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BSU&U 2020 Issue 1

Published by hkust.bsu, 2020-05-31 07:03:07

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FOREWORD FROM DEAN I am glad that the Business Students’ Union plays a positive role in leading its members to think about entrepreneurship. In today’s fast-moving economy, students should develop entrepreneurial skills to prepare for a dynamic career. Entrepreneurial skills will not only give students enhanced abilities to create their own businesses and jobs, but also bring innovative ideas to companies of different sectors and sizes to grow and prosper. Entrepreneurs are thus becoming more important in driving economic growth and promoting a positive change in society, any- where in the world. At HKUST, we offer different activities for students to learn about entrepreneurship. Stu- dents are provided with access to resources and networks, and they encouraged to team up with like-minded peers of different disciplines to share knowledge and participate in entrepreneurship competitions. Our new incubator will soon provide a co-working space for teams to turn their ideas into prototypes and proof-of-concepts. These are an integral part of our effort in promoting a culture of entrepreneurship among students. As a future business professional, you should all closely look to the rich possibilities ahead especially with the new wave of advances in technologies. The challenges in Hong Kong and around the world over the year remind us of the importance of our adaptability and creativity – some attributes of successful entrepreneurs. They can capitalize on their strengths, see new opportunities and create new businesses in difficult situations. Your readiness for the future will make a difference, as you prepare for your new adven- ture. Professor Tam Kar Yan Dean of HKUST Business School

WORDS FROM EDITOR-IN-CHIEF I am delighted to bring you the first issue of BSU&U of this year. First of all, I would like to thank you all for your support to our session of Executive Committee of The Business Students’ Union. This year is a very special year with unexpected incidents happening in the beginning. It is a great challenge for us but we will strive our best to work our way through this bumpy start. To get started with our session, the theme of this issue is “The Essence of Nascence”. Everything has a start and here we interviewed some startups to find out the inspiration that made them come up with a business idea and started their own business. We are hearing about startups a lot these days and you may wonder what exactly a startup is or how they work. Read this issue and you may gain some insights on this topic and may even consider to bring your ideas into a real business! Expect the dawn of a new beginning in the dark nights of life. It’s hard for everyone this year, no matter students or the working class. This may be the toughest start of a semester or a year but with positivity and hope, we will soon get past it and be welcomed by life full of opportunities and vibrancy again. I hope you will enjoy reading this issue of BSU&U and wish you all a fruitful year ahead! CHAN PUI CHING, GIGI PUBLICATION SECRETARY EDITOR-IN-CHIEF OF BSU&U THE BUSINESS STUDENTS’ UNION, HKUSTSU, SESSION 2019-2020

contents BSU&U | Issue 1 | The Essence of Nascence 05 10 BSU THE ESSENCE 5 Words From Chairperson OF NASCENCE 6 About BSU 7 29th Executive Committee 10 Theme 11 Startup 12 Cover Story - T12M 18 Cover Story - Robocar 24 28 FUNCTION COLUMNS REVIEW 28 Healthy Living 24 Promotion Period 29 Travel 25 O'Camp Group Leaders 34 Festival 36 Technology Recruitment 38 Health Tips 26 Career Series 2020 39 La Dolce Vita 27 Business Leisure Series 42 Current Business Affairs 2020 46 45 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT WELFARE   EXPRESS

