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global achievers magazine november edition

Published by Rohan Aggarwal, 2020-11-27 19:29:51

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Glob.a..l Achievers Editorial Teams RJ Aarti Malhotra - All India Radio Shubhangini Singh Mahecha Editor in chief Rohan Aggarwal Chief Coordinator & Editor Chief Designer and Editor Bhavya Ahuja Sakshi Singhal Ritika Upmanyu Cristina Waterflowers Editor Editor Editor Editor Visit us for Suggestions & Queries Webiste : Whatsapp : 8376914204 OCTOBER, 2020 | 1

Glob.a..l Achievers INDEX PAGE NO. Sanjana Bakshi Datta 3-4 Swarleen Kaur 5-6 Joshua Daniel Putti 7-8 Dev Chauhan 9-10 Dr. V. J. Nagesh 11-12 Prerna Awasthi 13-14 Dr. Jawahar Israni 15-16 Mary Anning 17-18 Meenal ki kahani 19-20 Lizzat Papad 21-22 Advertisement 23 Literature 24 Bachpan Express 25 OCTOBER, 2020 | 2

Globa..l.Achievers EDUCATOR “Humans think for short terms, but the creator (God) has long term plans” She is awarded the Innova- tive Leader Award 2020 by Asian Pacific Excellence Award and Genius Education- ist Award 2020 by HRD Mis- sion. She received the GLOBAL TEACHER AWARD 2019. Sanjana Bakshi Datta Teaching is the most dynamic field of profession. It was a She has been the trump card to childhood thing enjoyed by the institutions she has worked Sanjana to be in the kids' with. The epitome of hard company and learn new work and passion for learning things. She used to teach is Sanjana Bakshi Datta, the them and help them in cre- principal of DAV Public ative ways of learning. She is School R K Puram Delhi. San- an innovator and seasoned jana is the most inspiring education professional with women leader in the education strong leadership, communi- sector. She is conferred by cation, analytical, and prob- Rashtriya Shiksha Rattan 2020 lem-solving skills. It is a by CED Foundation and Rash- team effort to make the mark tra Prerna Award 2020 by of the school and reach new Vaikalpik Chikitsa Paddhati heights. She focuses on the Vikas Sanstha, India. She has positive side of the school received ECDF Pinnacle Edu- staff rather than humiliating cation Award 2020. them. This encourages them to do good work. Words of praise and time can mean a lot to people. OCTOBER, 2020 | 3

Globa..l.Achievers She started birthday HAWAN - it is a sacred ritual in which offerings are made to fire, purifying the air. E-waste was introduced for sensitizing students towards the E-waste hazards and the need to recy- cle it. They believe in E-rase your E-waste. The school joined hands with the JAGRUTI or- ganization for having recycled paper. Sanjana say-use the available resources rather than cribbing for what you do not have. Give your best shot with the work. For her sky is the limit with no dead- lines. She is trying to explore every field which is linked to education. Being an educationist, Sanjana finds her motivation in reading motivational quotes and get back to see the loopholes in work. There has been a student whose three generations have studied from her. They call her up and say that we are proud to be your students. Love and respect from the stu- dents is the most precious reward for a teacher. Sanjana says, be a learner take lessons from everything in life. Give the best at work and never crib about anything. Things happen for the best. Scripted By : Shubhangini Singh Mahecha OCTOBER, 2020 | 4

Glob.a..l Achievers PERSONA;ITY DEVELOPMENT COACH “Our personality is what makes us different from each other” Swarleen Kaur Swarleen is a youth personality development coach and an ed- ucator who has worked with reputed schools. She is the author of \"Good Vibes Make Good Lives\" and a motivational public speaker.She has been a National Speaker at the Extempore held in Ahmedabad and the winner of the International Public Speaking Championship 2019. She bagged the overall Cham- pion award in the Online International Impromptu Champi- onship 2020. She is the founder of the organization \"The Talk Room.\" She aims at inspiring and encouraging people to learn, grow, and never give up in life. Converse-Communicate-Confer:- with this tagline, we have the organization \"The Talk Room\" by Swarleen Kaur. It spreads public speaking value and how one can improve and develop their personalities. She faced some health issues for a long time but to fight the battles, Swarleen had a strong army of desire, dedication, determination. OCTOBER, 2020 | 5

