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global achievers magazine 14 Poem pravika

Published by Rohan Aggarwal, 2021-10-18 13:25:00

Description: global achievers magazine 14 Poem pravika


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Editorial Teams RJ Aarti Malhotra - All India Radio Sakshi Singhal Editor in chief Rohan Aggarwal Chief Coordinator & Editor Chief Designer and Editor Mentors Dr. Tilak Tanwar Dr. Vijay Kumar S. Shah Author Padmashri Awardee & Guinness World Records Holder & Renowned Social Worker Nandini Gaur Cristina Waterflowers Ritika Upmanyu Kalpana Editor Editor Editor Editor Visit us for Suggestions & Queries october , 2021 | 1 Webiste : Whatsapp : 8376914204 GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE

Glob.a..l Achievers INDEX PAGE NO. Neeraj Chopra 3-6 Pavel Garg 7-10 Parimal Kumar 11-14 Mandeep Brar 15-18 Arpit Chadha 19-22 Reena Prakash Tyagi 23-26 Ramya Nalli 27-30 Deeepti Titoria 31-34 Youngest And Oldest Author 35-37 Poem 38 Advertisement 39 Advertisement 40 GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE OCTOBER, 2021 | 2

SPORTS नीरज चोपड़ा “flQZ uhjt ls xksYM eSMfyLV uhjt cuus rd dk lQj& uhjt pksiM+k” xkYs M eMS fyLV uhjt pkis M+k] igyh ckj xksYM eSMy thrdj uhjt us ,d u;k bfrgkl jp Mkyk gAS VksD;ks vksfyafid esa Hkkjr ds fy, ,fFkyhV esa igyh ckj uhjt pkis M+k us xksYM eSMy yk;kA 121 lky ls ftl eSMy dk bartkj ns'k okfl;ksa dks Fkk]oks liuk xkYs M eSMfyLV uhjt us iwjk dj fn[kk;kA vkfs yfa id ls igys gh ns'k us uhjt ls iwjh mEehn yxkbZ gqbZ Fkh vkjS blh ds lkFk uhjt vius ns'k dh mehnksa ij [kM+s Hkh mrjsA GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE OCTOBER , 2021 | 3

GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE ftUnxh ds lQj dh ckr djsa rks mudk tUe gfj;k.kk ds ftys ikuhir esa gqvk FkkA ;gk¡ ds ,d NksVs ls xkao esa 24 fnlacj 1997 dks uhjt dk tUe gqvk FkkA uhjt dh i<k+ bZ ikuhir ls gh gqbZ vkSj i<k+ bZ ijw h djus ds fy, uhjt us paMhx<+ esa ,d chch, d‚yts ls xtzs q,'ku ijw k djds fMxzh gkfly dhA cpiu esa LVfs M;e tkus ds nkjS ku uhjt us dqN f[kykfM;+ ksa dks Hkkyk Qsadrs ns[kk] rks blesa oks Hkh mrj x, vkSj blh dks viuh ftUnxh dk ,d [kkl iUuk cuk fn;kA ogka ls Hkkyk Qsaduk 'kq: fd;k] vkSj vc og vkys fa id xksYM ij tkdj gh yxkA OCTOBER , 2021 | 4

नीरज पढ़ाई के साथ tsofyu में भी çSfDVl करते रहते थे, और इसी के दौरान mUgksaus नेशनल लेवल पर भी कई vokMZ~l जीतेA नीरज चोपड़ा के eMS Yl की बात करें तो- 2016 में IAAAF चंैfi;uf'ki में xksYM eSMYl जीताA GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE OCTOBER , 2021 | 5

uhjt pksiM+k dks lus k ds vf/kdkjh ds rkSj ij fu;qä fd;k x;kA uhjt us 2016 ds lkmFk ,f'k;u xsEl esa xkYs M thrkA 2016 esa ,f'k;u twfu;j pkSfa i;uf'ki esa xkYs M eSMy thrkA 2017 eas ,f'k;u ,FkysfVDl pkSafi;uf'ki esa xksYM thrkA 2018 ds Mk;eMa yhx esa xkYs M eMS y thrkA nkgs k Mk;eMa yhx esa xksYM eSMy thrkA uhjt dks 2018 esa vtZqu ls uoktk x;kA vkSj 2021 eas uhjt pksiM+k us oks dke;kch gkfly dh ftl dke;kch dks dksbZ Hkh ugha Hkyq k ik,xkA GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE Scripted By : Sakshi Singhal OCTOBER , 2021 | 6

