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Policies & Procedures - New Agent Handbook

Published by marketing, 2021-09-07 05:08:55

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Table of Contents Useful Information - Harcourts Holmwood Company Structure - Weekly Training & Meeting Schedule 1. Holmwood Policies and Procedures - Introduction - Job Descriptions - Responsibilities of Sales Consultants & Buyers’ Agents - Administrative Matters - Appraisals - Listings and Contracts of Agency - Commission - Salesperson’s Marketing Budget & Commission Rates - Advertising - Working In With Outside Agents - Offers and Contracts - Holmwood Auctions - Open Homes - Disputes Procedures - Acts, Laws and Rules Relating to Real Estate - AML Requirements 2. Harcourts Christchurch Policies & Procedures Guidelines 2013 3. Computer & Information Security Management 4. Holmwood Real Estate Health & Safety 5. Appendices - Appendix 1: Professional Conduct and Client Care Rules - Appendix 2: Form 2, Section 134, REAA 2008 - Appendix 3: Auction Forms & Approvals - Appendix 4: Consumer Advice & Harcourts Complaint Form - Appendix 5: Office Evacuation Plans

Harcourts Holmwood Company Structure Tony Jenkins (CEO) Harcourts Holmwood Business Owner Ann-Marie Evernden Chief Financial Officer Tony Jenkins Hayden Broadbelt Simon Hollander Jamin Marshall Jarod Rolton CEO Branch Manager Branch Manager Sales Manager Sales Manager Ilam 2 Fendalton Ilam 1 Merivale St Albans Kyle Sutherland Mike Drummond Sales Manager Ilam 2 Sales Manager NAI Commercial Juanita Cannon Bridget Gabites Executive Assistant to CEO Head of Growth & Strategy FINANCE MARKETING & VIDEOGRAPHY Located at Ilam 2 Located at Ilam 2 Phil McGoldrick Mark McGoldrick Kyle Siebert Auctioneer Auctioneer Auctioneer Caroline Register (GM) Holmwood Property Management Edgeware St Albans

Feedback from Induction Please fill out and return to Areas I found particularly useful were: Areas for improvement:

Weekly Training & Meeting Schedule MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY 8:30-9:00am 9:00-9:30am 10:00am 9:00-10:00am 9:00-10:00am Auction Focus Team Meeting Auctions Team Training: Scripts & Dialogues Ilam 2 Auction Room Ilam 2 Ilam 2 Auction Room All Sales Staff Ilam 2 Auction Room 397-399 Ilam Road Ilam 2 Auction Room 9:30-10:30am Team Inspection Leaving from Ilam 2 * Check weekly emails from Ilam 2 and/or Holmwood App for possible auction date and/or location changes Note: Meeting times may vary. - Please note that your office may have additional weekly/monthly meetings and social gatherings, in addition to the above. Please check with your sales manager for times/frequency. - Additional outside training will be available throughout the year, and you will be advised of these with appropriate notice.


Introduction The primary responsibility of the company is to guide and assist you in a successful real estate career. As an independent contractor, you decide which methods of generating business are most productive for you. It is your responsibility to take the necessary steps to implement your plan of action. There are many time- consuming activities which require a lot of effort yet produce low results. The management of this company will attempt to show you which activities produce better results. With that in mind, these notes have been prepared to give direction and to maintain a measure of control within the smooth operation of the office. They are to be read in conjunction with the employment agreement and the Harcourts Group Policies and Procedures shall have priority over this document at all times. Any future changes or additions to this document will be issued in writing. Each individual situation within the running of a real estate operation may have a different set of circumstances and therefore not every activity or event in our profession can be ruled upon. Team members are required to operate under the following motto: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Job Descriptions Business Owners - To hold a position of Managing Director, Director and Licensed Agent of the company. - To assist in the chairing of weekly sales meetings and assist Branch and Sales Managers with this task where necessary. - To organise all activities that will engender cohesion and wellbeing in the company as a whole. - To be responsible for resolving any disputes of a legal nature or involve the REAA. - To ensure all complaints are filed and kept for at least a minimum of 12 months. - To ensure compliance with the company Health and Safety Procedures. - To provide and maintain a safe workplace for staff within the office environment. - To ensure that the company has a system which recognises significant achievements and awards staff regularly, where appropriate. - To maintain a recruiting programme, in conjunction with the other Directors and Branch Managers, to keep the office numbers at a satisfactory level. Branch Managers - To oversee the day to day supervision of the Licensed Sales Consultants with the assistance of the company Directors and provide guidance and direction, as required, in respect to the listing, selling, leasing and marketing of land and property. - To resolve, in the first instance, any inter-consultant, inter-agency, company/client or consultant/ client disputes (see chapter 15). - To organise activities which build office culture and cohesion, in conjunction with the Business Owners and Directors. - To assist in the recruiting, interviewing and follow up of any new consultants and any employment-related matters. - To conduct one-on-one interviews and performance reviews. - To identify training needs and conduct training sessions when necessary. - To ensure monthly accounts are paid on time by each Sales Consultant. - To maintain monthly advertising schedules from Sales Consultants for each listing. Accounts Manager - To maintain account information and apportion outstanding monies to individual Sales Consultant’s monthly accounts. - To keep records of all Sales Consultant expenditure on advertising and profile marketing. - To control the management of the company’s day to day finances and provision of proper accounts. - To maintain pay records and compute commission payments made to Sales Consultants. - To ensure that all monies received are banked promptly.

Responsibilities of Sales Consultants & Buyers’ Agents A GUIDE ON HOW BUSINESS IS TO BE CONDUCTED Hours As an independent contractor you reserve the right to work the hours you feel necessary to succeed in the real estate industry. However, we suggest you begin your work day no later than 9.00am daily. You should be in the office by that time Monday through to Friday, unless you have an appointment. It is essential that the Office Administrator (‘OA’) is advised of your movements, wherever possible. This is a safety issue and also provides the OA with an expected time of arrival that they can pass on to clients. It also assists other Sales Consultants and Managers in communicating with you. Structural hours will assist you in attending to administration and maintenance of relationships with your clients and your listing stock. Holidays Prior to going on holiday, you shall pass on all details regarding current listings and buyers that you are working with to another Sales Consultant in your own office. You are also to inform all your current clients of your absence and any interim arrangements made to continue professional servicing of your client’s business. The OA is to be advised as well as the after-hours call centre so that messages are forwarded to the Sales Consultant looking after your business while you are away. A clear arrangement between you and the person covering for you is required. The Branch Manager must be advised of the arrangements in writing. You should ensure that the agent looking after your business knows what payment arrangements are in place during your absence. Please see your Branch Manager for further guidance. Branch Managers are to be advised of Christmas leave dates by 15 November each year. Client Base Client databases used or compiled by you during the term of this agreement shall be the property of the licensee, provided that this clause shall apply only to those databases or those parts of databases containing business contacts (as opposed to those databases or those parts of databases containing your family and friends). Email Newsletter Sent to over 10,000 people. You can add to and maintain your own database online by updating your contacts in H1 and requesting Marketing export the data once changes are made. You can write your own blurb (or use the default option), add your own Feature Property (or use the default option). Live links to our Facebook page and also to our Newsroom on the Holmwood website. Any enquiries created through your database are sent directly to your email account. Floor Time Floor time must be treated as a client appointment and noted in the diary. It must be taken seriously and faithfully performed. A roster will be produced each month stating the times allocated to each Sales Consultant for floor time.

Responsibilities of Sales Consultants & Buyers’ Agents To show respect for your office, company and fellow co-workers, you are expected to be at your office for your scheduled floor time duty. Please ensure that you arrange with someone else to do your duty if you are unavailable. Members of the public that walk into the office during normal working hours expect to be able to speak with a Sales Consultant. The Monday to Friday floor time roster is as follows: 09:00 to 11:00 11:00 to 13:00 13:00 to 15:00 15:00 to 17:00 Changes to rosters: To facilitate good roster maintenance, you must notify the OA of any intended absences (longer than one day) prior to the 15th of the month, where possible. It is your responsibility to arrange a replacement Sales Consultant to cover in your absence. General Enquiries The OA will enquire as to whether the person has been dealing with a particular Sales Consultant in the office recently or if they are calling as a result of a letterbox drop or other information received. Window Card Enquiries - If the enquiry is only about one property, it is directed to the listing agent. If the listing agent is not in the office the enquiry will be dealt with by the person on the floor time roster. - If the enquiry is about multiple properties, it will be handled by the person on floor time, unless one of the listing agents is in the office. - The OA is responsible for ensuring this procedure is handled correctly. Sign Enquiries All enquiries are always directed to the listing agent. In their absence, or on the insistence of the caller, the enquiry will be handled by the person on floor time. If this happens, the floor time person will immediately notify the listing agent of the enquiry and will handle it in a professional and competent manner. All enquiries about auction properties will be handled by the listing agent. Enquiries from Printed Advertisements These must be handled by the person running the advertisement. Enquiries from the Internet These are always forwarded to the Listing Consultant Walk-In Enquiry – known to, or recognised by someone other than the floor time person - The OA will enquire as to whether the person has been dealing with a particular Sales Consultant in the office recently, and deals with it on that basis. - If the person appears immediately comfortable with the Sales Consultant they have recognised, then that person should deal with the enquiry. - If the person seems unconcerned who they deal with, the OA will direct the enquiry to the floor time person.

