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Vuuqa Lifestyle - September 2020

Published by Vuuqa, 2020-09-08 01:10:27

Description: Welcome to the latest issue of the Vuuqa Lifestyle e-Mag, your plug to African-owned brands and businesses. The Vuuqa Lifestyle e-Mag provides a digital platform where African-owned brands and businesses can showcase and promote their products and services, through a visual and well-curated narrative.

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LIFESTYLE | THE PLUG TO AFRICA SEPTEMBER 2020 | 25% ISSUE 10 Off! \"Becoming an Author\" Virtual Workshop Jazz THE PRETTY Maestro CHEF! Thandi Ntuli Fena Gitu 6 AFRICAN NATIONALITIES To celebrate Heritage Month! TENDAIISHE I Quit Carrying a CHITIMA Handbag For ONE WEEK!! THE \"COOK OFF\" STAR AS SEEN ON NETFLIX VUUQA.COM

DIGITIZE YOUR PUBLICATIONS WITH VUUQA!!! THE FUTURE IS NOW! EMAIL [email protected] Vuuqa: A Digital Navigation Agency. We'll Digitally Design, Create and Curate your publications! Digitally publish your e-book, office presentations, manuals and so much more!

o3  | Vuuqa Lifestyle - Our readers What Readers Are Saying... Love the headwrap blurb because I can so relate in this season for real!!! Thanks for the May edition this mags are always well done and crisply executed! - Reader Thank you for the feature. Great job to you and your company for the job you are doing. Keep shining the light on the continent - Lillian Motongori- (Featured) I really enjoy reading and getting inspired by the stories in the monthly eMag. I share it with many young people and we are eargly awaiting the next issue - Reader Super impressed with this SA based online publication, user friendly, great writers, diverse representation and beautifully executed. If this is the future of \"magazine\" I'm in - DJ Doowap (Featured) Thanks for this months edition this mag is always so well done and crisply executed - Reader Thank you for the opportunity to be featured, I am so psyched. - Nolo Phiri (Featured)

VUUQA LIFESTYLE | THE PLUG TO AFRICA VUUQA'S NOTE Africa is in Vuuqa's DNA. Everything we stand for and represent is for the progression and digital inclusion of African brands and businesses. ALATABO :TSITRA OUR TEAM At Vuuqa, we celebrate Africans on a daily basis. As we usher in EDITOR -IN -CHIEF the month of September, which is heritage month in South Africa, we explore how African brands and businesses push the Horesia Nyawade African narrative through their artistry, creativity and/or services they provide. Copy Editor | Art Director One thing I have learnt from reading all these powerful stories is CREATIVE & DIGITAL MEDIA that Africa is ready to compete globally. We have the passion and the skills. What's left is for us to get the right infrastructure and Manqoba Ringane support from our leaders in government. Chief Designer | Social Media Officer In the meantime, while we wait, let us forge forward with our innovative ideas and solutions, whether it's creating content, SPONSORSHIPS & CONTENT ADVERTISING apparel, buildings or showcasing our rich food and art. Tshiwela Ncube Snr Content Producer | Account Manager CONTRIBUTORS VISITING EDITOR AND CONTRIBUTOR Immaculate Lwanga MUSIC COMPILED BY: Humbulani Ncube SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER Live Africa. Be Africa! Enjoy the read, stay home and keep safe! o4 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

VUUQA LIFESTYLE SEPTEMBER 2020 / ISSUE 10 32 CONTENTS 06 I QUIT CARRYING A HANDBAG FENA GITU FOR ONE WEEK!! HERE’S WHAT HAPPENED 2 8 Kenyan Musician My purse is an item of clothing, and 44 I am naked when it is absent. BAAINZ MEDIA SOLUTIONS IVY ONAMI 0 8 Creatives without borders. 3 0 Part 2 Architect THANDI NTULI GRANT SENZANI 19 16 1 2 South African Jazz Maestro. 3 2 Author | Speaker | Publisher 28 08 14 SOUND OF AFRICA PHILIPPE ARNAUD BLEY KOUASSI Omah Lay - Get Layd (EP) 3 5 Graphic Designer Artist TUN3- H.E.R (Single) Ko Jamal - Celebrity (Album) BlackSounds - Imibuzo (Album) PEARL SECHELE  DAUGHTERS RAISED AS SONS 12 1 6 The Pretty Chef 3 7 Poem by Nompumelelo Maseko ON THE COVER 19 TENDAIISHE CHITIMA ANYIMA OKUNDI Actress and Creative Consultant 3 9 Bespoke Designer & Executive Coach 22 NEFERU NATURAL HAIR CARE IN MY OPINION A modern-day, mobile subscription- based hair care service for the Afro 4 2 Africa to the World! naturalistas 22 25 ZIGGY OWEI ATLIVEX: Independent Business Representative Using expertise to build impactful 4 4 digital products and solutions. 35 CLICK TO CHECK OUT LAST MONTH'S ISSUE VUUQA VUUQA VUUQA_ VUUQA o5 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

BLOG - BUGGAGE I Quit Carrying a Handbag For ONE WEEK!! Here’s What Happened WRITTEN BY WANGARI KAMAU W omen carry a lot of baggage, literally. There is I went to Shoulder Paradise not a single day that we show up just as we are. We each come with a sack. Somewhere in Women, we mistreat our shoulders with many items, usually all at once. Aside from children, strappy garments the murky years between college and high and tight brassiere, we also carry on one side, an entire load every day. When I went bag-free for those couple of school, every girl becomes doomed to a leather days, I noticed that I felt lighter- more athletic even. Once I got over the feeling of being unprepared, container, as though it were a right of passage. suddenly I was walking straight. And you know that freeing sensation which hits you when you unclasp your My best friend refers to my purse as the elephant in the bra? I achieved that feeling for an entire day. Yes, I got looks, because apparently it is suspicious that a woman room. It’s usually large and will stretch graciously to should leave her house just the way she is. But yes, that feeling of freedom was unmatched. accommodate any object that I might choose to force inside of it that day. Being a hoarder, I also collect receipts. They’re a real-life equivalent of screenshots. Looking inside the bag, you can also find an assortment of Kleenex, hand sanitizer, eye-drops, hand lotions, sweets, and not so rarely, footwear. My purse is an item of clothing, and I am naked when it is absent. Recently I ventured to examine why I feel this way, and I went one week without.  I found many benefits. In this article, I’ll show you some. o6  | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

