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global achievers magazine 11 Vijay Guriani

Published by Rohan Aggarwal, 2021-07-13 14:04:56

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Editorial Teams RJ Aarti Malhotra - All India Radio Shubhangini Singh Mahecha Editor in chief Rohan Aggarwal Chief Coordinator & Editor Chief Designer and Editor Mentors Dr. Tilak Tanwar Dr. Vijay Kumar S. Shah Author Padmashri Awardee & Guinness World Records Holder & Renowned Social Worker Jyoti Rajora Sakshi Singhal Shweta Kumari Cristina Waterflowers Ritika Upmanyu Verma Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Visit us for Suggestions & Queries Webiste : Whatsapp : 8376914204 GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE JULY , 2021 | 1

INDEX PAGE NO. Dr. Gaurav Sharma 3-6 Sharad Gopidasji Bagdi 7-10 Sardar Milkha Singh 11-14 Oscar Suman 15-18 Professor Dr. Ravinder Rena 19-22 Dilip Kumar 23-26 Udai Chand Barupal 27-30 Advertisement 31 Gousia Siddick 32-35 Dr. Asha Sharma 36-39 Vijay Guriani 40-43 Sonesh Bhardwaj 44-47 Advertisement 48 GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE JULY , 2021 | 2

dr. Gaurav Sharma TRAINER “For all people, in all places – we have more inside us than we are using” To bring out the more inside us and help us surround ourselves with a positive and confident approach we have Dr. Gaurav Sharma (Honoris Causa) a well- known and respected Multi- Award Winning Motivational Speaker, Life Coach & Social Activist. Founder & CEO, Pos- itive Thoughts Consulting & Training Solutions, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. He has been conferred and honored with sev- eral Honorary Doctorates from International Bodies from countries like Brazil, Morocco, Malaysia and Florida. Dr. Gaurav is also named as the “Best Motivational Speaker of the Year” in the Inter- national Education Summit & Awards 2021. Along with this, he is conferred with the “Asia Pride Award 2021” and honored with the \"Man of Excellence Award 2021” in the National Branding Con- clave & Awards 2021. His Journey was published in “Global Business Line” Mag- azine, March 2021 Edition and he is the nominee of “Best Life Coach & Facilitator” for International Glory Awards. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE JULY, 2021 | 3

Life is unpredictable and changes in the blink of an eye. All of a sudden you deviate from your goal to handle a situation in your life and it starts to run in the opposite direction. This direction is the change one has to adapt to and live life and cope with it. Gaurav had always wanted to be a mechanical engineer since he was a young boy. His father's business crashed during his final year of college, and he went into a coma. Although he recovered after a while but Gaurav had to leave his dream unfulfilled and return home to care for his family. With time he molded him into the need of the situation and his journey made all the difference. This journey today is an inspiration for all the people out there. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE Scripted By : Shubhangini Singh Mahecha JULY, 2021 | 4

He grew to genuinely appreciate the worth of hard effort and was able to converse with brilliant brains from many back- grounds. He was progressing both professionally and person- ally. What he didn't realize at the time was that the lessons he was learning from his job working in an Inter- national Call Center were not only training him for future corporate success but were also preparing him for something great. Gaurav took an uncon- ventional path of be- coming a “Motivational Speaker”. He chose to take big risks by leaving his work and becoming a \"Motivational Speaker\" because he had finally found his purpose after years of quest and self-discovery. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE JULY, 2021 | 5

He realized he wanted to live a life motivated by a desire to assist, inspire, and empower individuals from all walks of life. After over a decade in the education industry, he embarked on the next leg of his path by be- coming a Certified Life Coach & NLP Practitioner, a course approved by the “American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Pro- gramming.” In addi- tion, he is a Certified Mind Trainer, Youth Mentor, Career Coach, Published Ar- ticle Writer, Co-Au- thor, and Social Activist. Gaurav be- lieves success is find- ing our purpose, & then designing a life that embraces it Scripted By : Shubhangini Singh Mahecha GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE JULY, 2021 | 6

