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global achievers magazine 9 RJ Arti

Published by Rohan Aggarwal, 2021-05-19 14:58:48

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Editorial Teams RJ Aarti Malhotra - All India Radio Shubhangini Singh Mahecha Editor in chief Rohan Aggarwal Chief Coordinator & Editor Chief Designer and Editor Mentors Dr. Tilak Tanwar Dr. Vijay Kumar S. Shah Author Padmashri Awardee & Guinness World Records Holder & Renowned Social Worker Jyoti Rajora Sakshi Singhal Shweta Kumari Cristina Waterflowers Verma Editor Editor Editor Editor Visit us for Suggestions & Queries Webiste : Whatsapp : 8376914204 GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE MAY , 2021 | 1

INDEX PAGE NO. Dinesh Mohan 3-5 RJAarti Malhotra 6-9 Ridyansh Chouhan 10-11 Shanaya 12-14 Mukesh Khanna 15-16 Dr Shradha Vasisht 17-18 Advertisement 19 Anandibai Joshi 20-21 Jamie Trevor Oliver 22-23 Saina Nehwal 24-25 Pavan Pal Gill 26-27 Advertisement 28 GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE MAY , 2021 | 2

Dinesh Mohan CELEBRITY Dinesh Mohan is an MAY , 2021 | 3 actor/supermodel from Delhi. He is currently 60yrs old and has height of 6ft (without shoes). He has fairly athletic build with grey hair and beard. He started modelling and acting at the age of 57+yrs in 2016 and had unprecedented success. Till date he has done many proj- ects that include TVCs short films tv serials for examples - Mehak Zindagi Ki for Zee TV, Agar Tum Saath Ho for Zindagi Channel and Sony TV's serial called Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai as the an- tagonist. Corporate Films high fashion shoots, including for Vogue and GQ maga- zines and top design- ers. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE

. He has done a Fitness Shoot He has also been in Thailand for a fashion mag- walking as a model azine. He has won Best Actor and showstopper for Award in a Film Festival for his Ramp Shows for dif- Short Film called “The ferent fashion weeks Bench”. and top designers in- cluding Amazon He has also been awarded India Fashion Week Pride of Nation Award and (FDCI), Kerala Gem of India Award as a Fashion League, and Recognition for his Motiva- many other shows all tional Career as a model and over India. He had actor. cover page writeup on him in HT City GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE Paper (Hindustan Times), Times of India, The Hindu and many other magazines MAY , 2021 | 4

Another of his Short Films called “Dheemi Aanch” has gone as an official entry in the Short Film Category to Los Angeles Film Festival. He also recently appeared with Salman Khan in the movie “Bharat”. He has done a Major Role in this year's biggest hit movie “Saand Ki Aankh” with ‘Tapsee Panu’ and ‘ Bhumi Pednekar’ for’ Anuraag Kashyap’.His first Malyalam Movie titled “Happy Sardaar” with ‘Kalidasa’ was also released and is a big hit. His next Malyalam Film, with ‘Anthony Verghese’ and ‘Jumana Khan’ where he plays the antagonist role, is in Post Production. He has also acted with ‘Rajanikant’ in his latest block- buster movie “Darbar”. He also appeared in the Punjabi movie “Highend Yaar- ian”as the father of ‘Jassi Gill’. He has done two Punjabi song videos with ‘Neha Kakkar’. He has also done two Malyalam TV Commercials. He is part of Jury for many top-level modelling contests. He has also spoken as a motivational and lifestyle speaker from different platforms. According to him, “The journey has been fantastic and it has given him a new lease of life”. He is hailed as an inspirational figure Scripted By : RJ Aarti Malhotra GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE MAY , 2021 | 5