Responsibilities of Sales Consultants & Buyers’ Agents - It is not appropriate for any Sales Consultant to unreasonably take advantage of the fact that they recognise or know the walk-in person, especially if it is to the detriment of the person on the floor time roster. - All new enquiries that come into the office by mail will be passed onto the person on the first floor time schedule for that day. Request for Appraisals/Listings Any requests made by clients for an appraisal shall be entitled to the floor time person, unless the enquirer specifically asks for another Sales Consultant with whom they are acquainted or have had business dealings with recently. Floor Time Person Engaged If the floor time person is engaged with clients or on the telephone and is therefore unable to handle any enquiry at that period of time, the OA shall approach the next person on the roster who is available to deal with that enquiry. The enquiry is to be handed back to the floor time person as their entitlement. The floor time person is to be informed of another client waiting and they are to decide if that person is to be referred on. Floor Time Person Not in the Office If the floor time person is not in the office, then the next person on the roster who is in the office will get the enquiry or listing request that comes in during their floor time.

Administrative Matters Hours of Work Although a Sales Consultant’s hours are flexible, a reasonable level of work is required – reasonable being at least 40 hours per week. You are expected to attend your weekly office meetings, Monday morning auction meetings and all scheduled training. Meeting Times and Agent Inspection Holmwood Real Estate hold their weekly meeting every Tuesday at 9.00am sharp. This is followed by the team inspection. Please inform your Branch Manager if you are unable to attend. Attendance at meetings is encouraged as it is an important part of team building. These meetings are the company’s opportunity to pass on important information regarding the way we conduct our business and may assist with how you conduct yours. Team Inspection (Caravan) Definition: Caravan involves every agent in the office viewing properties as a group and then providing the listing agent with collective feedback. Each Holmwood office operates its own caravan on a Tuesday after the Holmwood meeting. Each agent will be allocated dates on which they will organise the caravan and then provide morning tea. Organisation: In the week leading up to caravan, you will receive numerous phone and fax requests from other Sales Consultants within Holmwood as well as other Harcourts branches. Your priorities are: - Holmwood auctions in the franchise area - Holmwood exclusives in the franchise area - Harcourts auctions in the franchise area - Harcourts exclusives in the franchise area If the requests do not match the criteria listed above and you wish to go outside the franchise area, you need the agreement of at least four other team members. The caravan should be no longer than one hour in total. Alarm and Key Security Our buildings are monitored by Code 9 during the evenings and weekends. If the alarm is not set properly or if it goes off accidentally, Code 9 will call the office to see who is there. If no one is present, they will call our emergency contact, even in the early hours of the morning. To avoid this inconvenience, please ensure you know how to set the alarm correctly. If you are unable to provide Code 9 with code, they will send someone out to check the premises and charge us a call-out fee. Your OA will provide you with your code. Important: Please notify Code 9 if you will be in the office after 12.00am (374 3424) as the alarm automatically sets at that time and will go off if you are in the office. Not all offices have the same alarm system, so please ensure that you check with your OA for details on the alarm system used by your office.

Administrative Matters Phone System Your OA will show you how the phone system works. The phone system is switched over at 5:30pm (5:00pm for the Merivale & St Albans Offices) every evening and on weekends. During the switch-over time Spark answer the phones on our behalf and page you with any messages. If you are away and not able to receive paged messages, you will need to notify your OA who will advise Spark. It is your responsibility to organise someone to respond to your messages on your behalf when you are unavailable. Photocopier, Fax & Scanner The offices have good reproduction facilities and each Sales Consultant has a log-in code to record the numbers of copies made. Colour copying is charged at the current rate that is given to consultants from time to time in the advertising folders. Each Sales Consultant receives 500 black and white copies per month free of charge. Thereafter you will be charged 10c per copy. The fax is situated at the front desk. Your OA will give you training on how to use it and will also organise an IT person to set up your desk computer to allow you to print through the network. Computer and Wireless Network There is one computer in each office for Sales Consultants’ use as well as a computer in the interview room. This may vary for each office, please ask your OA. The printers are connected to the office network. You are encouraged to purchase your own laptop for use at the office and at home for your business. Most new computers have built-in wireless facilities which enable you to print on the office printer and access the Internet and Harcourts System. Most office desks have a cable connection as well. Annual Leave Authorisation All management and administration staff are required to apply for leave (this does not include Sales Consultants). It would be unusual to have leave declined as we do our utmost to approve all leave with reasonable notice. Forms, Correspondence and Stationery Most forms used in your day to day business are kept in cubby holes near the photocopiers. When you join the office, you will be given some administration forms to be completed and returned to your OA. All external correspondence should be checked by your Branch Manager for compliance and office standards. All stationery is stored in the OA’s locked cupboards. All Harcourts envelopes, contract folders and appraisal covers, etc are available in the office cupboards. Business Cards When you start with Holmwood, your first set of business cards will be paid for by the company and thereafter one standard set each calendar year (any foils or backprinting etc will be at the cost of the agent). A temporary set will be made up by the Marketing Department until these arrive. Any further orders are at your cost. Your OA will order these online and provide a proof.

Administrative Matters Mail Inbound: The postal service delivers mail addressed to our street address Monday to Friday. DX addressed mail is delivered in the early hours of the morning. Any mail items received for you will be put in your tray. Sales Consultants are discouraged from having personal mail delivered to the office. You should not allow commercial businesses to send private invoices to the Holmwood addresses. Outbound: The mail trays are located in each office and inter-office mail is to be put in the DX bag correctly labelled. Private mail is to be stamped. Bulk mail-outs: Each office has its own individual in-house procedure for bulk mail-outs. Please see your OA for details. Second Job Protocol Sales Consultants shall not directly or indirectly undertake any real estate agency work with any other persons or real estate companies during the term of their employment with the company. Any other work activity must have prior approval from the company Directors. Personal Assistants Personal Assistants may be employed by the company on behalf of Sales Consultants. A signed agreement needs to be completed by the Sales Consultant agreeing to pay all costs relating to their Personal Assistant. Holmwood Property Management Our property management divisions are based at Ilam, St Albans and Merivale. Any of your clients that require their property to be rented out can be referred to them. The property management business is also available for rental assessments and these should be requested in writing. Referrals to property management may attract a referral fee. Company Sponsored Social Events Holmwood Real Estate is a very social company. We pride ourselves on building and maintaining a great team with high morale. We organise a number of annual events to enable us to reward our hard-working staff. We actively encourage all members of the Holmwood team to attend these functions. Holmwood and Harcourts Group Training Holmwood holds frequent training sessions for all Sales Consultants throughout the year. This includes an auction meeting on Monday mornings, a training session on Wednesday from 09:00 to 10:00am. A memo will be sent to you advising the location, date and time of the training, along with details on the topic and any guest speakers. These are provided not only to up-skill our staff, but we also have a statutory requirement under the new REAA 2008 law to maintain skills within the industry. It is strongly recommended that you attend these training sessions as they address current issues and concerns within the industry.

Administrative Matters In addition to these group training sessions, your office will also run in-house training sessions, usually to coincide with your staff meeting. If you are looking fresh ideas or need some advice, the staff meeting is a good place to voice your questions as your fellow Sales Consultants and Branch Manager are available to help you. Over and above Holmwood training, Harcourts Regional training opportunities are also available regularly throughout the year. Every effort must be made to attend all weekly company meetings, team inspections and scheduled training. Continuing Education (REAA2008): Along with the Harcourts group we will provide opportunities to complete verifiable and non-verifiable education which is a yearly requirement to renew your licence (from 2013 on). Personal Standards A high standard of personal hygiene is expected of you at all times. Your car and other belongings should be clean and tidy. Presenting a high profile means you are in the spotlight so the use of appropriate language while in contact with your clients and colleagues is also required. Corporate Apparel Harcourts apparel is designed to enable the wearer to project a truly professional image. Whilst corporate apparel is generally not compulsory, it is recommended that you do wear it. We encourage you to wear corporate apparel on meeting and caravan days, at open homes and at all corporate functions. Sales Consultants’ Titles The title that may be printed under your name is Licensed Property/Sales Consultant, or on reaching $5 million in sales, Licensed Senior Property/Sales Consultant. This latter title may be printed underneath your name on business cards and promotional material by any Sales Consultant who, having been employed or engaged by a franchisee, has achieved one or all of the following standards: Harcourts Pins: VALUE OF SALES On reaching a value of $5 million and over in $5 million sales, each Sales Consultant is permitted to show HARCOURTS PIN the respective award in silver foiling on their Gold $10 million business cards. Maxum arranges the printing. Ruby $20 million Sapphire $30 million Amethyst $40 million Emerald $50 million Diamond Then awarded in $25m increments until $500m; $100m increments thereafter

Administrative Matters Employment Contract Every Sales Consultant and employee must have a written contract of employment or engagement signed by the franchisee and the Sales Consultant or employee for their mutual protection and understanding. Smoking All Holmwood offices are smoke-free environments. Franchise Area No Sales Consultant shall commence any flyer drop, door knocking or listing farm activity outside of your franchise area. Letter Drops Around Listings Letter drops around listings, informing residents of our activity in the area, has proven to be a successful way of promoting our business and obtaining further listings. The Sales Consultant can print Just Listed/Sold flyers for each listing and sale within the company’s franchise area. The Sales Consultant may print 100 flyers for any property listed or sold outside the franchise area and personally deliver these door to door. These should be delivered within 48 hours of production. See the Harcourts Policies & Procedures Manual for further information. Harcourts Referral Network (Harcourts Online Referral System) Outbound referrals for qualified buyers planning to move to another part of the country is classified as a Quality Client Referral and minimum details required are address, telephone number, price and dates when the buyer wishes to move. Sales Consultants are to complete the online referral wizard. You should immediately phone the transferee, send a transferee’s information folder and make an appointment to take the client through properties or list a property, whichever may be the case. The receiving office has 72 hours to accept or reject the referral. If the transfer cannot be serviced the referral must be rejected. Failure to reject an incoming referral in writing could result in the Sales Consultant and licensee owing a referral fee to the referring Sales Consultant. Tidy Office Sales Consultants are to keep their office area tidy and assist with basic duties such as keeping the kitchen area tidy and washing any used crockery and cutlery. You are required to maintain the tidiness of the outer office area by replacing all files after use and cleaning up after photocopying activity. No food or drink is to be consumed in the reception or interview area unless you are entertaining clients.