SOCIAL Sharad Gopidasji Bagdi “Everyone lives for themselves, but the world remembers those who also live for others” The name of one such personality who was born to create magical things is Sharad Gopidasji Bagdi. He is an en- trepreneur, social worker, writer, counselor, and the UN ESC Goodwill Volunteer. The one who has established many models of social serv- ice. For his remarkable work, he has been re- warded with 5 international awards, 29 national awards felicitation by 219 associations. He has been nominated in Bravo International Word Book of Records, appointed as the World Peace Ambassador by Gandhi Peace Foundation, Nepal, and appointed as Goodwill Ambassador by Vivekanand World Peace Foundation, Calcutta. He has been honored by many gov- ernors, State Chief ministers, Central cabinet ministers, etc. Sharad Bagdi was born on 27 December 1956 in Mumbai. He has attained the professional degree of M. Com, DBM (IMC Mum- bai), ICWA, and CA from 1983 to 2000. Since his childhood, he was zealous and curious about social work. At the age when other children used to play with toys and dolls, he used to read religious books and think about how to help others. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE JULY , 2021 | 7

For more than 20 years, he was the C&F agent for all over Maha- rashtra in Birla Cement Company and Jaiprakash Associates Lim- ited. In these 20 years, he was honored with numerous awards for his work every year. On the strength of his hard work, dedication, determination, honesty, friendly nature, candor and foresight, he achieved success in every field. He believes that all the things he experienced always took him to the next level of life. His tendency towards social service is always visible in his words and actions. It is the result of his so- cial service that he has been honored with many national and international awards, certifi- cates by many famous organizations. He has worked for the welfare of senior citi- zens, and campaigns based on women empow- erment, Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao, Employment, and Cleanliness. With the pace of time, he joined organizations like Nagpur Jessis, Leo Club, Maheshwari Yuvak Sangh, Nag Vidarbha Chamber of Commerce, Nagpur Cement Cham- ber, Maharashtra Youth Con- gress, which increased the scope of his work. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE JULY , 2021 | 8

To honor his work, the Indian postal department released a stamp for Sharad Bagdi under the MY STAMP SE-TENANT scheme released on 27th January 2021. A boarding pass has been issued to him for \"NASA Mars mission 2026\". He has earned membership of the World Constitution and Parliament Asso- ciation (USA) and bestowed with awards like Bharat Shree 2019, and Asia International pride award 2021. He isn’t superstitious but he always chooses to believe in sudden miracles and unexpected blessings. Sharadji, being rich in multi-talent, also explains the solutions by exposing the good and evil of the society impartially through his writings. His articles are published in national newspapers, magazines, etc., and are highly admired. His other article in which he has discussed the three biggest problems of our society, that is children's care, neglect of elders and human rights, and divorce problem of elders was appreciated on many platforms. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE JULY , 2021 | 9

He believes that his parent's blessings and support have brought him this far. Whenever he used to feel demotivated in his life, he used to lie down on his mother’s lap and his mother always told him one thing which became his purpose of living. That line was – “Babu, you have the blessings of Thakur Ji, God doesn’t want you to beg in front of anyone, he gives you directly what you desire\". And His Babuji always used to say- Keep hope from God, not from the world. For his success, he al- ways acknowledges the support of his family, wife Bharati, and friends Prashant Pimpalwar, Vipin Kothari, Dr. Santosh Modi, Nilimatai Bawne, Madhu Singhi, Ramesh Jasore, and his other companions. He believes that hard times are often bless- ings in disguise. No matter how much your life hurts, hold your head up and keep going. Always continue to try and make a perceptible difference to make your life worthwhile. Never spend your day without making one more effort to do what feels im- possible. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE Scripted By : Ritika Upmanyu JULY , 2021 | 10

During his carefree childhood, he SPORTS ran to school each day and as a lark pitted himself against moving Sardar trains, racing alongside them. He Milkha Singh later had to run when fleeing the mobs that massacred most of his “The Flying Sikh” family during the violent partition of India in 1947. It was the army Nicknamed as the Flying that spotted his talent for running Sikh, Milkha Singh over- and provided him with the rigor- came great adversity to be- ous training required to excel at come a sports hero. was national and international levels. born sometime in the early 1930s into a large farming family in the village of Gobindpura in what is now Pakistan. His passion for running was the leit- motif of his life. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE JULY , 2021 | 111

GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE At the Asian Games in Tokyo in 1958, he won gold medals in both the 400- and 200- meter events. A few months later, he won gold in the 400 meters at the British Empire and Commonwealth Games in Cardiff, Wales, the first In- dian to win a gold medal in the competition’s history. He also won gold at the 1962 Asian Games in Jakarta, In- donesia. In 1963, he married Nirmal Saini, who took on the Sikh surname of Kaur. Because she was a Hindu and he was Sikh, by this time Singh had left the army and was working for the Punjab government as deputy direc- tor of sports, developing sports infrastructure and set- ting up training programs for young people across the state. Singh was awarded the Padma Shri, India’s fourth-highest civilian honor, in 1958. JULY , 2021 | 12

