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Vuuqa Lifestyle - August 2020

Published by Vuuqa, 2020-08-03 17:04:24

Description: Welcome to the latest issue of the Vuuqa Lifestyle e-Mag, your plug to African-owned brands and businesses. The Vuuqa Lifestyle e-Mag provides a digital platform where African-owned brands and businesses can showcase and promote their products and services, through a visual and well-curated narrative.

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CONGRATULATIONS! class of 2020


VUUQA LIFESTYLE | THE PLUG TO AFRICA o3 | Vuuqa Lifestyle - Vuuqa's Note VUUQA'S NOTE Welcome to the latest issue of the Vuuqa Lifestyle e-Mag, your plug to African-owned brands and businesses. The Vuuqa Lifestyle e- Mag provides a digital platform where African-owned brands and businesses can showcase and promote their products and services, through a visual and well-curated narrative. August is WOMEN'S month in South Africa. We get a whole month dedicated to celebrating and appreciating women. I, on the other hand, feel like one month is too short. Women should be celebrated and honoured of the year. In this month's issue we feature women from all corners of Africa and the diaspora. Women, who are doing phenomenal work in their respective industries. Women, who are leading and bringing change unapologetically and with excellence. One of my favourite poets and authors, Nayyirah Waheeds, beautifully explains the Magic that is WOMAN…. BLACK GIRL “I bleed every month MAGIC but do not die. How am I Not Magic?” – Nayyirah Waheed. This issue is dedicated to every single women who walks this earth. May you shine your light as bright as the stars. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER Enjoy the read, stay home and keep safe! WWW.VUUQA.COM

VUUQA LIFESTYLE 09 AUGUST 2020 / ISSUE 9 CONTENTS MENOPAUSE The first time I saw someone experiencing signs of 0 6 menopause was when my friend asked me if there was a spider on her face. FOOD OF AFRICA - MOTHER-DAUGHTER 34 BUSINESS CLICK TO CHECK OUT 0 9 Portia Mbau and Lumai de Smidt are the mother- LAST MONTH'S ISSUE daughter duo, who’ve literally made it their business, to celebrate traditional African food, VUUQA VUUQA VUUQA_ VUUQA which has been typically undervalued due to westernatization. AFRICAN WOMEN KILLING IT Engineering : Lilian Motongori Jamunga 1 3 Law: Sannie Ncube Technology: Hlulani Baloyi Animation: Isabelle Rorke Beauty: Joan Karimi  ON THE COVER | Film: Nolo Phiri Sports Psychology: Kanyali Ilako Medicine: Doreen Monakise Music/DJ: Khetsiwe 'Doowap' Morgan  IN MY OPINION It’s August and in South Africa that comes with all 3 3 sorts of marketing campaigns targeted at convincing people to celebrate women. QUEER WOMEN IN BUSINESS + ALLIES Back in 2016, three womxn, Kebone Moloko, 3 6 Buyelwa Xundu and Siyabonga Ntuli bonded over the idea of building something impactful for their community. THE SOUNDS OF AFRICA PG13 - Hekaya EP 3 8 Nonkhu - The Calling (album) Thandi Ntuli - New Way Kalene Oliver - The One o5 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

BLOG - MENOPAUSE Menopause WRITTEN BY ESTAR GATHU A t the end of riding the red dragon… After spending on average 2,600 – 5,250 days and over £2,000 feeding the red dragon (auntie flo or wanjiru – different cultures have different euphemisms), you would be forgiven for thinking that she’d make a quiet exit. But, oh no, instead she swaps place with the mother of all nature aka menopause. The first time I saw someone experiencing signs of menopause was when my friend asked me if there was a spider on her face.  There wasn’t one but she kept slipping away at something. At times, and without warning, she would take off her clothes, literally, and then put them back on. Getting a ride in her car during the winter was torture because she’d turn the AC on full blast, and you would come out with icicles on your ears and eyebrows. Let’s talk about the proverbial biological clock. The clock that starts ticking before you are aware of your gender. The clock that ticks loudest in your thirties and most especially if you have no children. The clock that winds down in your forties and in your fifties. It not only winds down fully but does so with no grace and brings side-effects that make any woman wish they could get off the planet. As women, we know menopause is an inevitable biological process that signals the end of riding the red dragon, but no amount of reading or drinking herbal teas can prepare you for the actual event. I spoke to a few women who were experiencing the ‘change’ and other than imaginary spiders on their skin, the symptoms ranged from clammy feelings to heart palpitations to homicidal thoughts. Other severe aftermaths of menopause included incontinence, and we all know women have the most complicated plumbing system: incontinency is like adding salt and vinegar to wounds and bringing an end to sex life. o6  | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