ENTREPRENEUR pavel garg The one who lifted “A businessman who does busi- the fallen ones by ness like social work” providing them the opportunities to Are you all intrigued after reading the heal their broken above line? We all allegedly possess a per- sonal myth about business owners that parts and help their only mission is to earn money. But this them to be inde- is a peculiar story of a brave heart busi- nessman who always wanted his life to be pendent. about impact, social justice, helping others, and creating hope in a world full of prob- lems. Mr. Pavel Garg, the Chairman of M/s Combitic Global Caplet Private Ltd., Sonepat, Haryana. Besides being a businessman, he is also a social worker who believes there is more happiness in giving than receiving. He possesses a unique and electric combina- tion of communicating ideas about business and social work that no one else has. For more than 40 years, he has been engaged in the manufacturing and exporting of Pharmaceuticals Products. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE OCTOBER, 2021 | 7

He started his first enterprise in the name and style of M/s Unisule Pvt. Ltd. in Sonepat, Haryana. Later, he changed its name to M/s Combitic Global Caplet Private Ltd. in Sonepat, Haryana. Initially, he began the business with a meagre turnover of Rs. 25 Lacs. His company, however, has already achieved a turnover of Rs. 300 Crores as a result of his unwavering efforts and consistency. He always preferred Environ- mental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Criteria Work in his Company, which in- cludes the com- pany's energy use, waste, pollution, natural resource conservation, and employee treatment. He introduced Zero liquid discharge (ZLD) of the water treatment process at the Company, in which all waste- water is cleansed and recycled, leav- ing zero discharge at the end of the treatment cycle, via his consistent sin- cere endeavours and hard work. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE OCTOBER, 2021 | 8

He started the company with a small sum, but by his consistent and honest efforts, he was able to accomplish an astonishing high turnover while paying a massive income tax of more than Rs. 20 Crore per year on an income of more than 80 Crores of Rupees. Despite knowing that these are war-torn countries, he ships high-quality pharmaceutical products to Uzbekistan, Kenya, and other countries. Today, he en- dures a place that some people still dream about. Along with the Pharmaceuticals industry, he deals in other industries such as Non-Banking Finance Company, Real Estate, and Hotels. After earning considerable success in business, he turned his attention to social activity for the betterment of society. In an era when people question women's abil- ities, he employed more than half of his company's with female employees. During the unprecedented epidemic, he donated more than 75 lacs to the donation of Ther- mal Scanners, PPE Kits, food, and basic enmities to the needy. At the same time many individuals were losing their jobs and would be unable to find new ones, he hired almost 2000 workers, more than 500 of whom were women. He frequently contributed to the betterment of the conditions of women, the weaker parts of so- ciety, SCs and STs, and Divyang people, and he performed selfless service to soci- ety. In collaboration with the Rotary Club of Sonepat, he contributed to the reconstruction of Sonepat's government schools. He had also donated support to Rishsihood University. He feels that true success comes from supporting others to succeed. He assisted an achiever such as Mamta Sauda in completing her Mount Everest Expedition. He also honoured and commended the DTC Bus driver and conductor, who had saved the lives of more than 40 children from a burning bus. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE OCTOBER, 2021 | 9

GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE One of his greatest privileges is when he knew that he is being used by God to help others. For achieving excellence in the respective field of trade and industry; and carrying out selfless service to soci- ety he has been bestowed and awarded by the Government and various organi- zations. He was recognized with awards like Export Excellence Award for the ex- port in the year 2016; Export Excellence Award for the export in the year 2017; Certificate of Appreciation towards recognition of his services rendered in COVID-19 pandemic along with District Administration and many more. He is a businessman who cares about his employees' needs before anything else. He even contributed funds to help the Bihar people at the time of the flood. He has been constantly contributing at Bal- gram Rai Orphanage to help needy peo- ple. He believes the real purpose of human life is to serve, to show compassion, and the will to help others. In the end, it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished. It’s about who you have lifted and made better. It’s only about what you’ve given to society. He is the kind of man who always finds oppor- tunities to help others. For his remark- able contribution to society, we salute the lionheart man for being the savior of thousands of people. Scripted By : Ritika Upmanyu OCTOBER, 2021 | 10