Glob.a..l Achievers When we start something new one has to prove her au- thenticity and the fact that it will bring a change in the people's personality. This gives you the advantage of editing your account. Swarleen fears the comparative atti- tude of the parents that why is the other child better than my child. She says I don't want to stop. I want to grow so that my mentees grow with me. She is a firm believer in the Law Of Attraction. Swarleen organized webinars with around 15-20 TEDx speakers, which has helped her change her perspective. New experiences have built stronger foundations in her. Every heart has a story, and there is the only person who can make it, It Is You The story of this heart is penned down in the book \"Good Vibes Make Good Lives.\" This book will help you grow in life with hard work and honesty. If one won't taste the bad times, then you won't value good times. You can find all your solutions within yourself and with a posi- tive approach in life. 99% is there within you, and only 1% is the push you get as extrinsic motivation, so if you start getting that from within, Swarleen says it is Self-Love. If you start loving yourself, then things start falling in place. Love yourself and the ones around you. Be peaceful with yourself and the people around you. Have empathy. Scripted By : Shubhangini Singh Mahecha OCTOBER, 2020 | 6

Globa..l.Achievers SOCIAL WORKER Joshua Daniel Putti “This world is like a book and those who don’t travel read only one page” This story introduces India's ad- venturous and limitless man who proved that you could not grow without failures and set- backs along your way. The URF World Record rec- ognizes Joshua Daniel Putti. He is the First Indian solo rider who traveled from India to Singa- pore and back on Motor Bike covering 7 Countries. Joshua is the first Indian man who attended Asia's Biggest biker's fest. He is an enthusiastic traveler and fervent social worker assisting an orphanage in Uganda, Africa.. He returned home with profound and unforgettable ex- periences. This created an urge to help people. We can't go back to the beginning, but we can start where we are and change the ending. Thus, he decided to join an NGO to learn how to speak to numerous people. After this learning, he can start his own NGO. OCTOBER, 2020 | 7

Globa..l.Achievers Joshua's journey had some setbacks, like the financial expenses for both the motor- bike and Orphanage. As an individual, he handled every- thing alone, from imparting help to the needy to educate the poor children. He faced many difficulties in managing the children of different locations under one roof and other concerns re- lated to their health. But his vision was crystal clear in his eyes. He wanted to give light to the dark lives of peo- ple and children. All our dreams come true if we dare to pursue them. With the same courage, he plans to start a Nursing Home, a Home for people with Special Needs, and a World Tour on a Motorbike to reach more and more people to help. Good things come to those who work for it. The mindset, routine, and habits are the building blocks that helped Daniel achieve his wellness goal. For Daniel, it's not the ending, it's just a start to bring a smile to the faces of people. Scripted By : Ritika Upmanyu OCTOBER, 2020 | 8

Globa..l.Achievers BOLLYWOOD Dev Chauhan... “An actor has to burn inside with an outer ease” Dev Chauhan is the most famous theatre personality who has been in this field since childhood. Today he is the most renowned name in the field of theatre. You can see his notable roles in the movies- Vicky Doner, High- way, Ayyari, Shubh Mangal Savdhan and in all top-notch brand ads. He has an upcoming web series- Illegal and movie-The Pickup Artist. A small child of age 12 was shown the path to Bal Bhawan, and the place made him theirs. Before 1988 Dev had no idea about theatre and had no one from this field. Dev had a naughty and inquisitive nature, and he could not com- plete his studies. Being the only son of his father, there was a lot of strug- gle at home. He says that if the theatre wouldn’t be there than his life would have been a waste.The efforts of Dev’s father later became his life lessons never to lose hope and keep working. He has worked for 12 years in children’s theatre as a di- rector. Later in 2000, he directed India’s first na- tional and international Children Theatre Festival. At a point, he decided not to work with children theatre any more, but with time he got back to the same thing. Dev does Ramleela of children in Ghazi- abad with Cross Republic Society for the past five years. The Ram- leela receives a lot of cover- age and appreciation for the children. OCTOBER, 2020 | 9