BLOG - MENOPAUSE Menopause brings her whole clan and announces her arrival like For now, I await menopause with a they announced dinner on the Titanic! From now on you are going loaded gun and a sharpened machete.  to experience heat waves from within your body as hot as solar And I will not fan myself!  Let it drip...... flares.  You will sweat profusely at night. You will have severe mood swings worse than bipolar. You may suffer from adult acne Estar Gathu or skin dryness that no amount of olive oil will quench.  Your armpits will smell like that of a teenage boy. Your vagina will smell Do you have a piece of creative prose or like old fish. You will most likely gain super weight in all the wrong art you’d like to share with the world? places. You will miss the period talk with your (still) menstruating girlfriends. Submit your contributions to [email protected] Western medicine has tried to make this transition easier by introducing artificial hormones. I’ve heard of people women who started taking them at 50 through to forever because if you dare stop, it doesn’t matter how old you are, the process will start again. And then it’s finally over – no periods, no hot flushes, no mood swings, no chronic bad breath, no more irritability over minor issues, no more lack of libido – menopause is over. You can finally live your golden years in peace!  No such luck!  Because to your horror, you start turning into a man!  Forget the pre-period moustache, oh no, it’s the beard, the sideburns and their relatives!!! o7 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

uujiK arehtiaW : htnoM eht fo reggolB aquuV | 0202 yluJ - enuJ GET PUBLISHED DO YOU HAVE A PIECE OF CREATIVE PROSE OR ART YOU’D LIKE TO SHARE WITH THE WORLD? SUBMIT YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS TO [email protected] Submissions may be in any of the following formats: poems, photographs, eyewitness accounts, reports, music, podcasts, statistics, graphs, recollections, interviews, polls, debates on a topic, etc. VUUQA VUUQA VUUQA_ VUUQA

FOOD OF AFRICA FOOD OF AFRICA A MOTHER-DAUGHTER BUSINESS W hen humans first populated the earth, they Portia Mbau and Lumai de Smidt are the mother-daughter did not consider what was healthy or duo, who’ve literally made it their business, to celebrate unhealthy. Instead, they were instinctively traditional African food, which has been typically guided to the foods that felt good and in undervalued due to westernatization. Their “secret sauce” lies in the simple ingredients used. “Our meals aren't turn benefited their bodies. ground-breaking, we're not talking about food you've never heard of. Our palates have changed, they are more Their diet was centred around varieties of yams, roots, adventurous now, so we need to be able to prepare these dishes in new and exciting ways” comments Portia. tubers, buds, shoots, leafy greens, pods and edible flowers, THEIR “SECRET SAUCE” only occasionally hunting for game. LIES IN THE SIMPLE INGREDIENTS USED Today, the narrative has changed to focus more on health versus damaging foods. As witnessed with most of African Since co-publishing their book, The Africa Cookbook, in culture throughout the continent, the traditional means of 2019, they’ve wanted to showcase how a mother-daughter nourishing our communities and families have been replaced business can work. They’d like their story to inspire African with ‘Western’ food. This new lifestyle has caused damaging women to support each other, and families to work together effects on our bodies. Very few sectors of the population on the continent, usually in villages far from cosmopolitan centres, continue to eat in the traditional way. Today, we find ourselves eating way too much sugar, oil, grains (corn and wheat), dairy and meat in our diet. For optimum health, we need to stay true to the food that serves our body and therefore our health. 09| Vuuqa Lifestyle -

FOOD OF AFRICA Mom’s side of the story: Q What exciting plans do you have in store “I have been a pathbreaker in African cuisine since 1992. for the future? I instilled in my daughter a passion for wellness; and dreaming big for Africa and for herself”. We’re looking to reach a wider community of people who Daughter’s side of the story: are inspired by holistic wellbeing. We’ll do this through \"A mother-daughter relationship is complex. We're constantly creating consistent, quality content via our Instagram Live having discussions to navigate how we can work better channel that becomes a valuable source for people around together, where each of us is pulling toward our strengths. the world. We also intend on publishing unique books Our aim is to feel like equals in business, and naturally that about Self Care and African Food. requires compromise and growth. Mom is the one with the Get in Touch: ideas, she's always looking into the future and wanting to do things that haven't been done before. I match that with my To buy our book: visit Exclusive technical knowledge, so that our ideas can manifest. But more Books or than the challenges, are the powerful factors of absolute trust in one another. We're both very creative and it's amazing to feel your family member and business partner always has your Food of Africa best interests at heart\".  Food of Africa was founded to celebrate African Food, Nature's the Food of Africa Medicine and African Women. Their brand is really good at +27825709439 bringing inspiration, and delivering knowledge in an engaging way, to customers who are interested in the African narrative. 10 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

FOOD OF AFRICA TUNISIAN TUNISIAN FISH RECIPE FISH SOUP Method: A light, thin, aromatic soup with 1. Heat oil in a large casserole pot. Sauté onions and vegetables and fish pieces. A garlic, and add carrots. Sauté for 5 minutes. wonderful, nourishing soup to pep 2. Add peppers, cumin and coriander, stir. you up when you’re feeling run down. 3. Cover and cook for 10 minutes. Add all tomatoes, vegetable stock, lemon juice and chickpeas. Cover and Serves 6-8 cook until vegetables are tender. 4. Cut fish into chunks and add to the soup. Ingredients 5.Add hot chilli and salt to taste. Simmer until fish is flaky. 750g firm, white fish fillets 1/4 cup vegetable oil Serve with lemon wedges and Umbhako bread. 2 cups chopped onions 3 garlic cloves, finely chopped 11 | Vuuqa Lifestyle - 2 large carrots, diced 1 green pepper, diced 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin 1 tablespoon ground coriander 4 cups puree tomatoes 1/3 cup fresh lemon juice 2 cups vegetable stock 1 cup cooked and drained chickpeas 1 chilli pepper, finely chopped with seeds 1 lemon, cut into wedges