parimal kumar EDUCATION As we say “Your style is a reflection of your atti- tude and your personal- ity” and this story is about the person whose style and personality in- spired everyone and every student who is preparing for govern- ment jobs. This story is about a teacher who genuinely believes in the fact that the art of teaching is the art of as- sisting discovery. Parimal belongs to the small town of Sonipat, Haryana Parimal Kumar is the di- who came to Delhi to study and get a government job. rector of ICS Coaching Being from a rural area he did not know anything Centre, which was estab- about a good career and jobs. He completed his grad- lished in 2008. ICS has uation with zero ideas about his future when one of 200+ branches prepar- his friends told him about Government Jobs. After ing students all over being prepared for the competitive exams he cracked Delhi, Haryana, Ra- several reputed exams and got selected but destiny has jasthan, U.P, and many something huge waited for him. Even after this, he other states. He is pro- waited for a good job. Meanwhile, he got the golden viding the best coaching opportunity to teach in a small institute in Delhi where for government job he got the aspiration of starting his coaching centre. exams in the field of Teaching, SSC, Bank, After this, he invested many years and time of his life Police, Force, Railway, in the coaching centre sometimes as a teacher and and many more. sometimes as a student. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE OCTOBER , 2021 | 11

Being from a small town and facing the extreme diffi- He started his first batch culties faced by rural areas students he vision about of ICS in 2008 with a guiding and teaching students from small towns and batch of 17 students and make education easily accessible to the rural areas so every student cleared the that there will be no need for them to turn the ways to- competitive exam. Later wards urban cities. His style of teaching is unique and in 2009, he increased his innovative which helps him in approaching his students batch from 17 students to easily. He believes in the technique of clearing con- 30 students and this time cepts rather than memorizing stuff without being also every student mindfully present. cleared the exam and from then ICS grew year by year and currently holding more than 400 franchises. He aims about opening around 1000 franchises and works on the mantra of either you will get a gov- ernment job or your money will be refunded. He is the perfect example of rags to riches, even though coming from a small rural area with limited ac- cess to higher education knowledge he started his coaching centre and increased his network by opening different branches in different states and rural areas. As many coaching centres are making a business out of education and demanding large pay-outs from stu- dents in names of different exams, Parimal came with the idea of introducing one course of curriculum for all types of government exams in a minimal amount of fees. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE OCTOBER , 2021 | 12

As the number of students increased the challenge to teach a large number of stu- dents also came within. So he asked help from his better half Ms. Babita Kumar, and also Mr. Sunil Sir and Mr. Narender Sir. Currently, he had a very strong team, of the expert who is preparing students for government job exams and producing very good results. Every year they not only produce quality government officials but also toppers in government exams all over India. He believes that good guidance and good faculty is the main problem in the coaching centres out there so to solve this problem he took the help of satellite technique. With the help of satellite Technique, he can ensure good quality education of Head Office Level to our other branches which are in big cities as well as in remote areas in small towns and villages. His students are get- ting the best guidance and quality education which resulted in a successful career. With the help of Ms. Ritu Naresh Verma who supported him in his first online branch in Panipat. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE OCTOBER , 2021 | 13

He was skeptical about the idea of Satellite Learning so he did a year of research and develop- ment on his first Branch in Panipat. Clearance of the Panipat branch stu- dent’s exam gave him confidence which led him to later open another branch within the year it- self. He never used any kind of marketing technique in growing his coaching centre and business everything was in an organic form and organic growth. He believes that 4 hours of study in class and 4 hours of study at home in a day is the only key to crack government exams. His strength is his teaching techniques and his bond with his students. Whenever he feels demotivated and sad or feel sick all he does is to go and teach the students which not only recharges and energizes him but also motivates him. According to him only regularity and a good schedule can make you successful in life. Indeed Mr. Parimal Kumar is a man of his words, he strongly believes that if we want to improve the condition of our country we need to grow the lives in distant and remote areas as well. The real picture of India includes remote villages and educated citizens. His dream is to educate rural areas, make them independent and stand on their own feet’s and for that, he will try to reach every small town & village of India. Scripted By : Nandini Gaur GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE OCTOBER , 2021 | 14

mandeep brar ENTREPRENEUR GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE “From one house to hundred houses every year: that's how I started my journey.” This is the tale of a young boy aspiring to be different, to be not what he was foreseen to be. Taking charge of his own destinies was his lifelong dream of being someone he de- sired - one of a kind. This is the story of Mr. Mandeep Brar – “Di- rector of Nine Homz”, “CEO & Co-Founder of North Ray Realty”, and the “Managing Director of Monarch- Realty”. OCTOBER , 2021 | 15

Mandeep was raised in a farming family and was ex- pected to follow in his father's footsteps and move forth with the bequest. But he had another objective in mind, something he felt was a part of his destiny - something he knew was his calling. With very little experience and a plethora of determination, he started his career as a Real Estate Builder with a friend. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE OCTOBER , 2021 | 16

