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Online Magazine - Mobile App & eCommerce January 2022 Issue

Published by royextec, 2022-01-16 12:36:27

Description: We welcome 2022 with bigger and more ambitious goals. We consider 2022 to be the year we have great innovations and advancements in technologies. This is followed by 8 SEO mistakes to avoid in 2022, major web design trends to look out for in 2022, 8 innovative business ideas for 2022, the need for a mobile app-based startup in 2022, and finally, the digital marketing trends to consider in 2022. In this edition, we have also presented our interview with the General Manager of Haydi Gelsin, Mr. Ahmet Salih Ozkul. We discuss about the app, its target market, business model, the delivery industry, and many more exciting questions

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 2022 Our Achievements in 2021 and Our Plans for 2022..……….……….……….……….………...………….…………….…………….………..………….……..……………..…05 Ecommerce Trends That Will Shape The Ecommerce Industry In 2022 .…..…..…….………………………..………….………………….….….…08 8 SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2022 ...........................................................................................................................................................…..………….….…...………..13 11 Web Design Trends To Look Out For in 2022...............................................................................................................................................................19 8 Great Online Business Ideas That Will Prosper In 2022 …….………….………...….……..………….………..………….……….…….…………...………….…….25 Why do you need to start a mobile app-based startup in 2022?……….………….………...….……..………….……….….…………...……….….……..31 Digital Marketing Trends To Consider In 2022……….………….………...….……….………….………...….……….…………..………….……….….…………...…………..…..36 INTERVIEW Interview with Ahmet Salih Ozkul, General Manager, Haydi Gelsin….…………………………….…...….….....…...…...…...….…….....….…….…….42 02 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

EDITOR’S NOTE 2021 was a great year for us. We have done lots of great ABOUT THE EDITOR things with many remarkable achievements. But now, 2022 is here, and we strive and aspire to be even better. Rajib Roy is a software developer, We welcome 2022 with bigger and more ambitious entrepreneur, and author of two goals. We consider 2022 to be the year we have great innovations and advancements in technologies Books. He obtained a Bachelor’s in This is the underlying theme of this edition of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering magazine. from Chittagong University of In our feature article, we first discuss our achievements in 2021 and what plans we have for 2022. Next, we Engineering and Technology and a layout the ecommerce trends of 2022. Master’s in Computer Engineering This is followed by 8 SEO mistakes to avoid in 2022, major web design trends to look out for in 2022, 8 from Heriot Watt University. Today, innovative business ideas for 2022, the need for a mobile app-based startup in 2022, and finally, the Rajib lives in Dubai, with his wife and digital marketing trends to consider in 2022. his two sons. In his day job, Rajib runs In this edition, we have also presented our interview with the General Manager of Haydi Gelsin, Mr Ahmet his own Mobile apps and Salih Ozkul. We discuss about the app, its target market, business model, the delivery industry, and many more Ecommerce site Development exciting questions. company named Royex I wish all our readers success and hope you benefit from the information presented in the magazine and Technologies, with branches in stay with us in the future. Dubai, Qatar, India, and Bangladesh. He has been instrumental in the start-up of several businesses and been responsible for building several projects. Rajib Roy (CEO, Royex Technologies) 03 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

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2022 Edition OUR ACHIEVEMENTS IN 2021 AND OUR PLANS FOR 2022 2021 was a great year for us. We have done lots of great things with many remarkable achievements. In this article, we are going to talk about our achievements of this year and our plan for next year. This article is mainly for our extended team, clients, and those who are planning to take service from us. This year our Dubai office shifted to a new office and it is much better and bigger than the previous one. We have started our new branch office in Qatar with the plan to expand our presence in the Middle East. Our team is composed of experienced and talented “2021 was a great professionals. We constantly aim to add new year for us. We members to the team to make our team more have done lots of dynamic, diverse, and well-rounded. great things with many remarkable This year, we have added many new talents to our achievements team. ” We became an ISO-certified company. We took two certifications ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. ISO 9001 is the most widely accepted Quality Management System (QMS) And ISO 27001 standard certifies that Royex Technologies provides secure and professional services. 05 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition We have started a digital marketing business called RoyexDigital. At this moment we are providing services only to our existing clients and eventually, we will expand our service to everyone. We have a great cloud server team. And we're really doing great. So we started a new cloud business called Royex Cloud. Through this, we are going to provide cloud services to different companies. Also, we have started This is a live video calling system and is free to use. We don’t feel the need to compare with Zoom or Microsoft Teams, nor do we have any plans to compete with them. Our plan is to provide this video calling service to our customers at a very affordable one-time cost. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is the talk of the town. We have done deep research on it. We built our own currency called ryxcoin as a test project. RYXCoin is not built to be just another coin in the market, this is mainly developed for our understanding of how the system works and how we can use this technology for our customers. So now we can integrate crypto wallets to different projects as payment methods, data verification through blockchain technology, etc. We have published two books \"Million Dollar App\" and “Ecommerce Unfold” based on our years of experience in the mobile app and ecommerce website development field. In 2021, we have started to shift our business from development and service-oriented to product base. And we have started R&D on different product lines and hired a few experts to do market surveys for these products' viability. Okommerce is one of our great products launched this year. This is an enterprise ecommerce platform that is designed to serve the needs of large-scale enterprises. RECRUTARS is another project we have started this year and is going to be launched in 2022. This is going to be a great platform for AI-based resume management. We have delivered around 15 projects this year. And the reaction and satisfaction levels of our customers are really great. Moving on, let us now explain our plan for 2022. Shifting our company as a product base is the main goal of this year. Among these products, we have already talked about Recrutars which is going to be launched this year. We are building several new modules for Okommerce. At this moment there are 16 modules in Okommerce. By the end of 2022, it will be around 30 modules. We have a great event management and ticketing system. Khalifa University and ESMA are already using this platform and they are very happy with it. We will launch it as a stand-alone product in 2022. Also, a few more products are in the pipeline to be launched in 2022. 