A Bollywood movie about his life, “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag,” was released in 2013 and found both critical and commercial success. Milkha Singh, a track star who inspired generations of Indians with his feats on an international stage and a compelling life story in which he once raced trains for fun and had to run for his life as his father, attacked by a mob, lay dying, died on Friday in Chandigarh. His age was un- certain, but he was either in his late 80s or his early 90s. His family said the cause was complications of Covid-19. His death came just five days after that of Nirmal Kaur, his wife of 58 years and a sportswoman in her own right. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE JULY , 2021 | 13

Even after his death he will remain in the hearts of Indians and al- ways remembered as the track star of India and also the man who created history. Because she was a Hindu and he was Sikh, by this time Singh had left the army and was working for the Punjab gov- ernment as deputy director of sports, developing sports infrastructure and setting up training programs for young people across the state. Singh was awarded the Padma Shri, India’s fourth-highest civilian honor, in 1958. A Bollywood movie about his life, “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag,” was released in 2013 and found both critical and commer- cial success. Milkha Singh, a track star who inspired generations of Indians with his feats on an international stage and a compelling life story in which he once raced trains for fun and had to run for his life as his father, attacked by a mob, lay dying, died on Friday in Chandigarh. His age was uncertain, but he was either in his late 80s or his early 90s. His family said the cause was complications of Covid-19. His death came just five days after that of Nirmal Kaur, his wife of 58 years and a sportswoman in her own right. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE Scripted By :Shweta kumari JULY , 2021 | 14

SOCIAL v‚Ldj leq u “vesfjdk esa v‚Ldj thrus ls ysdj Xykscy xqMfoy ,ca slMj cuus rd dh ;k=k” pfy, vkt vkidks ns'k dh ml th gka njvly ;s eqík Fkk esaLVqjs'ku csVh dh dgkuh ds ckjs esa crkrs gS dk ;kfu efgykvksa dh egkekjh dk tks vius ns'k ds fy, v‚Ldj eíq k| ihfj;M& efgykvkas ds egkekjh vokMZ ykus esa lQy jgh] th gka ds le; gksus okyh ijs'kkfu;ksa ds ftudk uke gS v‚Ldj lqeu fo\"k; ij vk/kkfjr gS] ftles fd ef- gykvksa dks egkekjh esa tks [krjukd ,slk dksbZ eqík ugha gS ftlij chekjh gks jgh gS oks D;ksa gks jgh gSA v‚Ldj lqeu us ckr ugha dh gks- D;ksafd oks chekjh yM+fd;ksa esa T;knk bl ckj Hkh dqN ,sls gh eqís dks ikbZ tkjh Fkh ftlds fy, mUgkuas s loZs yds j vkbZ vkSj mles Hkh v‚Ldj Hkh fd;k vkSj irk yxk;k x;k dh gkfly fd;kA egkekjh gh otg ls gh ugha] cfYd vkSj yM+fd;k Hkh [krjukd chekjh dh f'kdkj gks jgh gS ftlds fy, mUgksaus vkxsZfud iSM cukds mUgsa lc rd igqapkus dk Qslyk fy;k A GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE JULY , 2021 | 15

ftlds ckn vesfjdk ls v‚DlQksMZ crk;k fd çksMDV cukrs le; xkao Ldwy dh yM+fd;ksa us xzqi cuk;k dh ykbV pyh tkrh Fkh] dHkh rks vkSj bl chekjh ds fy, Q.M Hkh dbZ&dbZ fnuksa rd ykbV ugha vkrh fn;k- ftlls og bldks chekjh ls Fkh] ysfdu gkj uk ekudj geus fQj cpko ds fy, ;wt dj ldsaA Hkh ml çkstsDV dks dEiyhV fd;kA ysfdu ftl rjg dh gekjs lekt vkSj 2017 esa vesfjdk ls vk, dh lksp gS] ml lksp ds lkFk gj v‚DlQksMZ Ldwy ds xzqi ftldk rjg ls mudks dqN Hkh djus ds uke Fkk ¼GLI½ Fkk] mudks tc fy, euk fd;k x;k] fupk fn[kk;k gekjk dke vkSj çks,DV vPNk yxk x;k] dkQh rek'kk Hkh fd;k x;k rks mUgksaus ;s fj;y dke 'kwV fd;k vkSj ogh ls dkQh cM+k LVªxy jgk vkSj ,d 26 feuV dh M‚D;qeaVªh v‚Ldj lqeu ds thou dkA fQYe 'ihfj;M: n ,aM v‚Q lsaVsal* cukbZ ftles lqeu th us yhM jksy fuHkk;k FkkA mudh y?kq fQYe dks vesfjdk esa JULY , 2021 | 16 v‚Ldj vokMZ Hkh feyk] ftlls ns'k dk uke jks'ku gqvkA vesfjdh laLFkk 'Xykscy xqMfoy ,sacSlMlZ ¼thth,½ us v‚Ldj fotsrk lqeu dks Hkkjr ds fy, ,sac- SlMj Hkh pquk FkkA GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE

v‚Ldj lqeu oSls rks fnYyh dh jgus okyh JULY , 2021 | 17 tcfd mudh 'kknh gkiqM+] mÙkjçns'k esa gqbZ Fkh] mudh 'kknh 14 &15 lky dh mez esa gh dj nh xbZ Fkh] lqeu th 2 cPpksa dh ek¡ gS ,d csVk tks dh 17 lky dk gS vkSj ,d csVh tks dh 19 lky dh gS vkSj viuh ek¡ lkFk lks'ky odZ esa Hkh tqM+ xbZ gS] GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE

lqeu th dk dguk gS fd mUgsa ges'kk muds gj dke ds fy, ?kj ls iwjk liksVZ feyk gS] mUgsa muds ifr us Hkh muds ihNs ?kj vkSj cPpks dks laHkkyk gSA v‚Ldj lqeu dh dgkuh ls ges ;gh lh[k ysuh pkfg, fd ]tc vki –<+ ladYi gksds fdlh dke dks vius gkFk esa ysrs gSa] rks lkjh dk;ukr vkSj iqjh ç—fr vkidh enn djus esa yx tkrh gSA GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE Scripted By : Sakshi Singhal JULY , 2021 | 18

Globa..l.Achievers Professor EDUCATION Dr. Ravinder Rena “A thousand-mile trip begins with a single step” Professor Dr. Ravinder Rena, who comes from an agricultural background, took the simple step of ascending the academic lad- der to become a Guru with a span of three decades of experi- ence in teaching and research. Prof Rena is a Currently, he is Professor of Economics and Inter- profound academi- nationalisation Project Leader at the North West Uni- cian and distin- versity Business School, South Africa, and also serves guished scholar in as an adjunct Professor for Monarch University, economics, writer, Switzerland. He is the Honorary Country Director of editor, adviser, International Internship University (IIU) for South motivational Africa. Prior to this he worked in different countries speaker, and pub- to name a few: Eritrea, Papua New Guinea, Namibia. lic intellectual. Dr. Rena is listed by RePEc/IDEAS and So- cial Science Research Network (SSRN) among the Top 1% of Economics’ Scholars in the Globe. . He published 10 books and more than 130 articles in reputed peer re- viewed Journals around the world. He is profiled by the Google Scholar among Scholars boasting over a thousand citations. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE JULY, 2021 | 19

Globa..l.Achievers JULY, 2021 | 20 Prof Rena is armed with an in- depth understanding and thriv- ing on extensive knowledge of the global economic and social issues. As an Economics and Business Management curricu- lum expert, he was invited to review of various academic documents of different Univer- sities in Africa and other parts of the world. Further, he chaired number of academic committees. He supervised over 60 Masters and PhD dis- sertations and theses, his stu- dents come from different countries around the globe. He has bagged many national and international awards and prizes to his credit. He is the founding Editor-In-Chief of an International Journal of Edu- cation Economics and Devel- opment and serve as an Editor and Editorial Board Member for other prestigious journals throughout the world. He comes from a small village of Errabelly, Warangal District of Telangana State of India. With his “mantra” of honesty, handwork, humbleness, deter- mination with a positive atti- tude helped him to achieve more in his life journey. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE

Globa..l.Achievers “You are the master of your journey, and one should never lose faith in them- selves or their tal- ents” said Dr Rena. Prof. Rena is a self- He maintained his study, though, with the help made man from a of his mother and sister. Prof Rena strongly be- farming family. There lieves that “Education is a dynamic field that is no inspiration or in- helps you evolve as an individual It's a one-of- centive in rural places a-kind profession that educates all others. In the for people to learn process of knowledge distribution, the Guru is and succeed in life. extremely strong. The teacher is more than just a teacher; he or she must also serve as a friend, mentor, philosopher, and role model in the de- velopment of young minds and the youth of any nation. ” Prof Rena is a self-motivated teacher who grew up and eventually studied himself, earning six de- grees in Economics, Law, and Education with the best PhD gold medal bestowed upon him by the Osmania University. Prof Rena's journey was never easy; he faced several difficulties. He used his presence of mind to turn challenges into pos- sibilities, and he came to appreciate his challenges as stepping stones. He believes that troubles make you stronger and wiser in dealing with challeng- ing situations, and that they ultimately provide you with life experience. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE JULY, 2021 | 21

