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Published by Rohan Aggarwal, 2021-04-14 15:34:49

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Glob.a..l Achievers Editorial Teams RJ Aarti Malhotra - All India Radio Editor in chief Rohan Aggarwal Shubhangini Singh Mahecha Chief Coordinator & Editor Chief Designer and Editor Jyoti Rajora Sakshi Singhal Nilanjana Bhattacharya Cristina Waterflowers Verma Editor Editor Editor Editor Visit us for Suggestions & Queries Webiste : Whatsapp : 8376914204 APRIL, 2021 | 1

Glob.a..l Achievers INDEX PAGE NO. Shailajaa Sharma 3-4 Ashwani Mohan 5-8 Dr. Munish Jindal 9-11 Dr. Ajay Kumar 12-14 15-16 Santhi Saravanan 17 Advertisement 19-20 Dr. Viram 21-23 Bajram Haliti 24 Advertisement 25-27 Madhvi Borse 28-29 Chris Musgrave 30-31 Biggest Cricket Tournament 32 Advertisement APRIL, 2021 | 2

Globa..l.Achievers ENTREPRENEUR Shailajaa Sharma “B e kind the world needs more love” There are many ways to spread love and she took the way of providing fresh fruits, vegetables, and other daily requirements directly from the farmer. She is Shailajaa Sharma the co-founder of Fresh by Farmers -Kisan Mandi, located near the community center, Sec 17 Dwarka. It is a Fresh By Farmer startup which began in March 2021 where people find the freshest produce at very competi- tive prices within the stipulated time frame. They aim at pro- viding the age-old experience of Mandi, while customers pick their daily requirements while listening to soothing music. Before this, she has a bakery startup for about eight years. Shailajaa is a hotel management graduate from the esteemed college IHM, Pusa. Being in the field of hospitality one has to spread love and also look for fresh produce to make healthy and delicious food. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE APRIL, 2021 | 3

Globa..l.Achievers Procuring fresh vegetables and other everyday requirements is very much a challenge because of the huge difference in buying, consistency, variations, and pricing which makes this sector disor- ganized. Along with this, we saw the worst-case scenario of a global pandemic where all of us were at home experimenting with new dishes, and getting fresh produce to cook has always been a challenge as it's time-consuming and largely not so cost-effective. This led to the birth of Fresh By Farmers who work dili- gently to provide the com- mon man with his daily needs at a very reasonable cost. But it isn't easy to di- rectly get in touch with farmers that can provide us consistent quality and cost- effective products. It is a team of IIM/ IHM gradu- ates and experienced F&V people who have years of experience under their belts. Shailajaa is the team leader and fears fail- ure or letting the team down. To overcome this she says - “Be confident and take one day time and be honest with every- thing you do. There are no shortcuts to success. If it's easy it's not worth it, if it's worth it won't be easy.” Such a business idea makes you meet a lot of people and one a learns a lot from each new person met as everyone has something new to share. Small everyday goals keep her on her toes and her zeal to excel keeps her motivated. Scripted By : Shubhangini Singh Mahecha GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE APRIL, 2021 | 4

Globa..l.Achievers ENTERTAINMENT ,d eyq kdkr v'ouh eksgu th ds lkFk & Ashwani Mohan ÞQksVkxs zkQh ns[kus dk gquj fl[kkrh gSß vkt ge yksx ckr dj jgs gS ,d eYVhVSyasVsM ilZukfyVh dh] tks ,d QkVs k- sxzkQj gksus ds lkFk lkFk jaxepa ds dykdkj] ,DVj] e‚My] Mk;jsDVj Hkh gSA vxj ge QksVksxzkQh dh ckr djsa rks bUgksaus vius 'kkSd dks çksQs'ku eas cny fn;k gSA v'ouh dbZ cMs+ czkMa ~l ds fy, tSls c‚Ecs Mkbax]LçMs nos rkjk baMLVªht ;k fnYyh gSMa yew gkml ds fy, QksVksxzkQh dj pqds gSA blh rjg v'ouh th c‚yhoqM fQYe vkSj iatkch fQYe esa Hkh dke dj pqds gSA v'ouh th us viuh 'kkVZ fQYe ] 60 &70 ls T;knk fçaV 'kwVl~ fd, gS vkSj c‚yhoMq dh cM+h fQYesa tSls dh ck?kh 2 ]fQrwj fQEykas esa vyx& vyx i=ksa dh Hkwfedk fuHkkbAZ mUgkusa s ,d osclhjht Hkh LVkVZ dh gS & ftles cMs+ vkfVZLV tSls oanuk pksiM+k]eksfudk dksgyh] v#.kk nÙkk vkSj fnus'k eksgu 'kkfey gSA vHkh dh ckr djs rks yo jatu çksMD'ku dh ewoh] esa v'ouh th dks ,DVj j.kchj diwj vkSj ,DVªsl J)k diwj ds lkFk ns[ksaxsA GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE APRIL , 2021 | 5

