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BSU&U 2017 September Issue

Published by hkust.bsu, 2017-11-20 14:02:44

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3 | FOREWORD FROM DEANWith the commencement of the new academic year, I In fact, all students have the potential to beam glad to welcome all students back to the campus, innovative and to be an entrepreneur. Learning aboutespecially the newly arrived freshmen who have just entrepreneurship doesn’t simply mean the process ofjoined the HKUST family this year. starting a company, but to develop an attitude aboutNowadays, technological disruptions are seen as di erent possibilities you can pursue in the future.signi cant drivers of industrial change. I believe that Meanwhile, companies today, more than ever, lookit is vital to keep the School’s business education for people who can help them innovate to survive andrelevant to the rapid advancement of disruptive prosper.technologies such as Arti cial Intelligence (AI) andFinancial Technology (FinTech). ese are some e School provides great opportunities for youof the drivers shaping the world’s economy in an to learn about the many upcoming global businessunprecedented way in the near future. trends and enhance your ability to work well in aWith the easy availability of technology and cross-cultural environment. We are enthusiasticinformation, the new generation is becoming about helping you build a strong foundation for yourmore enthusiastic about startups, whether they future, whether you plan to start your own businessare technology based or socially innovative. I am or advance your career in the corporate world.excited to see the theme of this issue of the Business HKUST will be an amazing part of your life and IStudents’ Union Publication is called “Genesis of hope you will make the most of it. Most importantly,Zenith”. e cover story features success stories from try to develop a passion, which will guide you throughyoung entrepreneurs as well as the experiences shared the year ahead and beyond.from our alumni. I believe these valuable storieswill provide an insight for those who would like tobecome entrepreneurs and new business pioneers inthe future.


WORDS Another fall, another turned page. Time is the school in which we learn.’ Over the past 8 months, Wandering through the new faces I have been through thousands reminds me of my rst year, realizing of challenges in this wonderful the transformation from a bewildered school together with my 11 freshman to the second year student executive committee members. with strong faith and tough mind, Every challenge we had in the though still young to new challenges. past surprised us and made us But the unity and sense of belonging shock. We all learnt so many that nurtured the growth stand long great things and gained invaluable and deep when the twelve of us areMr. Yuen Man Long, experience from all the challenges. Ms.Wong Wing Sze, together. Our hearts are never apart Tony It is undoubtable that nothing was Julia and the love and determination will easy over the past few months but Internal pass on. Chairperson still, we all found the best part in working with each other. As an old Vice-Chairperson “And believe that anything is possible saying goes, ‘pleasure in the job when you have the right people there puts perfection in the work’. It is to support you.” the pleasure we found in the past months that helped us overcome all the challenges and motivate us to strive for excellence in the coming future.Ms. Wong Fan Ying, I can still remember that one year ago Mr. Law Chit, e University is an institution with Grace I was just a freshman with a brain of Jeff complexity and diversity that you question marks embracing the giant will experience a lot. Embrace the External unknown in the future. Even though, Internal Secretary di erences and possibly, shocks, Vice-Chairperson most of the unknown has not made Current Business in the coming semesters. It is the known yet today, one year later. I am Affairs Secretary time to make your own decisions pretty sure that my freshmen year has and to shoulder responsibilities as a created plenty opportunities for me in young adult, also to enjoy the rights the future. Everyone makes mistakes. I and sunshine as an undergraduate do too. I may have made some in the student. Not everyone can become an past and unavoidably probably will extraordinary person, but all of us can make some in my sophomore year as grasp the opportunities to make our well. e thing I have learnt from my life full of colours with no regrets. We all share similar stories and understand rst year here is that never be afraid how sorrowful and bitter when you of making wrong decisions. ey are are defeated. ose stories, happiness irreversible but you can control whether and sadness will be recorded eternally. or not they leave positive memories on Yet these learnings are intangible, they your life in college. will help a lot in your future careers and rede ne your perceptions and Hang in there. Because the journey is reshape your life and experiences. coming to a pit stop but never ends. E

