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PDF Catalog Maker - Convert PDF Catalogs to Responsive Clickable Shopping Books

Try PubHTML5 to create a digital product catalog with amazing page flip effect. Include immersive slide shows to present your products effectively.

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Nowadays, a digital catalog plays an important role in marketing, since it can help reach more customers at any time and at any place. You can create one on your own with PubHTML5 in no time. This PDF catalog maker allows you to transform existing PDF files into stunning digital catalogs that can be distributed worldwide easily. All you have to do is to import the PDF files from your computer. If you want the catalog stand out, embed videos, flash images, audios, slide shows and other interactive elements in the animation editor of this maker. Then upload the catalog directly from PubHTML5, and share the publication in any way you like. Furthermore, you can keep the catalog updated at any time.
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PubHTML5 Powerful PDF Catalog Maker

Introduction to PubHTML5 PDF Catalog Maker

1. Reach Readers Anywhere

When published with PubHTML5, the digital catalog become accessible and looks great on any device. This encourages those using mobile devices to view your catalog. With just a couple of clicks, you can distribute the catalog via any channel such as social media, email or websites, making it possible for the catalog reach customers in every part of the world.

2. Easy Content Searching

This PDF catalog maker enables you to set a search button on the toolbar of the catalog. Readers just need to enter the keyword to find needed information. The target information is highlighted in a color you can customize, helping navigate around the catalog further. You can also specify the least search characters to make content searching easier and quicker.

3. Google Analytics Support

PubHTMl5 supports linking your catalog to your Google Analytic account. Enter the Google Analytics ID in this PDF catalog maker to see how your catalog performs. To be precise, you can have a clear idea of your audience behavior such as the most popular pages, the number of views and so on. Base on this information tracking, you get valuable insights about your readers, helping you find a good way to turn them to buyers.

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