With the motto of ‘Life at its best’, Mr. Mandeep Brar co- directed Nine Homz, the real estate agent to provide inhab- itants with their project. With his keen sense of entrepreneurship and enthusiasm, he managed to bring the enterprise to marvelous heights. His first step into Nine Homz changed his life forever. One after another, he worked hard to establish himself as one of the most digni- fied real estate builders. Since June 2021, Mr. Mandeep Brar has been serving as the Founder and CEO of North Ray Realty - where, for every home that is built, a dream comes to life! GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE OCTOBER , 2021 | 17

His success mantras include honesty and per- severance as the two most impor- tant features of triumph. His wealth of knowl- edge, exposure, and convictions may be ex- tremely useful to any aspiring en- trepreneur. He is currently working on pub- lishing his book of 10 years of great experience and an unfor- gettable journey. To all the bud- ding entrepre- neurs in India, Mandeep tries to get his message of never giving up through to them. Scripted By : Nandini Gaur GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE OCTOBER , 2021 | 18

ARPIT CHADHA EDUCATION “JOURNEY OF SUC- CESS, PRIDE AND DIGNITY STARTS FROM MINDSETS” Arpit Chadha is a young en- trepreneur, known for his young, innovative, inclusive leadership and his concerns and work for the societal de- velopment & health facilities to the deprived sections of society, poor people and in rural areas, is leading I.T.S – The Education Group, one of the leading Group of Educa- tional Institution in north India. Under his leadership I.T.S – The Education Group He has stated that the Technology have witnessed tremendous growth and consciously is going to be Key to keep things on working on keeping the and thus they at I.T.S – The Educa- Quality of Education and tion Group have adopted the Tech- overall development of its nology since our inception. students. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE OCTOBER, 2021 | 19

The IT capabilities what the Group has developed at its Cam- puses including Video Conferencing Facili- ties, Excellent Re- search Facilities, Technology-Led auto- mated Labs at all our Campuses, specialized labs on latest technolo- gies including IoT, Big Data, Mobile Applica- tion Development, Web Application Develop- ment, Management Leaning Labs, fully functional Incubation Centre supported by Dept. of Science & Technology where lot of Innovations are tak- ing place, are now have become bench- marks for others. He further says that during the time of lockdown, when everything is on hold because of pandemic COVID-19, it was not easy to suddenly migrate from conventional mode to DIGITAL Mode. . GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE OCTOBER, 2021 | 20

In fact, the early OCTOBER, 2021 | 21 adoption of technol- ogy and it’s including in our regular cur- riculum and Teach- ing-Learning pedagogy that made it possible that we were first Institute who immediately shifted entire Aca- demics on Digital mode on just a Day Notice. I.T.S proudly shares about its strong base of over 20,000 I.T.S Alumni working globally in all lead- ing multi-nationals and they all have been extending their support, guidance and mentoring to ex- isting students. they have taken lots of ini- tiatives GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE

leading Business Units, Training and worked simultaneously on programs for various organiza- different fronts like Global Expo- tions including Indian Air Force, sure to their students through: U.P. Police, Doctors etc. and Joint & Collaborative Work for promoting Entrepreneurship Faculty & Student’s Exchange, with support of Dept. of Science Collaboration with leading Global & Technology, Govt. of India. Institutions/ Universities in Singa- pore, USA, France, UK, Germany etc. for Joint Research and Aca- demic Exchange, Regular Inter- action with Industry Leaders and Globally acclaimed academicians, organizing events like – E-Sum- mit, CEO Meet, Business Summit, Utrecht Marketing Awards, Visits to Industries and Research Or- ganizations, Media Houses, Atomic Power Plants, The efforts and sin- cere efforts to main- tain high quality academic standards are well recognized by different accrediting agencies including NAAC, NBA and NIRF. Scripted By : Cristina Waterflowers GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE OCTOBER, 2021 | 22