WORDS FROM CHAIRPERSON It has been 29 years since The Business Students’ Union (BSU) establishment. Being the first school union established in HKUST, BSU has always served our members and all business students with passion and aspira- tion. As the 29th Executive Committee of BSU, we aspire to inherit the precious tradition of the predecessor and to provide the best we can for our members. We aspire to delineate the orbit of the members through organising multifarious functions. Eventually, we aspire to transcend from the journey of being the Executive Committee of BSU. ‘Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.’ - Shakespeare’s Henry IV. Part II. We are honoured and proud to be part of BSU but we are moving on with great pressure at the same time. The pressure comes from the sense of mission and expectation from members. Throughout the year-long term of office, how we are going to fulfil the obligation and reach the milestones that we have set is an utmost essential question. It is never an easy task to be the Chairperson and Executive Committee of BSU. Nevertheless, we are determined to do so. The motivations that drive us are not only the obligation and expectation but also the companionship of the rest of the 29th Ex- ecutive Committee. We, as a whole, are going to achieve higher, to perform greater and to do better. The core mission of BSU is to serve the members and all business students. We organise a range of career-ori- ented and academic-based functions for our members as we hope to shed light on their paths and assist them to find out their destinations. We provide various welfare to our members and care about their needs as we hope to bring benefits to them and enrich their university life. We act as a bridge between the School of Business and Management (SBM) and business students as we hope to reflect the opinions of the students to the school and enhance harmony. The vision of us, the 29th Executive Committee, is to bring cohesion to BSU. We hope to unite members, hon- orary members and the 29th Executive Committee. We hope to narrow the distance between members and the Executive Committee while cohering every party together. What we hope to do is to increase their sense of belonging to BSU and build up a place in HKUST that they can rely on when they face difficulties. In our point of view, BSU is not only a student union but also home to our members, home that they can rest when they are exhausted. Last but not least, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the support of all members and past Executive Committee members. It is a hard time for all of us this year but I believe that all of us can march on and sail through the obscuring mist soon. Even when it is the worst of times, we promise to continue the Professional- ism of BSU defined by actions. TANG Wing Yin, Andy CHAIRPERSON The Business Students’ Union, HKUSTSU Session 2019-2020 5

About BSU The Business Students’ Union, HKUSTSU (hereafter called BSU) is a student-run, non-political and non-profit-making student organization founded in 1991. Being the first school union established in The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, BSU is the sole union representing all students studying in the School of Business and Management (SBM), we are proud to serve over 1600 members today. We provide a kaleidoscope of academic-based, career-oriented, social and recreational activities and services for our members. Through such activities, we hope to expand the frontiers of students’ knowledge and increase their exposure to the business world as well as to enhance bonding between members. It is the prime goal of the Union to further equip our business students, getting them well-prepared to become the future pillars of our society. The 29th Executive Committee 6

CHAIRPERSON - TANG Wing Yin, Andy BSU is the place where my freshman journey begins. I am glad to have the chance of being the Chairperson and venture upon a new undertaking. Being the Chairperson of BSU is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will never forget in my entire life. The 16 of us might live out a different life and travel a different path before getting here. But now, we unite and inspire each other. We all have the same goal of serving our members and contributing to BSU. No matter how hard the future will be, we will step into the uncharted with bravery and faith as we are bearing the weight of BSU. We define Professionalism by actions but not words. Members, welcome to 29th BSU. INTERNAL VICE-CHAIRPERSON - LOK Wing Yau, Jasmine “Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking our potential” - Winston Churchill. Being an executive committee member is one of my goals for get- ting into university. It has been a mission to consummate. I feel honoured to accept this duty with my fellow executive committee members. The power of our 16 admirable fellow EXCOs would enable us to perform our roles and responsibilities to overcome all obstacles that we face and embark on our new journey. We dedicate ourselves to serving our members and aiming to cohere the Union, accomplishing our goal. We are willing to accept the changes and make this year become successful. EXTERNAL VICE-CHAIRPERSON - CHONG Ka Yi, Jessy When people ask me about what makes me decide to become an Exco of BSU, I al- ways tell them I want the following four years to be special and unique. After being a sub-committee member of Mentoring Program, I realised that providing a platform for students to broaden their horizons would give us a sense of accomplishment. I want to be the one and go further on the way to success with my fellow schoolmates. Although we are new and not experienced, we will overcome all the challenges and difficulties with our determination and passion. This year is a bit different from the previous years. However, I believe that my team will make this year as fantastic as it used to be. INTERNAL SECRETARY - TAM Hoi Ying, Jessie Times flies. It has been an unforgettable experience with Einheit. The sixteen of us have already gone through half of the journey together. Yet, it is never easy to walk till here. The challenges and difficulties we have faced cannot be expressed through words. I would like to thank all of you who have stayed with me and persevered through the rainy days and dark evenings. Now is the time to run confidently and strongly know- ing that we have achieved something that felt beyond our limits. Whatever happens in the future, we have committed to getting ourselves out the door and have built up a great bonding among us. With a passionate heart we will continue to serve our mem- bers and give them a fruitful year with BSU. EXTERNAL SECRETARY - WONG Ho Heng, Ivor It has been four months since I have officially become the Executive Committee of the Union. Yet, I still remember the hurdles that our committee has overcome as if it was yesterday. Despite the unfavorable difficulties recently, the 16 of us remained united and accomplished which none of us could have faced alone. Although it has been an onerous responsibility to shoulder, it has been a gratifying experience and indeed put my abilities to the test. I have great confidence that the 16 of us can not only bring true unity within our community as the name of our cabinet implies but also serve our members with en- thusiasm and provide them with an invaluable and memorable year. 7