06 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition A great tech team from India is going to join our company in April to do extensive research on AI. This will be a game-changer for our company. As AI is going to dominate the future, we are going to develop different AI modules for our existing products. So we can train the system to work intelligently. We have a plan to start our office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are waiting for the right projects and partners to start. But this definitely will be done in 2022. So, the total number of our offices will be six. In 2021, a portion of our earnings went to the people who are in need. But from this year we will try to do it in a more structured way so we can reach out and help more needy people. Our new side business that we will start with other partners is Royex Properties. Yes, we are going to invest our time in the Property sector too. By 2022, a few of our own properties will be on market, providing fully furnished apartments as short and long-term rent. To improve company culture and team loyalty for the company, we will continue all the programs we have taken in 2021 and also we are going to introduce lots of new programs. We plan to start IT staff outsourcing. Our and websites will be used for this purpose. So anyone can hire our qualified developers at a very affordable cost. Our partners portal is going to be launched this year. Mainly the partners portal is made for Okommerce. So we can spread our products and services to more people through our partners. And we have plans to do a partner’s meetup in October. In 2022, I plan to publish my new book \"UPLIFT\". This book is centered around his experience in running a tech company for over a decade and using that experience to help tech entrepreneurs make their companies profitable. We have already started to provide customer service in the Arabic language this year. From next year we are going to provide extensive customer service as per ISO standards. We have a lot of goals and ambitions, but together as a team, anything is possible. With that said, we wish you a very happy new year from me and my team. 07 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition ECOMMERCE TRENDS THAT WILL SHAPE THE ECOMMERCE INDUSTRY IN 2022 E-commerce is an emerging and evolving industry. Ecommerce is booming since the pandemic and made new pathways to businesses. The opportunities for the business are huge and the dependency on online shopping is escalating which made ecommerce a big hit in recent years and will be more in coming years too. E-Commerce is now mainstream and the future is very bright. All the latest technologies, automation, and machine learning are going to make the e-commerce business cheaper but the sales will be towering. The UAE and Dubai have become a hub for ecommerce. “ Dependency on online shopping is escalating The dependency on online shopping increased with which made the pandemic. ecommerce a big hit in recent years and will From the reports, the apparel and footwear be more in coming ecommerce category has the highest shares. The years electronics and food and drink category also have ” dominant shares in the ecommerce industry. For success in this industry, the ecommerce trends for 2022 that will dominate the industry are below: 08 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition Virtual reality and Augmented Reality Did You Know? The ecommerce industry gives a wide way to virtual ● E-retail revenues are reality tools, which mainly is Augmented Reality (AR). projected to grow to 5.4 Some of the shopping needs more contextual trillion US dollars in information. 2022. For clothing in e-commerce, the virtual try-on is going ● E-commerce share of to be one of the best trends. total global retail sales is expected to reach The customers always wanted to try-on in shops, now 20.4% in 2022. the way has developed that the mannequin can wear virtually and they can check whether it matches for ● Turkey will rank first in them. terms of retail So the AR will help the shoppers know what to buy and whether their product is good for them. e-commerce This opens opportunities not only for clothing but also development with a for eyeglasses, makeup, and many accessories. compound annual The home furniture and decors sales in ecommerce in recent years and virtual reality role will help the sales growth rate of 14.59 hike. percent between 2020 The customers can check whether the couches look good in the living room or the home decor suits the and 2025. place where they want to place them. ● Number of digital Any try-on with the products with the mobile or their buyers worldwide in laptop live video with the product will help them. 2021 was 2.14 billion. Then with AI and machine learning, we can understand the shopping habits of the customers with the history of shopping. The website can be customized according to the needs of the shopper. Machine learning assists in cross-selling and upselling. The AR helps also with the online shopping route live, which helps where the desired product is placed. 09 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition Virtual tools are going to be one big trend in the ecommerce industry with improved and developed shopping experiences. Voice search Voice command speakers, the smart speakers are going to take over the households. Food ordering and any shopping can be done over voice commands. The voice search helps to create opportunities for ecommerce in terms of keyboard and content. More involvement of voice command speakers, will ease the shopping and help the ecommerce business grow. With over voice commands the keywords can help the customers to filter the products for them to buy. The review of the product is one main factor when any customer is going to buy a product. The questions about the product can be asked to voice assistants and help users with answers. The main importance of voice search is time-saving. The voice search helps to communicate faster and helps to find the product easily. The voice commands also help the AI and machine learning with passing for the commands for the customized shopping. Voice search is one best trend in the coming year as you can shop anything while doing any other tasks like driving or cooking. Renewable and sustainable shopping The shopping must be environmentally friendly, this means the customers are now conscious to buy the products that are completely environmentally friendly. They are not just buzzwords and mostly in the fashion industry users need that it doesn't have any impact on the environment. Many businesses started going paperless, eco-packaging, and many more methods. More green practices will be adopted by businesses in ecommerce in the coming year and will help the customers to buy eco-friendly products. In the coming years, there will be green e-commerce that has no negative impact on the environment. Such businesses tend to grow more as people will be more interested. The packing, delivery all must go green and not only that products must be also eco friendly. 10 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition B2B ecommerce transactions Business to business is a huge segment in ecommerce. A more automated system will be enabled in the coming years. The selection of the payment methods is vital. An easy payment system does not only makes payment methods easy but also improves the customer experience. The contextual real-time pricing helps the suppliers to modify and adjust prices. Sales models based on subscription methods. Turning products and services into subscriptions makes the customers with any products for months and years. It's common for B2B companies to want to grant credit to certain customer types based on their past purchase history and customer lifetime value. To be able to differentiate between different customers and enable or disable such options is essential. Social commerce Social media is starting to change shopping methods. Each type of marketing plan is unique. A social shopping campaign for athleisure is going to differ greatly from a campaign for electronics. Every brand can use influencers, consumer calls to action, and user-generated content to its advantage. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc social platforms are helping the brands leverage social commerce. Businesses aiming to market to younger generations should know that nearly half of them have made at least one purchase online already. A recent survey found that 55.5% of consumers aged 18-24 and 48.7% of consumers aged 25-34 made at least one purchase on social media in 2021. Social media provides a stage for small-scale as well as medium-scale businesses to start shopping and sell through it. The pandemic has set a pathway for many entrepreneurs to start through social media commerce selling and helped to save a lot of money and helped businesses to grow. 11 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition These trends and several in the coming year are going to change ecommerce. The technology advancement helps not only the great customer journey but also a great brand experience. The perfect and safe way is getting closer to customers and business which change the experience in ecommerce. Royex Technologies, a leading Website, Mobile App and E-commerce Development Company in Dubai, have certified developers who can bring reality to any of your ideas. We have experience in developing over 300 projects for our clients in the GCC which includes several E-commerce websites, service applications, etc, so we have the expertise perfect for your e-commerce requirements. 