BLOG - BUGGAGE Suddenly, I became Less Vain I Made It To My Seat Without There had been pamphlets, forms, Destroying Everything in My Path mail, and promotional material First let me classify the items I carry sitting in there at any given in my bag. My bag, the elephant in the room, is time. Leaving my bag at home forced My bag typically holds items that I won’t die without, but that will save very disruptive in public spaces. I me to take pictures of vital me in the event that I leave unprepared- think lotion, usually arrive late for things, but still I information, and to avoid paper at all toothbrush. But I also carry items that can make me look glamorous in do not sacrifice the seat I cost. Again, much lighter. one bathroom trip, should I suddenly desire to impress. Think along the want. Because of this, I am usually Speaking of’ minimalism, one thing I lines of mascara, miniature perfume, maneuvering my way around people’s noticed is that carrying a bag was and emergency jewelry (as if jewelry heads necks and faces. And thanks to making me act greedy. I was picking were ever a crisis). The third my bag, I smack, knock and strike two fortune cookies at the restaurant category of things is “sanitary” and everybody in the way: unintentionally, instead of one, and two pieces of “touch-up”. These are eye-drops, of course. Losing the bag for a couple candy at the bank. A lack of storage painkillers, wet wipes, tampons, lip- of days helped eliminate this meant that I could only select things balms, hand sanitizer, and problem. I was also showing up on that I could consume in one sitting. sunglasses. For this reason, I cannot time, thanks to better efficiency, and Lighter. advise any lady to leave her bag at just like that, this problem became home during, or near that time of the month. almost irrelevant. I Challenged One Tradition Now that I have classified the items I Challenged One Tradition in my handbag, you can understand that it was not easy to leave my bag In a world made of tradition, hidden at home. But something very unexpected happened when I did agendas, and massive-scale this. I stopped fussing about the way I looked. This was mostly because deception, it is very important, even after the point of leaving my apartment, I could do nothing about righteous to question everything. And it. The second day I left with no purse, I was forced to make sure that by this, I mean, EVERY SINGLE I prepared adequately in the morning. I also accepted the reality THING: holiday celebrations, that my appearance would subtly deteriorate throughout the day. symbols, beliefs, etc. Everything I My vanity suffered, but my efficiency increased. Because I couldn’t touch carry on my person is currently up up with jewelry and cosmetics, I was forced to fix my mood and actions for scrutiny. I have successfully accordingly. maneuvered without a bag, in the heart of the city, for a couple of days, and this has opened me up to rid myself of other unnecessary traditions. Yes, I still Paper Minimalism. carry bags, but I’m lugging around an Paper Minimalism. awful lot less. This is one kind of weight loss that every woman should During this bag-less stint, I found try. that I was unable keep receipts on About the Blogger: my person. This is when I realized that, there was never a need to do this in the first place: I rarely return Wangari is a 25 year old who passes items. Aside from receipts, in the for 19 on good days. She is based in past, I had been one to hold many Canada, where she observes and papers indefinitely inside of my records human behavior. It's not as handbag. creepy as it sounds because she's a writer. A blogger even. Visit her website at o7 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

Page 43 \"CREATIVES WITHOUT Baainz BORDERS\" Media Solutions W hen you view the Baainz Media Solutions \"With a couple of Baainz Founder: website, the first thing that draws you in is awards under our belts Mohammed Jose how clean, creative and captivating it is. The website itself is evident to the three pillars of this agency which for sure, and an are, ‘Communication Experts. Design Nerds. Visual international presence. Narrators”. The young African behind this amazing Most importantly we brand is Mohammed Jose who founded it halfway through 2016. are evolving into a video first agency. The Initially Mohammed created Baainz, Version 1.0 to be a management artist for actors, comedians, writers and future is now.\" creatives alike. The gap he believed existed and still exists, is that not enough thought is given towards Baainz offers its clients modern media solutions with a crafting a world standard artist nor is there enough niche in cinematic video production from start to finish. planning or real genius dedicated towards the Additionally, they offer the service of working with appearance, speech, publicity stunts, content or clients to develop an innovative online presence. This collaborations that forge great artists or stars or includes planning and executing campaigns from A - Z.  influencers per se who have global value. This problem he says was what birthed Baainz 1.0 (Baainz Creatives Agency). His underlying drive has always been a long standing love for moving pictures and storytelling, this despite his degree in International Law and working in multiple industries -  banking, law & journalism just to name a few. Having inevitably ended up in the entertainment and the digital media space, he then named his company after his late mother, Zainab. He believes this very company which he innovated, evolved and birthed, is the substance of dreams. It is in short described as, “Its Black excellence”. 08 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

BAAINZ MEDIA SOLUTIONS Baainz’s resume also boasts of developing and executing the strategy for TikTok to launch in Nigeria, creating a promotional video for an NGO which got international media attention and even had their work up on the NASDAQ tower in Time Square, New York. Since their doors have been opened, they have channelled creative energy into clients across multiple industries - art, culinary, education, real estate, music, corporates, social media apps and NGOs. The team behind this brand is made up of a diverse bunch and even refer to themselves as “creatives without borders” not needing passports to work together despite the group’s diversity. Mohammed believes that they bring a magical mix of experience and structured professional discipline to the market. Their ability to make thinking outside the box look like neatly arranged shopping aisles, is the value appreciated by their clientele. When asked where the brand will be in the next five years, its founder and CEO confidently says, “with a couple of awards under our belts for sure and an international presence. Most importantly we are evolving into a video first agency. The future is now”. Baainz has no plans to slow down anytime soon and we love to see it, they are truly the communication experts, design nerds and visual narrators Africa and the world has been waiting for. Contact Details: +234 80 98 42 80 11 @baainzagency 09 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -


BUSINESSES IN AFRICA DIRECTORY ACCESSORIES CORPORATE TRAVEL Aluta Sunglasses Muluma Advisory Services Lived Experience Travel The way you see Africa through Muluma Advisory Services is a Travel with us | Experience South the lenses of our sunglasses is the 100% black-owned engineering Africa | Focusing on the African way the world sees Africa. and consulting company. continent + destinations Location: Johannesburg, SA Location: Johannesburg, SA Location: Johannesburg, SA @Alutasunglasses Muluma Advisory @livedexperiencetravel +27 83 982 2195 Muluma Advisory +27 76 910 4330 FOOD LindsayKellar Attorneys WELLNESS Wolf & Co LindsayKeller has rewritten the The Nest Space law in a number of landmark Wolf and Co Cafe is a creative insurance and liability cases. Healing, growth, transformation, space for artists and self-discovery, inspiration and entrepreneurs in Tsakane. Location: Johannesburg, SA collaboration takes place at The Nest. Location: Johannesburg, SA wolf and co cafe +27 (0) 11 880 8980 Location: Johannesburg, SA +27 83 877 3407 @thenestspaceza APPAREL Uga Roll +27 72 200 9953 Afrofrocs The future of tradition is here. R150BULSISINTEYSOSUHRERE Ugandans favourite classic street We are creators of contemporary KSHM1,O00N0 |TUHSDL10Y meal redefined has never tasted African clothing and accessories, APPLY so fine. our designs are inspired by the HERE life and traditions around us. Location: Kampala, Uganda @ugarollNtinda Location: Johannesburg, SA +256 414 699 805 @afrofrocs +27 62 394 1992 Cakes By Kiumbi Hectic 7 The future of tradition is here. Ugandans favourite classic street HECTIC 7 produces Non- meal redefined has never tasted Restrictive ‘Street’ Wear across so fine. both male and female segments. Location: Nairobi, Kenya Location: Johannesburg, SA @cakesbykiumbi @Hectic7Creations +254 723 527 630 +27 84 252 1245 11 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

THANDI Position/Title: Pianist, Vocalist, Composer, Songwriter, founder of Ndlela Music Company. NTULI Company/Organization: Ndlela Music Company Country:  South Africa born and based. Q What inspires your craft? What influences your creativity? I’m inspired by life itself. The experiences I have or the things Q How do you spread/push the African Narrative I observe around me in other people’s lives, music, books, through your work? all types of art really. I’m inspired by stories, feelings… the desire to help people feel things with the music I make, and I Well, I am an African, and the idea of a singular African think most importantly the desire to process the things that I narrative is one that I don’t generally subscribe to. I think feel. I’m inspired by people who are excellent too, regardless there are as many stories and experiences of “being an of what they do. African”, as there are people on this continent. So I just “do me”, and I think that naturally, being in, and influenced by this environment, brings it out through in my music. 12 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

THANDI NTULI Q Do you believe the African infrastructure is fit Q How do you relax? enough to support your industry? I relax by meditating, reading, taking a long relaxing bath with lovely oils in the water and good music I’ve often felt frustrated by our industry’s infrastructure.  playing, cooking (when I’m in the mood and feel like being Locally, I think there is a lot that needs to be established to creative… not when I have to cook, haha). Focusing on standardize certain things. Our industry has too little in breathing deeply also helps me relax. place to support the workers- those who play a supporting role for bigger artists. It is important to create viable career Self Plug: paths that can be supported from a developmental Right now, I have been busy composing for a perspective, right to the point of being professional. I’m number of projects and enjoying that and how it has been not entirely sure why this is so, because as a generator of teaching me a lot about myself and my process. My latest income, I know that this industry has the potential to album, which is a live album, Thandi Ntuli Live at significantly contribute to the GDP of the country, create Jazzwerkstatt, is available on all streaming platforms for jobs etc. There’s a lot of work to be done. I also get those who would like to hear more. frustrated that touring in the continent is very difficult. From lack of venues to currency differences, it can be a But generally, for more \"in the moment plugs” follow me struggle. What this means to me, however, is that the on social media. potential for the music industry in Africa is immense. There is so much we haven’t done that we can do. And that @thandi_ntuli @ndlelamusic excites me! @ThandiNtuli Thandi Ntuli Q What makes you smile?  You can find a video of one of the songs on Random acts of kindness, being with people I love Thandi Ntuli - New Way and care for, being in nature, children, a lot of things… simple things in life. 13 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

MUSIC - THE SOUNDS OF AFRICA Sounds of Africa MUSIC Omah Lay - Get Layd (EP) HfmOuemusssaioithcnaiSarsttnieanbdngulehetriysaaDmnmidduuisssaoiiccanlcgpsawororrekditneueorcrwae. trnttahoseoO.amgeahofL1ay5 iasnadNisigneortiasnobleolrynaAfro- SLotaLnod.out songs from his 2020 EP Get Layd are Bad Influence and Omah Lay - Get Layd (EP) @omah_lay Omah Lay - Get Layd (EP) TUN3- H.E.R (Single) crtthHeohre.eEle'avsa.tRoptifieoeaicsrndcesssetoohhdhnuioiptsttrshotti,rmhfowleooauhrvggpoeHehrmoio,sobluhoflEteeyaxmhaoifsilsesttyivmclh,iofealRieaclehec.ianaHkwlgsemohfofti.acuotIcnhtroeukthhdshieastewlralpesitntrofhhodenobgrhgslsieiersTltmsUoposrNiwanot3snbohlwHiieinsn.amsEpste.saRhctse.arutTynrs:ihidnotiigsnegsis. TUNE3 - H.E.R @tha_kid_nextdoor 14 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

MUSIC - THE SOUNDS OF AFRICA Ko Jamal - Celebrity (Album) NasigKeoriaJnamsian,gl iesraanndafsroon-pgowpr,itdearnOcseahraiellmaendOhniopmheopEzaormtisot,.also known aSntadnSdtoaumtisnoan. gs from his album Celebrity are Gaou, German Wipe Ko Jamal - Celebrity (Album) @ko_jamal Ko Jamal - Celebrity (Album) BlackSounds - Imibuzo (Album) SaSBnleoaduncztvkhoos.Acoaufrlniiscdtass.h;TKohuaegsgeisromou,uDpsaiiscnimiesla,adTbehaeunmpdbobafa,msTesudhlteiin-gioKn,rsuLtgeruebmrzsaedanontradpl,ists Standout songs Umsebenzi, Imbizo and Jah Lady BlackSounds - Imibuzo @blacksounds_sa Share your music with the world! Email: [email protected] 15 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