FINANCIAL SECRETARY - LAI Yun Chi, Gigi Being an Executive Committee member may not be an easy commitment to make and this may also be a challenging year for Einheit. But I always remind myself of a quote, ‘Re- member why you started’. Once I became the Executive Committee of the Union, I prom- ised myself to be a responsible and devoted one. With the unconditional support from my companions, I believe that we can inherit the traditions of the Union as well as overcoming obstacles throughout our session. We sincerely hope that unity will not only be between all of the Executive Committee members, but also between our members and the School of Business and Management. We dedicate our greatest efforts to serve our members and wish for your continued support. ACADEMIC SECRETARY - CHENG Pak Ho, Paco 2019-2020 is a tough academic year for everyone, especially freshmen. There is no doubt that there is a difference in first year experience between our expectation and reality. As a BSU EXCO, my colleagues and I will try our best to explore any possible substitution for canceled events, not only keep serving our members under the hard times, but also maintain our professionalism as usual. PROMOTION AND PUBLICITY SECRETARY - WONG Ka Wai, Jane This year is a remarkable yet tough year along with all the ups and downs that our cabinet has been through. As one of the executive committee members, through the extraordinary challenges and opportunities, it leverages my leadership skills and gets myself out of the com- fort zone. Over the few months of serving all business students and having a firm grasp on the priorities of the Union, it truly proved our professionalism. With the 15 companions, we intended to step into all of your shoes and aim to reach the pinnacle of The Business Students’ Union. I hereby wish our union all the best for our future endeavours. Thank you for your continued support and please stay tuned to our coming functions. PUBLIC RELATIONS SECRETARY - CHAN Yun Kit, Brian At first, I thought being an executive committee member in BSU was a challenge to me. I constantly step out from my comfort zone and learn new things. But I cherish every moment I spend in the Union and work with other members. We support each other to surpass challenges and that is a beautiful memory for us. I believe that all of us can yield remarkable outcomes which would be remembered for life. SPORTS AND RECREATION SECRETARY - WONG Shing Bun, Brandon Becoming a member of the executive committee is definitely a challenging and difficult task for me as a freshman, provided the turbulent situation we as freshmen have undergone in these two semesters. However, there is always an opportunity in the time of difficulty. I will try to deliver the best experience to our current and potential members using new technology and innovation in order to maintain the support from them and perform my responsibilities as well. Publication Secretary - CHAN Pui Ching, Gigi It is my pleasure to be one of the Executive Committee members of BSU. This year is going to be a special and unforgettable year for us, having to go through such a rocky patch and many challenges. It actually gives us an opportunity to challenge our adaptability and be innovative in this ever-changing world. Despite the difficult situation, we will do our very best to contin- ue to serve our members with professionalism and passion. Our start might be a bit bumpy but I believe that the 16 of us, with our teamwork, will make it smooth sailing from here on and make the rest of our year fruitful. 8

