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Published by Rohan Aggarwal, 2020-10-24 09:43:50

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Global Achievers MAGAZINE

Global Achievers ENTREPRENEUR “The lift can stop at any time but ”the stairs always lead to the height Dreams do not become a real- ity through magic; they re- quire sweat, determination, and hard work. Just like that, Anu attained her goals with the magic of her hard work & became the winner of various prestigious awards such as India’s 500 CEO Awards 2020, TOP 50 Tech Leaders 2019 in Innovation and Technology by INTERCON-Dubai, Top 51 In- fluential Ladies Face of LA Jeunesse 2018 & many more. Anu Taksali Dhanuka She has been covered by Fit NGlam India Magazine and We live in a society that still can’t been the cover page model of accept a woman as a leader of FHL magazine, F3 her destiny. For them, hard work Fashion Magazine is like stairs, and luck is like a and INTERCON. lift. The lift can stop any time, but She has also been the stairs always lead to height. a Motivational A well-rounded boss lady who Speaker, pageant took charge of her life and estab- groomer, Jury lished herself as an eminent per- member and the sonality. Ms. Anu Taksali Guest of Dhanuka is Director-general Honor of Dhanuka Electrotech Pvt. Ltd., many Founder, Director, CEO at KIASA pageants International Pvt. Ltd., and shows. Founder and CEO at Safe’ O’Buddy Kids. OCTOBER, 2020 | 2

Global Achievers TOP 50 Tech Leaders 2019 in Innovation and Technol- ogy by INTERCON-Dubai, Top 51 Influential Ladies of Gurugram 2019, Women of Influence award 2019, Prestigious Indian of the Year Award 2019 by G-Pen Indian Icon Award 2019, Face of TIRANGA 2018, Global ICON of the Year 2018, Mrs. India Worldwide Confident 2018, Face of LA Jeunesse 2018. Mothers are like glue. Even when you can’t see them, they’ll always have your back. Being a mother and an entrepreneur her- self, she devloped a brand named ‘SafeOKids’ which ensures and cre- ates kids’ safety watches with a thought of ‘By a Mom, For a Mom’. Her venture’s product ensures that children wearing the Safe’ O’Buddy GPS watch can have their location tracked and monitored live using the app for up to 24 hours. This venture of hers manufactures ‘best kids trac- ing device and watches’ in India. Scripted By : By Ritika Upmanyu OCTOBER, 2020 | 3

Global Achievers EDUCATION Kiran Dalal... “To teach is to learn twice over” “You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus and the support.” the childhood passion for con- tributing to the nation making and support of the family, we have a dynamic principal, educationist, trainer and counsellor Mrs Kiran Dallal. She is among the 50 most effective principals of India with an experi- ence of over 3 decades of teaching and adminis- tration. Under her guidance Bright Scholar Senior Secondary School Sonipat has im- proving results and the position of dis- trict toppers for the past 3 years consecutively. This journey to make all the professions started with a childhood passion for admiring teachers and being a teacher. Kiran’s house shared the boundary with a school, and they used to climb the wall to see teachers teach and respect them. She belongs to the family of great Sir Chhotu Ram who was a prominent politician in British India’s Pujab Province. The people in her family are from different professions, but no one was a teacher, so this gave a boost to her passion of teaching and went to do her B.Ed. While she was pursuing her B.Ed. She was persuaded to teach at a school she went to get her son admitted. At that time she was quite phobic of interviews thus hesitant to accept the offer. OCTOBER, 2020 | 4

