They are only things to be overcome and don'tcome to stay …---She finds favor wherever she goes because ofher excellent spirit …---She regards her integrity as a virtue she can-not do without. She cannot be bought at anyprice man can afford or offer. Her price is farabove rubies or gold …---She clothes herself as a daughter of the Kingin appropriate apparel for her position of royaltyat His Throne. Colors of scarlet (the Blood), pur-ple (Royalty), white (Robe of Righteousness),and green (Peace) are her preferred garments …---She laughs. She is able to maintain her senseof humor regardless of how messed up thingsare around her. She brings a smile with her tothe mess and comes away with a smile …

34 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014

35 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014

36 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014(Continued from page 29-Bulletproof) (Continued from page-33)GOD to take first place in their lives? Is it She may fall at times but she always getsYOU? He is standing there waiting and back up to go again in the strength of themany windows are closing quickly. Don’t Lord, for He is able to raise her up andmiss this incredible MOVE of GOD. Choose make her stand. She understands her cove-to let HIM make you bulletproof, no matter nant with God is sure …what.In His Grace and GLORY, If you find this woman you have found aEleanor and FAMILY great and precious treasure … Treat her well and things will go well with you always. If you mistreat the treasure it will be to your won hurt, not her doing, yours alone … Her only desire is to do good to all she comes in contact with. … She takes after her Father, God, who is ab- solutely good to all, absolutely all the time … She is a woman of God! Proverbs 31:10-31 -author unknown-

37 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014(Continued from page 10-The Poet’s Corner) and keep you in My heart. --GodI am God's butterfly born anew, born I arise beauty for ashes, strength for fear.again! Tears of sorrow turned into tears of joy,I am saved, I am redeemed love lifted \"Jesus is my joy\"me!I am a butterfly free to fly free to I will not lay back and die in Jesus I flysoar in the wind of Holy Spirit! high, higher and higher God's hearts de- sire. Set this butterfly on fire. God is withThis butterfly is a live wire I feed on the me we are one so I fly setting hearts onfire of Holy Ghost! fire to the joy of Jesus.I hide myself in the cleft of the Rock un- In Jesus we are all part of the body. Weder the shadow of His wing will I abide. I are many yet one Bride. We serve as wewill fly higher then an eagle for God is the are gifted with our talents and time.wind beneath my wings.Embrace The Butterfly \"Celebrate Jesus and love one another\"This is a season to soar. God says of this Harvest of souls- I willThis is a season of new birthing's. not relent I will burn hotter~ deeper~Breathe in glory breathe out fire. higher- This Holy Ghost Revolution willSpring forth with new songs. usher in the return of the King of glory salvation’s story. Of this King and HisI pick up my pen and write ... Kingdom there shall be no end. The gloryJesus Bride is being called to cry out the of King Jesus shall cover the earth as thesongs of the redeemed … water covers the sea!~Join The HolyI will cry out, I will write out as God's Ghost Revolution~ Say yes to Jesus andHeart Scribe anointed now words. live~ Holy Ghost~ Baptism Of Fire!!!What I love about writing for God is : © Charles W. WarnerWhat I write is sealed with His heart tolast beyond time into eternity~ To cele-brate Jesus now and in that great forevermore. God is the Author I am the co-author.My Redeemer lives ...Behold our testimony our tears are to tes-tify of God's great love~ Arise my love thegrave no longer has a hold on you I have ahold on you for I hold you in My hand

38 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014(Continued from page 32-The Apostle’s Corner) literal. If a so-called prophet doesn't un- derstand symbolism, they are not quali-noid mind. fied to interpret end time events. Also,Their answer to everything is that people people, Bible prophecy was not meant toshould flee, rather than stand - One con- be interpreted as it is plugged into newssistent facet to the false end-times prophet headlines, so be very cautious when that isis that it's always better \"somewhere else.\" a \"prophet's\" approach...because such isGod isn't in one place, but always some- not prophetic! It's easy to think a prophe-where else, lurking and hiding. The cy is answered in a current event, butAmerican ones think you need to go to prophecy is much deeper than that - espe-Europe, the European ones think you cially given the same prophecies areneed to go to Canada, the African ones plugged into headlines over and over withthink you need to go to the United States, no new revelation on anything else forand so on. Last time I checked, God en- years.courages His people to \"stand\" - not to runoff in fear. Trust me, the world is so inter- If you have encountered one such asdependent, if something happens in one these, I encourage you to do as God hasarea, it will affect the rest...or different spoken: to stand. Do not be afraid. He hasthings will happen somewhere else. Run- placed you here in this time for a reason,ning off and separating yourself from the and it is not to feel like Chicken Lit-Body is not the answer, it just makes you tle. End the endless research and chasing,more of a target. and seek His face for your purpose in thisThey don't know the first thing about life. Allow God to lead you to people whoproper signs of prophecy, the prophetic, aren't afraid and teach you about empow-and prophetic interpretation - Your little erment rather than terror. Most of all,doomsday prophet might have an arsenal have people you can trust in your life whoof \"the end is near\"paraphernalia, but they can help you sort stuff out when you justwon't have the first clue of what your aren't sure about it yourself. Chicken Lit-dream means or of how to intercede be- tle spread her misery around, as miseryfore God. They've never had a vision of loves company. Such a pessimistic out-their own. They don't understand the look is truly not Biblical and not the onepoint of prophecy or the way prophets un- God desires us to have. Be faithful...bederstood time (chronos vs. karios and those times affect prophetic interpre-tation). I recognize we all have different © 2014 Lee Ann B. Marino. All rights, but prophets should have propheticgifts - that's a part of being a prophet. Ifsomeone does nothing prophetic, I maybe going out on a limb here, but theyaren't a prophet. Much of end timesprophecy is symbolic, which means it isonly interpreted by revelation and it is not

39 ... His Heart Scribe Inspirations -- March / April 2014 -Books with Meaning- —TO ORDER ANY OF THESE BOOKS …GO TO THE WEBSITE LISTED THEN ENTER THE AUTHOR’S NAME IN THEIR SEARCH—12 3 1- Armando Aguinaga45 The Armando Aguinaga Story amazon.com78 2- Apostle Lee Ann Marino Ministry School Boot Camp 3- Tabitha Vinson Check Your Keys I 4- Elisa Velasquez The Making of A Worshiper 6 5- Charles W. Warner The Heartbeat of God Book 2 6- Dawn Davila God’s Golden Tidbits 7- Kizzi Ann Hogan With God’s Pencil 9 8- Gabriella Davila Our Friends the Manatees BEST SELLERS!!

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