Globa..l.Achievers He shared his knowledge with his students by drawing on his own life experiences. He has been a Keynote Speaker at over 100 conferences and has visited over 300 institu- tions/universities throughout the world. He visited almost 40 coun- tries around the world. Prof Rena is a staunch believer that every obsta- cle served as a stepping stone to- ward his ultimate objective of transitioning from a farmer to a global scholar. As a result, he ar- gues that while wealth cannot beat poverty, it can be conquered by \"hope.\" The problems cause us to be afraid. The most terrifying fear is being preoccupied with the future while failing to live and/or enjoy the present. The difference between his life three decades ago and his life now is as stark as night and day. He works hard to keep his thoughts under control since, according to Prof Rena, the ‘’mind is an outstanding servant but a dangerous master’’. As a result, striking a balance in this area is a huge challenge. Prof. Rena says- “The success hugs in private and whereas failure slaps in public’’. As a result, we must be cautious about each step we take in life as we progress. If we are not careful, we will have more bad encounters than positive experiences in life. Scripted By : Shubhangini Singh Mahecha GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE JULY, 2021 | 22

dilip kumar BOLLYWOOD “If you allow fame to get the better of you, you become a nui- sance, a public nui- sance, a nuisance as a friend, as a member of the family, a nui- sance to yourself.” “The Tragedy King” credited with bringing a distinct form of method acting technique to Indian cinema, Dilip Kumar, a Veteran Indian Actor and Film Producer, best known for his work in Hindi Cinema. He held the record for most wins for the Filmfare Awards for Best Actor and was also the inaugural recipient of the award. He was born as Mohammed Yusuf Khan on 11 December 1922 – 7 July 2021. Later, he changed his name to Dilip Kumar as Indian Cinema was overpow- ered by Hindu Era back then. He was one of the twelve children of Lala Ghulam Sarwar Khan and his wife Ayesha Begum. His father was a fruit merchant. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE JULY , 2021 | 23

Kumar was schooled at Barnes School, Deolali, Nashik. He grew up in the same neighbourhood as naive Raj Kapoor, his childhood friend, and later his colleague in the film industry. Kumar was also known for his long relationship with actress and frequent co-star Mad- hubala that ended due to the Naya Daur court case in 1957. He married actress Saira Banu in 1966, a profound love story and resided in Bandra, a sub- urb of Mumbai, until his death in 2021. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE JULY , 2021 | 24

“Most of the things that we desire in life are expensive. But truth is that the things that really satisfy us are absolutely free: love, joy and laughter.” In 1944, he had his first Bollywood Debut, Jwar Bhata produced by Bombay Talkies. Later, became known for roles in films such as the romantic Andaz (1949), the swashbuckling Aan (1952), the social drama Daag (1952), the dra- matic Devdas (1955), the comical Azaad (1955), the epic historical Mughal- e-Azam (1960), the social dacoit crime drama Gunga Jamuna (1961), and the comedy Ram Aur Shyam (1967). In 1976, Kumar took a five-year break from film performances and returned with a character role in the film Kranti (1981) and continued his career playing leading roles in films such as Shakti (1982), Mashaal (1984), Karma (1986) and Saudagar (1991). His last film was Qila (1998). GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE JULY , 2021 | 25

“Every day is a new beginning. Every day gives opportunity to prove yourself better and better, to do something good and to prove yourself worth.” In a career spanning over five decades, Kumar worked in over 65 films and became the first actor to charge ₹1 lakh (equiv- alent to ₹85 lakh or US$120,000 in 2019) per film. He greets Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan at Meenambakkam Airport, Chennai (c. 1960). Kumar is the only Indian recipient of Pakistan's highest civilian award, Nishan-e-Imtiaz. Kumar died at Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai, on 7 July 2021 at 7:30 am. He had been suffering from prostate cancer. The Gov- ernment of Maharashtra approved his burial with state honours at Juhu Cemetery on 7 July 2021. He was much more than an actor, in the post-Indian era when people were struggling with their identity, this man was deter- mined enough to build his identity and leave his foot-prints on the hearts of the audience. Scripted By : Cristina Waterflowers GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE JULY , 2021 | 26