Global Achievers She was promoted as the vice-principal within a year of her work, and she also completed her stud- ies. After this incident, there was no looking back. During her journey ,she had a very supportive fam- ily. She says that I give my students the freedom to learn and guide them in their way of learning. This also makes the children happy, and they provide good performance. It is the school ecosystem, prin- cipal, teachers, parents, and students, making it a complete and successful cycle. To give the best, you cannot stop learning. There is a constant fear of the unknown, which is endless but to overcome this decide and never regret the decision you have made. There can be flaws and mistakes but keep noting them. This will help you not do them again. Mistakes are the stepping stone to a better tomorrow. Along with a profession maker, she is also con- cerned about the nation. This made her encourage her amid the crowd saying, Hello daughter to join the air force. Mam! How are you? this is And today, she is a squadron the most amazing and the leader in the air force. Kiran best moments in the life of a says you should always ques- teacher. Problems are a part tion yourself and discuss things of life they will come and go, with yourself. This will give but you need to be committed you time for self-analysis and to your work. The success the power to decide. Imagine a mantra for Kiran is persever- toddler leaving the hands of his ance. Be continuously com- parents and rushing to you mitted to your work. OCTOBER, 2020 | 5

Global Achievers SOCIAL IPS Ashok Kumar... “Ethics, decency and morality are the real soldiers” Life can either be misery or a miracle. It's up to us to appreciate our lives or hide behind the curtain of gloom. In a world where everybody wants to be famous, but nobody wants to do the work. This is a tale of a man dedicated to making an impact and not making an income. IPS Ashok Kumar, DG (Law and Order) of Uttarakhand, who follows the principle of \"Karma is worship\". A zealous IPS officer who has eradicated the name-o-mark of terrorism that was flourishing in the Himalayas' SOCIAL foothills. He is the kind of person who is ready for justice, help, and protection at all times. He has attained UN Apart from the man in titled as \"Khakiteel Medal for serving in uniform, he is also a Manus\" on 27th Oct strife-torn Kosovo in writer of the bestselling 2012 at Rajghat, New 2001, the Indian Police book: Human in Khaki. Delhi. Dr. Kiran Bedi re- Medal for Meritorious For this, he has been leased the English ver- Service in 2006, Presi- given the Govind Bal- sion of this book, IPS, at dent's Police Medal for labh Pant Award by the IIT Delhi Campus; since Distinguished Services Bureau of Police Re- then, the book has been in 2013, GB Pant award search and Develop- released in Bengali, Gu- for IT À GATA' by ment, MHA. The book jarati, Marathi. BPR&D, MHA. was released in Marathi OCTOBER, 2020 | 6

Global Achievers The book is available in Hindi, English, Bengali, Gu- jarati, and Marathi. He has also written three other books titled \"Challenges to Internal Security of India\", \"Cracking Civil Services the Open Secret\" and \"Ethics for Civil Services\". His other interests include Badminton, Tennis, Riding, and organizing sports events. He is also the President of Uttarakhand State Badminton Association. He has won many tournaments in badminton and has pro- cured the First All India Police Badminton Championship, where he was the 1st runner up in the open category. He is also president of the Uttarakhand State Badminton Association and a Member of the Execu- tive Body of Badminton Association of India(BAI) Difficulties are for the betterment. The stump, twirl, batter, and knock us down, but they also polish us. Ashok Kumar also walked a tight rope at work, but he played his cards right and touched the suc- cess heights. OCTOBER, 2020 | 7

Global Achievers BOLLYWOOD Arun Bakshi... \"MAN MAY COME, AND MAN MAY GO BUT SOME STAY ON FOREVER\" He is a man connected to the roots with raw essence in his craft. A dynamic and multitalented actor and singer, Aroon Bakshi. This man has been the charac- ter entertainer in more than 100 Hindi movies and playback vocal- ist for 298 melodies. He worked in Punjabi and Bolly- wood film alongside Bhojpuri. Born and brought up in Ludhiana, Punjab, Aroon was destined to go to the city of dreams, Mumbai. Those were the days when there were no op- portunities or resources to fulfill big dreams in a small town. Circumstances are worse when He moved to Punjab University you don't have a place with a as a coordinator. But soon wealthy family. Aroon could after, he knew that Mayanagri make time for happiness, even was calling him and, with the in the most severe and chal- support of his parents, moved to lenging times. He is chirpy yet a Mumbai. There he was on a naughty man. Interestingly we blank canvas, ready to paint his would have seen Bakshi in the dreams. This dream started army if not singing or acting. with working in a theatre IPTA. OCTOBER, 2020 | 8