Globa..l.Achievers v'ouh ekgs u th crkrs gS fd mudh dNq ocs lhjht muds fny ds djhc gS vkSj os mlds Mk;jsDVj Hkh gS tSls fd esjk nnZ esjk jkt] esjh csVh esjk xq#jA vc tks ewoh v'ouh th djus tk jgs gS mldk uke \"The Rapist\" gSA bldh Mk;jsDVj vi.kkZ lsu gS rFkk mles v'ouh th vius jksy esa lksp cnyus dh ckr dj jgs gSA balku dks viuh lksp cnyuh gksxh] lkFk gh ,d eSlst nsrs gq, dgk fd gj fdlh dks le>uk Hkh pkfg,]vkSj viuh lksp dks cnyuk Hkh pkfg,A v'ouh th us crk;k dh viuh çksQ's ku dks Q‚yks djrs djrs ck; yd os ,fDVax dh QhYM esa vk x,A mudh dgkuh c‚yhoqM fQYeksa dh rjg gAS ,d ckj v'ouh th vius ,d QkVs k- xs zkQh çkts sDV ds fy, ,uMhVhoh foKkiu 'kwV djus x, rks ogk ml foKkiu ds ,d ik= ugha vk, FksA rc ogk¡ mUgsa oks foKkiu 'kVw djus ds fy, v‚Qj fd;k] tcfd v'ouh th us vius thoku eas dHkh dksbZ ,fDVax ugha dh Fkh ]vkSj u mUgsa deS js ds lkeus dqN cksyuk vkrk Fkk A FkksM+s Vkbe ckn tc oks foKkiu ,uMhVhoh ij vk;k rc v'ouh th dks Qksu vkus yxs]vkSj dke feyus yxk A ;s QhYM [knq curh pyh xbZA GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE APRIL , 2021 | 6

Globa..l.Achievers v'ouh ekgs u th ds ifjokj fd ckr djas rks muds lkFk mudh okbQ vkSj nks cPps gS ,d csVk vkSj ,d csVhA viuh dke;kch dk lkjk Øfs MV oks viuh okbQ dks nsuk pkgras gAS v'ouh th dk dguk gS fd mudh dke;kch ds ihNs mudh okbQ dk cgqr cM+k gkFk vkSj lkFk gSA bu lcdk ØsfMV mUgksaus vius isjsaV~l dks fn;k gS D;ksafd ;g thou mudh gh nsu gSA bu lc ds bykok v'ouh ekgs u th ,d U;wt pkuS y Hkh pykrs gS] ftldk uke gS dSejk fotu U;wt gMs ykbla ] baLVkxzke] Qslcqd tSlh lk's ky ehfM;k ij muds bl pkSuy ij U;tw Mkyh tkrh gSA GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE APRIL , 2021 | 7

Globa..l.Achievers v'ouh th ds vokMZ~l dh ckr djsa rks mUgsa vkyEcu vokMZ ls uoktk x;k gS] lkFk gh dNq dksjksuk okfj;lZ vokMZl~ fey pqds gSA buds lkFk v'ouh th ,d NGO ls Hkh tqM+s gq, gA lS kFk gh ,d pht tks og Scripted By : Sakshi Singhal ykLV eS dguk pkgrs gS tks fd tks os gj lqcg APRIL , 2021 | 8 Q‚yks djrs gS fd & fdlh dh cqjkbZ djuh ugha gS vkSj tks vPNk fn[ks mls NkMs u+ k ugh gSA tks vPNk d‚UlsIV fn[ks mlh fd vksj pyrs jguk gSA GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE

Globa..l.Achievers ENTREPRENEUR Dr. Munish Jindal “Life is all about creating yourself” Through this story let me introduce you all to an exemplar of versatility, and hard work. The man whose ideas are evolving the world of technology. The one who’s stubborn about his goals and flexible about his methods.and Founding Presi- dent of Mentorx, a platform that has the vision to empower, educate, and elevate as many people as possible. Mr. Munish Jin- He is conferred with the highest civilian honor, the dal, the Founder “Karma Veer Chakra” by United Nations – iCongo and & CEO of Hover- the “Noble Asian of the Year 2018”. His company Hover- Robotix, the first Robotix has been established as the No. 1 brand in India company that and lined up among the top 5 companies in the world. Fif- brought the con- teen years ago, he had a dream just like millions do. But cept of Hover- boards to India, his dream was different, his one in a million dream. There were no benchmarks, no glass ceilings, no role models, and no finish line. The start line was only 35000 rupees to build his dream company and the leap of faith. Peo- ple tried to crush him down by calling his dream impossible but his dream was important, and he moved forward bit by bit and achieved his one in a million dream. Today the world knows that he stands at a place of dreams for many. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE APRIL, 2021 | 9

Globa..l.Achievers APRIL, 2021 | 10 Mr. Munish Jindal is a Serial Entrepreneur, Robostronaut, Philanthropist, International Business Consultant, Philan- thropist, Fashion Icon, Brand Ambassador, Intellectual Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Mentor & Angel Investor, and an author. He is an exceptionally talented professional with an industrial experience of over 20+ years in liaising with both individual and corporate clients advising and guiding working CA's and CS's .Dr. Munish is part of the biggest Inter-global Faith Movement and the biggest women empowerment initiative - Mentorx WoWoman. He has been appointed as Mentor of Change by the government of India NITI Aayog, Flash Mentor at UTS – University of Technol- ogy Sydney, Australia, a mem- ber of Doctoral Committee at Greenwich University, Mauri- tius, as well as Vellore Institute of Technology India, and also appointed in the Global Advi- sory Board of MSME Chamber of Commerce and Industries of India (MSMECCII). GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE

Globa..l.Achievers He has been recently ap- pointed as National Direc- tor of the National Sports and Youth Development Counci (NSYDC).Through his health betterment initia- tives of cancer awareness and career scholarships, he is working up to scratch for making this world a better place to live in. His other com- pany, Mentorx, has conducted more than 2000 summits, conclaves, conferences, seminars, train- ing sessions & workshops on over 500+ topics and nurtured the lives of 10 million people across the globe. Mentorx has trained widely diversified peo- ple including CEOs, CTOs, Executives, Youth, Teachers, Principals, Professors, Lecturers, Edu- cators, Doctors, Lawyers, Academicians, Women, Parents, Entrepreneurs, and Students. Mentorx has certified more than 100 corporates and master trainers through train the trainer programs. Along with all these endless skills, he also has flair for writ- ing. And, presently, he is writing a book “Next-Gen Data Technology” for Asia’s largest publisher in IT – BPB Publications. From the beginning, he dreamed of certain life and didn’t stop until he achieved it. He believes that we have so much to offer as a person and we should for- ward that knowledge to enlighten others’ life. He is a living legend who’s serving numerous lives every day for a bright future of people and our country. Scripted By : Ritika Upmanyu GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE APRIL, 2021 | 11