SOCIAL UDAI CHAND BARUPAL Whenever we see someone helping the vulnerable and impotent people, sometimes we just convince our- selves that we’ll definitely do the same someday but have you ever thought \"IF NOT NOW, WHEN?\" In a world where we can be anything, let me introduce you to a philanthropic man who decided to be compassionate and work for humanitarian crises. Today, I’m narrating to you the story of a brave and kind person, Jurist Udai Chand Barupal, Former Judge and the Founder & National Chairperson of Udaikaushal Foundation, Jaipur and Rajasthan. Barupal is seen in the Golden Book of the Earth, a collection of inspiring biographies of the World's 101 greatest individ- uals written by authors from ten countries of world the bi- ography of the President and Prime Ministers is Placed in this book along with the Indian Prime Minister. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE JULY , 2021 | 27

He is a member of several organizations including the Global Rotary club, Jaipur Pride, Jury Chief, India Glory Book of Record, National Patron, Shubharambh Foundation, Educational Brand Amessdor Samparan Sanstha, Vice President, Wel- fare Society of Former Judges Rajasthan, etc. Some people don’t During his initial ca- have the best of reer, he served In- everything; they dian Railway, just make the Kota as an Audi- best of every- tor. In 1974, thing they along with his have. The service, he at- world wel- tained a comed this Bachelor’s versatile degree in Law personage with First Divi- amid all bus- sion from the tle on March University of Ra- 01, 1948, in Na- gaur, Rajasthan. jasthan while he was in service. Further, after superannuation at retirement, he ob- tained a Master’s Degree in Law from Apex University, Jaipur and now, he’s pursuing a Ph.D. (Law) at the age of 73 years and gained\" Best student\" Govern- ment College Kota (Raj.). GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE JULY , 2021 | 28

Life isn’t about sitting around with hopes and waiting for things to happen, it’s all about getting up and smashing the snags of our life. After lots of sleepless nights and hard work, he got selected in Rajasthan Ju- dicial Services in 1975 and served the sub- ordinate judiciary for more than three decades in various capacities at The High Court of Judicature for Rajasthan. After retirement, he was honored to hold prestigious posts of Presi- dent, District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum, and Principal Pri- vate Secretary to Hon'ble Lokayukta, Rajasthan.His activities are well known in the entre judiciary for the welfare of judicial officers. He is also the Chief Editor of “Samarpan” a magazine. The world needs more changemakers and action takers who help others without expecta- tions. For his spectacular contribution to legal services and spreading legal aware- ness in rural areas, he has been felici- tated with various prestigious awards and recognitions at different platforms. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE JULY , 2021 | 29

To name a few of them, the “Justice Shri Vedpal Tyagi Me- morial Award” 1993 with Rupees 5,000.00 by His Excel- lency Shri Bali Ram Bhagat the Governor of Rajasthan. “Excellent services in consumer Justice Delivery system\", “Rajasthan Gaurav\", Samarpan Samaj Gaurav, Samaj Ratan, Asia Pride, Monthan Life Time Achievement, Global Brilliance, Bhartiya Gaurav, The Legend of India, Dr. Ambedkar Saman, Vivekanand Gaurav Samman, Na- tional Leadership, Jaipur Ratan, Seva Samman, Humani- tarian, Rashtriya Siksha Siromani Samman, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, and Global Shanti Samman etc. His whole life, he has used his legal knowledge to aware rural people about their rights and the impor- tance of education. To continue his altruistic work, he started a foundation named “UDAIKAUSHAL FOUNDATION” to serve society. He believes that it’s good to be blessed but it’s better to be a blessing. He proves that you don’t need money to help people, you need a heart. His life is a true success because he al- ways helped others to be successful. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE Scripted By : Ritika Upmanyu JULY , 2021 | 30


EDUCATION Gousia Siddick “In a blink of an eye, our lives can change” Our goals, dreams, and strengths are forced to take turns. Most people live in the fear of some terrible event changing their lives. This is the story of a strong woman who accepted reality and fought to survive. This is the journey of Gousia A S, an influential Lifeskills Facilitator, Motivational Speaker, and NLP Prac- titioner who’s now a torchbearer of many individuals who has lost the avenues. She is an efficacious lady who fought her fears to follow her dreams now’s been is presently serving others by counseling them to live positively. She has served more than 10,000 students throughout India. She is an NLP Practitioner certified from IIPE, Canada. She is also a certified POSH and POCSO trainer, Master Trainer/Facilitator, Guru School, and NSDC Trainer. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE JULY , 2021 | 32