Administrative Matters Indicator Board Sales Consultants should ensure that the indicator board accurately shows whether they are in or out of the office, and the approximate time of their return Mobile Phone Policy Mobile phones are the property of each Sales Consultant and any charges relating to such are their responsibility. We encourage agents to use the specialised plan on offer from Spark. Paging Service All messages received for Sales Consultants are sent to them as soon as possible by the OA. You should check your messages regularly and return calls within an hour where possible. Lock Boxes All Sales Consultants are to request lock boxes from the OA. A record is kept of lock boxes issued to each Sales Consultant. When lock boxes are not in use, they should be returned for safekeeping. Under no circumstances shall any person provide any information pertaining to properties or businesses without obtaining the enquirer’s name, address and phone number. This includes listing cards, print outs, address lists or photocopies of these items. This is especially important where properties or businesses are listed by other Sales Consultants. In this case the only information to be given out is the address of the property for which there is a specific Prospect Report. General Security All assets, compendiums and written or computer information pertaining to your work should be kept secure at all times and returned to the company on termination of your contract. See computer security section. Commercial Car Insurance You are to provide a suitable motor vehicle to be used by you in the performance of your duties. Your motor vehicle shall be kept in a clean, tidy and presentable condition at all times and shall have a current warrant of fitness, registration and full commercial vehicle insurance. You are entirely responsible for the fuel and other running costs of your motor vehicle.

Administrative Matters: Appraisals Requests for Appraisals All requests for appraisals shall be followed up immediately to prevent prospective clients going to another company or office and are to be conducted as soon as possible. Appraisals Process Sales Consultants are to provide a professional presentation which should include accurate research and promotional marketing material. All Sales Consultants are to ensure that they comply with the Professional Conduct and Client Care Rules. See in Appendix 1. You are encouraged to use the appraisal packages (Marketing Proposals) that are produced by our Marketing Department. Information including recent sales, current competition and any other marketing information should be given to the Marketing Department at least one day before the presentation of the appraisal to the client. The package should also include your profile page and a full CMA from Harcourts One (or Property Guru) so that it is recorded in the system. Although Market Proposals are produced as a priority by our Marketing Department and are usually done within 4 hours, to avoid any unforeseen delays the more time that is given the better. Appraisal Records Copies of all appraisals that have been presented to any prospective vendors are to be kept in an appraisal file or online in Harcourts One for a minimum of 12 months. These will be added to your database. Marketing Compendiums This valuable resource will be given to you on your first day in the office. It contains Harcourts statistics and all marketing information regarding various marketing methods available to you and your vendor including price lists. Please familiarise yourself with the material in the compendium. It is strongly advised that you take it with you when listing a property as vendors appreciate what their adverts, signs, etc will look like in print form. If you have any questions about the information included in the compendium, please see your Branch Manager who will explain it to you.

Administrative Matters: Listings & Contracts of Agency Listing Enquiry Any enquiry relating to an appraisal or listing of a property should be priorities and actioned as soon as possible. All listings are to be entered into the computer as soon as possible and prior to the commencement of any marketing. They must be in the system by 5:00pm on the Monday prior to the Wednesday Bluebook advert. Full Completion of Listing Agreements Sales Consultants are to familiarise themselves with the requirements of the Professional Conduct and Client Care Rules (9.8 to 9.14). All fields pertaining to any Listing Agreement are to be correctly completed and signed by all registered vendors or their authorised agents so that an enforceable contract can be written on the property concerned, with data from such Listing Agreements. All Listing Agreements must have dates of initiation and termination. Any alterations and corrections on the Listing Agreement must be evidenced in writing and signed by all registered vendors or their authorised agents. All vendors’ warranties must be acknowledged and signed. Approved Guides The New Zealand Residential Property Sales and Purchase Agreements Guide and the New Zealand Residential Property Agency Agreements Guide are to be signed for by all parties signing Listing Agreements and Sale and Purchase Agreements. Alternatively you can direct clients to the REAA website to read the guides and respond with an email stating they have done so. Listing Agreements When completing a Listing Agreement, the details are to be checked thoroughly. If there is anything that cannot be checked at the time and the vendor is in doubt about any matter, the following text is to be included in the agreement: “To the best of the vendor’s knowledge…” - Remember that silence on any known facts can be a misleading matter. - Check permits for alterations, additions, etc If details are not known, this is to be stated on the Listing agreement. - All vendor warranties must be recorded and any known defects or matters affecting the sale must be disclosed by the vendor. - All newly listed properties are ideally to be fitted with a lock box or have a key lodged in the office. - All listed properties are to have a title search. This may enable you to advise the vendor of any necessary steps to be taken before a Sale and Purchase Agreement is drawn up. - Every listing is to have a marketing plan. - Every listing is to have a signed Listing Agreement. Where a property is advertised without a Listing Agreement having been processed, any fee payable to the Sales Consultant on the sale of such a property may be forfeited. The franchisee may change the Sales Consultant if the listing is not actively serviced or an unsatisfactory level of service has been reported.

Administrative Matters: Listings & Contracts of Agency Four Valid Elements Under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008, for a listing to be valid the vendor(s) must have: - Received and signed for the approved New Zealand Residential Property Agency Agreements Guide. There is a signature space for this on all Listing Agreements. - A market appraisal, including a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and a price indication. - A marketing plan. If the vendor is going to pay marketing funds, an indication of the dollar amount the company will receive in bulk purchasing discounts (10% on The Press and the Bluebook) must be included. - A signed copy of the Listing Agreement. Title Once signed, all listings must have a title ordered. Should there be a dispute in the future, information contained within the title could assist. To order a title email your OA with title number, owner’s names and the property address (Agents at Merivale can request titles from the Ilam 2 OA ([email protected]). Once received, ensure you fully understand the important elements of the title. If unsure, seek advice from your Branch Manager and/or the vendor’s solicitor. Processing New Listings When you first get a listing, there are tasks to be completed in order to get it listed on the Internet and the Harcourts Intranet. To enable your listing to be viewed by the public on, it must have photos, a heading and marketing text as well as number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and land area. Once your listing has been entered into the Harcourts One system, a letter is sent from your Branch Manager to your vendor, thanking them for choosing Holmwood Real Estate and informing them about the Harcourts Promise and login. Have your flyers printed in a timely manner to ensure maximum and precise marketing of your vendor’s property. Please ensure that the Listing Agreement is completed with full details including the vendor’s full name and address, legal description and solicitors’ details. It must be signed in all applicable places. Your OA will not allocate a listing number or enter the listing unless all necessary information is provided. IMPORTANT: If your vendor requests no price marketing, please write a price range on the listing form for your OA to enter. This is a Harcourts requirement and the listing cannot be entered without a hidden price range. Listings Taken During Holiday Periods or Office Close Down Periods Should a property come to the market during a period of close down, then that property’s Listing Agreement must be faxed to the Regional Office for the attention of Mr Michael Mullen.

Administrative Matters: Listings & Contracts of Agency Anti-Money Laundering (AML) From 1st January 2019 Real Estate Companies will need to comply with the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 What is AML? A law passed in New Zealand called The Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009, or “AML/CFT Act” as it is more commonly known. The law reflects New Zealand’s commitment in a worldwide initiative to combat global crime and reduce the impact criminal activity has within the global community. The legislation requires Real Estate Companies and other professionals to assess the risk they may face from the actions of money launderers and people who finance terrorism and must identify potentially suspicious activity. To make that assessment, Real Estate Companies must obtain and verify information from our clients. This is part of what the AML/CFT law calls “customer due diligence” and is a similar obligation to that imposed on banks and lawyers who have been subject to this regime for some time now. Customer Due Diligence Requirements Customer due diligence requires Real Estate Companies to complete certain checks before we can list your property or business to sell. We will also require this information from our clients who have commercial property they wish to lease. The Act requires us to also take reasonable steps to make sure the information we receive from you is correct, we will therefore need to ask you for documents to verify this information. For starters, we will need: -Vendor’s full name; and- date of birth; and- address. To confirm these details, documents such as your passport, driver’s licence or birth certificate, and documents that show the Vendor’s address such as a current bank statement will be required. Under the new rules, if the property or business is held in the name of a company, a trust, or has overseas ownership we’ll need specific information about the entity including the people associated with it, (directors and shareholders, trustees and beneficiaries) and source of funds. Please ensure you take an AML Booklet with you to all listing presentations so your Vendor’s are aware of their obligations under AML/CFT law. All CDD documentation is loaded into our AML App. You will be provided a login to this app on induction into the company. Training will be provided to you by our AML Compliance Officer. IMPORTANT: No listing can go live in the H1 system without Customer Due Diligence being completed and compliance approved by our AML Compliance Officer. If you have any questions contact our AML/CFT Compliance Officer by email at [email protected]