PEARL SECHELE THE PRETTY CHEF Position/Title: Self Taught Chef Company: The Pretty Chef Country: Botswana based in RSA Q What inspires your craft? What influences your By the time I was seven, my mother took a back seat when it creativity? came to cooking. I remember it like it was yesterday; I used to write down a menu on a piece of paper, and would ask my Being African is enough inspiration I need for my creativity. I siblings to order from it. Pizzas, burgers, and pies were a love food, I love satisfying people’s palates to look at food regular on the menu. Apart from the love of cooking, the differently. Most of the dishes I prepare, I either grew up small town I grew up in, had no options of restaurants at all, eating, making and/or watching my mother and grandmother maybe one or two local restaurants that sold nothing but make. They still carry a lot of memories; almost every dish I ‘mangwinya’ and ‘mafresh’ nothing out of the ordinary. The make has a story behind it. only time we had KFC or Wimpy was when my mama went to South Africa to stock up on the clothes she sold, or if we Growing up in a family with 4 siblings and a single mother visited my father in Gaborone, hence my page offers not only who was trying to make every day ends meet, cooking at an African dishes but other food as well. early age came naturally. My mother and father separated when I was still little, I was probably around six years old. 16 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

THEE PRETTY CHEF Q How do you spread/push the African Narrative through your work? As much as I try to fuse my African dishes with western \"For me, traditional meals, my goal still remains to showcase the amazing food meals are not just that Africa has. I have recently started learning about cheap or economic, different African cultures and hope I will be able to replicate they are nutritious, the food for my page. For me, traditional meals are not just easily accessible and cheap or economic, they are nutritious, easily accessible and carry a lot of meaning carry a lot of meaning and memories. I therefore pride myself in making and posting an African dish at least twice a and memories\" week, with a story behind it so that my followers can relate. -The Pretty Chef Q Do you believe the African infrastructure is fit enough to support your industry? Well, the infrastructure is good for those who are able to access social media - where I normally exhibit or showcase my work. My food and dishes are quite cheap as well, hence my followers love the dishes. I do however wish I could reach Africans that are in villages who cannot have access to the digital world. Q What makes you smile? How do you relax? My kids, cooking and helping others. As a single mother, I pride myself in raising my beautiful kids. We cook together for the family and make soup and bread now and then for the people in the street, it is very rewarding. I do get time to myself when their father takes them for the weekend, a glass of wine and a movie will then be in order. I also enjoy gardening. It is my other hobby that I love doing. Self plug: My dream is to make cooking easy and fun for each and every individual out there. I am currently working on a YouTube channel as most of my followers have been asking for one. Teaching cooking classes is also an idea that has been running around my head, this as well as cute Aprons to sell. I do hope to also have a cooking show one day, currently I am typing all the recipes I make and hope to compile a Cookbook soon. @theeprettychef Thee Pretty Chef 17 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -



ON THE COVER TENDAIISHE CHITIMA Position/Title: Actress and Creative Consultant Organization: Sta Performance Q How do you spread/push the African Narrative Country: Zimbabwean based in South Africa through your work? So far, I have been privileged to work on African-produced Q What does the future look like for your industry content throughout my career. There are so many stories to in Africa? be told, and as an actor in the film and television industry, I like to embody characters which resonate with the African I believe that with the growing demand for African content, lived experience.  there is room for industry growth. This will mean more skills and jobs created within the industry. More funding of African I play my part in creating authentic content that can be stories will allow for more creative storytelling, and diverse accessed by millions in Africa and around the world by genres of films to be told. In turn, this will offer new and fresh enacting, retelling or telling true stories and fictional stories. perspectives of who we are, as Africans. Authentic representation of African people around the world not only validates our existence, value and place in the world, it also builds our esteem and confidence. 20 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

TENDAIISHE CHITIMA Q Is the African infrastructure fit enough to support your industry? 21 | Vuuqa Lifestyle - Whenever there is an economic crisis, the arts are often the first to experience funding cutbacks. This is especially true for developing countries.  Generally, there have not been well organised structures, which support the growth and sustainability of the arts within the continent. In some cases we see that African art is appreciated more by non-Africans than Africans themselves. This is mainly because the value of art in Africa is not yet appreciated in ways that create thriving industries. However, once art is integrated into financial, social, economic and digital spaces, it can add immense value that can significantly contribute to overall African economic growth.  acirfa si siht :ecruos egamI It is my belief that the outside world's peaked interest in African content, accompanied with our own awakening to our valuable and unique identities as Africans, will bring about infrastuctrutral growth that is strong enough to support the arts. Q What makes you smile? My loved ones, good food, music, travelling to beautiful places. My version of relaxing is… Watching a beautiful film or captivating TV show and getting enough sleep! Self Plug: I have a keen interest in technology. I am partnering with rAInbow a creative, virtually interactive platform created by AI for Good. Let's connect: @tendai_chitima Tendaiishe Chitima

NEFERU NATURAL HAIR CARE A MODERN-DAY, MOBILE SUBCRIPTION-BASED HAIR CARE SERVICE FOR THE AFRO NATURALISTAS or decades African women have shown Sure, the natural hair movement was growing and each other care and support through taking more natural hair products were in the market now, care of each others’ hair. Ancient hair but that didn’t mean people knew how to use them techniques included threading, twisting, or that they would work. This mindset inspired the plaiting and caring for the hair roots and scalp. This is duo to provide their service to everyone with afro exactly what Tumi and Ru did for each other and are textured hair, including frustrated naturals and kids now doing for many other Africans. of busy parents, to be able to understand their hair better. Tumi's natural hair journey was the inspiration for the business, after one fateful night of dealing with “Our primary goal is to make damaged hair. Having a hard time understanding and natural hair an easy and caring for their hair, they embarked on a hair care pleasant experience for you.” journey which led them to witness resounding Ru - Neferu Hair Founder progress, and thus Neferu Natural Hair Care was born. This duo noticed a gap in the market for day- The perfect alternative to your hair salon: to-day care for natural hair. Neferu’s hair service includes an at-home and online “When we started out, Neferu was just a side job we subscription service that focuses on Natural Hair did for extra cash, but as we encountered more and health. With their aim of wanting to change the way more naturals we realized that there was a lack of individuals completely care for their hair, their knowledge on how to take care of natural afro- development of specialized care methods ensures textured hair. The people were frustrated” co- their clients see natural hair as easy and manageable. founder Tumi tells Vuuqa. With a social media audience of close to a thousand, the brand aims to educate, bust myths and promote 22 | Vuuqa Lifestyle - healthy hair techniques.