Globa..l.Achievers EDUCATIONIST dr. ajay kumar “The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach our full potential. These are the keys that will un- lock the door to success” Welcome back readers, after reading the above lines, you all might be partly satisfied but through this story let me introduce you all to the soul and the paradigm of the above lines. An ex- ceptionally talented professional with an enriching ex- perience of 33 years in the field of education, research, training & consultancy. Dr. Ajay Kumar, Director of GL Bajaj Institute of Man- agement, Greater Noida, the Vice President of Uttar Pradesh Yoga Association under the banner of All India Yoga Association, the Director of Bar Council of India for Law Courses, the National General Secretary of Integrated Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI), and the list goes on and on. Dr. Kumar is an alumnus of BIT Mesra, Ranchi. Before his joining at the GL Bajaj Institute of Management, Greater Noida, he has worked as the Director of many reputed Business Schools in UP & Haryana like Asian School of Media Studies, Marwah Studio, Noida. Hitherto, he has authored four books published by renowned publishing houses and more than 36 publications with paper presentations across National & International conferences and seminars. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE APRIL , 2021 | 12

Globa..l.Achievers He also worked as Deputy Marketing Manager in Welcome Drugs, California, US. Dr. Kumar is the Sr. Vice President of Centre for Educational Growth and Research, Delhi-NCR, the Senior Vice President and Secretary-General at International Chamber of pro- fessional Education & Industry (ICPEI), and also the Consultant Editor at Country & Politics National Weekly. He has also been appointed as the National Council member in the Association of Indian principals. In his educational journey, he has been be- stowed with numerous achievements, acco- lades, honors, and world-class experiences. He was conferred as the “Inspirational Icon of the Year” by ICCI on February 24, 2020, at New Delhi, awarded with the Philip Kotler Awards - 2020 by Laura Ries, President Ries & Ries, Georgia, USA, bestowed with “INDIAN ACHIEVERS AWARD 2021 for “EX- CELLENCE IN EDUCATION”. He has also con- ferred as “Global Achievers Council - Memorial Award” by Global Peace University, USA, felic- itated with Inspirational Icon of the Year 2020 by Integrated Chamber of Com- merce and Industry.The holder of Lord Baden Powell National Award, and honored with the title of “Best Educationist, 2018” by Better India Education Awards. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE APRIL , 2021 | 13

Globa..l.Achievers Dr. Ajay Kumar is an entre- preneur whose life revolves around working hard for humanity. Everyone works hard to create their desired future but here, Dr. Ajay works up to scratch for the thriving future of oth- ers. Being an educationist is a kind of big deal. Dr. Ajay is a multitasking professional who lives to inspire and loves to encourage. He be- lieves that his job doesn’t end only by preparing stu- dents for something but to help students prepare themselves for anything. He symbolizes the spirit of out- standing achievements & excellence despite the hard- ships & challenges he faced in his journey. Dr. Ajay is like a compass that activates the mag- nets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in his stu- dents. He chose this profession because he always wanted to make an impact, and not income. He plans to work for continuous improvement in the educational field and to provide quality education to everyone. The message he wants to convey to society is that Life is full of disappointments, failures, and setbacks. Hardships are just a chapter of our life story, so don’t fear them because none of those things can permanently stop us. We have the power in ourselves to overcome anything that life throws at us. And the best thing is that “No one is you, and that is your superpower”. Scripted By : Ritika Upmanyu GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE APRIL , 2021 | 14

Globa..l.Achievers ENTREPRENEUR Santhi Saravanan “Make your passion your strength” Santhi is also a social activist and works for children's edu- With this, we unfold the cation. Along with this, she is story of humble and tal- also the author of Findrops, ented lady Santhi Sara- a bimonthly magazine which vanan who by her hard talks about financial wisdom and other aspects. Santhi is a work and patience has be- Woman Achiever – Multi Tal- come a role model for the ents” from Raaba Media and women out there. She is has been facilitated with the the Managing Director at “Most Inspiring Queen of the Taru Financial Services year” award and the “Noble by Profession, an Artist Golden Crown Award” from by Passion with the name Indian Events. She has also participated in various art of SANSAR. and music competitions. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE APRIL , 2021 | 15