MARKETING OFFICER - HUI Ching Yeung, Sunny “Do nothing or do the best.” Choosing to be an Executive Committee member of BSU is a tough decision for me. There are many challenges as a marketing officer, and I have nearly zero experience in it. Especially in this typical year, I would say it is a hard year for Hong Kong and BSU. Over the past few months, I am very grate- ful that my fellow committee members are very supportive and helpful. I believe throughout the year, we will grow as BSU continues its development. Though 2020 is a tough year, as an executive committee member of BSU, we will strive our best and provide favorable activities for our fellow members. So please support us! MARKETING OFFICER - LEUNG Ho Fung, Thomas Challenges are what make life interesting. Novel coronavirus might have taken away our first-year experience, but it did not stop me from learning through the journey. We get the chance to go through something unique. This is a valuable experience and I am glad that there are 15 companions with me on the expedition. I am honoured to be a member of the executive committee of the Business Students’ Union. Time flies and one year is a short time, but I hope to achieve more in the rest of the year. INFORMATION SYSTEMS SECRETARY - HO Ming Hin, Hugo It is wonderful to be part of the executive committee as I got to create strong bond- ing with the others. Although there were some unforeseen factors and our planned events were disrupted, I still feel grateful to our team as all of us were supportive to each other. I believe that when we put ourselves together, we can overcome obstacles and continue to provide quality service and activities for all members in the future. I truthfully hope to achieve more in this year with the team, such that I can treasure this moment for life. WELFARE SECRETARY - LEI Tung Tung, Scarlet We are “Einheit”, the cabinet of BSU this year. For once, we were all outsiders with zero experience. Under constant perseverance and having faith in each other, we are now successfully elected to be the official executive committee members of the Union. Although this year has been a hard time for all of us and the situation is deteriorating, we will continue to devote the best of ourselves to the community under no circum- stances. As everything you go through, grows you. We believe we will blossom one day, and be the ones who achieve things beyond. CURRENT BUSINESS AFFAIRS SECRETARY - CHAN Pak Hon, Jonathan It has been quite a rough ride even before we have officially taken up the responsibili- ty of an Executive Committee member, but it has been nothing but eye-opening. The recent difficult times we are all facing has truly put our teamwork and adaptability to the test. And I am proud to say that our strong bond has allowed us to stick together and persevere. With such a strong and loving team, I cannot wait to see what more we can achieve in the future. 9

|THEME THE EMERGING OF GREAT POTENTIAL The Essence of Nascence NASCENCE / inception / beginning / start / birth / nativity / Nascence - a coming into being, being born or coming into existence for the first time It is the development of something new, or the emerging of great potential. All businesses start with a business idea and that idea can be a huge influence on whether the business will succeed or fail. The nascence of a business idea is very exciting for an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs get their inspirations from various aspects such as personal experience and market trends. Not many people dare to switch from their conventional and stable job to entrepreneurship. In recent years, there are more and more startups being established and young people are also encouraged to set up their own businesses. It is inevitable to encounter a lot of obstacles and challenges, compared to working in big companies. It is the passion and persistence that makes people strive their best to keep their new company going. Read the cover stories to find out about some startups and advice from entrepreneurs. You may be inspired to make your ideas in mind come true and turn into a real business! 10








COVER STORY ROBOCAR INTERVIEW WITH JONATHAN TSE, FOUNDER OF ROBOCAR Robocar Store sells self driving car starter kits so that people can build their cars more easily. 18