Glob.a..l Achievers If you feel that you are weak, then you will not be able to weave dreams so be strong and stay positive. Problems are part and parcel of life, so learn from them and mould yourself accordingly. Dev lacked education, and when he could not find any good work, he thought it is all because of education and some lack in his learnings. He says- “Learn more if you do not get work.” Good work is proof that you are doing good. His journey be- came his teacher, and he learned new things. Dev started working in front of the camera after 2000. In 2013 things started being in his favour and Dev got work.Since then, there is no looking back. When you’re zero, and you get something, you get a boost of motivation and happiness in abundance. Do not set some- thing in your mind or let it suppress you. No fear or issues could stop Dev because he did not let them. One should always keep moving journey taught him everything. and doing good work. You get work Work with all your heart and soul. from good work and not just talk- Keep asking that what I am doing ing about it. People come and go, is my interest or attraction? All of some are blessings, and some are this with self-assessment and intro- lessons. Learn from bad experi- spection will help you gain success ences. Dev’s experiences and his in life. Scripted By : Shubhangini Singh Mahecha OCTOBER, 2020 | 10

“ Globa..l.Achievers EDUCATOR Dr. V. J. Nagesh... “ Teaching is an excellent act of optimism, and a teacher is a person who surrounds his stu- dents with inspirations to learn again every day” “Can any of you guess the god of all the professions? Yes, Teaching. The only profession that teaches every other profession. But how many of us know what it takes to be a teacher? It takes a big heart to shape little minds. Let us introduce you to the pioneer of the edu- cational field Dr Vishwanadh Jaya Nagesh. He commenced his jour- ney as a physics faculty at FIITJEE, New Delhi, and now has become the CEO of Academic Centre of Excellence, Sheorinarayan, Chhattisgarh, and Director Principal of Takshshilaa International School, Sheorinarayan, Chhattisgarh. He holds three doctorates. Innovation and creativity are his strength. He is the one who broke the new ground of innovative and experiential teaching-learning methodology and designing the curriculum and education system. He has conducted various workshops for teachers, students & par- ents in multiple schools and at different platforms. For his extraordinary contribution to the educational field, he was bestowed with zillions of awards. He has received the Lifetime Achievement Award – 2020 (International Teachers Excellence Award 2020), Dr APJ Abdul Kalam award for Professional excel- lence in education, OCTOBER, 2020 | 11

“ Globa..l.Achievers “Exclusive honoured Educationist 2020, Iconic Educationist Award 2020, the Shiksha Ratna of the year 2019, Legend of India award, and the Lifetime Achievement award - 2019. He has also won the best CEO of the education sector, the best National Edupreneur award, and the Remark- able personality award in the field of education. He has also been honoured with Acharya Chanakya Shikshavid Samman, Indian Pride award, Indo-Asia award for excellence in education and the list is endless. He has imparted his educational proficiency to about ten thousand poor and needy children of Class 10th and 12th for various competi- tive exams of engineering and medical “Free of Cost”. Presently, most of them are successful professionals with a flourishing future ahead. He has also been an active person in blood donation camps and done it for about 500 times. Scripted By : Ritika Upmanyu OCTOBER, 2020 | 12

Glob.a..l Achievers ENVIRONMENTALIST “The globe is getting hotter, and I'm not sure what will people die of, the heat or the jealousy” Prerna Avasthi Sometimes it is not a conscious decision but with time one real- izes that they are on that path to bring a change in the perspec- tive of the people. Prerna Avasthi is a Delhi based Poet, Environmentalist, and Social Media Influencer. She's been com- posing verses of impact and working on menstrual hygiene, mental health, and sustainable development. While living in Delhi, she before long realized that pollution is a significant issue hampering human living, and thus we have to work on curbing the problem. To be the changemaker, Prerna sorts out different missions to bring the problems to light by organizing various campaigns and raise awareness. She teaches green skills to school children. Prerna was nominated for the Rex Karamveer chakra award 2019. She received the National Lead- ership Award 2019, Youth India Award, Rising Digital Lady Award, and Green Influencer 2020. Festivals are the time we exchange gifts, so why not have eco- friendly gifts which do not harm our environment. OCTOBER, 2020 | 13