Globa..l.Achievers \"Struggling is proves to be a great source of upgrading. \" Santhi is a very knowledgeable . As we see, Santhi is very pas- and creative person who talks less sionate about studying and and believes in action. If some- wants to continue it. She re- thing goes wrong she talks boldly cently finished a research paper about the issue. She is the seventh on financial research and her class discontinue and has been diploma in arts. Now, she is studying by herself since then. headed towards studying more Self-grooming has been her and gain specialization in her strength. Once such a step is taken interest areas. She is very par- a lot of external voices are heard ticular about her time and to which discourage us and make us utilize her free time she started feel wrong. With strong willpower, her artwork and she is also Santhi took all the discouragement learning to play Veena. in a positive and moved towards success. For her college she took the degrees from correspondence thus self-grooming continues Santhi says no matter what comes may - always Scripted By : Shubhangini Singh Mahecha stay positive and take things in a positive di- rection. Focus on achieving and be strong. APRIL , 2021 | 16 Her pillar of strength and guiding light has been her maternal and paternal grandfathers. Santhi has their bless- ings with her and achieved the goals they set together. With the support of her family she strives hard to achieve those goals and con- tinues her effort to reach the next level… GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE


Globa..l.Achievers SOCIAL WORKER “i'kq lsok gh vius thou dk vk/kkj cuk;kA“ Dr. Viram gj fdlh dks ftlus ,d tSlk le>k vkSj fn;k ,d tSlk eku] Þviuks dk nnZ n[s kdj gj tkuoj gks ;k balku ] dkbs Z jkrs k g]S vxj fojke tSlk gks tk, gj dksbZ ] yfs du tks fdlh tkuoj rks cu tk, ;s thou LoxZ leku]ß ds nnZ dks Hkh n[s kdj fi?ky tk, ] ykxs tgk¡ i'kqvksa ls uQjr djrs gSa ,ls s fojke fojys gh gkrs s g-aS- ogha dNq yksx i'kq lsok eas gh bZ'oj Hkfä dk :i ekurs gSA M‚ fojke Hkh GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE buesa ls ,d gSaA ifjokj esa dkQh mrkj p<+ko ds ckn Hkh vkius dHkh fgEer ugh gkjh vkSj vkt ,d lQy i'kq 'kY; fpfdRld ds lkFk lkekftd dk;ksaZ esa viuh mEnk Hkfw edk fuHkk jgs gSaA M‚ fojke dk tUe mÙkj çns'k ds vyhx<+ ftys esa gqvk Fkk ALdwy dh i<+kbZ gfj;k.kk ds tokgj uoksn; fo|ky; ]djhjk] egsUæx<+ ls iw.kZ dhA firkth Hkh uoksn; fo|ky; esa çkpk;Z FksA'kq: ls gh M‚ fojke dks i'kqvksa ls dkQh yxko Fkk tc og i<+rs Fks rks vius [kkyh le; esa bu i'kqvksa dks [kkuk f[kyk;k djrs FksA APRIL , 2021 | 18