NEFERU NATURAL HAIR CARE What-to-expect when you make your first appointment: How it works: We are a subscription service that offers you 1-3 The First Consultation: sessions per month. the session is dedicated to determining In these sessions, we create and implement a hair your hair type and collecting data about regimen suited to your hair's needs and your your hair. This includes a wash, lifestyle. moisturizing of your hair and protecting it. Why Subscriptions: Hair Regimen: Recurring sessions allow the Neferu team to adjust receive a personalized hair program that is your care regimen and recommend/create congruent with your lifestyle and that will personalized products. The aim is to get your hair meet your needs. healthier and more manageable with the right kind of consistent care. The more interactions Neferu has Hair Report: with your hair, the more they understand its nature. expect a report that contains all the Extra Cool Factor: amazing things you need to know about All subscriptions are inclusive of all services such as your hair and how to care for it at home. detangling, washing, deep conditioning, trimming and protective styling (with your own hair)! Relax: get pampered while enjoying your sessions. Feel free to invite your friends over, get a playlist and snacks going. Having passed the one-year mark, this brand has plans to expand nationwide. Their plans include providing more automated services, launching online workshops, salons and hair products. So, forget everything you’ve heard about not touching a black woman’s hair, because Neferu Natural Hair Care wants to show you how. For Bookings: Cape Town, South Africa +27 76 517 6194 @neferuhaircare 23 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -


Position/Title: Independent Business ZIGGY Representative | Regional Marketing Director | MBA Graduate OWEI Organization: World Ventures - Network Marketing Travel Company Q What does the future look like for your industry Country: I am from Nigeria and am based in Cape in Africa? Town, South Africa The future actually looks amazing!! The Network Marketing Q How do you spread/push the African Narrative industry is the direct sales industry and Africa is a massive through your work? market, having the biggest population. The Future is beyond bright, there is still massive potential for expansion and It actually happens quite naturally because it is part of the growth. My company is in Travel and Africans are fast core values of our company. One of which is respect for every becoming one of the biggest travelers, there is also a whole human being irrespective of your race. Furthermore our massive market for aspiring travelers! Therefore, our business model ensures the caring for one another, more like our model which enables the ordinary person to have access to African extended family system where we care for each other wholesale pricing for travel to multiple destinations and as we help to build up each other, we build up ourselves worldwide, and at the same time give them the opportunity in the process. Members are free to dress their part, to earn an income in US dollars, is really incredible and showcase their culture through dance and music at our massive! The industry of Network marketing actually is the events and are definitely big on respect for our value system. 25 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

ZIGGY OWEI Q What makes you smile? I am generally a very happy person. Seeing other people happy and performing random acts of kindness definitely make me smile! One major way I relax is definitely travel!! I love to travel and explore and discover new places, cultures, food etc. I also love dancing and listening to music.  I also enjoy watching meaningful movies with great lessons in them The Future is beyond bright, there is still massive potential for expansion and growth. Ziggy Owei business model of the 21st century. It allows ordinary people Self Plug: an equal opportunity to achieve financial freedom while starting off with a very negligible amount as compared to One of my passions is transforming people through starting off a conventional business which requires massive my words! Through this amazing company I have been able capital. This industry is literally a massive vehicle to alleviate to impact so many people and just help them rediscover poverty in our continent. themselves and take their power and push for their dreams and purpose in life.  The Network marketing Industry is Q Is the African infrastructure fit enough to support absolutely amazing and is a vehicle that can help alleviate your industry? poverty once you have the right company and product. With the current world situation with gross unemployment and My Industry basically operates online. So you can literally companies and industries shutting down due to the work from wherever you are in the world using your phone pandemic, being able to work from home online has been a with data or wifi. Certainly the African infrastructure has life saver. Unfortunately there is still a lot of negative really developed as far as data availability is concerned. There perception about the industry, which is largely due to are more than half a billion internet users in the African ignorance of how it works. Coming from a highly educated continent and literally everyone is now on one form or social background, and having been a traditional entrepreneur for media platform or the other. There is still a lot of room for over 23 years, being a mobilepreneur and having the unique improvement in more the rural and remote arrears where opportunity to impact a lot of people while doing what I am data and wifi is still very unavailable. However with what we passionate about, travel, has been priceless. This can have going now, it very well supports my industry to a very empower a lot of young graduates seeking for jobs that really large extent. do not exist. 26 | Vuuqa Lifestyle - @ziggyowei Ngozika Owei

LIFESTYLE | THE PLUG TO AFRICA ADVERTISE WITH US Vuuqa Lifestyle e-Mag provides your brand with direct exposure to extensive readership and other enthusiasts across Africa. We're committed to supporting African-owned brands & businesses, developing long-lasting relationships with our advertisers and telling our readers about things that we believe they'd love to hear about you. With Vuuqa your ad or sponsorship is guaranteed to reach your desired audience every time. GET IN TOUCH WITH US FEATURES & SPONSORSHIPS +27 68 254 2149 [email protected]

FENA Q How do you spread/push the African Narrative through your work? GITU I tell stories through the lens of a contemporary young, Position/Title: C.E.O African woman, born and raised in Nairobi's Eastlands, out Organization: Fenamenal Entertainment  and hungry to take over the world stage. Nairobi is a cultural Country: Kenya hub filled with some of Africa's most creative minds that the world is yet to see. It's my hope and goal in life to be one of the finest Kenyan flag bearers to do it globally, by making music that speaks to the modern African context. Q What inspires your craft and influences your Q Do you believe the African infrastructure is fit creativity? enough to support your industry? Growing up in a musical family has been the strongest driving Africa's music industry has the potential to be the largest in force in my career. My mother and sister are both incredible the world, if the systems that are/should be in place to singers, which inspired me at a young age to become a facilitate this are fixed. We have an abundance of resources musician. I am working to make them proud :) My creativity that remain under-utilized or out rightly mishandled and comes about our unique human experience. There is always a abused. We unfortunately lack good leadership or foresight story to tell. for all this to work. It's up to us to keep demanding for change. 28 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