Administrative Matters: Commission Marketing the Listing A property is not to be advertised until the Listing Agreement has been passed on to your OA and entered into the Harcourts system. A Listing Agreement is not valid unless all dates for initiation and termination are completed and the agreement is signed by all vendors or their authorised agents. Withheld Listings Should a Listing Agreement be taken by a Sales Consultant and there is a valid reason for withholding that agreement from the listing system, the Branch Manager is to be informed immediately of the circumstances and no marketing or inspections of the property may be undertaken whatsoever. There are no exceptions to this rule. Copy of the Listing Agreement is to be left with the Vendor To be enforceable, a copy of the original Listing Agreement must be left with the vendor at the time of signing the agreement. The vendor then has a “cooling off” period till 5pm on the first working day after signing the Listing Agreement. See all other requirements in paragraph 7.4 on page 16 and the Code of Conduct and Client Care included in this volume. Changes to the Status of Listings It is vital that your OA is notified when the status of a listing changes. All alterations to a listing must be authorised in writing by the vendor on an Agency Alteration form. Listing Properties that are Tenanted Where a vendor is selling a property that has a tenant in place, the Sales Consultant is to ensure that they obtain a copy of the tenancy agreement from the vendor. The Sales Consultant should arrange a meeting with the tenant to explain the sale process. If the listing is sold and the tenant is on a fixed tenancy to a date beyond settlement date, the property will have to be sold with the tenant in place. The prospective purchaser must be advised that the tenant is entitled to stay until the end of the fixed tenancy. The Sales Consultant should be proactive and ensure that their vendor communicates with the new purchaser regarding the change in landlord requirements including the tenancy agreement and the bond. Tenant Authorisation and Information form The Listing Consultant is responsible for ensuring that the tenant has been advised of the sale process and should seek their agreement to the following: - That a lock box with a key in it will be attached to the property. - Open home dates and times. - Details of chattels belonging to the landlord or the tenant, e.g. curtains put up by tenants, garden sheds, TV aerials, etc are the most common. - Weekly rent.

Administrative Matters: Commission - Confirm the termination date of the tenancy. - Should the tenant not be on a fixed tenancy, explain that they will be given at least 42 days notice in writing from the landlord and the possession date will be at least 45 days from the confirmation date of the sale of the property. Commissions Not to be Discounted Every listing obtained by consultants from this Company shall be listed with a fee of firstly $550.00, secondly 3.95% on the first $400,000, thirdly, 2% on any amount over $400,000 plus any applicable GST, or any other such Marketing fees set down by the company. Marketing Fees are gained at time of Listing and the Memorandum of Variation to the Listing Contract has such extra fees shown on it and the vendor has agreed and signed the form. Any consultant who negotiates a commission below this fee without the permission of the manager shall meet the shortfall from their share of the fee obtained. If a property is listed on a reduced commission then that reduction will be borne by the listing office as the selling office will always be entitled to a full commission without the consent of the licensee. No lesser fee than the authorised one shall appear on any listing agreement, listing card, listing book. Commission Discounts Should it be necessary, after all other avenues have been exhausted, for the commission on a sale to be discounted in order for that sale to eventuate, then in all cases the prior permission of the Branch or Sales Manager and all other companies and consultants involved in the transaction must be obtained. Failure to obtain permission will result in the sales consultant being solely responsible for the deducted amount. Where a deduction is agreed to then the deducted amount within the company shall be at the 50% commission basis with the consultant & company. Any commission reduction that occurs is to be shared equally between all consultants and companies involved in that agreement. This will be agreed upon with the outside agent at the time of negotiation. Listing Agent Entitled to Commission The listing consultant shall be entitled to commission for any listing of theirs as long as they are engaged by this office on the sale of any property listed by them. In the case where a listing has expired and another Harcourts consultant is able to secure an exclusive, then the exclusive listing shall supersede the expired listing. This obviously does not apply to a current listing being actively marketed by the original listing consultant. This is not to enable someone with a potential purchaser to create an opportunity to obtain a listing as a selling commission but rather to ensure that every opportunity to list exclusively is taken. Should a Harcourts Holmwood consultant allow a listing to expire and it is subsequently sold whilst it is a general agency, then the selling consultant’s office shall be entitled to 75% of the commission due from the client of the expired listing. The Listing Office will only receive 25%.

Administrative Matters: Commission Selling Consultant Entitled to Commission The selling consultant shall be entitled to commission on the confirmed sale of any property for which the company actually receives the commission for as long as they are engaged by the company. Should this agreement be terminated for any reason the consultant shall be entitled to commission on any sales confirmed in writing and on any conditional sales that were written prior to the termination of this agreement that confirm subsequent to the termination of this agreement. Entitlement to commission on any sales not completed to a contract stage prior to the termination of this agreement shall be at the sole discretion of the Licensee. Breakdown of Commission Split Every consultant shall, unless otherwise agreed, receive an entitlement with respect to their sales of other consultant’s listings or the sale of any of their listings based on 50% of the distributable amount after any deductions. Sales Consultants Incentive Scheme Holmwood Real Estate will from time to time pay incentives, based on earning each quarter. These will be notified to the Sales Consultants and the commission split based on performance will vary upwards, which will be paid to the Consultant at 55%, 57.5% and 60%. If the income level is maintained at the agreed levels then the higher commission will be paid to the consultant for each successive quarter. Secret Commission The company does not allow a Sales Consultant to procure referrals from external brokers. Not only is this against the conditions of your employment agreement, but it is also illegal under the Secret Commissions Act 1910. The company provides at its cost exposure of all properties on: - Open Home advertising in the Harcourts Corporate block in Saturday’s Press The company covers for a salesperson the following: - One standard sign installed with your phone number and ID stickers, one set of stakes and the removal of standard sign (up to $29) - Holmwood Email newsletter monthly fee, if you spend over $3,000 in marketing for a property. See Marketing Department for details. - Farm Cards (for company allocated farm areas only) - 500 black & white copies per month - 100 colour copies per listing - 50 colour ‘Sold’ flyers per sale (photocopying cost)

Administrative Matters: Commission These allowances are to cover things like “Just Listed” and “Sold” flyers to print at your office. Any flyers printed in the marketing department are charged to you at the end of each month. Commission Rates Lister: 60% Seller: 40% Split between the company and salesperson at the following rates, based on actual earnings over the last four quarters. Agents start on a commission rate of 50%, they are then assessed each quarter on their actual earnings per quarter as below. To allow for good and bad quarters, we look back over the past 2 quarters, the last 3 quarters and finally the last 4 quarters. 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter *50% Under $15,000 *55% $30,000 $45,000 $60,000 *57.5% $15,000 $45,000 $67,500 $90,000 *60% $22,500 $60,000 $90,000 $120,000 $30,000 Listers Fee A listing fee of $250 is deducted from the Listers commission for costs associated with listing the property. Properties Previously Listed with Another Company Where a consultant lists a property on an sole agency and the property is in the hands of another agency as a general agency, then the notice in terms of Cancellation of Agency form must be given to the licensee of that agency or agencies. This rule shall also be complied with when a Harcourts franchisee is involved. Cooling Off Period This is not to be confused with a termination or cancellation of one of our listings. The cooling off period is until 5:00pm on the first working day after signing the Listing Agreement.

Administrative Matters: Advertising Advertising Must Be Clearly Written All advertisements are to be clearly written or typed on the forms made available by the various media and must include the following as written: “Harcourts Holmwood Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008.” All forms of advertising and flyers etc are to comply with the requirement of the Fair Trading Act and the Consumers’ Guarantees Act Advertising Placement Advertising must always have urgency, and client motivation, these tend to attract buyers, thinking they are getting a bargain. It is the skill of the sales consultant that will get the customers to commit to signing a Sales and Purchase Agreement. (at a time after which they have been given the approved guide and given the opportunity to seek legal advice). Insufficient response from any advert demands it’s rewriting. Property Not Yet Listed No advertisement shall be ordered for any property unless that property has been listed in the correct form on the Listing Agreement. Advertisements to be Cancelled Immediately an advertised property has been sold, all ordered advertisements shall be cancelled. This is the responsibility of the consultant. Advertisement cancellation notice and reference number obtained from The Press is to be handed into reception for credit on your advertising account. Open Home Advertisements Any property that is advertised in the media should where possible advise that there will be an Open Home and should advise the day and time. Bluebook Advertising Client funded advertising must be paid in advance. It should also be remembered that all advertising that is taken after the initial listing contract is signed; a Memorandum of Variation to the Listing Contract must be signed. It should also be noted that the bulk payment discount is entered on the form. At this time the bulk payment discount is 10% of the quoted price for the Bluebook advertising investment that the client makes. Open listing properties are not acceptable for inclusion in the Bluebook. Advertising Another Sales Consultant’s Sole Listings No consultant shall advertise another consultants listing without the permission of the listing consultant or Licensee. Advertising All advertisements are to be thoughtfully prepared and written, and must be of the highest standard in regards to accuracy, integrity and legal compliance. Common sense and good taste must prevail. This also applies to any flyers, newsletters, letter drops and any other material used for promotion.

