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CR Easter 2021

Published by Pearl River UMC, 2021-03-23 18:35:52

Description: CR Easter 2021


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Dear PRUMC Family, Behold we are doing a new thing! May we not loose faith, and may we keep embracing change, and In so many ways, the last year perhaps we can even get ahead of it in the weeks to has been filled with new things, come. There are only two constants in life- Change most of which have been and God. May we embrace both with love, reactionary to our acceptance and excitement. circumstances. We became fully virtual because we did not have another choice, we Blessings to you all in this life! re-imagined our outreach because there was not another option. We embraced zoom and virtual Pastor Gabrielle meetings not because we desired to move in that direction, but because it was what was needed to From the Pastor's Shelf continue our mission. Are you looking for some- thing new to read? Check out John Wesley, the leader of the Methodist this section every month for a Movement in the late 1700’s believed that our mission was always primary- and our methods new read from PG! should serve our mission, not our mission serving our method. Here are Pearl River, you have all Title: Mission Possible: A Simple Structure definitely risen to that occasion! You have for Missional Effectiveness embraced the necessary reactions to the world around us, and you did not let your methods define by Kay Kotan and Blake Bradford your mission. I am so proud and so grateful, and I think John Wesley would be as well. Join the Church Council in reading this church strategy book as we prepare to reshape the way However, the day is coming when our change shift from being reactionary to being revolutionary, and we order the life of the church! responsive to understand the changing needs in our community around us. We have lived through a Topic: \"Meetings are not ministry! Let’s focus on year of throwing out the line “but we have always ministry while making meetings fewer in number done it this way.” As we look to what the next but larger in meaning. In this book aimed at con- steps are in our “not yet next” I would challenge us gregational leaders, particularly United Method- all to continue to look at the future with great ists, the authors provide practical, field-tested possibility, and for opportunities for us to continue steps to simplify your church structure and un- do new things in order to remain rooted in grace, leash more people into ministry. Too often growing in faith and reaching out with God’s love. churches try to simplify their structures by just May this be a time when we are creative with what having fewer people at the meeting table. But real could be, what might be, what needs to shaken up. I simplification and accountable leadership means invite you to dream big dreams, to imagine what the that meetings – and leaders – are transformed. church could be, and who we could be reaching. Kay and Blake walk you through both the tech- May we take bold steps to build the kingdom of nical and adaptive changes to simplify your struc- God! ture for missional effectiveness.\"

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- - - -- - - We collected $105.00 from Souper Bowl Sunday and it was given to the - Spring Valley UMC Food Pantry. Thank you for everyone's generosity. News will be forthcoming on CROP walk. Stay tuned! A special THANK YOU to all those continuing our ministry by contin- uing to make prayer shawls at home.

5 SPRING/EASTER CLEAN-UP DAY HELP US GET READY FOR EASTER! INSIDE AND OUTSIDE PROJECTS AVAILABLE SATURDAY, MARCH 27 AT 9AM Summer Mission Opportunity THISTLE’S FAMOUS FISH FRY This summer, Pastor Gabrielle is planning on taking a group to Red Bird Mission in Southeastern KY SAVE THE DATE (pending COVID cases) Saturday, May 15, 2021 DATES: July 17-23, 2021 TAKE OUT ONLY MORE DETAILS: Vaccines will be strongly suggested, Details on menu, cost and how to but if someone is unable/unwilling to get a vaccine, purchase tickets will be available very soon. a negative COVID test will be needed within 72 hours of our departure. All participants on this trip will be ALL PROCEEDS TO BENEFIT THE required to mask, and pod with our group when UNITED METHODIST CHURCH OF PEARL RIVER traveling down and around Red Bird. If you are interested and have questions, please reach out to Pastor Gabrielle.

In the community: It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of long-time PRUMC member, Ralph Nelson. We are sad to announce the passing of Rev. Diane Koob, wife of Rev. Gerry Koob (former PRUMC Pastor) Congratulations to Nancy Kohut (from PRUMC Youth Group) who bowled a perfect 300 game at Hi-Tor Bowling Alley ranking very high in New York State High School Bowlers. Thank You, Lord / In memory of Ralph Nelson Recognition and By Remembrance Donations The Andrews/Mendler Family In honor of all the people, the Congregation The Benoit Family of the PRUMC and the love shown Helen D’Agostino from my childhood forward. By Helene & Dusty Rhodes Doug Smith & Sue Holden In honor of our 50th Wedding Anniversary In memory of George Ahrens on December 19, 2020 With Love, from Tommie & his family by Fred & Gwen Kendall In memory of Clayton & Betty Holden and Anne Smith *** by Sue Holden & Doug Smith In memory of DAG, on his birthday With Love, Helen and his family In memory of Todd Winne, Bill Reidell & Mel Matern by Jackie Winne In memory of Rev. Diane Koob By The Andrews/Mendler Family In memory of Kathren Pawlicki by Helene & Dusty Rhodes THANK YOU TO ALL PRUMC “DELIVERY ANGELS” . To everyone who helped prepare and/or deliver our Lent bags to our members, your kindness is very much appreciated. Thank you. We are a Community: Rooted in Grace Growing in Faith Reaching Out with God’s Love - - -

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