FENAMENAL ENTERTAINMENT Q What makes you smile? It makes me smile to be alive. That you are here reading this. 2020 has been the most challenging year so far, but I have learned so much about humanity, patience and trusting the process, all God's timing. There's always a silver lining. :)  How do you relax? I relax by watching comedy / drama series marathons like Life In Pieces or Modern Family, and taking long drives. Self Plug: Fenamenal Style is a subsidiary entity of Fenamenal Entertainment that focuses on fashion and lifestyle. With a cool variety of merchandise and experiential concepts. We are growing a community of love- minded individuals known as Fenatics. Follow the movement! @fenamenalstyle @Fena_menal @Fenamenal Fena Gitu @Fena_menal My latest song: Siri. Click here to listen. 29 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

IVY Occupation: Part 2 Architect Country: From Kenya and based in South Africa. ONAMI I’ve found the ritual of storytelling, which is embedded with Q How do you stay in touch with your roots while most other African tribes, as a way to not only share living away from your home country? memories and events of my country but also a moment to live in its beauty. As a Kenyan, I am very close to my national heritage and wear the national Kenyan flag bracelet on my hand with Additionally, living away from my home country has pride. I have found this piece of our flag, intricately beaded encouraged my curiosity about identity and I have been eager by local artisans at Maasai market, serves as a reminder of to learn more about my cultural and tribal heritage as an who I am and where I am from. There’s a certain pride and Abagusii woman. Growing up I never had the opportunity to determination that comes with being Kenyan that’s fully immerse myself in my tribe’s culture and the longer I’ve balanced with our warm and welcoming hospitality. The been away the more books and online blogs teaching the bracelet and other forms of jewellery that keep me language and history of my tribe has become a part of me. connected to my roots have not only been the ‘hug’ I need when I miss home, but an opportunity to educate those I’m slowly mastering the language by speaking it when I can who spot it out of curiosity. with my parents when they call or via our family WhatsApp group. 30 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

IVY ONAMI Technology has truly played a big role in not only staying to our society, and how we can adapt those skill sets in a in touch but discovering more about my tribe and my contemporary and sustainable long-term solution. country’s history and culture as a whole. For example, my instagram feed would have a lovely balance of food, travel, Q What makes you smile? art, and history accounts by Kenyan creators that remind Is it cliche if I say everything? Over the years I have me of where I’ve been or excite me of places to visit on my next trip. learned to create systems that challenge me into a life of Lastly, when I truly miss home, I go to the kitchen. There’s gratitude. So simply waking up to experience the day, something about smelling the flavours of your favourite dishes and treats that take you back to memories of food whether it offers good or chaos, puts a smile on my face. I shared with family or friends. My spice rack is filled with a variety of tropical heat spices that I can’t find here such as could write an endless list of what makes me smile but I guess pilau or tea masala. to rephrase the question, what makes me smile when I’m feeling down or at my worst? A favourite song from my personal feel good Spotify playlist accompanied by a dance, or a hug, in silence with a friend. Those two are my go-to tools for instant happiness. Q Do you believe the African infrastructure is fit Q How do you relax? enough to support your industry? On relaxing, I’ve recently discovered the ergonomic Yes and no. Our current infrastructure is unsuitable for perfection that is the hammock. So, a wide-brimmed hat and the population growth we are experiencing as African cities. While working in Kenya and South Africa it has getting lost in a good book suspended in mid-air, is how I’ve been very clear as to how the distribution of resources and building of infrastructure is centralized and been mindfully pushing pause during the pandemic. dependent on everyday politics. Whoever controls the city, determine who can prosper leaving the larger For some anchored in love travel, food, vulnerable population at the margins. Furthermore, the books and yoga content. centralized system limits the adaptability of the infrastructure to the city’s ever-changing landscape and @africastravellingseed growth needs If you are looking to collaborate on design The pandemic has emphasized a gap in infrastructure, solutions that offer a social and that is the socio-technical aspect, where our practices reinforce each others' behaviour. As architects we design developmental impact in our future to serve the people. However, more often than not, our African cities and urban spaces. work relies on a demand-supply basis which ties us to short term solutions. It is time for our industry to reinvent Ivy Onami itself and lead in determining alternatives and policies that strive for local autonomy. We need to question what practices we want to embed that will allow social infrastructure, such as the people, to thrive in the ecosystems we design. There’s a need to go back to basics and appreciate the diversity that our vernacular techniques of placemaking and building contributed 31 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

Position/Title: COO and founder GRANT Company: The Golden Goose Institute (Pty) Ltd Country: I am from Malawi and currently live in SENZANI South Africa. Q How do you spread/push the African Narrative The self-publishing industry currently is riddled with through your work? mediocre work and there has always been a stigma for anyone that self-publishes. Through our work we hope to I believe that the African mind and overall attitude is one that ensure we change that narrative and have shown that expresses a large amount of resourcefulness. As Africans, we excellence is inherent within anyone born on this soil. are really blessed with the fact that we can create truckloads of value from nothing. It is perhaps only the legalities, Q What does the future look like for your industry systems and processes that elude us through this creation in Africa? process, but my gut feeling is that those elements for creating our work will soon cease to elude us too. As a publishing house we are at the epitome of The future is bright and the opportunities are plenty. The resourcefulness. We create premium looking and great reasons for my optimism are the fact that we are still content filled books at the level of international publishing developing as a continent, and the reading culture is growing houses. too. 32 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

GRANT SENZANI Q What makes you smile? What makes me smile? Seeing people happy and As a developing continent, literary work I believe is what being of service to people as well. When I am not serving progresses societies. Literary work such as books in this people, I am with my life partner Anna or a close knit of case allow for systems, processes, and ideas to be shared friends, and that certainly puts a smile on my face. that would ultimately allow the consumer of the material to apply themselves at a higher degree. As publishers we As for relaxing, a lot of money! Jokes aside though sleeping, become the key to that process, by ensuring the books we eating good food, Netflix, talking long walks relax me. At the create are actual solutions to problems being faced. top of that list however are books. A well-written book gets me to relax. As previously stated, I also believe that the reading culture is beginning to grow, and this obviously is directly correlated to our industry as well. The more the reading culture grows, the more opportunities for authors and therefore the onus of publishing falls squarely on our shoulders. An opportunity we gladly receive. Q Is the African infrastructure fit enough to support your industry? Africa as a whole? Not entirely. South Africa, however, does Self Plug: have the infrastructure to do so. Payments are made with ease If you feel you have always had the dream of as banks are issuing more and more solutions for fast and easy becoming an author but not too sure how to or where to payments. I remember dropping off one of our t-shirts to a start, we will be having a virtual workshop on the 31st of customer. They did not have their card on them, and October 2020 from 14h00 to 17h00 SAST. Subscribers of the therefore the card machine I use was not useful. After some magazine get a 25% discount by entering the coupon enquiry discovered that we had the same bank. As a result, we VUUQASEPTEMBER01. Seats are limited. simply did a “geo-payment”. The money was in my account the second our customer pressed pay on their cell phone. Perhaps the only place we need to double down on as Africa is our digital footprint. We need to have a company that is the equivalent of Amazon, on our turf and black owned. I believe in time, Vuuqa will certainly fill this space. Let's connect. The golden goose institute The golden goose institute Grant Senzani 33 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -


PHILIPPE ARNAUD BLEY KOUASSI Artist name: Obatala Occupation: Graphic Designer Artist Country: Côte d'Ivoire Q What inspires your craft and influences your Q Do you believe the African infrastructure is fit creativity? enough to support your industry? My craft is inspired by my hippie attitude, a touch of sun, Unfortunately, no. We are not yet ready for it. We, as love, freedom, joy and our African ancestry which is lost in Africans, need to elevate our consciousness to a higher level. this urban jungle. People don’t seem to believe that art has a place in our African society. I am constantly fighting against it since all the Q How do you spread/push the African Narrative support and interest in afro art, comes from western through your work? countries and the diaspora. I push the African narrative into my patterns, by looking to “Be creatively reckless if you bring our culture into this urban dynamic lifestyle we are have to, but do not let anything locked in. My goal is to let the whole world know that we can stop you..” exist through pop art, not only in Artisanal stuff. -Obatala 35 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

OBATALA Q What makes you smile? Nature and good music make me smile. Q How do you relax? I meditate a lot to be relaxed. Self Plug: Never give up would be my last word, do your best to stay focused. Art is not easy, especially in Africa, but a time will come where you will be in your prime. There are so many things to achieve so be creatively reckless if you have to, but do not let anything stop you. @Indielowve 36 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

DaughtersBy Nompumelelo Maseko raised as sons They have probably heard this line too many times, “You should have been a boy\". Perhaps even felt and said to themselves “I have the wrong toy\". During make believe play, they have wondered whether it’s them or their playmates they were trying to make believe the kind of person they were expected to be. They are daughters, raised as sons. Na, La, Ma, Ka and Mma are affixed to her Surname and name as a prefix, to signify that she is a daughter of the soil. That she shares in the heritage of great Queens and Queen mothers of our beloved continent Africa, the likes of Modjadji a.k.a the Rain Queen, Nandi the Queen mother and Yaa Asantewaa who led an army to resist the British.  She makes it rain, she nurtures both the soil and her offspring. She defends the throne, preserves the history of her people. She helps shape the future, she speaks for the oppressed, she blazes the trail, she owns up to her very existence. She looks forward to seeing the liberation of her own. She is a daughter raised as a son. I prefer to wear my bow on my neck instead of my shoulder or waist. I prefer my flats to my heels. During family visits you’ll most probably find me with my uncle and grandfather than you would with my aunts. When I was about 11 my father took my hand and compared the lines on the palms of our hands, and affirmed that I was a Maseko.  Once in a while this is how he greets me: Ntombi ka ngcamane, mntimandze, ndlovu edlekhaya nguko kuswela belusi. Bhabolonye, khuboni lo muhle. Sidwaba sithule ka maphanga. Okhedza lebombo ngokuhlehletela. I am a daughter raised as a son. Whether you prefer your head wrap or you choose to wear your hair as your crown. Whether you prefer make-up or not, natural hair or a weave, heels or flats. Trousers, dresses & skirts or both. Whether your area of expertise is in the home, the office or the market. It’s absolutely okay sis, all I want to see is you flourishing.I want to see you become, because maybe in some way or another we can relate as daughters raised as sons… 37 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -


Title/Position: Founder/ Director at ANYIMA AdzJoa - clean lines and Accord Country: Based in Kenya, from Ghana OKUNDI Q How do you stay in touch with your roots while As destiny would have it, there is an amazing Ghanaian living away from your home country? restaurant called Mama Ashanti just down the road! I speak Twi with the manager - Kofi and I order food that makes me I fully embrace the versatile and creative part of me as I make connect in a very special way, as only food can, with home! clothes using ‘Ntuma’ fabric that represents my roots. The patterns in the fabric have meanings and I make sure to know Q Do you believe the African infrastructure is fit what they symbolise. enough to support your industry? I start my morning in prayer and I always ensure to say part As a Creative using the Mediums of Apparel, Accessory and of my prayers in nzema- my mother tongue - the language Interior design as a form of expression, and also as an which is able to express the depths of my soul. Nzema tribe is Executive Coach, I see the African infrastructure from these the tribe of Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah- our Ghanaian two lens': on the one hand, I see the endless possibilities that freedom fighter and first president. I also endeavour to wear exist in both spheres, with the inherent love of creativity, something Ghanaian daily - either my ring with my Akan ‘gye ethnicity and empowerment of our people, as a mantra that nyame’ – except for God- symbol or some beads, or a scarf we profess at the top of our lungs, and the insatiable desire that connects me to my roots. 09| Vuuqa Lifestyle -