Administrative Matters: Advertising Signboard Advertising Any consultant who wishes for a standard for sale sign to be placed on any property listed by them shall order the sign installation via the office sign service order form. Any other form of picture or text sign boarding for a particular property will be paid for by the Sales consultant or the Client as indicated on the Memorandum of advertising as approved and agreed and signed off by the client (seller). Every effort is to be made to erect a For Sale sign on every Sole Listing taken in order to maximise the promotional value of our business. Signs should be erected within 48 hours of listing. When a property confirms, A ‘SOLD’ sticker is to be placed on the sign by the consultant for at least 1 week. A form can be submitted to the Sign Company to have the sign removed. Any special signs that are required for special properties and Auctions are never to be ordered by consultants without first submitting a copy of the Advertising Schedule for the marketing. Open Home Signs Open day signs, these can be purchased from Sign Network, and or other retailers. It is suggested that all new Sales Consultants purchase the new agents pack that can be arranged through Sign Network. Refunds of Advertising Refunds will not be given on any mistakes due to unclear writing, spelling mistakes or omissions that appear, in the Press or Bluebook. A credit number should be obtained from the Press should they admit an error on their part. This number is to be given to the OA. Client Funding and Profile Marketing Investment Consultants who sell profile marketing to a Client, are required to advise that they are not obliged to invest in marketing .(but without such they may not achieve maximum value for their home during the best time of exposing their home to the market at the beginning of the marketing phase.) All rebates are disclosed on the variation to the Listing Agreement. Once the funding amount has been agreed it is then either paid by cash, credit card or direct credit to our account. Please note that a 2.25% fee applies when paying by credit card. Marketing monies are paid into the Holmwood General Account for your office, the details of which are: Westpac Bank, Fendalton Mall Branch: - Ilam 03-1705-0108251-01 - St Albans 03-1705-0108251-05 - Ilam 2 03-1705-0108251-02 - Property Mgmt 03-1705-0108251-06 - Fendalton 03-1705-0108251-03 - Commercial 03-1705-0108251-08 - Merivale 03-1705-0108251-04 - Trust Account 03-1705-0108251-20 (deposits on a property only) All deposits by direct credit must have as the reference the address of the property.

Administrative Matters: Working In with Outside Agents Work-Ins to be Discouraged Any consultant working in with a competing agency on our company’s listing shall not contract to receive less than 70% of the fee to be 3.5% up to $300,000; 2% on the balance. Details on any “Work In” shall be clearly established prior to contract negotiations by using the Conjunctional Sale Agreement document which can be found in the office cupboards. Requests for work-ins from competing offices are to be discouraged as much as possible. Usually the prospective buyer will come to us once it is established that a work-in is not possible at that time. The competing agent is to be told that inquiry is excellent and is to be asked to phone again next week. This allows the prospective purchaser to direct their inquiry to our office so that 100% of the fee can be received instead of just 60%. Work-In Rules If the interest of firstly the vendor and secondly Harcourts are to be best served by the sale of one of our exclusively listed properties on a conjunctional basis with one of our competitors then request for working in should be granted. No hard fast rule can be devised to cover the multitude of types of situations that can present themselves but suffice to say all salespeople should be conversant of this company to allowing conjunctional sales of its listed properties. All listings are the ‘property’ of the company and it is the prerogative of the management to ensure that all interest is being served. As well as the client (seller) and the company’s interest you should consider the very fact that one of your Harcourts colleagues may well have the very buyer the outside agent is inquiring for and to that point in time may not have had the opportunity to promote the home to the buyer. Until you are confident with the process of ‘working in’ and the companies ‘policy’ to the same, request should only be dealt with after consultation with your manager. If an outside agent asks to work in have been entrusted to sell and you are confident the circumstances are such that to ‘work in’ is to an advantage of all, then you must immediately establish the grounds on which you will work in. These are non-negotiable terms that the company has set at this time and may vary. - To be written up on a Harcourts Contract form of the Sale and Purchase Agreement. - Deposit into our Trust account immediately when due. - The split shall be at least 70% - 30% in our favour at no more than 3.5% - All negotiations must be done with your presence. - No subject to sales are acceptable. Details of the commission sharing must be recorded either on the contract or by other documentation such as a fax prior to the contract being presented. If You Grant an Outside Agent The Right To ‘Work In’ Advise the Clients of your actions and if necessary assure them that such an arrangement is quite normal. You will always accompany the outside agent. Be on site to liaise with the Outside agent and with the client (seller). This indicates to your Client your desire to go the extra mile for them, but at the same time you’re maintaining control.

Administrative Matters: Working In with Outside Agents Be at all offer/counter offer presentations and while being constructive and encouraging if the offer is acceptable ensure you are seen to be aligned to your Client, be their adviser. Remember, the vendor may not have yet purchased. Imagine what their next step is if you’re not there and an OSA has just sold their home. You probably just lost your next qualified buyer. NB: If the circumstances are such that you’re not prepared to work in yet, I suggest you should have valid reasons for the goodwill of the company and yourself you tactfully refuse the OSA. e.g. the office sales consultants have yet to contact their buyers. I will call you back next week if no interested parties. Conjunctional Sales The so-called “Joint Agency” is nonsense in terminology and will not be supported by the Real Estate Institute. The correct way is that a vendor may choose to enter into a “Conjunctional Sale” with two Sales Consultants. Where more than one agency is required by the vendor to list a property, the Sales Consultant must endeavour to take a “Sole Agency”. Conjunctional sales shall only be taken on a “winner takes all” basis and we must be the master agent. The listing is to be signed as such. No Sales Consultant shall give permission to any other agency to work-in on another Sales Consultant’s Sole Agency Listing.

Administrative Matters: Offers and Contracts Consultants with Less Than 6 Months in the Industry No agent with less than six months may take part in the drafting or offering of legal advice, in the compilation of a Sale and Purchase Agreement. Holmwood Real Estate licensed agents, (the Branch managers) must write up, present, and negotiate any offer that a buyer wishes to submit. The consultant must ring and arrange for the purchasers to meet at that consultant’s office, at a time that the duty Branch Manager and Purchasers agree on. Consultant with experience six to twelve months: Sales Manager/Manager to be informed of all offers before final presentation or at Sales Manager/Manager’s discretion. All Agreements Must Have The Following Key Elements: - Completed on the latest edition on the Sales & Purchase Agreement. - Names and identification of the parties and the capacities in which they contract. Get their addresses. - An adequate description of the property: Postal address, Legal description, area of land; in the case of lease of land, the registered number of the lease or a short description of the premises and lease document. - The purchase price, irrespective of whether the consideration is in cash, or by way of exchange or otherwise. - The signatures of the parties, or their duly authorised agents, including initials to each page of the contract and to any amendments or additions to the agreement. - Possession and settlement dates must be specific dates if this is not possible due to confirmation dependent on code of compliance or title issues then it should be stated as so many working days from date of confirmation. - Acceptance of any agreement must be communicated to all the parties to the agreement, and to any other consultant who may be involved in the deal. - Beware of chattels: Most disputes are created by the chattels etc - Not having been entered on the agreement. Be very particular in these things and have Purchaser and Vendor initial this space. - Should a dispute arise with respect to any chattels involved in a sale and the company incurs any expense for the purchase, replacement or repair of a chattel, the total cost shall be passed onto the consultant concerned. - Ascertain the GST content, if any, from the vendor’s solicitor. If the vendor is a dealer then GST is very likely involved; also in the case of businesses, land farms etc. - Remember, when a property being sold is larger than 10 ha, being Rural, Residential, Commercial or Industrial Land and the purchaser is not a New Zealander, or the purchaser already owns 10 ha of land. Allow one month for permission to be granted from the Overseas Investment Office (OIO) - Interest rates for late settlements should carry a penalty rate, say three to five per cent above the normal finance rates. - Acknowledgment of acceptance of the REAA approved guides; Guide to Agency Agreements and Guide to Sales and Purchase Agreements. - The date on which the agreement was finally accepted is always the last entry on the agreement, and must not be forgotten. - Advise any prospective buyers to obtain independent advice in any matter that is not clear.

Administrative Matters: Offers and Contracts Miscellaneous Things to be Remembered Any purchaser has the right to inspect the property again once prior to possession date, to make sure that it is in the same condition as inspected earlier. Any purchaser can expect to take possession of the property with everything being in good working order, unless the vendors categorically have stated earlier that a certain repair was not going to be carried out at the price the property was signed up at. The consultant must write all promises made verbally by any Client (seller) onto the agreement and have these signed. In the case where a rented property is involved, the tenants must receive at least 42 days’ notice in writing from the landlord and the possession date is to be at least 45 days from the confirmation date of the sale of the property. Remember – under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008, all parties signing a contract of sale and purchase must be given the approved Residential Sale and Purchase Guide and have signed they have received it on the sale and purchase agreement (both sellers and buyers) Offer on Another Harcourts Consultants Listing Please see the Harcourts Group Policy and Procedures Manual for detailed information on this. All parties involved in the presentation of the offers must work together to ensure that both vendor and purchaser interest are protected and enhanced. The accuracy of possession and subject clauses dates must be arranged to coincide with any other agreement that may affect the current offer being negotiated. The Harcourts Group Policy and Procedure Manual should be adhered to as this reflects the group’s policy. All new and current Sales Consultants are to be informed accordingly. Therefore, when a Sales Consultant gets an offer they must contact the Listing Consultant, and the Selling Consultant may elect to be present, and we would encourage them to be present at all times. Neither the Listing consultant nor the Selling Consultant can be excluded from the presentation of the offer, except on multiple offer situations. Extreme care is to be taken with the possession dates so that these coincide with any other agreement involving the vendors or purchasers. After completion of negotiations, both the vendor and purchaser are to be notified forthwith together with any consultant associated with the sale. In the event of a delay in the presentation of any offers the sales manager is to be notified immediately. Multiple Offers Multiple offers being made in respect of a property for which Holmwood Real Estate are the Listing Consultant, are to be dealt with as follows: Any Sales Consultant having received an offer on their listing and is also being aware of another offer pending must, prior to presenting the offer to the vendor, notify the vendor of the situation. The vendor will decide if