13 | Vuuqa Lifestyle - VUUQA.COM

VUUQA QUEEN Engineering Name: Lilian Motongori Jamunga Company: Women in Energy Africa Title: Mechanical Engineer | Renewable energy expert Position: Co-Founder Country of Origin and Residence: Kenya Q What's been your proudest moment/ achievement as a woman in your industry? When I won the professional technical award from women in energy East Africa. This signified to me that anything is achievable. Q What advice do you have for women who Self Plug: are looking to get into your industry? I am very passionate The industry needs more women and it is noble to about gender issues not just join and contribute to providing energy needs. But in the energy industry but in all also, be prepared. Just like any other industry, it is social, political and economic sectors not all rosy but there is a lot of space to learn and because women's rights are human rights. For grow. far too long we are sidelined in decision making tables yet we matter too. There is beauty and importance in diversity Q What would you tell your 16-year old self? as it brings in new ideas and understanding to all parties involved. I would tell my 16 year old self not to be The STEM industry particularly needs more women to be able to worried, there is so much instore for me to achieve create technology that fits us too and help in solving our day to day and that I should keep on being persistent in problems in this world. As a mechanical engineer in the energy pursuing engineering. Back then, I wanted to get into industry and advocate of women in the energy industry. the STEM field either through medicine or engineering and am grateful that I finally managed to We need more do engineering for the following 5 years. women to join us Lilian Motongori Lilian Motongori 14 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

VUUQA QUEEN Law Name: Sannie Ncube Company: LindsayKeller Title: Personal Injury, Medical Negligence and Conveyance Lawyer | Notary Position: Senior Partner Country of Origin and Residence: South Africa Q What's been your proudest moment/ Self plug: achievement as a woman in your industry? Sannie is a leading expert in injury claims. Her My proudest moment was in 2006 when I decided to speciality lies in representing road accident quit my senior position at the Road Accident Fund, victims and helping them claim against the Road where I’d worked for several years and went on to be Accident Fund. For more info, contact her firm a candidate attorney at LindsayKeller Attorneys. As through any of the mediums below. scary as it was, I was proud of myself that I had the strength and mental capacity to leave my comfort zone and take a huge salary cut in order to be +27 (0) 11 880 8980 admitted into this noble profession. Today, I am LindsayKeller Attorneys prouder of the decision I took then because I am 6th Floor, The Mall Offices11 Cradock now the first female senior partner in the firm. Avenue, Rosebank, Johannesburg Q What advice do you have for women who are looking to get into your industry? My advice to the young ones is that the law profession is a noble industry. Being ethical is the key to success. There are no shortcuts. Carry yourself with dignity and respect your colleagues and with time, you will earn the same respect. Q What would you tell your 16-year old self? I would tell her to be confident and to believe in herself more. I’d tell her that she can achieve anything she sets her mind to. 15 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

VUUQA QUEEN Technology Name: Hlulani Baloyi STEM fields are about solving real day to day Company: BOC Group problems, this on its own means that you will Title: Software developer constantly face challenges. Tackle challenges Country of Origin and Residence: South Africa with pride knowing that you are part of a bigger picture. Q What's been your proudest moment/ achievement as a woman in your industry? Having worked as a consultant for most of my career, I’ve had several proudest moments to count and pick from. The greatest moments have come from delivering amazing projects for the biggest clients in banking, insurance, retail, and other industries. Realizing that you were/are a part of a very impactful space because the world is now more digital than ever. Being a part of the change and helping clients realize their digital future makes me proud everyday. Q What advice do you have for women who are looking to get into your industry? Some of the key lessons I have learnt and would use as advice is: Pay it forward Nature relationships and networks Ask for help when you need help, because there are people who are ready to extend their hand to help. Remember ‘I am enough, and I need to love me more since this is important for my contribution to a better environment”. Imposter syndrome will constantly knock with hope to remind you that you are not enough and are incapable. I urge you to confront this syndrome by constantly reminding yourself that you are enough, and more than anything, you are more deserving. 16 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

VUUQA QUEEN Q What would you tell your 16-year old self? One thing I’d tell my 16-year old self is “Thank you”, thank you for being a dreamer and reaching for stars, overlooking your surroundings. Q What would you like to have achieved in the next 5 years? I’d like to see at least a few female tech leads in dev houses. This is one space that is lacking and would be very helpful if I can be part of the contributors. Self Plug: Hlulani is a Fullstack developer. Shortly after joining Geekulcha, Hlulani Baloyi realized there's a gap between males and females in the ICT sector. She started doing research and came across Girl Rising. She is now the ambassador for this global initiative and helps to teach women how to code and tackle the gender gap. Under the umbrella of coding and empowering women, Hlulani is a chairperson of the Black girls code Johannesburg chapter, which is a global initiative to increase the number of women of color in the digital space. This is done through empowering girls of color between the ages 7 to 17 to become innovators in STEM fields, leaders in their communities, and builders of their own futures through exposure to computer science and technology. She is also part of the Xitsonga Language foundation. Some of Hlulani ‘s achievements and recognitions include: In 2014 featured her as one of the inspirational tech girls. In 2016 Rekord Newspaper featured her as an ICT boffin inspiring young people. In 2016, she was ranked as part of the 60 women changing the narrative in the tech space in the annual awards and ranking scheme for young South African Achievers between 15-40 years. Hlulani was also named part of Women Changing SA feature with the Mail & Guardian 2019. 17| Vuuqa Lifestyle -