RJ Aarti Malhotra MEDIA “मेरी आवाज़ ही पहचान है गर याद रहे” We live in a society where we all get judged on what we wear, how we look, how we act, and particularly every other unique trait and im- perfections about us. This society has always been judgmental of women. No matter what a woman does for herself, they’ll always come behind her like hungry eagles to scratch her down. This is a story of a strong, fearless woman who stood against every dozy norm and created her remarkable identity. Aarti Malhotra, popularly known as RJ Aarti Malhotra is a highly talented Indian Radio Jockey from New Delhi. She has been presenting All Indian Radio on various prestigious platforms for the past 15 years. For her outstanding work, she has been honored and awarded by the prestigious organization UNICEF in 2019 radio 4 child. She was among the finest voices in the country who have lent their voice as the spot commentator to make Republic Day celebrations memorable for millions across the country. She is a news editor at the News Service Division of All India Radio, a TV and Stage Anchor, a voice-over artist, an actor, and an entrepreneur of two companies named ‘Art Productions’ and ‘Tea2Chat’ . She has done anchoring at various ministerial stages such as Health Ministry & WHO, Sports Ministry, Education Ministry, Rural and Devel- opment Ministry, Kendriya Bhandar, Pallibani Mission, Delhi govt. Metadata She is a woman who can turn pain into power. This divine personality has been born and brought to New Delhi in a very sophisticated, disciplined, and loving middle-class family. Since her childhood, she was fervor about TV anchoring and news reading. Her father used to motivate her to become a TV jour- nalist and she was determined she always dreamed about working at Door darshan. It sounds orthodox but it persists that if you’re a woman you have to fight with the world to achieve your ambi- tions. Her father was a heart and kidney patient, and that’s why she got married at the very early age of 19. And be- came mother at the age of 20. But she wasn’t ready to give up yet as that’s not only her dream but also what she promised to her late father. She never settled. For quite a time, she faced a little loneliness but she knew that time was hard but it will pass and she fought until then. . GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE MAY, 2021 | 6

She is a piece of art whose voice goes into the ear and went straight to the heart of the listeners. With god’s grace, she was blessed with supportive in-laws and a husband who motivated her to study further. After that, she completed her graduation in Mass Communication and did few courses related to that. But, entering into media world was always been a big hustle. In the beginning, she faced some gnarly situations to find a suitable job and escalate her income. But ending up facing consecutive failures. She decided to start work as a freelancer and that’s how she took the first step towards her dream. She gave multiple auditions but didn’t succeed for almost two years. In great attempts, it's glorious enough to fail. During that time, her failures were the pillars of her motivation as instead of cribbing, she learned and evolved from them. After numerous attempts, she finally earned the job of an announcer in Medium Wave at In- draprastha Rajdhani Channel. As an an- nouncer , she used to work six hours continuously but she managed to keep her work going by the sweating brow. In 2009, she cleared the exam and got placed at FM Rainbow and along with that, she passed another exam and attained the position of News Editor at News Service Division. After years of sweat and hustle, she man- aged to place her in a good position in Akashwani. After that, she decided to widen her scope and started her journey as Stage Anchor, and voice-over artist. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE Scripted By : Shubhangini Singh Mahecha MAY, 2021 | 7

She is a piece of art whose voice goes into the ear and went straight to the heart of the listeners. With god’s grace, she was blessed with supportive in-laws and a husband who motivated her to study further. After that, she completed her graduation in Mass Communication and did few courses related to that. But, entering into media world was always been a big hustle. In the beginning, she faced some gnarly situations to find a suitable job and escalate her income. But ending up facing consecutive failures. She decided to start work as a freelancer and that’s how she took the first step towards her dream. She gave multiple auditions but didn’t succeed for almost two years. In great attempts, it's glorious enough to fail. During that time, her fail- ures were the pillars of her motivation as instead of cribbing, she learned and evolved from them. After numerous attempts, she finally earned the job of an announcer in Medium Wave at Indraprastha Rajdhani Channel. As an announcer , she used to work six hours continuously but she managed to keep her work going by the sweating brow. In 2009, she cleared the exam and got placed at FM Rainbow and along with that, she passed another exam and attained the position of News Editor at News Service Division. After years of sweat and hustle, she managed to place her in a good position in Akashwani. After that, she decided to widen her scope and started her journey as Stage Anchor, and voice-over artist. In her acting career, she shot her first serial in Kashmir with the renowned actor Rajat Kapoor. She has also played role of Aarushi’s mother in the Interna- tional biography of Aarushi Talwar’s murder case which was broadcasted by platforms like HBO and Star Movies. In 2019 she started her pro- duction house named ‘Art Produc- tion’ and released some glorious movies named ‘Mera Dard Mera Raaz’, ‘Silbatta’ and some remark- able documentary projects. The in- spiring thing about her work is she grabbed every opportunity that knocked on her door and aced it with her excellence. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE MAY, 2021 | 8