9 | MEET THE EXCOS No path was meant to be walked alone. Being the executive member of BSU We can be successful as an individual; over half of the year, I have never but only when we are a team, we can regretted to take up the responsibility become champions . and in charge of various functions like Business Summer Camp. Facing It’s September again, the start of a new a lot of unexpected di culties, I academic year. New faces scattered would choose to overcome instead throughout my brain, bringing up of evading. It is my honour to have passed memories. As confused and other executive members staying green as I was, I managed to stumble and working with me within the my way to where I am, an executive Union. In the remaining period, IMr. Yim Wing Fung, committee. I would not say that I am Mr. Wong Keng Fong, must strive all e orts to serve over Ivan anywhere near any success, but it’s the Morris 1600 members. Even though there process which got me stronger and are a lot of uncertainties, under no External Secretary Financial Secretary circumstances that I would step back behind the duty and be a goof-o . made me grow. is year had me faced numerous challenges, but obstacles do not block the path, they are the path. Best of luck to our future and may we achieve what we desired. Time is a brisk wind, for each hour September, the time for new and it brings something new. But who energetic blood plunging into the can understand and measure its sharp university, and it reminds me it’s been breath, its mystery and its design? at a year since I set foot in this place. would be those who experienced it. Entering my sophomore year makes me wonder what I have achieved as a 1 year since I became a freshman and freshman, and it has always amazed me 9 months since I o cially turned into when looking back at this meaningful a member of the executive committee. year. I wish I could ip the hourglass and went back to the time when I stepped 9 months passed, 6 events are heldMs. Wong Nga Ling, out of my comfort zone, took on risks Mr. Leung Chung Him, across 2 semesters, and the 12 ofAnna and created all my special moments as Caleb us, who have had tears and laughterAcademic Secretary these were my best moments ever. Promotion and together, are closest and more united Publicity Secretary than ever. A ship is always safe at shore but that is not what it is built for. Be your Looking at how far we’ve come, yet captain and embark on a new journey the journey goes on. e twelve of us to discover your own treasure. Enjoy will continue to make memories in and let your sophomore year ourish! the voyage with our zealous hearts and determination, as we believed the best is yet to come.EXECUTIVE

COMMITTEE I shall be telling this with a sigh Time ies, there is never enough Somewhere ages and ages hence: time to do what you love. Two roads diverged in a wood, and A year before, I was a freshman in I— a dynamic changing moment, just I took the one less traveled by, graduated from secondary school And that has made all the di erence. and started my brand new university life. I thought that there was excess -Robert Frost time for me to spend in the coming e Road Not Taken four years. Once I became an executive committee, it is impossible Ms. Im Man Yi, ere are ups and downs for 12 of Mr. Leung Tsz Him, for me to remember how many Wendy us, like the rollar coaster. However, Vincent days or weeks went by in this way. taking the path less travelled by Time is round, and it rolls quickly Public Relations makes me realize the potential of Sports and Recreation bringing me thousands of wonderful Secretary every individual. Together, 12 of us Secretary memories with Agis throughout this is determined to serve our members Marketing Officer whole year.Publication Secretary in the coming acaedemic term, and a Time ies, but memories last forever. warm welcome to our freshmen! Let’s make this term a fabulous one! Di cult roads often lead to beautiful Life is a book. Everyday is a new destinations. Just around a year page. Every month is a new chapter. ago, I entered this school with Every year is a new series. excitement. As a freshman at that Four seasons passed. I can never time, everything was new to me, imagine last year I was the participants just like all of you. And now, a year and this year I am the organizer. I has gone and I have had a great time always remembered how panic I was over the past 8 months with all the when I rst stepped into this school. other executive committee members Talking and meeting with freshmen as both a freshman and the executive seems talking to the old me. committee member of BSU. My freshman year is fruitful andMr. Yeung Wing Hong, Ms. Ko Sin Tung, precious. I treasure all the momentsHarry My freshman year would not be that Jessica and I never regret of any decisions IInformation Systems ful lling yet exciting if I decided have made, especially determining toSecretary not to step forward, pushing my Welfare Sceretary become the Executive Committee of boundaries. Remember that your largest fear carries your greatest e Business Students’ Union. is growth. Try something new in your is not solely about how we organize rst year of study at the university. activities,the most important part is You may be surprised by all your the friendship of twelve of us. big dreams hidden underneath your heart.

Genesis of Zenith 11 | THEMEEntrepreneur [ahn-truh-pruh-nur, -noo r]A person who organizes and manages any enterprise,especially a business, usually with considerable initiativeand risk. Past PresentPeople appeared to be much In advent of the newmore conservative. e Lion millennium, innovationRock spirit encouraged the is embraced in the hubsyouth to take a good job o er of cultural and economicafter graduation. For business diversity. With a generalstudents, banking or nance increase in living standard andwould be a favourable option. economic level, youngstersIt was considered as “legend” nowadays are free from familyfor successful entrepreneurs burden, and becoming morelike Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, enthusiastic about startups,and their life journey will be them technology-wised ornever suit the ordinary people social innovative. e idea oflike you and me back in Hong becoming a boss lls up theKong. atmosphere. Being themed as “Genesis of Zenith”, this issue will examine on the topic of entrepreneurship. On one hand, we will cover several stories from the young entrepreneur in di erent elds. eir case would make a good reference for you, who are going to embark your entrepreneur journey, or serving as an inspiration for your future career planning. e interviewees hold very di erent views towards the idea of entrepreneurship and hardships they face, and it would be interesting to understand their thoughts through their sharing.On the other hand, we have also invited ouralumni. He has devoted a lot of efforts inentreprenership with his passion in the field. Hiswords of wisdom would be of useful help if youare planning to establish an enterprise your own.Sometimes, it might be the fact that youngstersare too fanscinated by the idea of becoming aboss. More reasons will be discussed in the alumnicolumn. Don’t miss out our special columns, andwish you all the best in the new arcademic year!