Promotion Period Einheit is the German form of the fellow schoolmates. Furthermore, word “Unity”, we aim to build up we hope that we can connect and trust and relationship to connect all unite our fellow members of the BSU. Business School Students as a whole. It is unfortunate that our promo- The logo consists of the first letter tion period had come to an abrupt of the name of our Cabinet, Einheit. stop due to political issues. Things ‘Einheit’ is a German word mean- didn’t go as we planned, neverthe- ing ‘unity’. Our logo consists of an less we continued our promotion. ‘E’ in script font, as well as a flipped We switched to online promotion ‘B’, which stands for ‘Business’ since and we still prepared souvenirs we are representing the Business for distribution. Our souvenirs Students Union. Instead of included stickers, files, notepads using simple straight lines, we used and A5-sized water bottles. This curved lines. It symbolises that was an unusual situation for BSU as a team, we will think out of the but we managed to make changes box and to use innovative ways and handle it with our teamwork. to introduce our Cabinet to our 24 LATE OCTOBER - EARLY DECEMBER

DO YOU WANT TO EXPERIENCE THE EXCITEMENT OF JOINING OCAMP AGAIN? We are recruiting a group of helpful and energetic jobamas right now! We hope this camp can bring all participants including our freshmen and you the most unforgettable experience ever. The responsibility of a joba/ma is to share your fruitful university life with freshmen and to give them some guidance in their perplexed stage when they first enter UST. Scan the code to join and have fun! 25

INTERVIEW WORKSHOP WEBINAR WORKPLACE CONVENIENCE PACK SEMINAR X CV TIPS As a University student, we often feel baffled by how distant our career seems to be. It is unclear how we should start preparing for our career, let alone planning for our life. The Business Students’ Union has always been organizing career-related activities to equip our members with knowledge and skills to excel in the business world. Career Series 2020 – “Road to Success” offers a great opportunity for students to make use of the time and develop themselves in the pandemic. It is designed for those who would like to explore different fields and kickstart their career. The theme of Career Series 2020 – “Road to Success” signifies the start of the path to accomplishing great- ness. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, we are forced to hold Career Series 2020 online. Unfortunately, we could not provide personal experience of workplaces and industries, but we offered an array of webinars from mid-march to early April, including career seminars and workshops. A Workplace Convenience Pack is also prepared for participants with CV examples and Job aptitude test practices for an all-round preparation for their career. Career Series 2020 received support from a diverse field of companies, such as HKCareers, OnGrad, WeLab Bank. With their unique content and resources, we were able to provide insightful breakdowns and analysis of different industries, hence helping participants to explore their career interests. Their generous support is crucial to the triumph of the event. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all supporting parties. Carrying on the tradition of The Business Students’ Union, HKUSTSU, of serving our members, we will continue to present more career-oriented events in the future. May I wish you all to find your road to success soon. 26