VUUQA QUEEN Animation Name: Isabelle Rorke Q What advice do you have for women who are Company: Gamation Digital, EPN and AnimationSA looking to get into your industry? Position and Title:  Hone your craft by practicing your drawing every Sole owner of EPN an animation consulting day, expose yourself to a variety of African cultures company. and styles. Volunteer in your industry organisation Producer and partner @ Gamation Digital  – you will learn a lot about your industry from that. an animation IP Development Company The industry is more than just 2D and 3D animating, Head of Social Impact and Human capital get to know the entire ecosystem so that you can Innovation for AnimationSA the only industry find out about other skills that are in demand, this body for animation, VR and VFX in S.A will help you design a more creative and diverse Country of Origin and Residence: career plan. Also think of producing, production Born, bred and live in Mzansi South Africa managing and art directing. There’s a critical shortage in our industry. Art Directing is very male Q What's been your proudest moment/ dominated, it is vitally important that we get more achievement as a woman in your industry? women into it. Being the first black woman to own an animation studio, and using that platform to empower other black males and females, by creating APTI an award winning internship called the animation production training initiative (APTI). Later sharing that knowledge with the industry by helping Tshimologong Digital Innovation precinct setup it’s first internship. Volunteering on my industry organisation AnimationSA in the social impact and human capital innovation unit – addressing skills development and transformation. The title reflects the ethos of what I want the unit to embody namely; social impact and innovating in the skills development space. Education across the board needs an overhaul and when you place the word innovation in the title it informs your strategies and ensure you are thinking of the future not adopting systems from the past and trying to force them to fit in an era where it no longer applies. 18 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

VUUQA QUEEN Q What would you tell your 16-year old self? My company Gamation Digital will launch a I would love to tell my 16 year old self to partnership with Maxum digital a unit of the continue playing basketball for as long as possible, to Innovation Hub. Based at the Johannesburg Chamber know that unconditional love is possible and to always of Commerce (JCCI) the incubator will be hosting strive towards achieving it - have as much fun as young black SMME’s and Gamation Digital will be possible when running your studio. Don’t take life or supporting these SMME’s on the road to broadcast, yourself too seriously, be light, be love and be joyful. with the goal of ensuring that culturally relevant content is produced for broadcast as well as Q What would you like to have achieved in exploring Africanisation of imagery in animation. We the next 5 years? will be doing a call out in the second half of the year for smme’s who need help preparing and developing In the next 5 years I would love to see a slate of black their IP for broadcast. South African animated TV series from early childhood development to Tween, teenage and Accolades: young adult content in production, enabling massive Multi-Award Winning producer and Business Woman: jobs and Internship training, broadcast weekly on the • Best Animation at the South African Film and Television public broadcaster, supported by an extensive and Awards (SAFTAs) profitable merchandise range of products for the • Regional and National winner of the DTI Technology youth. I'd like to be doing exceptionally well online Women in Film Awards via a kickass innovative transmedia campaign. • Gauteng Economic Development – Winner of the ‘Women in Film category’. Self plug: • Finalist in the African Pioneers of Prosperity Awards – Look out for a few exciting events that I will be Representing S.A. in Rwanda involved in, in the second half of 2020: • Most Innovative Company in Africa at the Africa growth, Fakugesi African Digital Institute Awards Innovation Festival is running a poster competition • Ubizo the Calling – 3 SAFTAs·  Magic Cellar – Won 29 with a great prize, a curator’s bootcamp and an Awards internationally exciting lineup of discussions, exhibitions and forums. I will curate the animation section for Isabelle Rorke EPN AnimationSA (ASA) and it’s going to be awesome, possibly featuring a Kenyan/SA exhibition and discussions as well an exciting masterclass you don’t want to miss. Keep a lookout on the Fakugesi website for the title. ASA will also be joining forces with Basha Uhuru later this year to screen short animated films from the continent. AnimationSA will be launching the new website in Q3 2020, moving from to 19 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -


VUUQA QUEEN Beauty Name: Joan Karimi Company: Lapis Lazuli Visages Title: Professional Makeup Artist Country of Origin and Residence: I am from Kenya, currently based in Ireland Q What's been your proudest moment/ achievement as a woman in your industry? After my transition from Accounting to Makeup, working backstage in a major fashion show (New York, London, Paris & Milan) was something that I really wished for. At the time, to be honest, it was a long shot. But you know the phrase we always tell ourselves ‘one day I...’. Fast forward, one year later, I joined my now husband in the UK (which was unforeseen) and got the opportunity to work backstage for the first time at the London Fashion Week in the summer of 2018 (SS19). This made me so happy. I later worked backstage for two more seasons, AW19 and AW20. The fact that I can inspire other women through this journey; those who seek to join the industry, those who are already in the industry but need some inspiration to keep pushing, those who fear stepping out into the unknown and following their passion; is my proudest achievement. 21 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