Started in 2015,Teach4HK recruits university fresh graduates to serve the A underprivileged kids on one-year term. e organization is renowned in the education professionals with the unique teaching approach. eir founder, Arnold Chan, quitted a high salary job to pursue his dream, after realising the system defects in the eld. e transition to entrepreneurship marks another journey in his life.PASSIONATEIt ignites a single spark in Arnold’s heart whenhe receives education locally. He reckons thatthe system has stopped many talents fromfurther potential development, and it did nottrain up any logical or soft skills for career. Hisvolunteering experience makes him stronglybelieve in education to empower futuregenerations. “I’m not asking for reward in 10or 20 years, but the result in America has beena very encouraging indicator to us” DOER

13 | COVER STORIESIt was interesting stage for Arnold in the Compared with Teach4China, Teach4HK appeared to be a less exotic one, but it is adjustedbeginning with the trial and error, and he to suit the busy schedule of Hongkongers withhas gained a lot during the process. However,being majored in Business, he has no idea only 1-year commitment. ere are also few unique positioning for the social enterpriseabout education at rst. “But the viewsfrom di erent perspectives could resultin another chemical spark”, says Arnold. 1. Full year and full-time commitment to take care of the kidsAnother question comes when Teach4HK 2. Change how youngsters’ view forare on track: How can it be sustainable? Notonly the company needs to stay relevant for educationits expansion, but also adding in excitement 3. Empower primary students with essentialfor attractions. Comping up next, there will knowledgeINbe STEM projects and cooperations with 4. Emphasize on the cooperation with third partiesbig corporations for fast-track interviewopportunities. More fellows would beexpected, nurturing their passions in the eldEDUCATIONof education. “ Entrepreneurship is an mentality, but not an action. You could nd entrepreneurship in very routine job like banking. It’s about creativity in daily life. I believe in the speciality of each and everyone. Don’t be panic with your age. Young, inexperienced, are words for the past. In this evolving world, we need employees to think out of the box. In Teach4HK, almost all of the crew are under the age of 25. It’s ability and skills that matter.I am more like an aider than a founder, helping the youngster to speak up anddrive their own movement. To Teach. To Nurture. To Serve.

Pokeguide is a mobile app that teaches you the fastest way to reach MTR exit. It makes your life more convenient and saves time in transportation. As a newly established technological enterprise, Brian has some thoughts and ideas to share with us.Brian in the middle and the other co-founders e idea of Pokeguide comes from Brian’s personal experience. Backthen he was always late for occasions, triggering him to initiate waysthat could minimise the transportation time. ere comes Pokeguide, ahandy app combining GPS and navigation.It was fortunate that his partner studied computer science, but it stilltakes a lot of time with the trial and error. Like others, it was not aneasy journey for the crew when they rst established the enterprise.“ e biggest challenge lies when you need to think of method to makeit popular and well-received. How much values you add to the userscounts a lot to your success because it is not necessity and people willforget your product easily”Another operational di culty is the lack of information from the MTR Corporation. ere are bluetooth devicesinside station, measuring the arrival time of next rain, the amount of people in certain cart. “If MTR opens the thesekind of information to any start-ups, it will help the ow management inside MTR very quickly”In view of the trend of entrepreneurship, Brian mentioned that there are a wealth of opportunities nowadays foryoungsters, in particular with funding, low cost, and rich promotional channels.“Start your business during the university study is a good idea. If you feel that you lack some experience before, thentaking an internship at some start-ups is a good idea to experience scenarios and di culties that you may face in thefuture.”.According to Brian, the key to success is the understanding towards target audience, and execution of di erentiation.Despite the ups and downs, determination could help you get over.

15 | COVER STORIESThink Before you Act I am always the one who follows sudden impulse. If you are detail- minded enough, you will take notice of 20000 problems which takes time to solve and consequently makes you become more experienced. After all, PERSISTENCE counts all when facing di culties.