“For large structures, for which full stress-relief annealing Mr. Wu to be our guests to cooperate with us. He taught is difficult or impossible, partial stress relief around welds us some professional exercises to train our muscles and other critical areas may be of value.” This phenome- and immune system to resist the coronavirus and also non can be also applied to fellow HKUST business students explain theories of health and diets to us to comprehen- who are strained by the barrage of midterms, quizzes, sively improve our health and body strength at home. assignments, and projects, which creates pressure and even Our second video is about “Coffee Brewing”, in which depression to them. Although it is not realistic to fully Kyle, an experienced barista and the owner of ATMA, to relax themselves during the middle of the semester be our guests. He demonstrates the process of making a because of the measures adopted by the governments to successful and fabulous pour-over coffee with the tools fight the coronavirus and the schedule in our university. that can be easily purchased and cheap. In addition, a brief However, a partial relaxation is needed after undergoing culture and history of the development of coffee are also midterm periods in order to regain energy and mood. included in this video to provide deep insights for viewers In view of this, The Business Students’ Union organized who would like to know more about the coffee they drink. the “Business Leisure Series” to satisfy the recreation The topic of our last video is “Dessert Making”, more needs of our fellow students. This year we will change the specifically “soufflé making”. We are happy to collab- workshops into online video in light of the coronavirus pan- orate with King, the boss of a prestigious local dessert demic which forbid us to organize face-to-face workshops. shop located in Taiwai called “dessertpalace”. Not only The theme of Business Leisure Series 2020- “Joy In did he display the method of making a tasty soufflé, Oasis” depicts the situation now in Hong Kong: The but he also showed us some important skills in dessert outer world is like a desert where few people go up and making. As a result, the viewers of the video can gain shops are mainly closed or operated in limitation. The the knowledge of making a soufflé and improve their inner world - the place students currently lived- is like an skills together, which makes the video worth watching. oasis in a large desert where students can get nearly any essential materials they want but bored of the life there. The aim of this online function is to provide meaningful entertainment for students to relieve their stress and bore- dom so as to weather this critical time. In this function, we produce three different videos to be posted in our Insta- gram account and Youtube for students to watch in their leisure time, each with different themes, guests and topics. The theme of our first video is “Health & Workout”. In this video, we are glad to invite one of the famous Fitness Coach Without the generous support from all the supporting parties, the videos would not be able to provide valuable insights and opportunities for students to relax meaning- fully. Therefore, we would also like to express our heart- felt gratitude towards them. Inheriting the fine tradition of offering recreational activities for our members and other students in HKUST, The Business Students’ Union, HKUSTSU, will continue to present more recreational events to assist our members to fulfill their leisure needs. 27

Healthy Living HEALTHIER BODY HEALTHIER EARTH VEGANISM MEDITERRANEAN Veganism is a way of living that avoids the Milk - Oat milk, almond milk, coconut milk exploitation of animals on food and Eggs - Flaxseed, silken tofu, banana products in any possible way. The most Butter - Coconut oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, common way is adopting a vegan diet vegetable oilA Mediterranean diet is a which is sort of a plant-based diet. The diet heart-healthy diet which mainly consists of has completely no meat and any products vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish and whole from animals, including eggs and dairy grains. Red meat, sugary foods and dairy products like milk and cheese. products are avoided. HEALTH BENEFITS HEALTH BENEFITS A vegan diet has higher fiber and lower The diet lowers the level of “bad” cholesterol cholesterol. There are many health and reduces mortality from cardiovascular benefits from a vegan diet such as lower conditions. As a result, it reduces the risk of body mass index and lower blood heart disease and improves heart health. It pressure. It reduces the risk of diseases also improves blood sugar control which is a like cardiovascular disease. good way for people with diabetes to manage the disease. ALTERNATIVES ACCOMPANIMENT Milk - Oat milk, almond milk, coconut milk Eggs - Flaxseed, silken tofu, banana A moderate amount of red wine is allowed in Butter - Coconut oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, the diet. People usually include one to two vegetable oil glasses of red wine each day. Red wine actually has antioxidant and lipid-regulating effects, which reduces oxidative stress and hence, the risk of cancers and heart disease. 28

DISCOVER SOUTHEAST ASIA Planning where to go after the pandemic? Cambodia and Myanmar in Southeast Asia can be your next destination. Many people have been to Thailand and Vietnam but not many know about Cambodia and Myanmar which have recently opened up. Discover the wonders in these places, you will find yourself mesmerized by the beauty of the landscapes and ancient architectures! 29

VISIT CAMBODIA Beyond the beauty of the mountains and the rivers King Suryavarman II Mount Meru \"IN DAYLIGHT, THE VIEWS OUT TO SEA ARE STUNNING, THE CRAB MARKET IS AMAZING\" 30

PHNOM Siem Reap KULEN Thousand Lingas at Kbal Spean Kulen National Park Preah Ang Thom pagoda Archaeological Park Angkor $20 USD per person 31



