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Convert PDF to HTML5 catalogs which is compatible with almost all the electronic devices (PC, MAC, IPAD, IPhone)

If it won’t support multiple electronic devices and meet the demand of different users, it won’t work out to be perfect.

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If it won’t support multiple electronic devices and meet the demand of different users, it won’t work out to be perfect. We celebrate the very philosophy that a single software and its creation should be system friendly to various different devices so as to bring convenience and practicability. Compared with traditional file converters, which are specifically designed for single use in PC, or tablets, or mobile devices, PUB HTML5 PDF to html5 catalog realizes the function for multiple using in different platforms. It means that once you have created your digital catalogue, you create it once for all. Your one time conversion means a wide range of applicability.
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Always Bring The Best To Our Users

For users who work on business promotion and are urged to deliver information of their products and services to more customers as much as they can, PUBhtml5 brings the very solution that not only realizes fantastic online viewing experience, which may tremendously boost your online web visits, but try to enlarge your potential customers by reaching all different kinds of internet users including PC users, tablet users, mobile phone users etc. PUBhtml5 helps create your digital catalog that both improve viewing experience, and raises your web traffic and gains a large range of potential customers.

PUBhtml5 is designed to create digital catalogues which are compatible to IOS systems, windows series, android systems etc. you may publish your creations for both online use and offline use. Whatever it is, PUBhtml5 extols the very philosophy of ergonomics, which means, we always bring the best to our users.

How can I publish my creations?

1. offline publishing

When you’d like to offline use your publication, say, personal viewing or email it to your friends or other individuals, you may click the PUBLISH to LOCAL button .Various project outputting formats, which can be applicable to multiple electronic devices , are available to be optioned. The Html format is for viewing in the web browser and you may also online share it with the application of a FTP server. The zip and exe format is for email transmission. And if you want to insert your publication in social networks, simply save your creations as plug-in

2. online publishing

In many circumstance, users expect online publish their publication for commercial use. You may simply click the UPLOAD ONLINE button to meet your expectation. PUB HTML5 offers an online share service which allocates your creation an online link (URL). Once you have acquired the online link, you may either insert it to your social networks, such as FaceBook, tweeter, or send it to your friends and they may directly browse your publication in their electronic devices

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