In 2012, she received the golden call from the world’s most in- fluential organization – UNICEF, but at that time she wasn’t confident enough to grab that shot. But, in 2016 the time flipped its coin again, and the same opportunity knocked her door and till the time, she believed her guts and grabbed the opportunity. She went to Mumbai and won three nominations from UNICEF for her wonderful coordination for the child & social welfare project. In 2019, she was bestowed by the prominent actress ‘Kareena Kapoor’, the brand ambassador of UNICEF for her work. The awe-inspiring moment of her life was in 2018, when she was invited as the guest speaker of ITS, Ghaziabad for their media conclave and she got the chance to share the stage with the renowned personality of Radio, Mr. Laxmi Shankar Bapayee, the retired Director of All India Radio who was also her mentor. Sharing stage with her teacher was the biggest achievement of her life. For her remarkable contribution, she has been bestowed with awards like Woman of worth, 2020, Kalam ke Sipahi 2021 by G. L Bajaj university and NAI ( Newspaper As- sociation of India), and Talent of the year, 2019. She has been honored as 'Honorary Doctorate' by the ROMA country govern- ment committee for her contribution to Media. In this fast-paced, high-tech world, women still living challenging life. Every- one motivates them to dream but no one supports them to live that dream. Even after fighting for themselves, instead of doors they only get vents to step forward in this world. While passing through those vents, they get bruises, injuries, trauma, affliction. But this is all it takes for a woman to live up to her dreams in our society. She believes that without action, there’s no change. She inspires everyone to never give up on their dreams just because of the time it will take to accomplish them. And, if you got to fight, just do it anyway for the sake of your dreams. She is a soft spirit in his hard world whose voice and story can in- Scripted By : Ritika Upmanyu spire millions. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE MAY , 2021 | 9

KIDS ACHIEVERS RIDYANSH CHOUHAN “THERE IS NO AGE LIMIT TO DREAM” Today we will The program named as bal talk about a child karyakram and he has also anchored who is chasing in orientation programs within the his dreams al- school at the age of 7 with reputed ready. His name Psychologists such as MRS AROONA is Ridyansh he is BROOTA and chief guests like MR a 12 year old boy TARUN SACHDEVA..Ridyansh is a , class 8th from child with his most supportive par- G.D GOENKA ents he claims that his mother and PUBLIC his father are his best companions. SCHOOL .He is .He also teaches graphic designing a child with lim- and French language on social itless dreams, the media platforms such as YOUTUBE. recipient by NA- TIONAL SCHOOL OF DRAMA WORK- SHOPS , he has anchored in many programs in AIR as well.. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE MAY, 2021 | 10

When the covid 19 pandemic started It is his dream in India and when it was lockdown to teach extra within the country he started his activities such graphic designing dream.. He is a as graphic de- French student in his school but his signing and initiative was to also teach people learning new who can't afford schools and extra languages to tutions from Youtube as he is also the poor people. learning graphic designing he also started teaching it also.... He is a child with endless passion to teach the poor people as their friend He believes in his parents and in the God. Scripted By : RJ Aarti Malhotra GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE MAY, 2021 | 11

KIDS ACHIEVERS Shanaya She has been chosen as the Brand Am- “Those who tell stories rule the world” bassador of Namaste India Magazine for Kolkata West Bengal and is the mentor of With this, we unwind the the student council of Igniting Dreams of story of a 6-year old child Young Minds. She has made her spot in prodigy from Mahadevi Birla America Book of Records and The Inter- World Academy Kolkata who national Book Of World Records.She is wants to spread reading cul- nominated for the Rashtriya Bal ture in India. Shanaya Singh Puraskaar and holds ASIA BOOK OF is the youngest storyteller to RECORDS for being the youngest story- perform ever on the world's teller to narrate stories on an Interna- no. 1 radio station. The East tional platform. Not only this she also London Radio Talking Sto- holds INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS for ries UK hosted by Mr. Tony being the youngest storyteller Cranston. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE MAY , 2021 | 12

GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today. With the flair to read books Shanaya also started to write sto- ries. Her stories are published in the prestigious Singapore maga- zine 'Borderless Journal ' and she was awarded for being the author of the month in Bookosmia, a global writing platform. To reach this stage she started with partici- pating in all school activities. Her teachers, parents, Dadi, Nani, and her mother's aunt Pushpa Nani have been her strength and core support. She with her confidence and hard work is paving her way to be a storyteller and author. But at such a young age she did fear the re- action of her listeners as to whether the audi- ence and listeners accept her as a storyteller and listen to her. MAY , 2021 | 13