VUUQA QUEEN Q What would you tell your 16-year old self? Girl what is your talent? What are you Q What advice do you have for women who passionate about? Discover it, use it, hone it and are looking to get into your industry? then be the best at it. You don’t have to be confined to the ‘mainstream’ career paths because what you Makeup and Beauty is definitely a fun industry. are passionate about will probably grant you the There is no limit to your creativity. You learn utmost fulfilment in life. something new every time you pick up a brush to apply makeup on yourself or a client; you will Q What would you like to have achieved in never get bored. To me, that’s the beauty of the the next 5 years industry (no pun intended). I want to be a well known and respected I would say Passion and Consistency are very international brand. I want to grow in such a way important to survive in the industry. You have to that if someone sees an image of my work, whether have passion for makeup to be able to make it. If on a magazine or a billboard or on social media, they you are not passionate about makeup, then can easily say ‘oh that must be Joan’s work’. I want somehow the industry is going to sieve you out. the uniqueness of my brand to stand out! You also have to be consistent with your craft. The more consistent you are the better your skill Self Plug: becomes. Just like with any other industry, you I love encouraging women. So in case anyone is in need to be consistent to hone your skills. Truth need of any makeup inspiration or has any questions is, you will invest a lot of time to build your skill about my journey or the makeup industry or and your brand, you will be a work-in-progress anything makeup, they can reach me on my social for a while; it will not happen overnight, so be a media channels. little bit patient and don’t be too harsh on yourself. Joan Karimi With that being said, it is probably one of the @lapis_lazuli_visages most expensive industries to get into, in terms of getting your makeup kit together. A Lapis Lazuli Visages comprehensive makeup kit costs a loot!. Do not be discouraged, you can build your kit slowly and make sure you price yourself properly when the time comes so that you can add value to yourself. When you start reaping the rewards of all your time and investment, know your worth. Do not undersell yourself! Don’t think to yourself that the industry is too saturated and get discouraged. There is always room in there for you. After all, if you were to think about it, how many accountants are out there in the finance industry?...a whole lot...but that doesn’t stop individuals from studying it as a course and later on pursuing it as a career. 22 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

ON THE COVER 23 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

VUUQA QUEEN TV and Film Name: Nolo Phiri  Company: The Nolo Phiri Project  Title: Creative Producer and Director Country of Origin and Residence: South Africa Q What's been your proudest moment/ achievement as a woman in your industry? My greatest achievement to date has been being the youngest black female series producer for a long form drama series in the country. Producing Muvhango at the age of 30 was one of the hardest and most rewarding experiences of my career. It taught me so much, from conquering self-doubt, to building confidence to resilience. The three years I spent at the helm was nothing but a consistent battle with myself. At first, I wanted to prove to everyone that I was good enough for the job but I later learnt that I only needed to prove to myself, that I had earned the responsibility. Being a young woman in the television industry, especially the higher you get, the more you realize that your greatest currency is being unapologetically soft but extremely firm about your place at the table. 24 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

VUUQA QUEEN Q What would you tell your 16-year old self? I’d tell my 16-year old self to be okay with Q What advice do you have for women looking making mistakes and not want to be perfect. I put so to get into your industry? much pressure on myself to be great at everything at I think most women walk around quietly burdened all times. I would be much kinder to myself for the with the imposter syndrome feeling that they don’t things I didn’t know and spent more time deserve to be leaning in at the table; that they should encouraging myself to be more curious about the feel guilty for the achievements or owe them to world and the people around me. someone else. This is, and should never be true for any woman, especially in my industry. We are not Self Plug: just cut out for certain work. There’s no job or I am very excited about this new phase I’m in; I’ve position we cannot do. finally put to action actualizing a dream that’s been haunting me to start my own foundation. The Nolo Phiri Project is a development and empowerment foundation for creating economic opportunities for young people, especially within the creative industry. I believe in making the circle bigger by opening more doors through the doors that were opened for me. The foundation was launched this year and is currently taking shape as it acclimatizes itself to the unprecedented year we’ve had. The blessing for launching it during this time is that it comes at a time where there’s a lot of gaps that need to be filled, a time for collaboration and reinvention. A space the foundation is created for. Contacts: Nolo Phiri We are great leaders, team players and can be @The_NoloPhiri_Project exceptional storytellers. No position is unattainable or impossible to take up, the industry is ever changing and [email protected] so do the rules. No woman should wait to be prescribed on how her journey should be in order to be considered. I believe in an industry that respects people on merit, where work speaks for itself and there’s enough space for everyone. Take up space, lean in at the table, whichever table you want to sit at. 25 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -


VUUQA QUEEN Sports Psychology Name: Kanyali Ilako Company: Brain Frees Consultancies Title: Sports and Performance Psychologist Position: Founder Country of Origin and Residence: Kenya Q What's been your proudest moment/ achievement as a woman in your industry? There have been some really great moments, but if I really had to pick I would say my proudest one to date is working with a tennis player that became the U14 African champion and the same player is now ranked second in Africa in the U18 category. Q What advice do you have for women looking to get into your industry? Sports psychology is an integral part of sports, it is still a new concept so there aren't as many people just yet practicing it. So I don’t think I want to address just the women but everyone looking to get into this field. We need you, mental training is just as important as the technical and tactical aspect of training. 27 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