EDUCATION REENA PRAKASH TYAGI \"They always say that time changes things, but you actu- ally have to change them\" She completed her graduation from Graduation from Meerut Uttar Pradesh. Apart from this, she had attained diplo- mas, certificates in designing, and around 29 different fields related to edu- cation and child development. This story is about a lady, who The old and traditional pedagogy is still was born in an old Zamindar deeply embedded in our education sys- family of Meerut, Uttar tem. Students are trained according to the Pradesh. Mrs. Reena Prakash traditional educational system that was Tyagi is the founder & Chair- developed to teach and develop individ- person of SEAS Global Insti- uals during the industrial revolution sys- tute, Dehradun. tem, just to train people to work like robots and no one could ever dare to raise their voices or try and bring a change. Since the very beginning, Reena has never OCTOBER, 2021 | 23 been satisfied with our current education sys- tem and the way it has been categorized. She is a trained Fashion and Textile design faculty, but she changed her area of teaching from de- signing to grown up students to teaching the school students, after a few incidents that forced her to take up school teaching. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE

With passage of time she started observing OCTOBER, 2021 | 24 very keenly that every student is not paid the right amount of attention they deserve. Only the students who were considered in- telligent were getting the advantage of at- taining a good mentorship and others were neglected, in spite of them being good at other extracurricular activities, they were usually tagged as careless and useless. She never liked how these students were in- sulted and humiliated in front of the other students and all this really moved the core of her soul. Reena always wondered whether these stu- dents were able to understand what is being taught in the classroom or not? Are they able to follow what instructions the teacher wants to give? Are they able to complete the classwork or not? And If not they why is it so? To find answers to these questions she dived herself into deep re- search and finally found out that every child has a different perception of what- ever is being taught to them. This was the beginning of her journey to create \"SEAS GLOBAL INSTITUTE\". The \"SEAS GLOBAL INSTITUTE\", happens to be the 1st Virtual Home - School, of our country that is 100% Virtual and has its corporate office in the beautiful Doon Val- ley, in the State of Uttarakhand. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE

It was conceptualized after a lot of brainstorming and the day our Na- tional Education Policy (NEP 2020) was announced, the \"SEAS GLOBAL INSTITUTE\" was shaped. During the initial stage of her jour- ney, there were a few important people in her life, who stood by her side from the very beginning. Her husband Prakash Vir Tyagi, has been her sole support throughout her journey who always guided her at every step and has supported her in every phase of her journey. Dr. Subhash Goyal, Chairman STIC Travels, who happens to be their family friend, was the first person to recognize the true potential in her and spoke to her husband and guided both of them to move ahead. Reena’s mantra for success is that one should have the spine of steel, roar like thun- der, and determination like a Phoenix to rise from the ashes. According to her, she is still not satisfied with her achievements as this is just 10% of what is yet to be achieved. With every positive change something negative also gets along, Reena has also faced tough times. There have been some incidents when people took her for granted, fooled and tricked her. Even her family was against her idea, as they wanted her to settle down and take care of the family and all other relations. She even had been exploited at work, the management of the school didn’t support her in imple- menting different pedagogy developed specifically for children to improve their grades. They refused to support her, and started exploiting her expertise by transferring from one department to the other, and not letting her do the work she was hired for. That was the time when the last string broke and she finally bid goodbye to her job and started SEAS. One of the terrible experiences she faced during her journey was when she organized the Conference, and a big number of attending guests were told that the conference had been cancelled, which resulted guests to return back, including the chief guest. a GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE OCTOBER, 2021 | 25

This was the moment when she felt the ground slipping under her feet, but she stood up and conducted the conference with those who were present. Reena only wishes that she shouldn’t leave this world without giving back to society what God has given her and to overcome her she has been working hard fighting and overcoming all obstacles in her way and is moving closer towards her goals. Reena Tyagi had been felicitated with many awards such as GTF Women Excel- lence Awards 2018, India Prime Quality Education Award 2021- Awarded by Fox Clues, Daily Hunt & the Deccan Chronicle, Citizen Journalist Award 2021, Dr. Sarojini Naidu International Award for Women Awarded by Asian Academy of Arts & International Women’s Film Forum, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Award 2020 and Jagatguru Shri Krishna Samman – 2020 and many more. She motivates herself by moving ahead with her head held high, and never to get demotivated be it anything, and always focus on her goals. She wants to take SEAS Global Institute to a very different level and make our country proud. Very soon they will be launching SEAS Global Institute of Aviation & Management. Indeed she is a lady with a big heart and daring soul, who has never learnt to give up or get demotivated in her life. She inspires the young generation to move ahead with their head held high in the sky and sparkling brightness in her eyes. According to her, there is nothing “IMPOS- SIBLE” as the word itself says I am possible (I M POSSIBLE). Scripted By : Nandini Gaur GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE OCTOBER, 2021 | 26