Shanaya was encouraged by the listeners and reporters which boosted her confidence and inspired her to do better. This journey started at the age of 4 years when she per- formed a school play. Her Principal Mrs. A Saha and all the teachers always en- courage and appreciate Shanaya's work Shanya is an inspiration for all the young minds out there. She does not watch TV at all and spends her time reading and practicing her stories. To write a story she starts with imagin- ing slowly and then connects with things around her to weave the web of the story. Then she jots down her ideas and makes posters. Like this, her stories take a shape. She wants the young children to stay away from the TV and uti- lize their time in productive ac- tivity. Shanaya wants children to start reading again and un- derstand the importance of reading. She believes “Always try to influence others with your good quality but never get influenced by their bad qualities to carry on the chain to spread goodness and make other people also to be good.” Scripted By : Shubhangini Singh Mahecha GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE MAY , 2021 | 14

MUKESH KHANNA ENTERTAINMENT ftank gS cPpksa ds 'kfäeku! eqds'k [kUuk ls uk lgh ij Hkh\"e vkSj 'kfäeku ls vki bUgs t:j tkurs gkasxAs edq 's k [kUuk us vius fQYeh dfj;j dh 'kq#vkr ':gh' ls dh tks dh 1981 esa vk;h Fkh| blds ckn tc eqd's k [kUuk dks egkHkkjr esa Hkh\"e firkeg dk jksy feyk mlds ckn ekuksa buds dfj;j dh dk;k gh iyV xbZ D;ksfda vc yksx bUgs Hkh\"e firkeg ds uke ls gh tkuus yxsA lcls cM+h [kcw h bues ;s Fkh dh ;s viuk jksy dkQh 'kkunkj rjhds ls fuHkkrs gS]ftlls yksxks esa ;s Hkh\"e ds uke ls çfl) gks x,A vc bl jksy ds ckn vfHkusrk eqds'k dqN u;k djuk pkgrs FksA rc oks viuk ,d Vhoh lhfj;y ysdj vk, ftldk uke Fkk ''kfäeku' ftldk cPpk & cPpk QSu Fkk] gS vkSj jgsxkA 90s ds n'kd esa 'kfäeku cgqr gh yksdfç; jgk] blfy, cPps eqds'k [kUuk dks 'kfäeku ds uke ls gh tkurs Fks| 1981 i.q ks esa eqds'k [kUuk dks ,fDVax fl[kus ds nkSjku fQYe ls v‚Qj vk;k ftldk uke ':gh' FkkA ml fQYe esa edq s'k th us viuk dkQh 'kkunkj jksy fuHkk;k vkSj fQYe txr esa dne j[kk vius cycwrs ij fcuk fdlh flQkfj'k ;k igpku dsA mlds ckn dkQh lkjh fQYekas us nLrd nh tlS s dh rgydk] lkxS U/k] ;kyxj] fgEer vkSj lknS kxj ;s lHkh dkQh pjfpj fQYeas FkhA blds vykok vkjS Hkh dkQh fQYeksa eas eqd's k th us dke fd;k vkjS yksxks }kjk ilanfnrk gksrs x,| GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE MAY , 2021 | 15

vHkh gky gh esa lks'ky ehfM;k ij eqds'k [kUuk dh fu/ku dh vQokg vkus ls yksx dkQh 'k‚d gks x, dbZ ;wtlZ rks muds fu/ku dks ysdj lks'ky ehfM;k ij iksLV Hkh Mkyus yxsA bl ij eqds'k [kUuk us [kqn crk;k fd og fcydqy LoLFk gS vkSj mUgksaus [kqn bl [kcj dks vQokg crk;kA rc QSal dks Hkjkslk gqvk fd og fcydqy Bhd gSA ,d ohfM;ks lk>k djrs g,q edq s'k [kUuk us crk;k fd eSa vkids lkeus gw¡ fcydyq LoLFk g¡wA eS bl vQokg dk [kaMu djrk gw¡ vkSj fuank djrk djrk gw¡A irk ugha D;ksa ykxs lk- s'ky ehfM;k ij ,slh vQokg mM+k nsrs gSA ejs s lkFk vki lc dh nqvk,a gS blfy, eq>s dNq ugha gks ldrkA vki lc fd bruh fpra k ds fy;k vkidk cgqr /kU;okn| vkSj —i;k ,ls h vQokgkas ij tjk Hkh /;ku u nsAa Scripted By : Sakshi Singhal GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE MAY , 2021 | 16