Globa..l.Achievers Ldwy dh i<+kbZ iw.kZ gksus ds ckn mUgksaus vkxs ds i<+kbZ ds fy, çfr;ksfxrk dh rS;kjh dh vkSj mÙkj çns'k esa MkDVj dh i<+kbZ ds fy, p;u gks x;k Fkk ij bZ'oj dks 'kk;n dqN vkSj gh eatwj Fkk d‚malfyax ls 2 fnu igys firkth dh ân; xfr #dus dh otg ls nsgkar gks x;k vkSj iwjk ifjokj ekuks VwV gh x;k] vkfFkZd fLFkfr ds dkj.k MkDVj dh i<+kbZ Hkh NksM+uh iM+h A ij mUgksaus fgEer ugha gkjh vkSj çfr;ksfxrk dh rS;kjh dh vkSj vxys o\"kZ gh mudk p;u B.V.Sc &A.HA eFkqjk ds fy, gks x;kAviuh i<+kbZ ds lkFk ogk¡ oks cPpksa dks Vîw'ku nsdj viuh d‚yst dh i<+kbZ vkSj gksLVy dh Qhl Hkjrs Fks rkfd ?kjokyks ls iSlk u ysuk iM+sA i<+kbZ ds lkFk ?kj es viuh ekrkth dh ns[kHkky Hkh fd;k djrs FksA eFkqjk ls gh mUgksaus viuh iksLV xzstq,'ku M.V.Sc{Surgery&Radiology} ls i<+kbZ laiw.kZ gksus ds ckn mudk vfLlLVsaV çksQslj Hkjriqj osVs- fjujh d‚yst esa p;u gks x;kA mlds ckn ogka ls ukS- djh NksM+h vkSj ,d fo'o Lrjh; NGO g‚fLiVy Q‚j ,fueYl esa 6 lky dke fd;k ftlesa jgrs gq, mUgksaus dbZ ns'k fons'k चैनलौ dk vuqHko çkIr fd;kA tc dHkh Hkh og vius vkl ikl vkokjk i'kqvksa dks n;uh; gkyr esa ns[krs Fks rks mudk eu ilht tkrk Fkk ]rc mUgksaus viuk eu cuk fy;k Fkk fd vc dgha ,d LFkk;h fBdkuk cukdj vkokjk i'kqvksa dh dSls lsok dh tk,A viuh ukSdjh ls bLrhQk nsus ds ckn vkt oks vyhx<+ esa viuh çkbosV çSfDVl dj jgs gSa lkFk gh ,d viuh NGO Hkh pyk j[kh gS tgk¡ oks vkokjk vkSj t:jr ean tkuojksa dks vyhx<+ ds i'kq çsfe;ksa ds lg;ksx ls fu%'kqYd ,oe fu%LokFkZ lsok ns jgs gSaA M‚ fojke vius dk;Z ds dkj.k vyhx<+ ftys ds çfl) v[kckj ,oa U;wt pkSuyksa dh lqf[kZ;ksa esa jgrs gS vklikl ds ftyksa esa muds tSlk lPpk vkSj fu%LokFkZ lsok nsus okyk i'kq 'kY; fpfdRld ugha gSAge muds tTcs dks lyke djrs gSa vkSj og thou esa ,slh dbZ ÅapkbZ dks Nq,¡ ,slh ge dkeuk djrs gSaA Scripted By : Jyoti Rajora Verma GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE APRIL , 2021 | 19

Globa..l.Achievers SOCIAL WORKER Bajram haliti “Somebody has to stand when everyone else is sitting. Somebody has to speak when everyone else is quiet” Today, let me But there are still some people who just ask you a become the voice of others and speak simple question about others’ sufferings. Through this and think from story, let me introduce you to an in- your heart be- credible Rome protector philosopher, fore finding its Dr. Bajram Haliti, President and edi- answer. Who are tor in chief of association of citizens we as human be- “Journalistic-informative agency of ings if we ignore Roma”, Doctoral candidate Secretary the sufferings of General of World Roma Organiza- others? This tion.He has received 200 awards, cer- world is a dan- tificates, honorary doctorates, the gerous place not status of ambassador of peace, etc.Ba- because of those jram Haliti is a lawyer, journalist, who do evil but publisher, ethicist, and a member of because of those the World’s Parliament of Romanies in who see the evil charge of the tasks of Kosovo Roma- and do nothing. nia. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE APRIL, 2021 | 20

Globa..l.Achievers He was born and raised in the small Since then, he city of Gnjilane in Kosovo in 1955. has had the He grew up in an economically privilege to ex- poor but spiritually rich family, as- ercise leader- piring to gain new knowledge to ship in different support their progress. Despite all media, non- the hardships, he completed his governmental studies and started his professional organizations, engagement as an activist and public institu- fighter for the national and cultural tions, and aca- rights of Roma in 1981. demia. In 1985, he started working as a journalist shortly after he took on higher responsibility as the editor in chief of the Roma Informative Program in the National Television. In the Kosovo crisis of the 1990s, he took on the minister’s role in the Government and fought for the interests of the Roma, GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE APRIL, 2021 | 21

Globa..l.Achievers who were caught between the Serbs and the Albanians. He holds a Ph.D. in Law and Eco- nomics, journalist and publi- cist. He was the first He is a polyglot who has lectured intellectual in the throughout Europe and the history of Roma United States. He is the chief edi- that has entered tor of the magazine Ahimsa, dedi- the final selection cated to the Roma and Serbian for the ‘Nobel problems. He fought for the Peace Prize Nom- recognition of the Roma language inee’ supported by as Roma is spoken across Europe the Gandhi Peace and hence should be considered Foundation of as a European language and rec- Nepal. ognized as a mother tongue to its speakers. He has shown great success in the written and spoken journalistic genres. In opinion journalism Haliti has published several studies, articles, commen- taries, and documentaries at the 12 International Literary Events. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE APRIL, 2021 | 22

