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PUB HTML5 PDF to Digital Catalog for Mobile & Tablet

PDF to HTML5 Digital Catalog - Create Custom, Interactive & Rich media Digital Catalog for Mobile and Tablet reading.

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As the popularity of iPhone and iPad, mobile reading has been widespread in our life. While waiting for the bus or lineup, people are accustomed to read news or catalog to pass the time. So many people see the business opportunities: mobile content marketing. What is it? That is to pass product info and even guide people to purchase your product by digital catalog. At present, there is less competition in the mobile content marketing, if you also want to entry this marketing, you had better start early. As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm.

PUB HTML5 is PDF to digital catalog software which helps you to better capture mobile marketing. You can easily convert PDF to digital catalog in few steps with the help of this software. Once published, the digital catalog can be read on mobile, tablet and computer directly, without need to install Readers or tools. PUB HTML5 creates online digital catalogs, magazines, and other marketing materials using HTML5 . Convert, customize, and enhance your PDF to flipbook with interactive features that are viewable on a PC, MAC, tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows, and Kindle Fire devices. It is essential that your audience stays connected to any digital content you create. Using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will make this become a reality. Email and share your content at the click of a button. PUB HTML5’s flipbook software gives you the ability to brand and customize your digital editions by using your company or organization’s logo and choosing your desired button skins, background color, toolbar, and more when you convert your pdf to flip book.
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About how to make HTML5 digital catalog for mobile devices:

There are only three steps: login, import and design, and publish; During the process, we need to use PUB HTML5 software, so if you donot install PUB HTML5 software, please install firstly. And open this link to follow the detail steps:

About how to inspire people to purchase:

Let people read the book is not the final purpose. I think your final purpose is: when people read the catalog, they can open the product webpage and then purchase. Add link to digital catalog is necessary, but actually link is: "web in blue words"; People may ignore them. If you want to attract people to open those links, those links must be conspicuous. Hot-spot and dynamic image are vivid objects. They can help to appeal people to open your webpage. Just embed these objects with the help of PUB HTML5 and define the action as Open URL. Now open below link to watch the tutorial:

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