Glob.a..l Achievers With this thing in mind, Prerna has launched Green Diwali Project this year. It is the time of the year when we shop in abundance, but how many of us think before we buy? Think for the environment and mother nature. Well this thought does not even come in our mind while buying sweets wrapped in plastic or anything else. One cannot completely vanish plastic from their life but there has to be a start to this movement. To save our planet, we must celebrate festivals in a way that cause least harm to the nature. Prerna brings to you simple ways to celebrate Green Diwali with ecofriendly gift ideas which can be used for any occasion ● Go for eco-friendly diyas only, not fancy diyas. ● Gift your loved one's plants instead of sweets and treats. ● Buy seed pencils or dairies as gifts. ● Reuse decor or make easy DIYs at home All these efforts make a step towards a greener planet and create a sense of re- spect for nature. Prerna conducts plantation drives every three months and some other campaigns like Donating pads to low income household and CO- CONUT AKKA. Sounds interesting by name was a campaign where dry co- conut shells were collected, and saplings were planted using DIY hacks. This was done in government schools, and later these plants were sold. The money collected was used to buy more plants and carry the activity. In this time when trees are getting cut recklessly create your own oxygen planting a tree on their birthday and nurturing it. This also develops a love for plants and nature. Pre- rna says- I cannot express the children's happiness after the activities are done and their eagerness to see her again. This is a priceless experience. She is a performing artist whose journey started with her first feature at Equality Mela by Women's Development Cell where she talked about women empowerment. She wants to try every bit of life and enjoy it. Prerna says- It is about all focus- ing on trying every bit of it rather than winning or losing. Take risks, and don't fear failing. That is how one can keep going and achieve your target. Scripted By : Shubhangini Singh Mahecha OCTOBER, 2020 | 14

Glob.a..l Achievers SOCIAL Dr. Jawahar Israni “A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away” It is said that talent is not a This hobby is also known as the King charm of age, and to prove this of all Hobbies, as it is a costly affair to right, we have Dr. Jawahar Is- rani, a 78 years old retired me- collect stamps. He has a collection of chanical engineer from more than 52,000 stamps and displays MECON with a unique hobby them for free to people in schools, col- of collecting Postage stamps. leges, offices, factories and public gatherings. With stamps, he also col- lects coins. This hobby has made his name and got him about 70 national/internationally acclaimed awards. Dr. Jawahar has his name recorded with World Record Certifica- tion, London (UK),European Records Book, India Book Of Records, Genius Book of World Records, Maharashtra Book Of Records, and many others. His motto is to motivate and inspire people. His time is dedicated to collect- ing stamps, making albums, and in- creasing his knowledge about the stamps. Stamps for him is not a piece of paper but full of knowledge with commercial value. The availability of stamps is difficult now a days. One has to keep the stamps safe and protect them from the environment and insects. Stamps project things that are specific and famous to a particular thing/ place. OCTOBER, 2020 | 15

Glob.a..l Achievers Dr. Jawahar has He asks the people to stand up in his teacher's collected stamps of remembrance and remember their teachers over 240 countries, and clap for the commendable work done by including Kingdoms & them. This makes the teachers happy and cre- Islands. We can find stamp ates a positive impact in the mind of the stu- albums on different countries dents. A mentor, a guide, or a motivator should / themes, famous personalities, always be respected.Dr. Jawahar Ji came from paintings, animals, flowers, so- Larkana Sindh Pakistan as a refugee and was cial issues, flowers and more. raised from the grassroots level to a stage Put your heart and soul at work where he is appreciated and known. He uses and don't work to show. If you one sided used papers rather than costly stamp work with sincerity, then the albums/ stock books. All the stamp details are essence of your work will be in noted and written beside them by Dr.Jawahar the air, and people will automati- Ji using a magnifying glass. He records the in- cally come to you. Dr. Jawahar formation on stamps for people to notice easily Ji used to share the hobby work for details. When you start any work, there are progress with his teacher. He people to motivate and demotivate you. People used to motivate him to continue used to ask him about the use and benefit of his hobby. Dr. Motilal Jotwani, such a hobby, but he focused his mind on col- his teacher, was also the recipi- lecting them and aimed for a good presenta- ent of Padam Shri in 2010. To tion. There is no consideration of cost for any remember his efforts and impor- hobby. One should not be greedy and be happy tance, Dr. Jawahar Ji remembers with whatever you get. The same is the pan- him before starting any of his ex- demic message that use the available time /re- hibitions. sources and focus on increasing the resources. For a good life, one should learn to be sat- isfied and respect every professio Scripted By : Shubhangini Singh Mahecha OCTOBER, 2020 | 16