A DunOT (冬OT) is a newly established youtube channel, which is well-received by the youngerRISING generation. It publishes videos which shares the common experience around the youth community.STAR Up to date, it has already received over 20K likes on Facebook. Being entrepreneurs online, Finn andON Barry would talk to us about their journey to the one and the only one DunOT.YOUTUBE In high school, they were already enthusiast of video- taking. After graduation from university, Finn and Barry would like to once again do something that they are interested in with the hectic busy life. So, they establish DunOT with the other secondary schoolmates. “ e development of DunOT is unexpected to me”, says Finn. It was their hope to practice their video- taking skills and learn to turn it into a production at the very beginning. ey targeted to build up fans base in half a year time. “It was not a long-term planning, but only a trial”

17 | COVER STORIESIt turns out to be quite successful with their innovativeideas. However, another challenge is that among allthe crew members, none of them studied business andrelated knowledge. e concern strives Finn to takeup job in the marketing industry, so that he couldlearn from the marketers and bring the skills back to “ Barry“ FinnDunOT.DunOT is scaling up with more commercials, and I felt puzzled before Make Every Shotthe core members are expected to expand, in order to my graduation Countsmaintain the standard of issuing 4 videos per month. because the career Treasure eachBoth of the founders comment on the good platform planning is not opportunity to makefor entrepreneurship nowadays. Social media acts as a something I want. you a better personfabricator to the trend since the public become active If that’s really and your dream comeuser of the web. “After all, brick-and-motar business something you love, truealso need the help of technology”. grasp the opportunity right at this moment.

Mr. Alvin Lam was graduated from HKUST in 1998. He was a Finance student, withstipulating interest in entrepreneurship. When he was a sophomore, he tried to establishown company by designing website for the shopping centre in Mong Kok. Despite thefailure, he still continued the journey of entrepreneurship after graduation. Before hebecame the Managing Partner of T12M Ventures Ltd., which does angel investment forstart-ups, he was the founder of Paci cLink iMEDIAGroup. As a veteran, Alvin, also theadvisor of our Union, would share some experiences with us.Many people view the acquisition of own enterprise as a pitiful act. Nevertheless, Alvin has an opposite view.“ e buyout of Paci cLink has proved the e orts of my team, and it is worthwhile. First, it turns Paci cLinkinto a global company with connections. It also broadens the colleague’s horizons in various perspectives withmore business trips and customer base”. Focusing on venture capital nowadays makes his life more fruitfulsince he could get in touch with di erent kind of industry, for instance, Fintech, digital marketing etc. Alvinhimself loves to share knowledge to the others, which is exactly what he is working on right now.

19 | COVER STORIESHe also speaksabout the trend ofentrepreneurshipnowadays. “ ereare many successfulcases appeared onthe screen or beingfeatured by themedia, but no onewould look over thefailed ones. It’s notonly persistence anddetermination inthe factual world”.T12M exactlywants to deliverthe true side ofentrepreneurship. ere are several criterion for you to embark your journey:Many students are 1. Subject domain expert of the eldbeing in uenced 2. Ability or experience to search for customersby the concept of 3. Formation of the team would show your gravity to attract crew membersbeing a boss, but But still, the road of establishing enterprise makes him learn a lot, and understandthey are in fact not the situation company faces.yet prepared for thecoming challenges. “ If you have great Underthe ercecompetition, idea, and also the in order to survive in the subject domain expert, you should eld, company vision should immediately take be realised such that there action under this is a correct goal to build environment. 2 up social reputation. IPO, years ago would buyout are extra bonuses to be the boom for your company, and it will entrepreneur occur naturally. Just bear in since the investors mind that you have to make are not yet it like a sustainable business. experienced. So, do remember to catch the ight on time!

Co-organised with the School ofBusiness and Management of eHong Kong University of Scienceand Technology (HKUST), theBusiness Summer Camp 2017 hascome to an end with great successon 16th July, 2017. All Form4-5 participants were o ered anunforgettable and precious chance,experiencing university life and theculture hence promoting HKUSTBusiness School.

THEME. 21 | FUNCTION REVIEW e theme of the camp this year is “Above e Horizon”, hoping that our participants could go beyond the expectations they created for themselves. Being required to come up with a brand enhancement solution within the four-day-three-night camp, participants from various secondary schools found the camp meaningful and enjoyable with a series of exciting activities along with academic seminars, workshop and student sharing, o ering a glimpse of university life and leaving a good rst impression. Participants have also come up with innovative ideas in the Brand Management Challenge.DETAILS. is year, the new function, ‘Mingling Night’ wasadded to give ourish to the camp, enabling ourparticipants to get to meet more new friends and tryto mingle using the skills they learnt in the workshop.Various joyful activities during the night have greatlystrengthened the bonding among the participants aswell as helping them make new friends, expandingthe social network they made in the camp. e camp was a great success with numerous positivefeedbacks received from our participants. e campwould not be able to go smoothly without thesupport of e School and e orts paid by all thegroup leaders. We are glad to see the positive impactsbrought by this remarkable and rewarding event toour Union and to all the participants.