12 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition 8 SEO MISTAKES TO AVOID IN 2022 If you are a successful online business person then you know how important it is to optimize your website following the latest SEO techniques. This digital marketing industry is always evolving to provide user experience and conversion rates related to websites, especially if you're a B2C company. The content & SEO strategies you are following for the past few years are not the same right now! SEO is a technique to convince the google search algorithm & search crawlers that your page content is the perfect choice for the related search query. Google always keeps changing the search engine “ SEO is a technique to optimization algorithm. convince the google search algorithm & So, business owners & marketers can get eliminated if search crawlers that they don’t consider the common SEO mistakes. your page content is the perfect choice for Whether it is limited or incorrect content distribution, the related search or even simple neglecting of link building strategies, query here are some of the SEO mistakes to avoid in 2022. ” 13 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition Duplicate content Content is the king of the digital marketing industry. And, it is a big NO for duplicate content. If you have spent most of your time researching effective SEO tricks, you would know, pages with no content or less content make a bad impact for ranking. But that doesn’t mean you have to add copy content or spinning content. Spinned content reduces the readability of content. If the content isn’t properly readable how will you get engagement ? Duplicate content confuses search crawlers to decide which content needs to be indexed as the same content appears in different urls. Also your website may be marked as a low search experience for Google. Types of duplicate content appears like- ● Duplicate URL ● Duplicate Homepage ● Same content with different webpage So, automatically generated content, low-quality content, spinned content & duplicate content are the most common SEO mistakes you should avoid in 2022. Not Up-to-date Content Fresh content is an indicator of a good SEO practice. Following Google's freshness algorithm update your content should be frequently updated. New content is best for organic traffic but webmasters & content creators should consider that old content may be irrelevant after a span of time & this might affect the website content structure & the ratio of traffic. Re-publishing & re-written content gives you a SEO boost. This will impact 30% on the search query of your edited topic. Keyword Stuffed Content Keyword stuffing is the most common mistake regarding Content SEO. Keyword density over 3% is an indicator of search engine spamming. According to SEO experts, keyword density about 1-2% is standard for 1000 words articles on average. Your targeted keyword must appear 1 or 2 times after every 100 words. 14 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition So, keep in mind that if you provide a quality full content but with heavily stuffed keywords this may cost a penalty for the website. Also this is important for 2022, as new AI technologies are more powerful to detect this type of mistake very easily. So, it will be wise if you use any tools to make sure the article is well written with proper keyword indicators. Bad Image optimization Websites with funky images are always lucrative & stunning. But adding high quality images without proper image tag optimization is a bad practice for SEO. It also causes poor page loading speed as a result website bounce rate gets higher. Before adding any image make sure the image alt text is optimized with the proper keyword. Adding image descriptions is easy for users to understand the purpose of the image. Also you should keep in mind that ● File type of image( PNG, JPG) ● Height & weight of image ● Image compression level. Poor Page loading Speed As we talked about poor page loading speed due to bad image optimization in the previous point, it is considered as one of the main reasons for bad SEO still now. If a user can’t access your website, it is nearly impossible to increase traffic to your site. According to Google’s page experience update, if any page loads more than 3 sec, most of the users move away to different search results. Also poor page loading speed makes a bad impression on mobile search results. Not Having HTTP Google has declared SSL certificates as a SEO booster since 2014. To increase site security, SSL implementation is a must. SSL is now considered as a ranking signal for better search engine results. 15 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition Website URL with http means your site has a weak site which definitely has a negative impact to rank your website. If your site collects user’s personal information & has a payment system then, it’s your responsibility to make sure the channel is secure otherwise you will lose rankings. According to research 80% of users don’t browse the site with http indication, hence the percentage of website drop increases & it directly affects the SEO ranking. Having an SSL certificate can give you three layer of security- ● Data Encryption ● Data Integrity ● Data authentication Not Making A Mobile Responsive Site In the upcoming years making your website fully mobile responsive will be a minimum requirement. As people want everything on the go, it is the main focus point for the website owner to design a website that will be flexible on mobile interface. Don’t forget about your mobile audience. As mobile browsing overtakes desktop browsing, online marketers need to optimize for this growing trend. If you analyze the site's traffic, you will see that most of them are smartphone users. If the user don;t get a smooth user experience then the traffic will automatically fall. Mobile responsive website requires to adjust all the site’s image, text to be adjusted on the interface regarding the types of device. Without this feature all the elements will be rendered very poor which will leave a bad impression on the user. 16 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition Bad Redirect Chains When there are many redirects between the initial URL requested and the final destination URL, it's called a redirect chain. URL A, for instance, redirects to URL B, which then redirects to URL C. This implies that both users and search engine crawlers will take longer to load URL C. Redirect chains can happen in two different ways: Omissions: Redirects are almost imperceptible to the naked eye. This implies that if you deploy a redirect and aren't aware that the URL you're redirecting already has a redirect, you'll almost certainly establish a redirect chain without realizing it. Migrations: After website migrations, many people fail to change their redirects. When migrating from HTTP to HTTPS or changing domain names and adding new redirects without updating current redirects. We are not saying redirect chains are not good for SEO. But multiple direct chains may affect SEO practice. Multiple redirect chains occur link quality loss. Multiple 301 redirects from initial link to destination link can confuse search crawlers & may give up to index your site or page. During a crawl, Google normally only tracks up to five redirect hops. The job is then aborted in order to conserve crawl resources and prevent becoming stuck. This has a negative impact on your crawl budget and may result in indexing issues. Using Too many inbound Anchor Text If you create a bulk of internal anchor links, google may detect it as spam or suspicious. As per google 100 or less links are ok for one page. Practically more than 100 links aren’t good for user experience. Try to use rich anchor text with targeted keywords, it won’t hurt your SEO. As per Penguin Algorithm Update , you can’t use generic anchor text like “Click Here” instead of you have to create anchor text using keyword that fulfill the link building requirement. 17 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition To nail your top SEO practice, the mentioned points need to be avoided in upcoming 2022. Optimizing your website for the search engine is a never-ending process. You can't make mistakes, or you'll get eliminated SEO is an ongoing process, so there are no settled formulas or methodologies that work for all sites every time. Business owners should constantly monitor what Google wants them to do in order to get ranked higher in search results. 