Global Achievers He moved to Punjab University as a coordinator. But soon after, he knew that Mayanagri was calling him and, with the support of his parents, moved to Mumbai. There he was on a blank canvas, ready to paint his dreams. This dream started with working in a theatre IPTA. A very few people knew that Aroon Ji worked as an actor in Jaland- har Radio. Aroon says, \"The rule of life is either you work, or you perish.\" Just like your fingers, not all your days are the same. There were times of rejection and extreme humilia- tion, which left him discouraged. His work in Mahabharat as Dhristadyumna and Mahant Dashrath Tripathi in Colors' TV Show Ishq Ka Rang Safed is profoundly valued. “Every great dream begins with a dreamer” Singing was in his genetics as his mother was a folk singer who never had proper training, and the same goes for Aroon. People don't know that he is the voice behind a lot of songs. Ms. Ved Bakshi was Aroon's source of inspiration and hero of his story. She raised him with great values and the capacity to confide in his ability. He is a self-made man who believes old is gold, and old rendi- tions can never fade away. It is a beau- tiful life, so take on the innocence and live life beautifully. OCTOBER, 2020 | 9

Global Achievers ENTREPRENEUR Shweta Choudhary Khilwani... “Nothing can stop you if you have a passion for bringing a change” Her focus and will power made it a successful effort to be a Women Entre- preneur. She is the founder-director of Mahodaari – a platform, which allows hundreds of ladies to showcase their products and expand their business for free. vThe Lakshman Rekha During her journey, she had to face a bound her. She was raised lot of losses. All the misfortunes to be an ideal homemaker. drove her to new encounters and But incredible things occur learning. While working she was dis- in a squint of an eye. An couraged that whatever you do idea that ignites the fire brings loss and also, the same will within and boosts the pas- happen. Shweta felt bad but took the sion can bring a revolution. taunts as a challenge to prove the For Shweta Choudhary people wrong. Khilwani, this was the mat- ter of a phone call bill, She always kept calm and believed in which made her think about herself. She was happy and thankful being financially independ- for what she has and what she was ent. achieving day by day. OCTOBER, 2020 | 10

Global Achievers With time, Shweta didn't under- forms, and exposure. No one stand that she has assembled a can say that Shweta did not presumptive worth for herself complete her schooling if not in- and accumulated the women's formed. She changed and trust and support. After this re- learned with time. She says that alization, she came up with the her mother taught her not to lie idea of Mahodaari – a free if you don't know something. space for ladies to expand their Just say you don't know and business.Shweta is helped by learn. But if you lie, it would be her daughter and a friend in difficult for you to coverup, and this venture then you will feel worse. Shweta he pays her daughter as she took this advice as a success works for her. She wants to be a mantra and passed the same to helping hand for women like her children. her who lack resources, plat- Today Shweta is the strength of her husband and a source of inspiration for her chil- dren. Shweta is on her way to be a business tycoon. All she wants the women to do is take a step. Never lose hope. Don't consider yourself weak or worthless. Nothing can stop you if you have a passion for bringing a change. OCTOBER, 2020 | 11