Globa..l.Achievers SOCIAL “A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman” Mary Anning vWithout formal educa- tion, her discoveries and Mary Anning is one of the ideas about the first-ever most influential women in Ichthyosaurs and Ple- Science, recognized by siosaurs to be discovered the Royal Society in became the catalyst that British History. Anning changed the way we think was an uneducated, work- about the origins of our ing-class woman and, planet and how life subsequently, an outsider evolved on it. Her re- to the scientific commu- search and discoveries nity. Mary's name is taken were published by a male from the annals of history, geologist who neglected and her achievements are to even refer to her name. unacknowledged and un- known due to her gender Anning knew more about and poor social back- fossilized remains. She ground. discovered and the geol- ogy of Lyme Regis than any of the wealthy clients. She was a scientist with a vast capacity to under- stand the fossilized re- mains she found in the Blue Lías diffs of Lyme Regis. The fossil she discovered is still displayed world- wide; they even show the names of wealthy, edu- cated men who bought them from h er. OCTOBER, 2020 | 17

Globa..l.Achievers The Great Stephan Jay Gould, the most fa- mous science writer of all time, famously called Anning \"probably, the most impor- tant person and collecting force in the his- tory of Paleontology.\" Her work ignited a fundamental shift in scientific thinking about prehistoric life in the early 19th Cen- tury. Toward the end of her life, Anning was awarded a small income from the British Association for the Advancement of Science and the Geological Society of London. This was given in recognition of her contributions to Science. After she died of breast cancer aged forty-seven in 1847, the Geological Society president spoke of her in his annual address. In 2010, a hundred and sixty-three years after her death, the Royal Society finally recognized Anning as one of the most influential women scientists in British history. The tongue twister, \"She Sells Sea Shells On The Seashore,\" is inspired by Mary Anning. Scripted By : Cristina Waterflowers OCTOBER, 2020 | 18

Globa..l.Achievers SPORTS Meenal Ki Kahani... “dksbZ Hkh liuk tknw ls iwjk ugha gkrs k] mls iwjk djus ds fy, ilhuk cgkuk gkrs k gS vkSj lkFk gh pkfg, –< ladYi vkSj dfBu ifjJeA” viuk liuk iwjk dj]<kck pyk jgs xjhc ekrk&firk dks ?kj [kjhn dj fn;k fgekpy çns'k ds eukyh dh jgus okyh ehuy dk cpiu csgn xjhch vkSj eqf'dykas esa chrk gS| ehuy ds ekrk&firk eukyh esa gh ,d <kck pykrs Fk|s mlds cpiu dk T;knkrj fgLlk mlh <kcs eas dke djds chrk| gkykfa d] ml nkjS ku mldh i<+kbZ ugha NqVh| Ldwy ls vkus ds ckn ehuy vkius ekrk&firk ds lkFk <kcs esa dke fd;k djrh Fkh| dcìh ij T;knk dqN [kpkZ ugha Fkk vkfFkZd leL;k ds pyrs oks vDlj dcìh ds fy, viuk uke fy[kk nrs h Fkh| bldh otg ;gh Fkh fd bl [ksy es uk rks vyx ls Mªsl [kjhnus dh t:jr gksrh Fkh vkSj uk gh twrs| ,sls es dcìh ij T;knk dqN [kpkZ ugha Fkk| ogka cl 'kkjhfjd etcrw h vkSj rst fnekx ds lkFk QqrhZ pkfg, gksrh Fkh| Ldwy es nkf[kyk ysrs gh bUgkus s Bku fy;k Fkk]fd dcìh es dfj;j cukuk gS| OCTOBER, 2020 | 19