VUUQA QUEEN Q What would you tell your 16-year old self? Dare to dream. I remember when I went for the 2010 Commonwealth Games and some of the other countries had a Sports Psychologist as part of their officials’ team. I was lucky enough to chat with one of them and I remember saying to myself, that’s what I was going to do in life. I had no plan of how I was going to pursue this foreign concept, but I guess what you seek is seeking you. Also keep picking yourself up, you will fall very many times especially in an industry you are pioneering but keep going. Finally, talk to your mum, she has your best interests at heart and nobody else will have your back like she does. Q What would you like to have achieved in the next 5 years? In the next 5 years I would like our company Brain Frees to be Kenya’s go-to for psychological assistance to athletes and coaches. I would also like to start a mentorship program for pre-teens / teens as I work towards building a wellness center. Self Plug: I would like to give light to our company Brain Frees Consultancies. It is a Sports and Performance Psychology consultancy located in Nairobi, Kenya. We at Brain Frees are dedicated to providing a professional service that assists our clients to overcome challenges and open up opportunities to achieve higher and more consistent levels of performance through mental skills training and performance enhancement techniques. Our hands-on approach provides clients with tailored services informed by the latest research in the field of sport psychology. Contacts: @Brainfreeske @BrainFreesKE 28 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

VUUQA QUEEN Medicine Name: Doreen Monakise Company: Position: Founder Country of Origin and Residence: South Africa Q What's been your proudest moment/ Never change who you are to fit in, never yield to achievement as a woman in your industry? conformity because what is important is up here *points to head* and down here *points to heart*. I am proud of having literally afforded myself the gift How you look will not alter that. It won't take away of education. I paid for my second degree (MBA). your smarts or your humility. I wore my tragus There is nothing more rewarding than furthering (piercing) as a practicing doctor for almost five years, your studies as it not only broadens your guess what, it brought me closer to my patients. I understanding of curricula, but it opens new doors had patients who’d request to see ONLY the doctor and creates richer opportunities bearing options to with the piercing and shared their heartfelt issues redirect your life and change your future.  That for with me because to them I was human first, then a me is freedom. doctor after. YOU are your biggest asset. Q What advice do you have for women looking to get into your industry? Professional spaces are not easy to navigate, medicine is no different.  Year after year these industries manufacture professionals that look the same, talk the same and worse off, think the same. Uniqueness and Individuality are often not welcome. It is even more challenging for women as these are industries that have been previously male dominated and absolute reform is yet to be established. So, for the opinionated, strong willed, ambitious and 'unique' women like myself, expect to feel like the outlier, expect to be treated like the black sheep of the herd, expect to experience unprecedented is not easy but know that it is possible.  29 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

VUUQA QUEEN Contacts: Q What would you tell your 16-year old self? @drdeecom1 Don't take yourself too seriously, life is but a game. The winners are those with years of @dokdee_com experience and memories filled with laughter and love. The losers are those with worldly possessions yet have no one to dine and dance with... Play to win. Q What would you like to have achieved in the next 5 years? I have established three businesses since the start of my entrepreneurial journey. The first was a passion project fuelling my love for travel and tourism called Lets Travel Africa. The second, a med-tech company with three tiers: Digital Consultations, Preventative Health Education and Medical Commerce. This is called Afrizen Health Solutions (AHS). Lastly, I started a medical scrubs company under the AHS umbrella. I have since put most of these projects on ice for various reasons: it was too soon, the market was not right, being reliant on third parties became laborious, capital, having difficulties with finding the right partners etc. However, I have not given up on those goals/visions and hope to make them a reality in the next five years. I hope to organise the business into a holdings company that houses all three companies with each running independently yet leveraging off the sister companies. Self Plug: is a unique online and social media medical show that provides an ease of access to preventative healthcare content which is presented in a professional yet edgy and fun manner. The idea is to break the typical stereotype of what health should look like. We aim to make the medical profession fun and entertaining whilst creating awareness on various health issues, attracting more young people to the profession and giving the much- needed stress relief to the doctors themselves through its subtle, well-crafted and satirical segments. We are the go-to team for #health. 30 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

VUUQA QUEEN Music/DJ Name: Khetsiwe 'Doowap' Morgan Company: Doowap Title: Live Mix DJ and Sound Engineer Position: Managing Director Country of Origin and Residence: Born in Eswatini and raised in Jozi South Africa Q What's been your proudest moment/ Photographer - Andrew Berry achievement as a woman in your industry? So many achievements and proud moments come to Self Plug: mind when thinking of my journey in this industry. End of last year which feels like a lifetime ago, One of them is being on the stage performing at I dropped an EP called Mood Swings: Afropunk in Brooklyn (New York) last year alongside my homie @Tarry_tnt. We set the stage on fire with Mood Swings EP all our songs, choreography, energy and culture from back home. I was playing Kwaito, Gqom and This year just before lockdown Tarryn and I dropped an Amapiano; it was wild. Another epic moment was Amapiano banger called ‘Thunda Thighs’ which will definitely get opening for M.I.A when she came to perform in SA in you in the mood to groove: 2018. Thunda Thighs Q What advice do you have for women looking to get into your industry? Contacts: Practice your passion as often as you can so you can dj doowap @djdoowap master your craft. That process will teach you so much about yourself and give you the confidence you need to navigate the industry. Q What would you like to have achieved in the next 5 years? In 5 years I would like to be happy and healthy. I would @djdoowap [email protected] also like to have dropped more of my own original music and start putting music to films, series and video games. 31 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