Global Achievers EDUCATION Jaswinder Kaur... \"Keep Learning, Keep Growing\" With this success mantra in life” Jaswinder Kaur has set milestones while moving ahead in her jour- ney. She is a renowned Punjabi author, Teacher, and social activist. This literacy day 2020, her speech was broadcasted by All India Radio to over 179 countries. She also holds a World Genius Record by Nigeria. She says to see the change around; you have to bring in a change within oneself. Since childhood, she has had the passion and dream to be a change maker. Being an intelligent child at school, she helped both her parents at home and work. Later due to the financial crisis, she supported her education on her own while earning. At this crucial stage, Jaswinder's husband helped her and made sure to continue her education. She got a seat in the government college to complete her B.Ed. For this, she had to do an up-down, but she had a baby girl with her. She had to study with babies in her lap. She left them in the morning to catch a train for Jalandhar to complete her B.Ed. Be it heavy rains or chilly win- ters, she kept on going and completed her study. OCTOBER, 2020 | 12

Global Achievers During all those hard times, she kept herself motivated. Jaswinder says- she had no motivation from outside and thus kept herself motivated. She is a motivational speaker and talks about staying positive and self-motivation at the national and international stage. She has written a poetry book in Punjabi, which was launched by Padam Shri Dr. Surjit Pattar, and an- other book named Kalam Ko Salam, wherein she has quoted his saying in 3 different languages. She has written two books so far tated by Schoolie National and has been a member of 'Folk- Award to Teacher, an exclusive lore Research Academy' and honor. She has her radio pro- 'Progressive Writers Organiza- grams on Sanjhi Awaaz Radio - tion.' Jaswinder is a Punjabi Australia Melbourne, R.R Radio teacher by profession at DAV In- Ellenabad & Gagan Radio. She ternational School and has been considers that her good deeds in this field for about 20 years. come as blessings. One should She has received a lot of awards never lose an opportunity to for her appreciative work in the learn. Never think that you are field of teaching. On this Teach- perfect, as that ends the passion ers Day 2020, she was felici- for learning. OCTOBER, 2020 | 13

Global Achievers SOCIAL Pragya Pranjali... In today's era, people create their own rules, notions, and stories. But the women in our society still live like puppets because the community doesn't accept them as self- contained. There is a notion that women always need a helping hand to move forward. This is a story of 'A business working mother- woman\" who fought every preju- dice and established her as a famous personality. Ms. Pragya Pranjali is Executive Director & Prin- cipal Scientist. from 23 states in India and five overseas countries She has worked with the UN for the protection of child rights and supported in achieving SDGs. Pragya is a Public Health Strategic Consultant working on Women, Children, and Adolescent health issues.. A post-graduate from India's top Public Health Man- agement Institute, an ardent learner, a globetrotter who's addressing salient health missions Till now, she has been involved in several policy discussions organ- ized by the government of India on Maternal and Child Health. She also provides technical assistance, program monitoring, research support, and prepares corporate implementation plans for organizations - such as Pepsi, Relaxo, Piramal, Eicher, ILFS, etc. OCTOBER, 2020 | 14

Global Achievers The current scenario of the pandemic had affected the mental health of the people at large. So, to succor them, she launched a talking corner \"Maitreyi,\" particularly for adolescents, where they will be able to share their thoughts, concerns, issues through WhatsApp and email. She wants this plat- form to be a story of bridging and addressing those broken ends between the previous gen- eration and the upcoming generation creat- ing positive deviance. Pragya is a businesswoman and mother. Even at the time of her pregnancy, she worked to scratch incessantly and took care of the baby. Her hard work and vitality bagged her various awards like the best employee of the year, recognition from corpo- rates for research in public health- nutrition enhance- ment program for adolescent girls. She has been awarded as Public Health Entrepreneur Award by All India Radio- 2020. She was an active volunteer for CII for 11 Empowered Groups for Covid-19, created by India's Government. Cohesive- India has appreciated her for contributing to the quality of care of indicators for pregnant women. She is also an associated member of the UN core team to prepare creatives for Census 2021. OCTOBER, 2020 | 15

Globa.l..Achievers Editor’s Shubhangini Singh Mahecha Editor RJ Aarti Malhotra, AIR Editor in Chief Sakshi Singhal Editor DESIGNED BY Rohan Aggarwal Designer and editor

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