Globa..l.Achievers BUSINESS ftUnxh es ,d eksM+ vk;k gj fdlh dh lDlsl ykbQ es ijh{kk,a uk vk;s ,slk ugha gks ldrkA blh rjg mldh ftUnxh es Hkh ,d ekMs + vk;k] o\"kZ 2011 es buds iVs dks ,d xHa khj chekjh us ?kjs fy;k| M‚DVjksa us crk;k fd muds ikpu r=a es bUQsD'ku g|S blds pyrs oks rd- jhcu Ng ekg rd fcLrj ij iM+h jgh| bl nkjS ku dbZ ckj mUgas yxk fd vc mudk dfj;j [kre gks tk;xk vkSj vc 'kk;n gh oks eSnku ij [ksy ldsa| ysfdu /khj&s /khjs cqjk oä chr x;k vkSj oks nkcs kjk eSnku es¡ mÙkjh ehuy v‚yjkmaMj Fkh] ysfdu buds dksp us buls dgk fd xse ds fdlh [kkl N=s es¡ egs ur gkfly djksA blds ckn]oks Qyq &Vkbe fMQMas j cu xbZ | budh Vhe us Hkh vPNk çn'kZu fd;k vkSj Lo.kZ ind ij dCtk tek;k| o\"kZ 2014 ds ,fM'ku [ksy es¡ geus nksckjk Lo.kZ ind thrk| Lo.kZ ind thrus ds ckn mudh ftUnxh cny xbZ| ljdkj us mUgsa buke ds rkSj ij vkfFkZd enn nh] ftlds ckn oks <kck NksMd+ j vkius ifjokj ds lkFk eukyh ds ikl ,d ¶yVS ysdj jgus yxh| ehuy dk NkVs k HkkbZ vc vPNs Ldwy es¡ i<+kbZ dj jgk gS| og buds vkSj ifjokj ds fy, xoZ ,oe Hkkodq rk dk iy Fkk]tc bUgkus s vkius ekrk&firk ds fy, Nr dk bartke fd;k| budh cgu vkSj ekrk&firk us ges'kk mudk liksVZ fd;k| os pkgrs Fks fd ehuy vius liuksa dks iwjk djAs Scripted By - Bhavya Ahuja OCTOBER, 2020 | 20

Globa..l.Achievers BUSINESS Lizzat Papad “yxkrkj ç;Ru djus okys yksxksa dh xksn eas lQyrk Lo;a vkdj cBS tkrh gS ” 7 lgfs y;ksa us feydj dh Fkh fyTtr ikiM+ cukus dh 'kq#vkr]vkSj vc gS djksMk+ sa dk VuZ vkos jA th gka lgh luq k vkius];s dgkuh gS 7 lgsfy;ksa dh tc mUgksaus feydj fyTtr ikiM+ cukus dh 'kq#vkr dh Fkh] vkSj vc gS djksM+ks dk VuZ vksojA ;s Qes l ykbu rks lquh gh gksxh \"'kknh] mRlo ;k R;kSgkj fyt~tr ikiM+ gks gj ckj\" blykbu ls cpiu dh ;kn vk tkrh gSA vHkh Hkh ekfdVZ esa ikiM+ [kjhnsa rks tqcku ls ,d gh 'kCn fudyrk gS] fyt~tr ikiM+ nus k| gS uk! vPNh ckr rks ;s gS fd brus lkyksa ls fyt~tr ikiM+ us xzkgdksa ds lkFk viuh fo'luh;rk cukbZ gqbZ gSA ikiM+ dh DokfyVh vkt Hkh oSlh gh gS]tlS h lkyksa igys gvq k djrh FkhA eaqcbZ fuoklh tlora h csu vkSj mudha 6 lgfs y;ka 1959 esa 7 lgsfy;ksa us feydj ikiM+ cukus dh 'kq#vkr FkhA ml oä bu efgykvkas us lkps k Hkh ugha fd ,d fnu mudh esgur yksxkas ds fy, çjs .kknk;d dgkuh cu tk;xh| eqacbZ fuoklh tlora h csu vkSj mudha 6 lgsfy;ksa ifjorZu jkenkl Bkns kuh] mtecsu ujkunkl dq.Mfy;k] ck- ucq us rUuk] ykxqcus ver` yky xksdkuh] t;kcus foBykuh feydj ?kj ij ikiM+ cps us fd ftEens kjh nh xbZ FkhA OCTOBER, 2020 | 21