18 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition 11 WEB DESIGN TRENDS TO LOOK OUT FOR IN 2022 Designers have begun to create websites as works of art, interactive projects, and sites that exist just to entertain and amaze. This dates back to the early days of the internet when designers were looking for methods to demonstrate new techniques or construct websites for the purpose of creating them. Web design is also moving forward with cutting-edge methods like complex interactivity and animations, as well as visual effects such as glassmorphism and grain. Designers are leveraging no-code technologies to make it all happen faster and more easily than ever before. Here are a few web design trends we think will have an influence in 2022. Oversized typography “ Web design is also moving forward with This year's design trend is oversized typography. cutting-edge methods Words become more of a visual element than part of like complex the prose when they reach a particular size. interactivity and This is a flexible method that works equally well in animations, as well as minimalist and maximalist designs and can be visual effects such as adapted to a variety of styles. glassmorphism ” 19 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition Extremely huge fonts with a lot of weight are dramatic, lavish, and attention-getting, and they surely have a wow factor that may attract and win over the majority of visitors. Whether you use them alone or in combination with attractive imagery, they carry forth forceful sentiments and do so loudly. Designers typically avoid fancy fonts when building websites with huge typefaces, instead opting towards neutral and plain scripts. They use them in headers, buttons, text, and pretty much anyplace else they want because there are no hard and fast restrictions. Fewer images in heroes Rather than depending on photography or graphics, many designers this year are crafting hero sections and landing pages that communicate with design. While hero photos provide an immediate visual impression, removing the distraction of a splashy image might help to focus on design and content. The absence of graphics also adds a layer of intrigue, compelling users to explore beyond the hero section. Linework The linework is a trend that feels both current and retro at the same time. Designers can use lines to divide sections, headers, paragraphs, and product galleries, or they can construct a dynamic grid that spans the entire page. To make this look even farther, add linework drawings (abstract or realistic). The line weight will have the most impact on the final result in this sort of design. Line art is everywhere, sitting on top of splash pictures in web design, generating unique logos for new businesses, and merging into intricate patterns used on lots of eye-catching product labels, with minimalism and flat design still ruling the trends. Interactive fonts Taking text even further, some designers have devised inventive ways to make it move and interact with the user's mouse. Using a hover-state change, similar to a button, is a simple approach to making text interactive. 20 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition It also helps because utilizing new no-code platforms, it's now easier to build more intricate effects than it was to try to implement these interactions by hand. It's crucial to keep readability in mind when incorporating interactivity into typefaces, as some individuals are easily distracted by moving characters. Simplicity 2022 can be a challenging year for businesses. If your company wants to expand, putting barriers in the way of client connection isn't a viable plan. What does this mean in terms of site design? In 2022, fewer words, soothing hues, brilliant visuals, and simple calls to action should be all the rage. Instead of placing everything upfront on one page, page design will shift toward lighter-weight experiences that invite users to go deeper. Instead of elaborate interactions that leave visitors feeling overwhelmed with knowledge, they'll use simple messaging that encourages them to want to learn more. Responsible Motion Design Now that we're talking about interactivity, it's time to speak about responsible motion design, which we're seeing as becoming more of a regular practice. While the movement is a fascinating aspect of web design, it's possible to go overboard and cause users to become ill by inducing motion sickness. Motion sickness is widespread, therefore avoid animations like mouse-triggered scaling, parallax effects, and plane-shifted scrolling (also known as scrolljacking). Motion can be used to signal that the interface has changed states, such as when the mode has changed. Modes are a tough idea to convey to consumers, but animation may aid in two ways: (1) making the mode shift visible; and (2) giving a mental metaphor for the mode transition. Memphis Design Memphis design is a design trend that began in 1981 and continues to this day. While the name suggests that it originated in Tennessee, it really began in Milan, Italy. The Memphis Group was created by Ettore Sottsass and other designers and architects. They named themselves after a Bob Dylan song called Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again, which was played repeatedly at their first meeting. 21 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition This design, which was one of the defining trends of the 1980s, is frequently regarded as a garish style, combining a plethora of chaotic patterns and forms. Memphis design was a rejection of minimalism and art critics' ostensibly sophisticated tastes in its day, making the design more colorful, accessible, and experimental than it had been. Gradients with grain Gradients are already popular, but they take on a whole new meaning when the grain is added. A perfect gradient is sleek and contemporary, giving items a futuristic sheen or a gleaming, mechanical appearance. Grain offers a design substance, texture, and a more natural feel. Grain can be made to look like film, photography, or print depending on the technique. A small multi-color grain can resemble analog film, yet a wider monochromatic grain can resemble a silk-screened poster. Grain and gradients that include it can be applied selectively or throughout a page, as a whole backdrop, or within individual items. Visible borders Web design loves to provide the impression that the material is carefully ordered by an invisible hand, floating freeform in digital space. The fact is that websites are created on a precise grid and are kept together by code. Web designers want to go a little more genuine in 2022, with layouts that disclose their base through basic borders and frames. Creative scrolling experiences Scrolling is the most prevalent sort of user interaction with a website, and scrolling provides a continual chance for dynamic interactive feedback. Visitors will be taken on creative adventures through scrolling experiences in 2022, which will be larger and better than before. You may change the pace, delivery, and interaction of the material by using creative scrolling patterns. Given that our online attention span has dwindled to around 8 seconds, a beautiful scrolling experience is sure to keep users engaged. 22 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition Retro revolution As the birth of the World Wide Web fades from memory, today's up-and-coming web designers are drawing inspiration from the early days of the Wild West. Bright backdrop colors, apparent table layouts, and robotic fonts like Courier defined the so-called Web 1.0 of the 1990s. Despite the fact that all of this was done with catastrophic and frequently funny effects, the web designers of 2022 are recreating the trend with the extra benefit of over 30 years of combined design expertise. While the internet in the 1990s was a showcase of pointless gimmicks, graphics, and colors, it was also a period when the rules were still being written—and \"web designer\" wasn't even a job. Designers who have followed subsequently have seen those early days as a hub for unrestrained creativity while being constrained by industry rules (for better, or worse). Royex Technologies, a leading Website, Mobile App, and E-commerce Development Company in Dubai, have certified developers who can bring reality to any of your ideas. We have experience in developing over 300 projects for our clients in the GCC which includes several E-commerce websites, service applications, etc, so we have the expertise perfect for your e-commerce requirements. 23 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022