Freshmen year is the time to meetand learn. With e orts paid, twocomponents of the OrientationProgram 2017 which are theOrientation Day 2017 and OrientationCamp 2017 were successfully heldin August. Being the sole unionrepresenting all business students inHKUST, we are proud to organize oneof biggest orientation program amongHKUST. It is our honor to greet ournew buddies in HKUST SBM. We areso excited to see some new faces andhave the chance to get to know witheach other. Time pasted yet memoriesstay. Let’s recall all the joyful moments!

23 | FUCNTION REVIEWWELCOME FM!Our Orientation Day 2017 (O’ Day) was held on 13th August in Clear Water bay 2nd Beach. We have donedifferent kinds of mass water games and checkpoint water games on the beach with nice and shiny weather.It was the first time our freshmen met their new friends and we all had lots of fun during the day. TheOrientation Camp 2017 (O’ Camp) which was held from 16th August to 18th August came a few days rightafter the O’ Day. There were numerous happy moments during the O’ Camp and they all stayed in ourmind. We had the campus hunt session for freshmen to get familiar with the campus environment and theexciting and tense detective game for them to solve the case. The campfire dancing and freshmen nighthave also pushed the atmosphere of the O’ Camp to even a more intensifying level! After all these days,freshmen had built a stronger bonding with their new friends, enjoying the time staying with each other.The functions would not have been successful without the efforts of all the group leaders. We, the ExecutiveCommittee, would like to thank all of you for giving us a hand, creating such a great memory for allthe freshmen and letting them experience a welcoming orientation. Apart from the group leaders, wewould also like to thank all the external parties for supporting us and providing resources to organize thefunctions. Your efforts had made our Orientation Program 2017 a fruitful and successful one!

e School of Business and Management X e Business Students’ Union Annual CocktailSession 2017 will be organized in mid-October this year. As one of the highlighted functionsin the fall semester, the Annual Cocktail Session provides a valuable opportunity to ourparticipants to interact with various parties within the School of Business and Managementin strengthening the bonding and sense of belonging within the school. e theme of the year is “Evolutio”, which is a latin word meaning a series of developmentsand changes over successive generations with the best ones remaining. Having the formatchanged, we would make amendments on the program while keeping the ample content. is year’s event still aims at enlightening freshmen’s path and expanding their connection intheir upcoming university life. rough the Annual Cocktail Session, we hope to encourage freshmen to mingle with alumniand professors to gain insights from them whom had also gone through the time of studyingat HKUST, growing at the same environment and experienced university life respectively. Tobetter equip our participants for the Annual Cocktail Session and future similar occasions, abusiness etiquette workshop would be organized. We hope all the participants would be inspired by the guests’ sharing, getting prepared to plan for their future with the connection they get from the alumni and professors, having the strongest network in HKUST.

25 | FUNCTION PREVIEWMentoring Program 2017 is one of the most anticipatedevents organized by BSU in the fall semester. MentoringProgram 2017 – “Polaris” unveils as all the studentshave turned a new leaf in their university life. “Polaris”,the theme of the year, resembles the brightest star inthe constellation of Ursa Minor. e Pole Star is said tobe a reliable indicator of direction which parallels withthe main goal of mentorship as to provide guidancein directing mentees’ career prospects. We have alwaysbelieved that mentoring is the most e ective and direct Mentoring Program is constantly changing to adapt withway for students in HKUST to learn and grow into the changes in the needs of students. erefore, “Polaris”future business professionals as they can build tight comes back at its greatest to enhance students’ professionalbonds with their mentors whom are the source of knowledge, provide lifelong mentorship with a fruitful seriesbusiness knowledge and experience. Polaris is also a of sub-events: Firm Visits, Career Building Workshops,multiple star comprising di erent stars which shares Panel Discussion Sessions with Business Leaders, CEO-Get-great similarities to the nature of Mentoring Program. Together and High-Table Dinner.Mentoring Program is a series of events with variouscomponents. It is only when mentoring activities and Whatever year are you in, Mentoring Program o ers youcareer building activities combine into a program, the knowledge, experience and irreplaceable connection thatthen students can be bene ted the most since they can matters the most as a potential business leader in the future.take both the irreplaceable experience and valuable Grasp the chance and sign up for our program in September.knowledge or insights as guidance in their future just May your journey to a successful business professionallike the Polaris. embark here, at Mentoring Program 2017 – “Polaris”.