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IN MY OPINION MILLIONS O F JOB LOST IN MY “ OPINION DUR ING SA ’ LOC KDO WN Women Empowerment? In the past few years, Africa has been praised for strides made in the inclusion of women in government and It’s August and in South Africa that comes with all sorts of legislation however we still have a long way to go as this marketing campaigns targeted at convincing people to change needs to be sustainable. I argue that women celebrate women. The convincing always starts from the shouldn’t be put in these positions to meet quotas nor for first day of the month to the last and it’s in the hopes that social appeal and more women should be trusted with our male counterparts would have got the message by then. portfolios that make tangible change. The majority of people If it’s not through events that are exclusively lead by an all- in senior positions who are able to enforce these necessary female panel, then it is through women empowerment talks changes are men and therefore the conversation that needs that perpetuate the idea of a strong woman being one that to be had is with these men in the workplace and can compete with men in the boardroom and end her day government and this conversation needs to be robust and off by going home to cook, take care of the kids and her uncompromising. husband as a result mastering the work-life balance. If that doesn’t work, the infamous reminder of the 1956 march “MILLIONS OF JOB LOST where approximately twenty thousand women marched to DURING SA LOCKDOWN’ the union buildings to petition against the country’s pass laws. The month of August has since been used to As recent as two years ago the representation of female commemorate that day and bring to light issues that affect chief executives in Africa’s private sector was only 5% and a women, including labour issues. disappointing 3.31% of chief executives of JSE-listed companies in [April] 2019. Recently I came across a damning headline that read, “Millions of job lost during SA lockdown’. Three million jobs to be exact is what this article further explained with the disproportion affecting women as of this three million, two million job losses were apparently experienced by women between February and April. For decades women have been at the brunt of the labour market’s disadvantages with sexism, sexual harassment, biases ingrained in organizations’ culture, unequal work opportunities and of course our all-time favourite, the mighty gender wage gap just to name a few. If I were to include the challenges faced specifically by women of colour or women of colour and part of the LGBTIQ community, that would be a whole new article by itself so I’ll leave that one out for now. 33 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

IN MY OPINION Quite frankly I cannot believe that we still need to argue for the significant role that women play in emerging economies, but seemingly it is a battle we still fight as year on year we are faced with the stark reality that the majority of senior executives in Africa are men. Many reports have convincingly proved why women should be in positions of senior leadership with the UN, estimating that gender inequality costs sub-Saharan Africa trillions each year and that equal participation of genders in the economy could add as much as $28trn to the global annual gross domestic product by 2025. With such staggering figures and consistent research that reiterates pros as opposed to cons, can African leaders still afford not to put gender equality at the top of their agendas? The change in attitude when thinking about women in the workplace needs to come from men and the narrative that women are less educated and unwilling to put the same number of hours as men simply isn’t true. I think in the year 2020 we are past negotiations, conversations, policies and experimentation. Women can no longer experience barriers that are effective from hiring at entry level jobs let alone senior positions.  African women have proved more than capable and equal to run any structure or organisation and if anyone needs any proof, go outside and head to your nearest street market. In my opinion, it’s time the accountability matched the commitment. Written by: Immaculate Lwanga Accounting Gradute | Podcaster @MsLwanga @ms_immaculatelwanga Conversations with Immaculate Lwanga 34 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -


QUEER WOMEN IN BUSINESS + ALLIES QUEER WOMEN As much as South Africa was seen a forerunner in IN BUSINESS the fight to normalize and protect the rights of + ALLIES LGBTQIA+ community in Africa, they noticed that there was still a huge disparity between the lived B ack in 2016, three womxn, Kebone Moloko, experiences of people in their community and the Buyelwa Xundu and Siyabonga Ntuli laws in place to protect them. bonded over the idea of building something impactful for their community. But, back June 2nd, 2018, they got together and co-founded Queer Women in Business and Allies (QWB+A). then, they had no idea what it would be. QWB+A is a nonprofit organization which serves a community of African queer womxn entrepreneurs Although they all came from different backgrounds, they had and working professionals, represented openly and privately in South Africa and 14 other African a few pertinent things in common. countries. They were all black, queer South African womxn and most Challenging the status quo to make the success’ of importantly, each one of them had experienced African queer womxn a norm remains their discrimination against their identities in one way or biggest value-add to date. Their goal is for every another. African queer womxn in business to have equitable access to business and career opportunities. 36 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