2022 Edition 8 GREAT ONLINE BUSINESS IDEAS THAT WILL PROSPER IN 2022 2021 is about to end & the last two years have taught us something different about the way we live & how we consume services & products. Amidst Covid-19 outbreaks, somehow we managed to survive personally & economically because of our online presence in every sector. Dependency on online service is now increasing rapidly & this will continue upcoming all years. Over the traditional business ideas, people now prefer online business or you can say the online presence of their physical business. Apart from these points, it is true that online business is much easier & you can personalize your business according to the trend. Just one important thing you should remember “ Amidst Covid-19 before starting your online business is that the outbreaks, somehow product or service you tend to cater to is highly we managed to survive demanding on the online market. personally & economically because But truly we are living in the middle of the ocean of of our online presence ideas. in every sector ” Just google about online business ideas & you will get 100 ideas & it is quite difficult to choose which one aligns your business. 25 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition So, in this article, we are sharing the top 8 best online business ideas 2022 in Dubai & also with the reason behind these ideas & some tips & tricks to start an online business. Check out the ideas to kick start your very first online business! Digital Conference App Digital Conference App is considered as one of the in-demand apps in the mobile application marketplace. Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, every industry person is communicating through a conference app. It helps organizers, attendees, company owners to manage their meeting experience more efficiently. So, developing a meeting/conference app is the best, fruitful & time-effective idea in this situation. It basically provides location information, set pre-meeting date, access to venue map, receive notification, allows event promotion & so on. This type of meeting app lets attendees customize their own personal itineraries, which helps the other meeting attendees be more engaging throughout the session. Using a digital conference app, users can attend online classes, video webinars, conferences/meetings room, phone/video calls & chat. Some popular meeting apps are: ● Google Meet ● Zoom ● Skype Cab Booking App Online cab booking service in Dubai is the most prominent business idea right now. Despite some popular cab booking apps like Uber, Dubai is like creating its own taxi services. And it actually spread in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia. Cab booking app allows the user to search & book any nearby cab based on their location User can enjoy a variety of features depending on the location & user role like- ● Different types of vehicles, ● Number of seats ● Shared or Personal Cab ● Hourly depended or full day 26 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition Apart from these features, users can track the specific cab they have booked, the minimum estimated time to reach the destination & some advanced features. Cab booking ideas can be divided into two categories : ● Dedicated Cab Booking App- For those who have already their own full fleet cab & drivers ● Aggregated Cab Booking App- This app allows other existing cab drivers or service to register their cab for online booking. Online Activity Booking App Dubai has always been the top tourist spot on the traveler’s travel bucket list. Every year around 16 M tourists visit Dubai to witness it’s beauty & culture. It is the very first place to reopen after COVID maintaining all the safety measures. To get a better position in the Dubai tourism market, owning an online activity booking platform is the best option indeed. Online activity booking apps can be developed based on any activity, such as- Hotel/ Restaurant/Bars booking, Bus booking, online ticket booking for concerts/amusement park/local events & so one. And the fun fact is that you can earn extra commission on every booking. Cloud Kitchen Service In recent years cloud kitchen service has taken the food market place in Dubai to the top. Also pandemic has almost changed the way of consuming food service to adapt with the new normal. Hence cloud kitchen ideas work at its best. Having a cloud kitchen service is both economical & profitable. Cloud Kitchen is nothing less like a full-fledged lucrative restaurant. 27 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition Cloud kitchen is a spacious place connecting different kinds of restaurants to provide food service to the consumers operating online. Cloud kitchens don't require any dining space but prepare quality in their own premises & allow customers to order food via digital platforms. Advantages of running a cloud kitchen could be: ● Low costing on infrastructure ● Cover wide range of consumers ● Low risk & high profit ● Easily management facilities Doorstep Grocery Delivery App The business kind of delivery services at your doorstep is now blooming in Dubai. Grocery delivery service is one of them. On-demand grocery delivery service allows customers to find out their nearby grocery shops, check on the availability of the goods, assigning delivery agents to pick up the order & deliver to the customer’s door step. Types of Grocery delivery apps are: ● Personalized single Store App ● Grocery chains app ● Marketplace app ● Aggregators app Cloud Cleaning Service Sounding not lucrative but cleaning business in Dubai considered as the most profitable business you must know. Dubai is the place where people happily pay for the cleaning service to male their office, apartment, shopping mall neat & clean. Cleaning service can be residential, commercial & industrial also. To develop a cloud clean service app you need strong infrastructure, manpower/labour requirements & heavy equipment. Users can select a convenient timeline & select a booking service based on location. 28 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition Resume Builder/Updater You will find plenty of apps or tools for the resume editing purpose. Developing a resume builder app helps your targeted customer to connect with online job search processes easily. And it is a big reason for becoming one of the most on-demand startup editing applications. Apart from this you can also provide resume/cv writing services. Customized resume builders provide a smooth & eye-attractive CV building experience. Develop An Online Job Search Portal According to a research , 75% of the jeb seekers always search for jobs on online job portals. Job recruitment portal helps candidates to get jobs according to their preference easily. Job searchers can attach their cv & make a list of their expert area also with their preferred job location. Also recruiters find it helpful & effective to select their candidate easily based on location, salary expectation & expertise. We all know that Dubai is a business hub for not only the locals but also for the foriegn business owners & entrepreneurs. A recruitment app may help them to choose their perfect candidate to achieve business aims. 10 Steps To Start Your Online Business We hope you have a clear idea about the trending business ideas of 2022. Starting a new business involves a whole lot of work. But with proper tools, manpower, marketing strategies can ease the way. So, it’s time to look at the steps to start your online business. 1. Figure out the product or service that you intend to sell. Make sure you have the proper skill & vast knowledge to start your business from scratch. 2. Without research starting a business increases the chances of risk. Conducting market research is the most integral part of this process. Proper market analysis reduces risk, helps to focus on the targeted audience, know the available opportunities & trends & so on. 29 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition 3. Build your business plan for the short & long term. You need to focus on- the identity of the business, set a marketing strategy, set a financial plan 4. Register your business legally according to the law of your industry & region. Your business is your identity. 5. It’s time to make your idea into reality. Design & develop your product with a proper pricing plan. 6. If you offer a materialistic product then find a proper manufacturer or vendors. 