Joint-University Business Dinner (hereinafter referred as JUBD) is one of the most signi cant joint university functions in Hong Kong, organized and supported by the representing societies from the 9 local universities, which are City University of Hong Kong (CityU), Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), Hong Kong Sue Yan University (HKSYU), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Lingnan University (LU), e Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), e Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), e Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK) and e University of Hong Kong (HKU). JUBD is an annually organized business event which provides an occasion for participants to mingle with both peers from the 9 equivalence universities and distinguished guests which includes business elite, entrepreneurs from various elds of professions, public gures and politicians. JUBD converges distinguished guests and participants in a formal and charismatic event, providing participants with interaction opportunities with business professionals, enhancing the knowledge and understanding of students towards the business world.Over the past thirteen years, JUBD has been greatly supported by various external sectors and companies as prominentguests from di erent business domains. Stepping into the fourteenth year of JUBD, with its theme “Arché of ScintillatingEstrellas”, precisely as “Scintillating Estrellas”. It signi es our hope to escalate the achievements of the past sessionsand the upcoming success of JUBD. JUBD takes the role of forerunner, making a path for students to their goal whileilluminating the pathway to allow students to have clearer sight of their future. We hope that by participating in the event,the eminence of life will be achieved.With the remarkable experience and surpassing knowledge and accomplishment shared by the distinguished guests,students can foster better career-orientation while implementing diverse perspectives towards success in life. Nevertheless,by mingling with their peers and exchanging their ideas, interpersonal skills can be strengthened, while social networkcan also be expanded beyond the school and valuable business mindset. Bene cial e ects are expected to be obtained forfuture careers and life path. is year’s JUBD will be held on 19th October and limited seat will be provided. If you areinterested, be sure to save the day to join the remarkable event.

27 | FUNCTION PREVIEWWith our highest gratitude, we would like to thank e Joint-Union Sport Tournament 2017,all our members and outstanding sports team players. also known as JUST, will be held in this MidWe will never be that successful without your greatest November. It is co-organized by three schoolsupport and e orts. It is our honor to have your supports based Unions, which are e Business Students’ Union (BSU), e Engineering Students’ Union and please continue supporting us for coming year. (ESU) and e Humanity and Social ScienceIf you are interested in participating BSU sports Students’ Union (HSSU) and creates a goldenteam, please don’t hesitate to contact our Sports and opportunity for students from di erent schoolsRecreation Secretary, Leung Tsz Him, Vincent at su_ to communicate and expand their social [email protected] for registration. We are looking forward to Besides, it provides incentives for members toyour participation and generous support. Hope to see enhance excellent physical at the tournament this year. Business Students’ Union Sports team consists of students from the School of Business and Management from all di erent years of study, which is the sole sports team representing ee Business Students’ Union. BSU sports team comprises of badminton, basketball and football team.

In one of the most unforgettable times in the 4-year college life, e Business Students’ Union, HKUSTSUand the School of Business and Management is cooperating to organise an event to celebrate and capture thememorable moments for our graduates - Photo-taking Day 2017. is year, Photo-taking Day 2017 will be held on 17th November (Friday), which is the Congregation for business students. e event will take place in Lee Shau Kee Business Building, which will be decorated and set up with balloon props as well as handheld boards with well-picked phrases that will surely resonate among UST graduates.Despite this serves as a specialoccasion for graduates, all HKUSTstudents and sta are welcomedand invited to participate in thecelebration, sharing the joy of thisbig day. Remember to come andcapture the precious moment, seeyou there!


It’s high time for senior students to go on exchange and get prepared for the outbound experiences. For most of us, studying overseas for a semester is the rst time to leave home for such a long period, making us more independent and strong. To prepare for the challenges ahead, don’t forget to take a look at this quick guide before you go on your long-awaited journey!Be expected to experience Many exchange students may get Social media allows an instant clickunfamiliarity in another homesick after one or two months to connect with the others in yourcountry. It might be cultural, of exchange. Remember to let your hosting country. Facebook, WhatsAppsocial or even economic. Bear in family to learn Skype, FaceTime, Line, would help you adapt to their studymind that you have to embrace so that you could keep in touch with pace as well as getting a companion-diversity, and don’t be panic! A them by being able to see their faces, send a message to your friends andhuge challenge for Asian in a share your daily lives in the university family at any time you want or askforeign country is that you will and all the ups and downs with them any questions if you have, so yoube ended up hanging out with regularly. Be always motivated and won’t miss out the fantastic start of thethe other Asian buddies, which dress up all the time. Never be stressed academic year like the Fresher’s Week!loses the meaning of exchange. by the challenges that you face in this Some universities also have a localTry to open up yourself to new environment but to recall all the exchange buddy scheme that theythe world of English and give supports that stand by you all the time! could be able to connect themselvesyourself some confidence! to the local students together with the local cultures and traditions that bring along.