She has completed her secondary education from Stanes Higher Secondary School, Coonoor. She has completed var- ious professional degrees such as BE ECE, MTech Remote Sensing, MBA, and MSc Psychology. She wants to motivate and inspire young minds to become stronger with grit and determination. Like all of us, she didn’t live a normal life. She was diag- nosed with Systemic lupus erythematosus, an autoimmune disease when she was in her second year of graduation. This disease harmed the immune system of her body and mistak- enly attacked healthy tissue that affected her skin, joints, kid- neys, brain, and other organs. She was suffering from a disease that can’t be cured. She faced unexpected seizures, total blackouts, and unexplained weight gain. She faced complete physical, mental, and emo- tional assault on her body. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE JULY , 2021 | 33

Her life has come at a standstill as her disease took her strengths away. She used to lay motionless in her room with complete consciousness but wasn't able to move. Her disease changed her abil- ities but not her desires. She kept the fire in her heart burning strong and did not ever let her flame fade away. With courage and passion, she fiercely went towards her dreams and didn’t let her fears stop her any longer. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE JULY , 2021 | 34

As she started walking towards her path, her family sup- ported her and she discovered that no matter how many challenges come up, how many people support her, how many times she fails; she always has the stamina to get up again and be more fierce and stronger every time. She only followed one mantra in her life: “Carpe Diem\" - Seize the day. For her tremendous contribution, she has received an Honorary Doctorate from the Universal Press Media Asso- ciation. In the future, she plans to contribute her services and ex- pertise to reach as many lives as she can and empower young minds so that they could create their reality and face their challenges. Today, her illness doesn’t define her but her strength and courage do. She fought for her life and has become an inspiration for thousands of minds. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE Scripted By : Ritika Upmanyu JULY , 2021 | 35

Dr. Asha sharma EDUCATION “The thirst to gain JULY , 2021 | 36 knowledge shows you the path to success and makes you a better indi- vidual”. Knowledge gives you the strength to fight for your dreams and the support of your mother helps you face all the situations in life. With this, we unfold the story of Dr. Asha. She is the principal of Vaish Arya Shikshan Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Ba- hadurgarh, and has a double Ph.D. in English literature. She is also an author for 13 books “Or- ganizing the Shattered Bits of ‘Self’- A Study of Shashi Deshpande’s Nov- els” S.S. Publication Delhi, Teaching Of Eng- lish-Vijaya Publication Ludhiana, Childhood and Growing Up-Amit Publi- cation Jalandhar, Con- temporary India and Education-Tandon Publi- cation Ludhiana to name a few. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE

She has been felici- Dr. Asha was honored tated with Lifetime by Hon'ble Governor Achievement Award by of Haryana and has Indian Institute of Ori- also been honored for her works in educa- ental Heritage, tion and social work Kolkata and has also and also for her work been Awarded with In- during CORONA ternational Award for Pandemic by the Gov- Education Excellence ernment Administra- by Global Achievers tion. Her name is Foundation in 2013 at included in Pink Bangkok. She has been Gallery at Secretariat honoured with many Jhajjar for Beti Bachao Abhiyan by prestigious other Administration Jhaj- awards. jar.. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE JULY , 2021 | 37

The field of education gives you the power to mould the future of tomor- row. This was the passion of Dr.Asha to bring the change in society by creating aware nation builders. Her life was not like a piece of cake and thus hardships were always a part of her life. She lost her father at a very young age. Her mother left no stone unturned to feed and provide education to all her children. She got married early and after remaining housewife for 12 years in a conservative family, Dr.Asha wanted to study further and work for a social cause, uplifting the society; her husband sup- ported her and after that she never looked behind. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE JULY , 2021 | 38

Dr. Sharma being an education- ist has a special inclination to- wards educating the girls and giving it back to the society. She can relate with the fact that peo- ple are still struck in the narrow prejudices of society. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE She is working relentlessly for the cause and enjoy her work and fulfils her duty with sheer passion and dedi- cation. She's also an environment enthusiast and has been planting trees and motivating people to plant more and more trees. She treats plants as her children and talks and take care of them. Ac- cording to her plants are our true friends and do understand our feelings. One has to have a strong belief in themselves and the work they do. Work is worship and should not be considered a burden. Scripted By : Shubhangini Singh Mahecha JULY , 2021 | 39