Administrative Matters: Offers and Contracts they wish to wait until all the offers are available or they may decide to deal with the offer that they have now. If the vendor decides to wait, then all purchasers are then to be approached and the situation is to be fully explained to them. They must sign a Multi Offer Form and acknowledge that they are aware of the number of other offers. They are to be asked for their “Best Shot” as far as their offer is concerned in relation to price and conditions. The consultant drafting the offer should not make any opinion on price, but clearly state that the asking price is this and in multi offer situations the seller often gets more than asking price. “What would you have me place on this contract” The Multi offer form should be attached to the contract for presentation to the vendor. Once the offers are received they will be sealed in an envelope delivered to the listing consultant if they are not involved with any of the offers or to the listing consultants Manger if they are involved. The Manager will arrange to present them to the vendor. At the presentation of offers the vendor should sign the Multi Offer Form as proof to the purchaser that they have sighted the contract during the multi offer procedures. Offers Being Negotiated Should an offer be in the process of negotiation and, before it has become an agreement the listing consultant becomes aware of the existence of another offer which could be more favourable, then the listing consultant shall immediately cease all negotiation and the provisions of the multiple offer policy shall apply. Any other course of action may expose the company to a claim for damages and risks leaving one of the parties feeling aggrieved. Any offer which is not accepted is to be formally rejected in writing on the front cover of the offer form by the Vendor and the purchaser is to be so advised. All offers that are rejected and are at an end are to be retained by the Listing Consultants office in a contracts box. Agents keep contracts in their own offices for the mandatory period of time, as detailed in the REAA 2008. Offers to Purchase Property by an Employee, and/or Licensed Consultant In the purchase or lease of a property by any office employee or consultant or by the partner of employee or officer of the real estate agent or spouse, civil union partner, de facto partner or child and/or any such related person as listed in Section 134 of the REAA 2008, notice should be taken of the points raised in form 2 below. The licensed consultant shall ensure that all aspects of Form 2 are complied with. In summary: - The form is a legally binding contract and the Vendor may wish to seek legal advice at their cost. - The consultant must ask for the consent of the vendor. - The Form 2 must be given prior to any offer is being made to take or acquire any interest in a vendors and/ or business. - A valuation is to be given to the vendor either; - Prior to signing this consent the consultant must provide a valuation within 14 days of the acceptance of the sale and purchase agreement. - The consultant is to ensure that all parts of the form are completed and signed correctly and in full.

Administrative Matters: Offers and Contracts The rule of thumb is that these provisions will apply where either the Company or any member of the Harcourts Group will financially benefit from the transaction, or it could be construed that a consultant could have been in a position as a parent/friend to have given advice to a related person. It would be more prudent that a consultant buying a property listed with the company deal through another consultant or the Sales Manager at their option and not direct with the Vendor. Failure to comply with all of the above may result in either the agreement being cancelled or the loss of the total commission. It is the responsibility of the listing agent to see this rule is complied with immediately becoming aware that the purchaser is liable under section 134 of the REAA 2008. See Appendix 2. Sale of a Property Owned by a Person Engaged by the Company Every person engaged by the company contemplating selling their property will list the property through the company and will avail themselves of the company’s Real Estate services as though they were a normal Vendor. - The staff member must have been with Holmwood for a minimum of 6 months. - This fee applies only to the home the staff member lives in. - The office fee is $1000+GST plus any marketing costs. - The marketing cost must be paid up front. - The listing salesperson will receive their normal commission. - The selling salesperson will receive their normal commission. - If there is another office involved (this includes another Holmwood office) that office will receive the normal Selling fee. The new policy applies to all Holmwood Staff including Agents, Administration, Accounts and Marketing Team Members. “Members shall not make a practice of the speculative buying and selling of properties on their own account and members will actively discourage their consultant and employees from so doing.” No consultant engaged by this Company shall list their own property for sale through another Real Estate Agency, without consultation with one of the Holmwood Directors.

Administrative Matters: Offers and Contracts Accepted Contracts to Administration for Action by OA On completion of a contract the selling office will make the following copies of the agreement: - Purchaser - Vendor - Vendor’s Solicitor - Purchaser’s Solicitor - Listing Agent/Office - Selling Agent/Office - Office Copy All original contracts are to be faxed first, then posted. If there is any delay at all then the contract will be faxed and then couriered. The office copy shall have a copy of the listing card or form attached and shall bear the receipts of the purchasers’ solicitor and shall be handed to reception immediately upon the completion. This is the Agent’s responsibility. Consultant should complete all contracts in black or blue ink before handing to Reception, along with a Transaction Report fully completed. Listing Consultant to Present Offers Every offer on any property that is not the Consultant’s shall be communicated and presented by the Listing Consultant. The Selling Consultant may be present. Every offer is to be presented promptly and in the event that there is likely to be a delay in the presentation of any offer, the Sales Manager is to be immediately notified. Where negotiations are unsuccessful the licensee is to be notified and brief details are to be shared. Offers are not to be communicated by telephone to any vendor any consultant if the vendor can be approached in person. Contracts are not to be faxed between offices in Christchurch, they are usually delivered or at the least couriered if the consultant is unable to take the contract to the listing consultant. The drill then is that the listing consultant will return the original contract back to the selling consultant and vice-versa until such time during the negotiations that the contract is accepted. The Selling Consultant’s office processes the agreement. Copies of Offers to Persons Making an Offer In every instance, copies of all offers received from any customer (purchaser), or lessee, shall be handed to the persons making the offer. The date, time and acknowledgment of receipt of the copy shall be noted on the agreement form; the copy to be left at the time of signing. This is a requirement by law. The consultant shall ensure that all the names and addresses are printed on the front of the agreement, for easy identification and ease of updating vendor base.

Administrative Matters: Offers and Contracts Processing the Contract After Agreement has been Reached Once a consultant has reached agreement on the Sales and Purchase of a property then the following action takes place. - The contract is dated. - A Transaction Report is attached to the contract with full details of inspections and negotiations. - The contract and Transaction Report are given to the OA. - The normal internal procedures between the accounts department and the OA will occur. - Consultants should make a note in their diaries as to the confirmation and settlement dates. - Consultants will receive a copy of the front sheet advising of the commission split and any deductions. Confirmation of the Agreement When confirmation is due for your contract, the confirmation advice is faxed to the vendors and purchasers solicitors from the office. Signed confirmation advices are then faxed back to the office. Written confirmation is required, verbal confirmation is not satisfactory. Once received at the office, the consultant will be paged advising that their contract has confirmed. Your OA will then send a letter congratulating your vendor on the sale/purchase of the property. Protecting Our Vendors by Collecting the Deposit The laws of agency require that we take all steps necessary to protect our vendors. In every case a deposit of at least 10% is to be stated on the agreement, and to be collected. Failure to collect the deposit can result in the vendor losing out and the office losing out; vendors have first claim on deposits. Unconditional cash offers must always be accompanied by a deposit of 10%. This amount should be collected before negotiations take place. If the deposit disbursed is less than the full commission due then the selling consultant will not be paid until all monies have been collected. In the event where a purchaser is unable to pay a deposit, after the amount of the deposit has been written on the agreement, the consultant must notify the OA who will then notify the vendors solicitor in writing of the fact etc. Collection of Deposits Deposits are to be collected when due by the selling agent, and given to the accounts department so that receipts can be sent out. The following clause must be added to the front of the Sale & Purchase Agreement under Deposit (clause 2.0): Deposit to be paid to Harcourts Holmwood Trust Account upon acceptance of this contract.

Administrative Matters: Offers and Contracts A deposit can be paid by cash, or directly deposited into our Trust Account either in person, bank transfer or by internet banking. Any monies deposited via internet banking must have the address of the property being purchased as the reference. If you know your vendor will be depositing money into the Trust Account please notify accounts so that they can look out for it – a short email is all that is required. The Trust Account details are as follows: Westpac Bank, Fendalton Mall Branch Account: 03 1705 0108251 20 All deposits by direct credit must have as the reference the address of the property. You will be paged or emailed by the OA or accounts once the deposit has received. The deposit monies must be held in our Trust Account for a mandatory 10 working days, unless both the vendor’s and purchaser’s solicitor allow for early release. After confirmation has occurred, the consultant will be paid commission when the accounts department has had authority to disperse the deposit from the solicitors. Any remaining balance will be sent to the vendor’s solicitor. There are some instances where an early release of the deposit is required. Please advise accounts immediately if this is the case. If no deposit is to be paid, please advise the accounts department, as a debit note will need to be sent to the vendors solicitor, before they disperse the balance of funds on settlement. Inspection of Properties Under Offer Any property that is under offer may still be shown to prospective buyers respecting at all times that a delicate stage of financing may exist. The listing consultant is to be notified and kept up to date and his/her judgement is to be respected. In case any inspection appears to be unreasonably withheld, consult the sales manager. Remember to work in the best interest of the vendor who must be asked for an opinion if necessary. Offers That Are at an End and/or No Agreement Is Reached All offers that are at an end or reach no agreement are to be kept by the Sales Consultant for a period of twelve months. Auctions are the only method of sale that ensures the property is exposed to the whole market by use of high profile marketing. The Company success rate is very high and consultants who use this method are those that are the top performers in the Holmwood Group. All consultants should strive to improve their skills in proposing this method of sale to their Vendors. Listing of Auctions and Tenders This form of marketing is driven by vendor investment, skills that will be trained and supported by your manager until you are fully confident. Your manager will support in this marketing process.