31 | EXCHANGE * Underwear for 2 weeks, Socks for 2 weeks, Undershirts * Long sleeve shirts, Short sleeve shirts, 2-3 Sweatshirt, Sweaters * Jeans/ Khakis (2-3 pair), Shorts, 1/2 belt * 1/2 set of workout clothes, 1 nice outfit for formal occasions * Pajamas, Swimsuit * 2 Coat/Jacket (For cold weather and water resistance) * Flip flops, Sneakers/ dress shoes/ boots * Cold weather gear (i.e. gloves/ mittens, hat, scarf)* Shampoo/Conditioner, Soap* Toothbrush/toothpaste* Deodorant* Comb, Nail clippers, Makeup* Contact lenses and solution* Medicines* Tissues/ toilet paper* Feminine Products (1 month’s worth)* Razors* Bath towels * $300 in local currency, Purse/ wallet * Important documents in a folder * Sunglasses * Cell phone, Laptop and charger (and adapter), Camera and charger, MP3 Player/ iPod * Enough prescription drugs * Sleep sack/sleeping bag * Journal/ diary * Backpack * Travel water bottle * A few hangers is is a basic checklist for you! Some choose to bring personal stu like teddy bear to relieve the feeling of homesickness. Most important of all, make sure you have enough cash for your exchange. If you have left anything in Hong Kong, you could still purchase it in the hosting country. After all, it’s only 3 months, and you could survive it!

If not NOW, ETSETWorking Holiday Scheme YOLO! e term is coined in America, meaning “You Only Live Once”! Working Holiday Scheme has been a well- received program by the youngsters. Not only participants could experience life abroad as a local, but they could also learn the foreign language. It is challenging yet a rewarding time for university students to catch their dreams and broaden their horizons by meeting all walks of life. Basically, the Hong Kong government has established bilateral Working Holiday Scheme (the Scheme) with the Government of New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Germany, Japan, Canada, Korea, France, United Kingdom, Austria, Hungary and Sweden respectively. Participants could take up short-term employment or courses in the hosting country to get to know more the development of that particular area.

, then WHEN? 33 | LIFESTYLEGet to Know These HKD 83.1-97.6 HKD 85.2 Catering, Farming Education Packaging HKD 63.2-73.1 Cashier Catering Waiter Clerk HKD 44.7-58.6 HKD 38.6 Hotel and motel Translation Skiing site Motel Catering HKD 106.86 Farming Hotel Catering Baby-sittingHKD 83.6 HKD 79Farming CateringCatering Co ee Shop Sales Assistant HKD 90.8 * Min. Winery hourly Hotel wage FarmBefore:1. Prepare $20,000 to $30,000 for the initial expenses2. Do job research through local newspaper or Facebook group3. Understand the country’s background well4. Purchase working holiday insuranceGO SOLO.

TechnologyiPhone 8 is going to be unveiled in within two weeks. ere willbe a much advanced entry level for iPhone 8. A Chinese postergeek par has actually released the storage sized for the iPhone 8and now they are saying that there will be three storage tiers forthe iPhone 8, starting at 64 GB which double the existing 32 GBentry level, then up to 256 GB which right now is the highesttier and then double to 512GB. You may wonder why you need512gb of local storage on your phone, when everything seemsto be stored at the cloud. ere are some possible explanationsfrom the internet which is related to the 4k video supportingmatter in the newest iPhone 8.Apart from the upgrade in storage tiers, people believed thatthere will be a new design for the iPhone 8. e design iniPhone 8 is the biggest di erence between pretty much all theiPhone. e iPhone 8 is the rst phone ever since the originalone back in 2007 to feature a complete redesign. With nohome button design for the new iPhone, from a news reportby Bloomberg, gestures are introduced to solve the problem ofabsence of physical home button. According to the new reports,there will be a very thin bar at the bottom of the iPhone 8 thatyou can swipe up on that bar to unlock the phone. Once insidethe home screen, you can actually click on an app and then exitit swipe up all the way. When you swipe up about half way, thecontrol center or the app switcher page will be activated. Besides,it is believed that there will be many huge improvements in thehardware of iPhoen8, such the front and back camera.Stay tune for the release.