EDUCATION Dr Shradha Vasisht “Believe in yourself and anything is possible” With this thought in mind, Dr Shradha Vasisht started her educational initia- tive Sabkishiksha which in a very short span of time received huge suc- cess. From receiving Silver Play But- ton from YouTube to getting praised by Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Mr Manish Sisodia, Dr Shradha Vasisht has proved that work hard in silence and let your success be your noise. Dr Shradha Vasisht is a hard working female who firmly believes that the best way to find yourself is to loose yourself in the service of others. She is highly qualified. She completed B.El.Ed. course from Gargi college - University of Delhi, MA(Sociology) from Delhi School of Economics - Uni- versity of Delhi, M.Ed, M.Phil(Education) & Ph.D.(Education) from Jamia Millia Islamia. She also cracked extremely difficult UGC-NET-JRF exam. She worked as Assistant Professor in Delhi University. She also worked as National Training Head in a famous NGO. Dr Shradha Vasisht always wanted to work for the society and her this thinking gave birth to Sabkishiksha. She knew that starting Sabk- ishiksha meant that she had to leave her high paying career. But she did not care about anything except her dream of dream of making parents aware and helping chil- dren in getting education. Inspite of all the odds, she started Sabkishiksha. She also started a YouTube channel in the same name. In a very short span of time, Sabk- ishiksha became famous and reached every Indian state, city, town and even remote village. People of all ages watch Sabkishiksha. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE MAY , 2021 | 17

Through Sabkishiksha, Dr Shradha Vasisht provides in- formation about school admissions, college admissions, government schemes, health, current issues and social issues. She conveys authentic information in simple lan- guage and replies back to all the questions asked by the subscribers. Dr Shradha Vasisht has With more than 185000 sub- achieved a lot in a short span scribers and one million of time. She has received Sil- minutes watch time ver Play Button from monthly, Sabkishik- YouTube. Even her sha is definitely work got apprecia- India’s one of the tion from Aakash- fastest growing ed- wani. Her 50 ucational minute long in- YouTube channel. terview was Every year thou- broadcasted all sands of students over India on get admission with All India Radio the help of Sabk- (AIR). Her suc- ishiksha. Her sub- cess story was scribers love her published on fa- because of her selfless mous women por- tal called Her work towards the society. Success Bits. She re- ceived the award of Most Influential Educationist by National Excellence Awards. Dr Shradha Vasisht says that she receives love and bless- ings everyday from her subscribers which she believes has transformed her life completely. She says that for her no work is better than working for others. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE Scripted By : RJ Aarti Malhotra MAY , 2021 | 18


SOCIAL SERVICES ANANDIBAI JOSHI FIRST WOMEN DOCTOR OF INDIA “She believed she could, so she did it” This story is about a young girl’s courage, persistence, self-worth, fight for her dream, who grew up to become the first female doctor of India with a medical degree in western medi- cine. She even received a congratula- tory note from Queen Victoria on her graduation. Her name is Anandibai Joshi, who had with her accomplishment and help of a liberal husband, opened the gates for Indian women who wanted to be more than just housewives. Originally named 'Yamuna', Anandibai was born in 1865, in Kalyan. She was married off at the age of 9 to Gopalrao Joshi. He was a 29-years-old postal clerk and a widower. 'Anandi' was the name given by him. Gopalrao Joshi, however, was a liberal and progressive man advocating women’s education. He encouraged her to continue the study, while the couple moved to Alibag, and eventually, to Kolkata. Anandibai was 14 when she bore their first child, a baby boy who lived for ten days only due to the lack of advanced science and medicine at the time. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE MAY , 2021 | 20

This incident shaped the young girl’s ambition and inspired her to become a physician. On the insistence of her husband, she decided to pursue a medical degree. Gopalrao tried to get a spot in the US where Anandi wished to study but wasn’t able to find a suitable role. Thus, Anandibai set out to the US independently. Anandibai’s decision was profoundly reprimanded by the punctilious Hindu society at the time. At the age of 19, she started a journey from New York to Calcutta by ship and was enabled to graduate from Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania (WMC) in 1886 (now known as Drexel University College of Medicine). Anandi finished her medical degree in 1886 with a thesis on the topic “Obstetrics among the Aryan Hindoos”. Newspapers published her achievement as the first Hindu woman from India to receive a med- ical degree in western medicine. At the convocation, Anandibai's husband Gopalrao along with Pandita Ramabai (women’s rights & education activist) watched her receive the M.D de- gree on March 11, 1886. For being the first woman doctor of India, she received a standing ovation. Anandibai succumbed to tuberculosis within a year of her return on February 26, 1887. The entire country was shaken by her death. Grand tributes were made for her life and work. Anandibai's life had a tragic end as she died of tuberculosis be- fore her 22nd birthday. However, her legacy and the path she paved for generations of women con- tinue today. The Government of Maharash- tra also created a fellowship in her name, specifically for young women working for women's health. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE Scripted By : Cristina Waterflowers MAY , 2021 | 21