Administrative Matters: Holmwood Auctions Auction Procedures All auctions are to be vendor funded with the money to be received prior to the placing of the advertisements, ordering of LIMs and Titles etc. All consultants are to familiarise themselves with the Auction process and further information may be provided on application to the company. All marketing is to be recorded on the Memorandum of Variation to the Listing agreement or recorded on the Listing Authority Contract. Approved Guides It is suggested that the approved guide be given to those purchasers that have shown sufficient interest and have been qualified, and warrant being given an Auction Pack, then the Approved Guide is given at that time as part of the pack. Forms and Approvals Consultants should familiarise themselves with some of the forms associated with Auctions, some are mentioned below: - Registration of Interest - Aside Agreement - Telephone bidding form - Land Information Memorandums and what they contain - Titles, understanding what they contain. - Investment Schedule prices. See Appendix 3.

Administrative Matters: Open Homes Every consultant holding an Open Home for any vendor shall work professionally at all times making sure that all available material such as flags, signboards, directional arrows etc are fully and effectively utilised and in good condition An Open Home Register is to be kept by every consultant which all visitors must sign. Any person not prepared to give their contact details is not permitted to view the property. You should politely ask them to leave. Information is used also as a security measure for the vendor. Every visitor is to be properly qualified and followed up. Any consultant who is unable or unwilling to follow up any of the visitors to an Open Home shall hand the names and addresses to another consultant to follow up. Remember that every visitor to an Open Home may be a potential vendor and the seeds of professionalism must be sown. Auction Open Homes because of the high profile Auctions bring, the traffic for open homes is often much heavier and we suggest there be two consultants at an open day. This will be on the same basis as other open day assistants - i.e.: that the sale of the property is the listing agents and the other buyers belong to the agent who showed them through on the day. Normally the inspections are on a rotational basis. Office policy for two storey or large homes is two Sales Consultants to work each home, for security of the vendor but also the agent. Purchasers through Open Days Anyone who visits the open day of any Harcourts Sales Consultant and subsequently buys the property within a reasonable period of time of that visit, shall be the purchaser of the consultant conducting the open home. If it has been agreed prior to the open day that the purchaser is working with another Sales Consultant, and it was agreed prior that the purchaser may come through the open home, and the customer subsequently places an offer on the property then the customer remains the other consultants purchaser and not the Listing consultants purchaser by virtue of the introduction. PURCHASERS NEVER TO BE EXCLUSIVE A buyer can never become the exclusive property of any consultant.

Administrative Matters: Disputes Procedures Disputes From The Public Any public or customer complaint usually provides an opportunity for us to demonstrate our ability to serve them in a special way. If a consultant is involved, the matter is to be reported to the licensee immediately and all relevant facts of the complaint put into writing. The licensee shall contact the complainant to ascertain the basis and content of their complaint and to formulate a suitable response and action. It must be remembered that any complaint or potential complaint can deteriorate into a serious situation, requiring huge amounts of effort, time and money to resolve, if they are left unattended. Our Standard in house procedure is outlined below. Any vendor or customer who wishes to make a complaint will be referred to the manager of the relevant office. If the complainant is not satisfied with the response received from the manager they can make a written complaint to Harcourts group Ltd (the franchisor), preferably using the Harcourts Complaint Form which can be found under Consumer Advice on the Harcourts website. See Appendix 4. Harcourts Group Ltd will acknowledge receipt of the complaint and commence a review of the complaint. If the vendor or customer is dissatisfied with the outcome Harcourts will advise of appropriate further steps available. Please note; Customers or vendors may access the Real Estates Agents Authority’s complaints process without first using our in house procedure, and any use of Harcourts in house procedure does not preclude a customer or vendor from making a complaint to the Authority. For further information on the Harcourts complaints procedure please see and go to Consumer Advice. Disputes Between Holmwood Consultants If a dispute arises between consultants and that dispute is in relationship with our profession, then every effort shall be made by those involved to solve the problem or to negotiate a solution between them. As negotiators, this should not prove to be too difficult. If a solution cannot be found, then the matter is to be referred to the Branch Manager. The Branch Manager may wish to seek advice from one of the Company Directors. But once a decision has been made it will be final. Where the parties in dispute or the Branch Manager and/or Company Directors feel that they should not make the decision, then an arbiter shall be chosen, who is to be approved by the parties involved. The arbiter’s judgement will be final and is to be accepted by all.

Administrative Matters: Disputes Procedures Disputes Between a Holmwood Consultant and another Harcourts Franchise Agent Please see rule 3 of the Harcourts Group Policy and Procedures Manual for the process on using the Harcourts Disciplinary & Disputes Committee. Disputes with Outside Agents In the matter of commission disputes with outside agents the following guidelines are to be remembered. To have a claim for a commission we must: - Have a written authority to sell the property. - Have escorted the purchaser or his/her agent inside and throughout the premises. If it was not possible for any reason to have gone through the premises, then at least the grounds needed to have been walked over and around the exterior of the premises. Then the vendor or his/her agent is to have been notified giving the name of the prospective purchaser. We must attempt thereafter to make arrangements to inspect the inside of the premises as soon as possible for a legal claim to be valid and payable. Should a purchaser walk through a property with the vendor only present, then to make this valid for a commission claim, the consultant should have arranged for this to have taken place. All purchasers to be accompanied by a sales person or their replacement stand in caretaker. If the husband, wife or partner is introduced to a property and, without the knowledge of the other party, another consultant shows the other party through the same property on the same day, then the commission is split 50/50 if a sale eventuates. Should this take place on separate days, then the first introduction is the only recognised one. If the second party is shown through the property on the same day as the first, knowing that the first has already seen the property, then no commission is due to the second agent. Introductions are valid only while active negotiations are taking place. Active negotiations means a period of two weeks with contact throughout by phone, by mail, by fax and personally, any of which could be concluded a sale. It is essential that diary entries are made to substantiate contacts during the negotiating period. Should anyone’s vendor visit an open home of another agent then that vendor is lost to the consultant holding the open home. This also applies to all Harcourts offices unless permission is sought and given by the sales consultant. All complaints if investigated early often can be resolved quickly, so act sooner rather than adopt a wait and see approach. Consultants are to familiarise themselves with the relevant information.

Administrative Matters: Acts, Laws & Rules Relating to Real Estate Acts of Parliament as follows: - Real Estate Agents Act 2008 - Fair Trading Act, - Consumers Guarantees Act - The Privacy Act Every consultant shall acquaint themselves with the contents of the Real Estate Agents Act 2008, the rules of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand, the Fair Trading Act, the Consumer Guarantees Act, The Privacy Act and any other rules, regulations of statues governing and controlling our industry. The company does run programmes to acquaint all consultants with the relevant legislation from time to time. Written material will be distributed to every consultant from time to time to remind each consultant of the importance of knowing the contents of relevant regulations. The responsibility to study this material rests with the consultant. Any action taken against this office by a vendor under the terms of any acts, rules, regulations or codes for either fraudulent or innocent or careless misrepresentations or actions or in matters of privacy, where the success of such an action shall result in financial or other loss by this office, then the consultant involved in the particular action or agreement shall in all respects be responsible and adjoined as a second defendant for any such loss if the loss was incurred as a result of the consultant actions, activities and representations. In the case of chattel disputes the consultant should be aware that in any dispute over the chattels involved in the sale of a property that results in financial loss to the company, that total losses shall be the sole responsibility of the consultant. For professional negligence the consultant may be liable up to the insurance excess amount of the company insurance for any claims of professional negligence. There is insurance that can be taken out by the sales consultants to cover most of the excess. The licensee will arrange Professional Indemnity Insurance for itself and for salespersons engaged by it but there is an excess applying under that insurance in respect of any claim brought against the licensee arising out of any alleged act or omission of yours. There is an excess on the policy which can range from $2,500 to $10,000 plus in any given year. You agree to take out insurance against this excess with HRE’s current Insurance provider and to pay the yearly premium to be covered in the case of a claim brought against you. In the case that you have not arranged insurance to cover this excess you will be liable for the excess in full on each and every claim. Logos and Marketing Required both Under The Act and by The Harcourts Group Harcourts Group has strict guidelines in relation to use of the Harcourts brand colours and signage, for advice please either make your way to or discuss with the Company Directors. Under the Real estate Agents Act all marketing and profile material that includes the company name must also include the words Licensed Agent Real Estate Agents Act, 2008 (REAA 2008).

Administrative Matters: Acts, Laws & Rules Relating to Real Estate Maximum Length of Agency Under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008, an agency agreement can be any length in time but vendors have the right to cancel the agreement at any time (in writing) after 90 days. To overcome this, a new agency must be drawn up in full, including a CMA, marketing plan etc. Failure to create a new agency will mean the existing agency continues and the vendor will have the right to cancel at any time. This is a minimum standard and should be adhered to at all times. Press and Media Releases No consultant shall offer any statements whatsoever, on or off the record to any media under any circumstances nor make any public statements or presentations without the express permission of the Company Directors.

What is AML? How does it affect me? The Anti-Money Laundering and Countering HOW AM I AFFECTED BY THE NEW LEGISLATION? Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 – or “AML”, as it’s more commonly known is part of a worldwide Since 1st January 2019 all Real Estate companies initiative to crack down on illegal activities, have been obliged to seek specific information from including money laundering and terrorism. our clients before we are able to list their property or business to sell. The information is also required from New Zealand is held in high regard internationally our clients who have commercial property they wish as one of the least corrupt countries, and also a to lease. great place to do business. The new rules have been introduced to safeguard that reputation and If your property or business is held in the name to play our part in combating global crime. of a company, trust, or has overseas ownership we’ll need specific information about the entity in Criminals try to use the likes of banks, lawyers, question including the people associated with it - accountants and real estate agents to help hold such as directors and shareholders, trustees and and move assets. The new legislation is aimed at beneficiaries. We will also be required to ask you to deterring criminals in the first place, and, secondly, confirm the source of funds for such entities. detecting them if they try. We must take reasonable steps to ensure the information you provide us about yourself is true and correct. For starters, we’ll need: - Your full name - Your date of birth - Your address Under the new rules, we’ll now require documents, such as a birth certificate, passport or driver’s licence, to prove your identity, and the likes of a current bank statement, rates bill or electricity account that confirms your usual, residential address. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to raise them with your salesperson or our AML compliance officer at [email protected].