7. Now, it’s time to showcase your service on the internet. For that, you need a well-designed website. Find an affordable domain & hosting to register your website. 8. Set up & design your website with proper tools, plugins & payment methods. 9. To collect an international payment, set up payment gateways otherwise set your local business account. The business account helps you to track your capital, revenue & expenses. 10. Without marketing, no one will know your online existence. Make marketing strategies that prioritize all the channels 30 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition WHY DO YOU NEED TO START A MOBILE APP-BASED STARTUP IN 2022? The success of a startup is based on how creative their ideas are. All businesses and entrepreneurs are changing their style of business. For the past two years, the mobile based app startups are quite seen and a lot of them have gained popularity and success. A great app idea alone is not the only thing needed but a solid strategy with market study and analysis. Most businesses started taking online, during and after the pandemic and that gave a pathway to the mobile app startups a new success business. The dependency of mobile apps has increased in “Mobile-based app good numbers. startups have gained popularity Variety of mobile apps are downloaded and the and success in the consumers depend on mobile apps to get to the recent times brands. ” UAE witnessed the usage of mobile apps have increased and the most trending apps are Alhosan, Noon, Amazon, Dubizzle, careem and many more. 31 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition Did You Know? As a result, there is a big increase in the demand for ● In 2021, there were mobile apps among all major businesses and firms. roughly 7 billion Businesses need to develop the app for the success in their business are as follows. mobile users Firstly for tourism, the app is necessary for the ticket worldwide. booking, maps and availability of hotels, restaurants and many more. ● Venture capitalists invested $73 billion Then for the medical field, the online doctor into mobile consultation, pharmacy available etc. and almost any companies in 2020. enterprise operating in the service sector. ● Businesses with a The apps have given a wide range options and solution to many barriers and these are some of the reasons mobile solution why do we need mobile apps in 2022: amassed 26% of Provide value to your customers total global funding. Recent years have changed the business landscape notably. ● Customers spent $143 Billion on mobile Modern technology is quickly changing how customers apps in 2020 shop, satisfy their needs, and satisfy their expectations. Mobile apps are a great way to meet these growing expectations, as consumers' expectations also grow. With the mobile apps the products can be easily accessible to them. The time they saved, the shopping in one fingertip, all became convenient for the customers. In the years ahead, adopting mobile application platforms for all types of business is a necessity under the conditions of pandemic year. Marketing and communication Mobile applications are the best platforms for marketing. Mobile applications are the best platforms for marketing. 32 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition Mobile apps can easily be used to promote the brand through various marketing campaigns and that way, it does expand the potential audience of your company and develop a good relationship with your customers. The advertising is great if you have our own app and many other marketing tools are embedded within it. The business can release their news, the details of relevant resources, and many more through the app. The communication between the customer and business is maintained through the apps. The apps can give information regarding the customer requirement and can customize the results of products according to that. The various reports and analysis of the business can be created in the app and get a better understanding of the market and also the customer engagement and so forth. Through a mobile app, customers can receive notifications, information, advertisements, and offers. According to the responses, different assessments can be made, feedback could be provided, and so on. New technology trends The demand of mobile apps is very high and the advancement in that is also very much changing. The new mobile app trends are primarily concerned with increasing consumer engagement, improving user experience, and attracting more users. As a result, trends are incorporating advanced technologies trends and also massive amounts of data and analytics to shape the user experience. Augmented reality has given many benefits to the sellars. With augmented reality, now customers can virtually see how the products are and understand more about the product. Another feature is the blockchain, which helps to secure the data and Blockchain solves these problems by providing decentralized databases. The voice or gesture enabled technologies will change the game. 33 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition Sales and revenue boost The main need of any business is to achieve more revenue. Consumers prefer to search for and explore desired products or services online rather than visiting traditional physical establishments, therefore online shopping is a key trend now and in the future. Use the business mobile application to add your business products and services under main related categories with advanced search options, simple ordering steps, and multiple secure payment solutions to assist your business in increasing sales and revenues by providing the best possible shopping experience. With the push notifications the customer can be gifted with discount coupons or vouchers, to make customers stay and shop from the app for a long period. Also the customer need can be understood from the app thus can provide customized results, location based vouchers, and many more can be done. There are many benefits for business and any firms having a mobile application. They can stand out from the competitors, sync mails and social media accounts, improve the sales, understand the market etc will help them with the mobile application. Mobile applications help your business to stay with customers whenever they need and wherever they are. The next step for any business should be how to build the mobile application. Boost branding The mobile application once the customers are installed, they should always have an interaction with the apps. The more the frequent visitors in the application, the more they get too close to the brand. The app should have an easy interface and attractive one, so they would use daily and for the growth. The daily use of the app helps them close to the brand. Any kind of business can use the mobile application to get close to the customer and understand their needs. The feedback option helps the business to update their strategies and other methods of business. 34 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition Boost operational efficiency The business with good operational efficiency will be successful. The apps must be made in a creative way so that it can handle operations efficiently. The mobile apps helps the employees also to have the data easily stored, read and get any time they want. Storing customer information in tradition way was too time consuming and with this mobile application help, we get the information directly stored to the systems. An effective mobile application can save a lot of time in long run. Mobile applications have long term benefits. Now the question should be, how to make one mobile application for the growth of your business. Still, there are many potential businesses without a mobile application. It's time to change the business strategy and build one to match and compete with other businesses in 2022. 35 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition DIGITAL MARKETING TRENDS TO CONSIDER IN 2022 Digital Marketing tactics are changing faster than ever. People nowadays are totally relying on purchasing any household product to start SMEs. This is the perfect time of the new year to create a fresh & interactive marketing campaign on the basis of top digital marketing trends in 2022. Digital marketing platform is undergoing a dramatic transformation as the pandemic has changed the traditional marketing aspects in every level. We are already seeing significant changes in the digital marketing world. It is no longer just about doing SEO practice or social media marketing rather than more user-centric content generation following AI-optimized marketing strategies. The world is going digital and it is important for both “ The world is going companies & marketers to keep up with the latest digital and it is trends of digital marketing. important for both companies & marketers The key opportunity for marketers is their ability to to keep up with the identify and leverage these trends in order to stay latest trends of digital ahead of the competition and evolve with the marketing customer. ” In this article we will go through the top latest & effective digital marketing trends that need to be considered highly in 2022. 