EASTER Fun Facts of Festivals WHY DO CHRISTIANS CELEBRATE EASTER Easter is also called Pascha (Greek and Latin). It is a festival to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus after his crucifixion. WHEN IS EASTER The date of Easter varies every year. Easter actually falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the vernal equinox, which signifies the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere. WHY EASTER IS CALLED EASTER It is said that the festival is named after the goddess of spring, Eostre. The month in which Christians celebrated the resurrection of Jesus were called Eosturmonath in Old English, referring to Eostre and her power to prompt the arrival of spring. 34

CELEBRATION IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES Countries all over the world have different ways to celebrate Easter. UK: People roll eggs downhill and perform the Pace Egg play, a traditional local event. Australia: The Easter Bilby delivers eggs as bunnies are viewed as agricultural pests. Germany: People decorate trees with easter eggs, just like Christmas trees. Scandinavia: The celebration includes skiing and relaxing at cabins in the mountains. Cyprus: Bonfires are held in the yards of schools and churches. EASTER TRADITIONS 1. Decorated eggs are brought to churches, given as gifts and hidden for an egg hunt. 2.Breads are marked with an 'X' to symbolize the cross. 3. Ham is served at Easter dinners. EASTER EGG AND BUNNY The egg is known as an ancient symbol of new life. To Christians, Easter eggs represent the resurrection of Jesus. According to the Bible, the hare is an unclean animal, but in Christian art, it is associated with rebirth and resurrection. 35



Health Tips How to Use a Mask Properly? BEFORE putting on a mask How to handle the mask during mealtimes Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and then put on the mask. Bring an envelope with you when you go out and place your mask in it when you are eating. Another way is to put the mask on a tissue and cover it up. WHILE wearing a mask Single-use mask Cover your nose and mouth with Don't reuse surgical masks. Single- the mask. Don't touch the mask as use masks should not be worn it may be covered with germs. more than a day. DISPOSING the sdoicsitaalncing!! mask 38 Don't touch the surface of the mask. Take off the mask by only touching the strings. Wrap the mask nicely with the outer part folded inwards and discard it into a bin with a lid.

La Dolce Vita 39

ATMA COFFEE ~ Business Leisure Series 2020 ~ Coffee provides a complex blend of different flavors, which together produce a range of sensory experiences. The sensory profile of a cup of coffee varies according to a number of factors: the type and blend of coffee beans, geographical source, roasting method, and method of preparation. The variation in these aspects will impact the overall sensory experience obtained from a cup of coffee during both the preparation and consumption of the coffee. Coffee aroma descriptors include flowery, nutty, smoky, herby, while taste descriptors include acidity, bitterness, sweetness, saltiness, and sourness. According to Kyle, an experienced Barista, a splendid coffee needs to neutralize all the above aroma and thus give a fabulous taste to customers. The level of roasting impacts aroma profiles, in which lighter roasts preserve the herb and fruit notes, that’s why pour-over coffee is becoming more and more popular in Hong Kong.  In our video of coffee brewing, Kyle selected coffee beans from Guatemala which are rated high by experts. (Include the process of brewing) Right after finishing the brewing process, we were entering the first step of coffee tasting: smelling. Since the coffee has a relatively high temperature after brewing for a while, its aroma is the strongest, which implies that it is the best time to approach the coffee and smell its odor. Next, we drank a small amount of coffee to feel its strong flavors under high temperatures. After that, we waited until the temperature of the coffee to drop until room temperature and tasted again. At that moment, our main objective is not feeling its aroma but to examine its aftertaste, in which Guatemalan beans often perform well in this category. 40