Globa..l.Achievers At the 56th International Book Fair, \"Amico Rom\", which was held in Belgrade in 2011, which takes his work \"Serbian - Roma dictionary place every year with grammar and orthographic in the Italian guidance\" was awarded the Best town of Lan- Project of 2011. Also, the \"Serbian ciano, Bajram Roma dictionary\" is the winner of Haliti was the the Teresa Von Jacob award, and the winner of the World Organization of Diaspora and Italian Presi- Minorities (WDMO) declared this dent's World capital peace the best book in 2011. Prize for Litera- ture. He is the kind of man who will never stay silent so that others can stay comfortably. For his remarkable contribution to society, we salute the lionheart man for being the savior and voice of thousands of peo- ple. Scripted By : Ritika Upmanyu GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE APRIL, 2021 | 23


Globa..l.Achievers EDUCATIONIST Madhvi Borse \"The busiest life is the happiest life ever.\" She is a woman Be busy with your passion, hobbies, hy- with great determi- giene, fitness, family, or friends by doing nation and the zeal something productive. This is the thought to bring a change. of a Renowned Educationist, Soft skills Madhvi is the trainer, PD mentor, Professional online founder of EDU- English coach, Poetess, Corporate An- TAINMENT SPO- chor, District President of Jaipur in Beti KEN ENGLISH & Ek Lakshya Foundation and Philanthro- SMART CLASSES. pist Madhvi Borse. She has an experience of eight years in teaching and has been setting an example for all the women. Life is a beautiful dream and only one thing is real which is present, so live for today and work hard for your tomorrow. She is felici- tated with Naari Ratan Award; By Bal Naari Jagriti Yuva Mandal & Samachar Nirdesh. Nari Samman Award and Bhartiya Gaurav Award by Sureet Events Foundation Trust REGD, Best Entrepreneur and Excellence Award. Excellence in Spoken English & Soft Skills training by 94.3 my fm. She is awarded with the certificate of brilliance , Naari Astitva Award recognising her com- mendable leadership & immense contribution to the Education field, by GSIL Education So- ciety Philanthropist initiative NEKI KI RAAH to accord this honor to an extraordinary woman who contains manifested prodigious skills that continues to inspire everyone. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE APRIL, 2021 | 25

Globa..l.Achievers APRIL, 2021 | 26 Education is the key to unlocking the golden door of liberty. How- ever, as a child, one prefers ac- tivities and practical applications to theory Edutain- ment, which combines education and entertainment, was created to alleviate this burden and make learning more enjoyable. This made education more enjoyable and entertaining by involving students in a variety of activities that captivated their bodies and mind. Madhvi has been teaching for the past eight years, making a difference in the lives of stu- dents, Workers and homemak- ers through innovative teaching methods. Edutainment also em- ploys housewives and trains them to teach the English lan- guage with basic knowledge. Lockdown was a phase no one wants to remember while for Madhvi it is a wow factor for her story. The on- line setup helped her as well as the other women to get their classes on time and regularly and give jobs regu- larly to any female. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE

Globa..l.Achievers Through online setup, the women at home can multitask by taking care of their family and teach- ing the students.This did not slow down learning, but rather accelerated it. The women create a path for The road to becoming a trainer was not easy. Mad- themselves and achieve mile- hvi had a difficult past and thus chose divorce. This stones in their fields and lives allowed her to pursue her dreams, but it was a her- with her assistance and train- culean task. The institution began in a very small ing. room and that one single room was converted into a classroom with her sister Ankita Borse. An idea is a blank slate that They both worked tirelessly, day in and day out, to takes shape with each passing make it a success. Courses that used to take day of unwavering effort and months to complete are now completed in the desire to make it a reality. weeks.Now they also run online classes. Edutainment Spoken English & Smart Classes, train students through Indian and foreign teachers all over India. We're all afraid of the consequences of trying something new and taking risks. But don't worry, failures help us learn and grow. God is the director of life's film. We're just players who come and go. Take it easy and let things happen as they will. Allow yourself to go with the flow. It makes no difference how difficult a situation becomes, our gender, or our age. Continue to learn and grow in your confidence and enthusiasm. Feel good, and don't forget to devote yourself completely to your passion. Continue to inspire and en- courage everyone to stay on the right track. Scripted By : Shubhangini Singh Mahecha GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE APRIL, 2021 | 27