36 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition In this article we will go through the top latest & effective digital marketing trends that need to be considered highly in 2022. Shorter Video Getting More Engagement The rising popularity of short videos on social media platforms -Youtube Shorts, Facebook Stories, Insta Reels/stories & Tiktok videos are now at the top of trends. A short video is effective as it emphasize on the content that highlight the needs of the consumers It is proved that 58% of the audience purchase any service on online platforms after reviewing this short length video rather than text content. According to Wyzowl, 79% claimed that they have purchased any software or app after watching the specific video. Also 91% marketers said that in this pandemic, video has been one of the essential media for the marketing purpose. So, it will be more effective to create these types of shorts which will not be lengthier than 60 sec & provide your customer about your brands & service. User-Generated Content To Connect Audience User-generated content is the newest trend in the world of digital marketing. It's an excellent way to connect with your targeted audience and create more engaged customers with your brand. Some brands like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and Nike are already embracing this idea by starting campaigns where they ask their customers for their thoughts on the brand or products. The reason behind this trend is successful is that- audiences love to be considered as a part of a brand & are valued for becoming a part of a brand's marketing campaigns. There are tons of opportunities to collaborate with your fanbase & loyal customers. One of the easiest ways is to reach out to those audiences who have shared their thoughts on online platforms. It could be a review video or a piece of gratitude text towards your service. 37 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition Influencer Marketing Social media has drastically changed the way brands and companies connect with their audiences. Brands now have a direct connection to their target audience with different marketing tactics such as influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is trending since 2020. Influencer marketing is when a brand or company pays an individual or group of people with a large social media fan following to endorse or promote their brand on social media by posting images, videos, etc. The emerging popularity of influencer marketing is because it's inexpensive & highly targeted. According to research, influencer marketing has reached $13.8billion in 2021 & continues growing for the upcoming years. Audience research plays an important role in influencer marketing strategies. Choose your influencer list carefully as they will help you to build a fanbase digitally. Growth of LinkedIn Linkedin is a professional social platform for startups, enterprises, entrepreneurs & individuals to showcase their product, service or work-related achievements. It enables you to connect with people who work in similar or related fields as you. Linkedin marketing has been an innovative part of digital marketing strategy over the last few years. The main goal of LinkedIn marketing is to increase the visibility and reputation of your company or organization on LinkedIn with the help of different tools and techniques. Two types of LinkedIn Marketing tactics are- Inbound and Outbound Marketing. The first type focuses on attracting potential clients through content, whereas the second type promotes content from your company or organization on LinkedIn profile pages and groups. Increase in Conversational Marketing To build a user-centric marketing strategy, it is essential for the markets to build conversational tactics with the consumers for quality interactions. 38 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition Conversational marketing is not a new thing where brands have been communicating with their targeted audience person-to-person. But with the evolution of new technologies, there are other improved ways over traditional communication techniques. Now, brand owners & marketers can connect with the customers through live chat, video conferencing, chatbot, direct messaging in real-time,micro-interaction prompt & so on. With the rise of these techniques, conversational marketing becomes more powerful as well as essential on a larger scale. The new conversational marketing techniques not only boost brands’ reliability & transparency also provide a faster & seamless way to communicate with. Artificial intelligence In Digital Marketing AI is taking hands-on every aspect of our life. It is becoming more and more important in digital marketing also. Brands are utilizing AI for data mining, customer service, ad targeting, automated marketing campaigns & so on. Using AI brands can target customers which can help them to convert more leads from potential customers. It also helps to understand customers' behavioral activities throughout running campaigns. AI has the ability to process large amounts of data sets more efficiently & quickly, so it helps to automate any campaign to track targeted audiences. Also, it lets marketers understand what can be the next move of the customers towards their products or services. Personalization In Every level Of Business According to a report, 86% of customers only engage with the marketing messages or email if they find it customized & tailored to their individual needs & interests. ● Consumers are willing to connect with those brands which provide: ● Provides exclusive discount on products, consumers like ● Resolves issue in a hassle-free way ● Receive personalized product recommendations 39 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition Apart from this, a personalized email campaign can be a way to reach out and connect with your potential audience. For example, you might send a customer an email with their most recent purchase. This particular message body will be customized depending on the recipient's past browsing history, purchase history, and other factors. Shoppable Content The world of shopping has changed dramatically during the last 2 years. According to Global e-commerce update 2021, online e-commerce sales increased 35% last year due to new technology development & for more ‘Shoppable’ content. Modern technology now enables users to buy anything from a Facebook post for Instagram stories while watching their favorite shows on Netflix. To attract new customers to buy your product from content, you have to make the content readable via storytelling. You can create effective shoppable content under the ABCD framework. It includes: ● Attention ● Branding ● Connection ● Direction As marketers are looking for marketing trends in 2022, they should consider an ad creation based on the ABCD framework to build content in a more story-driven way to be shoppable. Omnichannel Marketing Omnichannel marketing refers to giving access to your customer for all of your products & services through all the possible social channels, platforms & devices. It allows users to order products or services via- web store, physical store, social channels, telephone & mobile including live chat & chatbots. So, if we look up to the larger side of omnichannel marketing campaigns: ● The more channels will be available in your channel mix, the more you can convince your customer to purchase a product. ● Customers always want you to be available in each and every channel they are convenient to buy products. ● Purchase rates of omnichannel campaigns are much higher than single-channel marketing campaigns. 40 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