Client Onboarding Fact Sheet IDENTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS - INDIVIDUAL By law1 we must identify and collect information about you. We collect the information in the following steps: 1. Proof of ID (name and date of birth verification) At least one form of identification needs to a contain a photo. Choose from one of the following sets (sets two and three require one Primary and one Secondary document). Primary Identification Document Secondary Identification Document SET ONE - Passport (NZ or overseas) Not required - NZ Firearms Licence SET TWO - New Zealand Driver License - Credit Card (with matching signature and embossed name) SET THREE - EFTPOS or Debit Card (with matching signature and embossed name) - Bank Statement, dated within the last 12 months - SuperGold Card (with photo, name and signature) - Birth Certificate (NZ or overseas) - New Zealand Driver License - Citizenship Certificate (NZ or - Overseas Driver License (with photo) with an English overseas) translation (if required) and accompanied by an International Driving Permit - Kiwi Access Card (18+ card) - New Zealand Armed Forces ID - New Zealand Police ID - SuperGold Card (with photo, name and signature) - Student ID (from NZ institutions only) with photo (under 18 only) 2. Proof of Address Important notes One item from the list below - Bank statements or correspondence These documents should be dated - Government agency correspondence within the last 12 months. - Registered KiwiSaver or superannuation scheme correspondence Must show your current residential - IRD correspondence address. - Current insurance policy (house or contents) A tenancy or lease agreement must - Local authority rates or water bill be signed by both the tenant(s) and - Utility bill (gas, power, fixed phone line, internet, SKY TV) landlord. - Signed tenancy or lease agreement - Driver licence containing address (this must be a current (not expired) driver licence from New Zealand, Australia or the United Kingdom that contains your current residential address) Documents must be originals. We can also accept copies certified by a trusted referee. Please contact us for further information. Get in Touch For any queries, please contact your agent, or our AML/CFT Compliance team by email at [email protected]. 1 The Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 27/05/2019

Client Onboarding Fact Sheet IDENTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS - TRUST We are required by law1 to verify the identify and address of both the Trust and key individuals associated with the Trust. We are also required to verify the Source of Wealth and/or Source of Funds of the Trust. We collect the information in the following steps: 1. Proof of ID Trust - The Trust Deed and any subsequent deeds of appointment or retirement are required. Key individuals Examples of the key individuals we will need to identify are listed below: - All trustees, including trustee companies and their directors - All individuals who can act as a trustee on behalf of the trustee company - All individuals with the power to alter the trust deed - All non-discretionary beneficiaries - Persons acting on behalf of the Trust - Authorised signatories At least one form of identification needs to contain a photo. Choose from one of the following sets (sets two and three require one primary and one secondary document). Primary Identification Document Secondary Identification Document SET ONE - Passport (NZ or overseas) Not required - NZ Firearms Licence SET TWO - New Zealand Driver License - Credit Card (with matching signature and embossed name) SET THREE - EFTPOS or Debit Card (with matching signature and embossed name) - Bank Statement, dated within the last 12 months - SuperGold Card (with photo, name and signature) - Birth Certificate (NZ or overseas) - New Zealand Driver License - Citizenship Certificate (NZ or - Overseas Driver License (with photo) with an English overseas) translation (if required) and accompanied by an International Driving Permit - Kiwi Access Card (18+ card) - New Zealand Armed Forces ID - New Zealand Police ID - SuperGold Card (with photo, name and signature) - Student ID (from NZ institutions only) with photo (under 18 only) 1 The Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 27/05/2019

2. Proof of Address We need to verify the physical address of the Trust and of all key individuals associated with the Trust. Where the Trust has no documentation in its own name to verify the address, the address verification completed on a Trustee can be used to address verify the Trust. Below are some examples of documentation that can be used to verify the key individuals’ residential address. One item from the list below Important notes - Bank statements or correspondence These documents should be dated within the last 12 months. - Government agency correspondence Must show your current residential - Registered KiwiSaver or superannuation scheme address. correspondence A tenancy or lease agreement must be - IRD correspondence signed by both the tenant(s) and landlord. - Current insurance policy (house or contents) - Local authority rates or water bill - Utility bill (gas, power, fixed phone line, internet, SKY TV) - Signed tenancy or lease agreement - Driver licence containing address (this must be a current (not expired) driver licence from New Zealand, Australia or the United Kingdom that contains your current residential address) 3. Verification of Source of Funds/Wealth - Verification of the source of wealth and/or the source of funds of the Trust are required. This refers to how the Trust obtain its wealth or, depending on the purpose of the Trust, how the Settlor or Trustee obtained their wealth. Below are some examples of documentation that can be used to verify the source of wealth for your Trust. Source of Funds/Wealth Identification Documents Employment - Employment contract, or - Payslips confirming three last payments, or Business Income - Letter from Accountant, or Sale of Assets - Bank statements showing payments (transactions referenced as ‘wages’ or ‘salary) Other/Not Listed Here - Financial Statements for the last financial year (prepared by an independent accountant), or - Letter from solicitor/accountant confirming income and amount - Signed Sale & Purchase Agreement showing Trust/individual as vendor, or - Legal documents confirming that the Trust/individual has sold an asset Please contact your agent, or our AML/CFT Compliance team by email at [email protected] Documents must be originals. We can also accept copies certified by a trusted referee. Please contact us for further information. Get in Touch For any queries, please contact your agent, or our AML/CFT Compliance team by email at [email protected]. 27/05/2019

Client Onboarding Fact Sheet IDENTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS - LIMITED COMPANY We are required by law1 to verify the identity and address of both the Limited Company (“Company”) and Key Individuals associated with the Company. We collect the information in the following steps: 1. Proof of ID Company New Zealand registered Company Overseas registered Company - Certificate of Incorporation and Companies - The equivalent of the Certificate of Incorporation Office extract, including for any shareholding and Companies Office extract from the country companies2 of registration, including for any shareholding companies Key individuals The Key individuals that require verification will vary depending on the structure of your Company, Please contact us to confirm. Examples of the key individuals we will need to identify are listed below: - Directors - Shareholders with greater than 25% interest in the Company - Persons acting on behalf of the Company - Authorised signatories - Persons who exercise effective control over the Company At least one form of identification needs to contain a photo. Choose from one of the following sets (sets two and three require one primary and one secondary document). Primary Identification Document Secondary Identification Document SET ONE - Passport (NZ or overseas) Not required SET TWO - NZ Firearms Licence SET THREE - New Zealand Driver License - Credit Card (with matching signature and embossed name) - EFTPOS or Debit Card (with matching signature and embossed name) - Bank Statement, dated within the last 12 months - SuperGold Card (with photo, name and signature) - Birth Certificate (NZ or overseas) - New Zealand Driver License - Citizenship Certificate (NZ or - Overseas Driver License (with photo) with an English overseas) translation (if required) and accompanied by an International Driving Permit - Kiwi Access Card (18+ card) - New Zealand Armed Forces ID - New Zealand Police ID - SuperGold Card (with photo, name and signature) - Student ID (from NZ institutions only) with photo (under 18 only) 1 The Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 2 We can obrtain these from the NZ Companies Office website on your behalf. 27/05/2019

2. Proof of Address The registered office address will be verified using Companies Office information2. Below are some examples of documentation that can be used to verify the key individuals’ residential address: One item from the list below Important notes - Bank statements or correspondence These documents should be dated - Government agency correspondence within the last 12 months. - Registered KiwiSaver or superannuation scheme correspondence Must show your current residential - IRD correspondence address. - Current insurance policy (house or contents) A tenancy or lease agreement must - Local authority rates or water bill be signed by both the tenant(s) and - Utility bill (gas, power, fixed phone line, internet, SKY TV) landlord. - Signed tenancy or lease agreement - Driver licence containing address (this must be a current (not expired) driver licence from New Zealand, Australia or the United Kingdom that contains your current residential address) Documents must be originals. We can also accept copies certified by a trusted referee. Please contact us for further information. Get in Touch For any queries, please contact your agent, or our AML/CFT Compliance team by email at [email protected]. SCHEDULE 3 Politically Exposed Person (PEP) Politically exposed person means: - an individual who holds, or has held at any time in the preceding 12 months, in any overseas country the prominent public function of: − Head of State or head of a country or government; or − Government minister or equivalent senior politician; or − Supreme Court Judge or equivalent senior Judge; or − Governor of a central bank or any other position that has comparable influence to the Governor of the − Reserve Bank of New Zealand; or − Senior foreign representative, ambassador, or high commissioner; or − High-ranking member of the armed forces; or − Board chair, chief executive, or chief financial officer of, or any other position that has comparable influence in, any State enterprise; and - an immediate family member of a person referred to in paragraph (a), including: − a spouse; or − a partner, being a person who is considered by the relevant national law as equivalent to a spouse; or − a child and a child’s spouse or partner; or − a parent; and - having regard to information that is public or readily available: − any individual who is known to have joint beneficial ownership of a legal entity or legal arrangement, or any − other close relationship, with a person referred to in paragraph (a); or − any individual who has sole beneficial ownership of a legal entity or legal arrangement that is known to exist 27/0−5/201fo9r the benefit of a person described in paragraph (a)

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