RAMYA NALLI HEALTH GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF” Hi Readers! This is Cristina with an inspiring interview of a prosperous woman, being a doctor, a writer, as well as a motivational speaker. She is Dr. Nalli Ramya, an otorhinolaryn- gologist and Head and Neck surgeon (JIPMER), CEO/Founder of RAMICOS cosmetics, also the author of ‘Broken Pendant’. Let’s learn more about her – What inspired you to go into so many professions? I was afraid of math but also very interested in sci- ence, so, I decided pursue Medicine. As I continued my journey, I loved inter- acting with patients. So, I worked hard for it, about 12 to 13 hours per day hard. When I completed the program and earned the 3rd position in college, october, 2021 | 27

it was a solid boost to my confidence level. While studying, I also discovered my pas- sion towards literature. Whenever I had any downtime, I read any classics I could get my hands on, such as – William Shake- speare, Robert Collison, etc. Afterwards, I wrote the fiction book, “Broken Pendant”. It also available on Amazon as well. How did you come into Motivational Speaking? There are certain situations in my life when I have found a need to understand. Such as, empowerment. What is empow- erment? I never understood the meaning. To me, empowerment should be changed into human entrepreneurship because, freedom can only truly be achieved when one is financially free. I noticed that women are dependent on men for finance, to bring the food the table, so to speak. But this situation puts a lot of pressure on that person, and if something happens to that person, the whole family suffers, es- pecially during COVID. So, to prevent this, women should also be employed and must feel financially free. If you see the statistics, you will notice that they are about 48% of women are equal to men in India, but out of 100%, only 20% are en- trepreneurs. So, I started doing motiva- tional speaking regarding this issue to spread awareness. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE october , 2021 | 28

What is your biggest fear? My biggest fear has been me being an introvert. When I was a teenager, I was very shy and could- n’t talk to people. Maybe I lacked so called self-confidence. Later, I over- came it with my self-efforts and with help of my family. Another fear I have is fear of failure. . I genuinely am afraid of any kind of failing. For that I work hard to not to fall. I try to take any countermeasures as needed so everything goes smoothly but of course, never failing is not possible. I will take my failures as stepping stones to learn and grow. But I believe prevention is better than I try to avoid max being fail. Tell me who loves to fail? “NOTHING CAN STOP YOU UNLESS YOU STOP YOURSELF” How are you so strong? What has given to this strength to stand on your own two feet? My father has been my biggest book has faced these problems and strength my whole life. From early written down the answers for us, age, he introduced me to books like this thought helped that I am not – Alchemist, Power Of The Con- alone. He also arranged interviews scious Mind, Who Moved My with various people. All these Cheese etc. this self-help books things helped me grow as a person helped me gain a positive attitude. and when I was at my weakest, I Whenever I feel down, I would read felt these experiences pushed me the books and the energy I feel from up bringing back the positivity and within was euphoric. Because the giving me strength to continue my person who has written the . journey GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE october , 2021 | 29

Are you satisfied with all that you have achieved? What are your future plans No, I am not satisfied my achievements quite yet. I still want to achieve more and more. I am improving myself day by day as a person, to be happy and healthy as self-love is most important. But I still want to achieve more things in my life. Being a doctor, I have to manage my time carefully and in two months’ time RAMICOS will be launching a new product. Apart from this, I also want to do health programs in the future, as mental health issues are the main obstacle between someone and their achievements. After COVID, there is a 20% rise in mental health issues which is not a small amount when you take in, we are talking about billions of people. That’s it for now, if I have an- other idea, I will also add it to my to-do list. What is your Success Mantra? If you believe in yourself, other will believe in you and you will be able to do whatever you want in your life. I really believe in this. If you don’t believe in your- self no one will believe in you. And once you’ll start believing in yourself, everything will fall into place. So, believe in your- self even if you are surrounded by negativity, especially then. I wish her luck to keep moving forward and to keep inspiring peo- ple. Stay tuned to see where this journey will take her and what new opportunities will come along. Scripted By : Cristina Waterflowers GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE october , 2021 | 30

deepti titoria GLAMOUR “From relatives to friends, to public figures, we are sur- rounded by incredible women who persist in a world that limits them” Here is the story of one such lady who is an inspiration for many other women out there who are still in dilemma to start their life again. Later, she started her teaching Mrs. India Globe 2018 famed Deepti career but due to her incomplete Titoria were born in Saharanpur. Ph.D., she had to face disap- Being married in a rural area, power pointment and difficulties. She cuts were common due to which elec- inspired herself to do something tricity was there hardy for two to new and even her husband moti- three hours and she had to follow vated her to take admission in traditional cooking methods. In the MBA at the University of Agra. initial days, her husband was away He told her that \"knowledge and at his job place and she had to work study never go in vain\". Just one hard to reconcile in her in-laws' week before her final exams in house. She gives full credit for her MBA she gave birth to a baby girl achievement to her husband as he in- and later topped the college. spired her to finish off her M.Sc. and then later do B.Ed. and a Diploma in Fashion Designing from IIFT fol- lowed by Ph. D. Giving preference to her family responsibility she had to leave her Ph.D. incomplete as her husband got transferred. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE october , 2021 | 31