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Globa..l.Achievers SCIENCE Sonesh Bhardwaj “ALL OUR DREAMS CAN COME TRUE IF WE HAVE THE COURAGE TO PURSUE THEM” The above quote doesn’t fit on everybody but it aptly fits on Sonesh Bhardwaj, a woman who has been defying odds since childhood. She is one among the few per- sons who lead life in her way instead of letting life led her. Words are short for describing a unique leader, JULY, 2021 | 44 changemaker, a truly passionate soul who be- lieves in balancing all the spheres of life through ‘Work-Life Balance”. Sonesh was Born & brought up in Haryana & Delhi. Throughout her life, she has been a tough warrior with achievements of her ‘Dreams and Goals’. She has always been a strong woman with ambitions and highly passionate and vibrant. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE

Globa..l.Achievers Since her school days, she has been a very versatile woman, a rank-holder girl who was highly involved in myriad activities such as sports, theatre, dancing, painting, writing on cur- people rtoenhetlipssthueems.,Hetech.atsosntitacmheed at- tirefsefwo.r Amfatleesr, ffienmiaslhesin, agndhechriEldrnegni.- Henheaesrsiunpgpoinrtteod mEolerecttrhoann i2c5s,0&00 qCupoeilomtsp,mleanubdynwipcraaorvtmiiodeinrns,gfsothhreewmvinewtneirtthus rtcheloadtthicenastn,onbolcatrngekeaetttitshn,eg theessreingthiatlsc.aUrneetirl npoawth, hfeohrahsesra.vSedh2e2i,s50o0fptehoeplveieinw need from woifnltievrisnbgy plirfeesebnytidngestihgenm. with warmers Although being highly passionate about her life goals, her journey from a school ranker to one of the global mentors or coach of the global market has been full of roller coaster rides. Although not hailing from a business family back- ground, her burning de- sire and knack were always towards business and management. It’s rightly said that big things never come easy for anyone be it a normal person or a highly ambitious one. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE JULY, 2021 | 45

Globa..l.Achievers Getting the right opportunities, right men- tors, and proving her potential during the initial stages was challenging as she was working with almost very experienced peo- ple, sharp talented Brains but fortunately her ‘self-confidence’, clear focus, and ‘never give up attitude’ were some traits that had helped her in winning the odds. People feel highly grateful when they got a chance to speak in small functions or mentoring a small number of people. But Sonesh had big- ger ambitions in her mind. Hitherto, she has im- pacted and coached more than lakhs of individuals and corporate leaders and still counting through her various engagements. She is a Global Motivational Speaker/Director, International host and moderator for International conferences- IDYM Foundation Karnataka, Keynote Speaker/Certified Sales &Soft skills/Leadership/ Behavioural /TTT Master Trainer/Life &Business Coach/Youth Mentor & Women cata- lyst on various Coaching Platforms. Being a highly Enthusiastic Speaker, at various National & International platforms for women entrepreneurs, youth summits, Busi- ness leadership, start-up Ideation & life coaching. She has been a global member on the various National & In- ternational platforms as a Women Icon to empower society in various areas. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE JULY, 2021 | 46

Globa..l.Achievers She is a pro-human believer, who never differ- entiates between the capabilities of humans, be it a man or a woman. She believes a woman needs to be stronger and more empowering as they are the one who leads the “chakras of life “and creates the right balance. In her words, “As a woman, I take this pride of calling every woman as a “Multi-Power Star”. Women is a symbol of divine power in terms of love, sacri- fice and unconditionally strong will power”. Presently, Sonesh has over 15 years of experience working with top MNC’s and startups handling various portfolios under Sales/Marketing/Operations/Train- ing. Being a fine-tuned Business & Lifestyle Coach, she has coached and men- tored countless various Entrepreneurs from various fields and areas, established businesses, start-up owners not only in India but across the global markets in up-skilling and enhancing their team performances and hence scale up their businesses. Sonesh has been donned with an unending list of the unending awards and recognitions for her remarkable contribution to society. Her life is so enlighten- ing not for all the women but for all the men in the world also. How a small girl with high ambitions in her mind went on and on to be one of the most success- ful business leaders and trainers of the world, mentoring lakhs of people around the world. She has impacted and mentored all the sections of society right from students, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and women facing challenges in their live or businesses. Her life is true evidence of the fact that a person must have strong confi- dence and self-belief in his or her capabili- ties. One must not contend with small achievements as they are only the beginning of the long road full of achievements ahead. Scripted By : Ritika Upmanyu GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE JULY, 2021 | 47


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