ANYIMA OKUNDI for learning and growth that allows coaching and mentoring in different industries to flourish on our shores; on the other hand, we can tend to experience resistance in respect of pricing correctly for our offerings, particularly in the Arts and especially in comparison to our western counterparts. In terms of the digital infrastructures available, it is Self Plug: refreshing to see that mobile technology has allowed easier access to platforms such as YouTube and Instagram where As an Executive Coach, and faculty on the AoEC we are able to self educate on such wide ranging topics as Diploma in Executive Coaching programme, to be part of the dress making, aromatherapy, financial budgeting for journey that facilitates transformation in future coaches is businesses and so on and now, in this Covid 19 era, the an absolute privilege. There are clear lines between mental opportunities for digital learning have totally multiplied and health and coaching that needs to be explored further. My also opened up our local markets to more external next frontier in coaching is to design, create and provide a opportunities too. space for dialogue when it comes to wellness in terms of body image and fashion. It is my desire to support coaches I am currently blessed to be a part of UK Aid and to meet their potential and that is to the best of my ability, I International Trade Centre initiative called the Mitreeki am committed to continuous development and growth of Fashion Incubator. This has been both a God send and eye my own journey and as such have a Supervisor, Peer Coach opener taking us as creatives to the next level as we are and coach mentor, as I dedicate myself to offering myself in mentored to take our offerings to the next level service of my clients. internationally in terms of digitization, branding, curating collections and so much more; this is a clear benefit of the Our clothing line- Adzjoa- is at the cutting edge of usury growing digital and economic infrastructure that is and wearability, as we strive to make every woman feel emerging to put us on the map! special and celebrated. We are a combination of characters as partners. Our whole ethic and offering is about giving you Q What makes you smile? How do you relax? the best combinations in terms of fabric, colour and style Early morning quiet - the smell of freshly brewed that you can imagine! coffee - childhood pictures- when my husband comes home and shouts out “where is my queen?” When I hang out with Contacts: my girlfriends - especially when we come together to encourage one of our own- indeed we have deep belly @adzjoa Adzjoa Anyima Okundi laughs over everything and nothing! So refreshing. The face of a client when they have found ‘the dress’ that makes [email protected] them happy! I love spending time with my family! I smile a lot when the kids have A-ha moments about life; at least they are figuring things out that will help them later! Receiving cards from my kids makes me smile as well as movies and sitcoms! Q How do you relax? I relax by playing solitaire and painting - mostly flowers- but painting in general! 40 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -


IN MY OPINION By Immaculate Lwanga frica to the World! A year after the release of The Lion King: The Gift, Beyoncé and Disney teamed up to produce her Black Is King visual album. The album is meant to pay homage to the continent of Africa and its heritage. The film which streamed at the end of July 2020, certainly sent tongues wagging as many praised the songstress for her creativity. Others were left disappointed at her depiction, citing it as a perpetuation of idealistic black power which wasn’t true to the reality of many Africans. Judicaelle Irakoze, who is a self-proclaimed Afro-political feminist with an audience of more than 30,000 on Twitter, expressed her disappointment with the songstress. She stated that she wished Beyoncé “use[d] her power and status not to glorify africanness rooted in [a] power game against the white gaze.” [email protected] :rettiwT FMOOgnidniF :ecruos egamI Despite what some may think, the inclusion of Africa, its people and its heritage in the film was a site to behold. The film itself was adorned with vibrant colours, elaborate dances, references to cultures and sounds from Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Cameroon and Ghana. 42 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

IN MY OPINION towloL :ecruos egamI Seeing this coming together of different Africans, and the strA labirT :ecruos egamI celebration of blackness is commendable in my books and is what I know the African culture to be. Written by: Immaculate Lwanga Accounting Gradute | Podcaster My favourite has to be the visual representation of the song “Bigger” as she intentionally reminds her audience how we @MsLwanga are more united than divided. We are part of something @ms_immaculatelwanga bigger than ourselves…it’s in our heritage that we are United, and that is something way bigger.  In her Conversations with Immaculate Lwanga documentary, the making of The Gift (Behind The Scenes), the artist starts off by saying, “Visiting countries in Africa is always an emotional experience for me. It feels like I am making peace with a part of me that is yearning for my ancestral connection”. Over the past few years other artists have received attention for their reference or inclusion of African culture or sounds in their music in their modern day music. Burna Boy, a popular Nigerian artist who is often referred to as the new age Fela Kuti, is often seen making reference to Nigeria’s history and culture. The African Giant even boldly reminded his audience of how Nigeria came into existence as a result of a business transaction between the British and the Nigerian government. He further highlights how that British company still exists today as Unilever, “...But that’s a story for another day”. Angelique Kidjo, a music legend in her own right is also known for staying true to her roots in her music and has been able to garner a global audience because of it. In January of this year (2020) she scooped up a Grammy as she was announced the winner of the ‘World Music’ category. Many chuckled at seeing her typical African aunty tendencies come out when she was photographed with the award on her head and hands on her waist. But, many, including myself smiled at how unapologetically African she was, even at a world stage. In her acceptance speech she praised the talent that hailed from the continent, \"The new generation of artists coming from Africa are going to take you by storm and the time has come.\" I don’t know about you, but I was taught that anything which has a stamp of approval from an elder, is one to trust. I appreciate that I have seen the gap narrow between the history and heritage of different African cultures, and the music that I relate to today and in my opinion that is unmatched. 43 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

ALTIVEX W ith industrial revolutions on the horizon, experts who are able to simplify the technical stuff gives many businesses and entrepreneurs a sigh of relief. Altivex - a company that was built with the goal to provide a platform for black creatives, strategists and developers. Founded by Mushambi Mutuma and Roddy Chakaipa in 2010, the platform facilitates the build of digital products and businesses. The digital and tech space is one that has been ever changing and growing over the years. It must be adaptable and grow with the pace of change. Altivex uses this same technology space, to service their local and international clientele. They use their expertise to build impactful digital products and solutions which range from mobile apps, to custom platforms, to go-to market strategies. The corridors of this company are intentionally made Pictured: Altivex Founder - Mushambi Mutuma up of a diverse and creative team of strategists, designers, developers and analysts who beam with passion. “We believe that empathy, intuitive design and technology push us all forward” Mushabi Mutuma. The team is always willing to rise to the challenge – from creating new business, step changing and scaling for growth, to developing new products, launching in new markets or simply upskilling staff and internal processes. 44 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

ALTIVEX Pictured: Altivex Founder - Mushambi Mutuma Future plans? Why Altivex? The COVID-19 virus pandemic has had a huge knock Assurance: you can trust Altivex to drive the on many industries in 2020. Mushambi states that process, deliver the best solution AND leave you this knock-on effect has also been felt by Altivex in and your business more Tech-Adjacent. recent times. Altivex is however, not shying away from the opportunities still possible due to future They play nicely with others: they believe in the plans. These plans include incubating and investing power of collaboration and partnerships to push further in solutions that benefit the expansion of them to the next level. African platforms, which can lead on the global stage, Diverse Skills and Capacity: they work with large not only for clients, but as an ecosystem of scalable corporates, SMEs and government institutions products. Not even a pandemic can slow Mushambi locally, in Africa and in the US. and his team from shapeshifting in the digital age and truly innovate through technology. Accolades: Altivex is a proud member of the Oceans on 76 Contact Details network of pan-African disruptors. JOHANNESBURGNo 70, 7th Ave, Parktown North, Johannesburg, South Africa altivex_studio 45 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

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