CHEF Jamie Trevor Oliver “If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” Born and raised in Clavering, Essex, Jamie Trevor Oliver is a British chef and restaurateur. He is known for his innovative cuisine, which led him to many television shows and open restaurants. . His first job was as a pastry chef at Antonio Carluccio's Neal Street restaurant, where he gained experience at preparing Italian cuisine, and developed a good relationship with his mentor Gennaro Contaldo After this, he moved to The River Café, Fulham as a sous-chef. In 1997 while working at the River Café he was noticed by the BBC, after making an unplanned appearance in a documentary about the restaurant, Christmas at the River Cafe. In 1999, he debuted with a BBC show The Naked Chef and at the same time, his cookbook became a bestseller in the United Kingdom. That same year, Jamie was invited to prepare lunch for the then-Prime Minister Tony Blair at 10 Downing Street. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE MAY , 2021 | 22

Along with his shows, Oliver has also started a cam- paign called \"Feed Me Better\" for schoolchild- ren towards eating healthy foods and cutting out junk food. This public campaign for changes in nutrition resulted in people voting for him as the \"Most Inspiring Polit- ical Figure of 2005\". Oliver also established Fifteen charity restaurants, where he trained disadvantaged young people to work in the hospitality industry. Following the success of the original restaurant in London, he has then founded more Fifteens around the globe. He also has a holding company, Jamie Oliver Holdings Ltd., that was listed on The Sun- day Times list of richest Britons under 30. He also received the 2010 TED Prize in Decem- ber 2009. His cookbook is the second-best- selling book behind J. K. Rowling. Oliver was awarded a Member of the Order of the British Empire also known as MBE in June 2003 for his services to the hospi- tality industry. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE Scripted By : Nilanjana Bhattacharya MAY , 2021 | 23

SPORTS Saina Nehwal “The Rising Badminton Star” “Adream does not become re- ality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.” At the age of 8, Saina’s bad- minton talent was spotted by Saina Nehwal is an Indian Bad- PSS Nani Prasad Rao. Saina minton player born on 17th first received training from the Sports Academy of Andhra March 1990. She is from the Pradesh and later moved to Pul- Hyderabad district of Telan- lela Gopichand Academy. Ne- gana. In May 2015, she became hwal took up badminton to the first woman badminton fulfill her mother’s dream of be- player to be ranked No.1 in the coming a national-level bad- world. She hails from a middle- minton player. Nehwal has class family. Both her parents achieved several milestones in were badminton state champi- badminton for India. She is the ons. Her interest in badminton only Indian to have won at least picked up when she would fre- one medal in every BWF major quently visit the local club in individual event. Apart from Haryana. badminton, she has a brown belt in Karate. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE MAY , 2021 | 24

In 2005, she won her first interna- became the 1st Indian tional title by winning Asian Satel- badminton player to win BWF lite Badminton Tournament. A year Super Series titles and proved later, Saina won the India Open that she is a real fighter. In title. In 2014, Saina defeated P.V 2015, she became the 1st Indian Sindhu to clinch the India Grand player to reach the World Bad- Prix Gold title. She won her first minton Championships final. Syed Modi International title in Now Saina has set her eyes on 2015. Saina Nehwal made her qualifying for the 2021 Tokyo World Championships debut in Olympics. In 2016 the Govern- 2006 at the age of 16, where she ment of India conferred the was defeated by Jiang Yangjioa. In Padma Bhushan award on her. 2007, Saina competed in her debut The Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratan All England Badminton Champi- and the Arjun Award were also onships but lost in the 2nd round. conferred to Saina Nehwal. Later, in July, she lost the World Junior Badminton Championships. In 2009, she won the Indonesia Open and Despite so many ups and downs Scripted By :Shweta umari and coming from a middle-class family she never loosed hope and MAY , 2021 | 25 faith in herself and always did hard work to succeed. Saina always motivates people with her favorite quote “you must be the change you want to see in the world”. GLOBAL ACHIEVERS MAGAZINE

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