DESSERT PALACE DESSERT - SOUFFLÉ A perfect soufflé should have the following criteria: a crusty exterior packed with flavour, a dramatic increment above the rim, an airy but substantial outer layer, and an abundant, loose centre that is not completely set. It should convey a true mouth feeling of flavor, bursting with the bright, clear eggy taste as well. A balancing act between egg whites, yolks, and butter is the essence of a great soufflé. It was a great pleasure that we had invited King, the owner of Dessert Palace to teach us how to make a decent soufflé. It was actually a simple process, all you have to do is follow the steps and get ready to dig in. Go check out our Instagram for more details. Here’s a tip, the key to make the soufflé swell is to beat the mixture into a firm texture, the soufflé won’t go wrong if you can flip the bowl without the mixture dropping.  The taste of a soufflé is perfect. Sweet and eggy, a wonderful dessert after a romantic dinner. As for the texture, try to imagine tasting a cloud, it melts in your mouth with a moist almost uncooked centre. This dessert is definitely worth a try when you are a newcomer to cooking. 41

Current Business Affairs What would be an optimist’s outlook on our pandemic? In the face of the current situation, being positive may not be a bad idea. This is especially the case with Hong Kong’s glimmer of hope as we are beginning to see days with zero new cases. Sweden is also another country that appears to be having a positive outlook as Sweden’s chief epidemiologist, Dr. Anders Tegnell, has told CNBC “herd immunity” could be reached in Stockholm within weeks, and “in the rest of the country, the situation is stable.” What are other optimistic outlooks in this trying time of ours? The Current Business Affairs Newsletter (April Issue) of The Business Students’ Union, HKUSTSU is getting a closer look at the topic. 42

Herd Immunity in Sweden Unlike other countries, Sweden did not impose a lockdown during this outbreak. The goal was to build immunity among most of the population while trying to protect high-risk groups like the elderly. This has been very controversial, and some drew parallels between this strategy and playing Russian roulette. Herd immunity happens when enough people gain immunity to stop the spread of a disease. This im- munity can either happen naturally or with the help of a vaccine. The threshold for this to take effect depends from disease to disease and can vary from 40 per cent to 95 per cent of the population having immunity. Despite Tegnell telling CNBC their data has indicated that 20% of Stockholm’s population is already immune to the virus and herd immunity should be achieved within weeks, we should also consider if this potential “success” is at the expense of the elderly. “More than half of the people that have died have lived in elderly care homes,” Tegnell said, adding that the Public Health Agency is working to low- er risk factors to protect them. Cannabis is essential for some Due to the outbreak, some businesses categorized as nonessential in certain U.S. states had to be closed. Yet cannabis dispensaries were deemed as essential in 8 of the 11 states where adult-use is legal. In addition, according to Cowen, there was a 17% increase in sales from the weekly average in 2019. Cannabis CEOs have taken this opportunity to push for federal legalization, saying that it would provide economic stimulus through job creation and tax revenue which would aid recovery. “One of the programs by the federal government right after the Great Depression was to focus on tax revenue generation,” said Curaleaf Executive Chairman Boris Jordan. “They lifted prohibition on alcohol and therefore started to tax it -- and it became a major reve- nue generator for both the federal and the local governments around the country.” As governments look for ways to generate revenue, cannabis will be “a significant revenue generator,” he added. 43

Focus on how much we would have developed after overcoming this relatively brief hurdle In a live LinkedIn interview, Billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio said that while the short run will be painful, it may pave the way to a better society. “The human capacity to adapt and invent and come out of this is much greater,” said Dalio. “We’re now in a wonderful revolution in terms of the capacity to think and use that in a way. I would say that is absolutely the most treasured thing in the future,” he added. We can see how our ongoing attempts to overcome this hurdle has created great opportunities for various industries. For example, we are increasingly encour- aging leading-edge technology such as AI and super- computers to get involved in solving public health problems. We are also seeing growing industries such as the cannabis industry flourishing in such difficult times, which encourages businesses and governments to see it in a new light. Recovery is only a matter of time Just like any other downturns, the economy’s recovery is just a matter of time. We are seeing world stocks recouping around half of this year’s coronavirus-linked losses as investors flip over their calendars to bet on a strong recovery in 2021, according to Reuters. Rather than focusing on the negatives, we should all collec- tively stay strong and try to make the best out of a bad situation. 44

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