When her husband was again october, 2021 | 32 transferred to Jabalpur then Deepti got a chance to provide social service to society by join- ing an NGO. Presently she is working as National President of Women cell in Prerna Jan Sahyog Foundation and Vice President of Women cell in Hands to care so- ciety, Moksha old age home and orphanage and Kamdhenu Shel- ter helping sick animals in Hisar. According to Deepti her suc- cess and achievement are all because of her parents and in- laws who have always in- spired her from time to time with positivity and affection. Even her husband and her mentor Mr. Abhi Gupta al- ways supported her in achiev- ing her goals. Deepti has contended with all the things she had achieved in her life so far but she also believed that this is only the beginning of something good and she has a long way to go and for that. Her “mantra” for a successful life is hard work and consistency as these two things can only bring out the best version of yours. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE

She believed that if there is any apprehension it can be fought with hard work. Deepti always wanted to do something good for society. Mrs. India Globe was one such platform for her that gave her a chance to do something for the betterment of society. She raise funds for the KETTO foundation, a foundation that works re- garding the health of children, and won the award of Mrs. Philanthropist for col- lecting the highest donation for the health of children. As the winner of Mrs. India has to represent India in Mrs. Globe which was held in Shenzhen City of China, there is had to face some tough conditions. All the participants were given non-veg or seafood and she had to survive on potatoes and fruits for two weeks. Deepti had won many titles such as Mrs. India Globe 2018 at Shenzhen China, First runner up in Choice of people award through virtual voting in Mrs. Globe best personality, Mrs. India 2018, Mrs. Uttar Pradesh 2018, and Mrs. Saharan- pur. Moreover, she had been invited as the guest of honor in many competitions naming a few, 9th Hockey India Senior women national championship 2019, 4th Haryana International Film Festival 2019, Auto Expo 2019, and many more. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE october 2021 | 33

She had been felicitated with Mission green foundation, Younger Achiever award by Rivaj Agra, Felicitation by Sara Khan, Received “Fastest growing leader award\" from Sh. Asmit Patel in Game Changer Business Award, Felici- tation by WE UDAAN Businesswomen wing of Gujarat Chamber of Commerce, and many more. She was afraid about her family accepting her participation in Mrs. India, but her family sup- ported her a lot without caring about what people will say and what society will say. At the begin- ning of the competition, she was new to the field and lacks knowledge about the facilities due to which she was bullied by the participants and mentors. Facing all the difficulties, she adopt everything very quickly and gave them a befitting reply by winning the crown of Mrs. India. She had been inspired by the people in rural areas around her who had achieved and got suc- cess due to their hard work. Even our honorable Prime Minister Narender Modi Ji inspired her as even belonging from a small town as a tea seller his name is being beautified all over the world. She wanted to showcase herself and her work not only in her country but also in the whole world. She believed that human life is very difficult to get, if we have got it then we should take full advan- tage of it and should try to return something to the society from which we have taken something. She affirms that if every person goes beyond self- ishness to pay back to society this world will become more beautiful. Scripted By : Nandini Gaur GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE october, 2021 | 34

ACHIEVEMENTS youngest and oldest writer th gka] eSa vkidks muds ckjs esa crk jgh gwa| mudk uke ij- fodk flag gS vkSj mudh mez egt 4-5 lky gS vkSj og ,d fdrkc fy[k jgh gSA ijfodk flag vius ekrk&firk çKk çkatyh vkSj lkSjo dqekj flag dks xkSjokfUor djus tk jgh gSA ,feVh baVjus'kuy Ldwy dh vkius dbZ ys[kdks ds ckjs esa Nk=k dks uk dos y dgkuh cukus lquk gksxk ftUgksua s dbZ {ks=ksa esa dk] cfYd u`R; vkSj dgkuh fdrkcsa fy[kh gS| mueas ls dbZ luq us dk Hkh 'kkdS gSA bleas dkbs Z dks ukscsy ijq Ldkj ls lEekfur 'kd ugha gS fd ;g uUgh cPph fd;k x;k FkkA blds vykok dSls lqanj y?kq dFkk,a vkSj dbZ ys[kdkas us fjd‚MZ Hkh cuk, dfork,a fy[k ldrh gS| ;g gSa| ysfdu D;k vkius dHkh Li\"V gS fd tc og cM+h gksxh lquk gS fd dHkh ,d 4-5 lky rks og vius dkS'ky dks vkSj Hkh dh yMd+ h us fdrkc fy[kh gks\\ c<+k,xhA GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE october , 2021 | 35