QUEER WOMEN IN BUSINESS + ALLIES “WE ARE BUILDING A QUEER Q What does the business do? WAKANDA, THE LARGEST QWB+A is a business and resource hub that aims NETWORK OF AFRICAN QUEER WOMXN IN to empower and advance African queer womxn in business BUSINESS” through access. They do this by connecting their community - KEBONE MOLOKO, CEO & BUYELWA XUNDU, NON-EXEC DIRECTOR through business webinars and summits, accelerating queer The aha moment! womxn-owned businesses through their annual accelerator Our story became more crystalized when Kebone moved to San Francisco for her Masters degree at Hult International and by providing their members with like-identifying mentors. Business School in 2017. During that time, she started attending queer-centric business and tech events and never Impact: forgets how she felt when she entered a room full of 5000+ Since their inception, they have increased the growth and queer womxn in tech at a conference in San Francisco. She visibility of African queer womxn in business by: connecting felt safe, represented and free to be her full self in a business 1000+ members through virtual and in person events and environment. This is when she realized that something had providing business coaching for 30 businesses through their been missing in her personal and professional journey all annual startup accelerator. along. Buyelwa and Siya shared the same thoughts. They knew that we were not the only ones. In June 2018, they The road ahead: hosted their very first chapter event in Cape Town. Over 50 queer womxn in attendance proofed them right. \"With the goal to build a self-sustainable ecosystem of queer entrepreneurs by 2030, we seek to attract more funding for 37 | Vuuqa Lifestyle - our programs and dedicated Chapter Leaders who build close relationships with our community, beneficiaries and donors in their regions\" - Jocelyn Andrews, Director of Business Development. Connect with us QWB+Allies @qwballies @qwballies QWB+Allies [email protected]

MUSIC - THE SOUNDS OF AFRICA The Sounds of Africa MUSIC PG13 - Hekaya EP oWwtgiTdahefoehuenmraegdesrohoretHtatfohettahrieokioboernaonpssgyuetaauotorueuelestosrxhivcpindseeaegatpnonasstepcn.utxIledorenteruw.tuideIshasnsiaerent,stdgchvotoeitmlhldnolcaeotbotivencrynexasrtitosneeausoscxnrffhtdoefEooofrhnrfrkbeegesnarolfopiobgaseiwirtrhesaihl,tse.peui,tWdhraksgemlheiedt-eepyfwbrat,reynhaiotstsemS'hsrLwaeeoEaarnsoGehbecuEmiolrrNire,iprnDtaoedhmSwoee.sepr dle eofnethrgeiessa,cirteidsnmeasgsiocfcjaopytaunreddlainugthhteefro. rHmekoafynaoitsetsh.e transfer of tfInrhoetmhfeutthcueornept.aesxtt woifllPcGo1n3tinituies taopbreomtoislde., Ma aptrcohmeidsewtithhatthoeurlesgteonridess of PG13 - Hekaya (EP) PG13 - Hekaya (EP) Nonkhu - The Calling (album) twA\"mdCThenaiyhistldnlehehiknIerC.IgdmaWwairidilsontlh!i!aunfam!tolgtAdieroIlh.mlwnaaTt,sahshhapkaeebnietresdC,eioetwadtnnilihoslsgiaen.csb\"nngoeaavIi.rslgeWebemruahytmyapotthhifoeeIesfcdaepferralretfoii..avtfIThmilhwh,e.olihgosOpoevheiseIoby,afaootmnmruyu.aadlsWolkbotvih,unIepamgdataratoneInidfleaikamnsaelcocb..encuTW,gehmspeh.taI t I Album coming out on the 7th of August, here her latest single: Nonkhu - L.O.V.E Nonkhu - L.O.V.E 38 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

MUSIC - THE SOUNDS OF AFRICA Thandi Ntuli - New Way FNrmbrweseeepeneoenlbasewrtdbcerdahueeeWsmsearesbfibrasn,oyrlytae“or/ta,EMhkrewraxeetematihinlormceaibccfahdrahfhaano”eg,2cdrfsinuinii0strnehsesi1gwuvadtp9ra istwravt.loiopeniranpnaprgyesgteS,philaywoatreronbohiertuocepdzteushellaoitstarsynalsantaendetmnpddhdndryebreebweyhrytasehetramsotniaci1idelnsthi4nihgtant’gispngtso.hi”do2eiitedIksc0nedpae1ptaoayl8hmaestiicsthsstueaolianatstpinoiln-boh“dtnutkoaehsmamtxieysi,iooe,sTcrnkatheoain.nauTldnglhddleeit Thandi Ntuli - New Way Thandi Ntuli - New Way Kalene Oliver - The One KAJsfmiohanrashelnketauipnnnwaeegnlereOMfietoslkuirtbvsmooueifcrerngtdiuAs.hmwHheaebeasSrerridonnrfsiueg2rtxlsi8enhttsoBArsenrrifenlartelgimhecaleaaesmsneA\"fesoCR\".i neBnKTtmagaoedelpeienrmGn3.a eub0nyewdcsrah\"s\"saoawrntaatgt,shh9wirte0ero.i2l6ten0eFasr1Mstf9ea,rdowgSmeiaintuwh2mihn0ae1tnh8e, L\"cTeohalleagbaOonnreSa\"ttaeisrdcawhciiltadhttctohhycerpmeoauptsehicohauelsr lienkeesxsintogrfleelPewraorsditeut.ecenrbDyJKSapleinnbeaOclkivaenrdwho Kalene Oliver - The One Share your music with the world! Email [email protected] 39 | Vuuqa Lifestyle -

LIFESTYLE | THE PLUG TO AFRICA +27 68 254 2149 THE TEAM EDITOR -IN -CHIEF Horesia Nyawade Copy Editor | Art Director CREATIVE & DIGITAL MEDIA Manqoba Ringane Chief Designer | Social Media Officer SPONSORSHIPS & CONTENT ADVERTISING Tshiwela Ncube Snr Content Producer | Account Manager VUUQA VUUQA VUUQA_ VUUQA


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