Globa..l.Achievers cl ?kj pykus ds fy, iSls pkfg, Fks ;s 7 lgsfy;ksa us ikiM+ cukus fd 'kq#vkr ds le; ;g ugha lkspk Fkk fd os yksx fctuls djsaxA mUgs cl vkius ?kj pykus ds fy, dqN iSls pkfg, FkAs blhfy, bUgksus ikiM+ cuk dj cspus dk lkspk| blesa fnDdr ;s Fkh fd ikiM+ cuxas s dSls D;kfs d mls cukus ds fy, lkeku pkfg, FkkA lkeku ds fy, iSls gksus t:jh FksA blfy, lHkh us feydj loasVZ v‚Q bfa M;k lkls kbVh ds v/;{k vkSj lkekftd dk;dZ rkZ Nxuyky ikjs[k ls 80 :i;k m/kkj fy,A m/kkjh ls 80 #i;k ls efgykvksa us ikiM+ cukus okyh e'khusa [kjhnh vkSj 'kq#vkr esa ikiM+ ds 4 iSdsV cuk dj ,d O;kikjh dks cspsA blds ckn O;kikjh us muls vkSj ikiM+ cukus fd ekax djh| vc yxkrkj bu ikiM+ dh ekax c<+rh xbZ vkSj ;s yksxksa dks cgqr ilan vkus yxsA Nx- uyky esa efgykvksa dks ikiM+ dh czkafMax vkSj lkFk gh lkFk ekdsZfVax ds ckjs esa Vªsu Hkh fd;kA 80 :i, ls 1600 djksM+ :i, dk O;kikj [kMk+ dj fn;k ogha 1962 esa lLa Fkk dk uke 'Jh efgyk xzg m|ksx fyt~tr ikiM+ j[kk x;kA 2002 eas fytt~ r ikiM+ dk VuZ vksoj djhc 10 djksM+ FkkA fQygky bldh 60 ls T;knk czkap gSA ftles yxHkx 45 gtkj efgyk,a dke lHa ky jgh gSA bu efgykvksa us fyt~tkr ikiM+ ds tfj, 80 :i, ls 1600 djksM+ :i, dk O;kikj [kMk+ dj fn;k]tks lcds fy, ,d felky gSA Scripted By : Sakshi Singhal OCTOBER, 2020 | 22

Glob.a..l Achievers ADVERTISEMENT OCTOBER, 2020 | 23

Glob.a..l Achievers .... LITERATURE fonkbZ dk'k! ftank jgrs feyus vkrs dqN gkSlyk dk;e jgrk ejs k fd pyks ---- dksbZ rks gS ;gka ftlds ikl dqN iy gSa ejs s fy, ugha rks bl ftUnxh dh nkSM+ & Hkkx esa vDlj yksx vkrs gSa vfa re fonkbZ ds volj ij trkus dks vQlksl----- eqnkZ ns[kus ugha vkrk gS fd dkSu&dkSu vk;k gS nsus dks fonkbZ oks rks {kf.kd gennhZ ds nkSj esa gks tkrs gaS vDlj jkLrs r; nks 'kgjksa ds chp ds dkSu fdlh ls feyrk gS ----\\ ftUnxh vkSj ekSr ds Qklys esa cgrq dqN djuk iM+rk gS ;wa gh cxSj eu ds-----A & iou feÙky ] jksgrd OCTOBER, 2020 | 24

“ Globa.l..Achievers E X Himesh Panwar P R “B Student E Loves to play Online Games S S A Creative enough to be future Enterpreneur C H P A N OCTOBER, 2020 | 25

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