2022 Edition You can offer omnichannel marketing solutions in three ways: ● Offer products or services in multiple ways ● Provide multiple customer support channel ● Promote business through Twitter, YouTube, Google Ads, various kinds of sponsorships, and more Wrap Up In recent years, we have seen a rapid change in our daily lives with the advancement of new technologies and social media platforms. This has led us to a lot of alterations in our behaviors and habits as well as how we choose to spend our time. The changes in consumer behavior will lead to increased investment in digital marketing strategies. So, It is important for businesses to be aware of these trends in order to stay relevant and competitive. Digital marketing industries have been booming in recent years. The techniques we have discussed will be dominating the industry till 2022. Royex Digital is a new-age Digital Marketing Agency. We offer a range of digital marketing services with the adaptation of cutting-edge web, mobile and social technology. We adapt and practice cutting-edge marketing tactics by harnessing the power of modern marketing technologies. 41 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

INTERVIEW INTERVIEW WITH AHMET SALIH OZKUL, GENERAL MANAGER, HAYDI GELSIN ABOUT Haydi Gelsin: Haydi Gelsin is a drive-thru application in which the user can place an order in advance prior to reaching the outlet and delivered in front of the destination. This saves time for the user and increases organizational sales for the outlet. Established in 2021, haydi gelsin allows customers to pre-order food from the location area and pick it up from the establishment. A mobile app, that makes ordering your life easier on your busy days. Q. Please introduce your company/business to our readers A: Haydi Gelsin is a drive-thru application in which the user can place an order in advance prior to reaching the outlet and it is delivered in front of the destination. This saves time for the user and increases organizational sales for the outlet. Q. What was the idea behind starting your application? A: Istanbul in particular (and Türkiye in general) is a bustling city with over 15 million residents. 42 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

INTERVIEW Ahmet Salih Ozkul General Manager, It is a congested city with lots of cafes, bars and Haydi Gelsin restaurants, it is also a popular destination for tourist and business opportunities alike. Ahmet Salih Ozkul is the founder of Chop Squared, an artistic However, due to congestion it presents a unique Innovator, Creative Professional problem where parking space is very limited, traffic in Film Production, congestion is very frequent and where the majority of Storyboarding, Digital Istanbul citizens use public transportation. Marketing, Branding, and Management. It is a city on-the-go and time is usually of the essence. The majority Turkish population does not He received his Bachelor’s speak or cannot communicate in clear English. This Degree in Management with causes another problem - tourists. Minor in Film Making from American University of Sharjah We know parking spaces and congestion cannot be fixed unless a huge change in the city's infrastructure and communicating in English will be a collective effort that will take many years. Haydi Gelsin fixes all that by pre-ordering food and collecting it on the go for all the citizens in Istanbul. Q. As Haydi Gelsin is an Istanbul (Turkey) based application and is often referred to as one of the Food Capitals of the world, What are the challenges you faced while entering the Food and Restaurant industry? How does Haydi Gelsin help the restaurants and consumers? A: Though we do not directly deal with the food & beverage industry, our app model will help better communicate with the customer and their needs with the restaurants/cafes. Special performance reports for sales tracking to restaurants. Custom outlet platform for live edits, updates and performance reviews outlet. Our concept reduces CO2 emissions by saving time, logistics and carbon footprint. 43 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

INTERVIEW Q. What is your company’s business model and how is your business model beneficial from a value addition perspective to the clients compared to other existing models? A: We charge lower commission rates than our competitors. We also offer translating services (Turkish to English) to help tourists and expats to help navigate and order in Istanbul. Q. What are the categories you cover in the F&B industry? Do you have an expansion plan in the future to other categories like Groceries, Pharmacies etc? A: Currently we are focusing on pre-ordering, drive-thru and pickup services. We do have plans with pre booking in restaurants, grocery and pharmacy orderings/shoppings in the future. Q. Who comprises your target market? And do you have any limitations on what kinds of restaurants you cover? A: We target all ages for our app users. Our subscribers are cafes and restaurants. We cater to our users and subscribers' needs by providing customer’s order advance, making life easier for everyone and avoiding the waiting time and long queues in the establishment. Making the checkout process efficient and hassle free. Q. What are the top features of the Haydi Gelsin app? ● Fun and easy-to-use platform for all users. ● Available in English and Turkish including the menus not just the platform translation. ● Analytical and algorithmic data that caters to users and platform subscribers. 44 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

INTERVIEW ● Environmentally friendly idea and encourages active lifestyle. Q. As this “Drive Through” market is not entirely explored in all parts of the world yet, Are you having a plan to expand to other countries as well? A: Yes, we have plans to expand to congested or hard-to-park cities like London, New York, Dubai or countries like Japan, China, India and Azerbaijan. Q. What are the initial feedback/reactions you received from your customers about the application? A: Initial feedback is good, both from our users and subscribers. However, as with any new concepts and ideas, it will take time for the broader audience and the general public to grasp. With shifting of the market and marketing, our concept will become more ubiquitous and accepted in the near future. Q. Why did you choose Royex Technologies as your technology partner? A: We went through lots of developers in the market, Royex showed experience, quick responses and were very supportive. Thus we decided to proceed with Royex technologies. Q. How would you rate Royex Technologies' service in developing this application? A: They are great to work with. What we liked the most about their service is that we had very clear communication and they were available and cooperative in all aspects of the app development journey. 45 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

ABOUT-US We Are Cost Effective Who Are We At present we have five offices, our office for Sales & Support is in Royex Technologies is a website Dubai and Qatar, and two other offices in India and Bangladesh and mobile app development that oversee design and development. We employ over 50 people company in Dubai that provides across these three locations. mobile app, web and design solutions for small, medium and By maintaining the minimum number of employees in Dubai, we large-scale companies. We have are keeping our cost and price lower than other companies. Even developed and successfully so, because our support team is in Dubai, our customers can enjoy delivered more than 300 projects face to face meetings and explain their vision clearly. This is how we to date for our clients in Dubai, provide great service with a minimum cost. UAE and other Middle East countries. Moreover, our online support system can provide our clients with trackable support. To further streamline our customer support and client comfort we provide our clients with warranty against bugs and errors. We Are in Four Countries with Five Offices UAE QA IND BD Office #3203, 32nd Level 14, 110/8 B.T Road House No: 51, Road Paira (3rd Floor), Floor, Citadel Tower, Commercial Bank Kolkata - 700108, No: 09, Mohakhali House No: 113, Road Marasi Dr, Business West Bengal, India Plaza, West Bay, DOHS, Dhaka, No: 10, O. R. Bay, Dubai - UAE Doha, Qatar Bangladesh. Nizam Road R/A, Chattogram, Bangladesh 46 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022 ROYEX TECHNOLOGIES LEADING MOBILE APPS DEVELOPMENT COMPANY IN DUBAI

ROYEX-TECHNOLOGIES CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OUR COMPANY BROCHURE ADDRESS TEL/ MOB E-MAIL Office No: 2535, 25th Floor, +971 45820203 [email protected] IRIS Bay Tower, Al Abraj Street, Business Bay, Dubai - UAE 48 Online Magazine - Mobile Apps & E-Commerce : Issue 15 . January. 2022

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