35 | SPORTS LEGEND OF THE TRACK: THE END OF HIS CAREERSo, what has Lightning Bolt done remarkably Jamaica may be a poor country but is apparently rich in co eealong his 13-year professional career? Bolt beans and outstanding sprinters. One must not mentionbegan to play professionally in 2014 involving Jamaica without acknowledging the national star Usainin the CARIFTA Games. He made his rst Bolt. e multiple world record holder has decided to endOlympic appearance in 2004 but was sadly his heavily spotlighted professional career at the age of 30.hindered by his injury. His rst major world e World Championships of Track and Field held in Augustmedal happened in the IAAF World Athletics in London was the nal race of Bolt as he last appeared in aFinal in 2006 where he came third. His 4x100m relay.medals in 2007 World Championships have Bolt might not have been the humblest athlete. But that may befurther ignited Bolt’s desire in competing the reason why he has been loved by fans from the globe. His prideworld games. Who would have thought that and respect for sprinting would forever remain in the “Lightningthose silver medals were just the beginning Bolt” legacy despite him returning to a normal individual.of a sprinting legend? 2008 was de nitely alife-changing year of Bolt as he broke worldrecord for men’s 100m event. e rst-timerecord-holder has been brought to the globalspotlight ever since. e iconic gesture of“Lightning Bolt” has been spotted on theground of Beijing National Stadium where healso broke the world record for men’s 200mevent. He has, since then, become the rst tohold both 100m and 200m records since theintroduction of electronic timing. By 2011,the global icon was already unbeatable intrack events. After winning seventh straighttitle in 100 and 200m in 2012 Olympics,he boasted himself as “legend” and “thegreatest athlete alive”. Without any surprise,Bolt met the public explanation when heobtained his “triple-triple” (3 sprinting goldin 3 consecutive Olympics) in 2016 RioOlympics. After several major injuries, Boltwas forced out of the sprinting professionalcareer when experienced plenty defeats in2017.

3 more Seats forPublic Light BusFrustrated for being the 17th at Choi Hung MTR Minibus Stop? Keep Calm and HoldOn… In the no longer future, the trouble is eased unless you are coming the 20th!On 7 July, the maximum seating capacity of Public Light Bus (公共小巴; colloquiallyknown as Van仔) was released from 16 to 19 after it was published in Gazette. e rstbatch of 19-seat minibuses will serve in Routes 101M running in Sai Kung; 20C in TaiPo and 4M connecting Aberdeen and the nearby Wong Chuk Hang MTR Station inSouthern District by early to mid-August. Passengers are believed to be bene ted fromthe limit relaxation as their waiting time for minibuses can be shortened.Koon Wing Motors and AMS Public Transport Holdings, two of the strongest minibusoperators which owns around one-third of total minibuses in Hong Kong, are planningto retro t their eet with brand-new 19-seaters. A new 19-seater would cost $680,000– $730,000 while converting a 16-seater to 19-seater would cost approximately $12,000- $24,000, vary by the original con guration of the minibuses’ compartments. ecompanies decline possibilities in fare cut, and add on to explain that the cost of operatingminibuses are not likely to be reduced.In the 21st century, completion of new railway links such as the recent MTR SouthIsland Line, Whampoa Extension of MTR Kwun Tong Line have been adding pressuresto operation of public light buses. Featuring a more luxurious cabin environment, thetwo giants are aiming to enhance riding experiences to win customers’ hearts under thevery erce competition among forms of public transportation in Hong Kong. e number of licences for public light bus is strictly regulated by the government in anattempt to strike a balance between business and public interests. Would the release ofseat limits trigger a round of heat in minibus licences investment? Would the passengersbe bene ted from the policy? ese could be great questions when you come as the 20that Choi Hung MTR Minibus Stop later!

37 | CBAUSA: EconomicImpacts ofHurricane HarveyWhile the Zhu-jiang Delta was shattered by Typhoon Hato and Pakhar consecutively last BUSINESSweek, weather in Texas of USA was rigorous as well. Hurricane Harvey was considered thestrongest hurricane hitting the south-eastern region of the State after Hurricane Katrina,which created approximately 79.7 billion USD (indexed to 2015) economic losses to theStates dated back in 2005.Before the typhoon shattered Texas, gasoline price has been rising responding to theweather forecast. e average cost of a gallon of regular unleaded gas was $2.40 per gallonon 30 August, up from $2.34 a week ago. One of the major reasons that result in theprice change is that ow of gas from Texas’ oil re nery industry has been slowed down– e largest oil re nery in U.S., Motiva Port Arthur Re nery, has been shut down as ooding has become more serious. e energy price movement would lead to a jump inin ation rate. In the months following the Hurricane Katrina, the in ation rate jumped1% higher. e exact impacts on rates of Harvey is remained unclear, but obviously theburden of the general public could be heavier in the coming times.It is also possible that cases of initial jobless claims will likely be increased in the comingmonths. Past economic data and statistics have shown that number of initial jobless claimswould record a spike after Hurricane Katrina and Sandy in 2005 and 2012 respectively.Typhoons are linked to more industries such as automobile industry as well. Past stronghurricanes have recorded a lump in car sales. However, not everyone would be pessimisticas it would recover very soon. “Vehicle sales could be weak for a period and then willramp up, because a lot of cars have been destroyed in the storm and will be replaced,” saidMark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics Inc.From the recent reports from Hong Kong Observatory, another typhoon is likely tothreaten the South China Sea again in the rst weekend of September. It would be greatthat we can all consider the economic impacts brought by a typhoon, which is beyondwhether if we can have an additional day of school or work leave!

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