Globa..l.Achievers ENTREPRENEUR CHRIS MUSGRAVE “You only have to do a few things right in your life so long as you don’t do too many things wrong” Born in Hartlepool, Chris Musgrave developed an interest for untapped commercial opportunities at a very young age. He started his career as a market trader alongside his father. Using his extensive knowledge, he slowly developed a network of fruit and veg shops in his hometown along with his family. He set up his first company JCM Group or the JC Musgrave group in 1990 by sourcing and selling sec- ond-hand racking to mainstream supermar- ket chains for a profit. Within a blink of eye his company became an interna- tional organisation with over £10m in turnover with more than 250 staff at its head office, offering quality management advice to other retailers such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, etc. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE After the suc- cess of his company, Chris gradually moved into property development in the late 1990s. He came up with an extraordinarily successful business model on the investment and regeneration of many commercial and industrial sites in the North East and few other parts, APRIL, 2021 | 28

Globa..l.Achievers where in multiple vacant possessions could be reused for pre lets to new businesses and al- ternative uses. This project later one proved to a massive success. One of his most notable achievements has been the development of Wynyard Park – from vacant possession to a 700-acre mixed- use settlement in the Tees Valley. This park has facilitated homes and jobs to many locals and has boosted the unemployment sector of the area. He also had a major and the largest science park in Kent, effectively supporting many employment opportu- nities. Chris was honoured to be appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in The Queen’s 2019 Birthday Hon- ours for services to business and the community. He has also re- ceived a special business civil award from Stockton Borough Council for exceptional services for regeneration in the area. Scripted By : Nilanjana Bhattacharya GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE APRIL, 2021 | 29

Globa..l.Achievers Biggest Cricket Tournament Global Achievers Record The Mahakumbh Minister Trophy cricket tour- nament has been recorded as World Record by Global Achievers Records. This tournament started in Sagar Madhya Pradesh from 1 Febru- ary 2021 to 12 March 2021. Over 400 teams participated in this tournament, making around 6500 people who participated, all of whom are residents of Sagar District. Organizer Mr. Akash Singh Rajput told that In our country, cricket resides in everyone’s heart. Because cricket is a team sport, a lot of people can play it together. Just as many players from Haryana and Punjab have gone to the Olympics and they have raised the name of the country by winning medals for the country, similarly we believe that there is a lot of talent hidden in Madhya Pradesh which needs to be found and given the right opportunity. Even today, our country has problem like casteism, high-altitude in small cities and rural areas. In such a situation, cricket is such a game that everybody plays to- gether by forming a team, which creates unity by raising casteism above all the players. In small towns and rural areas, people who are differently abled often feel isolated from society and have inferiority complex, en- couraging all those siblings to participate in this tourna- ment in a big way. Playing cricket has become like a religion in the whole of India. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE APRIL, 2021 | 30

Globa..l.Achievers Due to lack of funds in small towns and rural areas, elders and chil- dren are not able to enjoy the game due to lack of proper sports equipment, which was why, in this tournament each team was pro- vided with materials like bat, ball, stumps, etc. which were distrib- uted to each team after playing the match so that they could continue the game even further. Malnutrition is a big problem in small towns and rural areas and every sport needs a good nutritious dose to spend the energy every player needs to showcase a good game. Food was provided. As the teams started to win, the T-shirts were also distributed free of cost to all the players so that they all look the same and no one can awaken any feeling of high and low, sitting together and enjoying the food with full love runs a wave unity inside our hearts. Never before has any such cricket tournament been organ- ized in any district across the world in which such a large number of people participated. If we all work hard, many youth can make a good place at the Olympic and International level. A Big Salute & congratulations to Organizer of this huge tournament Mr. Akash Singh Rajput. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE Scripted By : Cristina Waterflowers APRIL, 2021 | 31


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