M‚DVj fryd raoj ijfodk flag october , 2021 | 36 dks fdrkc fy[kus esa enn dj jgs gSaA mUgksaus ;g igy dh gS fd og ijfodk flag dks lcls de mez dh ysf[kdk cuk,axsA M‚DVj fryd raoj dks ,d ys[kd dksp ds :i esa tkus tkrs gS vkSj mUgksaus dbZ yksxksa dks çf'kf{kr fd;k gS fd fdrkc dSls fy[kh tkrh gSA vkSj vkt Hkh og ikBîØe pykrs gSa fd dSls ,d fdrkc fy[kh tk, ftlesa og fl[kkrs gSa fd dSls ,d fdrkc fy[k dj vki vius vk;] fo- jklr vkSj vf/kdkj dks c<+k ldrs gSaA ftl rjg ijfodk flag lcls de mez dh yfs [kdk gS mlh rjg M‚DVj fryd raoj us crk;k fd lcls T;knk mez ds ys[kd Hkh gekjs ns'k ds gSa ftudk uke M‚DVj जवाहर इसरानीgSA GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE

vkt dh ih<+h 'kk;n mudh dgkuh ij fo'okl djsxhA 65 lky igys 'kq: gq, muds vuwBs iksLVLVSai laxzg dh ;k=k okLro eas cgqr gh jkes kapd vkSj çsj.kknk;d gSA M‚DVj जवाहर इसरानी us dbZ ykxs kas dks çsj.kk nh vkSj crk;k fd dSls vius 'kkSd ds lkFk vkxs c<+sA og eYVh oyMZ~ fjd‚MZ /kkjd Hkh gAS mUgkuas s ykxs kas ls dgk fd dSls vkidk 'kkSd vki dks çsfjr djsxk vkSj vkidks vkxs ys tk,xkA j[krhA ijfodk flag vkSj जवाहर इसरानी dh GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE dgkuh ls gesa irk pyrk gS fd ys[kd cuus ;k dksbZ dke djus ds fy, mez ek;us ugha Scripted By : Kalpana october , 2021 | 37

poem LITERATURE “nnZ dk txa y” Hkfo\"; esa yksx dgha Hkwy u tk, blfy, ys[kd dh dye mB xbZ vkSj fganqL- rku& ikfdLrku caVokjs ds nnZ Hkjs taxy dks ikj djus yxhA tSls&tSls Le`fr;ka rktk gqbZ dye ds 'kjhj ij ihM+knk;d Qqafl;ka mx vkbZ Adye pyus yxh rks os QksM+s cudj phlus yxsA,d >kM+h ls Vdjkdj os QwB x, vkSj dye pyrs pyrs ru vkSj eu ls ygwyqgku gks xbZA nnZ ds dkj.k mlds dne vkxs ugha mB jgs Fks ijarq va/ksjk gksus dk Mj]]]]]]] fQj Hkh og dqN {k.kksa ds fy, isM+ dk lgkjk ysdj cSB xbZA /khjs /khjs ?kko ij [kqjaM vk x;kA vpkud og mBh vkSj rsth ls nnZ dk taxy ikj djus yxhA >kMh+ ds dkVks us [kqjaM dks m[kkM+ dj ygyw qgku dj fn;kA og cVa okjs dk QSlyk djus okyksa dks xkfy;ka cdus yxhA jkr dk va/ksjk gksus ls iwoZ mls ;g taxy ikj djuk FkkA og Hkkxus yxh] mlds oL= th.kZ 'kh.kZ gks x, ]]]og Hkkxrh jgh]]]] gka vkt Hkh Hkkx jgh gaS]]]]]A ikBd vkt Hkh mldh dgkuh i<+dj cksy mBrs gSa]]]]]]] okg] D;k [kwc dgkuh fy[kh gS] caVokjs dh]]]]]] A e/kqdkar 211L e‚My Vkmu] jksgrd 98966 67714 GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE october , 2021 | 38



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